Gynecomastia Part 6

By Jake.

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Part 6: Husband’s Perspective…

As I climbed into our car, I was still shell-shocked. I was actually wearing my wife’s panties, shirt, jeans, and shoes to go shopping for more bras. I couldn’t decide where would be the worst place to shop for bras, but my wife seemed to know. Exactly where the one I was in came from. AERIE! This would put us smack in the middle of a shopping center. In theory, my size would be easy, though, right?

My wife opened the door for me with a comment.

“Go ahead, girlie, this trip is for you,” as if announcing to the rather attractive sales girls who their target should be. And it had the desired effect as one of the sales girls immediately approached.

“HI, welcome to AERIE. My name’s Justine. Can I help you find anything today?”

I opened my mouth to say no, but my wife was faster.

“Girl, yes, my friend Stacy is a tomboy at heart if you can’t tell from the outfit. So much so she’s never been fit for a bra. She’s always worn sports bras. I told her she had to start after seeing that news article about the girl who got a cyst from wearing only sports bras. I guesstimated a size and bought one from here to get her by last week.”

“Absolutely, right this way, Stacy and I didn’t catch your name?”

“Casey,” my wife replied

“Right this way then. Let’s get you sized, Stacy, then I can pick out some options.”

Justine escorted us to the fitting room.

“Since you’ve never been sized, this will seem weird, but I need you to take off your shirt. I brought Casey back with us to hopefully make you more comfortable.”

I couldn’t believe this was happening. I was actually about to show another woman my boobs in a bra. Thankfully, my body was on autopilot, as I’m not sure I could have directed it to take off my shirt right now. I noticed Casey seemed to be thoroughly enjoying this before being snapped back to the presence of the sales assistant when she spoke up.

“Well you didn’t do bad for a guesstimate, but I’m glad you came back for professional help.”

After she took several measurements way too up close, she said, “You’re definitely between true sizes, so it’s good you’re being measured. You’ll be a different size depending on the bra. Don’t get too hung up on the size. Just worry about the fit today. I know we girls are all very concerned with the numbers and cups sometimes. Casey, could you come with me to pick out some options? Stacy go ahead and slip off that bra. We will be right back.”


Wife’s Perspective…

This couldn’t be going better. The sales associate is attractive, which I know is making this harder on him. She’s invited me back, so I get to watch the show. And now I get to help pick out while Stacy is stuck in a fitting room in a lingerie store. It’s absolutely perfect. I wink at him on my way out, saying, “I’ll pick you out some cute stuff, bestie, don’t worry.”

I let Justine lead the way back onto the floor.

“Alright, Stacy is a B cup but is between bands a bit, so depending on the style, she may need to adjust the cup size.”

Oh my God, my husband’s a B cup! I definitely don’t want any bras that give him a glimpse of masculinity. So, we will avoid the A cup styles.

“Yeah, we probably need to avoid any styles making her go down to an A. She’s self-conscious enough.”

“Ha, oh no, she won’t need to go down. She will need a C cup in some.”

I was stunned but had to act quickly to capitalize on this.

“Which ones will she need to go up?”

“For sure, our balconette, maybe the pushup and basic underwire.”

“Okay, I want to take more of those than the other. She’s spent so long hiding the girls that I want to help her feel confident showing them off. Also, she would never, but I’d like to take her any with matching undies. I just want her to feel confident in her skin.”

“Oh, we can definitely do that. Once she lands on her favorite, we will get the matches for sets as well as a few pairs to complement. “

The first stop was the balconette. In this size, there was black, white, or red. All are covered in lace detail. We picked out black. Then we headed to the pushups. There were all sorts of colors here, but I knew I had to go with pink. Finally, we grabbed the more standard underwire bra in yellow with a little bow in the middle. While we were shopping these, I noticed a few more intriguing items…swimsuits, nighties, and what looked like boxers. I’d have to see if I could push it after that. We tried these bras on.

Justine spoke up. “Alright, the balconette only has one true match. It’s these lacey cheeky undies here. She’s built like us, so a medium? We figured we’d take them back with us for her to try the sets.”

“Wonderful idea! Is there a match for the other two?”

“Yes, there are options there. The yellow has either a hipster or bikini cut, and the pushup has a thong or bikini.”

“She won’t like it, but thong for the pushup and both for the yellow bra.”

“I agree,” she replied, giddy.

I wasn’t sure how Stacy would react. I knew he wouldn’t like it, but I also knew he wouldn’t want to be outed in front of the sales associate. I let Justine carry in the options, so it made it seem like she picked the colors. When we stepped into the fitting room, the sight before us was truly a delight. There stood my “manly” husband, apparent b to C cup boobs on full display, in women’s jeans with the only “bulge” resembling a woman’s camel toe more than anything masculine. And, of course, his too-cute shoes. I couldn’t help but smile.

“Okay, sweetie. You’ll owe your bestie Casey after this, for sure. Let’s start with the balconette. You know what? There’s a matching bralette for when you don’t need so much structure. Let me go grab it while you change.” And Justine left

I was nearly giddy that she was going after more without asking Casey. He looked horrified as it was.

“Want me to help you into this first one while she’s out?”

“Yes, and why are there panties with these?”

“She’s trying to upsell on some, but each is a set. She just brought options for the yellow. No biggie”

“I don’t have to try those on, though, right?”

“You most certainly do. She’s going to ask how they fit.”


Husband’s Perspective…

Every time I think this couldn’t possibly get any worse, it does. I was standing in a fitting room of a women’s intimate apparel store in women’s jeans, shoes, and panties with my boobs out. And now I was trying on bras AND panties.

The balconette bra made me feel like my boobs were on a shelf or something. And I looked huge. I was pulled back to reality by my wife.

“Babe, you need to slip on the undies too.”

I looked down and realized she was waiting with them open at my feet. I stepped in, and she pulled them up. The lace was softer than expected. I didn’t even try to act like they didn’t fit. My wife seemed to want to twist the knife.

“It looks like a good fit. The only thing sticking out of these is your landing strip. You may want to tidy that up, sweetie.”

“Can we just get this done with?” I asked as I started to take this set-off. Next up was the pushup bra. Wait…

“Um, how exactly am I supposed to wear a thong?”

“You’re just trying it on so you can say it didn’t fit,” She replied

“Fine, but there’s no way this fits.”

As I pulled up the thong, I hit a new bottom. My junk was going to fit. On top of that, the pink thong was somehow both stretchy and compressing, so I was left with a front that looked like a woman’s mound way more than a man’s bulge.

My wife giggled before saying, “Yep, you were right this wouldn’t fit, but you were wrong about which one. Your thong seems to fit your equipment well, but the bra does not. Let me grab another size real quick. Take that one off so I know what I’m looking for.”

I took the bra off and was reaching to yank off these embarrassing undies when she started out the door. I just grabbed my shirt to cover my chest and froze. I swear I felt myself pull in more from fear and embarrassment. I reached down and confirmed all I felt was a nub of skin through the thong. I was ready to change out of the thong when I heard a knock. Assuming it was Casey, I said come in. To my shock, Justine entered with what I assumed was the other bra she was searching for. This was how it ended. No way I wasn’t busted. No way she couldn’t tell.

“You look cute in that thong, but where’s your bra?”

She didn’t notice. Was I really that small? I knew I needed to respond before she had more time to observe and process.

“It just didn’t fit. Casey ran out to get a different size.”

“Oh, okay. Slip this on really quick. They run differently, so I’d like to know if it fits well.”

I must have looked dumbfounded as Justine spoke again and then started to help me.

“Sorry, I keep forgetting this is your first real trip. Here…”

“Oh, that’s a cute combo,” Casey said, walking back in.

Great, my wife’s back.

“Got the right size, want to slip this on to show us the set?”

“Not especially. This is exhausting.”

Justine chimed in, “Why don’t you move on to the next set? And I know what you need to cheer up. I’ll be right back.”

“She’s so sweet. Let’s get changed. Wouldn’t want her to see you without panties on now, would we.”

The yellow bra and undies seemed almost normal by comparison, as did the underwear at first. They were almost legging material. As a result, they felt incredible while once again emasculating me. My wife didn’t miss the chance.

“Where’s your impressive ‘manhood’ at right now?” she asked while cupping my entire crotch. She gave it all a squeeze. I immediately perked inward and felt a small bit of precum ooze out. There was an immediate spot on the front of these panties, and given the yellow material, Casey noticed.

“Are all these sexy undies making you wet? I guess we’re buying those. Here, slip on the bikini cut instead before she comes back.”

“I need to clean up first,” I replied and pulled down my new panties.

Of course, to my horror, there was a string connecting my nub to the fabric. But before I could be properly horrified at this, my wife snapped me out of it.

“Voila. Nothing a panty liner won’t fix. Go ahead and pull those up and get dressed. We will just tell her you’re wearing this set-out.”

As much as I wanted to protest, I was more worried about a return while exposed. So I quickly pulled up the yellow bikini-cut panties with a liner in them. And sure enough Justine walked in as I buttoned the jeans.

“Perfect. I grabbed you some pj’s and nighties and a coffee. Any preference on the cut or material?”

“She liked the hipster supersoft the best,” my wife replied to me.

“Great, I also got her a couple more thongs, given how cute she looked in them.”

They started walking toward checkout without me.

“Hey, are we done? Or am I trying these on?” Why did I ask that?

“Oh, sweetie, I didn’t think you wanted to. I guess Justine was right. You just needed something fun to try on and coffee.”

“Nah, I’m sure this all fits great. Let’s call it.”

We checked out an obscene total. Somehow, I ended up with the four pairs of undies I tried on, plus another four pairs of thongs and four pairs of hipsters in all sorts of colors and patterns. Three nighties, three sets of pj’s, which, to my relief, came with boxer short bottoms and three bras. At least that was over because I’d continued to leak precum for who knows what reason. When we left, I asked Casey if we could run by a restroom before we left. I guess my asking to go was weird enough. She wanted to know why.

“Yeah, of course. You not feeling okay?”

“I’m okay. I uh just need to clean up.”

“Oh, the pad soaked up that little bit of precum. Unless you leaked more?”

“I did. I don’t know why.” I started rambling, but she cut me off

“No problem. Take another liner. It’s not gonna just stop at this point.”

I headed for the bathroom, and unbeknownst to me, she headed back into AERIE for what she later called “period panties for when I’m spotting like this.”


Wife’s Perspective…

Logically, I know the fabric against him and my groping caused the precum leaking. Still, it was a good enough excuse to buy more panties. I grabbed some standard bikini-cut cotton but made the colors as girly as possible. Floral pattern, paisley pink, a nice purple stripe, leopard, and out-of-kindness camo…well, pink came, but still. Those added well to the hipster colors (red hearts, pastel purple, white leopard, pink, black) and thongs (yellow, baby blue, green with stars, light pink with a bow on the front, black with hot written in red in the front). Stacy clearly hadn’t noticed or surely would have objected to those colors and patterns. I still can’t believe how well they contained him. Maybe he’s meant for panties. His old boxer briefs couldn’t be comfortable with all that unnecessary fabric.

He emerged from his restroom run, snapping me out of my daydream. I could tell he was mortified.

“Ready to go get your meds, sweetie?”


“What’s up?” of course I knew.

“When I asked if I could go, I didn’t think about needing to use the women’s restroom.”

“Oh, sweetie, did you use the nasty men’s room?”

“No, I caught myself in time.”

“Is something else wrong?”

“I, um, may need to trim…you know. The liner caught my hair,” as he turned even more red.

“Oooo, that makes sense. We will take care of that when we get home. We need to finish measurements anyway, and then we can have you try everything on.”


Husband’s perspective…

We made it to the pharmacy, and thankfully, she used the drive-thru. I don’t think I could have survived going in at this point. I sat in the passenger seat while she gave her date of birth, and the pharmacy aide looked up the order.

The pharmacy aide asked my wife, “Are you Stacy?”

“No, I’m Casey. This is my husband, Stacy.”

Wonderful, I’ve been identified.

“Oh, okay. I showed a male in the patient profile. I wanted to make sure they were aware of the side effects or that our profile wasn’t wrong.”

“Could you share the side effects for her?”

“Of course, let me get the pharmacist, and I’ll update that profile. Thanks for clarifying the pronoun.”

“No, I’m a man.” I jumped in, but the aide had already turned off the mic.

My wife laughed hard. “Don’t think you’re convincing anyone of that currently. You’re dressed as a hot woman picking up estrogen and testosterone blockers.”

I was left speechless. My wife’s just twisting the knife at this point. I wanted to scream, but the pharmacist arrived.


“This is Stacy,” my wife replied, pointing at me.

“Alright, side effects you need to know about. Breast growth, moodiness, testicular shrinkage, reduction in volume, and consistency of ejaculation. Any questions.”

I definitely had questions, but my wife replied first, “Nope, I can attest first hand all those are already under way.”


To Be Continued…?


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story was submitted directly to this website. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.


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