Dignity Dash: Session 03

By username55.

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Part 3…

In a barely lit room with a few occult like artifacts in it a woman in a black and green witch like outfit was biding her time. There was a number in her crystal ball. This number seemed to represent the number of souls she’s caught thus far.

She smiled as the number 599 eventually gave way to 600. “Finally I swore that took much longer than usual.” she said getting up and going over to one of the boxes of Dignity Dash she had stashed in her room.

She looked at it and removed the sticky note on the box. It was a drawing of a mansion. She then placed the sticky note on the wall. She then brought out her wand and cast a spell on the sticky note, turning it into a portal.

The portal opened up to reveal an opulent mansion. She then kicked the box of Dignity Dash into it and the portal closed. She chuckled evilly as she went back to the crystal ball to see the fruits of her labor.

In said opulent mansion was a woman in a maid outfit. She seemed to be grumbling and complaining about something as she cleaned. “I can’t believe I have to do this. This is peasant work, I swear.”

This wasn’t an ordinary maid. It was Gracie Grayson. The daughter of billionaire Mrs. Grace Grayson. Normally, she’d be the one ordering maids to clean up everything, but she was currently being punished for a prank she pulled on Mrs. Grayson’s groundskeeper, as well as several other of Grace’s employees. Her punishment was to fill in for some of them for one week, each.

So over the course of this week, she had to clean the ENTIRE MANSION. “Stupid Diego, the least he could’ve done was clean his own goddamn room, but noooo…he had to make me do it like I’m a maid or something.”

Currently she was indeed cleaning his room as he was busy with his own job as said groundskeeper. Currently she was trying to clean under his bed. As she was struggling to vacuum underneath it, she heard a weird sound and a saw a bright flash of light. She stood up and looked around.

“Diego, you better not have taken a picture of my ass again. I swear, this stupid maid outfit is too short.” she said, blushing slightly as she tried to keep the hem of her dress from going up.

…”Diego? Are you in here?” she said looking around, finding no one with her in his room. As she walked around she tripped over a box that she swore wasn’t there before.

“OW. STUPID PIECE OF GARBAGE!” she said, getting up from the floor and picking up the box.

She saw what it was and was stunned. She then got a mischievous grin as she then knew exactly what to do with it.

She waited in Diego’s room for about an hour for him to be done with his shift. As he walked in and was about to change out of his uniform, she jumped out from under his bed and scared the ever-loving hell out of him.


“Hehehehe….I love doing that.” she giggled as he quickly pulled his overalls back up.


“Oh I am, but I just have to ask, why do you have a porn board game in your room?”

Diego looked at her confused, “A porn board game? Those exist?”

“Don’t play coy, you perv.”

“I’m not, what are you talking about?”

She then held the box she found and read it out for him. “Dignity Dash: The public nudity board game.”

She then giggled once more as she said, “I knew you liked exposing yourself, but wow. I never thought you’d play a board game about it.”


“Uh-huh, sure.”

“Where did you find this?”

“In here…I know it’s yours…”

“I’ve never seen this in my life.”


She then placed the game on his bed and then walked close to him. She then whispered, “I wanna play it with you.”

“WHAT, NO! Besides, you have a job to do. So go do it!”

“What’s the matter? Afraid I’ll beat you?”

“No. I just don’t feel comfortable playing that with you. Something about it feels…wrong. Like we shouldn’t even be touching it.”

“Come on! Play it with me!” she said, bringing the box closer to him.


“Play it!” she brought the box closer to him again.


“PLAY! IT!” She was pushing the box in his face.


As Gracie tried in vain to get him to play the game with her, the door to the bedroom opened. “What’s going on here?”

It was Grace, who heard the commotion from outside the room. “Mom, can me and Diego play this game I found in his room?”

Gracie handed her the box of Dignity Dash. As she looked at the illustration which had a blushing naked couple hunched over trying to avoid various eyes behind a bush, she chuckled. “My, my…You really are something else Diego. I didn’t think they made porn board games.”


“No need to be ashamed. I think you know by now that I’m fine with your…quirks. Hehe.”

Diego blushed and tried to look away as she knew what she meant by that. Being seen naked by your boss and willingly walking around naked definitely made her think he was into public nudity.

He wasn’t though…or at least that’s what he told himself. He wasn’t sure he’d believe himself either. “So can we play it? I promise to get back to work once we’re done!”

Grace thought about it for a second and said, “Sure.”

Gracie cheered and immediately tried to open the box, but before she could, her mom added, “Only if I can play with you two as well.”

Both Gracie and Diego were stunned. “Ma’am, I don’t know if I even want to play at all. I had a long day and-”

“Nonsense. I’ll take the game and set it up in the library. You change out of your uniform and me and Gracie will be waiting.”

She took the box from Gracie and they both went out of the room. Diego sighed and cursed his luck that he was forced to play a board game with them about nudity. At least it wouldn’t be actual nudity…right?

With him changed into some causal clothes, he headed to the library. He saw the box on the table and sat down with Grace and Gracie. “So, Diego. How do we play?”

“I don’t know. I’m telling you the truth when I say I never played this before.”

“Maybe there are instructions in the box.”

They opened the box and all they saw was the board, the game pieces and a slip of paper. No dice, no anything else. Diego read the paper, on it were a set of instructions.

“Step 1: Pick your piece.”

They did so with Gracie immediately taking the purple piece. Mrs. Grayson jokingly pouted as she said, “I wanted purple…”

She went for black instead. Diego looked over the pieces that were left. “Huh…no blue? Eh, fine, I’ll take green.”

He did so. “Step 2: Each player places their piece onto the starting space.”

They did so. “Step 3: With a hand on each piece, player 1 will now say: “Let the game commence!””

He paused as he realized that was the entire set of instructions. “That can’t be it. Where’s the rest of it? How do we decide the turn order? How do we even move? What are the rules?”

“How should we know? It’s your game.” said Gracie as she was getting impatient.


“Maybe it’s voice activated. Try doing what it says.” suggested Grace, placing her hand on her piece.

Gracie and Diego then placed their hands on their pieces. He then said, “Let the game commence!”

…nothing happened.

“Huh, well I guess it didn’t w-”

But that’s when the room became enveloped in a burst of bright light. When the light was gone, so were they.

Diego woke up and found himself on a beach, But something was off about it. The water was a static blue piece of cardboard and the sand was smooth and plastic. It felt strange under his bare feet.

…Wait, bare feet? He looked down at his feet to question why he couldn’t feel his shoes and discover that his shoes weren’t the only things that were gone.


He covered himself as he looked around for anyone who could spot him. He then clenched his fist as he cursed Gracie for this awful prank that she did on him. “I DON’T KNOW HOW SHE DID THIS, BUT I KNOW SHE SOMEHOW DID THIS! I SWEAR WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON HER-”

His angry inner monologue was interrupted by a pair of arms wrapping themselves around his waist, followed by a pair of 2 soft things hitting his back and a piercing scream in his left ear.


“GET OFF ME!” he said, trying to shake Gracie off of him.

He tried to grab on of her arms to try and get her off…only to grab something much softer than that.

They both froze as they both realized what just happened. “Gracie….are you naked too?”

“Wait, am I?”

That’s when she looked down for the first time and realized she was. She also realized that Diego just grabbed her boob.



They both let go of each other as Gracie went in to try and slap Diego for his accidental grope. “HOW DARE YOU STRIP ME DOWN AND TOUCH ME, YOU PERVERT!”


“YEAH, YOUR GIANT ASS!” She said as she smacked Diego on the butt. He did the same to her and they both got into a slap fight.

As both of them got into a naked slap fight they were stopped by Mrs. Grayson. “ENOUGH, YOU TWO!”

They both stopped and looked at her. “WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS? WHY ARE YOU BOTH NUDE!?”

She was pissed at them, but then she noticed that Diego’s face turned bright red and he had difficulty looking her in the eyes. Meanwhile, Gracie grimaced and said, “I really didn’t need to see this…”

“What’s wrong with you two? Is there something on my face?”

Diego couldn’t speak as his jaw was too busy being dropped to the floor. Luckily, Gracie broke the bad news to her by simply pointing down.

She looked down and sure enough…”EGAD! I’M INDECENT!”

Diego felt like he saw a view of heaven itself as he got a view of her D-cups and peach fuzzed lower region before she slammed her hands over herself.

This caused her to turn bright red in both embarrassment at Diego seeing her like this and anger at Diego for seeing her like this. “EYES UP HERE, DIEGO!”

“YES, MA’AM!” He said, standing up right and saluting her, which unfortunately gave both her and Gracie a view of him…well standing up and saluting her.

A wide eyed look from Grace and a chuckle from Gracie clued him in on the fact he needed to hide himself again. As all three of them stood there, covering and humiliated, they wondered how to get out of this.

That’s when a pair of dice appeared over Diego’s head like it was Mario Party. Diego sighed as he realized what happened. “We are trapped in the board game.”

“How? That’s impossible.” said Grace.

“Yeah, there’s got to be another explanation for this.” added Gracie.

“Can either of you think of one?”

They both looked at each other and shook their head.

“Maybe if we play along, we can get out of here.” and with that Diego hit the dice.

He rolled an 8. Seeing three paths before him, he had to choose between the beach, downtown or a path simply called, “Outdoors”. Having remembered a certain bad experience he had at the beach and with downtown being so crowded, he picked the outdoor path.

He then landed on a red space. At that point a card appeared. “The Street Vendor.”

As he ran with his hands hiding himself he ran into a table with a bunch of jewelry on it on the side of the road. Just as the table collapsed with him going to the floor with it, he saw a dice appear in front of him. Not knowing what else to do, he hit the dice. A 3.

Just as he got to his feet he saw a woman in a goth sort of get-up get a wide eyed look as she saw her jewelry all over the ground and a naked guy next to it. But Diego noticed something about her. She looked to be made of plastic much like most of the buildings and scenery. She looked a little like those plastic army guys but obviously she wasn’t one of those.

“Heh….ummm…sorry about that, but I gotta go!”

She reached out and grabbed his arm before he could get far. “HOLD IT RIGHT THERE, NAKED DUDE! The least you could do before you parade that tiny cock around some more is pick up what you dropped.”

As Diego saw a crowd forming around the wrecked jewelry stand he begrudgingly agreed. He quickly gathered all the jewelry as the table was set back up. “There you go ma’am.”

“Good. Now unless you want to help me sell these necklaces and pendants, then get lost. Come back with clothes on and maybe I’ll even give you a small discount.” She said, having her hand form into a pinching shape.

He ran off humiliated and hid behind a corner. “Ok, off to a great start.” he said sarcastically.

That’s when he noticed one of his hands start glowing. He looked at it and it had a 15 on it. It then dropped down to a 13. “Alright that’s pretty freaky…”

Before he could think about it any further, another card appeared. “The Walk of Shame.”

“I don’t like the sound of that one…”

As he shouldn’t. There wasn’t much to this card. All he saw in front of him was a massive crowd of people, mostly women (of course) and a huge open area with nothing to hide behind. He sighed, covered himself and started walking. He would have ran, but for some reason, he wasn’t capable of moving above walking pace.

Giggles, gasps, pointing, laughing, wolf-whistles, cat calls and of course camera flashes were seem and heard as Diego tried not to die of shame from the get go. He just kept staring ahead, trying not to look any of these plastic women in the eye.


“Heeeey, nakie boy~~~<3" "Smile for the camera, nudie cutie!" "That's the guy who knocked over the jewelry stand!" "He's all nekkid...Hehehehehe..." "I saw his front earlier!" "How big was it?" "IT WAS TINY!!" "Nice ass!" "DAMN BOY! HE THICC!" "LOOK AT IT JIGGLE! HAHAHAHAHA!" Practically everything on his person was blushing as he wished Gracie never found this game in the first place. Once he got to the other side of that crowded path, he found that he could run again. He hid behind a tree and saw his hand glow once more. It went down to 11. Gracie was losing her mind laughing as she saw this unfold. But Grace quieted her down as she felt sorry for him. "Poor thing. That seemed rather harsh." "Oh he deserves it. Besides, I feel like something like that is about to happen to us..." "You're right. Keep a stiff upper lip, Gracie. Whatever is doing this will not win." With that, it was Gracie's turn. She rolled a 10. "Heh, maybe I'll get lucky and find a nude beach or something." she said, heading down the beach path. She landed on a blue space. "Clear Skies." A bright sunny day was upon us. Gracie felt the warm sun all over her body and the cool breeze wash over her as she walked. She sighed contently. "Heh...you know this isn't so bad." That's when another card appeared. "Unexpected Charity." "Excuse me! Miss!" Gracie stopped in her tracks as she realized she was flaunting herself in front of someone. Turning red once more she prepared to run until the person got her attention once more. "No No! It's ok. I can see you are in need of something." Gracie turned to look at this person. It was a guy around her age. He was at a stand of his own, much like the amateur jeweler, but his was a charity stand. Gracie had an idea to try and get some type of cover out of him. "Oh, yes. I am indeed poor and...in need of something as my meager earnings have left me unable to afford clothes." she said, pretending to start crying. She then saw the dice appear above her head. She rolled a 4. "Well, I don't really have a lot to be honest, I think most people confuse this stand for a trash can. You're free to have what's in this box." She grinned as she couldn't believe how much of a sucker this guy was. But as she looked in the box she only saw two things. Handcuffs and a mylar balloon in the shape of a certain cartoon mouse's head. "Really!? Is this all I get!?" "Look, I know it's not much ma'am, especially the handcuffs, no idea why someone would just toss handcuffs in here. But with the balloon, you just gotta get creative with it. Observe!" He then took the balloon and blew it up to its full size. He then handed it to her and tied the string around her waist in such a way that it would cover her from the front. "Ta-da. A brand new fashion statement if I say so myself." Gracie was not thrilled. At least until a card appeared in front of her. "Balloon: Avoid losing 1 DP per event." "Wait, this is like a thing I can use for cover! Thank you!" "Aww...shucks. You're welcome. Now get going cutie, before you get seen by anyone else." "Hehe......sucker..." she muttered walking away with the balloon tied around her. Diego was less then thrilled. "HEY CHARITY GUY! SHE'S FILTHY RICH!" Gracie stopped in her tracks, looking behind her to see if he heard that. But he and the stand were gone. She flipped him off in response and said, "You're just jealous that I was born lucky!" Diego growled in response as the dice went over Grace's head, surprising her. "Oh...it's my turn." she hit the dice and rolled. It was a 7. She chose to go down the path that Diego went. "MOM! Why are you going with him and not me?" "You seem like you can handle yourself. I need to make sure that he's ok." "YOU CAN SEE HIM FROM WHERE YOU'RE STANDING! I CAN SEE HIM! HE'S FINE!" "SHUT UP GRACIE, I'M MISERABLE!" "YEAH RIGHT, YOU JUST WANT MY MOM TO KISS YOU ALL BETTER." "NO! I...well...Shut up. It's her decision anyway." Grace landed on a blue space. "Breezy Gust." All of a sudden, everyone felt a heavy breeze come through. Grace tried to grab onto something for dear life but she was thrown back two spaces, as was Diego and Gracie. As both Diego and Mrs. Grayson fell to earth, Gracie fell at a slower speed. Turns out that balloon really held on to her and she gently landed on her feet, while her mom and Diego fell in a bush. "Oww....You ok Grace?" "I could be better, to be honest." All three of them saw their hands glow. Diego and Grace lost 2 DP, bringing them to 9 and 13 respectively. Meanwhile Gracie also lost 2, but then her balloon glowed. Bringing her DP back up by one. Leaving her with 14. "So you both have that too, huh?" "It seems that way, Diego." "HA, I'M WINNING!" teased Gracie. Diego got frustrated as she said that. But then another card appeared in front of Grace. "Nature's Cover." As both Diego and Grace walked out of the bush they heard a crowd coming. Diego ran back behind the tree, but Grace started to panic. She then saw a big potted plant. The perfect size to hide all her naughty bits. She ran behind it and hid there. The dice appeared in front of her. She rolled a 5. A few plastic pedestrians were walking past the plant. They turned to look at her. She waved at them with a massive blush on her face as they hopped on by. A few of them waved back but otherwise didn't say anything. She breathed a sigh of relief as the passed by and tried to calm down her heart which was beating a mile a minute. "Oh god...that was close." she thought to herself as she sat there thinking of what to do next. The dice meanwhile went back to Diego. He rolled a 4. Another blue space. "Unpredictable Wind Gusts." "Oh god, not aGAAAAAAAAAAAIN!" All of them were blown backwards by two spaces. They also lost only 1 DP this time. With Diego dropping to 8 and Grace dropping to 12. Gracie, once again, was saved by the balloon, so her DP was unaffected. "Gracie...if we make it out of this alive, I'm going to spank you with this GAME BOARD!" declared Diego, so angry with this nonsense that he didn't care if Grace heard that or not. A card appeared in front of him. "Costume Mishap." He noticed he landed in a pile of junk. As he crawled out of it, he had an idea. He'd make some cover out of it. The dice appeared and he rolled it. A 4 He searched through the pile of junk but he was never really good at putting things together, least of all outfits. He almost gave up when he saw a large book beneath the garbage. It was massive. Big enough to cover himself and a bit of his chest. He got it and held it near his crotch. A card appeared in front of him. "Large Book: Avoid losing 1 DP per event. Could be given as a gift to lower the difficulty of challenges involving persuading another person." As he hid with his new bargaining tool and piece of cover it was Gracie's turn. She rolled the dice. It was a 6. But before she could move, the Unexpected Wind Gusts card appeared in front of her. "For 3 turns, Before each roll, flip a coin. If successful, you may move forward an extra space. If unsuccessful, you move back one space from your roll." (For this, Heads will be success. Tails will be failure.)

It was heads. But as Gracie started to move, the 4 on the dice that she rolled glowed as did her balloon. “Man this balloon is great. Maybe I could wear a dress made of them when I get out of here. That would surely make me stand out.”

She reached the space, but then she was blown forward by one. This caused her to tumble and her balloon to untie itself. It floated into the sky, leaving her naked once more. “NO COME BACK!!!”

She groaned as she was reduced to using her hands once more. Her DP dropped by one. to 13. “Well, at least I’m still winning.”

The next card as she landed on a red space: “Celebrity Encounter.”

A group of guys were hopping along being surrounded by various fangirls. She recognized the guys as her favorite K-pop band. “OH MY GOD!” she squealed in glee as she went to try and get their autograph. Only to remember a bit too late as she walked into their field of view that she was completely and totally naked.

Her heart sank as she saw their eyes travel downwards. A few of them had sultry looks on their faces as Gracie stood there, turning red. A few of the fangirls however didn’t like that all the attention was being taken by some naked woman, clearly in some desperate bid to get them to notice her. Her DP dropped to 11.

The fangirls started to angrily chase her down as she ran away with tears in her eyes. As she ran another card appeared before her. “History Is a Circle.”

She saw a statue of some historical figure (she had no clue who it was, she didn’t feel the need to study history. “Who cares about the past anyway, it already happened.”, is what she usually says whenever someone calls her out on that,) and hid behind it, watching the fangirls hop on by.

But just as she was about to run off, the dice appeared above her head. She hit it and it was a 2. That’s when she heard someone behind her clear their throat. “Young lady, what is the meaning of this shameful display!?”

She looked behind her as she had her hands wrapped around whoever this statue was. It looked like she was spooning the statue as this group of historical fanatics got a good glimpse of her butt as she hung off of it.

“How dare you sully the statue of Milton Parker!? Do you even know who he was?”

“N-no…” said Gracie trying not to faint from embarrassment.

“He founded this city! You should be ashamed, you harlot! I have a mind to spank you silly if you continue to defile that statue!”

She immediately let go and with an embarrassed look on her face, ran off in front of all these history buffs seeing her in the buff. She felt her face turn red hot at the fact that someone saw her doing that to a statue. She hid behind a potted plant. Her DP dropped to 9.

As she hid, she heard Diego start to chuckle. “Guess just like that balloon, your chances of getting through this without humiliating yourself have blown away in the wind.”

“Shut up…” she said as she huddled behind the plant, trying not to cry.

The dice went back to Grace and she rolled a 10. But with a coin flip landing on tails, it blew her back one space landing her on a green space. The card appeared. “Accidental Domino.”

As she stumbled to her feet, Grace accidentally knocked over a bystander that she didn’t see coming. Humorously, he was standing in a long line with other people. As he fell over, it knocked the person in front of him and then the person in front of that person and so on and so on until a long line of people were on the floor like they really were dominos.

She stood stunned at the destruction her clumsiness caused. The dice appeared and she hit it. A 2.

Mrs. Grayson, ever the helpful soul, swallowed her pride and tried to help the first guy up to his nonarticulated feet. But the 2nd guy in the line of people that fell over, immediately called her out. “HEY, THAT OLD NAKED WOMAN KNOCKED ME OVER!”

“I am so sorry, I took a misstep and fell over onto this gentlemen and…OLD!?”

Grace was about to tan his plastic hide as she swore she heard him call her an old woman. But just before she was going do so, she realized he also used the adjective “naked” to describe her. With her modesty in danger, she ran off!

As she hid behind a tree, she looked at her hand. Her DP went down to 10. Diego tried to make her feel better. “You know he’s plastic. Technically the material to make him is older than most humans. So, he could be thousands of years old.”

“That’s sweet of you Diego…”

He blushed as she said that. Gracie just rolled her eyes. It was Diego’s turn.

He rolled a 6. The 1 used to make the 6 glowed along with the large book he had. “Oh god, this thing is actually really heavy.”

He took a few steps forward and stumbled, dropping the book into a puddle. He groaned as he saw that book practically disintegrate. As he slapped his forehead in exasperation, he saw someone looking right at him. With his tiny bookmark exposed, he covered and ran to the space.

But with the coin landing tails he was blown back one space. He lost 1 DP, going down to 7. (from the book thing not the wind)

He landed on a red space. “Workplace Blunder.”

As he ran he ran into, Mrs. Grayson!?

But she looked different, she was plastic much like everyone he’s seen so far. “Diego, what on earth are you doing!?”

At first he panicked, feeling ashamed of being caught naked by his beautiful boss once more, but then he remembered that she was not only in the same situation as him, but also not made of plastic.


“Am I? Well, if I’m fake, then you won’t mind exposing yourself to me.”

Diego had his eyes go wide. “Uh…you know I’m still not comfortable with letting it all hang out, you know…even in front of a fake plastic version of-”




“UHH, UHH, N-NO THAT’S NOT AT ALL WHAT I WANT AT ALL!” he said, trying not to let the real Grace hear this slander.

“GOOD.” then the plastic Grace got close to him and whispered right in his ear. “Cause that would never happen in a million years.”




“But…but that time…in the bedroom…”


With that she hopped away. Diego was currently laying down in a fetal position on the floor as he repeated to himself. “She’s just a fake. She’s just a fake. She’s just a fake…” but deep down inside he knew, that the real Grace probably thought that too. As tears welled up in his eyes, his DP dropped to 4.

Both Grace and even Gracie were stunned by this. Neither of them knew what to say. But before they could say anything another card appeared. “Annoying Cat.”

Diego tried to get his bearings and found what looked like a good hiding spot, but as he approached there was a cat. It hissed at him and tried to swipe at him. But with it being plastic it had no teeth or claws to hurt him with so he just picked it up and set it aside. But it still kept hissing at him.

“Ok, you cat, I’ve had an awful time here and I know you’re just going to pester me until I roll a dice or something so, give me the dice please.” he said, fully done with everything.

The dice did appear and he rolled a 4.

“Thank you.” and he tossed the cat away. With a yowl it was thrown. It seemed to hit a window somewhere as he heard the sound of breaking glass. He then hid and waited for the next turn.

The dice then went to Gracie, but she didn’t roll. Instead she looked at Diego with concern on her face. “Diego? …are you ok?”

“Just peachy, Gracie. Why do you ask…or care?”

“You were kinda mean to that cat…”

“Oh what, is the plastic ASPCA going to come down on me? Get the plastic cops to arrest me and try me in a plastic court of plastic law, find me guilty of plastic animal abuse and put me in plastic jail so I can rot away my plastic life in this plastic hell?”

Grace who was one space behind Diego was close enough to put her hand on his shoulder. “Diego…you know I’d never say any of that to you…right?”

Diego sighed and said, “I know for a fact YOU wouldn’t say that to me…”

“Then why did that affect you so badly?”

Diego just cradled his head in his hands without answering her.

Gracie then rolled the dice. Snake Eyes. A 2. The coin: tails.

She was blown back one space onto a green. Her card: “A Cold Dip”.

As she struggled to understand why Diego seemed to so depressed, she saw a group of joggers coming towards her. Next to her was a small lake. She had one opportunity. She dove in. Even though, much like everything else, it was only a strip of cardboard, she sunk down into it. With only her head exposed in the water she rolled the dice. A 4.

The joggers looked at Gracie and waved at her. She waved back with a smile on her face and a massive blush, but the joggers hopped on by, not suspecting a thing. Despite the somewhat chilly water, Gracie decided to skinny dip for a bit.

“Hehe, this is kinda nice. Maybe you’d like a skinny dip in the pool when we get out of here, huh Diego? Don’t worry, I won’t peek.” she said, absolutely lying about that last part.

Diego had no response.

“Diego, please. It’s going to be ok, dear. You’re an amazing groundskeeper, a great employee and if I can be blunt for a second….very cute and sexy. Hehe.”

“MOM!” cried Gracie.

“I mean…he is.” said Mrs. Grayson, slightly blushing.

“Thank you ma’am. I just wish I could see myself as you see me.”

“Is that what that was about? That wasn’t what you thought I’d say. That’s what you thought of yourself?”


“Oh Diego…never think of yourself like that ever again. I forbid you from ever thinking you’re worthless. Every employee I hire is the best of the best in my eyes…especially cute and sexy groundkeepers with adorable little c…”


…”You get the picture, I’m sure.” she said, giving Diego a kiss on the cheek.

He smiled briefly as he felt warm fuzziness go through his body. Grace meanwhile rolled the dice.

A 7. The coin flip: Tails.

As she was blown back once more, she cursed that stupid wind card. But her troubles were not done yet as she just landed on another blue space. “Breezy Gust.”

All 3 of them cursed whoever thought of these Gust cards in the first place as they went back once more and lost 2 DP.

This dropped Grace and Gracie to 8 and 7 respectively. With Gracie now shivering due to the cold breeze after being submerged in water, she looked at Diego who was flat on his face. He got to his feet only to check his DP with a panicked look on his face. “I’m at 2!”

“Something just occurred to me. What happens when your DP hits 0?” asked Grace.

“I DON’T KNOW!” Diego screamed.

Both Graysons looked at each other with a look of worry. The next card appeared for Grace. “Picnic Disaster.”

The wind wasn’t done messing with them as a picnic blanket with all the things a picnic normally has hit her in the face! This made her lose one DP, bringing her to 7. But then she had an idea. That blanket would be useful as cover.

The dice appeared, she hit it. A 4.

She caught up with it and held it in front of her. Another card appeared in front of her. “Picnic Blanket: Avoid losing 1 DP per event.”

She tied it around herself like a makeshift towel. “Hehe. How do I look Diego?”

“Stunning…as usual.”

The dice appeared over his head. With him less than halfway across the board, it would be a miracle for him to make it to the end.

It was a ten and the coin (YET AGAIN!) landed on tails.

He was blown onto a green space. The card read: “Tree Hugger.”

As he was trying his hardest not to get caught, he saw a big tree. He a saw a bunch of women coming so he hid behind said tree. That’s when he realized that the group of ladies were about to have a picnic, near that exact tree!

The dice is rolled and it’s a….1.

He heard some of the ladies talking. “Let’s put the blanket under the shady part of the tree.”

“Ok, sure.”

“Yeah, good idea.”

That’s when he realized that he was directly beneath the shady part of the tree. He ran around to the front of the tree to avoid them. Only to discover that they were only barely about to move. He ran right in front of them with everything on display.

One of the ladies had a Vienna sausage in her hands. From her exact view point, it was right in front of Diego’s own Vienna sausage. This caused her to burst out laughing at him, with the other women joining her. They even pulled out cameras to catch his smallness right on film.




He tried to get away but they got closer and closer. They cornered him, with flash after flash of their cameras, Diego felt like he was gonna pass out from the humiliation. That’s when his hand started to glow. He saw his DP go from 2 to -1.

At that moment the number on his hand started to glitch wildly. His hand started to feel funny. It was starting to turn green. The laughing women around him disappeared. In fact, so did everything else.


He tried to wipe the green stuff from his hand but it wouldn’t come off. He then realized that the green stuff was plastic. It matched the color of the piece he picked. Soon his arm was coated in the green plastic. Once it reached the shoulder, he couldn’t move that arm anymore.

That’s when he saw it. A giant hand! It was coming right for him. He ran out of its grasp. He tried to call out for Grace or even Gracie.


From their perspective, it looked like Diego had just disappeared. But that’s when they heard him screaming.



He continued to run but then the plastic started to spread to his other arm and the slowly one of his legs.


That’s when they both realized the severity of the situation. “DIEGO, WAIT, ARE YOU ACTUALLY DYING!?” screamed out Gracie.

As the plastic spread to his foot causing him to only be able hop away on the other foot from this rapidly approaching hand, he told Gracie, “I DON’T REALLY KNOW. BUT I JUST WANT TO SAY GRACIE THAT, EVEN IF I NEVER REALLY LIKED YOU, I AM AWARE YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON ME…”



“Could’ve what!?”

The only thing left that wasn’t green plastic was his head. He laid on the floor as he felt it slowly start to envelop him.


…That’s all he could get out. The hand got him and gently picked him up. Diego could see both Gracie and Grace on a big board. This board appeared to be in a dark room. It had a lot of occult type things on the wall. This hand then took him and placed him on another gameboard, but this one was completely white and featureless aside from 5 spaces on it. It then left him there as he saw whatever this hand belonged to return to the board that Grace and Gracie were on.

While Diego couldn’t see much of anything from where he was, he saw this being place the dice onto the board…

Both of them stood stunned as they waited to see if Diego would say anything else. They both got their answer when the dice went to Gracie. “Mom…he’s alive still….right?”

She had a thousand yard stare on her face. “O…..O-of course he is…I’m sure he’s…ok…he’s probably gonna be ok if we- I MEAN, when we get out of here….”

She started to hyperventilate. “Yes….he’s gonna be ok. I promise you, somehow we’ll get him back.”

Gracie started to worry. She wanted to play this game with him…did she just….kill Diego? No…right? That was his own bad luck. It’s not like this game would kill you for losing, right?

She tried to put that out of her mind as she prepared to roll. She rolls a 6. The coin flip is tails and she’s blown back to a yellow space.

“The Paparazzi.”

“Poor Diego…I can’t believe that happened…”

As Gracie was pitying him she was blinded by several camera flashes. Gracie, being the attention whore that she is, briefly forgets that she’s nude and strikes a pose.

That’s when the dice appeared in front of her and she quickly remembered her predicament. She hits the dice and runs away screaming. She rolled a 4.

The paparazzi chased her down, thinking she was some TikTok star she never heard of before. They got a ton of pictures of her butt as she tried to hide in shame in a bush. Once they got their fill of pictures of Gracie’s ass, she peeked out of the bush.

With her out of breath, as she very rarely has to exert herself this much, she saw the next card appear. “Caught Napping.”

She saw a lounge chair right on a secluded spot on the beach. She sat down to rest her aching feet and laid back. She saw the dice appear and she hit it, just as she fell asleep.

“Gracie, my dear. Time to get up.”

She opened her eyes to find herself back in her bedroom. “Oh thank god, that was just a dream.”

That’s when she rolled over in bed and saw Diego laying next to her. “Good morning, Gracie~!”

She screamed as she rolled out of bed, trying to keep herself covered with the blanket. “WHA-WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY BED YOU PERVERT!?”

“Gracie…I thought we were far enough into our relationship to sleep together.”

She went wide-eyed and had a massive blush on her face as she shouted in disbelief ,”OUR…RE…RELATIONSHIP!?”

“Oh sweetheart…how could you be so forgetful? I mean, it’s been a year. Did you hit your head again or something?”

Diego then got out of bed and walked towards Gracie to pick her off the floor. He seemed, different. A bit older and a lot…buffer. He had muscles for days. As he extended his hand to pick her up, she took it and got to her feet.

Her heart started to beat fast as she took all this in. “But, what about my mom?”

“What about her? I’m sure she’s doing well back at her mansion.”

“Wait, her mansion? Where are we?”

“At our mansion of course.”

He opened the curtains to let in the light and she saw that whatever mansion they were in, overlooked a beautiful garden. She walked out onto the balcony and saw golden statues of herself and Diego. Some of them together like they were embracing.

“Diego…is this really our mansion?”

“Yeah. A mansion fit for the most talented, and might I add, most beautiful actress I’ve ever known.”

Gracie felt like she was gonna cry tears of joy. “I’M AN ACTRESS!?”

It was like all her dreams came true. She was rich under her own power, she was famous, she had Diego all to herself. Nothing could ruin it. As she held Diego’s hand in hers, she said, “You know…it’s weird. I had a nightmare about you…”

“Oh really, Gracie. Do tell.”

“Well. we were playing a board game and we had to streak around on it and I think you died or something and…”

That’s she noticed Diego was gone. “Diego? Diego? Darling? Where did-”

She noticed she had something in the hand that previously held Diego’s hand. A small green figure. It looked a bit like him too. But its face was contorted into a expression of terror. Like he was in mid-scream.


After a bit of her staring at the figure, it suddenly changed expressions into an angry face. All of a sudden, the figure started to talk. “YOU DID THIS TO ME!”

She screamed and in a fit of panic, she threw the figure at the wall. It shattered into a million pieces. She then freaked out and tried to open the bedroom door to leave, but she noticed that the door was merely a sticker on the wall.

She touched the wall and it felt like…cardboard. She started hitting it to try and escape but then the entire wall fell down. She saw a few plastic people looking right at her. They had cameras and were gleefully capturing her terror on film.

As flash after flash blinded her she woke up for real and found those same figures, photographing her naked body as she lied on the lounge chair. She ran once more, trying not to cry from the cruelness of both those figures and the nightmare she had. On the beach was a dice. It had a 1 on it. It then disappeared as if it was only there to alert anyone present to what she rolled.

Speaking of ones, as Gracie got her bearings, she looked at her hand.



She then rolled an 8 and the coin landed on Heads. She smugly walked forward as she thought that maybe whatever was controlling the game was threatened by that outburst.

As she was blown one space forward onto a purple space, she would have to choose a direction to go down on her next turn. The card appeared before her. “Nature Run.”

She walked forward wearing her picnic blanket dress and saw a group of people hopping by. She hid behind a tree as she heard them talking. “I swore it was around here.”

“I told you having a picnic during a freak windstorm was a bad idea.”

“But that blanket was special to me.”

“We’ll find it, I promise.”

Grace went wide-eyed as she realized that the blanket they might be referring to was wrapped around her naked body. She ran into a side path to try to avoid them. This path was not taken care of, as it had a lot of prickly bushes, branches and things of that nature.

Nevertheless, Grace rolled the dice. 5.

With all the adrenaline running through her at the moment, from losing her most loyal and trusted groundskeeper, the thought of almost losing her daughter to the same force and the humiliation she’s had to endure, she deftly avoided anything that could snag her picnic blanket away.

She made it past all that without a single scratch on her. “Yes!” she exclaimed out loud. That’s when the card appeared before her once more. “Advance one space.”

She did so. Proud of her achievement. As Gracie stood there, amazed that her mom made it through all that, she waited for the dice to return to her.

…but it didn’t. After a bit Gracie asked, “So…where’s the dice?”

Back on the featureless board. The green figure of Diego was still immobile. He saw whatever being was controlling this walked back to the table with him on it. She took out a long stick-like object and tapped Diego on the head with it.

He then felt the plastic start to crack around him. It shattered, freeing him. “-THERAND PLEASE DON’T Blame…your…self?”

He looked around in a panic. “Where…where am I? What is this?”

That’s when the being picked him up again. He got a good look at her face to reveal that it was a giant human. She had black lipstick on and green and black witch like outfit. She stared at Diego, currently struggling in her grasp.

“Hello, new toy…”


“Yup. Soon you will be added to my collection.”

She gestured to a shelf full of multi colored figurines. He realized that, those were once real people, since he was previously coated in what looked like the same material they were. “Please, ma’am…spare me! I DON’T WANT TO BE A TOY!” Diego cried out in fear.

“No one ever does…but no one ever really has a choice in the matter. Not when they play my game.”

Diego tried to break free of her grip. “YOU’RE THE ONE BEHIND ALL THIS!?”

“Yup. The name’s Morgana DeVitch. Dark magician, extraordinaire. Caster of all plastic based spells. Dark beauty of board games. Tyrant of toyland. Soon, everyone will be a plaything, JUST LIKE YOU!”



She did so, dropping him back onto the board. As he flopped back onto the board, in pain from the fall, all he could simply say was, “Ouch…”

“This is fun. You’ve been a joy to play around with, Diego. You and that microscopic weewee of yours. I’ve seen Ken dolls more endowed than you. I’ve MADE Ken dolls more endowed than you.”

He tried to run away but she blocked his path with her hand. “Ah, ah, ah. The game isn’t over yet.”


She chuckled. “Well, if you want to give up and become my toy right now, then that’s fine with me!”

She got out her wand and pointed it right at him. “WAIT, I CHANGE MY MIND. I WANNA PLAY! I LIKE PLAYING! I LIKE BEING ALIVE AND NOT PLASTIC!”

“Excellent. You have a chance to go back to your two prospective romantic leads…all you have to do is survive my challenge.”

She had 5 decks of cards. “You must beat a challenge from each deck. If you do, you’ll be brought back to the board, with 15 DP, allowing you a 2nd chance at escaping me.”

“I can still live? Oh thank you ma’am…I didn’t really expect any mercy here.”

She laughed as he said that. “Mercy….that’s a good one. Here’s the catch. All challenges, regardless of actual difficulty will be at Very Hard. Meaning you need a 6 to beat them. You’ll get two dice to do this, but at least one of them MUST be a 6, to pass.

If you fail a challenge, you’ll have to wait until your next turn to attempt another. If you fail to get through these challenges, before the other players get to the end or if the other two join you…”

She got real close to his face, savoring the distress on it as she then said with a sinister grin, “…then it’s game over for you.”

“Good luck….here’s the first one. From the park deck, we have…Mistaken for an Art installation.”

She looked at the card and suddenly got a annoyed look on her face. “This one is normally a freebie. Whatever, I can work with this…”

She then pointed her wand at the board. A Park suddenly came into view. Diego was standing in the middle of an open-air art gallery. A bunch of art patrons where staring at him. The dice was rolled and it was a 5 and a 1.

“What a brave work of art…”

“Truly avantgarde.”

Several of the art lovers were praising Diego’s nudity as if it was a performance piece, but that’s when another figure added, “Truly a brave soul. Strutting that puny dick around and PRETENDING THAT IT’S ART RELATED!”

Everyone turned as Morgana was there. She wasn’t plastic, but she was their size. “That guy is just a streaker and nothing more. LOOK, HE’S ENJOYING IT!”

She ran up and held his hands behind his back and sure enough, he was pointing upwards. “MY WORD!”



Morgana chuckled as she whispered in Diego’s ear, “Better luck next time, tiny.”

With a hardy slap on the butt, she sent him running.

“Oh well…back to the main board…”

She returned to her normal size and got the dice. “I have a suspicious feeling that you might have a partner to join you soon.”

Gracie sat there worried. “If I lose anymore DP…I’m screwed. I don’t want to end up going through what Diego did…”

That’s when the dice appeared, surprising her. She hit it and rolled a 6. Just before she moved, the Unexpected Gusts card vanished. “Thank God for that…” she thought to herself.

She moved onto a green space. The card appeared. “Dog Leash Tangle.”

She saw a dog walker trying to keep his dogs in line. She hid behind a trash can, only to sit on something squishy. A discarded sandwich. She rolled and got a 5.

“Ew!” she screamed as she tossed it away.

The dogs saw it go flying and chased after it, leaving Gracie alone.


The dice then returned to Grace. She rolled a 4. The 1 on the dice started to glow along with her picnic blanket.

As she walked, she felt something. She scratched at herself. Something was tickling her. “What in the world?”

She looked down and saw that she was covered in ants! She screamed and ripped off the picnic blanket, running away and trying to get the ants off. She jumped in a nearby lake to try and get them all off of her. In full view of a bunch of people already swimming in it.

With a bright red face and her hands wrapped around her body, she ran off and hid behind a tree. Her hand started to glow and her DP went down to 5. Luckily she landed on a brown space.

“Cardboard Box.”

She walked along, air-drying and found a discarded cardboard box. It was large enough to hold in front of her. “Cardboard Box: Avoid losing one DP per event.”

“I’m gonna need this for sure.”

The next card: “Under the Hood.”

She looked closely at the box. It had the logo of a food vendor on it, which was right near her. The cart was empty but then she heard the sound of someone hopping towards her. She quickly hid in the cart’s cupboards.

Miraculously, both her and the box, fit. But she was facing away from the opening. Meaning she couldn’t tell if anyone saw her. The dice appeared. 4.

She held her breath trying not to get caught. But then she saw a light. The cart owner opened the cupboards. “Please don’t see me…” Grace begged whoever could hear her thoughts.

The good news is that they didn’t see her, at least immediately. Because the bad news is that they reached their hand in there looking for ingredients and got a fist full of Grace’s buttcheek.

She tried to stifle her moan, but they looked down to see what was so large and soft. “WHAT THE HELL!? GET OUTTA MY CART, NAKED LADY!”

She panicked and jostled the entire cart trying to get out. She ran, taking the box with her. As the cart vendor saw Mrs. Grayson’s cheeks bouncing as she ran they thought to themself, “Hmm…maybe I should add meat buns to the menu….”

She ran out and hid. Her hand flashed and she went down 2 DP. Her box then flashed and her DP went back up by one. It was now 4.

“Ready for attempt #2 Diego?”

“As I’ll ever be.” he said as he hid behind a tree.

She cleared her throat and drew the card. “Nature’s Gift.”

Diego ran along the path and saw a couple of women hopping towards him. He hid in a nearby bush. But this bush had thorns and various insects living in it. As he felt them crawl all over him, he tried not to yell out. The dice were rolled. Double 3s.

“Aww…that’s too bad.” said someone as Diego felt his shoulder being tapped.

He looked behind him and saw Morgana. She looked normal aside from the fact that she had the body of a giant spider!


He bolted out of the bush, screaming. He didn’t even care that they saw him run.

Though as Morgana changed back into her human form, she told the two girls. “You didn’t miss that much.” as she held out her hand in a pinching shape.

The three of them cackled as Morgana took the dice once more and brought it to the main table.

The dice appeared over Gracie once more and she rolled them. She rolled a 5.

She then landed on a gray space. “The Collar.”

As Gracie shivered, wondering what collar they could be referring to, she saw red and blue flashing lights appear next to her. “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING!?”

She turned and saw two cop figures hop towards her. She covered herself as tightly as she could. She figured that her influence as the heir to the Grayson fortune would not matter here. “Uh….I…”

Before she could say much else, they cuffed her and dragged her to the police station. “LET ME GO, I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING! HONEST!!!”

One of the cops stopped dead their tracks and got close to her and said in an angry whisper. “Really? Cause what I see is a little SLUT walking around like she doesn’t care…”

“I CARE! I CARE! PLEASE LET ME GO!” Gracie screamed. Bawling her eyes out.

Soon they got to the police station, but when they attempted to charge her with public nudity, they remembered. “Whoops. Public Nudity is legal here.”

“Oh yeah…heh. Completely forgot.”

“Ok, slut you’re free to go.”


They both then took her by the shoulders and forced her out the door of the police station.

Gracie stood there stunned as she realized…they didn’t uncuff her.

With tears streaming down her face she turned around and screamed “ACAB!!!”, right at the officers.

Their response? “Yeah, we know. But come on, there’s like no crime here. We gotta take what we can get.”


With her now four spaces back she now had to go through an event. “Sandcastle Catastrophe.”

With her arms cuffed around her back, she streaked across the sands of the beach. The sand was hot and she was regretting everything. That’s when she saw an elaborate sandcastle in front of her. She rolled the dice and got a 1.

She flopped forward onto her face, destroying the beautiful castle. With her front covered in sand and her cuffed from the back, she just laid there crying as everyone got a good look at her. She couldn’t check her DP, but it dropped to 0.

Just to pour salt in the wound, another card appeared in front of her. “Cuffs: Lose 1 additional DP per event.”

Her DP was now -1.

She was outright sobbing at everything. She did this to herself. If only she listened to Diego…now she’d never see him again.



She looked up and saw no one there. Even the sand beneath her was gone. The cuffs were removed. She could move her hands once more, but as she did, she saw one of her hands was now purple.


“Gracie, keep calm! What’s going on!?”


Grace was heartbroken….there’s no way….


Gracie was sobbing as she fell to the floor, trying her hardest to wake up from this nightmare.

Soon, she couldn’t cry anymore. As everything went purple. A giant hand came down and gently grabbed her and carried her away.

The dice then went back to Grace.


Nothing happened…


She sat there. Not moving.


At that moment a piece of paper appeared in front of Mrs. Grayson. “Unless you want to join them. ROLL.”

She did so. 5.

The 4 on the dice block started to glow as did her box.

As she walked the box was splashed by a passing car, melting it.

This caused her to lose 2 DP.

Things were looking pretty grim…

The next card that showed up. “Public Proposal Gone Wrong.”

As Grace ran, with her trying her hardest not to burst into tears. She ran right into a man down on one knee. With her on top of him, the woman he was proposing to got upset and started to berate her.

With all motivation to escape this game gone. She rolled off him and walked away, ignoring the nasty things she said. She looked at her hand. 0 DP.

She noticed that her hand was turning black.

“So be it. If you think I’m going to scream or panic or cry, then I have some bad news for whoever is doing this! I WILL NOT GO GENTLE INTO THE NIGHT! COME EVERYONE, TAKE A LOOK AT ME AS I ASSUME A PLASTIC FORM!”

Mrs. Grayson then stood with her hands on her hips and her legs spread. “I DIE HAPPY, KNOWING THAT SOON, I’LL BE AT LEAST WITH MY DAUGHTER AND MY LOVE ONCE MORE!”

With the black plastic covering her body, true to her word, she did not struggle or panic or scream. She stood there, with a defiant look on her face as she too was converted into a figure.

Morgana carried her to the table.

Diego saw this whole thing unfold. With both Gracie and Grace gone…that was it.

“Aww…don’t feel bad. You’ll like being one of my toys.”

Diego felt the green plastic start forming once more.


“Why should I?”


“It can and it has before.”


“Yes…take a closer look at the shelf…notice anyone familiar?”

As she held him up, he saw that a few of the figures, were of him! Some were green, but a few of them were blue and even white.

“You’ve met quite a few bad ends, Diego. Along with them and your little girlfriend.”

“I had a girlfriend?”

“Not in this continuity, no.”

She then placed Gracie and Grace onto the shelf. With Diego in between them. “YOU WON’T GET AWAY WITH THIS! YOU HEAR ME! SOMEONE WILL PUT YOU IN YOUR PLACE! I KNOW IT!!!!”

With him completely green once more. He went silent.

“Funny…that’s exactly what you said last time.” she said, breaking out into an evil laugh.



To Be Continued…


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