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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader uses the urinal at work and gets seen…

I recently started a new job at a movie theater. The bathrooms there have no dividers at the urinal, and one day, I was using the urinal when a coworker walked in. He is about 19 or 20 and around five foot six, while I’m 27 and six foot four. Admittedly, my dick is about an inch soft. When my coworker walked in, he said, “Oh!”

And I looked over, and his eyes were directly on my dick. He kind of chuckled, but I tried not to think of anything. He then stood right next to me and pulled out a dick that had to be five inches soft, bigger than me hard.

Since then, he’s made some subtle jokes any chance he could. For example, I was showing a customer the size of our popcorn bucket, and she said, “I thought it would be bigger.”

My coworker then mumbled, “Not the first time he’s heard that.”

He also has started calling me ‘Little Guy’ now and then. My coworkers seem confused, but I turn bright red every time he makes those jokes. It’s also made me so hot when I get home.


Another reader gave his masseuse a tip…

So, I recently had a massage and pedicure with my wife. This new blonde massage therapist, Gabby, checks us in. She is really good-looking, probably close to my age. I’m 51. While I am getting a nice foot massage I notice a wet spot on my pants. I don’t wear underwear because I am tiny and look ridiculous in anything but panties. Flash forward to our massage, and we are asked to strip down to our level of comfort and lie down on the table face down under the sheet. The sheet is pretty much transparent. I’m decently built and go to the gym, but I like to eat good food, and I don’t lose weight like I did when I was twenty.

She massaged my back, and I love the way she feels. Her hands are small but really strong. She is using her elbows and forearms. And I am getting turned on. Yes, my wife is on the table next to me, getting the same treatment. Gabby has me flip over, and she holds the sheet not to expose me, and as I settle down. I feel the sheet float and come to rest on my semi-hard, small dick. I can feel myself dripping within minutes of her rubbing my chest.

She made her way to my thighs, and a couple of times, she came very close to touching my balls. I tried to encourage it, but come on, my wife was only a few feet away. Gabby had to see my state of arousal. She had to see the size, and I am sure she saw the wet spot on the sheet. I didn’t cum, I was just very wet with pre-cum.

After dressing and paying, I realized I had accidentally left my sunglasses on the table. I went back in, and the two masseuses were chatting about me. I heard Gabby say, “He definitely had a babydick, but I admired his confidence.”

I tipped her an additional $20.00 and her partner an additional $10.00. I can’t wait to come back and do it again!


Meanwhile, this female reader got sn unexpected eyeful…

I was on vacation with my best friend and her family to celebrate her birthday. She and I shared a bed with her brother while her parents were in the room next door.

My friend and I were at the pool, but I finished the book I was reading, so I had to go back to the room to get a new one. While we were at the pool, her brother had gone to the gym, and I assumed the room would be empty. I just used my key, not thinking I needed to knock, and walked in.

This turned out to be a mistake because right when I opened the door, her brother was yanking down his gym shorts and changing into his bathing suit. His headphones were still in, so he didn’t hear me, but when he stood up to grab his suit, he saw me and scrambled to cover up.

It was too late, though, because I had already seen his tiny penis. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt; I know guys shrink when they work out, but this was the smallest one I had ever seen. I pretended I hadn’t seen anything, but he was completely mortified.

He was awkward with me the whole rest of the trip. I think he’s embarrassed that I know his little secret.


While this reader scored a cheerleader but got no cheers…

I’m a tall, athletic guy, but once you go below the belt, I’m more of a little boy🫣. A silver member of the small dick club when I’m hard. After a basketball game once, the cheer captain, who was the classic, beautiful, light-skinned girl with that long curly hair, had been eyeing me the whole game. We ended up sneaking off to a bathroom that was closed for janitorial stuff. When she pulled my shorts down, her jaw dropped, but obviously not in a good way. She tried covering an instinctive giggle as she looked at my little guy in shock. She ended up giving me a pity fuck, and I came in less than a minute🤏🏻🤏🏻


This reader’s wife gives a review of her sex toys…

My wife’s statement: ‘This is one of the best toys I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a few. My husband ordered this toy as a surprise gift to me but I wasn’t open to try initially. I thought I couldn’t take anything bigger than my husband’s (he’s a bronze member of the small dick club), but this toy has changed that perspective. I could easily take in this 8.5-inch with a pretty good girth toy. After that, I never looked back. If my husband wants to have normal sex right after we used this toy, I honestly feel nothing in there (it feels like something goes in and out in that slippery tunnel). Looking at the product you can see it has very detailed features and colour. It looks so real. The feel is amazingly super soft, like skin texture. It’s very girthy but fits perfectly for even a SMALL or AVERAGE size penis. The first time I tried it along with my favorite toy (clitoris stimulation), that was the first ever time I reached (what my husband would say) ‘ecstatic’ state. Say goodbye to average experiences and hello to unbelievably amazing sex!’


Another reader gets outed in front of his friends…

It was a Friday afternoon early in March, me and a car full of buddies are driving about 90 minutes to go visit some of our other friends at college. Once we get to our friend’s house, the pregaming begins. We start drinking and taking drugs. The type of drugs that make you love dancing. Anyway, these extracurriculars would frequently make my balls high and tight and my penis small and shriveled. Fast forward to the height of the partying. We’re at one of the local college bars, keeping the good times rolling.

This girl and I start talking and hit it off, and she ends up hanging out with us for the rest of the night. At the end of the night I end up going back to her house. I’m beyond gone at this point and don’t remember what happened at all. When I woke up the next morning, I was still wearing my jacket, but my pants and boxers were around my ankles. I was laying on the bed sideways with my feet on the ground, my little 1-inch penis poking straight up in the air, still shriveled from the night before.

The next day, the girl and I spent most of the day hanging out at my buddy’s place. My sister also went to that college; she and her friends were hanging out at my buddy’s house that day, too. When it was time to leave, I told her I had fun and that I would text her, but she kept asking me to stay. I couldn’t because I had to get back to work the next day. After her asking a few more times and me saying no, she blurts out, “Fine, you have a tiny little dick anyway 🤏,” in front of all my friends, my sister, and her friends.

Knowing that she definitely saw my shriveled little dick the night before, I had no comeback at all. She was telling the truth. I just stood there staring at the ground turning red. Nobody said a word for what felt like ten minutes until one of my buddies piped up and asked if we were leaving. I was so embarrassed I didn’t say a single word the whole ninety minute car ride home.


Meanwhile, this reader did a dumb thing while drunk…

A couple of years ago, I went out with all the people I worked with. We all got drunk and ended up staying in a hotel. I ended up in a room with two girls I really liked. One was about five feet two and a little chubby. The other was like five feet nine and really athletic. I was so fucked up that I knew my dick would be tiny right then, and I said to them, “Don’t you think a little penis is really cute to see.”

They kind of told me to shut up and go to bed because they knew how drunk I was. We were all half undressed anyway, so I pulled my boxer shorts off and showed off my tiny little dick. They were trying not to look because they knew I was fucked up, but they both saw it and laughed and told me, “Yes, it’s amazing, just go to sleep,” and laughed again.

The next day at work, I was so embarrassed knowing they had both seen my tiny dick.


While this reader got an unexpected admirer…

The other day I was out and about and had to stop at a public restroom near a park to take a piss. Usually, I try to avoid urinals because when I’m flaccid, I find it difficult to urinate while standing because there’s not much to grab and direct, and also because I’ve received a lot of negative comments in the past, and they weren’t always welcome. This time, though, all the cubicles were out of order, so I positioned myself at the furthest urinal from the entrance. I did not even have the time to lower my shorts when another guy came in and went directly to the urinal next to mine, despite the fact there were at least two more open.

The sudden appearance of the guy, coupled with the fact it usually takes me a moment to position myself made him finish pissing before me. After he had done pissing, he put his generously endowed cock away. He spent a long moment locking eyes with me like he was asking, ‘What are you waiting for?’ before lowering his eyes all the way to my shriveled dick and then back up with a frown and a smirk. He then went out, leaving me with my ass out and my dick half hard, and it made pissing even harder.

After a couple of minutes, I finished doing my business and went back out, only to find a piece of paper with a phone number on the wiper of my car. I suspect it was his because I was the only one inside the restroom, and my car was the only one parked outside.


This reader also got outed by a friend…

Recently, my best friend saw this photo of me in my photo gallery on my phone, and he sent it to himself without me knowing. A couple of days after he did that, I saw that our friend’s group chat (which had 35 people on it) was going crazy. Everybody was sending laughing emojis and saying, ‘Where is it? I can’t see it,” or ‘I always knew he was a sissy,’ and stuff like that. Now when they see me, they just squeeze my tits and spank me and can’t believe that I’m saying this, but it makes me so crazy and super wet.


Another reader gatecrashes a size-queen event…

So, I was with a few buddies at a bar. The bar wasn’t too crowded but had a special event going on. We decided to go over as there were a number of cute chicks. I realized all the guys had tags on their shirts, like 7.5”, 9”, or 8.5”. One of the girls told me it was a big penis-dating event while smirking at my missing tag. My buddies and I talked a bit to some of the girls. I stood there, knowing I didn’t qualify as the male participants had to be at least seven inches hard. I couldn’t imagine the humiliation I’d feel if I was wearing one that said ‘Bronze Member of the small dick club’ around these hung bulls.

A couple of the girls acted like we were wasting their time. The event planner came over, glanced to see if we had tags, asked us our names, and saw they weren’t on the guest list. She then told us it was a private event. Then she handed us each a card and said, “If you want to be part of a future event, you can register at this website. But you must provide proof that you meet the minimum criteria.” She also added, “Sorry, but there’s a lot of speed dates tonight, and time is short. So please leave now. Maybe I’ll see you at the next one in two weeks.”

Man walking away was humiliating. I didn’t qualify to even talk to these girls based on penis size.


Meanwhile, this reader enjoys binge-watching a TV show with his wife…

Our daughters were recently telling us about a TV show called Naked Attraction. My wife thought it would be fun to watch. We started binge-watching it on a streaming service.

As we watched, I was staying silent as all the cocks on the show were much bigger than mine. It was interesting hearing the participants and host talking so casually about all the guys’ cocks. After a few episodes, a guy was on display, and my wife started laughing and saying that he had a ‘scrawny thin penis.’ I should have known better, but I said, “Hey, that’s a bit harsh. His penis is thicker than mine.”

What the hell was I thinking?

My wife then said, “Well, you are correct. His penis is thicker than yours, and it’s longer as well. His balls are bigger, also. Unlike you, he has also been able to keep his pubic hair. However, the fact remains it’s still a skinny, scrawny dick.”

Well, we ended up watching the entire first series and she asked me how I felt seeing that I wasn’t a match for a single participant in the whole season. Whenever a participant commented favorably about the size of a cock, my wife would chuckle and tell me they wouldn’t be saying that about mine if I was on there.


While this reader has an awkward encounter in the changerooms…

My best friend, who I have basically known my entire life, came out as trans a few years ago. It took me some time to get used to but now I barely remember her ever being male. She looks really pretty, and you can’t even tell she is a trans woman. She has boobs, long hair, a nice butt, etc. But she does still have a penis.

Now a little while ago we went swimming together at a local pool. The problem was that more people had this idea. The pool is pretty small and doesn’t have many changing cubicles. The result of this was that they were all occupied. Since more people were waiting for cubicles to become free my friend asked me if I wanted to use a cubicle together so that we were done at the same time and others could use our cubicle. Now, I told her I didn’t mind, but in my head, I was stressing out.

We had seen each other naked before, but that was when we were young and didn’t care/know about size. She had told me that when she started taking HRT, her penis became a bit smaller after a while too. Because she said her penis got smaller, I hoped she was smaller than me. This is stupid when I think about it now because I’m usually 1.5 inches when soft.

After around two minutes, a changing cubicle became free, and we went in. We put our bags down and started undressing. I took off my shirt first because I was scared to take my pants of. She started with her shoes and then her pants. I looked at her panties and saw a bulge that was bigger than mine. She took off her panties, and a dick at least twice my size popped out. My face turned red as I knew I had to go naked next. I proceeded to take off my pants. Then she asked me to look at her penis to see how small it had become.

I glanced over again and just said, “Yeah, it has,” in an awkward tone.

It was time for me to take my underwear off. After seeing what she was packing, I was so stressed that I forgot to take my swimming trunks out of my bag before I took my underwear off. I took my underwear off and quickly realized my mistake. There I was, completely naked in front of her, looking for my swimming trunks. I could feel her staring at my penis, and I’m not sure if I just imagined this, but I thought she giggled as well.

While I was standing there naked, looking for my swimming trunks, she had put her swimsuit on. It was a special one that hides your bulge. It worked pretty well. At first glance, you would never think she had a penis. She was done and told me she would wait outside until I was done. She opened the door and walked out.

But to make things even worse, while the door was open for those ten seconds, a pretty blonde girl walked past and looked inside to see if the cubicle was free. Instead of an empty cubicle, she saw me standing there naked. I looked at her face, and she looked down at my penis and just got a huge smile on her face. I was so humiliated I almost started crying.

I found my swimming trunks and finished up. My friend and I did not talk about this since. I do feel like she looks down at my crotch sometimes now, but maybe I’m just making stuff up.


This reader is embarrassed in the harness…

The first time I knew for sure mine was small was when a friend invited me to go rock climbing. As soon as the harnesses were on, I regretted going. Every other guy in there had a massive-looking bulge. It was humiliating as mine looked like I had nothing down there. I looked more like the girls in harnesses. Nobody said anything about it, but everyone could see I was a member of the small dick club. I’ve never gone back.


Another reader had a final meal with a crush…

I’ve been begging this girl to cook her a meal for months now, and she finally decided to invite me over to do just that. I guess the food was great since she let me stay a while longer (to do the dishes, most likely). To my surprise, she asked if I wanted to watch a movie with her, and at this point, I was really getting my hopes up. It took maybe 20 minutes before she suddenly threw herself onto me and started grabbing my crotch in an attempt to find my dick.

I still think she instantly knew what was happening as she chuckled lightly and started to remove my pants/boxers. She grabbed my sliver member boner with two fingers and sucked on the head briefly (30sec or so) before asking me if I was attracted to women or not. Just the embarrassment alone instantly made me cum, and she laughed at me in disgust while instructing me to get dressed and leave. It’s safe to say she won’t be making me any meal anytime soon again.🙈


Meanwhile, this reader had a weird lap dance experience…

I went to a sketchy strip club a few months ago, and when I first walked in, this really beautiful and the hottest Latina MILF walked up to me and started flirting. This is obviously their way of getting you to buy a lap dance, but I was pretty nervous since it was my first time. She could tell.

I had trouble talking to her or making eye contact because of my high anxiety at the moment. She told me to buy a shot for her and myself to relax. She asked if I’d ever even spoken to a woman before, and I said not a really hot woman, no. She then reached into my pants to grab my dick (I was caught off guard as I was still at the bar. I heard this place was super sketchy, and anything goes, but not to this extent). She felt around my thigh, I guess expecting a bigger dick and kept feeling around for a while until she felt my small dick. That alone was super embarrassing.

She looked at me dead in the eyes and said, “Is that it?”

And I just shook my head. She went from being super nice and flirty to dominating real quick and said, “You’re gonna pay $30, and we’re gonna do a private lap dance.”

I said yes, and then she told me to close my tab and walked me over to the bartender, hand still in my pants. I had to ask and pay for our drinks to the bartender with her hand around my package.

After that, she let go, grabbed my hand, and took me to the room. From there, she asked for the cash and started dancing for 2 seconds. The stripper then went straight to unzipping my pants. She grabbed my hard dick with her thumb and index finger in a humiliating way, she started laughing and saying sorry, and she started jacking me off. She was a pro. She jacked it and rubbed her underwear against it. It was so hot. She said, “For $50, you can fuck me.”

I told her no (because I didn’t have protection and also that I just did not feel safe), and she looked annoyed and said, “You’re really cute so that I will do it for free.”

I said no again, and she started begging for it and jacking me off more and more. I said, “No, I’m sorry,” and she just kept grinding and stroking, and I came all over like a little bitch.

She grabbed some napkins, threw them on my naked lap, and walked out. Great experience.


*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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