Spectacular Spider-Cuck 1

By LoverOfCuckoldry.

On a late night in New York, like almost every night finds Peter Parker in his bedroom of his aunt’s house as he desperately strokes his tiny little penis while hiding behind his window as he watches Mary Jane get fucked doggy style on her bed through the window across from him, her massive tits bouncing as she moans for the big black cock in her pussy to ram her harder. The small dicked cuck desperately trying not to blow his tiny load watching the gorgeous redhead rock back and forth as her dark-skinned lover rams her squirting pussy full of his huge meat.

“Fuck me harder!” She screams as the man slams into her ass hard enough to make her scream in pleasure. “I’m your whore! Fuck me like I deserve it!”

Peter watches, transfixed on the raw, primal display in front of him. His own tiny and thin length can barely handle his gentle stroking, let alone the pure heaven he imagines Mary Jane’s pussy to be. With the nonstop screaming and raw sounds of passion, he’d be surprised that no one was complaining about the noise if not for the almost certain guarantee that most of his neighbors were also getting into depraved ruts of their own, the only difference being that Peter can actually see the rough pounding his crush receives nightly as she always seems to forget her curtains.

The big black bull rams his massive length into her soaking wet quim, the loud smacking of his hips on her ass deafening to the wannabe cuck stroking in the adjacent window. In complete awe of the moaning redhead, her flush face, rolled back eyes, open mouth, wildly bouncing tits smacking back and forth as she squirts almost without pause onto the bed below.



The man slams into her again and again, making her squeal with delight, violently shaking as bliss overtakes her beautifully flush well fucked body before he pulls out and starts stroking himself off, ready to cum all over her face.

“Yes, Daddy, nut on your dirty little slut!” She begs him, desperate to have his seed sprayed all over her pretty face, tongue stuck out, pure lust written across the redhead’s face.

“Oh god, please do it,” Peter softly whispers to himself as he pulls his little dick.

The bull grunts as he sprays thick ropes of hot white cum all over her face, covering her eyes, nose, mouth, and hair in sticky, gooey cum. He then sticks his cock back into her mouth as she hungrily licks up every last drop.

Meanwhile, Peter rubbing his little 2-inch penis with his thumb and index finger, manages to spray a tiny little load into his hand before lapping it up like the good cuck he so desperately wanted to be for MJ. Dreaming of the day he can sit under her, sucking cum from her pussy.

“Well done, big boy,” MJ says, her sultry voice carrying across the gap between her room and Peter’s as she mops up the last of his cum into her mouth, opening wide for both Peter and her lover to see before swallowing. “Mmm yummy, ready to stretch my ass wide open next round,” she says with a dark, lustful look.

“Hell yeah, slut,” her black lover exclaims as he throws her into all fours on the bed.

MJ squealed in surprise, her huge tits and ass jiggling as she landed, her squeal turning to wanton moaning as his spit-shined black rod worked itself into her rosebud, well practiced for this task as both she and Peter knew from years of taking and watching respectively.

Peter readies himself to pump another pathetic load, his little stiffy already returned, but the sound of his police scanner alerting him to crime in his city has him dejectedly putting on his spider suit before quietly leaving through his window, failing to notice MJ’s calculated gaze following him as she was roughly pounded in her asshole.

As Peter leaps over the rooftops of Queens, getting further from his secret love, he now can make out the faint sounds of people in their homes crying out in pleasure of their own, the depravity as boundless as it is varied amongst all the different tastes of the people of Queens, even spotting a few rutting couples who enjoy the taboo of fucking out in the open of their yards. In fact, that looks like Mrs. Thompson bent over her car, taking a pounding from Mr. Thompson, the sexy MILF clearly enjoying herself based on the intense moaning.

Already feeling his tiny cock begin to throb in his spandex, Peter can tell this is going to be a long night.

Spider-Man lands in a low crouch on top of the roof across from the midtown art museum, his lenses squinting close as he focuses on the precise opening in the skylight tonight’s art thief has quietly snuck through. Then he looks to the less precise smashed-out window two floors below. Clearly, someone had beaten him here.

Following the trail of broken railings and smashed glass, the hero begins to hear something above the bustling nightlife below, squelching wet rhythmic sounds interrupted by a feminine scream.


Leaping onto the roof next to the source of the vulgar noises, Spider-Man crouches low into the shadows to see who is currently getting their insides rearranged.

The hero now watches unseen as his clone counterpart and brother, Ben Reilley, the scarlet spider, has none other than Felicia Hardy, the black cat in a full nelson held upright, splitting her ass wide open with his obscenely huge cock. The cat burglar is nearly catatonic, and eyes rolled back, tongue lolled out, her enormous breasts spilling out of her unzipped latex catsuit, bouncing in a circular upwards movement, so large they smack loudly into each other with each bounce, her exposed pussy practically ejecting bursts of her squirting orgasm across the rooftop with each thrust.

Her fat pussy lips quiver in both pleasure and exhaustion from squirting for so long, her sensitive clit bulging out. Slightly below her nether regions, Peter can only watch in arousal as the fat globes of her ass are parted as Ben rams his massive cock into the thoroughly stretched asshole of the cat burglar, moving at such speeds that would make Peter loses his pathetic load in an instant.

“Ohhhhh fuck yes, you’re such a naughty slut, take my cock deep inside you, let me fill your ass with my cum” Ben growls at her as he rams his cock deeper and deeper into her tight spit lubed ashole.

“Yes, Daddy, please fill my ass with your ball slime. I want to carry your thick nut inside my guts forever,” she babels as he continues to pound away at her.

Spider-Man watches in awe as his brother fills the Black Cat with his seed, pumping her full of cum until he finally sets her down, involuntarily moaning as his pathetic length cums in his spandex suit without being touched. Felicia, now kneeling, worships Ben’s massive fuck pole with her mouth, cleaning off the taste of her ass and his cum.

“That was amazing. Thank you for taking me so deep,” she purrs as she licks his balls clean.

“My pleasure, kitty cat,” Ben says rather smugly, his half-hard cock barely wanes at the sight kneeling before him, smacking his cock lightly on her face as she purrs seductively.

Spider-Man, on the other hand, is quietly panting, having prematurely cum into his pants, an unfortunate problem paired with his micro penis. He watches with a great deal of jealousy, reminded of his shortcomings.

It had been a few years since Peter had defeated the mad but brilliant villain Jackal and had made peace with his new brother. However, he still freshly remembers the Jackal’s mockery of his pathetic length, having altered Ben’s genetics so as to create a truly ‘superior’ Spider-Man without such an insignificant size and stamina the scientist had stated as a matter of fact, having several failed clones with his little dicklet already destroyed. Peter remembers having to leave the crime scene quickly after handing the villain over as the female police laughed at his tiny stiffy. After being humiliated by the Jackal, it was protruding from his skintight spandex, the only clothing his penis has ever been visible through.

Of course it had been even harder to make up an excuse to Ben as to why Peter didn’t have any good ideas for hiding his bulge while in costume. Both pretending Ben hadn’t been privy to the information Jackal spread freely about the hero’s dicklet to all of New York. The clone’s considerable length is bulging his spandex even to this day.

Presently, Peter decides to leave the couple, having mistaken their elaborate foreplay for a real crime, and he begins to swing home. As he soars through the skyline, doing his best not to peer into all the windows of couples fucking he is brought back to when he missed his chance with Felicia before Ben was in the picture.

Although he didn’t love her like he had MJ, Peter certainly found her attractive, and after a successful battle against the sinister six standing up high with her, watching them be carted away, he couldn’t take his eyes off her heaving breast, drenched in sweat from a hard nights work.

“Well, that was fun, excluding the sour personalities down there, of course,” Felicia says with delight, still catching her breath.

“Really, you don’t like their company? I find electro to be a real charmer,” Peter said, trying to lighten the mood before calling down to the villain.

“Isn’t that right, Max!”


“I really don’t know what I’d do without him,” Peter laments. Now looking back at Black Cat, he can see not only her impressive bust but her pussy sculpted in the tightness of her latex suit and finds himself entranced by the sight.

Noticing his interest, Felicia smirks before strutting up to Peter, pressing into him as she whispers, “I know how I’d like to celebrate this win. How about you, spider.”

Before Peter could even think of a witty response, her gloved hand cups his crotch, expecting to find a healthy package. Felicia squeezes lightly in confusion, only for Peter to moan pathetically as his knees turn inwards, and Felicia feels a tiny flex of his small dicklet and a miniscule droplet of cum seep through onto her gloved hand.

Shock quickly turns to amusement for the white-haired stunner. Struggling to hold in her laughter, Felicia wipes her glove on the logo on Peter’s chest before managing to utter, “Maybe we should go to different parties after all. I’ll see you around… little spider.”

Peter blushes deeply as he watches her walk away, massive ass cheeks shifting from side to side atop meaty sculpted thighs, his small dicklet still leaking precum.

It didn’t really surprise Peter that those two wound up together, a pure Adonis of a man and Aphrodite in a catsuit. Although Ben’s cryptic invite to come over to ‘see’ them anytime has always intrigued the webhead, he remains too timid to take up his sexually superior yet understanding brother.

Swinging home high above the streets, Peter contemplates his shortcomings. At the same time, he is greatly aroused by the humiliation that comes with having a small dicklet, the ridicule he received in school and now college thanks to gym showers and a camera incident only making his struggle not to cum at any given moment even harder is proof of that, and he loves the idea of his dream girl turning him into cum cleaning cuckold. Still, he had to feel some jealousy.

Here, he was living in the midst of the most sexually liberated era people had ever lived through, where sexual deviance was celebrated and encouraged with superhuman ambassadors leading the way. From heroes dressed in tight outfits encouraging people to give in to their desires or mutants spreading their brand of free love, the unity of homo-sapiens and superiority has never been stronger. Look no further than the Hellfire Club, really an empire nowadays helping regular people uncover their deepest desires with no shame, and yet here he was with a tiny cock cumming in his pants in the corner.

Swinging past tall buildings trying to ignore the sounds of pleasure escaping the open windows, Peter tries not to cum in his pants yet again. Before he finally makes it back home, he sneaks in through the back door of his aunt’s house and quietly makes his way upstairs.

Passing by his aunt May’s room, he hears moaning and a distinct squelching sound. Before he can think better of himself, he peeks through the thin gap in the door to see what she is doing.

Seated right in the middle of the bed was his MILF of an aunt,45 years of age, her beautiful face, marred only by slight crows eyes and few wrinkles, contorted in pleasure, her brown hair hung loose framing her lust-riddled face, the silver strands of bangs standing out prominent in a mature sexiness. Her heaving breasts, almost as large as Felicia’s, sag slightly with age, drenched in sweat leading down to her large mound of pubic hair pointing to her pussy, currently stretched by the massive dildo attached to the Sybian she is riding.

“Ready to make me cum, boys” she breathily moaned for the webcam she was facing set up at the end of the bed.

Peter recoiled in fear of being spotted on camera. Ever since his uncle had passed, his aunt had been doing this to pay the bills. Even when Peter was finally making decent money at the Daily Bugle she still kept this up.

Perhaps it was a way for her to replace the pounding of her bed and wailing orgasms that used to keep Peter up at night stroking his dicklet before his uncle was longer around.

Hearing the dings of donations flooding the laptop from her admiring audience, the vibrations of her toy became much faster and harder. They shook in rapture, her juices soaking everything underneath her quivering things, and she screamed.


May keeled over, pleased fucked out look plastered across her face as she groped her tits, moaning wantonly.

“She soaked her bed, fellas. Let’s work her up again.”

Feminine hands suddenly wrapped around May from behind, gently gripping her throat while pinching her swollen clit. Peter was so distracted by May that he hadn’t noticed his aunt’s playmate hiding behind her, who had been working at the plug fitted snugly up May’s tightly clenched ass.

The face of none other than Anna Watson, Mary Jane’s aunt, appeared over May’s shoulder, smiling smugly. Only slightly older than her friend she wore her graying blonde hair short to reveal her aged yet still pleasant face. Her huge sagging tits had no equal that Peter had ever seen before, and the dark pink nipples were visible on either side of May’s waist. The thick-built woman, pleasantly plump in all the right places, was completely naked and grinding into her friend’s backside while she worked her clit.

Peter, having guiltily tuned into his aunt’s stream on several occasions, was quite familiar with the view and what a spectacular one it was. She wasn’t considered the most popular amateur MILF adult cam star in America for nothing, the number of times one of her fans had come up to speak to her, only to be led somewhere quiet by May so she could properly thank them for their support was astounding, it had also made going to movies with her a nonstop arousing event for her nephew.

While she was worked into another frenzied orgasm by her best friend, tweaking her clit, spanking her ass, pulling the plug buried in her back door, and sucking on the pulse of the neck, Peter thought about how he should probably feel about his attraction to his aunt.

Deep down, he knew it was wrong, and yet the mere concept of incest in the last few decades has become a steadily popular guilty pleasure of many. Look no further than the Maximoff twins, who can be seen fucking each other with reckless abandon on one of the Avenger’s many live channels.

Besides, Peter thought to himself, his little cocklet leaking on the verge of orgasm once again. It’s not like his aunt hadn’t sent more than a few signals of her own. The teasing comments, seemingly knowing way too much about what turns him on, his ‘little’ problems she would often reference a knowing look sent his way, the wardrobe malfunctions were almost a daily occurrence now. She’s never been shy about flaunting her lover to him. Peter can still remember the look she sent him as she dragged mister Katzenberg upstairs, the fat slob of a man apparently having one redeeming quality according to her and many ladies at the Bugle. Hearing that pig make his aunt scream and cum her brains out had him on his knees outside her door, squirting his little load nonstop in his briefs.

She rarely spares him the details either. Most mornings, Peter cumming in his pants during breakfast while his aunt shares her sordid tales with him. The ever-present look on her face was almost proud to make her little beta nephew find his happy place.

Peter moaned a little too loudly as the thoughts and sight before him drove him to another orgasm. The poor little beta had almost nothing left to spill from his dicklet asides from a little precum. Fearing discovery, Peter retreated to his room, not hearing the scoff of amusement from Anna. “Every time,” she laughed in her friend’s ear while twisting the plug further into May’s ass.

“Hush, he can’t help it,” May said defensively, her words breaking into a deep guttural groan as she came undone once more herself.

Hiding away in his room, Peter stripped down till he was naked, not worrying about hiding his cum stained clothes as some boys can’t help it. He remembers his aunt telling him after finding the evidence of his pleasant dreams years ago, before adding almost too quietly for Peter to hear that men can, a curious look on her face as if she was testing something in him at the time, almost making him cum Infront of her on the spot.

Getting ready to head to bed, the hour drawing very late, Peter can’t help but be drawn to the window one final time by the sound of obscene slurping.

Standing naked at his window, the little dicklet out for any late-night passerby to see Peter is treated to the sight of Mary Jane one last time for the night. The busty redhead is on her knees, slurping on the engorged meat of her black lover, the man sitting at her desk chair while MJ treats her bull to a filthy display of cock worship, slobbering on his shaft, working lower to his massive nuts before dipping lower.

Unfortunately for Peter, they are further back in her room than before, and her back is to him. Dejectedly, with no cum left to spill from his little penis, he climbs into bed naked. Putting in his ear buds to listen to his playlist that his aunt bought for him last Christmas. Claiming that this particular Hellfire special would turn a boy like him into the perfect boyfriend for a girl who needs a real man.

Peter drifts away from consciousness, not thinking about how much more sensitive his dicklet has become since using his aunt’s gift every night, his once meager stamina reduced to almost nothing, his dreams often filled with encounters with his classmates at college, women at the Bugle, his aunt and even fellow superheroes, his little premature penis unable to please any of them as they laugh, fucking their bulls, but amongst Peter’s wide array of dirty fantasies always present is Mary Jane.

The gentle yet firm and elegant voice of Mistress Frost is the last thing the little dicked hero hears before passing out.


“Rise and shine, sweetheart.”

Peter groggily awakes to his aunt’s usual morning wake-up. However, unlike most mornings, Peter lifts his sheets without waiting for her to leave, an act he’s always been too timid to do in the past.

May looks down, an amused eyebrow raised as she takes in the sight of her nephew. His tiny dicklet is standing at attention, small and hairless, as Peter has never managed body hair. His pink little cock is twitching under her gaze. His tiny nuts are pulled tight under his penis, with no slack or space to expand, just a tiny, taught little sack.

Most apparent is the dried cum on both Peter’s belly and sheets. He’d had a very good night indeed.

As May goes to collect his sheets and clothes, pretending not to see the spandex poorly hidden under his bed, her robe falls open, exposing her breasts to Peter, his little penis twitching even more at the sight, causing her to smirk subtly.

“Care to share what you were dreaming about, dear?”

His ability to filter his words missing Peter starts, “I dreamt MJ agreed to go out with me. We went to our favorite pizza place, where in the middle of the restaurant, she dropped to her knees to pay Danny, the owner, with the nastiest blowjob I’d ever witnessed. She held his cock to his stomach while she slurped and sucked on his giant balls, slathering them in her spit before forcing both nuts into her mouth as she went cross-eyed from the taste alone.

“MJ then dragged her tongue up the underside of his long shaft before wrapping her lips around his cock head. She looked towards me, winking as she forced her head down to his balls again, this time with his cock bashing his way down her throat. I could hear her moaning around his cock as she started to finger her swollen cunt under her micro skirt.

“All I could do was grope my penis through my pants at our table while she tightened her throat, working her muscles around his meat before she started to bob her head up and down his cock gaining speed with each pass until Danny grabbed her head, holding her downwards so he could he fuck her throat upwards, dragging her head back and forth even faster, the sound was so nasty and hot.”

Peters stiffy hardens in his bed, remembering the sight of his crush in his dream being face fucked by the fat cock. The sound of her gagging poorly on the big cock still ringing in his head.



He said, “MJ wretched as Danny forced her head all the way down, holding her head firmly against his nuts as they tightened up, firing his backed-up cum down her gullet. The other customer cheered as he drew his now soft dick out of her throat, saying our food was on the house. MJ walked back over to me, kissing me while she slipped a hand down my pants making me cum. She pulled away, looking at me naughtily. She lifted her cum covered hand out of my pants and fed me my cummies from my clitty.”

May acted as casually as possible while suppressing her joy at his progress, especially his casual description of his little penis with a word he’s never used. Mistress Frost’s Hypno tapes bring out his inner sissy cuck as she had promised. May continued to feign low interest while prodding him again.

“Oh, that sounds lovely, dear. Anything else?” May asked.

“Oh yeah, MJ took me to a club all her theatre classmates party at. We danced for a while until a group of black men approached us. MJ knew them and hugged them as they all groped her ass and titties. She left me on the dance floor, telling me to wait for one of her friends to come get me. I waited while lots of girls tried not to laugh at my clitty tenting my pants until one of MJ’s friends came to bring me to the men’s room where she had gone with her friends.”

May, smiling politely as her nephew stood up from bed to stretch, still nude, decided to push him further than she had before. “And just what were these men doing to that sweet little slut?” May asked lowly, her juices running down her thighs at the picture her nephew was giving her.

Peter said, “I entered the bathroom to find Mary Jane naked, bent over, holding the sink as her friends took turns railing her. They’d cum in her, then move to the back of the line to have another go in her cum filled cunt.”

Peter stood stock still, imaging his dream completely forgetting his aunt’s presence. He visualizes Mary Jane, naked, sweating in the dingy bathroom, bent over, her tits swinging into the sink as she is pounded, the bit of pain making her bite her lip, adding to her pleasure as her fat rump is slammed into.

A massive black cock occupies Peter’s attention as it plows in and out of his crush, the massive shaft stretching her soaking walls. Her engorged lips gripped the sides of the meaty shaft fucking her senseless in the seedy bathroom at what Peter can only describe as hyper speed.

“OHGhhhhhhHhhHhhHH GOD FUCK”


The battering ram of a cock shakes her violently, and her juices now soak the insides of her legs right down to her feet. Peter pulls his pants and briefs down to his ankles, stroking his clitty with his two fingers while he watches MJ be ruined for all time.

Suddenly the gorgeous woman’s head rears up, eye wide, mouth stuck open, no sound coming from her mouth as her body shakes and tremors, sweat flying off her wobbling tits, suddenly.


Her friend grips her fat ass even harder, pushing in as deep as he can, groaning as he dumps his huge load in her ruined pussy, with so much force Peter could almost swear he could hear cum sloshing in her womb, grunting the bull of a man suddenly pulls back, abandoning her used meat sleeve as Mary Jane leans heavily on the sink, cum dripping down her legs, her friends already lining up for a second round.

“Tiger, get over here right now. I need to make room,” she moans.

Without being told twice, Peter shuffles over to his lover and settles between her legs as she squats slowly, legs still shaking, her pussy drawing nearer, frothy cum bubbling out as the gorgeous slutty redhead descends onto his face.

“You mean kind of like that,” his aunt’s voice interrupts as she forcefully turns Peter towards his window where MJ is bent over, standing up, gripping her ankles while the same man from the night before pounds her sloshing pussy, the sound muffled between both of their glass windows being shut. Her face is contorted in fucked out bliss as she begins to drool, cum overflowing her pussy and dribbling down to her tits and face.

“Ooooohhhh,” with a quiet whimper, Peter blasts his morning load, insignificant for most men yet large for him, all over the glass of his window.

Looking over his shoulder at his little mess, May smiles proudly, “What a good boy. You should probably clean that up, okay dear?” as she quietly slinks away, making plans to sate her sexual hunger, now dripping with arousal at the separate shows Peter and Mary Jane had put on for her.

Without thinking, Peter drops to his knees and licks his window clean, enjoying the taste and shame of his actions as one complete feeling of euphoria. Opening his eyes, both MJ and her black lover are gone. Had they seen him? The thought rouses him from his oddly compliant state.

He gets up to go shower, still not thinking about his nakedness. Strangely, after going to sleep, he seems less nervous about being seen by others. Perhaps Mistress Frost’s audio recordings were making him more confident? Less of a boy and more a man, as his aunt had cryptically told him when she gave them to him. At least, that’s what he took from her strange phrasing.

Opening the bathroom door, he finds Anna Watson, still naked with one foot propped on the sink as the BBW rapidly jams four fingers into her hot steamy pussy, her other hand squeezing her tits, her whole plush chubby body shakes with pleasure. The thick MILF having a full body orgasm from her intense cunt smashing, from her mammoth tits to her slightly too large belly, her deliciously puffy pussy surrounded by a bit of extra fatty padding, making her mound look even bigger, and even her ass cheeks which are still somewhat visible to Peter even when pointed away from his view. Her sexy BBW body shakes in bliss. Her creamy pussy squelches loudly as she works most of her hand up her fuck tunnel, her eyes rolling back in ecstasy.

“Uughhhhnnn…” Letting out a deep, low, and primal moan, the chubby MILF soaks her hand with her juices, a torrent of pussy juices floods outwards into her palm before Anna withdraws her hand to violently rub her clit with speed, causing an even louder sound of pussy squelching as she brings herself down from her high.

Finally opening her eyes, she spots her friend’s nephew standing there naked, little dicklet uncontrollably twitching with renewed vigor. She smirks, letting out a huff as she decides to put on a show for the little cuck in the making.

“Ohhhh fuck, nothing wakes me up like a rough pussy rub down,” she exclaims, smacking her cunt, juices flying out around her fingers, lifting her soaked hand to her mouth as she licks it clean and draws in a deep breath.

“God, I love the taste of pussy,” she moans through her fingers as she lowers her leg from the sink, “and cum… well, a real man’s cum” she smirks evilly at the tiny dick college boy as she passed him patting him on the cheek.

The lingering smell of her womanhood proves too much for Peter. Even being accustomed to premature cumming, his little dick this morning had thrown his tiny loads out so fast they caught him off guard.

Moaning weakly, his cock squirts more cum from his small pink head faster than the prejac can handle, left-leaning on the sink as his cock still twitches out a tiny load onto the tile below.

Anna, barely holding back her laughter, “Better get cleaning, little boy,” she calls out as she walks down the hall to May’s room, looking to find her clothes and head back home while Peter stumbles into the shower with more of his cum now fresh on his breathe.

May happily worked over the stove, preparing breakfast for herself and Peter, humming softly as she thought about the path she’d chosen to push her nephew down.

May was very well aware of her nephew’s shortcomings. While other boys got big and dominant, her little Peter stayed small and timid, including his little penis, the center of his insecurity.

May had lived through a sexual revolution in her lifetime in which she and the rest of the world had come to learn to embrace her desires, so she happens to enjoy being fucked silly by strong men and women alike on a constant? Embrace and enjoy, the motto for all.

This new way of life, so long as it was practiced in privacy or a fully consenting setting, is celebrated everywhere, kept out of sight of those underage, of course. No matter the desire, so long as everyone is happy then enjoy.

This is where her problem with her sweet Peter starts. She has always been well aware of his little penis and his tastes sexually. She can still remember hearing the springs of his mattress creak as he pulled his little willy to the sound of Ben plowing her with his godly cock. Based on the things she found on his computer, the way he reacts to her behavior, and his nightly wet dreams, he also desires to be cuckolded and humiliated by sexy women.

This does not phase May in the slightest; it’s her beloved nephew’s sexual desire, and it is to be embraced and celebrated. After all, quite a few cuck boys are getting around, much like Peter. The problem is the shame Peter feels prevents him from embracing his role and enjoying his sexuality with the rest of the world, herself included. The MILF desperately wants to use her sweet little nephew as a cum cleaner.

This was the point of the tapes she had Peter listening to. They lowered his concern about feeling shame, allowing him to embrace his arousal becoming more sexually open. Soon, she hopes he will finally work up the nerve to ask Mary Jane out. Mary Jane may have been oblivious to her affection for Peter for a long time, though May easily spots her fondness for her nephew, and Peter is too scared to act on his desire. They both clearly have been enamored with each other for years, though recently, her friend’s niece had been eyeing her nephew like a lioness might a gazelle.

May cups her tit through her short robe. She pinches her nipple, groaning at the thought of what the redhead would do when she gets her hands on her beta cuck nephew. Thinking again of the Hypno therapy Peter is undergoing, the recordings also have a few side benefits, like making him comfortable with his sissy desires like his desire to drink cum, his renewed interest in special time with auntie, no longer pretending he doesn’t want her, and extreme premature ejaculation. It had been slow to take effect till recently, but mistress Frost never disappoints with her beta-cuck programming sessions, custom-tailored to each cuck that receives one.

May was brought out of her train of thought by Anna walking downstairs, the BBW spanking her and squeezing her tit on the way through the kitchen out the back door, shooting her a saucy look and shaking her giant ass at her before leaving.

May rubbed her thighs together in excitement, biting her lip in admiration of her sexy older friend. Hearing Peter coming down the stairs, she loosens her robe before turning to greet him.

May said, “Sit down, dear, and enjoy your breakfast.”

“Thanks, Aunt May.”

Peter enjoys his eggs as he watches his aunt bustle about the kitchen, her large tits hypnotically swaying under her loose robe. Just a little more, and he’d be treated to a full view of her magnificent bosom, he thought wistfully.

“I swear my pussy is still tingling from last night and don’t even get me started on my ass. Anna seems to have slipped my big butt plug back up. At the same time, I was asleep,” May says as she sits across from her nephew with her meal, shifting in her seat as if testing the plug currently nestled between her cheeks, delighted at the flush look on her nephew’s face as he not so subtly tries to readjust his little stiffy.

Pressing him further, May continues. “I just love that stretched full feeling in my butthole. I can feel my anal ring is flexing and twitching around the plug right now,” May says, leaning back in her seat, grinding her ass into her chair, looking mischievously towards her struggling nephew.

Across the table, Peter is shifting back and forth, trying to get his cocklet back under control, the tiny nub painfully hard in his briefs flexing upwards, desperate for any kind of stimulation. Through his highly aroused state, Peter is in disbelief at how sensitive his penis is. While he has never had very good stamina, he had only been known to cream his briefs rarely when pushed to the edge by sheer humiliation or his wet dreams. Over the last few weeks, his sensitivity had him ready to cum just from visual stimuli alone multiple times a day, and it was only getting worse over time, as here he was on the verge of a third hands-free orgasm in under an hour.

“Oh silly me, I forgot the pepper,” May rises out of her seat, facing away from Peter as she bends down to look through the cabinet. “Oh, by the way dear, if you are stopping by the Bugle before college today, please could you give mister Katzenberg his tie back? He left it here last week when he and his drinking buddies came over to run a train on me during my livestream. What a night! I don’t know what it is about such portly, unkempt men stretching my holes, using my love tunnel as cum dump for their massive fuck sticks, bloated hairy balls filling me full and covering my whole body. At the same time, they call me all sorts of horrible names for thousands to see live, but it makes me squirt like nothing else,” May casually explained as she remained bent over, a look of pure deviance spread across her face unseen by her nephew.

Peter can’t manage to reply in words to his aunt. Her erotic tale had him speechless, combined with the fact that when she bent over, her robe was hiked up over her ass, exposing the obscenely large butt plug stretching her asshole. True to her words, her rosebud was contracting at a rapid pace, trying to draw the toy deeper into her hole.

Peter couldn’t stop the loud moan he let out, hands grasping the table as he tried not to splinter the wood with his strength. Mouth agape as in both shock and bliss, he managed to squirt another load out of his minuscule penis.

“Oh, it was right in front of me the whole time,” May lightly says, having sat down again while he was distracted, her large tits now fully exposed from her robe after bending over, her pink nipples, with large areola and healthy sized nubs begging to be sucked just out of his reach.

“Peter,” she drawls sternly, though not unkindly. “Have you really ruined your undies with your little cummies this early in the morning?”

Peter, too ashamed to respond, merely looks down at his lap. Thankfully, his loads weren’t powerful enough to stain his pants as well, also trying to hide how turned on his aunt was speaking to him in this way.

“I’m so sorry—” he begins.

“Little boys can’t help it. I shouldn’t sound so judgemental,” May reflected sweetly. “Though this is a good chance to talk with you about something important.”

May leaves the room, tits and ass bouncing as she hurries away before returning a moment later, presenting Peter with her gift.

“Aunt May, why are you holding your panties?” Peter asks, confused.

“These aren’t mine, silly. These are your new panties,” May proudly states, holding up the lacy white panties. “I bought you a full set from Hellfire Clothing. They are designed to make sensitive little clittys like yours more comfortable.”

Peter stared in both disbelief that this was happening to him and desire at the thought of sliding those up over his cocklet. His fantasies run wild, imaging Mary Jane lightly rubbing his clitty through the lace while she is being fucked by a big manly cock, cum plastered on her face, looking lovingly at him before bringing him in for a kiss. They explore each other’s mouths, swapping cum between them passionately.

“Now, let’s not waste any time,” May exclaims, dragging Peter to his feet.

She pulls down his pants and briefs, exposing his hard penis. She coos at it, making it twitch back to life again before sliding his new panties up over his waist. The lace over his penis feels incredible, like gentle fingernails teasing his whole tiny length. As May pulls the narrow back of his panties up between his firm butt cheeks, Peter whimpers to his aunt.

“I think these are making me even more sensitive than my briefs, Aunt May.”

She looks up at him, patting his little pouch protruding out ever so slightly. “Don’t be silly, dear. You just need to get used to them.”

Redressed, Peter tries moving only to find his penis is more sensitive than ever, the lacy fabric pulled tight against his crotch, meaning that he has nowhere to hide from the sensation it’s causing. He will not be able to shift away or hold off making cummies if he gets turned on by something he sees. With the constant pressure already keeping him on the edge, he can only imagine how fast he will squirt with visual aid.

“Now then,” May exclaimed, clapping her hands together, her tits still hanging out, wobbling with the motion, her fat pussy lips, visible at the angle she was standing at, has juices dripping down her inner thigh. “Have a good day, dear. I need to get ready for today’s filming.”

Peter groaned internally at the reminder of where his aunt would be for most of the day. Ever since his friend, mentor, and fellow hero Tony Stark had established several major restricted adult channels across TV and the internet to compete with all the mainstream porn brands on TV, the world had been graced with some of the most filthy, hardcore and degrading porn, live streams and fan orgies that had ever been seen staring heroes from the most famous groups on the planet. Today, his aunt was returning once again to be gang-banged by the earth’s mightiest Heroes.

Tony’s iron-tight cyber security prevents the underaged from viewing any of the filth. Before coming of age, Peter had only heard rumors of what happened in the channel by seniors at school until a leaked pinup of Natasha Romanov circulated everywhere, huge pillowy tits spilling through her hands, nipples hidden in her palms, soaked black panties hiding her sex as she straddled the canopy of one of the Avengers quintets. Of course, the Russian super-spy hadn’t been slightly phased by this, offering cryptic and seductive little hints of being able to see even more if you paid for Tony’s membership whenever she found herself being interviewed.

Needless to say that was one of the biggest financial growth periods Tony’s network had ever seen.

When Peter had finally turned 18 he had been treated to all that had been promised and more when he signed up. He can still remember the shock of watching Steve Rogers, Captain America, hero of the nation and Peter’s idol, drive his monster cock inside the drooling cunt of Bobbi Morse. At the same time, his oldest friend Bucky Barns forced his equally impressive super soldier cock down her throat. Mockingbird had been a mess as she was hyper-pounded at both ends, spit flying out of her mouth as her throat was turned into cock warmer for the former assassin, her pussy being resized at speed by the captain, her puffy lips stretched in a display of sensual resilience as Rogers dumped his massive load in her cunt.

That had been the first thing Peter saw on the homepage, yet it barely scratched the surface of what he would find, thanks to Tony’s mini drones filming everything.

Quicksilver uses his speed to rail his sister’s ass in public, on the street outside Avengers tower no less, while the public stands motionless, the reality-altering Scarlet Witch able to fully enjoy her brother’s cock thanks to her powers and a specialized camera she enchanted to catch it all.

SHIELD deputy director and Avengers liaison Maria Hill having her pussy fisted by the former villain Elektra and her ass split open by her boyfriend Daredevil in a hell’s kitchen alleyway. The high-ranking agent’s SHIELD uniform unzipped and pushed around her ankles as she grinds herself into the two vigilantes, shaking madly from the rough fucking.

She-Hulk riding her cousin’s impossibly huge hulking cock in the middle of the savage lands, her big fat pussy lips, a darker shade of green than her body, were stretched to an insane wideness by the Hulk’s fire hydrant of a fuck rod, almost dragging the pink inside of her pussy out with him on every thrust. Her huge green tits, capped with dark green nipples, were being soaked by the cum of Betty Ross, the Red She-Hulk riding her face to orgasm.

Medusa, queen of the Inhumans, uses her hair tendrils to fuck both of her slutty holes while doing the same to her sister Crystal and the regal Ororo Munroe, the mutant ebony goddess writhing in pleasure between the sisters on the royal marital bed.

Natasha Romanov, naked, crouched in a dive bar, mouth wide open as its patrons all cum in her mouth one at a time, the spy holding the massive cum repository in her mouth until there was no one left to jerk off. The super slut swallows it down all at once, opening her mouth wide to show it now empty before frigging her shaved pussy and fingering her asshole to a squirting mess on the floor before collapsing, tits pressed to the floor as she licks up her mess.

Carol Danvers and Jessica drew, flying high in the air, completely naked. The 18-year-old Kamala Khan sandwiched between them, is fucked in both of her tight holes by giant strap-ons worn by the veteran heroines. Carol held all three in the air while she pistons into her protege raw pussy, forcing her tongue down the girl’s throat, mashing her huge creamy milk monsters into Kamala’s more modest tits as Jessica drew rams her plastic cock up Kamala’s virgin asshole, lube seeping out onto her thighs as Jessica reaches around to grasp carols firm and muscular ass, squeezing and fingering the blondes rosebud.

Peter had also been surprised to find he was not alone in the tiny penis department, with all manner of filth being shown by his fellow heroes.

He still remembers watching with surprise and intense lust as Emma Frost, white queen of the Hellfire empire, the first lady of sin, and Tony Starks beloved wife, pegging her old flame Scott Summers with a big black strap-on. At the same time, the mutant leader was bent over, his four-and-a-half-inch cock bobbing helplessly as he watched his wife, Jean Grey, be double fucked by Wolverine and his son Daken, the duo rutting into her with the animalistic passion of beasts made into men with their girthy cocks. Jean bounces, stuck between them, enduring multiple orgasms as she and her husband watch each other’s degradation. All the while, Tony Stark can be seen furiously wanking his thin six-inch cock just behind his bride, desperately holding off his orgasm.

The two telepaths make eye contact and, without a word spoken, cause everyone present except for Tony to cum a final time. Jean screams in pleasure as the animal men below her grunt, forcing their mutant cum deep into her cunt and ass. Scott cries out as he manages to pump a much smaller load into Emma’s waiting hand while the white queen rides out her orgasm as she holds said hand up for Scott to slurp up, hilting her dildo entirely up his ass. Jean falls to her knees, draining what’s left of her lover’s cum from their fat cocks before crawling to her husband as the two kiss, exchanging the cum they are holding. Emma finally lets Tony cum. Humping her white latex boot, she strokes his hair affectionately while her licks her to another orgasm.

Emma’s personal fetish channel deeply drew in Peter. Finding the smut here to be the most addictive.

Videos like Janet Van Dyne taking Hank McCoy’s huge blue cock up her cunt, followed by the many other X-men present. Until finally, she shuffles over to her husband Ant-Man, hands cuffed behind his back, kneeling, Janet’s cunt and shithole filled to the brim dripping down her legs with nut, squats over her husband as he eagerly devourers both holes, his three-inch dick rubbing into her feet as he squirts cum onto them, before his wife hold up each foot and makes him cleans those up as well.

Sersi of the Eternals, milking the perfectly sculpted cocks of her teammates into the top of her green corset, tit fucking them all in the process. She then removes her top and forces Dane Whitman to lick her artificially perfect perky huge tits clean while he rubs his five-inch cock between her pussy lips, eventually moving lower to lick up his mess and bring his lover to orgasm.

Peter, at 20 years of age, had been masturbating to these videos almost daily since he turned 18. Still, nothing would catch him off guard like when he was 19 and saw his aunt take the mighty cocks of Thor and Hyperion up her ass together while Lady Sif and Thundra double-fisted her gaping pussy. May had been invited to film with the heroes as they often fucked famous porn stars. When sound could no longer make it past her mouth as her eyes crossed in ecstasy, a river of cum flowed out around the baseball bat cocks in her shit pipe, and she came so hard even the mighty women had trouble pulling their hands from her contracting fuck box.

Peter experienced the biggest orgasm of his life, firing from his tiny two-inches and reaching his computer screen, licking up his load from the screen as it showed a close-up of his aunt’s destroyed asshole with godly cum pouring out of the ultra-gaped ring of muscle, twitching uselessly as it tried to close back up. He had seen his aunt perform on her stream before but nothing could prepare him for that.

To this day, his aunt is still a regular on Tony’s network. Peter had been invited to their gatherings for fun, on or off camera, but his original timidness had combined with the fear that his aunt might recognize him under the mask.

As his aunt made her way upstairs, seemingly done with her fun, Peter was unable to look away from the bottom of her ass cheeks peeking out under her short robe shifting side to side as she climbed the stairs. He can also see her engorged cunt rubbing into her thick thighs as she goes. Suddenly stopping at the top of the stairs, she turns back towards him, “Oh, and don’t worry about your little accidents either. Those panties have been made special with boys like you in mind, so spurt your cummies all you like,” with a wicked grin she turns away and continues upwards.

Once she was out of sight, Peter grabbed his book bag and camera before leaving through the front door. His costume safely tucked away in his bag next to mister Katzenberg’s tie, Peter decided it would be best to take the bus into the city this morning. Still not used to his panties, the act of walking had him on the edge. He could hardly imagine how badly he would fair swinging. Besides, it was good to be seen coming and going in a normal fashion every once in a while, Peter mused to himself, now waiting by the bus stop at the end of the street. The intense feeling of his new undergarments caused him to wonder now why his aunt would order him special panties that would help reduce sensitivity while also encouraging him to cum all he liked.

The wannabe cuck was so lost in thought he didn’t notice the warm, feminine arms wrapping around him from behind until they had gently embraced him. Peter was immediately tense, not from a feeling of danger but from his impending orgasm he was now desperately trying to hold back. The feeling of giant, soft yet firm breasts pressing into his back, wide hips resting against his backside, the familiar crimson locks blowing past his eyeline with the scent of sweet, intoxicating perfume wafted into his nose. Peter was standing stiffy, trying as hard he could not to keel over and devolve into a moaning orgasming mess, when he felt a hot breath in his left ear.

“Morning tiger, where have you been hiding…”


To Be Continued…


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