A Beta Biography 2

By Smallwhitedick89. Read Part 1 Here. ***** Chelsea’s perspective after the reveal of Don’s kink… I was initially confused when Don told me about his new kink. I thought it was weird. I was happy that he felt comfortable enough to be that open with me about what he wanted sexually, and maybe this would open the door for me to get more of what I wanted. I had grown rather interested in him being more dominant, but maybe me

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Let’s Get Freaky

By sexmagnet01. We’re sitting on the couch, drinking wine after eating an edible, when she leans over and whispers in my ear, “Let’s get freaky.” We start to make out, our hands drifting over each other’s bodies. I rub her pussy over her pants, but she stops me with a mischievous look. “Come to the bedroom in exactly 5 minutes,” she says, leaving me hanging as she jumps up and heads down the hallway. I impatiently sit and wait, idly

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Gynecomastia Part 4

By Jake. Read Part 1 Here.Read Part 2 Here.Read Part 3 Here. ***** Part 4… Husband’s Perspective… “Babe, how am I supposed to wear a bra and it not show. Do I really need to wear one to the appointment? Pretty sure she’s aware I need one, and we can tell her I have one.” “Sweetheart, she needs to see the fit. I’m assuming a normal bra is fine. It could make things worse. Plus, there’s nothing to be embarrassed

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The Girl in the White Bikini

By basquej. My wife likes to expose my small penis whenever the situation arises. Sometimes she has to manufacture an incident, and the opportunity sometimes falls into her lap. This was one time I should have seen it coming. My wife and I had flown out west for a mountain vacation. We spent the first day and night near the airport, exploring that city before heading to higher ground. We had the hotel swimming pool to ourselves that evening and

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Gynecomastia Part 3

By Jake. Read Part 1 Here.Read Part 2 Here. ***** Part 3… Follow up appointment was set for one week away as we left. I didn’t speak to the car. “This is so embarrassing,” I finally said as we pulled away. “Sweetie, don’t be embarrassed. We’ve gone to a doctor and are getting these handled. I’m sure my giggles in there didn’t help. The whole situation was so odd that I couldn’t help myself. Now I’ll run into the store

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Gynecomastia Part 1

By Jake. At the age of 25, I had a rather embarrassing development. Boobs. Being insecure, I mean the manly man I am, I wrote them off to everything. It must be my shirt irritating them. I’m gaining weight, so I worked out more. It’s too hot. It is too cold. It’s the laundry Detergent. You get it. It wasn’t until sexy time one night that it came to a head. I’d been dodging sex, considering I didn’t want my

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