One Tiny Problem 1

By ChrisEva.     The slender young blonde’s name was Julie. Dr. Julie M. Netten, to be precise, holder of a newly minted degree in medicine from the University of Washington. Early yesterday morning, a placard framed in black plastic and hastily tacked to the wall behind her desk confirmed this in the bold italic script to all comers, her signature flowing freely in blue pen beyond the designated line. But it hadn’t sunk in yet. At this point, she

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Paul’s Premature Performance

By hodownnuzv “Hello Doctor…Ma-Mazzeo,” Paul, stammered. He walked into the screening room and his fine motor functions grinded to a halt as he laid eyes on the beautiful blonde doctor that would be attending to him today. Paul’s eyes traced her body downwards. His eyes fell from her long hair in a tight bun held together with a pencil, to her baby blue scrubs jutting outwards at the chest where her breasts rested. Doctor Mazzeo cleared her throat and when

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Every Dick Has Its Day: Part 3

By regularguy13 Read Part 1 Read Part 2 ***** Part 3… “I need a hard cock!” Mary said that in a husky voice when her boyfriend opened the door to his frat room. Her words stopped Albert in his tracks. His eyes grew big, and his jaw dropped as he viewed his girlfriend lying nude on his bed. She had adopted a sexy, pinup style pose. Her back rested on pillows leaning against the headboard. Her arms were above, and

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True Story: Medical Exam

  By notthatbig (submitted)   Let’s begin. I’m 35 years old, light brown, about 6,2 ft and that slight beer belly that most men whose don´t have the patience to work out and dieting all the time have. As for my dick, it’s no big deal, far from being a porn star: hard it has 4 inches and a normal thickness. The problem is when it’s soft, because then he gets between 1 and 1,5 inch. But let’s history. At

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The Little Discovery: Part 1

  by carlyle2   Mike had it easy. What can you say besides he was born at the right place and the right time? After a massive research project came out in 2023 life in the US got a lot easier for people like him. The researchers discovered that men with small and tiny penises had been suffering all kinds of discrimination in silence. Without any way of knowing what their penis size was, it was found that men with

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Our Readers SPH Experiences 1

By Our Readers Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.   One reader shares with us his change room incident…. This story is quite tamer, and more light hearted than a lot of tales on here, but it’s stuck with me because of the way my ex loved the fact I was cringing with embarrassment. About 5 years ago, I was a really avid swimmer, my ex Laura was into it too. We’d found a very quiet local

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