The Lie!

By Submitted Anonymously.

Never in my life did I think a lie would change my life and have me hooked on SPH and naked humiliation. It all happened when my older sister Katie got engaged to her childhood boyfriend Rob at 19, and they got a flat together, and she moved out. We lived in a 3-bedroom house, and our parents had the biggest bedroom. My brother Sean and I shared a bedroom and Katie had the smallest bedroom to herself. I was 14 at the time, and Sean was 13. Even though we shared a room, we had never seen each other naked. We always turned away when one of us needed to get naked or went to the bathroom to get changed if we were changing our underwear.

The most we saw of each other was down to our underwear, but never fully naked. So, after Katie got engaged to Rob, my parents and his parents chipped in to put a deposit down on a flat for them as an early wedding present. As soon as Katie moved out, Sean was after her room and kept asking Mom if he could have her room. He was told he couldn’t have it as it’s still Katie’s room, and she’s still got her belongings in there, and she will come to stay when she wants. But he kept going on about the room that he needed his own room. It was about two months after Katie had moved out that my life was turned upside down.

I remember the day as clear as yesterday. I had a half day in school and came home early. My Dad answered the door, and I said hi, but he gave me a cold, angry look without replying and walked off into the living room. I was about to go upstairs because I could sense something was off, but before I even got to the stairs, he shouted for me to come into the living room. I walked in, knowing this was serious, as he only called me in anger if I was about to get a beating for something I had done to anger him.

He told me to sit on the sofa opposite him. I looked around the room, and he had a slipper and a cane on the floor next to him, so I knew I was about to get a punishment, but I didn’t know what I had done wrong. I sat in silence. My Mom came into the room and looked at me in disgust. She stood next to my Dad, and we just stared at each other in silence for what seemed like ages.

My Dad finally spoke. His voice was angry as he said, “Take off your coat.”

I looked at him, confused. I thought, ‘Has he been drinking? Is Dad drunk?’ I got up and took off my coat, and my Mom took it off me and flung it in the hallway.

“Take off your shirt,” he ordered.

I reluctantly did as I was told and handed it to my Mom.

“Take off your vest,” followed by my shoes and socks.

I was hoping he was done, but I had a sinking feeling he wasn’t. “Take off your trousers.”

I looked at my parents. They both were angry. “Why,” I asked.

My Dad shouted, “Take them off, or do I have to do it for you.”

I slowly pulled down my trousers and made sure the buttons were done up on my boxers, making sure my parents didn’t see my penis as my Dad hadn’t seen me naked in over seven years, and my Mom stopped bathing me at 11. So, it’s been three years since she saw me naked. I handed my trousers to my Mom who took them and threw them out of the room into the hallway with the rest of my clothes. She went and stood back next to my Dad.

I was praying that was it, but he shouted, “Take off your underwear.”

“Why?” I asked again, stunned.

He got angrier and shouted, “Get them off now.”

I remember I had tears coming down my cheeks as I put my hand in my pants to cover my penis, and I used my other hand to start taking them off.

My Mom said, “I’m not watching this,” and walked off into the kitchen, leaving me alone with my Dad.

I carried on removing my underwear and kicking them aside, and I stood with my head bowed with both hands over my privates. My Dad picked up his slipper and looked at me for a few seconds like I could read his mind and was waiting for me to reply to his thoughts. He then asked, “What have you been doing to Sean?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“You know exactly what I mean. He told us this morning.”

I didn’t have a clue what he was on about and my face showed my utter confusion.

So my Dad said, “So you haven’t been making him strip naked for you and forcing him to show you his penis.”

I gasped. My eyes bulged. I was shocked. I said, “That’s a lie. I never did that. I’ve never even seen him naked.”

That just made my Dad angrier. He charged toward me, and I fell back on the sofa, lifting my arms and legs in defense. He just swiped my legs to the side, pinned them down, and started beating my butt. He seemed surprised to see how tiny my penis was, but he carried on beating me until his arm got tired.

He was shouting, “So you want to see your brother’s penis? Well, see how you like it when we see yours.”

I was protesting. “Sean lied. I never did it…” but I could not finish my sentence with all the hits I was getting.

He told me to get up, and he put down the slipper and picked up the cane. I got up, covering my penis, and he ordered me to put my hands on my head. I begged him, saying, “Please, no…”

Dad caned my leg, saying, “Hands on your head now.”

I didn’t have much choice, so I did as I was told. He stared at my penis for a few seconds, then opened the door and told me to get out and keep my hands on my head. I thought, ‘What do I do if I get out of the room? My Mom will see me naked if I stay. I’m going to get caned.’ As Dad lifted his hand to hit me with the cane, I quickly moved for the door and headed toward the kitchen with my Dad behind me, hitting me from behind.

He opened the kitchen door and pushed me in. My Mom was already walking toward the door to open it. After hearing us coming, she looked straight at my penis and turned away to stop herself laughing at me. My Dad unlocked the garden door and told me to get out and made me stand facing the kitchen door with my hands on my head.

He then asked my Mom, “Why does he have such a tiny dick?”

She said something but I didn’t catch what she said. He shouted at me, “Is that why you asked Sean to show you his cock? Because you haven’t got one?”

I didn’t reply I was still trying to process what was going on.

He told me, “You can stay in the garden in this position,” and walked off.

My Mom carried on washing the dishes and was glancing at me. Then I heard a window tap from behind me. It was the elderly neighbors next door. They had seen me from their bedroom window. I didn’t know what to do, and Mom saw them at the window tapping, and Mom called for my Dad. My Dad came to the garden, and they shouted, “Is everything OK?”

Dad shouted back at them, “Yeah, it’s all good. He’s getting punished for misbehaving.” He added, “I can make him turn to face you if you want. To ask him yourself.”

They quickly said, “No, it’s fine,” and went away from the window.

My Dad went back inside as I carried on standing, totally humiliated in front of my Mom. I was trying to whisper to her without my Dad hearing, but she just ignored me. About 90 minutes later, my brother finally came home from school, and my legs and arms were stiff from standing in that position.

He came to the garden door and looked at me, standing naked, and laughed at me. I looked at him in anger, but he just stood there looking at my penis, doing the small penis sign and squinting his eyes, and measuring it from a distance with his thumb and finger. I felt trapped as I had my brother and Mom looking at my front, and the neighbors were still loitering around their window looking at my rear (I could hear them pressing against their window).

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I heard shopping bags and talking. I recognized Rob’s voice then I heard Katie’s. Now, I was in panic mode. My sister and her boyfriend were there. I was thinking, ‘Please, Mom, get me my clothes now. Katie can’t see me naked.’ It was a few minutes before my Dad finally came to the door and told me to get inside. All my joints had stiffened up it took me a few seconds to get moving. I slowly walked in. My legs were aching. As I shook off my arms to loosen them up, I put my hands over my penis and looked at my Dad.

He told me to walk, pointing at the living room. I walked to the door, and he opened the door. As I walked in, I looked around the room, and the first person I saw was Rob, and next to him was Katie who had her hand over her mouth covering her laugh. On the opposite sofa were Sean and my Mom. My Dad ordered me to stand against the wall in between both sofas, so they all could see me. He called Katie over and said, “You need to decide with the family what to do next.” He then asked Sean to tell everyone what had been happening in the bedroom.

Sean said, “He has been forcing me to strip naked in front of him and show him my cock.”

“He’s lying. I’ve never done that, ever,” I protested, but all I got was a cane to my leg and told to shut up.

I just stood covering my penis, thankful for not having to show my sister and her boyfriend my tiny penis. The truth was I knew I was tiny at only 1 inch flaccid. I was always embarrassed to let anyone see it. Even in school, I saw boys naked in showers, and they were so much bigger, so I never let anyone see mine. I never even let Sean see it. The only people up until now that had seen my penis were my parents, our doctor, and a couple of nurses. That’s all the people that had seen my underdeveloped penis all my life.

Now I was standing naked in front of all my family because my brother was lying, and damn, he was a convincing liar. He was crying and everything. “He made me open my butt cheeks and show him my butt hole. He also made me get hard and measure my cock.”

I just stood with my head down, listening to his lies, boiling with anger, but I couldn’t do anything. My Dad told him to sit and asked him, “How many times did your brother ask you to get naked and do these things?”

Sean replied, “Almost every night for at least the last month.”

I looked around the room they were all giving me disgusted looks. Rob looked uncomfortable. Dad came to my side with his cane, caned my hand, and said, “They’ve had enough rest. Put them back on your head.”

I lost my breath, and I couldn’t get words out to plead. I looked around the room, and Katie was looking ahead, giving me side glances. Everyone else was looking straight at me. Dad hit my hand again and again until I raised my hands and put them on my head. I was crying, and I looked up at the ceiling.

Dad sat and started talking to Katie, saying, “The boys can’t sleep in the same room anymore, and I called you over so you could see the situation and help find a resolution to freeing up your old room.”

I looked at Katie and saw her looking at my penis, but she quickly looked away when she saw me looking at her. I looked down and stared at my tiny dick. It looked even smaller than it normally did. I was so embarrassed. My face burned with redness.

Katie said, “One of the boys can have my old room, but I will need a few weeks to clear the room of my stuff.”

Rob supported her by saying, “We’ll hire a storage unit to put Katie’s things in if needed, as Sean needs protecting.”

They sat discussing the room, who should get it, and where she would sleep if she came to stay while I stood naked in front of all of them. Katie was looking straight at me when she said, “I feel disgusted giving that pervert my room, but I’ve got no choice. I can’t let him abuse Sean any longer.”

It was decided when she came to stay, Dad would sleep in my old bed, Katie would share the bed with Mom, and I was going to sleep alone. I just stood analyzing each family member, how they sat, and how many times they were looking over at my naked body. They were all constantly looking at me. My brother seemed annoyed that I got the room he wanted. I think he had his eye on Katie’s TV, and he thought he would be able to sweet-talk her into letting him have it.

Sean then asked my Mom, “Why is his penis so…so small?”

Katie burst out laughing, saying, “I’ve been looking at that tiny dick all this time thinking the same thing.”

Mom just let out a giggle and tried to change the subject.

Katie looked at me and asked me direct, “Why is your dick so small?”

I just looked down and didn’t answer. I think Mom made some hand gestures to her, and Katie replied, saying, “What? He deserves it. He likes to pick on his younger brother so that I can pick on my younger brother, too. I want to see his dick as well. Not that I can see much because it’s so small.”

My Dad got up and told my brother to move out of the way, and he told me to get over the armrest of the sofa and told Rob to hold my arms, and he got Sean to hold me down, and he caned my butt until it was red and striped. He then made me stand in front of the family with my hands behind my back (so I could rub my sore butt) until my sister was ready to leave, so she got to look at my tiny dick for another hour.

After Katie and Rob left, Dad got me to lie on the floor with my legs wide open in front of Sean until he felt I had learned my lesson. After I went to my new bedroom, my Mom came to check on me and taunted me one last time before the day was finally over. Mom said, “The pink bedsheets were fitting for you (hinting at my small size).”

The next few days, I tried to confront Sean, but he stayed close to Mom or Dad. It took me over a week to finally confront him. He was being cocky, threatening me, saying, “I’ll tell Dad you were asking me to show you my cock again.”

“Why did you do it?” I asked him.

“I didn’t mean it to happen like it did. I thought if I said you were forcing me to get naked, they would give me my own room. I didn’t think Mom and Dad would overreact like that. I didn’t think they’d strip you naked and shame you in front of the whole family.”

After that, Sean got me stripped naked by my Dad a couple more times and told his friends about it, and it wasn’t long before cousins and uncles, and aunties heard about my punishments and my tiny penis. Sean made sure everyone knew how tiny I was. The elderly couple from next door would just smile at me every time they saw me.

But what I realized afterward was I had found a new kink. I started showing off my dick in changing room at school, and when other kids made comments about my size, I enjoyed it. I was happy to be made fun of. I would go swimming or to the gym so that I could be naked in front of others. Even at home, I would be naked in my room and wait for my brother or Mom to walk in on me and see me naked, and I got such a buzz when I would get caught naked. I would go naked into the backyard so the neighbors could see my tiny dick too.

I had spent the first 15 years of my life hiding my tiny dick from everyone because I was so embarrassed and ashamed of it. However, after Sean’s lie that changed my life, I have spent the next 15 years letting everyone see it and make fun of it, and I enjoy it to this day.


The End.


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