New Neighbors 1

By Pantyboy723.

It was a random Tuesday afternoon when I arrived home from work to see a moving van in front of the house right next to me. The house had been for sale for awhile so I guess it finally sold.

As I got out of my car in the driveway and started to walk inside I stopped dead in my tracks. There in the next driveway was one of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen. She wore her dirty blonde hair up in a pony tail above her huge breasts covered only by a plunging neckline white tank top that had become see through due to her exertions. Under the tank top was a beautiful, intricate lace bra that barely kept her tits in check. Her brown, tanned legs seemed to go on forever up to her big muscular ass accentuated very nicely by the light blue running shorts she wore. I could plainly see a bikini panty line underneath her shorts which only became better when she bent over. When she kneeled down I could even see some of her panties peek out of her shorts.

Her daughter(?) was there by her side helping and was just as stunning, even if her tits were a little smaller but still perky. She wore a similar tank top and when either of them bent over facing my way I could see straight down their chests at their white lacy bras.

I must have stood there staring at them too long because eventually they both looked my way and the daughter pointed at me while they both smiled. I hope they didn’t see the tent in my pants from my little dicklet. Once I realized they saw me staring I awkwardly shuffled inside with my head down and my face turning red. As soon as I got inside I ran to the second floor window overlooking their driveway and adjusted the blinds so I could ogle some more.

I stood staring through the window at them, my hand involuntarily finding its way to my crotch to rub my tiny dicklet. Before I knew it my pants were around my ankles and I was rubbing my clitty through my silky pink Shadowline brief panties. A wet spot had already formed by my clitty leaking precum and as I watched the mother and daughter my arousal only grew. They kept bending over to pick up boxes out of the van or off the ground and each time they did I came closer to making cummies in my sissy panties. All of a sudden I saw them both attempting to pick up a large item and was gifted with a glorious view of their tits as they both tried to pick it up one way, followed immediately by a spectacular view of their asses as they tried a different position.

I could even see the panty line and panties peeking out of the daughter’s shorts as she bent down and I instantly flooded my panties with my cummies. As I convulsed, I put my hand on the blinds disturbing them, but I hoped they didn’t notice. I just stood there a minute enjoying the after glow when I heard a knock at the door. Oh shit! I pulled my pants back up and buckled them then ran downstairs to the front door and peeked through the peep hole to see the mother and daughter with their luscious perky tits and firm toned bodies standing in my entry way. What was I going to do? I literally just sprayed my panties with cum while staring at them and now they were at my front door?

I live alone in a modest two story house in a nice neighborhood. Rather, my ex-wife let me keep the house out of pity after she divorced me and ran off with her new billionaire stud husband who’s cock she teased me more than once was a lead pipe compared to my stubby pencil. When we divorced she told me of all her lovers over the years who fucked her so well and she would come home with their cum dripping down her legs and initiate sex with me so I could unknowingly eat their cum out of her dripping hot pussy. I was never able to make her come with my little sissy prejac clitty, not even orally. I thought all this time she was happy and I satisfied her but I was so wrong.

I work at a small women owned business in a college town as the only male, and the only IT guy. All my coworkers are stunningly beautiful women ranging from just out of college to middle aged. They all wore sexy clothes every day to the office, trying to out do the others, and I was stuck in the middle of it trying not to blow my load in my panties everyday. Everyday it seemed I would end up with a wet spot in the crotch of my khakis that soaked through from my pre-cum in my panties. They must have known their effect on me because several times a week I would get calls to fix things that were easy enough for them to figure out. I would lean over their desk looking down their blouses while I deliberately slowly fixed their problem, or I’d have to get under their desks and try to look up their skirts.

I had tried asking a few of the ladies out, but I usually got friend zoned or flat out rejected. I’m an average size guy and not very tall or muscular so who would want that? I did get lucky with one girl, Christy, but we didn’t last long and she dumped me not too long after our making out had progressed to getting in our pants. She put her hand in my pants while sucking the tongue out of my mouth and once she touched it and felt how small it was she started laughing hysterically. Even worse though was that as soon as she touched my tiny dick I immediately sprayed the inside of my tighty whiteys. I wasn’t wearing panties all the time yet, but I had managed to steal a few here and there from apartment laundry rooms or even Christy’s panty drawer. Christy didn’t stay at the company very long after that, but I always wonder if she told the other ladies about my tiny prejac dick because so many times they’d be huddled together snickering and laughing then I’d walk by and they’d clam up, immediately bursting with pent up laughter after I had left.

Anyway, back to the front door. I stood there breathing heavily after looking through the peep hole frozen and not able to move with the thought of these two beautiful women at my front door. Eventually I heard them comment about I must be home because they had just seen me enter and saw the blinds move on the second floor. With trepidation I opened the door and there stood two angels. I almost immediately started to get hard again.

I opened my front door and there stood a stunning middle aged woman and her teenage looking daughter. I didn’t even get a chance to really look at them before they started speaking.

“Hi, we’re Brandia and Krystal, we just moved here from out of town, how are you?”

I didn’t know what to say or even do. I had just drenched my panties with cummies ogling them from the second story window and now here they were right in front of me. I started to put my hand out to shake and then thought “oh shit, did I zip my fly?” There was nothing I could do at this point besides continue the shake. I didn’t even think about if I had any cum on my hand I was about to shake with.

As I did it was almost impossible to keep eye contact with them both. The mother Brandia and the daughter Krystal both shook hands with me, their breasts jiggling nicely in their tank tops as they did. Krystal even mentioned if I had been using lotion recently on my hand because it felt a little slippery.

“Are you ok?” they asked. “You seem kind of flushed, oh and hey I don’t mean to get too personal but your fly is down…” said Brandia.

I immediately blushed crimson and quickly turned to zip my fly over my cum drenched panties. I could only hope it didn’t seep through my khakis but I didn’t have much faith in that. But what if they had seen my pink silky drenched briefs?

I had only really started wearing panties regularly after the divorce. I had aways been fascinated with them and had even worn my big sister Rebecca’s sometimes without getting caught. At least I don’t think she ever knew. They felt so good pulling them up my legs and covering my little cock. I didn’t know it then but I really did have a little dick that was perfect for being kept warm by a pretty pair of panties. After the divorce and after the devastating news from my ex about how useless I was in bed, I just sort of somehow started doing it. After my sister’s panties, I had occasionally snuck a pair a girlfriend’s here and there, or my ex’s panties and worn them while she was out, always being careful to put them back and clean them if I made a mess. By the time Brandia and Krystal moved in, I had a full assortment of panties and lingerie in my closet, wearing them every day.

I shyly said “Hi, my name is Tracy”. My parents had given me what they thought was a unisex name but it tended to lean more towards femine and I was teased mercilessly about it in school and even by Rebeccah.

They just said “How nice to meet you,” and didn’t seem taken aback at all by my state or open fly. I just silently sighed and kept on with my awkward greeting.

We exchanged small talk for a bit. They explained Brandia’s husband/Krystal’s father had passed away in a different state and they needed new scenery so they moved. Krystal was enrolled at the local College on a Volleyball scholarship and Brandia was a former college volleyball player herself. They were both taller and more muscular then me and definitely were in control when they shook my hand. I gave them a quick run down on my work and divorce, leaving out the parts about the panties and prejac little dicked clitty cucked by my ex-wife. The more we spoke the more my little stiffy grew in my pants and I worried they would see it, but I looked down and it didn’t really show, thankfully. It just looked like a fold in the cloth around my crotch was sticking out a little. Brandia further explained that because of her husband’s estate and insurance she didn’t need to work so she’d be at home mostly. My little dicklet twitched at the thought of being able to stare at her everyday.

After that we said our good byes, promising to talk again; I watched them walk elegantly back to their new house, all the while dreaming about them sitting on my face while staring at their asses.

The rest of the evening progressed normally and then it was time for bed so I began getting ready for bed. I had kept my cum drenched panties on kind of as a self punishment. Whenever I made cummies in my panties I had to wear them as long as possible. I would sometimes also punch my balls when jerking off because I was such a bad little pantyboy. I dreamed of a hot girl straddling my face with her pussy while she pounded my balls with her fists.

My thoughts however, kept going back to Brandia and Krystal. I found my self going to a different second story room with a window that provides a nice view of their house.

From my new vantage point I could see several lights on in the house and none of the blinds or shades had been pulled. I could see them working inside, unpacking boxes and using my binoculars on a tripod I got great views of their tits and ass as they continued to work. I began to rub my clitty through my panties as I watched them.

I could see what turned out to be both of their bedrooms from where I was and neither had their blinds or shades closed. I saw them enter their rooms and that’s when the show began.

Brandia entered her room and first removed her white tank top. She had unpacked a full length stand alone mirror and stood in front of it, admiring her breasts and giving them a little squeeze, then she also removed her white lacy bra and set them free. I almost came in my panties again right there. I had already stripped down to only my pink silky panties to watch them and my hand began rubbing my dicklet even faster. She pulled her shorts down her legs which gave me an awesome view of her pantied ass. She had been wearing satin string bikini white panties under her running shorts, not the stretchy kind but the classic polyester kind which felt amazing to blow a load in. Brandia walked to her bathroom and began hot water for a shower. In the meantime she continued to admire herself in the mirror and rub her breasts and even her pussy through her panties gently. Eventually her shower was ready and she bent over removing her satin panties then walked to the shower which I could not see. I was so close to cumming again watching this but I made myself wait and edged myself painfully while watching her.

Meanwhile Krystal had entered her room and similarly taken off her tank top, bra and shorts, leaving her panties on. Krystal was wearing an emerald green satin string bikini thong which accentuated her taught muscular ass so nicely. Instead of beginning a shower, she rather laid on her bed and began rubbing her pussy through her panties. I was so hard watching this, making the biggest tent in my crusty dried cummy panties. Krystal used one hand to massage her breasts, stopping every so often to pinch her little nipples on her perky tits while also now reaching her other hand under her panties and massaging her pussy.

She alternated between rubbing her clit and sticking two fingers as deep in her pussy as should could go. She arched her back and I could imagine her moaning while fingering herself as I tried my best to not cum in my panties while I watched. Krystal kept this up for awhile and eventually I could see her arch her back even more and every muscle in her body tensed while she silently screamed with her mouth open. I assume it was silent watching from my perch but I couldn’t really tell. Brandia was still in the shower at this point. After Krystal finished cumming she took off her satin thong panties, leaving them on the floor where I dreamed of stealing them, and began a shower to wash off the day’s sweat.

I was still managing to edge myself and not cum in my panties yet, but I had edged so many times by this point, my panties were a damp mess from precum anyway. I turned my gaze back to Brandia’s room to see if she had finished her shower. I absently dabbed precum from the tip of my clitty and sucked my finger clean while I waited.

When Brandia finally emerged from her shower she had already toweled off and dried her hair. Her suitcase was on her bed such that she bent over facing away from me to rummage though it. I was so close to drenching my panties again. Brandia pulled out a white silk negligee and pulled it over her body, draping it across her tits and let if fall down to her waist. She paused to rub her breasts through the material and pinched her nipples. By this time she had turned to face my way and I could see her biting her lip as well. At this point I completely lost it and pumped spurt after spurt into my silky pink brief panties. Watching the girls today and seeing the show they put on finally made me lose any semblance of control. After I finished convulsing, I fell to my knees and breathed heavily for several moments, soaking up the afterglow.

Eventually Krystal emerged from her shower and similarly changed into silky pajamas for the night. I could see them yell good night to each other and then the lights went out. I shuffled to my closet and got out my pink nylon baby doll Shadowline gown and pulled it over my head, letting its soft feeling cascade over my body as it slipped down. I crawled into bed in my gown and drenched panties and slept the best I had in a long while.


To Be Continued…?


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