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These SPH stories are fiction. Fiction is defined as literature in the form of prose that describes imaginary events and people. Something that is invented or untrue. These stories are designed to titillate and are meant for an adult audience over 18. Any similarities to real people or real events in these stories is coincidental and non-intended. As we cannot verify SPH Experiences submitted to us or those we have mined from the web as being true, please regard these as fiction too. Do not attempt to do what happens in these SPH stories unless it is with other consenting adults.

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Rules & Guidelines:

  • All characters involved in sexual acts in your story must be over 18.
  • Small penis-related stories are only accepted on this site. For this site, a small penis is defined as less than 5.5 inches erect length. They can be along any small dick-related theme or kink. They can be true stories or fiction. If you have it posted on another free story website, then you can post the link, and we will get it from there and link back to you too.
  • We have the right to refuse any submissions if we feel the story does not meet our standards.
  • We will AI edit your story as long as it’s not over 8000 words. Longer stories will be published unedited because we just don’t have the time to edit these.
  • There is no financial compensation if we accept your story because the stories published here are free for all to read.
  • You can remain completely anonymous by the author’s name or pseudonym you put on your story.
  • By submitting your story, you allow us to put ads in them without expecting a financial reward. There is no monetary compensation for your story appearing on this site. Money made from ads is spent to pay for our server costs and the software we use on this site. We make no profit from this.
  • Submissions can take a week to appear on this site, depending on how many we have queued at the time, to publish. Stories submitted for our “SPH Readers Experiences” posts may take much longer as we don’t publish these until we have enough for a post.
  • Warning: stories submitted and published on this site will become public domain, so you might see them pop up on other sites as a result. That is out of our control.
  • By submitting your story to this site, you grant us the right to publish your story on this site for a minimum of six months. After this time, you can request we take it down, and we will comply, but not before. We possibly have spent time editing your story so we need to get a return on that investment in your work.
  • Please try to make an effort to work on your story before you submit it. Run the spelling & grammar checker in the word processing program you use, at least.
  • Copy and Paste your story in the box below, and click ‘Submit.’