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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader joined the military…

When I was 18, I decided to join the military. When I got shipped off to basic training, all 240 privates in the company were male, with 20 women. On our second day of training, we were allowed to shower, but I never knew that showers meant everyone all together had to get completely naked and go to the shower hall. As we all stripped down, I happened to take a look around and noticed immediately I was definitely different than all the others. Without a doubt, visually, every single guy’s soft dick was much bigger than my soft dick, and it sent a wave of anxiety through me that I can’t describe. In fact, most of those soft cocks were bigger than mine hard. That realization didn’t hit me until later, and it blew my mind.

But the worst part about it was they all noticed my very small dick and balls, too. After that first shower and all the way until the end of basic training, they called me ‘Peewee’ after my small dick. It was definitely jarring for me because I always thought I was average, at least. Then, I got shown most horrifyingly. I was very wrong about that. Also, because of all the teasing I got about among the other soldiers I became more reserved and a much angrier soldier. They had me beat in the dick department, but in training, I rose to be one of the best soldiers there and even made squad leader. But they even joked about that, too, saying it was my small dick energy that made me a good soldier. So even being good at my job was diminished in their eyes because I had a small dick.

While I was at basic training, my girlfriend at the time cheated on me with some guy she knew from high school who was apparently hung like a horse, and she found out while I was away. Not a great period in my life. But I gutsed it out and actually made a good career in the military. The guys may have teased me, but by the end of basic training and into my service, they came to respect me for other things, like my courage and skills as a soldier. My nickname, Peewee, eventually became a term of endearment, not derision. I got through it, and today being a member of the small dick club doesn’t bother me. It is what it is. I can’t change that. But that period during and just after that first group shower was one of the hardest in my life.


Another reader has a towel incident…

Laurel, Melissa, and Amira were in my study group for US History during my freshman year of college. There was also my short-lived roommate, Tim, who would join us. (moved out within a semester, failed)

I still relive that day. That day, I went to the gym to get a workout in before the girls were supposed to meet Tim and me at our place. We were conveniently near the library and the cafe, so it made sense to meet at our place and then pick where to study. While on the treadmill, Laurel texted me, saying she was about 30 minutes away. I packed up and skateboarded back to my place, which was super close. I decided to shower because I had worked up a bad sweat and didn’t want to feel gross while studying.

On my way home, Tim texted me, saying he was skipping to smoke with our neighbor. Typical. So I got home, stripped in the entry, and went to our shared bathroom to shower. I usually take a colder shower after a good workout to cool off, so you can imagine what that did to me.

Midway through the shower, I heard a knock at my door, and I yelled, “ONE MINUTE!” and kept showering.

Again, the knocking continued. Turns out they couldn’t hear me. Still wet, I wrapped a towel and opened the door. Laurel was standing there, a little taken aback that I was just in a towel. She apologized and then went on to say that she got a text from Amira (who was new to the group) saying she couldn’t find close parking and needed help finding where the place was. It was small talk, really.

I stood there with one hand holding the door open and the other on the door frame. Laurel was a mid-sentence saying, “Okay, well let me see if I can…” then the towel fell!

My post-workout, cold shower little guy was on full display for her.

At that moment, she let out an “Oh!” with shocked eyes and covered her mouth in embarrassment.

I let out a loud sigh of shock as I reached down to grab the towel. Laurel took one step away as if not knowing what to do. “Shit, that was embarrassing,” was all I could say.

I didn’t even get through the whole sentence before she started talking. “It’s all good. Don’t even worry about it. Really.” Her cheeks were red. Her smile was wide, and she just swayed, standing there again, not knowing what to do. She then said, “Let me go get Amira. I’ll text you when we get back so you can tell me when you are ready.”

I told her I needed like 5 minutes and it should be fine. She said okay, and I closed the door as she walked away. I put my ear to the door, and I heard an audible “HA!” as she walked away.

When Amira and Laurel returned, I was fully dressed and getting sodas from the kitchen area for our study session. Laurel came in first and giggled, “Are you decent?”

The Amira said, “Pants, please!”

The two girls laughed.

I came to greet them, and I said, “So I take it Laurel told you what happened. I am so embarrassed!”

Laurel let out a “Ha” and said, “Don’t be a tease. It’s fine, really.”

Amira then said, “Well, that sucks. I missed the show,” and we all laughed.

They ended up telling Melissa later. One day, while we were texting about Greek life stuff, she said something like, “Well, don’t forget to bring a towel.”


Meanwhile, this reader also had issues with a towel…

My girlfriend was having some friends over for a little girls’ night. I was pretty much minding my business and doing my own thing. They were having their fair share of wine and other drinks, and I joined a little, too. I decided to take a shower before I got ready for bed. I finished and wrapped the towel around my waist to go to our room. The bathroom is past the kitchen/dining room, so I opened up, and they were all there and saw me. They must’ve all been pretty drunk because they started hooting at me and all that. I took it as a joke and laughed, but as I laughed, my towel dropped, leaving me butt-naked in front of all of them.

All three burst out laughing at the sight of my little penis, and I had just shaved, so it was all smooth. One of them said to my girlfriend, “Oh my God, you’re right, he is tiny!”

So now I knew they talked about my dick. I quickly cupped my hand over it and ran past.

They laughed, saying, “Oh my God, he only needed one hand!”

They saw my butt as I passed by and whistled at me. They called me shrimp the rest of the night.


While this reader got de-towelled too…

My girlfriend and I have known each other since we met in college. It was her first sexual experience, and I have gotten her into some other kinks, including SPH and ENF. We have a great time with it and she’s gotten very into them. One summer night, we had two of her friends over to grill and go swimming. Now her friends are very open and comfortable with us, and I’ve seen them naked as many times as they’ve seen me, so they know what I’m packing and have made plenty of jokes, and at this point, they’re used to it. So we had quite a bit to drink, went swimming, and dried off with our towels.

I wrapped my towel around my waist and took my bathing suit off under it so it could dry outside and because it was uncomfortable and I was too drunk to care. The girls saw and said that was a good idea and did the same, and one of her friends said to me, “Honestly, it’s fun to think we’re just completely naked under these now,” and we laughed.

I said, “Hopefully, someone has a towel malfunction that’ll get the party started.”

To which my girlfriend said, “I think you’re right,” and yanked my towel off me, leaving my penis completely exposed and shrunken since we were swimming. It was quite small.

They all laughed as I stood there, and my girlfriend said, “Bet you regret saying that now, huh?”

And laughed more. I got my revenge when I yanked their towels off, so we really turned it into a party, but I was still the laughingstock, especially when I sat down as it got smaller.


This reader’s girl has her first BBC…

My SO and I recently vacationed with several other couples in the Caribbean. We were acquainted with the others but not close friends. Sara (my SO), myself, and another couple were sitting at a beach bar having some afternoon cocktails. As Sara was looking at the menu, she found a drink that she liked. She announced to the three of us, “I’ll have the BBC.”

Immediately, the other couple started cracking up, and I stirred uncomfortably in my seat. I grabbed the menu, thinking she had made a mistake, but sure enough, it was a BBC. Sara had no idea why it was funny. (A BBC is Baileys, banana, and coconut rum). Our friend explained it to her, and Sara could not stop laughing. She rather loudly ordered the drink, proclaiming that she wanted her “first BBC!” and she knew it wouldn’t be her last.

The bartender played along, looking at me, saying, “You know, after this, she is never going back.”

I was aroused and humiliated at the same time. Sara and our friends had a long time laughing about it. Sara blurted out, “Well, Trey is my LWC, I guess!”

I was mortified, but my dick was throbbing. The female friend immediately started calling me ‘Little Rooster.’ I spent the rest of the trip listening to her explain the nickname to everyone we met. We’ve seen our group around town a few times since, and the name has stuck, as well as the explanation.


Another reader has a fan of his little fella…

My wife and I frequent a nude beach in NJ. Last summer, I noticed a woman who was consistently checking me out each time I came out of the water to go back to my chair. A bit later in the day, my wife ended up talking to her and wasn’t aware of anything. The woman told my wife how she was perving on my small dick, which was even smaller because of the cold water. My wife came back to my chair and insisted I go and meet the woman. There I was, being marched, naked with my wife, down to meet the nice lady.

When we got to her spot, my wife introduced me and then instructed me to get in the water and then come back. Of course, I did, and of course, my balls completely disappeared, and my dick was tiny. My wife started the party by sharing how she, too, loves my small dick. They both commented on my tight balls and nice shape, small size, and ‘fuck it’ attitude. It helped that I was pretty stoned. Otherwise, I probably would have gotten an erection. Happily, we see her there now and always chat. I love the attention!


Meanwhile, this reader has a little bump…

So, I had an experience at a piercing studio, but I don’t know if it was all in my head. I went to switch out a piece of jewelry for an ear piercing that developed a bump on it. My piercer, Swift, is a tall (5’10”), tatted-up, gorgeous blonde woman. Very pretty. I went to the studio today wearing running shorts with a five-inch inseam. I sit on the piercing table while she’s talking, and the shorts hug my thighs and crotch. Full display, but I didn’t realize it. While talking to Swift, I see her eyes occasionally dart down to my groin area. I think nothing of it.

She begins talking about the bump but still makes subtle eye contact with my crotch. She says, “Oh yeah, it looks really small. It doesn’t look like you can even feel it. Oh, I’ve definitely seen bigger,” when talking about the bump, but I felt like she was making innuendo about my small penis.

Then I looked in the mirror and saw that you can clear as day see the outline of my one-inch soft penis.

She continues talking about the bump and, at several points, makes the 🤏🏽 sign, using phrasing such as, “It’s so small. Just a little one, right.”

It was subtle but impactful. Maybe I was imagining it, but whoa, that definitely was an experience.


While this reader gets wood while out shopping…

I was doing some early shopping one day and hadn’t bothered to get changed, so I was just in a hoodie, vest, loose-fitting pajama pants, boxers, shoes, etc. I clock a nice pair of girls, both quite hot. Due to it being early on/not fully awake starts to suffer from a bit of morning wood. Both girls seem to see it and start giggling at one another. Both girls were PAWGs in nice tight jeans. And for reference, I’m a Silver Member of the Small Dick Club.


This reader is cucked by toys…

So, this was a while back, and for context, my pecker is 2.5 inches soft and hard—I’m a Bronze Member of the Small Dick Club. We were away on a romantic trip with plans of sex for three days straight. As usual, my dick wasn’t working very well, so I decided to bring vibrators and a cock sleeve. The cock sleeve made my cock about eight inches long and six inches thick. Anyway, we get into things. She’s vigorously riding me, trying to get some sort of sensation out of me. We roll over to do missionary, I slip on the cock sleeve, and as soon as I enter, she moans louder than I’ve ever heard her moan before. She starts pulling me in deeper, and her eyes roll back. After one minute, she cums harder than I’ve seen her cum before. She’s never orgasmed with my dick since. It made me feel so small and humiliated. The best vacation ever.


Another reader also had his first BBC…

Once, I went to use the bathroom at a mall. The urinals had no dividers so that you could see pretty much everything. I unzipped my pants and started peeing when, a few seconds later, a black man came in and went to the urinal right next to me. There were five in total, so I had a feeling he did it on purpose. He unzipped and pulled out an absolutely huge black cock. It must have been seven inches soft. I took a quick peek and looked at how massive it was. All the while, I was standing there holding my one-inch soft white dick. I was struck with anxiety because just seeing how much larger this guy was than me started to turn me on. My pee stream came to a halt, and I just stood there looking down.

I then notice his head turn and look right at my small dick. He let out a little “Huh” laugh and took a tiny step back. His cock was now in full display, and I turned my head to look at it. He had this big smile on like he just knew he had defeated me at being a man.

Once he finished peeing, he started shaking his cock aggressively and sort of jerking it in the process. He turned toward me a little bit while he did it, so I could tell he was showing it off.

After a few seconds, he put it back in his pants and very quietly walked past me, saying, “Fucking shrimp dick loser.”

It was so hot being emasculated by this guy who was so much larger than me.


Meanwhile, this reader suffered from a workplace prank…

I was starting this job just out of high school. It was a factory job with mostly middle-aged, grown men. I was the youngest person there by a long shot.

Sometime during my first couple weeks, I was helping someone hold a part that was long and bendy and was being placed into a jig. It wasn’t heavy, but it required two people to set it in place. As I was standing there holding it, someone walked by and pulled my jeans down. They were loose enough that he got my boxers, too. Since I was kind of new to the job and so young around grown men, I was still a little nervous, so my dick was all shriveled, and my balls were tight against my body.

I already have a small dick when it’s soft as it is, but I was extra small that day, maybe an inch or smaller. There was nothing I could do to cover myself, I couldn’t just drop this part l was helping put into the jig, so I just stood there with my tiny dick poking straight out for everyone to see. I instantly turned red while all the guys were dying laughing at me, one guy just looked like he felt sorry for me. I was so embarrassed going back to work the next few weeks.

A few years go by, and I’m having lunch with a few coworkers, and someone told the story to everyone in the break room using his fingers to show how tiny my dick was. I’m not sure if he realized I was in there after he started the story because he used someone else’s name but was looking right at me as he told it. I know I was turning red and was instantly reminded of the humiliation I felt those years ago as everyone in the room was laughing hysterically.. again.

I wasn’t into SPH at the time, but thinking back on it, remembering everyone laughing at me and thinking about how a bunch of people at work know I have a tiny dick turns me on! 😳


While this reader has a night to remember…

One day, I was at a party with people from my friend group and others I didn’t know. A few of my friends knew I was a member of the small dick club, but most didn’t. Got talking to a very attractive girl, a friend of a friend, and after some flirting, we went into the bathroom for some privacy. I couldn’t wait to fuck because she was gorgeous, but I knew I was small and was really hoping for some kissing beforehand to get hard before any fun started. But once we locked the door she went straight to her knees to give me head.

She pulled down my pants to my cold, drunk one-inch soft dick. She burst out laughing, which made me rock hard. She didn’t mind the size hard, but her words, “You’re not fucking me with that small man-clit,” maybe me cum in about two minutes.

She stood up, almost disgusted, and got ready to leave, making some comments about my tiny size. We left the bathroom, and she went straight over to her friends, laughing. I spent the rest of the night getting 🤏 signs from her and her friends across the party. Safe to say, it’s a night I’ll never forget.


This reader has a mean younger sister…

Once, I went to my room after taking a shower, and I hadn’t put on clothes immediately, so I was still naked. Suddenly my one year younger sister opened the door without knocking and I didn’t notice that she was there until I heard her laughing quietly and when I looked at her I turned red and was embarrassed. To make it worse, she pulled out her phone and took pictures of my dick.

She has shown that picture to some of her friends and even to mine. My friends sometimes make jokes about it, too, and call me names like ‘shrimpy’ sometimes. Anyway, I think my sister enjoys making fun of my small dick because after she first saw it, she had ‘accidentally’ come into the bathroom alone (or sometimes with friends of hers) while I was showering.

Also, she pulled down my pants twice in public. One time was when we were at a swimming pool she pulled down my swimming shorts in front of some people and the second time was at a beach (also in front of multiple people) when we came out of the cold water, so it was even smaller, and I noticed some girls laughing and doing the small dick sign (🤏)

I think my sister knows that I enjoy her making fun of me, and she clearly enjoys making fun of me, too.


Another reader has a urinal experience, too…

I can’t stop thinking about this SPH Experience. It happened at my work. I work at a large warehouse with large staff bathrooms. Basically, early in the morning I go to the washroom looking to use a urinal. I see the janitor’s cart and realize they are inside cleaning things. I really had to go due to my small bladder, so I continued past the cart.

I get up to the urinal and quickly unzip my pants, pull down my pants and underwear, and wiggle out my little penis, which is around 1.5 inches soft and thin. I start peeing, being careful to stay close to the urinal and keep it hidden from the lady janitor who is cleaning the mirrors over the sinks.

To my surprise, I had stepped on the loose lace of my work boots when I got to the urinal. When I went to step away and put away my little guy, I slipped on the wet, mopped floor and landed on my back with my penis exposed. I remembered the wet floor sign on my way in.

The cleaning lady let out a small scream and rushed over to help me up. I was somewhat flabbergasted as I bumped my head a bit, but the embarrassment was worse once I knew she had looked at it before helping my underwear up.

My supervisor ended up filling out a full report with her as a witness for health and safety in the workplace. Afterward, I thanked her for helping me up, and with a smirk and a wink, she said, “It’s no ‘BIG’ deal. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about your ‘LITTLE’ secret.”

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