New Neighbors 2

By Pantyboy723.

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Part 2…

After the first night meeting Brandia and Krystal, life just kind of went back to normal, and time went by, with the exception of cumming in my panties almost every single day spying on Brandia and/or Krystal.

They have a fenced-in backyard, which gets the afternoon sun with a pool, which only I can see from my second story. I work an earlier shift at work, 6 am to 3 pm, and it’s a short drive home after work. Often, I’m able to get home, go upstairs to the window facing the pool, and see Brandia lying out. Krystal was off at classes at the college, mostly around this time, I guess. Most days, she got home later in the evening due to classes and volleyball practice probably.

Brandia had so many great variety of bikinis she’d lay out in, different colors and styles. Each one had me dreaming of going over to her, and she’d just start sucking my little dick and let me cum all over her. I dreamed of cumming so much for her and giving her my own bukkake, rope after rope plastering her face and hair, completely covering her tits and running down to her wet pussy.

She’d lay there on her chaise with a towel, sunscreen, and what looked like a drink by her side in an insulated mug. The mug was pretty big, too, more than you’d expect for a woman. She’d lay on her back, removing the straps from her bikini top to not get tan lines, and she’d expose most of her breasts without getting the nip out. Even without any support, they were still really perky, even for how big they were.

She’d also flip over and completely remove her top, so no back tan lines. She always had her legs spread on her back and stomach to get the most sun on her inner thighs. On her stomach, she’d pull her bikini bottoms up into her ass crack to get the most on her buns too.

Her skin glistened in the sun from lotion and sweat. She’d frequently sip from her drink, and on frequent occasions, I noticed the more she did, the less she bothered with covering up. She must have been making adult beverages in her mug because, at one point, she must’ve said fuck it and just lay on her back with her tits completely exposed. Of course, I’d be playing with my little stiffy in my panties the whole time watching her, but when she did this, I almost blew my load right there.

I had watched her do this on a couple of occasions, but today, while watching her, she seemed at one point to just go completely limp like she had passed out. My heart leaped out of my chest at this. I had been dreaming about going over and molesting her for a long time now, and here was finally my chance. I quickly threw some shorts and a t-shirt on in addition to my pre-cum soaked panties and snuck into her yard from the side fence gate. I checked to make sure no other neighbors could see me, and I quietly opened and closed her fence gate. At this point, she was kind of blocked by the corner of her house, so I moved to the corner and just watched for a minute. She just lay there gently sleeping with her legs spread and her tits hanging out. I was in heaven. My little stiffy in my panties was doing its best to poke out into my shorts, but no one could ever tell when I had a boner, and there was no way my little dick would ever pop out of the top seam of my panties.

I quietly approached Brandia where she lay, being careful not to make any sound and making sure I did not shade her eyes standing by her. I stood just looking and rubbing myself in my panties. Was I brave enough to do this? What if she woke up? I know, I’d just fake like I was checking on her because I happened to look out my window.

I slowly reached out with my hand and grabbed her breast. At this, my little dick strained even harder in my panties, and I could feel the slime from all my pre-cum, making the front of my panties nice and slippery for my clitty’s little head. She didn’t stir at all as I gently squeezed and massaged both her tits. All of a sudden, I felt my whole body tense, and I dumped spurt after spurt in my panties just from touching her breasts. I had cum in my panties completely hands-free. I couldn’t believe it and just enjoyed the stupor. God, my ex-wife was so right. I was just a tiny dicked little prejac loser useless to any woman with my tiny dicklet. I stood there convulsing, trying not to make a sound as round after round of little sissy loads filled my panties.

After I regained myself, I looked down and saw a huge wet spot in my shorts from all my cummies. I panicked a little, thinking, what if Krystal came home and saw this? Instead of doing anything else, I quickly left Brandia’s yard and went back to my house, being sure no neighbors saw me leaving, especially with the big wet spot in front of my shorts.

After I got back to my house I continued to watch Brandia. Eventually, she woke up and groggily sat up, her legs still spread wide and her tits hanging down lusciously. She sat a moment, then stumbled her way inside, not even bothering to put her top back on.

A week or two after that, it was a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon. Krystal and Brandia were lying by the pool, showing off their stunning bikini bodies to no one in particular. From my perch, I could see Brandia wearing a flimsy purple top and full bikini bottom. They were so flimsy it looked like they could just be a bra and panties. I looked closer with my binoculars, and HOLY SHIT. They were just a bra and panties. It must be laundry day, I mused. I then took a look at Krystal, and oh my God, she was too. Krystal had opted for a white lacy front and silky behind, tiny bikini bottom that left very little to the imagination, complimented by a matching light nylon and lace bra to capture her beautiful perky tits.

At one point, Krystal jumped in the pool, and when she came up, she had to readjust her bra top because it wasn’t made for splashing in the pool and had come partially off. I glimpsed her perfect tits, nicely silhouetted creamy white skin with no tan against the rest of her firm, tan upper body. She rearranged and then swum in the pool for a bit before getting out. When she got out, of course, her entire ensemble had become see-through, and I tugged even harder at my little dick. You could see her stiff nipples directly through her bra with no problem as well as the cute little landing strip of hair on her pussy and the cleft of her ass. I edged so many times over and over and over, watching these two beauties.

I don’t know if they’re alcoholics, but they sure both loved to drink. It was obvious they both had adult beverages poolside because the longer they stayed out, the more stumbling their movements became. Krystal was lying on her stomach. See-through panties pulled up her ass cheeks, and no top. Her arms were draped along the ground, having fallen off the chaise lounger. Her back raised and lowered in a steady rhythm, letting me know she was passed out. Brandia was similarly passed out. However, she was lying on her back with her huge wonderful tits on display. Her purple nylon panties draped her waist and her pussy loosely, like she had pushed them down a little. I couldn’t resist the thought of going over there and molesting them both.

I quietly and carefully made my way over to their pool, making sure no one saw. Brandia and Krystal were lying close together on different loungers with enough space for me to fit between and admire them both. Brandia’s hair was pulled tight in a ponytail again, while Krystal had let hers fall so it draped her back. Krystal’s hair was long enough to reach the middle of her back in long, flowing blonde waves. I looked closer at her ass and could see blonde pussy hairs poking out of her panties. Guess I was wrong about the landing strip. I lost all composure and immediately stuck my fingers gently between her ass cheeks, probing her pussy.

I hadn’t even bothered to test first how asleep she was. I slowly massaged her pussy through her panties as she lay there, and after a bit, she even started letting out soft moans from my ministrations. My panties were so soaked from pre-cum I could even feel my little balls getting slimy. While massaging Krystal’s panty-clad pussy from behind, I also started doing the same to Brandia’s pussy through her skimpy purple nylon panties. After a bit, I had them both moaning softly with no indication of them waking. I wanted to use one hand to jerk myself off in my panties, but I couldn’t tear it away from the beautiful visions that lay before me.

After a bit, I decided to be bolder and focused on Krystal’s pussy. I knelt and stuck my nose between her ass cheeks, deeply inhaling her musky scent mixed with the light smell of her ass. She must clean really well, I thought to myself. My boner continued to throb and press against my panties and shorts, and it painfully reminded me of the release that was needed, but I held off. I took one hand and pulled Krystal’s panties to the side slightly and gingerly stuck my middle finger in her pussy.

I was surprised to find she was completely wet already, and my finger slid in with no problem. I gently brought it in and out of her pussy while my tiny dick continued to throb and leak in my panties. At this point, I took my finger out and brought it to my nose. The smell was so amazing. The tangy musk of her pussy juice filled my nostrils, and after inhaling deeply a few times, I stuck my finger in my mouth to suck off her juices. The taste was just like I remembered from before when my ex would allow me to eat her pussy. I was so close to cumming, so close, and not even rubbing myself.

After tasting Krystal’s pussy on my finger, it was now time to sample Brandia’s pussy. Since she was passed out lying on her back, I said fuck it, and pulled her panties to the side and went straight to the source with my tongue. Oh my God, the taste was amazing, and it wasn’t long before I had made her pussy a wet sloppy mess, drenching my face while she moaned softly in her sleep. I continued to eat her pussy for a little while, but then I started getting tired because I was never that good at it anyway, and it had been forever since I had eaten any pussy. I stood back up to admire both their bodies, and then I had an idea.

I would face fuck Brandia and cum all over her beautiful tits. I quickly removed my shorts, leaving my panties on, and pulled them down under my ball sack so they’d be out of the way, but I could still wear them. I moved towards Brandia’s half-open succulent mouth and began rubbing my little 3-inch stiffy all over her face. God, her soft lotion and sweat-lubed skin felt so good on my tiny dicklet. I knew I wouldn’t last long at all, so I gently grabbed Brandia’s face and maneuvered my little clitty into her mouth. The feeling was better than anything I could remember feeling in a very, very long time.

My ex-wife had never given me a blow job, and even on my infrequent dates prior to our marriage, I rarely had a girlfriend that would stick around long enough after finding out how small I was even to try to talk her into it. I slowly swayed my hips back and forth while fucking Brandia’s mouth, and I quickly reached the edge, knowing I was about to make little spurties all in her mouth. I quickly withdrew in just enough time to send the first spurt into her closed eyelids on both sides, then a second shot into her mouth, and the rest just kind of dribbled onto her ample tits. I don’t usually last more than one or two spurts, and I was incredibly turned on being able to use a woman this way.

I enjoyed the afterglow for a moment, gazing upon both of these sleeping beauties, then slowly brought my panties back up from under my taught little balls and pulled my shorts back on. I made my way carefully back to my house and then relaxed for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

After some time, Krystal woke from her stupor, recalling a very nice dream where someone was fingering her pussy. Krystal stirred her mother, Brandia, and Brandia woke with a start as her eyes were both stinging. “Wow, I must have put way too much lotion on my face,” she exclaimed, not realizing it was my cummies in her eyes and not the lotion.

Brandia also had the oddest taste in her mouth, like a creamy salt, but in her drunken state didn’t think much of it. Brandia asked Krystal, “Hey did you have a weird dream like I did? I dreamt my pussy was being eaten, and I was getting turned on, but then I was giving someone a blowjob.”

Krystal replied that yes, she had a dream as well about getting fingered.

They both expressed their surprise but wrote it off as nothing because they had both been drinking and passed out. They both collected their things and went inside while I watched them from my perch, my little dicklet already getting hard again at the thought of what they didn’t know.


After molesting a passed-out Brandia and Krystal by their pool, I began to get bolder and bolder.

Pantyboy was switching from awkward, shy sissy to predator mode.

A while ago, I had bought a bunch of hidden cameras, intending to set them up at work, underneath the ladies’ desks, to have live views of up their skirts anytime I wanted and, of course save them off to a server. I hadn’t got around to installing them yet, but one afternoon, I had what I thought was a brilliant idea. I would hack Brandia and Krystal’s Wi-Fi and screw it up and then be sure to ask them how they’re doing the next time I see them and if there was anything I might be able to help with.

So that’s what I did. I hacked their Wi-Fi and began just randomly restricting access to devices on their network. TVs, computers, phones, hell even one that was probably the stove or the oven.

After continuing this a few days I happened to catch Brandia outside in the driveway one afternoon.

“Hi Brandia, how are you,” I asked.

“Oh, not too bad, I guess, just a little frustrated lately,” she replied

“Oh yeah, what about? Is there anything I can do to help?” I queried.

“You know, maybe there is. You’re a tech guy, aren’t you? Do you know anything about Wi-Fi?” Brandia asked.

“Ya, a little,” I responded. Knowing full well I had forgotten more about Wi-Fi than she’d ever know. I was the reason she was having problems.

We talked some more, and I agreed to come by the next day to have a look.

The next afternoon, I casually strolled over to Brandia’s front door, carrying my tool bag that happened to contain multiple hidden cameras, and rang the doorbell. Most of my normal awkwardness had dissipated because I was in my realm. I had a plan to install hidden cameras throughout the house, as well as spy software on their laptops and phones so I could access anything I wanted, including any great selfies they had on their phones and their laptop webcams whenever I wanted. Fuck, this was going to be great. Plus, I was going to check out their panty drawers and dirty laundry while I was at it.

Brandia answered the door wearing a completely casual outfit, but she still took my breath away. She had her dirty blonde hair hanging down around her shoulders. It was long enough to cover her tits and, to some degree, disappointingly did. Still, there was no hiding her great tits behind anything, as they were accentuated by a plunging neckline light blue t-shirt which wrapped oh so nicely around them enough so you could make out the pattern of her cups underneath. Complimenting her shirt was a short pair of loose running shorts similar to when I had first seen her.

These, however, were white and so flimsy I could make out the pattern of the satin string bikinis when she turned to lead me in the house. White satin string bikinis with cute little red hearts all over her ass. If I wasn’t stiff before, I was now making as big a tent as I could in my shorts and white nylon brief panties. I had a similar pattern all over my panties, but mine were cute little pastel flowers with a pretty rose bow centered in the front. With every step I took as I followed her, I could feel the smooth nylon rub all across my balls, shaft, and head. I bet I was already leaking pre-cum staring at Brandia’s ass.

My reverie was broken suddenly when she abruptly stopped and said, “Here we are.”

She had led me to where the router was located in the house and had been chatting the whole time, but I was too engrossed staring at her ass to have heard anything. She said she would leave me to it, saying she had some work to do in the backyard. I couldn’t help rubbing my dicklet through my shorts as I watched her walk away.

I waited until she was outside and then got to work. I didn’t have to do anything to the router. I will fix everything on my laptop later. Rather, I quickly went to the master bathroom and found a good place to install the hidden camera. These babies have a great 230-degree viewing angle with motion sensor-triggered recording and stream HD-quality video. I then moved to Brandia’s bedroom and her vanity mirror, installing more cams. While in Brandia’s bedroom, I saw a laptop and quickly installed the spy software, then eyed a cell phone nearby and accessed it for install as well. These dumb bitches didn’t even bother putting lock screens on their phones. God, this was going to be great.

I continued working through the house, moving to Krystal’s bedroom and bath, installing cams there, as well as the laptop in her room. I would have to install a script on the router to auto-install on her phone when she came home later. Next was a cam for the living room, as well as one for the kitchen. I would have to wait until Brandia moved around outside or came in to be able to install the cams around the back patio and pool. The next priority was panty drawers and dirty laundry.

I was closest to Krystal’s room, so I went there first. Before entering her room, I checked that Brandia was still busy outside, and seeing she was, I dove into Krystal’s dirty laundry basket. A pile of clothes lay in the basket, including all you’d expect: shirts, shorts, socks, and even some thigh-high hose. The panties, though…

The first pair I came upon was a satin string bikini with an eclectic pattern of darker colors swirling everywhere. I picked them up, found the gusset, and shoved it right to my nose. The smell was fantastic. Krystal had really been horny wearing these. They were stained and crusty, and the aroma was almost overpowering. My little clitty had softened while installing all the hidden cams and spyware, but now it immediately sprung to life at this sexy assault on my nostrils. I inhaled as deep as I could, and then I did it again, and again, and again. All the while, I was stroking my clitty through my shorts and panties, and I was starting to get a wet spot on the front. I was leaking so badly.

I caught my breath and searched for other dirty panties. Next was a solid black satin thong. It was the perfect size to fit over my head and place the gusset right over my nostrils. I held the gusset on my nose with my hand, inhaling deeply, and with my other hand, I opened the top drawer of the dresser by the basket.

They say everyone’s vision of heaven is different and unique to them individually. I tell you what, if this assortment of satin, nylon, and spandex panties in Krystal’s panty drawer wasn’t heaven, I don’t know what would be.

Krystal’s panty drawer was overflowing with satin and spandex bikinis, some plain, some with intricate designs, and all different colors. Also filling the drawer was a great assortment of thongs and g strings that I only could imagine the feeling of them climbing up my ass while wearing. I grabbed a rainbow-colored spandex bikini and stuffed it down my shorts, and started jerking with it.

I was now as hard as I could remember being, and pre-cum was flowing freely from my tip. I continued to jerk with this pair for a while, then put it back to grab another and keep jerking. I must have left pre-cum in at least eight pairs of her clean panties, all the while continuing to inhale each and every pair of panties I could find in the dirty laundry basket. It was euphoric, and I edged myself painfully for what felt like the longest time.

This activity, however, was broken by the sound of Brandia returning from outside to check on things. “Oh, Shit!” I thought and quickly placed the panties I was inhaling back in the hamper and closed the panty drawer while hearing Brandia coming closer down the hall. I had to leave the pair of panties I was jerking with stuck inside my panties and shorts, and I quickly moved to the laptop in the room, pretending like I was checking it.

“Everything going ok?” Brandia asked innocently.

“Oh yeah, making progress,” I replied, a little out of breath from my excitement.

“Great,” she said. “Would you like a drink or anything?”

“Sure,” I replied.

Brandia brought me a cold can of cola from the fridge, and I cracked it open to drink. She asked me if I needed anything, and I responded no worries everything is going well. After she was assured things were ok, she indicated she was going back outside and to let her know if there were any problems.

Once she was back outside I moved to Brandia’s room to raid her dirty laundry hamper and her panty drawer. I decided to keep Krystal’s panties tucked away in my shorts and panties, loving the added feel of her panties against my dicklet as I walked.

I entered Brandia’s room and quickly moved to her dresser. I didn’t see a laundry hamper, so that would have to wait. It was probably in the closet or something. I opened the top drawer of her dresser and was again rewarded with a vision of heaven.

Brandia’s panty drawer, while less diverse and less colorful, was still a thing of beauty to behold. Her panty drawer was much more about whites and creams, in an assortment of flirty, frilly panties and regular bikinis. Mostly blacks and whites and creams, but with some color thrown in as well. I noticed a red pair in the corner of the drawer and picked them out. My pre-cum leaking turned up a gear. Here in my hands was a pair of devil red, satin frilly panties that almost looked like a thong but could have just been a narrow bikini, too.

It was one of those that deliberately rode high on the hip and would be accentuated by a teddy corset or similar. I was fixed on these panties, rubbing them all over my face, sniffing the wonderful fabric softener, and dreaming about seeing Brandia in them. I knew it was too risky to take this pair, so I shoved them in my pants and jerked them a good while, getting them nice and slimy, then returning them to the drawer. Instead, I picked up a white satin string bikini that looked fairly worn and stuffed it down my shorts.

I knew I was probably running out of time so I hurried to the closet to find a laundry basket, but it was unfortunately empty at the time. Disappointed but not discouraged, I decided to wrap this raid up and return to work.

I moved to the living room, where I had a view out onto the back patio, and opened my laptop to turn all the device access back on for the house, and also to check all the cams were on and streaming. There was already almost a gig of video uploaded to my server, and things were looking good. I glanced onto the back porch and saw things were looking even better.

Brandia was on her hands and knees in a flower bed near the back porch, wearing a pair of gardening gloves and planting some flowers. I could see the sweat glistening on her chest and starting to dampen her shirt. I was going to have to wait for the back porch cam to be installed some other time. She was leaning over, turning around, and switching positions to just kneel on two feet. All these positions blessed me with ample views down her shirt, her ass, and panty line, and, best of all, a beautiful camel toe accentuated by her panties sticking out either side of her shorts in the crotch area.

Seeing this, I completely lost it and began convulsing, my cummies soaking both my panties as well as Krystal’s and Brandia’s I had stuffed in my shorts. After my convulsions stopped, I freaked out a little, worrying that Brandia would see my wet spot or Krystal would come home. As it turns out, my fears were about to be realized.

Just after I finished cumming in my panties, the front door opened, and in strutted Krystal. She wore only a pink sports bra and black spandex shorts with her hair back in a ponytail. Her sports bra was still drenched in sweat, and her tight spandex shorts outlined her damp camel toe very nicely.

She was surprised to see me and just stared at me for a moment. Luckily, I was turned to the side so she couldn’t see my wet spot. I hastily gathered my laptop in my bag and, covering my crotch with the bag, awkwardly stated, “Hi, Krystal, I’m just here helping out with the Wi-Fi.”

She took a moment to consider this, and then the look of confusion left her face and became a warm, welcoming smile. “Oh my gosh, thanks so much. Mom and I have been struggling with the Wi-Fi for days.”

I just shook my head and told her it was my pleasure to come over to look at things. Of course, she took this as the sweet, nerdy neighbor helping me out, completely unaware of my ulterior motives for hidden cams and panty raids.

We chatted idly for a little while, and Brandia returned inside. I told them everything should be fixed and asked them to let me know if there were any other problems.

They were both overjoyed at the information, and Brandia stepped towards me, giving me a huge hug. God, she was so strong, completely enveloping me and squeezing me against her huge tits and rubbing my crotch against her thigh. She was so much taller than me. My crotch only came to the top of her thigh, and if she wanted, she could have lifted me off the ground easily.

I just relaxed and enjoyed the thanks, knowing I would be enjoying many other things later.


As soon as I got home, I couldn’t wait to start looking at all the finds from the spyware on Brandia and Krystal’s electronics. Since I already had cummie panties on, I went ahead and allowed myself to change into a new clean pair of panties. They were a nice lavender light purple color, full brief nylon panty with a lace accent on the front. I also put on a matching purple silk nighty, which made my skin feel electric, and poked my little nipples out as far and hard as they would go. The slipperiness between the nighty and my panties was orgasmic. I set aside for later to hand wash Brandia and Krystal’s panties from my shorts. I eventually washed them and wore them often.

I sat down at my computer and started searching Brandia and Krystal’s phones and laptops. First were the photos and videos.

Brandia and Krystal both had the normal assortment of selfies in the bathroom at the pool, no big deal I hadn’t already seen in person. They did, however, have some nice try on’s in various fitting rooms of lingerie and panty sets. Lots of them tried them on together, which made it even hotter.

Krystal’s phone, though….she had some great sexting going on with various hunky studs in various states of undress. They would send her pics of bulges in their shorts, and oh my God, they put me to shame. They all were much bigger than me when they were soft than my hard little dick. All of them seemed like their cocks went down the side of their legs in their boxers down to their knees. I found myself getting hard just looking at them. Unfortunately, there were no action shots of Krystal fucking any of them, but there were some of her deep-throating a few. Man, she could take it like a champ. No gag reflex there. A few more were even of their massive loads on her face and tits. Nothing at all like my little spurts, just ropes of hot sticky goo all over her face and tits.
Next, I started reviewing their browsing history on their laptops and phones.

Brandia, it turns out, has a bit of a thing for fem boys. She had lots of hits on sites for femdom, with boys in panties getting pegged or queened by their mistress or edged mercilessly and made to eat their cum. Brandia liked to look at subs, including boys and girls. Krystal, on the other hand, was less exotic but no less hot. Krystal liked to watch huge cocks taking on tiny pussies. I guess that explains all the sexting on her phone, all those guys with huge fucking cocks with their bulges poking out obscenely from their boxers and sticking out the top of the waistband, dripping with pre-cum just waiting to be licked. I couldn’t help imagining sucking their cocks, getting them hard for Krystal before she got pounded by them with me under her pussy, waiting for a creampie while she screamed in ecstasy. I didn’t realize it, but I was already rubbing myself through my nighty panties, with enough pre-cum oozing out to soak my panties all the way down past my balls into my ass crack. I eventually edged too far and came in my panties, after which I shut everything down and went to sleep.

The hidden cams were producing lots of great material, too. Every day I was getting awesome shots of them both rising from bed in their lingerie, hot hot hot shower scenes with plenty of soapy tits and shower masturbation. My favorites, though, were always at night, with them slipping out of their daywear and into their evening wear. These ladies didn’t bother with boring cotton pajamas. They were all satin and silk through and through. Hot baby dolls that barely covered their asses, or wide open chested two pieces with ass-hugging satin or silk shorts. So hot. They would walk around the house dressed this way before bed, and I came to it all.

The hidden cams plus the laptop cams were even giving great two-way views whenever one would sit at a laptop and surf porn, inevitably getting off while sitting there. I’d get great shots of the laptop cam, and whatever other hidden cams were in the room I could stitch together and watch. I even made loop audio tracks out of their moaning while masturbating that I’d just put on repeat. I had a perpetual stiffy all day, every day.

My poor little clitty was raw from so much jerking.

One day I was looking through Brandia’s call logs and happened to see a number I recognized. It was a former work colleague of mine named Carrie. Carrie had been the fill-in IT person before I arrived, and I took over the position. I had the biggest crush on Carrie. Long strawberry blonde hair accentuated by a silver strip at the part, a luscious ass, and a face that was begging me to cum on it. Too bad it was only in my dreams. I had tried to get her to like me and had even asked her out, but she turned me down flat. Carrie told me point blank that she’d rather go lez than go out with me, and even though it crushed me, I still fantasized about jerking off in her panties and on her face and tits so many times. It turns out Carrie and Brandia were old college friends because I decided to check their texting logs, too, and oh my God, my jaw dropped to the floor.

Carrie and Brandia had been swapping texts and pics and videos of their tits, ass, and pussies with all kinds of dirty talk between them. Apparently, they were more than just friends in college. Their texts led up to Brandia inviting Carrie over one night, and you can believe I was ready, making sure all the cams in the house were ready to go.

Carrie arrived one evening while Krystal was out of town on an away game with her team. Carrie was wearing her beautiful long strawberry blonde down around her shoulders, with a cute little green sundress that only came down about mid-thigh on her while letting her ample tits sway nicely. I couldn’t tell from my perch over the driveway what kind of panties or bra she was wearing, but I was hopeful I’d be finding out. Brandia welcomed her in a beautiful red cocktail gown with a skirt barely going down past her pussy, and with red thigh highs that were not covered at all by the skirt. I was in heaven watching them greet and hug each other at the door.

The evening progressed with Brandia making dinner for them both, with plenty of wine to pair. They talked about anything and everything, reminiscing on the good old days and up to the present. Brandia even mentioned her cute-ish neighbor that at first was a little creepy but then had been helpful with the Wi-Fi, but was such a tiny wimp with what looked like nothing in his pants. They both burst out laughing at this. Brandia then shared that she and Krystal suspected I had been trying to spy on them and probably jerked myself raw all the time because who was going to go out with me? More laughter ensued.

Carrie even suggested Brandia make me into one of her femboys like she used to have back in college, to which Brandia just smirked and said, “Well, why the hell not?”

I almost came in my panties at the thought of this, that Brandia might be a perfect domme for me, and I could be her pantyboy. I was so excited!

They kept talking and drinking and eventually moved to the couch, where they didn’t even bother with any foreplay. They quickly moved past sucking each other’s tongues out of their heads while groping their breasts and fingering their pussies through and inside their panties. Before I knew it, I was watching them scissor each other on the couch through their panties, and they hadn’t even taken their clothes off besides some buttons opened on Carrie’s dress. As short as Brandia’s skirt and as easy access as Carrie’s sundress was, they didn’t need to. Brandia was wearing a hot red satin string bikini that was rubbing against Carrie’s white nylon bikini. Both mounds were soaked from pussy juice and grinding.

Brandia and Carrie fucked like animals. They moved on from scissoring and 69’ing on the couch to going to Brandia’s bedroom, where they started with Carrie pulling Brandia’s panties to the side with her skirt riding up and attacking her pussy with her lips and tongue. Brandia’s head arched back, and she moaned and screamed from Carrie, eventually building up to an earth-shattering orgasm.

I had never seen anything like what I was watching on the hidden cams, and I didn’t even know what to do besides stare blankly at the screen while my little clitty was soaking my panties, watching them.

Next, Brandia returned the favor by gliding down between Carrie’s legs and began her loving. Brandia, however, had more ideas than just licking and sucking Carrie’s pussy. Brandia paused a moment and went over to her panty drawer to pick out a Hitachi wand and returned with it, applying buzzing pressure with it to Carrie’s clit while Brandia sucked and slurped the rest of her pussy. Not long after that, Carrie’s head was arching back violently, with her body following suit while she screamed and wave after wave of orgasm washed over her.

After they were both satisfied, they took the rest of their clothes off and cuddled together in bed, gently falling off to sleep. I just sat there staring transfixed at the screen, wondering what I had just witnessed. My balls were aching, and my little clitty was throbbing while I blankly stared at them sleeping. I moved my hand to my little panty-covered stiffy to gently pull the panties down past my balls, and I immediately erupted in shot after shot of cummies that blasted my face and open mouth in shock and surprise. This was the biggest cum I had ever had and the most powerful, shooting myself in my face over and over. My cummies subsided, and I just closed my mouth full of cum and swallowed, savoring the taste, knowing what a sick little fucked up panty-boy I was.

The next morning, Brandia and Carrie stirred, making their way to the kitchen, groping and flirting with each other the whole way. They had both put on some of Brandia’s silky pajamas and looked sexy as hell.

Carrie was curious about Brandia’s wimpy neighbor and asked, “Hey, what’s your neighbor’s name?”

To which Brandia, of course, replied with my name, “Tracy.”

Unfortunately, I had only glanced at them that morning and completely missed the rest of their discussion.

Carrie took a moment, and then a dawning realization showed on her face. She exclaimed, “Holy shit, I used to work with a wimpy IT guy named Tracy. He tried to ask me out, and I shut him down because all the girls in the office said he was a tiny dick loser.”

Brandia and Carrie both cackled raucously at this thought, and Brandia said, “Well, I’ll have to introduce you.”

Carrie continued though, “Tell me again what he did with your Wi-Fi. The girls at work all thought he was a creep, trying to look down their shirts and up their skirts. They even said they saw him several times with wet spots on the front of his pants.”

So Brandia recounted the Wi-Fi problems she and Krystal started having after moving in and how I miraculously fixed them, and they have had no problems since.

At that, Carrie became concerned. “Oh my God, Brandy, he might have put spyware on your electronics or even hidden cams in your house, you know.”

Brandia then thought back to when I came over to fix the problems and recounted that she had left me alone for long enough for any of that to happen. Also, now that she thought of it, Krystal’s and her panty drawers and laundry didn’t look right after I left. Later, they even both noticed little white snail trails in a lot of their panties but hadn’t thought much of it at the time. Also, they were both missing a pair of panties.

Then it hit Brandia, “Oh my God, was he going through our panties and jerking off while he was here? What else did he do? He might have installed all that spyware and hidden cams like you said,” her voice rising with anger. “You know, come to think of it, the first time we met him, we thought he was spying on us moving in and came in his pants. He even looked like he was wearing panties!” Brandia continued, “That little shit! I’ll bust his balls so bad he won’t have them anymore. Then we’ll get Krystal’s boyfriends to make him eat all their cum!”
I didn’t know it then, but I was about to be punished badly.


To Be Continued…?


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