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The Friends of Timmy Max Swan

  • A college nerd with a tiny dick is asked to be a nude model for an art class by his long time crush and it changes his life forever. (Re-edited Feb) Words: 17,296

This reader proves black isn’t always better…

So I am a 6’3″, 260 lb black man who is 34. I’ve been told I’m very attractive all my life, but that doesn’t save me from the shame and humiliation when I pull out my clit-dick. The first time I almost lost my virginity was one of the worst. I was 13 and just hit puberty. Got slim and tall, and grew a six-pack, so girls were finally talking to me! This beautiful girl in my grade started hitting on me and I asked her to the school dance. When she said yes, I was on cloud nine! Went through all the tropes a black boy goes through beforehand with the dad and his guns, blah blah. I didn’t care because she was so divine.

So, at the dance, we were all trying to grind when the teachers weren’t looking. Well, when I finally got the nerve, my world was destroyed for the first time, but definitely not the last. As she was grinding her beautiful perfect ass into my crotch, I got hard, and she slowed down. I didn’t know why at first, but she was learning that it was done growing. Well, her slowing down did something and made me cum, and she noticed. She turned around, looked up in disgust, then looked down.

When her eyes widened, I was coming back from the pleasure and then looked at my crotch. I hadn’t begun jerking off yet, so the wet spot was huge. I got embarrassed, and then came the laughter. Then others started to notice and before long, I was laughed out of the cafeteria. I went to the locker room to try to clean up, and I was caught by around 12 people with my Gold Member boner out scrubbing my pants. Thus, my long life of being a virgin sissy beta began.


Another reader let loose in South Korea…

I have always been fairly reserved with women. I am a Gold Member of the small dick club, and it always terrified me that rumors would get around about my micropenis if I did try to sleep around. I went on a vacation to South Korea several years back and decided to cut loose. No one knew me there, and that kind of helped the fear go away. I installed Tinder and started swiping, and to my surprise had a Netflix and chill session scheduled for the next day.

Things were going well; we got hot and heavy pretty quickly, so I started stripping her out of her clothes. Seeing her naked got me rock solid. She started to strip me down, and I could see the look of anticipation as she got ready to drop my boxers. That look quickly faded to shock, but she pressed on. We tried to have sex in the doggy position, but I kept slipping out, probably 5-6 times total. Near the end, I was thrusting away, fully inside, but she asked if I slipped out again because she couldn’t feel my little dick inside her, and with that question, I came hard inside her pussy.


Meanwhile, this reader has lost his authority at home…

OK, so new to this website, but this story is recent. My partner isn’t into any of this but has encouraged me to explore my kink. I had recently become a sub to an online Domme. One of the humiliation challenges for me was to take a photograph in some sissy clothing or an apron. I have a daughter who still lives at home but is in her 20s. We all work shifts, and I hadn’t had an opportunity to do anything because someone was always around when my Domme was demanding I send it.

I had been for a run, and when I got back, she was in but asleep in bed. I thought I could get the photo and please my Mistress if I’m quick, but I worried about it. Having plucked up courage, the only room not being overlooked was the kitchen, so clothes off an embarrassing outfit in the photo. I had removed and stashed them when all I had to do was grab a towel (my safety plan if needed). I turned around and there was my daughter coming to the kitchen. I was so scared thinking, what if it had been 10 Seconds earlier? I just froze. She looked at me, down at my clit dick and snorted.

“Oh my God, Dad. IT’S FUCKING TINY,” she said and burst out laughing.

I tried to cover it up, but the power dynamics had already changed.

“Oh no, you don’t,” she said. She marched up and told me I had to let her see it again. I tried arguing, but all she kept saying was, “Nope. I want to check if it really is that size. Anyway, if you don’t, I am going to tell Mom and all your friends.”

I didn’t have a choice, so I let her look again. She really started laughing then. Like her generation phone in hand, next thing she has a photo. All I get now is a little finger wiggle when anyone is about or snide comments.

When we were on our own, she made me stand there naked again so that she could humiliate me. Worse, I get hard, so she mocks me so she does it even more and is enjoying this far too much. It’s been a few weeks, and she is now telling me She wants her sister to see so that she can both laugh at me. She has even mentioned her boyfriend seeing the pictures. I have to do all her chores and wait on her if my partner isn’t about. I don’t know what to do. She is getting more obvious with it but I am stuck. Not sure how to regain the authority.


While this reader’s flight got canceled just as he was about to take off…

Back in college, I was at a house party and was single at the time. The drinks were flowing, and my confidence was high. This was back before I realized I was a member of the small dick club. Anyway, I started dancing with this chick who was hosting the party. She was this sexy chubby Latina with nice tits and a big round ass. We were both drunk but vibing with each other and started to get handsy. She invited me back to her room, and we immediately started making out.

She sat on her bed and took her shirt off, and she had great DD tits. I sucked on them a bit, then slid her pants and panties off and dove in. I ate her pussy until she came. It tasted so good, and I felt like I did a good job of making her cum. So I stood up and took my shirt off as she was lying there. Then I pull my pants down and am standing there fully exposed, ready to jump on top of her.

As I move back towards the bed, she looks down at my dick, then back up at me and says, “I’m good. We better get back to the party.”

She gets dressed and then leaves. I was so confused and horny. Took me a minute to get dressed and then get back out there. She didn’t flirt or really talk to me the rest of the night.

For the longest time, I couldn’t comprehend how I wasn’t able to fuck her after we were both naked in her room and I had eaten her out to an orgasm. It wasn’t until one of my exes mentioned that I was on the smaller side, and then me getting into SPH, that I realized she didn’t want to stop until she saw my small dick. So now I get super turned on when I think back to how my small dick was the reason she didn’t want PIV sex with me.


This reader gets a handjob he won’t forget…

I met up with this girl I had hung out with once before. We were sitting on the couch, and she asked if I wanted to turn on some porn. I said yes. She pulled up a porn site on the TV and asked what I wanted to watch. One of the first videos that came up on the home page was some BBC-related. I told her that one would work. She said something along the lines of: “Oh, you are into that sort of stuff, huh?”

I smirked and didn’t say much else. Soon enough, my pants were pulled down and revealed my small white dick. She started jerking me off while we were watching multiple black dudes piping a very pleased white girl with ten inches of black meat. She then started making remarks about the size and color of my little white dick. I was letting her know that I was turned on. She then proceeded to jerk my little white dick while saying how pathetic and useless my man-clit is and how much she loves big black cocks.

I came within probably 90 seconds. She laughed and told me I needed to get dressed and leave. I texted her later, saying how hot that was and how we needed to do it again. She told me she needed a cameraman to film BBC content for her page. I said I gladly would, but I ended up chickening out and deleting her number. I am starting to regret that decision.


The Sissy Scholarship! Max Swan

  • Ben is an underdeveloped eighteen-year-old with an exhibitionist streak. One day he gets caught by a big black man and his life changes dramatically. Words: 14,854

Another reader has a very nasty sister…

Hello, so I should preface this by saying that I have a one-inch soft penis and hard—I’m a Silver Member of the small dick club. Worst of all, my sister knows. The short of it is that she caught me masturbating and took pictures, which I didn’t find out about until I was walking by her and her friend on the couch and saw a video of me touching myself on her friend’s phone.

Fast forward to about a week later, we were at a water park, and I went to go down a slide. Now I’m a transgirl, so I normally wear one piece, but my sister convinced me to wear a bikini that she picked out. It was a string bikini. What I didn’t know was the bottom knots were actually really loose so it gave the facade of being secure. Well, I went down, and the bikini bottoms flew off about halfway down.

A few saw my tiny soft dick and laughed, of course, but the staff was quick and got me a towel. Well, my sister wouldn’t let us go home. It was her, me, some of her friends. I sat there in a towel most of the day, kind of sulking while her friends laughed at me.

We get back to her car, and she rips the towel off and locks me out of the car. People are laughing. Some take pictures. She lets me in the car, and before driving off, she hands the towel to her friend to return to the park since it isn’t ours. Then she made me sit there with a tiny soft dick in the back seat. Last time I go to a water park without a change of clothes.


Meanwhile, this reader also failed to seal the deal…

I was a sophomore in college and still a virgin then. I had never even kissed a girl. Eventually, I gave the door guy at a frat party $50, and he let me in. I was drinking a little and having a good time rock hard all night from the beautiful woman. Eventually, I ended up talking to a girl rushing a sorority. She was a beautiful brunette with green eyes hourglass body. She asked me to go back to my dorm. We did and I had my first kiss. Rock hard the whole time, not that she could tell as I’m a Silver Member of the small dick club.

So, we got upstairs we started undressing. I almost busted in my pants but kept it together. Then she was naked, and she slid my underwear off and stopped everything. Asking if it got bigger or if I was OK. Super humiliating. Then she started giggling, seeing the pre-cum. Eventually, she asked what other women thought of my dick, and I told her I was a virgin. She laughed at that, too. She gave me some lame excuse and left me there with my little boner. It was super humiliating, but I jerked off at the thought of her laughing at my little dick.


While this reader knows who to make employee of the month…

I once worked at a car wash as the store manager and hired someone as an assistant manager for my location. We’ll just call her Angie. Me and Angie were cleaning up the store as it was pouring heavy rain and it got the both of us wet. For a while, I knew she had a small crush on me. She was pretty cute herself, too. She was a chubby blonde girl, pale gothic type, and had small boobs but a round butt. We closed up shop, and as I was about to change, I also saw Angie soaking wet from the heavy rain.

I said, “Damn, it rained a shit ton, and it’s freezing too!”

Angie said, “I know, right? [she laughed] I bet your dick shrunk a lot, didn’t it.”

Keep in mind that I knew she had a crush on me for a while, so I said, “Most likely.”

She laughed surprisingly and was actually pleased that I was honest. “Aww, did it get tiny?” she asked, laughing.

“I gotta check,” I said and laughed.

I knew a few blind spots around the store and we closed our gates so nobody could get in. Angie said, “Mmm, lemme see! I gotta change, too.”

So I told Angie to follow me to a part of the store where no cameras could see us and nobody would assume we were doing anything. We did get our bags to change since it was still a changing room. Angie stripped down first, actually, and she wore no bra. I saw her little boobs bouncing as she was cold and wore a little thong around her big body. I stripped nude, too, and the look on her face was priceless. She was shocked at how tiny my dick was.

Since I got wet and it was cold, I was probably an inch, and my balls shrunk, too. So Angie got a full look at my tiny package. For a few minutes, she was shocked at how small it was. But we did have our fun. Angie did blow me for a good few minutes, and she did ride me for a bit till we had to leave. Angie did leave her thong with me and winked at me till next time best manager ever. I left the store sadly three months later.


This reader probably has an active imagination. You decide…

So this was back when I was dating my ex-girlfriend, and I got her into SPH. We will call her Rebecca. She was a bubbly, nice BBW. Big body, boobs, butt and belly. And we got into SPH pretty nicely from things like naming me in her contacts ‘Babydick, My Shrimpy Boy, and No Dick Dan.’ She’d do silly stuff like she would grab a ruler after I told her I was a Gold Member of the small dick club then she would measure it and agree with me. Then tell me, “I was just trying to help you, babe.”

Sex was great. However, we have little things like she’d say, “Baby, sorry they didn’t sell small condoms, but I did get tiny condoms!” The usual, “I can feel the tip, at least!” And, “Eh, it’s kinda there, I guess.”

But the biggest surprise was her college project on male anatomy. It was a side extra credit thing, and it was to talk about any body part on the male anatomy, so Rebecca asked if I could pose for some nude pics of myself for her, and of course, I said yes. I knew about the project and thought it was only her professor, but the surprise came when I found out all her female classmates and friends saw the project. That day of showing to her friends, she sent me screenshots of their reactions and responses before and after telling them it was my dick.

And she kind of promised them that on their spring break vacation, I could come with them to a nude beach, too. Rebecca’s friends never let me hear the end of it. One friend, Danielle, a tall, skinny blonde, let out a small giggle every time I saw her.

I also smiled and said, “What?”

Her response “Oh, nothing, shrimpy.”

“Hmmm, sure.”

“I can’t wait to see the little guy in person when we head to the nudie beach.”

Another of Rebeccas’s friends, Anna, a short brunette, slightly chubby gal, I met from time to time in Rebecca’s house. While I was waiting for Rebecca to get home, Anna stopped by.

Anna giggled. “What’s up, dude?” she asked.

“What up?” I said back.

Her response was to wiggle her pinky finger and say, “I got nothing small bothering me today.”

“I hope not.”

“Mmmm, I bet Rebecca’s large ass cheeks aren’t bothered by small things either.”

“It goes in just fine,” I said and laughed.

“Oh God, that’s surprising. I’ll see you at the beach, I guess.”

To end things off, While we were all at the nude beach, everybody got naked in the group, and I surprised everyone by dropping my towel in front of them and had an experience they’ll never forget.


The Sorority! Max Swan

  • Heidi is keen to join the coolest sorority on campus, but during ‘rush week’ they ask her to do some weird things involving her wimpy, small dick boyfriend Sebastian. Words: 22,220

Another reader is pranked by his adult daughters…

These days, my daughters (they are 28yo and 30yo) get a bit of a kick out of ridiculing my ‘dicklette,’ as they call it. They have been going to nude beaches and nudist camps with us since they were born, so they have grown up with nudity. Obviously, as they grew up, they would often comment innocently about why my penis was so much smaller than all the other men. Over the years, my wife encouraged them to call it a dicklette as she explained to them that it was too small to be called a dick.

After they went through puberty, they started to get much bolder with what they said and would tell their friends about my tiny dicklette and also how their Mum made me keep it smooth and hairless, etc. They also started to make comparisons to boys their age and, even worse.

These days, they love to prank me. They give me presents like boy speedos—so far, I’ve had Spiderman, Flash, Superman, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. A couple of years ago, my youngest gave me a chastity cage as a prank present.


Meanwhile, this reader remembers an ultrasound fondly…

So, I had a scrotal ultrasound ordered for me by my primary care physician once. The technician (a woman in her maybe late-30s/early-40s, blonde, not really remarkable looking except for some wide hips and big butt) had me place a towel over everything down there, and then she put a sheet on top. Once she pulled the sheet down a bit, she told me to pull the towel up until just the testicles were exposed. Leaving only my little softy tucked under the towel against my pubic bone.

After a few minutes of her pressing the cold imaging instrument against my balls, my little guy started to shrink even more than usual. Eventually, it didn’t even have enough length to stay tucked under the towel and just slipped out and stood up in all of its maybe half-inch glory. When that first happened, she said, “Oh, sorry,” and gently placed the towel back over it.

But as she continued with the exam, any slight nudge against the towel with the imaging wand thing would expose my little mushroom cap again. She said, “Sorry, that keeps happening.”

I just shrugged, not letting on how much I was enjoying it. Eventually, she stopped pulling the towel back over my nub and continued with the rest of the exam like that, leaving all of my bits completely exposed. Occasionally, bumping into my shrunken dick with the device (which was somewhat phallic in shape and must’ve dwarfed my flaccid length by ten times) or even the back of her gloved hand, further highlighting just how inconsequential it was to her.

I’ve wanked to that memory many a time since, imagining all the different ways that situation could’ve developed had I responded with something like, “What keeps happening?” or “Oh, yeah, that happened last time” or “It’s not getting in the way, is it?”


While this reader gets some WhatsApp action…

The other night, I was lying in bed with my wife. I was laying naked, and my penis was its usual one-inch nub on my ballsac. I was curious and asked my wife if her friends knew about me having a small dick. She said that she had made some comments before, but they didn’t know what it looked like. I told her I thought it would be hot for them to know how little I was packing. She got her phone and took a pic of my dick which was just the head poking out above my balls.

She then sent a message in her group text saying, ‘Hey, everyone, do you want to see something NSFW funny?’

After everyone said yes, she sent the pic of my soft dick. Everyone asked who it was, and after saying it was me, there were so many ‘OMGs’ and ‘LMAOs.’ A few even suggested I serve drinks to them naked at the next girls’ night in. I was so excited, and even better, whenever they see me now, they know I’m a member of the small dick club. I love it.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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