Micro 2

By penguinsfly.

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Part 2…

• Mike •

It’s only been a few days since my encounter with Kelly. But ever since it happened, it’s all I can think about.

I sleep in nothing but my underwear, and this morning, I woke up with a small but rigid tent in my boxer briefs. Typically, I’d scroll through porn videos, find one that interests me and rub one out before school. This morning, however, my little head is eager for nothing but Kelly.

Instead of pornhub, I log into Facebook on the desktop computer in my room. With a few clicks, I’m on her profile, scrolling through her photo albums. I found one labeled ‘Summer 09’ and opened it. Kelly was younger and slightly thinner in the pictures. Her skin was tan, and her bikinis were small. She and some friends vacationed in Hawaii and evidently never wore more than bikinis the whole time. Occasionally, they covered their bikini bottoms with board shorts or Daisy Duke-style cut-off jeans, but I didn’t mind that one bit.

I clicked through the photos one at a time, looking for the one that would blow my load.

It took a second to download and then popped up on my screen all at once, making me clench my cock, lick my lips and lean in my chair.

My lust-filled eyes began to rake over the photo.

She was lying on a towel in the sand and must have been holding her phone up just beneath her chin. Her body was shimmering in tanning oil and small beads of sweat. Her tits were large and round, though perhaps a bit firmer in her early twenties. Gravity wanted to make them hang slightly towards her sides, but a black bikini held them up, creating a delicious bulge. A hot pink string was taught, holding the weight of her mounds in tension. Her stomach was slender and relaxed, with a small orange belly button ring at the center. The bikini bottoms were stretched tight around her hips. Kelly’s legs were toned, the left one bent at the knee and the right one extending on the towel towards the ocean. Her red toenail polish contrasted with the blue of the water, and at this point, my mouth was hanging open.

I shimmied out of my underwear and kicked them to the side. The fabric of my desk chair held my ass and lightly brushed against my balls. I began to stroke my little cock for Kelly circa 2009 but then stopped before giving her my load. I needed to see her face. Thankfully, the next picture was exactly what I needed.

This time, Kelly stood in front of the bathroom mirror. In a white bikini with pink flowers on it, her titties hung proudly on display. She leaned on her left hand placed upon the countertop. Holding her phone up in her right hand, she snapped a picture with an expression on her face that was basically demanding me to cum.

About to shoot my load, I realized I didn’t grab a tissue or anything to catch my mess. Beyond the point of no return, I stood fully naked at my desk, figuring I could wipe the desktop clean when I was through. I looked into her eyes as the cum burst from the tip of my cock. Before it hit the desk, I heard her voice. “Mike, let’s go! We’re running late!”

Thankfully, she remained on the other side of the door while I finished. I rushed to clean up my mess, get ready, and get out the door as quickly as I could.


• Kelly •

Mike seemed a little frazzled when I dropped him off this morning. Then again, he’s been a little jumpy ever since our fateful encounter.

I still can’t believe that happened, but oddly enough, I’m glad that it did.

After lunch, I decided to get a few things done around the house. I started with the floors because I like to be able to walk around barefoot without things sticking to my feet. Then I thought I’d get caught up on laundry. No matter how many times I tell Mike to do his clothes he never does. So, it was no surprise to walk into his room and find an overflowing hamper.

I packed his clothes down into the basket to make room for the laundry scattered around the floor. He had a shirt, a pair of jeans, and a scrunched-up pair of underwear by his desk. I couldn’t help but notice a smeared bit of pre-cum dried up on the crotch. Upon further inspection, I noticed a knocked-over box of tissues and a few of them scrunched up in the trash can. I curiously picked one up out of the trash, and sure enough, my little buddy came all over them.

I laughed and tossed it back. But then I got a little carried away. Had he been watching SPH porn again? Mischievously, I woke up on the desktop computer.

“That little fucker!” I said out loud when the screen woke up. It was a picture of me in a little white bikini back in the day. I bit my lower lip. Knowing that Mike chose this to make him cum, sort of got my engine revved up.

I grabbed the cum covered tissue out of the trash and pinched it next to the pre-cum covered boxers. Holding the pair up next to the picture of me on his desktop, I snapped a picture with my phone.


• Mike •

My phone vibrated, and I closed my locker in the hallway. It was Kelly: ‘Hey, Micro… care to explain??’

My heart stopped, and my soft dick twitched. I was about to reply when a picture came through. “Fuck!” I said out loud, causing a few people to look at me.

Not knowing what to say, I decided to keep it simple. ‘Fuck,’ I typed back. I had a raging little boner by the time I hit send. My heart raced when I saw those three little dots that meant she was typing. The next message popped up.

‘No worries, little buddy. I’m glad you had fun!’ she sent.

I sighed with relief before the next message came through.

‘I suppose it’s time to play again. See you this evening! 🦐 😉’

I did my best to hide my erection as I walked to class.


When I arrived home, I found a note taped to the front door: ‘Micro, use the back door!’

A little confused, I walked around the house to the back door, where I found a second note: ‘You gawked at me. Now I want to look at you! Couldn’t have you moon the neighbors though… that’s why you’re back here. Remove your clothes, knock on the door, and put your hands behind your back.’

I tried the handle, and it was locked. Then I heard her voice shout, “Do it, Micro!”

I glanced at the ring camera on the door and realized she was watching. “OK, OK!” I said, shaking my head.

After removing all my clothes, I knocked on the door, clasped my hands behind my back, and waited for whatever the fuck was coming next. Slowly, the door opened. She leaned on the door jam, looked me in the eyes, and smiled.

“Hello, Mike,” she said flirtatiously. Her eyes ran down my body until they fixed upon my dick. Squatting down so that her face was only inches from my dick, she playfully waved with two fingers saying, “Hi, little buddy,” as if talking to a toddler. Standing to look me in the eye once more, she said, “I meant to say, ‘Hello, Micro.’” She bit her lower lip, holding it down while she smiled. She looked down at my dick before leaning close to whisper in my ear, “Looks like someone is happy to see me!”

Between her whisper in my ear and the breeze on my naked ass, goosebumps covered my body. Kelly noticed and smirked in satisfaction.

Stepping back, she instructed me to kneel.

“What?” I asked, caught off guard.

“I mean it, Micro, get on your knees,” she said firmly.

I did as told, kneeling on the doormat. Kelly moved closer, so I had to crank my head upwards to look her in the eye. She looked down on me with authority and prowess. She was wearing yoga pants and a hot pink form-fitting t-shirt. I stared at the C cups, holding her breasts up underneath her shirt.

She quickly chirped, “Eyes up here!” Then she asked me, “What were you doing this morning, Micro?”

I began to stutter, “Um. Uh…”

“Articulate it Micro. In detail,” Kelly said.

I forced the words out in obedience. “I was jerking off to your Facebook photos.”

“More than one?”

“Yes. I scrolled through several and almost came to the one in the black bikini.”

“Why didn’t you cum?”

“Because I wanted a picture with your face when I came,” I said and started to look away.

She held my chin so that I looked directly up at her. “And where were you looking when you blew your load? My tits? My bikini bottoms?”

“I was looking into your eyes,” I said firmly.

“Like this?” she asked, maintaining eye contact.

“Like this,” I affirmed, looking into her fierce green eyes.

Her lips formed a smile. “Did your little dick get hard when I messaged you earlier?”

“Yes, I had to tuck it into my waistband at school.”

She giggled and asked, “How does that work with such a little guy? Do you have to lower your waistband a little because your dicklette can’t reach it otherwise?”

Shocked at her insight, I nodded yes.

“Most guys cocks almost make it to their belly button,” she scoffed. “Does it turn you on to be on your knees for me, Micro?”

“You know it does, Kelly.”

“Well, I think I’ll keep you on your knees for a bit then. But right now, get up and wait for me in the living room. Kneel, hands behind your back in front of the couch until I say otherwise. Yes, ma’am?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied.


Astonished that this was happening in real life, I kneeled completely naked in front of the couch. The carpet felt much better on my knees than the doormat, but they were becoming a little sore. A few minutes went by before I heard Kelly’s footsteps. I turned towards the hallway and forgot all about my sore knees when I saw her.

With long, confident strides, Kelly walked towards me in nothing but a black bra and matching black g-string. Her feet were bare, and her toenails were painted white. My eyes fixated on her bouncing tits as they jiggled each time she placed one foot in front of the other. She’s matured since the summer of 2009. Her body’s still perfectly fit but has become voluptuous and womanly. Stopping only inches from my face, she looked down at me and smiled. My mouth hung open, and I couldn’t decide where to look. I wanted to soak in every attribute of her body all at once.

“Do you like it in person?” she asked lifting her chin though still looking down at me with her eyes.

“Yes, very much!” I said, panting like a dog.

“You can look, Micro. But you can’t touch,” she said seductively. “On rare occasions, I might make small exceptions. But the privilege of freely groping a woman is reserved for men with big strong cocks. Guys with teensy weenies like you are to be kept on a very short leash. It’s only appropriate for their short little dicklettes. That’s why your hands are behind your back, understand?”

I nodded yes.

Slowly she leaned forward so that her big tits were close enough to lick. She cupped them in her hands and squeezed. “Do you want to touch these, Micro?”

“Yes!” I panted.

“Are you going to try and touch them without permission, babydick?” she asked with an evil grin.

One of her tits bumped my nose as she shook them in my face. “No, ma’am,” I said as if in a trance.

“How come, Micro?”

“Because my dick is too small.”

“Very good, Micro,” she said with puckered lips. “That’s the rule.” Slowly she turned around so that her juicy ass was in my face. Reaching back, she bounced it up and down using her hands. “How about my booty, Micro? Do you like my ass, honey?”

“Yes, ma’am!” I said with eyes wide as saucers.

“Are you just trying to suck up to me, mister? Are you just trying to kiss my ass?” Kelly taunted.

“No, ma’am. I really like it. Look how hard I am.”

“I believe you, honey. But I do expect you to kiss my ass! You are going to be wrapped around my little finger because you have a little dick the same size!”

She held her pinky finger between my face and her round butt cheeks.

“Yes, ma’am,” I panted. “I’ll do anything you say, I promise.”

Still facing away from me, she leaned forward just a little and used her hands to spread her butt cheeks apart. The floss-like g-string barely covered her. It was small enough for me to see the slightly darker skin around her sweet little asshole.

“Holy shit!” I muttered under my breath before licking my lips.

This made her giggle just a bit. “What’s the rule, Micro?”

“I can look, but I can’t touch,” I replied.

“Yes, Micro. That’s the rule. This…” she grabbed my hair in her fist and slowly pulled my face toward her ass, “…is the exception.”

She brought my lips all the way up to her butt. However, she stopped so that the final act would be one of obedience to her command.


She spoke decisively in a clear, authoritative tone. I’d never been more turned on by anything in my life. I thought I might blow my load, and I desperately wanted to eat her ass. But obediently, I pressed my lips firmly against her butt cheek.

Aggressively, she pulled my head back. “Good boy,” she said as I licked my lips like a starving man. “Once more, Micro. Kiss my ass!”

She laughed as I gave her another peck on the cheek. She turned around, sat on the couch, and crossed her legs.

“Your little dick is so cute!” she teased. “And your poor little thingy must be dying to cum, am I right?”

I nodded yes.

“Alright, little buddy,” she teased. “I’m going to count down from ten. You are allowed to start stroking when I say ten. Then, you’ll need to pace yourself as I make my way down to one. Be careful! Because I may occasionally pause and you better not spurt before I get to one. Got it?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said eagerly.

“I want you to cum precisely when I say ‘one.’ So I give you my word that once I get down to two, I’ll say one right away after that. When I say two, please let it build to the point of no return so that it will release right when you hear the final number. Are you ready?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said.

“Yes, Ms. Kelly,” she corrected.

“Yes, Ms. Kelly!” I repeated.

She stood to her feet. With a loving smile, she looked me in the eyes. My tiny dick throbbed as I knelt before such a beautiful goddess. With a wicked smirk, she looked at my dick. Her eyes became focused on it. She was aiming. Without even bending down, she slowly let spit fall from her lips. With a splat, her saliva covered my little erection. The sensation was electric. It was erotic to have her moisture on my cock.

“Ten. Nine…” her voice snapped me out of my daze.

My shoulders ached as I brought my hand from behind my back to eagerly stroking my dick. It was good that I didn’t start stroking until eight. Because I almost blew it by the time she got to five.

“STOP,” she said sternly. I was expecting to hear the number four, but she could tell I was going to cum. “You almost lost control, you little bitch!” she smiled playfully, and it felt good to be put in my place.

I chuckled and raised my hands in the air like an officer told me to put my hands up.

“What?” Kelly asked quizzically.

“How did you know I had something to say?” I asked as I regained my composure.

“I know you really well, little buddy,” she playfully responded.

“I just wanted to say thank you. I really like it when you do this. I liked when you called me a little bitch.”

Kelly smiled lovingly. “Well, do you think you can make it to one, you little bitch?”

“Yes, Ms. Kelly.”

She spat on my dick once more and began to count. “Then, 5. 4. 3……”

Thankfully, I remembered her instructions not to jump the gun before two. Patiently, I stroked just slowly enough to hold my load. After several seconds that seemed like glorious, torturous hours, she continued.


At the sound of two, I let it build.

Just like she promised, she released my balls with a pronounced, “ONE! Cum for me, Micro, yes!”

I shot my load all over the floor.

“Mmm, yes! Did that feel good, honey?”

“Yes, it did! Thank you,” I said, exhausted and satisfied.

“Good!” she exclaimed. “Stand up! Your legs must be killing you!” She laughed as I rose to my feet. “You still good? I’m well aware of the whole ‘post-nut clarity’ thing, so I just wanna check in,” she said with her hand on my chest.

“Thanks, Kelly. I’m more than good!” I smiled.

She gave me a naughty look. “Good!” Her eyes drifting down to my dick. Even though I came, it was still completely hard. “Oh, to be eighteen again,” she teased.

I looked at it with her and noticed one last bit of cum dangling from the tip.

“Listen,” she said, making eye contact. “I can’t believe I’m telling you this…but I need to go masturbate!”

She chuckled, but I could tell she was serious. My heart raced as she spoke.

“I’m sure you’d like to watch. So I tell you what…beat me to my room, stand in my closet, and crack the door to watch. Don’t make a sound. You’re not allowed to jerk off in there, and you better never tell a soul! Got it?”

Before I could answer, she swiped the cum off the tip of my dick and licked it off her fingers! She swallowed it down and started walking toward her room.

Dumbfounded, I stood there naked, stupidly staring at her ass sway as she walked.

“I said beat me there, Micro!” Kelly called out.

My little dick bounced as I sprinted past her perfect body, got into her closet, and cracked the sliding door to view her bed. She didn’t dim the lights. And like a good little bitch I resisted the urge to stroke my cock when she climbed into bed. She knew I was watching but didn’t acknowledge my presence. However, she laid at the necessary angle I needed to be able to see between her legs.

Her dark hair was in a ponytail, and one strand fell beside her cheek. Her breasts were accentuated by the lacey black bra that cradled them, and her toes curled just a bit when she spread her legs out wide and began to rub the small fabric that covered her clit. A simple metallic belly button ring replaced the orange one from the Facebook picture, and it caught my eye as her back arched in pleasure. She didn’t cum, but she seemed to be getting close.

Kelly closed her legs and hooked her g-string with both thumbs. Lifting both legs together in the air, she removed her floss-like underwear. Because her legs were closed, I couldn’t quite see her pussy. But her bare ass and legs took my breath away from this angle. She paused to make me wait for it. Without a word, she communicated how lucky I was to lay my eyes upon her sex. Guys as small as me have no business in the presence of such a holy grail.

Then slowly, she spread her legs wide open to reveal a perfectly waxed, smooth little pussy. Her womanly lips glistened with arousal, and my little dick twitched at the sight. She sensually reached for it. Those were the first female fingers to touch my naked body when she grazed my dick. Now the same fingers thrust in and out of her wet little pussy. As if she could read my mind, she sucked them into her mouth just like she did a few moments earlier with my cum.

I wondered what she tasted like. Without even thinking about it, I swiped a drop of pre-cum from my tip and sucked it into my mouth. When Kelly’s hand went back down, it headed straight for her clit. She worked it faster and faster until her body began to shake. She threw her head back into her pillow, and her soft hums turned into loud, high-pitched raspy moans.

I’d never been more captivated than I was at this moment. Kelly’s climax was the highlight of my life up to this point. She squeezed her legs together and allowed her body to come down from the mountaintop. When she climbed out of bed, she went out of view. I listened as she went to her dresser and picked out some clothes.

Suddenly, she opened the closet and giggled at the sight of me. Now, in a white t-shirt and yoga pants, she dangled the black g-string in front of my face.

“It’s OK,” she teased, pinching my nipple. “Go ahead. You can smell it.”

I inhaled deeply as I took in her aroma.

“Do you need to make another mess?” she asked in a baby voice.

When I nodded yes, she stuffed her soaking underwear in my mouth. The salty taste was heavenly.

“Make it quick,” she said, permitting me to cum.

I vigorously worked my dick, and she smiled as she watched. She held a folded paper towel in her hand under the tip of my dicklet.

“Come on!” she instructed. “Cum in my hand, baby.”

Her encouragement sent me over the edge, and I shot a much smaller second load of the evening into her hand. She closed the paper towel over my cock and cleaned the little load completely.

“Feel better?” she laughed.

“Yeah! Holy shit,” I laughed back.

“I figured you wouldn’t be able to function this evening if I didn’t let you cum one more time. Get dressed, Mike!”

She booped my nose with her pointer finger and let me out of the closet.

Just like that, I was Mike again. But Im already eager to see what might happen the next time she turns me into ‘Micro.’


To Be Coninued…?


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