Just A Sweetie

By uppishcarrot.

I used to be confident. I used to have bravado. I used to be outgoing. I used to be popular. I used to be a man.

Now, I am a shell of a man. Useless sissy constantly tormented by his goddess roommates. My flabby gut, man boobs and chunky thighs, I am not a sexual being nor am I viewed by the opposite sex with desire. I was been completely destroyed and turned into this looser. It is all Jade and Belle’s fault, they made me this way. With the barrage of insults, mindless pranks and emotional manipulations, I have been completely destroyed. Any eminence of being a man is long gone. I am a joke, a total and utter looser. My roommates Jade and Belle make sure of that.

It wasn’t always this way. It was only three years ago when I moved to town for study and I was desperately looking for a place to live. I simply answered an ad online ‘looking for a male specimen to keep the nasty boys away. ‘no hanky panky, we really just want a guy roommate’ To protect two meek girls.’

Sure enough I responded to the ad.

Jade was a goddess. She was putting herself through college by managing her own online fetish site. It was just videos of her in a bikini simulating masturbation begging for a ‘real man to come and fuck her’. I was instantly smitten. She was a tall sleek blonde and had the body of a gymnast. With moxy attitude and a wild side. She had a tattoo on her upper thigh and a sleeve tattoo on her right arm.

Belle was also present during the interview. She too was a goddess. An over confident euro Asian beauty. She also had her own website to make money, but she mainly sold used panties to perverts.

The old me was charming, confident, outgoing and very physically fit. Sure enough, they invited me to live with them.

At first it was great. They did their thing, I did mine.

We’d all hang out together, we’d go to the movies, we’d go shopping, we even got to know each other’s friends. All of Jade and Belle’s friends were goddesses. I must admit, I even fantasized about having my way with them. All of them, one by one, week by week. Alas, it was just a silly male fantasy.

Everything was going well until my girlfriend, Cassandra dumped me. Well actually, I learned through a close friend that she was cheating on me with her physics professor. It really stung, it really hurt.

I must admit it took me completely by surprise. Everything was going great.

After afew weeks of my moping around the apartment, Jade decided to throw me a bone and take me out to dinner. Little did I know, she had plans to ‘give me some’ in an attempt to make me feel better, and bring the ‘old me’ back.

After the movie, we made it back to her place. I thanked her for spending her Friday with me and before I knew what was happening she was sticking her tongue down my throat. We made out passionately and roughly. I pulled her hair, she bit my lip, I tore open her blouse, she squealed in delight. She was ready for me, hot, horny and ready. I could smell her nether regions, yes she was ready.

She reached out and squeezed my throbbing bulge as I grabbed her by the neck and sucked on her lower lip. She reciprocated by chewing and sucking my ear. Her fist clenched harder on my bulge, it felt amazing. So much passion, so much heat.

My world began to spin, I felt light headed, I reached total transcendence and in that moment, I had a total out of body experience. I shuddered and convulsed and without warning, I climaxed. It took me completely by surprise and I was powerless to control it. I simply came in my pants.

I jerked away from her and doubled over, cupping my crotch with both hands as I grunted and moaned in orgasmic bliss. Of course, this was soon replaced with a feeling of emptiness and darkness. I looked up at Jade who was every little bit confused.

I let out an audible groan as I rubbed my pulsing cock through my pants. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” I grunted through my teeth, unable to speak. It was such an intense orgasm.

Jade was still unsure of what was happening at this point, she looked on with sympathy. “Did you just… Ejaculate?” she asked.

My face turned three shades of red as I quickly tried to reclaim my image as an able bodied, functioning male. “Umm, no I didn’t. That’s no, I didn’t” I was blubbering, just a stuttering blubbering mess.

She found it amusing. She smirked at me and shook her head in disbelief and pity, “awww, sweetie!” she chuckled, “you really like me huh?” she laughed.

“Umm, I er…”

As much as she tried to remain sympathetic, her laughter continued, “I didn’t even think you were ‘all the way hard’ yet! I can’t believe this!” she laughed some more.

I noticed a very large wet patch had formed through my pants. I quickly excused myself, I had to get out of there and clean up, “I’ll be back, I just need to use the bathroom” I was so ashamed, I kept my head down as her laughter rang in my ears.

“It’s okay honeybunch, go and clean up. I’ll be waiting for you when you get back” she teased.

There I was in the bathroom, frantically wiping and cleaning myself. Cursing over and over in my head, ‘why, why, why did this happen to me? Oh my god! How? Why?’

I could hear her on the other side of the door, her fingers busy. She was texting. I heard snickering and giggling, ‘surely she wasn’t texting Belle about it!?’

Panic soon set in as I realized, I had completely destroyed my reputation in a number of quick orgasmic seconds.

“You know, It’s really okay. It happens to some men. Nothing to be ashamed about” she said on the other side of the door, trying to reassure me.

I was being silly, “Sorry, thank you. You just drive me crazy. That’s never happened to me before!” I added.

This was met with some muffled laughter.

She was mocking me, openly. Probably with an audience.

“Just hurry up and get out here sweetness” she said.

After a few more minutes, I swallowed my pride and emerged from the bathroom.

There before me on my bed was Jade, still fully clothed, but incredible nevertheless. She gave me a sultry look that instantly made me rock hard once more.

“You really like me that much sweetie?” she asked, pouting her lips mockingly.

I cleared my throat, “erm, yeah I—”

“Get undressed, I want to see all of you” she declared.

She started at me, her crystal stare burned through my soul. A sly smirk on her lips, “go on, let me see the rabbit” she added.

Within a matter of minutes, I was down to my briefs. Suddenly, I was shaking, nerves took over. I was harder than ever.

In one swift move, I lowered my briefs down to my ankles and stood before her, completely exposed.

She looked down and arched an eyebrow. She pressed her lips together and grinned. All of a sudden, her phone lit up.

She turned her attention to her phone, responding to a text.

So there we were, I completely naked, standing there with a rock hard member, like an idiot. And her, fully clothed, on my bed, texting. Ignoring me. She chuckled to herself as she typed, occasionally looking over at me with a condescending smirk.

I felt silly.

I felt like I was just standing there for a whole five minutes.

Finally, she looked up at me and asked, “do you mind if I take a quick photo of you?” she smiled at me, making me weak at the knees.

“Umm, I don’t know” I was nervous and afraid. I knew she’d share the photo with her friends. I was mortified.

“Please!” she fake pouted again, “just for fun” she pushed out her chest and swayed back and forth.

“Sure!” I said without thinking.

Once again, she smiled from ear to ear and held her phone up, “smile!” she called out.

I stupidly grinned as she took a photo, the flash momentarily blinding me.

“awww, that’s just precious” she declared

“what is?” I asked

“your little pink gherkin there” she added, her attention at her phone, typing.

“my, my what?” I asked, gobsmacked.

She put her phone down and locked eyes with me, “your tiny little… tater-tot” she said, waving her pinky at me, “You didn’t know?”

“urm, know what?” I asked, like an idiot.

“You have a small penis. It’s very petite. It’s little and dainty. Adorable” She slowly turned her attention back to her phone as I pressed some more.

“Adorable!?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“Cute.” She reciprocated. “you’re a sweetie. I really like you” she said, whilst looking at her phone, busy texting.

“I really like you too Jade, I-”

“I mean, not like that. Not the way you think. I like you like…” she looked at my privates once more, this time a cruel grin washed over her face, “like a girlfriend” she smiled at me, “you’re just like a girl”

“Urm, okay” I felt silly. Stupid, “maybe I should get dressed” I said, conceding defeat.

She quickly put her phone down, “no, no, why? We’re having fun! Come and sit next to me” she patted the bed beside her.

I slowly sat down, next to her.

She looked down at my stiff member once more.

Suddenly, she reached forth and clenched her fist around it, she gave a slight squeeze, “now, don’t come on my hand sweetness”

Oddly, I felt it again, building up.

“nnnno, I won’t” I cleared my throat and tried to think about something non sexual.

“It’s so little. My ex’s cock was double your size. It was long and thick, manly. I couldn’t even make a whole fist around it, and I could hold it with both hands… your little winky feels like a toy by comparison. I can’t believe you actually thought anything would happen” she said, striking where it hurt.

“I’m sorry” I didn’t know what to say, it was the only thing that came out.

Suddenly, she let go. “Have you seen porn?! Like, do you know what men’s cocks are supposed to look like?” she asked, mocking me.

I was such a fool, “Urm, Aren’t those guys just big?”

She looked at me and shook her head, chuckling to herself, “Yes sweetie. That’s right” she giggled some more, her eyes slowly looking down at her phone as she continued to text.

After what felt like an eternity, I decided I’d had enough of this humiliation and it was time to make my departure, “Okay, I understand. Maybe I sho—”

“I want to see you come again” she said, cutting me off once more.

“You want me to–”

She stood up and ordered me to scoot up into the center of the bed. “Sit up and put your feet up by your ass” she ordered.

So I sat up, sitting there like a lobster. Exposed and feeling every little bit silly.

She stood back chuckled and held out her phone once more, holding it up and aiming at me, as if to take a picture of me in my most embarrassing state.

Mortified, I gasped, “Wha… no! What are you doing?” I asked on the verge of tears.

She just laughed some more, “Relax, we’re just having fun honeybunch!” I heard a faint ‘click’ as she put her phone down and leaned in to me, close. God, she smelt amazing.

Slowly she rubbed my inner thigh and gave my ass a slight squeeze. Her cheek brushed up against my chest, she looked down at my stiff little member and lightly blew on it, softly she said, “I just blew you” she chuckled to herself.

That’s when she reached for my right hand and led it to my ass. “I want you to finger yourself” she said, almost whispering.

“What?!” I said, gobsmacked.

“Finger fuck your ‘manpussy’ silly” she added, flashing her grin at me.

“I can’t do that, I-”

“-I’ll give you an actual blowjob if you do” she said, grinning.

I knew it was stupid and she was probably just fucking with me, but the image of her running her tounge over her lips was enough to convince me.

Slowly, I began massaging my puckered asshole with my right index finger. After a few minutes she yelled out, “wait! Wait! Stop!”

I looked up at her perplexed.

“Wet it first silly” she ordered

“Huh?” I asked

“Like this” she said as she slowly stuck her own index finger into her mouth and began sucking it, simulating a blowjob. “Do that first”

“Urm…” Slowly, I brought my finger to my mouth.

She held up her phone once more, aiming at me with a grin. “Just ignore me sweetie, go on… suck it. Suck it like it’s an impressive meaty cock”

I quickly lubed up my finger, looking up at her for approval. After I got ‘the nod’ I slowly retreated my finger back to my anus.

I’m not too sure how I ended up in this position, but here I was, finger fucking myself as Jade looked on, laughing and obviously recording me. I’m not even sure why I was doing it, I was just so damned horny.

“Yeah, that’s it. You sick little bitch. Play with yourself too. Jerk yourself off with your other hand… but only use your thumb and pinky” she arched her eyebrows and grinned, I look back at her, perplexed and a little hurt, “We both know you don’t need a whole hand for that widdle pickle between your legs.”

With one hand, I fingered myself, with the other I jerked myself off. With my left hand, I held my penis with two fingers as I vigorously jerked it for all I was worth. I picked up the pace, faster and faster.

Jade looked on, laughing, occasionally saying “look at the camera, look at me”

She couldn’t contain her laughter, he laughed from within, a deep belly laugh. Her face was beet red and she was enjoying this a little too much. It soon dawned on me, she wasn’t taking photos, she was recording a video.

I could feel that feeling, building up. I bit my lip and tried ever so hard to hold it in, “mpf! Oh god, I’m gonna cum!” I announced.

“Are you?” she mocked, “Are you gonna squirt from your little sissy stick?” she teased. “Go on then, do it. Make your pee pee dribble for me! Cum for me honeybunch!” she egged me on, her mockery was ever so clear, she began to chant “little dicky, little dicky, little dicky…”

That was all it took. I let out a wail and a pant, followed by a high pitched shriek, “Aighmpfhargh!!!” my sphincter clenched around my index finger as I shot an impressive amount of cum all over myself. Spurt after spurt, all over my stomach, chest and neck. I even got myself in my own face.

As I sat there red faced, catching my breath, Jade came in closer with the camera, “look at me” she ordered. Defeated, I looked up at her, “now say, I’m a dickless sissy and I love hot cum” she added.

“I’m a dickless sissy and I love hot cum” she howled with laughter as the words left my lips.

Still recording she continued, “now apologize for pretending to be a man” she added.

Ashamed, I looked away, in the opposite direction, “sorry I pretended to be a man” I said, on the verge of tears as I slowly removed my finger out of my ass.

“Now say, I’m sorry I am sexually inadequate…” She added

“sorry I’m inadequate” I said, defeated

“sexually inadequate” she corrected me

I looked up at her crestfallen, “sexually inadequate” I said.

“now say, sorry I am barely half a man” she added

I looked away again, ashamed and sobbing “I’m half a man” I said.

She stood up, putting her phone down. Her smirk disappeared as she looked down at my tackle with disdain, “no, you’re not a man at all… Everyone will soon know too and If they don’t believe me, I’ll show them”

“Get the fuck out of my room” she added coldly.


The End.


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