Our Readers SPH Experiences 24

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


Our first reader describes how his first ever date turned sour…

All the teasing and being the butt of jokes took its toll, I had finally mustered the courage to pursue a female. I knew why I was a hopeless virgin but against my better judgement I decided to ask out a girl I went to school with. Somehow she said yeah and before I could even get over the shock, I was having my 1st date. I was fucking clueless. When I think back I really appreciate how nice this girl was about me being all weird and fucked up. Anyway after embarrassing myself during the day, we saw a movie at night. I was a little less socially retarded at this point and she felt comfortable enough to kiss me. I was really bad at it. She bored of kissing me really quick, so she told me to touch her breast and eventually she starts to touch me.

She sat on my lap and looked back at me confusingly. I was doomed, it was happening. She couldn’t feel my small penis. She shuffled around and ask me to press up against her – nothing. She put her hand down my pants, I could feel her reaching around my crotch looking for my penis. She asked me, “Where is it?”

I don’t think she was being mean, it was a valid question and she may have honestly mistaken it for one of my testicles.


This reader got outed by his wife…

My wife has worked third shift at the same company for more than ten years, as have most of her office group which consisted of eight women and two guys. Over the course of the many Christmas parties, summertime outings, and company sponsored softball games that all of us attended, we viewed each other more as friends than simply co-workers. My wife would call me whenever they needed the answer to some kind of trivia question, or wanted my input on a news or political discussion. I would often answer first with some kind of humorous or sarcastic quip, which my wife would quickly shout out to the other girls for a laugh.

A while back, there was the “Weiner-gate” controversy which involved a certain Congressman tweeting pictures of his dick to a number of young women. One night, my wife called and asked me some questions about exactly what happened. I explained that he had used his webcam to take pictures of his dick, and then sent them to a couple of women he had flirted with on Twitter, but he screwed something up and accidentally sent the pictures to everyone on his Twitter account. My wife then asked me if I had a webcam too. I told her, of course I do, pretty much everyone does. She then asked me if I had ever used my webcam to take pictures of my penis. I could tell that she was just kidding around and not really serious.

So I said, “Well, a webcam wouldn’t really work for me. If I wanted people to see my dick, I think a microscope would be a better choice, you know how tiny I am.”

There was a second or two of silence, soon followed by uproarious laughter. My heart started racing and my breathing became laboured as I realised that she had me on speaker phone. I heard a loud voice in the background say, “Oh my God ! I can’t believe he just said that! I can’t believe that he just told everyone he has a tiny penis!”

That was followed by more laughter and loud banter that I couldn’t quite hear. After a minute or two as the laughter started to die down, someone yelled over to my wife, “So tell the truth, does he really have a little one”?

As soon as she started to answer she burst out in laughter again, “Oh yeah, it’s little alright, you wouldn’t even believe it if I told you”.

I heard someone say, “Well now you HAVE to tell us. Come on, how big”?

I didn’t hear an answer, so I assume that she used her thumb and finger to indicate my length as I heard another burst of laughter. One of the girls asked how big it was hard. My wife barely got the words out, “That is when it’s hard.”

At that point, everyone just lost it.


This reader was either burned or frozen, you decide which…

I was discussing the a recent snow storm in the north-east of the US one night with my girlfriend, and I said, “We’re supposed to get five inches tonight.”

She responded quickly, “Where’s the other inch and a half coming from?”

The worst part is I’m usually pretty quick on my feet, but it’s hard to think of a comeback when it’s pretty much true. I blushed badly and she laughed.


This Reader claims his tiny dick turned him GAY

My girlfriend and I dated for 5 years and I really loved her and thought she loved me too. Last year she broke up with me and came clean about why. She told me she loved me on an emotional level and really wanted to stay with me but couldn’t because I couldn’t please her physically. She told me she had faked every orgasm she ever had with me. She told me my dick was just too small to please her. She then when on to tell me that a year into our relationship she started having sex with her ex behind my back, and I know he has a huge 8in dick. She had been fucking him at least 3 times a week for four years and she orgasmed every time.

I was upset but wanted to stay with her desperately. In a plea to stay with her I said she could continue to have sex with other guys to please her sexual needs and I would stay loyal to her only. She was shocked at my offer but then agreed. After about 6 months of her having sex with other guys she started treating me different. She wouldn’t kiss me or even have sex with me. All she would let me do is eat her pussy and ass. And I had to jerk myself off while doing that.

She would always say, “It was your idea that I fuck other guys”.

She would come home late from going out with her friends and want me to start eating her pussy instantly. I would do as she asked but many times I could tell she had just had sex with another man but I was just happy to be doing something sexual to her. I started to fantasise about her having sex with really big dick guys and how she would probably be saying things like “you are so much better than my bf”. The idea of that really started turning me on and I started thinking about big cocks all the time and how I am inferior to them. Big cocks were all I thought about. Eventually I decided to act on how I was feeling.

I met an older bisexual guy that was 48 with a huge cock. The first night we hung out he took my gay virginity and I sucked my first dick. It was a life changing night for me. I decided to tell my gf what I had done and that I would like it if all 3 of us had sex together. She was shocked at first but when I told her how big his dick was and said ok. I set it up and we all hung out. It started out with me just watching her get fucked by him. It was amazing how obvious it was to me that sex with a bigger dick made her so happy. She then told me to get in bed with them. She said get on all fours, I wanna see you get fucked on the ass.

I did as told, while taking his cock she put her pussy in my mouth. We finished that night and went home. The next morning I woke up to a different girl. She said she couldn’t believe that I had sex with a guy and instantly dumped me. She called me a gay bitch that wasn’t man enough to please any girl ever. She said she had spoke with several of my exes and they all said I never made them orgasm and that my dick was way too small. She forced me to leave. After that people would randomly come up to me and ask me if I was gay. She told everyone about what happened. She made it her mission to expose me. Because of that no one really wanted to hang out with a little dick faggot. At first I was upset but then I started to embrace it.

She was right, I’m not deserving of any girl. I should focus on pleasing men only. My little dick can’t please any woman so I should stop trying and focus on getting men off, this way I could make someone cum. And from that point on that’s what I did. I sought out older men to please sexually with my ass and mouth and it was amazing. I eventually had to move away from there because everywhere I went I was being ridiculed for what she had been telling people. But what she was saying was true. The real me is a little dick bitch that thinks about sucking and riding dick 24/7 and my little dick made me this way.


This reader got pawned at the swimming pool…

I was standing naked under the shower at the swimming pool today as an 11 or 12 year old boy came in. He took the shower next to me and took off his swimming trunks. His dick looked twice the size of mine soft. He didn’t say anything, but his expression said it all. Pitiful as hell.


A Life Drawing Class Model shares his experiences…

I’m gay but my exhibitionist tendencies have led me to pose nude for life drawing groups on a number of occasions. Being naked in front of women makes my already small cut cock (2 in soft, 4 in hard) shrank even further, to just the head. Once I was hired for three weeks to pose for a mixed class of sixth-form students (aged 17, I guess). There were about 20 of them drawing, all but 5 or so of them girls, which unnerved me. I took off my glasses and lay there stark naked on the floor. During one pose, when I was flat on my back with my dick pointing towards a table with boys drawing, I heard one boy say to another, ‘No, that’s not right, it should be just a little circle.’ They both started giggling. I froze, but when that pose was over I went over as casually as I could to have a look and was horrified to discover that, yup, there was a tiny circle where my dick should be.

On another occasion I was drawing for an adult group, again unfortunately almost all of women. I couldn’t stop myself from having a look at their drawings and was embarrassed to see that most of them didn’t draw my dick at all. Whether that is because many women are too shy to be seen to concentrate on that bit of the male anatomy or whether they didn’t think it was worth bothering with in my case, I don’t know.


One reader finds himself being pushed to the brink…

My wife and I have been together for a little over 4 years. I’m only a little over 4 inches and not very thick either, and after my first girlfriend teased me about having a small dick, I’ve had a humiliation fetish. My wife started cucking me with her ex Brad, about 2 years ago and we’ve had some experiences. Brad is actually a pretty nice guy, but when he’s in ‘Bull’ mode he’s really cruel. One night he came over, pulled my pants down in front my wife and her girlfriend. Her friend burst out laughing, and shrieked, “I can see why you still fuck Brad!”

At Christmas, I opened a gift from him. He got me a chastity belt and ordered me to put it on in the bathroom before going back to visit my family. He proceeded to send me pictures over the entire week I spent with my family of himself inside my wife, and teasing me with pictures of the key. But by far the most humiliating experience came about two weeks ago. Brad bent me over the bed, pulled my pants down, and spanked me until I cried. Then he pushed me on the bed, spit on my cock, and verbally humiliated me. Calling my dick, “Peanut, shrimp, tiny, and a little pee-pee,” before diapering me.

As the spit ran down my tiny pecker, he told me I was wearing a diaper because he’s going to seed my wife and that it’s a symbol of what is to come. He made me sit in the corner of the room, diapered, while he fucked my wife bareback, yelling comments like, “Who’s going to change MY baby’s diapers, faggot?”

I just meekly replied, “I am.”

“Why are you wearing a diaper?”

“Because you’re doing to get my wife pregnant.”

“Tonight, I’m seeding your wife… Your woman. I’m going to own your fucking family. You’re going to change my baby’s diapers. Hell, I bet if I have a boy he’ll have a bigger dick than you by the time he’s three.”

With that he shot his load deep inside my wife. My wife is on birth control, so I knew it was just part of our play, but still deeply humiliating to watch another man fuck your wife in your bed while you sit in the corner in a diaper with his spit between your legs.

Since that night I’m now only allowed to fuck my wife while wearing a condom, and I have to call him and ask permission any time before I fuck my wife. It’s humiliating to call another man and ask his permission to have sex with your own wife. Usually he says yes, but it’s the very act that’s so humiliating.


This reader witnessed a humiliating moment in a café…

This didn’t happen to me, but I was at a café near my college with friends back in the day, and we heard this commotion from the back of the café. Two guys had broken into a fist fight (we think). The cosy atmosphere of the café was interrupted when we heard the loud thud of someone hitting the ground. Everyone looked up from their seats, and the female barista ran from behind the counter just as the café owner rose to his height completely nude. Dazed from the tumble, he took a few steps forward, shaking his head as if to to fight off the pain. A guy sitting near him started yelling, “Brah? Brah? Hey, brah!”

The café owner said in this shitty tone, “What?”

There was laughter in room already. “Where’s your clothes, brah?”

The café owner looked at his staff member whose eyes were aimed down below. The café owner’s gaze followed and he saw his shrivelled cock on full display. The café owner looked up and noticed all us students, mostly the women, holding their hands to their mouths as they pointed at the café owner with the tiny penis. “Fuck,” he shouted as he crossed one leg over the other, folding both his hands over his groin and backing behind the counter. The poor guy blushed as red as a beetroot. “Th-This isn’t how it normally looks,” he said.

“Oh sure,” a hot college girl said to her group of friends who all laughed.

By this time phones were aimed at him filming everything, poor bastard. “No, seriously! I’ll show you,” the café owner said.

I kid you not, this guy started jerking-off in front of everyone in the café. I guess he thought if he got a boner it would show how big a man he really is. My friends and I were laughing our asses off by this stage, not because of this guys tiny pecker, but the fact he was jerking-off in front of everyone.

“Ew… gross,” the barista said as she watched his manager masturbate behind the counter.

“Come on, come on,” the café owner shouted through gritted teeth at his dick. But no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t get a boner, making him look more pathetic in front of the dozens of customers. The chicks started leaving, and so did we. We hung back outside to see what would happen, and sure enough the Cops arrived and arrested the poor guy after several chicks showed them their footage of the incident.

I don’t know who he was fighting and why he was nude, but after that day whenever someone asked us if we wanted a coffee, we’d say. “Short white,” and laugh our assess off.


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  • Douglas t. Gugel aka Sissy Lynn Starr aka tiny dick faggot

    My stepmother and my ex girlfriend’s turned me into a 24/7 adult sissy baby gurl faggot cuckold in full sissy gurl attire and outfits and diapers and forced me to be gay because of my extremely tiny two inch long miniboner and miniballs and premature ejaculation and lifelong bedwetting and because I’m a total weakling wimp crybaby wussy as well !!! They even took photo’s of me and plastered them all over the internet so I could never ever pretend to be a man ever again !!! They even got me a job at a gay bar and drag queen and shemale bar as a janitor and bathroom and toilet cleaner !!! And make me work as a diaper model and sissy model modeling diapers and sissy dresses and sissy outfits as well !!! They even got me my own gay boyfriends who pound my mouth and ass every morning , day and night until I’m crying and my mouth and ass are sore as hell and full of cum !!! And when I’m not getting buttfucked or sucking cock or cleaning toilet’s or sewing sissy outfits or listening to Taylor swift and Miley Cyrus or Madonna I’m out cleaning my ex girlfriend’s apartments and thier big dick real men’s apartments as instructed to earn my keep and more sissy attire and accessories !!! I’m constantly ashamed and humiliated and embarrassed but it’s all I’ve ever known !!! I tried to be a real man before but I just got laughed at , beat up and made fun of and I tried to have girlfriend’s before but again just got laughed at and called mean name’s and got made fun of !!! It seems my destiny is to just be a gay sissy gurl faggot maid , toilet cleaner and sissy sewing outfit maker and gay bitch sex partner for gay men and straight men and that’s all I will ever be and have ever been forever !!!😭😭😭 sincerely , tiny dick sissy diapered faggot gay bitch


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