Tiny Secret Exposed

By Tommy Annan

At 41, Billy Nelson was the kind of man that everybody admired. As the founder of one of the nation’s largest Internet/tech companies, Billy was frequently pictured on the cover of industry magazines and was admired throughout the world as someone who was a visionary and wealth creator.

But Billy was also hated. Like most intense creators, he had managed to piss off, fire, and treat a lot of people very badly. He was haughty. He was dictatorial. And no one was ever right but Billy. He was notorious for having berated and yelled at underlings during business meetings. He had fired people in front of their peers ruthlessly. And he rarely missed a chance to embarrass and expose people who were unprepared.

In one instance he had even viciously mocked one of his managers from the stage in front of an 800 person business conference.

On the personal side, Billy was single and lived in Silicon Valley – though he was rarely photographed with any romantic liaisons. Most people assumed that he could have his pick of anyone that he wanted. But they also assumed that he was married to his business.

Billy was also extremely good-looking. Clearly, by anyone’s measure – he had hit the genetic lottery. 6 feet four, broad-shouldered and dark-haired, he was good looking beyond words. Billy had it all – or so it seemed. But Billy had one small secret… a secret that he had been hiding since he was 18. And that was never going to happen again. He would never forget the nightmare of being forced to strip naked during his college fraternity pledge ‘hell week.’ There, blindfolded, naked, and bullied, he was forced to expose his most shameful secret. Literally, he was made to spread his legs while riding a child’s toy around the fraternity chapter room. His brothers couldn’t believe what they were seeing; an 18-year-old Adonis with a micro dick.

You see, Billy suffered from a syndrome called micro-penis. His penis was just 1.25 inches long flaccid and just under 4 inches erect. Worst of all, even when fully erect, it was thin, cut, and powerless looking. His balls were equally tiny – the size of grapes – and he only had a few thin pubic hairs.
It was anything but manly.

And no matter how rich or how powerful Billy was to become, there was nothing that could be done to give him a normal man’s penis, much less a penis commensurate with his size and stature. And that ‘hell week’ experience haunted Billy for years. Exposed before 110 of his fraternity brothers, he was penis shamed cruelly, and the jokes and sly references continued during all four college years. Even after he was elected fraternity president, his fraternity brothers would drop little shame bombs on him just to let him know who the real men were. And of course, other people on campus learned of it. It was a terrible thing not to know who else might know beyond his fraternity brothers. And more than once, it was brought up unexpectedly to him as a joke or to shame him – even by some of the women in his circle. And though Billy dated during college, he never once took his underwear off again in front of anyone.

After that incident, Billy spent his entire college career and even his life compensating by accomplishing and creating. He also spent years working out in the gym to build a muscled and envied body that would belie his little secret.

All the while, as an adult, he lived in fear that the more famous and well-known he became, the harder it would be to ever be intimate with anyone. He knew he would never be able to expose his tiny manhood to any partner. And though he tried not to think about it, rarely did a day pass when he didn’t worry about exposure…

He had spent a lifetime hiding his penis. Never did he urinate at a public urinal. Never did he shower in communal showers. And never did he take his clothes off in front of another man or woman. He even had an executive washroom installed in his corporate office to avoid detection. Most of all, Billy had become too important, had too much ego, and was far too prepossessed to ever show his penis to another man, though that’s what he wanted to do most. Because if there’s one thing he knew, it’s that the gay world would treat him with scorn and belittlement if they ever learned of his acorn-sized endowment. And so, he never took his zipper down, not for anyone.

But somehow Billy always knew the day would come when his secret would be exposed.

Even worse, he knew that the more he worried about it, the more likely he was going to create a situation where that might happen. After all, he knew that we always get what we think about most. He tried hard not to think about it.

Sure enough, that day would come. It was high Summer, and Billy was invited to be the keynote speaker at a benefit at the exclusive High Valley Country Club where Silicon Valley enclaves. The annual event would start with a poolside party for members and lead into the dinner/ barbecue, which was a ticketed event for non-members. Drinks would be served, and most of the club’s member families would come and enjoy the afternoon activities before dining. Billy arrived early to be with friends and long-time members poolside. He was wearing baggy swim trunks but was shirtless – showing off his chiseled body. After all, it was the club’s largest event of the year, and he was being honored.

The pool area was crowded that afternoon. Every seat was taken, there were long lines at the grill, and on top of everything else, teenagers were horsing around and generally having a great time. But their roughhousing got under Billy’s skin, and at one point he scolded some of the teens … insisting that they calm down and behave. Boys being boys, they promptly ignored Billy’s attempts at the disciple, and they got louder and louder while running through the pool deck – even knocking a woman over. Accustomed to being in charge, Billy took three of the boys aside and harshly threatened to report and eject them.

It was soon after that that he headed into the poolside locker room. Opening one of the stalls, he went in and sat down. (Yes, even CEO’s take a dump.)

But Billy had pressed his luck with these teens … and one of them had seen Billy go into the stall. The boy, 14 and a born troublemaker – couldn’t help but observe under the stall door that Billy‘s swimsuit was wrapped around his ankles on the floor. Sensing a prime opportunity for payback -and wasting no time -he ran, and body slammed the stall door just to give Billy a scare, but unexpectedly, the door burst open slamming the inside of the stall wall! Stunned and totally exposed and caught off guard, Billy bolted up off the seat to close the door, but it was then that the damage was done.

The boy’s eyes were locked on Billy‘s tiny baby-sized penis, and the teen burst out laughing, choking out the words, “Ha! Look at that pin dick, some tough guy!”

Three men at the sinks glanced in the stall to see what the commotion was – only to see Billy Nelson half-naked. Of all people! Billy scrambled to cover his teeny member – but it was too late. It had all happened so fast! The teen made a hasty exit and Billy, horrified, finished his business and then made a sheepish exit back to his group at the pool. He was visibly upset.

Billy calmed himself by thinking that the boy was only a teenager and would probably think nothing more of it – or at least that’s what he hoped. Trying to shake off the incident, he decided it might be best to go over to the bar for a drink.

But the teens were not finished with Billy. They had their target just where they wanted him!

As Billy was approaching the pool bar, two young executive types stepped up to visit with him. They were looking for advice and possible business opportunities. Billy was used to this, and he enjoyed the attention.

That’s when all hell broke loose.

Two of the scolded teens rushed up from the rear and like lightning – pantsed Billy from behind.

Down to his ankles went his swim trunks. He let out a high-pitched scream, and because the trunks were around his ankles, he lost his balance swaying back and forth, and then he finally fell down sideways trying to get his suit up.

It was then that his 41 years old pre-pubescent and all but hairless pink boy-cock went on display for God and everyone to witness. He could feel their eyes locked on his exposed penis. There was a hushed silence throughout the pool deck. At that moment, time stood still for Billy. And though the whole matter only lasted for a few short seconds before he was able to again cover himself with his swimsuit, the irreparable and shocking harm to his superman reputation had been done. The entire club – including his business associates and even his most fierce competitors – and their wives and children – had glimpsed his incredibly small cut manhood – manhood that appeared that much smaller against his tall, muscled body. It was all so surprisingly out of proportion.

His face burned red. The shame and humiliation of such a public exposure for a man of his stature were overwhelming. He was mortified and was close to tears.

There was some snickering and whispering around the pool area, and people quickly turned away from him. Even the two men who had been standing with him rushed aside – as they knew they would never be able to speak with him again having been so close during this humiliating and painful incident.

For Billy, there was nowhere to hide — and worse – he was the featured speaker at the dinner.

He couldn’t take it. He all but ran into the locker room to throw up.

He went into the same stall where he had been exposed earlier and closed the door. He didn’t come out of that stall for over 40 minutes, but during that time he heard plenty of conversation in the restroom about his ‘little situation.’

People were merciless. One man called him, “Mr. Tiny Meat.”

Another said, “Who would’ve imagined his Little Billy Willy?”

One of the men was heard to say that Billy would be the most humiliated man in America when the tabloids got a hold of the story of his tiny meat, which they inevitably would.

But the most chilling thing Billy heard was that a photo had been snapped. Apparently one of the teens who was involved in the prank was standing ready with his phone to take a picture when the incident went down. And then, just before Billy came out of the stall, he heard someone say that the picture had already been texted to the teen’s friends.

Billy desperately wanted to go home and hide. Tears were welling up in his eyes. But there was only one thing for Billy to do and he knew it. He had to man up and face things as they were. He had to show them who he really was and that his penis was not who he is. And after all, isn’t that what every man with a small penis is most concerned about; that he will be summed up with just that one description; that the measure of his manhood and his whole life will be entirely defined by his tiny penis and only his tiny penis?

And man-up he did! The positive redeeming thoughts came to Billy quickly… And if he had to become the poster child for the big executive with the small penis, then that’s what he would have to do. And that’s what he did. But one thing he never did again was put anybody else down – at least not publicly. After all, Billy had a ‘small’ sense of what that felt like.

In the end, this incident turned out to be the best thing that had ever happened to Billy. He was able to find a partner, and though it was difficult to reveal himself, he found a partner who accepted him in total. A partner who understood that the humiliation Billy had experienced in his life could actually become a huge sexual turn-on for both of them. In the end, Billy spent a lot of time thinking about that one moment of his life when his one-inch flaccid penis was exposed to so many. There is always a time – a short moment -in every man’s life when they can look back and say that was the time when they were most sexually aroused.

And that was Billy’s time. And for a thousand and one jerk-off sessions later, Billy re-enacted that moment, where his shockingly teeny-tiny penis was exposed for the whole world to see.

The End.


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