Milking He-Girl Breasts (Gay/Sissy SPH)

By spitzharder

The morning sun burst into our bedroom, it’s golden fingers caressing the pink frilly sheets and the face of Fliss. Felicity, as she was named, was a he-girl like me. The sun lit up her soft, girly features as I lent in to kiss her awake. Her long eye lashes fluttered and dark brown eyes gazed into mine,

“Morning Missy,” she said. my name is Mystique but Mom always called me Missy and the other he-girls do the same. I went over to Priss’ bed, Pricilla was just waking and I had to wait for her to stop yawning before I kissed her,

“Good morning gorgeous,” I said. She was truly lovely, a slim but full-breasted he-girl with a quiet nature not like Fliss and me, we’re the wild ones. Priss held my arm and puckered for another kiss, I happily obliged and would stay kissing her all day but I needed to pee. Fliss got out of bed as I approached, wearing a diaphanous blue nightie, the hem rode above the two dimples above her bum. Swooping low as I passed I kissed those sweet hollows, she arched her back pushing her cute bum out to me. Dropping to my knees I pulled down her frilly panties and planted a wet kiss on each rounded cheek. She squealed and ran awkwardly for the shower, her panties limiting her pace. Just as I arose, Priss clasped her arms around me and gently felt my breasts, teasing my nipples and making them begin to stand out, ready for more. I said,

“I need to pee, Priss,” she followed me to the bathroom.

I drew down my panties, turned, and sat to pee. She watched as I leaned forward, my tiny little dick barely seemed to protrude from a cleft in my belly. If allowed to point forward it would splash against the edge of the seat, I needed to angle my hips down as I peed. We changed places and she sat up straight, I was envious, her dick almost hung down. Priss was the biggest of us all at just over an inch, I watched it lift slightly as she peed. Her balls like the rest of us were almost nonexistent, the Oestrogen hormones we had been taking had seen to that. Our moms had taken us to a gender dysphoria specialist who gave us some tests and prescribed several hormones. The biggest consolation was the breasts we all had, although even there Priss came off best, having larger breasts than us two. I heard Fliss in the shower next door and turned on the bathroom one, slipping off my pink nightie and panties.

“Wash my back for me, please Priss.”

Always one to oblige she stood and slipped her long nightdress from each shoulder letting it fall in folds at her feet. With the innate grace of a ballerina she stepped out of it, feet pointed daintily. I put shower gel on a sponge and take it from me, she smoothly washed my shoulders and then down my back. We three are much softer and curvier than before, puberty was sculpting our bodies, into ultra-feminine ones. Priss had reached my ass and I loved the way the sponge slid smoothly across those full globes, her hand though, rested on the small of my back. Gradually as she sponged, her thumb slid lower, down the crease of my ass to touch lightly on my ring. She’s a little tease and barely tapped a finger to me before moving on, washing the dimple that held my minuscule dick and on down my legs. I didn’t realize my ‘back’ went that far, carried away as usual she arose to wash the front of me as well. These days my flat belly and full, firm breasts were something I was proud of, although to be fair it was all down to my Mom, who asked the specialist to give me hormones. My thoughts were pushed aside, as was my body, as Priss leaped in beside me.

“Do me,” cried Priss, my mind spun wildly, if only I could, I thought.

My Mom made few rules but we were never to have sexual encounters without her supervision. Relaxed in our love and respect for each other, we obeyed, because she taught us to love wholeheartedly and to have patience. We loved her so much that we didn’t like to disobey.

Born with such a tiny penis, the kindly midwife suggested I be brought up as a girl. My Mom concurred, so my life as a girl began from the moment I was born. She was able to legally register me as a girl because in that area the midwife would confirm the weight and gender of newborns. My Mom was a school teacher and around the time I should start lower school she advertised for other pupils to school at her home. Carefully worded messages to other moms who had he-girls like me brought some forward but only Priss and Fliss had extremely small dicks and had been brought up from babyhood as girls. As the other moms lived quite a distance away they agreed to Fliss and Priss to live in. They helped to pay costs and visited regularly, enjoying our company as much as we all loved them. Our schooling centered around English, math,s and the sciences. But finance, cookery, and humanities all featured at times. Our childhood was spent together and puberty saw us start to fill out in all the right girly places and although sequestered at home, we didn’t see ourselves as any different from other girls.

Mom always did yoga exercises with us, it was a surprise how much discipline and strength was required to hold the graceful poses. It gave us core strength and was very good for toning our bodies. We girls wore less and less restrictive clothes and ended up exercising naked, it felt freer somehow and we were proud of our bodies. We took up acrobatic balancing simply because we saw it on T.V. and liked it, we did that naked because it was easier. I would sit on the floor Priss would stand on my knees holding my hands and leaning back. Her little dick was at my eye level but as unattainable by distance as much as the discipline of our home rules. She pulled and I arose to a bent-knee position, Fliss stood on my thighs with her hands on my shoulders, then walked back along Priss’s arms to arch over us with her feet on Priss’s shoulders. I delighted in seeing Fliss’ small, budding breasts in front of my face but Priss had the best view as Fliss stood bent over on my thighs, revealing her pretty rosebud. Needless to say, we changed places and positions, flaunting aspects of our naked bodies.

Fliss was the last of us to have a birthday, now we were all 18, prepared to finish our studies and find a job. I was freshly showered and dressed in my school uniform of bra, white blouse, short red chequered skirt, and white thong panties, I set breakfast. Reaching up I felt a slight draught on the tops of my legs as the skirt rode up, my thong would be on display but that was O.K. Everyone had been used to seeing each other naked at various times, it was just natural. Putting the cereal bowls and glasses in place around the table, I went to fetch the cutlery. Fliss had gone to wake my Mom with a kiss, I knew Mom liked the ritual of waking to a young he-girl and it made a change from me waking her for so many years. Priss and Fliss took a seat and we all waited for Mom to come down. She was wearing a nightgown with an in-built padded area. The size of her breasts would normally make padding superfluous but it was damp. We all stood behind her as she sat, Priss in the middle Fliss and I on each side of her holding a glass jug with a flared top. We put our elbow into the top and turned the jug slowly, warming the rim.

Priss undid the ties on the shoulders of Mom’s nightdress and the milk-dampened padding slumped down her big breasts, making them joggle. Milk appeared at each nipple, Fliss and I put the jugs under them and pressed upward. Milk spurted into the jugs, we caressed and massaged her, milking her as we always did before schooling. When we could coax no more we placed the warm milk on the table and tenderly wiped Mom dry, drawing a favorite comforter about her. Various cereal was tipped into the bowls and covered with Mom’s milk. A glass of milk was poured for us all and we girls took our hormones. Mom’s milk was creamy and much tastier than any other milk. We all liked to get as much as we could, if we were really good during the day we were rewarded by suckling on her breasts to get the delicious, warm milk directly from her.

Mom also needed to be milked each evening, we took turns to help her. It was a pleasure we never tired of and it brought us all closer together. It was as we took turns to milk her, she taught us to masturbate. She could practice on the girl pressing her breasts and taught the others by example. Open-minded and tolerant, she explained we should place our hand flat on our lower tummy, open a gap between our first middle finger and allow our dick or clitty to poke through. A circular motion produced a pleasant feeling and we embraced it, and her. When one evening she decided we were proficient at it, we were told to practice on one another. We were all excited, it was a very different feeling when some else brought you off, although we found it we could not generally do it straight away again afterward as girls could. That was just one more practical lesson for us and it was some while before we had further instruction in sex. Mom asked us to use the toilet for a poo each lunchtime and to help us get into the routine she sometimes administered an enema to flush out our waste. Colonic irrigation was used to flush us for hygienic reasons, we quite liked the warm water swirling within us. Her motto was ‘a clean rectum is one ready to receive pleasure.’

She left it until late one afternoon before producing some bulbous rubber things with a small handle at one end and a blunt point at the other. We were told to take off our panties and skirt, lay on our side, and bring our knees up to our breasts. She gave us each a rubber plug and a pot of Vaseline, instructing us to dip just the pointed end in the pot. We were to press the point to the sensitive anal sphincter, or ‘ring’ as it’s known.

“Do not press in at this time,” she instructed. At first, I was sliding it around trying to locate the small, tight aperture by feel from a rubber point that was quite unresponsive.

“Draw the point up and down until it ‘settles’ at your anus.”

By now my ass crease was covered in Vaseline and took a while to be sure it was in the correct position.

“Press lightly and feel the pressure on your anus.”

I could feel it.

“Relax and open your ass as if about to have a dump.”

Easier said than done, I was struggling for a while, until all of a sudden, the pressure of the plug and my sphincter opening coincided. The blunt nose was just within the tight ring of muscle. Fliss said she couldn’t do it, Priss confirmed she too had trouble. Mom stood behind me and called the other two over,

“Missy has managed it, look.”

They knelt, admiring my efforts, I pushed it in slightly, worried the tapered end would slip out before they could see my triumph. Prissy took hold of the plug and eased it out, re-greasing it, she returned it gently into my bum. They gasped as I opened up to receive it, saying how clever I was. Mom and I helped them to eventually achieve their goal. We didn’t progress beyond that for our first try. Mom said we had years ahead of us to perfect such things and, at a later lesson, we all managed to push the rubber plugs up inside us without too much discomfort. We were told how careful we must be not to injure our delicate rectal lining, it was easier to feel on ourselves but at times we may be applying the plug to one another, so care was uppermost in our minds. We often used these rather than to masturbate, with the right manipulation we could soon get ourselves off, our tiny, flaccid, dicks dripping cum. Again it was much better when another person brought you off, so we all took turns to give each other orgasms. Although learned in the classroom under instruction, it was generally practiced at night on the living room floor, always under Mom’s watchful eye. At 38 she was still a very beautiful woman, with curves in all the right places she could pass for a model quite easily. She was looked upon as Mom by all of us, not an aloof teacher figure, we also felt sorry for her lack of sexual contact.

We all knew how she was raped by a guy pretending to attend her college, he knew some of her tutor’s names and had gained her confidence. Asking her to help him move a few things, they shifted some and as they stood in the van, he asked her to pick up a heavy wooden box. Specifically, to slip her hands through the rope ‘handles’ on each side to hold the bottom as it could give way. As she bent and lifted, he pulled the free ends of the rope ‘handles’ and trapped her wrists. She was stood with the weight lashed to her, uncomprehending. He tied off the free ends and slipped nylon ties over the ropes, tightly securing each wrist. She was gagged, her ankles pulled out to each side and tied near the ends of a wooden plank. Her attacker bent her over the wooden box and raped her, there in the back of the van. Unable to move much or scream she surrendered to the inevitable. Running it all through her mind afterward, she was glad at least, he didn’t otherwise hurt her and it was ‘vaginal sex’. She was worried because he had cum inside her, without using a condom, although tests were soon confirmed she hadn’t contracted any sexually transmitted disease but later on, she had me. I think it was my lack of a real male organ that prompted her to keep me, I wouldn’t be raping anyone, ever.

Our lives went on, as usual, schooling and housework generally. One day Fliss was cleaning the shower tray after using it, I walked past the door to see her with her legs apart, bending down still naked, reaching into the furthest corner. Her little rosebud pouted at me, what could I do, I kissed it. She tensed at first but then quivered, her legs trembled as I kissed my way around each cheek, a final kiss to the cute pucker and I was out of there, Mom would be livid if she found out. It wasn’t often we touched each other but playful circumstances were sometimes too much to ignore, I was bent over Mom’s bathtub cleaning it when Priss pulled down my panties. Extending one finger she put it in her mouth and sucked it, then popped it up my ass hole. I shivered with delight and almost neglected to pull my panties up as she ran off and I chased her.

One day Mom brought home proper butt plugs, these were to teach our ass to resume its normal tightly closed state after using the rubber dildos. A further class was required, not for the insertion, which we were practiced at but for the removal. The blunt tapered end was not a problem, the wide middle portion was enough to stretch us until tears formed but the surprisingly narrow part ended abruptly with an oval plate, drilled centrally and threaded. Once in, the butt plug could not be removed, a threaded rod needed to be screwed into it to pull the invader back out. Mom kept the rod on a thin chain around her neck. Fliss did try to get a purchase on the thin plate of hers, we watched as she used her fingernails to dislodge it in combination with an attempt at a strong bowel movement. The result was a loud fart and the butt plug stayed in, we all laughed and forgot the idea of trying to remove it.

Although we were all very feminine, Priss was still bigger busted than Fliss or me. Our asses were firm, high and round, legs long and sleek and face soft and beautiful, were taught how to apply makeup. Mom had been expressing less milk recently and now could barely fill our morning glasses. We discussed it and she went online to seek alternatives. In the end, we girls decided we should take ‘Stimulac’ pills with our breakfast as well as the hormones. Two weeks later when I awoke, the duvet brushed over my nipples, the resultant tingling proved they were very sensitive. My breasts were actually quite sore and heavy which was a new feeling for me. Fliss leaned over me to kiss me awake, her breasts hung low, stretching the neck of her nightie, I could see her areolae were large, her nipples bigger. As I showered my breasts sort of got in the way, perhaps they always had but the soreness made it more apparent. I walked downstairs with my blouse undone to show Mom. Fliss and Priss were wearing their school blouses but the buttons were straining to close, showing most of their cleavage.

“Soon you’ll all be producing milk,” said Mom.

It was true, we were soon going to be lactating. Mom suggested we rub lanolin into our skin as our breasts got larger, we didn’t want stretch marks. Priss came to my bedside a few nights later, squeezing each breast, she oozed a waxy, milky substance from her nipples. She was in milk. Soon both Fliss and I were in milk too, although at this early stage there was little to show from any of us, we were used to Mom’s plentiful supply. It excited us at breakfast to try to express each other’s milk into our glass, Mom had to top up our meager dribbles. Within a week we were producing better quantities of milk per girl but still short of Mom’s previous supply. It always seemed tastier to drink another girl’s milk than my own but it’s all creamy and delicious. Now when I’m awoken in the morning I try to get a quick suck as one of them bends over me, they of course did the same to me when I woke them. It was against house rules and therefore naughty but nice.

We wear our butt plugs every day and only get an enema if we can’t go to the toilet when required. A colonic flush is still used anyway. We generally pass the evening masturbating each other. We now catch each other’s cum to drink when we ourselves are on the brink. I recently came with Priss’ hand fucking me with a dildo and drinking a mixture of both her and Fliss’ cum. As I was the last one to climax Fliss laid under me open-mouthed to drink as it fell from my clitty. Mom oversees our sexual liaisons and we often feel sorry for her, Fliss and Priss love her as much as I do and we take turns to masturbate her. Often she can cum four times in succession, we can only manage twice and not always that, though it doesn’t stop us from trying.

When we get new, pretty clothes Mom always emails pictures to the girl’s moms. Sometimes they would visit and bring accessories they felt would suit us. I had a metallic-looking corset, it sat inside the waistband of my panties and propped up my bust making it look even bigger. However, the weight of it with my breasts in milk tended to make it slip down. Priss’ Mom gave me a thick chain collar and two thin adjustable chains to hook to each side of the corset. I kissed her, thanking her for a practical and pretty gift. Since then I’ve had a penchant for chains, Mom bought me a whole set for Christmas to ‘dress’ me in wide chains from neck to feet. The others helped put them on before even opening their own presents, they are such sweet darlings.

I loved the tight restraint and the deep impressions the tight chains made in my skin. Priss had always loved velvet and Mom had bought her a risqué velvet bra and briefs together with velvet thigh boots. The whole lot was crisscrossed with thin velvet straps, pulling the briefs taut over her ass, exposing the full curves. Fliss had always liked lace, her gift was a black lacy layered bra, similar briefs, and lacy stockings. The whole lot was practically see-through. Mom took photos of us all and sent them to the other Moms, we loved posing, especially together, some shots would probably upset the more puritanical.

Fliss’s mom put photos of us on the internet. The web page showed us in all sorts of poses but even the tiniest panties couldn’t reveal much. The online following she got was amazing because although some poses were, say, of me kissing Fliss’ bum, there was of course no penetration shots. Apparently, one of me in naked in my chains, with Priss and Fliss also naked, and pulling the chains out to each side was a great hit. My taut belly had put on little weight since I started lactating, the chains dug in deeply, harshly. My breasts were big and the chains dug into them deforming the conical shape and pulling them cruelly apart.

My modesty was easily covered by Priss’ left hand pulling the chain where my dick and balls should have been, her lifted left leg shielded her pubic area. The small area of Fliss’ sex was obscured by the fingers of my outstretched hand, Mom was a really good photographer. That was one of the most risqué shots we had done, we agreed to show our tits and asses but that was where we drew the line. She took some photos of our naked acrobatic sessions, again, just the hint of an ass crease, or a shadow where our sex should be, was the tantalizing limit of our posing.

A new item was introduced to our lessons, a ‘life like’ cock. Far bigger than anything we’ve ever seen, it gave us food for thought. All our moms had kept us away from a world of pain and teasing by stopping us from going to a neighborhood school. We were resigned to our small clittys and got more orgasms from using our ass than from any clitty stimulation but knew from videos that guys were cock orientated. Would we always be loving together or would we have to give ourselves to men? I must admit I’d rather pleasure a woman with my mouth than a man but then I had never pleasured a man.

The classroom cocks came in pink or black, there were four of each, I remember we all chose pink – our favorite color. At the end of two months, we were all sucking on black cocks even though they were the same length and girth as the pink ones. Unlike the rubber plugs, these were more pliable, although seemingly solid through the center, the outside was relatively soft, the foreskin retracted and the eye could be enlarged by a probing tongue. We practiced on the cocks each day, learning how to lick and kiss the shaft and balls, how to run a tongue around the groove of the glans, and of course how to wank them sensuously.

Mom reckoned we were ready for a more advanced stage, she unscrewed the base of each and pumped in a fluid. Apparently, as we wanked the cock, so the fluid would coagulate, at the same time, a spring would tighten. The spring tension was adjustable so they weren’t all the same, I sucked and wanked the cock I grasped for ages before the spring-activated and the cock shot thick ‘cum’ into my mouth. The taste was similar to the one I recognized, so it was quite realistic. One day we had passed all the various cock masturbation techniques. Mom re-filled the cocks and suggested we try these softer cocks on ourselves.

As a class, we took off our panties, hoisted up our skirts, and laid on the floor on our side. We had done this so often, a small amount of Vaseline was all that was needed to ease the new ass fucker inside. It took some skill to keep it ‘hard,’ unlike the solid rubber plugs, which tried to bend in the middle. Once inside me, mine tended to flop to one side, it took some maneuvering to get it all the way in and comfortable. There was a threaded hole in the end, just like our butt plug.

We had to walk into the next room, keeping the cocks nestled in our asses to fetch an electric motor each. Setting it down I noticed the drive wheel to one side, drilled near its circumference. A crank would screw through the hole, to continue through a guide loop and its free end was threaded. The thread size would screw into the silicone cock in my ass. Kneeling in front of the machine I screwed in the rod and Mom fixed the operating crank into the motor wheel.

When we were all set to switch on, Mom explained we must get comfortable and ease the rod to and fro by hand. When we were sure all was smooth, start the machine and stay in position to be fucked until we cum. It was with some trepidation that I started the machine, it jerked the cock back, then forward, then back again repeatedly. I adjusted my stance and accepted this mindless beast. The fucking was steady for a while, then I noticed an increase in both speed and penetration.

Not so mindless after all, how it determined the increases I couldn’t guess. Fliss was in front of me, I watched as the motor drove the cock into her, she was the first to cum. Moaning and sighing she seemed to have a terrific orgasm. I was next, the speed had become matched to my frenetic desire to climax, it thrust in and out of me like a mad thing. Suddenly it shot its load deep inside me, the feeling of its spurting was just wonderful, taking me over the edge, I fountained cum across the floor, Mom just had time to turn off Fliss’ machine, to then switch off mine.

Priss took a while longer, her ass seemed to be driving the machine rather than the other way round but suddenly she stopped, her bum quivering, as the machine must have shot its load. I eased off my ‘cock’ as her scream of ecstasy sounded and she too shot a big pool of cum beneath her, I moved to lick it up, as, from the corner of my eye, I saw Fliss lick up mine. Priss fell forward off her ‘cock’, and, spread-eagled pushed her tongue forward into the cum left by Fliss.

Now we are more sexually active, we lubricate our ass with an oil having a chemical taste of lemon. Further tuition had us laying behind a partner and coaxing their ass hole to open using tongue or fingers. We all laid in a line curled on our side with our knees drawn up, Priss was the last of us three, so Mom laid behind her. I had Fliss’ ass to cajole first, laying with my head to her ass crease still excites me. I’m lucky my nose isn’t that long, with her cheeks wide open, I was able to plant a kiss on her tight sphincter. A few seconds later my tongue was probing at her, begging for entry.

I could feel her trying to open, her ring twitched and I tried to force my tongue in but that probably scared her. I slipped one hand above her ass and pushed my thumb down to rest at the top of her ring whilst I licked at it and coated my thumb. With still no movement from her, I pressed my thumb into her ass hole, a bit of pressure and the slippery digit slid right in.

Hooking it upwards I managed to get enough room to slip in my tongue beneath it. More pressure from the thumb gave my tongue room to get in further, tasting my way into the very center of her sexual being. Her ass tightened around my linguistic efforts, it’s amazing how much pressure that ring of muscle can exert. Fliss concentrated on relaxing and with a pout her ass hole opened. My whole tongue could then lap inside her, my lips flat against her, my nose squashed painfully. I managed to get several fingers in her and could slide them to and fro, it didn’t take very long to have her teetering on the brink of an orgasm. I continued, she trembled, a quivering bundle of nerves mostly centered around her anus. A few more strokes and her whole body was cramping and jerking as I brought her off. By that time my mouth was sucking on a tiny clitty that leaked her essence of love for me.

Priss was no slouch in kissing and licking at me, the feeling really lovely as she darted her tongue in and out of me. I tried to relax but she didn’t seem to make much headway, exercising my rectal muscles I felt I was about to open up. Suddenly I felt a small cold spot, it was the tip of her tongue, it wiggled delightfully, I tried to keep my sphincter relaxed. Suddenly, a wet invasion took place, her tongue was truly inside me. Oh, how gorgeous, I could feel her breath up my ass, her tongue-twisting here and there, the stimulation was terrific.

Somehow the licking and sucking were relaxing me so much further, I felt a finger – no two, push up inside me, coaxing my ass to widen. It felt very strange, Priss was panting, it seems she was as turned on as I. Using the fingers of both hands she eased my ass hole open wider, how many she was using I don’t know, the feeling was just wonderful as they pulled me apart. Fingers gliding in and out, she was hitting the right spot for me.

Tingles accompanied her rectal massage, she spat on them and they suddenly seemed to grow fatter, perhaps another had joined in the masturbation of my ass. I was soaring now. Fliss had got up after her climax and was watching Priss’ whole hand drive in and out of me, I was desperately pushing back as she pulled out. My whole body wanted the sensation she was providing, my legs were wide open as my as hole must be, I wanted an elephant’s cock up me. She pulled back gently, her hand almost out, I cried out for more. As she pushed back in, the effect was bigger, fatter, more satisfying.

I saw Fliss’ body going to and fro as the feeling in me increased, perhaps she had taken over from Priss? The whole thing was just better and I sighed as I neared the brink of orgasm, suddenly I was cumming into Priss’ other hand. The internal massage stopped, Fliss slowly removed her hand, Priss then did the same. Who’s a slut! I was being brought off by two whole hands up my ass. Would I be able to close my sphincter ever again? I bet I looked ragged and as wide as a tunnel, it was my best ever cum though.

One day we were told to strip, oil our clitty and belly, and apply a rubbery substance into our lower belly. Mom gave each of us a metal plate with 3 straps attached, one went around the waist and one around the top of each leg. A small, oiled ‘plug’ mounted to the front in the middle and the plate stuck to our pubis. More rubber was applied to the plate and around the plug, making the whole into one slowly setting mass. Taking the equipment off, Mom showed us how to screw the ‘cock’ in place of the plug and cut and shape the rubber, forming a custom-made, strap-on dildo. For the first time ever, we could actually fuck one another. Each individual strap-on would titillate the wearer and the silicone ‘cock’ would stimulate the recipient. I was allowed to fuck Fliss, she lay on her side and I laid behind her, very careful to finger her first, helping her relax and widening her anal passage.

I squirted some oil on my strap-on cock and nosed it against her, pressing when I thought it was straight and holding the middle of it to keep it that way. I aligned my body with hers, conscious that any undue pressure wouldn’t be felt through the silicone cock. Gently I thrust into her, stepping up the pressure and pace when all appeared to be well. She started to push back at my thrusts, it wasn’t long until I was deep as possible within her, a warm round bum ‘spooned’ into my lap. I nearly cum with the overwhelming love of her body touching mine and be able to fuck her. We had loved each other for so long and never been able to consummate that love as others do so naturally. We both felt the same sense of wonderment, the cock being pushed into her ass, I the increase of pleasure in my tiny clit. It didn’t take long for us to cum, I was creaming my strap-on just before she shuddered to a climax.

Priss wanted to have sex with me, I quickly undid my strap-on and lay to receive her. Her fingering of me was gentle enough but more rushed than careful. I relaxed and easily opened for her. There was lubrication around the cock and she buried it quickly. Priss was pushing in hard and although it hurt a little, she eased back before thrusting once more. She was only now discovering how men feel when having sex, especially as her cock was more prominent than ours, and actually went inside the silicone one. No doubt the little dick was enjoying itself, pretending to be a big boy. Her thighs met with the back of mine, a wonderful sense of closeness that had been denied us for so long. Stepping up the pace, she slammed her ‘dick’ into my ass. Not the most cautious or gentle sex but we both enjoyed it, giving it our all. She climaxed well before me but gamely continued until I came also. Was it better to fuck than be fucked? I didn’t really know, I liked both but one more than the other? I suppose I would choose to be fucked.

My whole life was one of being submissive, girly. Perhaps giving my love and body as a girl was really all I ever wanted to do. Could I give myself to a proper man? I suppose that depends on the man. There must be one out there for me, someone who likes a curvy he-girl. I’ve always believed we’re not really the same as a Shemale because there’s very little maleness about us. A Shemale after surgery and therefore far more like us, is basically, without a cock, a girl.

The End.


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