Spectacular Spider-Cuck 2

By LoverOfCuckoldry.

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Part 2…

Mary Jane Watson could hardly contain her excitement. Arms wrapped snuggly around none other than Peter Parker, a boy who she had recently come to understand her feelings for, which might just be love. Pressed into his back, she took stock of the brunette. He was only slightly taller than her and around the same weight, unlike most of her lovers who towered over her greatly. His adorable face twisted in perverse concentration. MJ had to try not to giggle, knowing the reason as to his plight, her aunt Anna having told her all about May Parker’s plan for her nephew before the BBW dragged her lover from last night back upstairs for her enjoyment, the poor man will definitely be late for work this morning.

Mary Jane watched as Peter tried subtly to shift about, the idea of his little penis now wrapped in slutty lace panties exciting her to no end. Even after her pussy had been fucked into oblivion, her ass stretched to its maximum, and her body sated with a big black cock she still found herself growing slick with lust.

She had been aware of Peter’s tiny penis for years, even before he had been exposed in high school by those pictures Flash took in the gym showers. Living with bedroom windows directly across from each other, you tend to learn a lot about a person. She can very easily picture his hairless tiny two-inch cocklet, having watched him stroke his penis for years, desperately trying to last longer, watching him sit at his computer, jerking off to cuckold and hypno porn, spraying his little load only to lap it up from his hand. Then, to came walking out the next day, his adorable smile and sweet voice greeting her as she walked to the bus with her friend, talking with the one person she could share everything with, allowing him to keep his modesty, not teasing him as to keep the friendship she so valued.

But over the years, her amusement and light interest has turned to obsession. As she had become a woman, she had embraced her desires and needs with an endless supply of huge cocks. Just as her aunt encouraged almost nightly, she brought home a friend, stranger, or co-worker to fuck her silly, BBC being a personal favorite. Even during the day, she finds herself frequently sneaking away for a quick fuck in the bathroom or diving into an alley so she and a girlfriend can finger each other to a quick finish.

Not that she is alone in this behavior. Almost everyone did exactly as she did, aside from the minority who didn’t have such strong sex drives, content with a single partner and spending their days with pants staying on, yet both respecting the sexual proclivities of either lifestyle.

She still remembers last month when her aunt had invited her to her office, where, as a reward for the floor, she managed for an excellent quarter that they were going to fuck both her, MJ, and the other ladies in a massive orgy. Being hip to hip with her slutty aunt, doggy style, on the big conference table while men under them destroy their pussies and men behind them split their asses wide open, women strewn about in chairs or the floor having fun of their own, riding their co-workers with reckless abandon, the room reeking of pussy as her ears filled with the sound of the wet sloshing of cocks pumping those office sluts.

Some ladies at the other end of the table were tribbing their cunt lips in a flurry of spraying juices and cries of passion, rubbing together wantonly driving each other to cum. She even spotted a few men by the entrance having their fun. One bent over as he was fucked by his much larger partner, while three others jerked their decent-sized cocks in a circle, frotting their heads together and using each other’s cum as lube. She can still picture being stretched and pounded, cum filling her full in the way that makes her feel whole, slightly sunk into her rutting aunt’s fat as the two rocked in synchronization to their favorite feeling in the world.

She looks up through the large glass panels that surround the room to see people still sitting at their desks, some content to keep working, pleased to be given a nice bonus as a reward instead, while a few men had their pants around their ankles stroking their smaller lengths to the rhythm she was being fucked at. Mischievously, she had picked up the pace of her rutting to drive the cucks outside to finish all over their hands and stomachs, some starting again while others madly slurped up their messes. She even saw one lady strumming her pussy still at her desk, the cuckquean ruining her stockings with juices. Being a rather rare sight, it had MJ locking her pussy and ass hole tightly around the invading cocks as she came intensely at the image in front of her.

Yet none of the cucks she had seen that day compared to the boy in her arms. Having never seen such a tiny cock anywhere else was intriguing enough. Yet, the fact that she had become aware of his desire for her, stroking his little dick while watching her from his bedroom, had awoken something primal in her. Mary Jane had discovered that nothing makes her cum quite like taking a big black cock, while her little cuck jerks off to the side. Even this morning, she had wanted to jump onto the roof next door, open the window to the little cuck licking the glass clean and force his head into her pussy, drowning him in cum.

She desperately wanted to have Peter in the room with her, watching raptly as she devolved into the biggest slut around. For him to crawl over to her, lick her clean to another orgasm, then climb up to cuddle into her, humping his little willy onto her trim and taut belly, he’d cum while they stared into each other’s eyes, panting. As they drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms, she would feed him his cummies, content with her new boyfriend.

Her fantasy was everything to her, yet she had been unsure of how to approach the timid, shameful cuck. Yet, thanks to his aunt, she now knew exactly how to make her his.

“H-Hey, M-MJ,” Peter stutters nervously, trying to hide how badly his new panties were affecting him.

“I’m so happy to see you, tiger. It feels like it’s been weeks since we’ve talked. I only ever see you cumming and going,” she says with a smirk, watching him desperately try to get his clitty under control at her odd phrasing.

“Oh, has it? I guess I’ve just been busy with work and college and fighting crime.”

MJ thinks to herself, honestly, how did he really think she hadn’t seen him jumping out his window every day for years in his bright spandex? “Well then, I guess you’ll just have to make it up to me. Sally and Glory are dragging me to Flash’s frat party tonight, and I really want you to come.”

“Gee, I don’t know MJ, it’s not really my type of scene…”

She cuts him off, “Please, do it for me, tiger.”

Peter had never been able to refuse her. “I guess I could swing by.”

“Thank you so much. I promise we’ll have the best time ever!”

Planting a kiss on his cheek in thanks, Peter catches the scent of something salty on her breath. Picking up on his curious expression, MJ now spins him around, releasing him from her embrace.

“Oh, sorry about that. You remember Fred, the guy from my theatre class, he cums sooo much, and I swear I brushed my teeth, and I still have ball slop on the breath.”

She has to put her acting talents to the test as Peter’s face shifts to pure desperation, his feet turning inwards as he hunches slightly. “It’s fine, MJ. I really don’t mind.”

At the sight of her face brightening with her gorgeous smile, his internal struggle suddenly seemed worth the risk of embarrassing himself. He’d do anything to remain in her magnetic presence.

“That’s why you are the best friend a girl could ask for, Tiger.” Planting a quick peck on his lips as the bus pulls up to their stop, she quickly climbs aboard before he can register her actions.

Turning to follow her, he doesn’t miss the muscular bus driver squeezing her ass as she walks by his cab. “Good morning, Mr. McFarlane,” MJ seductively whispers as she looks back at him, dragging Peter to an empty seat halfway down the bus. “I don’t know why, but I swear big guys like that have some of the fattest cocks, and I find it so hot seeing a big powerful man dominate a sexy woman. Our aunts are probably responsible for that. Watching virile men ruin a sexy MILF left an impression on me, I guess,” MJ muses as she and Peter settle in.

Pressing into his side, she carries on, “Glory made me come with her to Kenny’s birthday bash a few weeks ago. I spent a good deal of it on my back lying on the pool table of Mr McFarlane’s off-limits man cave. Having a big man like him rearranging my guts while his full weight holds me in place does weird things to my brain. His wife using my head as a seat didn’t help calm me down either, you know what I mean?”

Looking up at Peter from under her fringe, MJ watches in satisfaction as Peter turns red and bites his lip while squeezing his eyes shut and hunches slightly, gripping his armrest, clearly brought close to his limit by the image she put in his head, both of them knowing that he, still a virgin couldn’t begin to fathom such pleasure. As he slowly walks back from the edge of cumming, Mary Jane takes a bit of mercy on him, the extroverted redhead easily distracting her friend as she talks passionately about the upcoming audition she had lined up for her classes work experience. She even manages to get Peter talking about his courses, the shy boy now talking confidently in his expertise as he quickly loses her with his advanced physics shop talk, not noticing he continues to ramble with such excitement she can’t help but find it cute as they make their way into the city.

Knowing Peter would be getting off before her to go to the Daily Bugle before getting to class, Mary Jane decides to work him up a final time, “Did you see the Avengers stream from this morning? Black Widow and her sister throating Lady Loki’s fat fucking futa cock had Fred bending me over the couch before I left. It’s a good thing Aunt Anna has the day off. If she wasn’t draining his nuts as we speak, I might’ve missed the bus.”

“No, I missed it,” Peter stammers, the image of the sexy BBW working a cock that had just been inside her niece, combined with the thought of the goddess of mischief using the throats of the stacked super sluts, dumping her fat load into the pair of Russian spies had undone Peter’s efforts to regain control of his clitty.

Especially the image of a futa cock, a guilty pleasure of his and MJ’s, not that he knew that about her. “You’ll have to watch it when the video goes up tonight, then. Mmm, fat tits and a huge cock, what a pairing. I’d love to ride that snake and grope those royal fun bags and don’t get me started on the black widow. I need to dress up as her for Halloween this year.”

‘Okay, this isn’t fair,’ Peter thought, feeling pre-cum wetting his panties as the lace garment did nothing to subdue his arousal, now picturing a giant futa cock as well as Natasha and MJ in matching bodysuits slurping her nuts while cum showers down onto their faces. Mercifully, he sees his stop quickly approaching. MJ stands to let him pass her before the bus has stopped fully, and when it does the cabin lurches slightly. Mary Jane, pretending to be taken off balance, falls back ass-first into Peter’s lap. Holding him in the seat with her meaty globes, she grinds back and forth, feigning an attempt to balance and stand back up. Pleasantly surprised herself as, on reflex, Peter had reached around to stop her fall and now had two overflowing handfuls of her tits, causing her to moan at the sensation.

Proving too much for him, Peter can no longer hold back his clitty, feeling heavenly tits for the first time as well as her massive dump truck ass grind his panties all over his cocklet has him ejecting what feels like a gallon of cum into his panties, his efforts to stop cumming earlier had only edged his tiny balls to ready a much bigger load. Unable to help himself, Peter grips Mary Jane’s tits harder as he buries his face into her neck, groaning loudly as he rides out his orgasm. MJ, more than pleased with herself, happily grinds on his crotch until his orgasm subsides.

Coming out of his stupor, Peter releases her tits, realizing what he has just done. Shame permeates his entire being as they stand up, noticing many of the other passengers who had heard him, some giggling amongst themselves. In contrast, others shot him an understanding or approving look. Turning to face MJ, she has a seductive grin leveled at him, both of them staring into each other’s eyes. Mary Jane showing him no sign of anger or disgust reassures him more than he was expecting it to have.

Looking down, Peter sees her nipples sticking out through her top, so hard they could slice diamond, as her cleavage slowly heaves. Looking back up, Peter is surprised to see lust in her eyes, though for the first time sent his way, at least the first time he’s ever noticed. Mary Jane then leans in kissing him slightly longer than her usual pecks, before sitting back down.

“I’ll see you later, tiger,” she says reassuringly, remembering where he was. Peter stutters his way through a quick goodbye before racing out of the bus, past the snickering driver, down the stairs, and through the crowded sidewalk, ignoring the friction in his panties.


Ten minutes later, Peter find himself walking through the lobby of the Daily Bugle. He stops before entering the elevator, double-checking the photos he had ready before his eye is drawn to the familiar sight plastered on the main wall for all to see. In his petty, never-ending battle with Spider-Man, Jonah had framed his crown jewel on the wall facing the entrance of his building. Peter shamefully takes in the sight of the giant framed photo of himself in costume standing in the middle of the street, remembering this series of photos that have haunted him for months now.

Peter can only stare as the familiar humiliation reawakens his clitty. The photo spread in question depicted him in battle with the annoying D-list villain Screwball. Momentarily distracted by the forming crowd, the villainess has seized the opportunity to pants him right there in the street for all to see. Peter thinks back to the hundreds of gathered New Yorkers loudly cackling at his expense, the Jackal’s rumors now proven true. The particular photo Jonah had gone with in his lobby showed the moment that the hero will never live down.

There for all time was Spider-Man, pants around his ankles, feet, and knees bent inwards, the lenses of his mask scrunched up, one hand desperately trying to pull his skin-tight spandex top down, the fabric not nearly loose enough to reach his crotch, his other hand held up to the crowd, bent at the waist slightly as his little two-inch clitty sprays his pathetic load for all to see, sheer humiliation causing him to squirt hands-free.

Peter stared at the picture, his little load photographed mid-air. While Peter’s camera set up on a rooftop nearby captured the thrilling battle of good and evil, it was none other than Nick Katzenberg who was responsible for this humiliation. While the camera crews had decent footage to use, it was the slob’s photos that captured the extreme up-close humiliation of the wall-crawler.

The full series of photos depicted the whole scene, his pants going down, his realization, his cummies flying out onto the street, screwball kicking him in the balls from behind, and his collapse on the ground. Katzenberg had managed to find another angle that showed Peter from behind, kneeling on the street with his face pressed into the floor, arms by his side, fully exposed butt and cocklet pointed up.

This picture was the close second favorite of many, the angle he was kneeling at forcing his juicy cheeks apart, showing his tight little hole, his tiny balls, and clitty in plain view below it framed by his thighs, held together, they pushed his cocklet backward for a perfect photo of everything he had to offer. The number of domineering women and gay men Peter had seen online talking about what they would do to his ass genuinely shocked him.

The final sting of humiliation came when Valkyrie and She-Hulk, who had been passing by, saw the whole thing and intervened, a photo of them holding Screwball by the arms while he was off to the side still prone the result. They also took the time to pull him to his feet and give him a pep talk, the older heroes trying to make him feel better. Those photos show Spider-Man standing in front of the two giants, hands now covering his tiny stiffy with his pants still around his ankles as the other heroes speak to him, She-Hulk clearly amused and Valkyrie looking down at him with intrigue.

The final photo has all three lined up posed for a photo with Peter in the middle still covering his stiffy, She-Hulk with an arm around his shoulder and the other hand held up to the camera, her index finger and thumb brought together in the universal sign for tiny dick, and Valkyrie standing on his other side with one hand on her hip. The other was hidden from view, cupping Peter’s exposed ass in what Peter thought was meant to be reassurance at the time.

Reconciling with the fact that both Peter’s personal and hero life was now characterized by being known for his small clitty, he entered the elevator and pressed the button for the top floor. As he made his way up, Peter couldn’t help but feel that Katzenberg’s humiliation of him had been made even more complete by the fact that when Peter returned home hours later, he spied through his bathroom window the portly man fucking his aunt in the back garden. May had been bent over the low fence, no pants in sight, shirt pulled up over her swaying tits as Nick sawed in and out of her cunt.

All the while, she was casually making conversation with Anna and Mary Jane in the yard she was facing, the elder Watson leaning in close to her friend, hand shoved down the front of her pants while Mary Jane was lying on her yoga mat, one hand rubbing her tits. At the same time, the other had pulled down her tight yoga pants as she fingered herself on the mat. Peter had then realized that Katzenberg was looking right up at him smugly. The window had been low enough to see as Peter squirted onto the floor again, satisfied the balding slob turned his attention to milf he was fucking, feeling victorious over both his rival and the hero his boss hated as he fired another wad of cum up Mays soaking pussy.

While news stations, gossip blogs, or random posts tended to use one of those photos on their cover whenever Spider-Man was mentioned, Peter had grown used to it. What he was yet to discover was that almost every hero who had his number also used one of those photos as a contact image. Maria Hill had used one for SHIELD’s classified file on him or the hidden album on May’s phone of the entire photo spread she frequently used to masturbate.

Exiting the elevator and walking into the bullpen, where reporters were busily moving about, he politely nodded to Robbie, who was busy on the phone, before walking past Betty’s empty desk and into the office of J. Jonah Jameson.

The editor-in-chief was reclined in his leather chair behind his giant oak desk, happily puffing his cigar. He opened his eyes at the sound of his door opening.

“PARKER!” he bellowed. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“Mr. Jameson, you asked me to bring in my photos for this week’s paper,” Peter stated rather firmly, knowing that his boss doesn’t have much respect for spineless behavior.

“Well, what took you so long? Hand them here!”

“Yes sir,” Peter replied, moving to comply.

Leaning over the desk, hand stretched out with the folder he had ready. Peter finally spotted the immaculate bob-style hair of Betty Brant, the receptionist between their boss’s legs, working his cock down her throat. Peter stared as Jonah took the file from him, flicking through the offering with purpose. As he looked through the photos, a smug grin spread under his mustache, seeing his photographer’s rapt interest, a building full of crack reporters obviously were aware of Parker’s shower photos being shared. Jameson continued to look at the photos. He took one hand and placed it atop Betty’s head, forcing her to take him harder and faster.


The foul chocking sounds were deafening to Peter’s ears as Betty slimed Jonah’s cock, drooling all over his nuts as Peter stood there watching, helpless to stop his clitty twitching in his panties, building up another orgasm as those drool-coated nuts smacked her chin.

“These are terrible. I’ll give you $150,” Jonah stated, still not looking up.

“$350,” Peter interjects, finally catching his boss’s attention.

“Are you insane?” he huffs when Betty suddenly stops moving entirely firmly, gripping his hand on her head, halting all his pleasure, causing him to groan, breaking his calm facade for the first time. “Jesus, fine, you little brat.”

Betty releases his hand, and he now jackhammers down her throat in retaliation at double the speed, forcing her head deep into his crotch as he now actively thrusts his hips while bending forward over her. The obscene gaging fills the room, losing all rhythm and technique in place of fierce rutting as Betty has lost control of the cock in her throat.


Large sprays of saliva burst around the base of Jonah’s cock from the brutal face fucking as he loudly calls out, “GET READY YOU DUMB SLUT, I’M CUMMING.”

Betty is violently pulled off his cock with a relieved gurgle as she switches to jerking his respectable seven-inch dick, requiring both hands due to his far more impressive thickness. Jonah grunts as he fires his load, spraying thick ropes of cum all over her face and chest. Betty eagerly licks his cock clean as he finishes, taking his last few spurts into her mouth before swallowing.

“Whew, thank you, Miss Brant. You can return to your desk now,” Jonah sighs, clearly more relaxed, having emptied his ball slop onto the receptionist.

“Sure, boss,” she says.

Standing up, she walks around the desk, and Peter is treated to the immaculate work of art that is Betty Brant slimed with a gallon of cum. Her face is absolutely plastered, partially hiding her kind smile, and her tits are covered to a mouth-watering degree that has Peter’s penis twitching in his panties, the lace making his involuntary movement much worse as he starts to drip pre-cum.

“Hi, Pete,” Betty says sweetly as she pecks him on the lips before moving past him to her desk just outside.

Peter doesn’t respond, too busy forcing his cum back down his tiny shaft. Through sheer will, Peter manages to hold off, his cum now stuck in his shaft with his tiny balls churning up more. He is snapped out of his state by Jameson waving a check in his face. “Show this to the slut outside, then get out.”

Peter takes his check, the salty residue still on his lips. He turns away, walking out to Betty’s desk, closing the glass door behind him. When he turns towards Betty, he is in absolute awe of the sight in front of him, the slutty receptionist still has all of Jameson’s cum on her, her tits still exposed, though now her skirt is hiked up as she sinks her pussy and shithole down onto the two fat dildos mounted in her seat.

Cum dripping from her face, she looks up at him with the same kind of voice she greets him. “One sec, Pete, answering phones all day can be boring, so I like to have a little fun.” With a moan, she sinks herself fully into her chair, face contorting into silent pleasure before collecting herself. “Here, sweety, I’ll take care of that for you.”

Taking the check from him, she begins to sign it properly for him. In the middle of her task, Betty begins to scoop up the cum on her face with one hand pushing it all into her mouth. She swallows it down, moaning. She then takes both hands and cups her sizable tits together before leaning down and licking them clean. Making several passes, she finally uncovers her nipples, revealing the metal bars pierced horizontally through the perpetually hard nubs.

Her tits were now shiny with spit. She looks up at Peter, cum held in her mouth. Winking, she swallows it down, happily bouncing on her chair a little at the feeling. Pushed way beyond the edge, Peter groans in anguish as the cum stuck in his little shaft pushes out into his panties, groaning helplessly at the ruined orgasm merely moves his cummies out with no pleasure, his moaning drawing the eyes of the whole office to his plight.

Without any concern for his shame, Peter has had enough, finally reaching his breaking point. He is so frustrated cumming with no control all morning and now not even able to enjoy the feeling. With little concern for those watching, he unzips his jeans and pulls them down to his knees, revealing his white panties to the whole office. Quickly slipping them down as well, he grips his little clitty with two fingers and begins to madly jerk off right there in the center of the Daily Bugle.

While most watch on entertained or turned on by the usually shy beta, Betty can hardly contain herself. She begins to bounce in her seat, forcing the dildos up her holes at speed. “Ooh, where has this Peter been hiding all this time? Are you gonna wank your clitty here for everyone to see? Come on, Pete? I wanna see that little thing burst.”

Completely ignoring everyone around them, the two continue to masturbate. Peter, with his eyes focused on the tits in front of him, goes even faster, Betty practically jumping now as she mashes her holes into her toys with loud suctioning slurping.

“You like my titties, sweety? My boyfriend made me get them pierced. I love how they keep me on edge, especially while he drives his big cock into me and squeezes my double D’s. You couldn’t do that, could you? All you can do is make cummies. Show me how you squirt right now!”

Betty screams as she squirts all over her chair, her slutty holes locked tightly around the invading plastic. Peter follows her a second later, moaning loudly for all to hear as, for the first time today, he enjoys a proper orgasm spraying down Betty’s tits, both moaning loudly, oblivious as everyone watches on.

A few moments later as he is coming down from his high, Peter finally realised what he had just done. His face turns completely red, refusing to look anywhere other than Betty’s tits as shame washes over him. His humiliation kept his penis from going down.

“ALL OF YOU GET BACK TO WORK,” Jonah’s voice can be heard through his door as everyone watches, not in shock at the sexual act but rather the young man who never does anything like this, like them. Finally, they go back to their work.

Peter manages to look at his boss, who, in a rare moment of compassion, is smiling slightly at him, tipping his cigar before he looks back down at his computer. Finally turning to Betty, she is leaning back in her chair, swiveling it slowly as she watches him proudly.

“Here you go, Peter. Pretty good teamwork in there, if I do say so myself,” holding up his check

Peter takes it gently, putting it away in his bag. Looking back to Betty, she gestures down at his crotch with her eyes, which is when Peter quickly hurries to pull his pants and panties back up.

“Those are cute,” Betty says with genuine admiration and not a hint of mockery.

“Um, thanks, sorry, but you still have…you know, on your…” Peter trails off.

Thankfully, Betty catches on quickly, looking down at her breasts to the considerably smaller load than the last one that had blasted across her tits. Scooping it all onto her fingers, she gives it an experimental lick. “Mmm, yummy, that is divine.” Looking up, she sees Peter watching her closely. Smiling gently, she offers the hand up to him. “I don’t mind sharing Pete.”

Far less nervous, having done what he just had, Peter leans down and licks his cum off her fingers, the two taking turns until there is none left. Quietly yet more confidently, Peter utters with a thin smile. “Thanks, Betty, for everything.”

Responding with a wide toothy grin, she exclaims, “Anytime, Pete, I’ll see you later.”

Peter turns away, not seeing Betty, tugging her pierced nipples with one hand as she opens her phone to the group chat she has with May and a few other ladies, grinding in her seat as she recounts what had just happened.


Peter walks back through the bullpen, expecting laughter and mockery. He is met with his co-workers patting him on the shoulder as he goes by, some holding up coffee mugs in cheers, and a few compliments about his performance from men and women alike. Making eye contact with Robbie, the silver-haired black man is groping his intern’s firm ass while they look at his whiteboard together. He shoots Peter a wink as he enters the elevator, with one last stop in the building before he can leave.

Getting out of the elevator a few floors below, Peter heads into the bathroom, leaning over the sink and splashing water into his face. He peers up at his reflection, taking a long look at himself. Peter had spent years hiding away his desire, afraid of rejection while craving humiliation, and finally pushed to his limit. He satiates his thirst for that delicious feeling for the first time, his own choice to put himself out into the world and once it was over, nothing happened.

Everything went right back to the way it had been before he made a spectacle of himself. They treated him the same way they would Betty, Robbie, or any man or woman at the Bugle. They enjoyed the show and then went back to normal when the fun was over. Peter grinned like a fool at his reflection, his brilliant mind finally pushing past his stubbornness to see what had been in front of him all along. Suddenly overcome with a profound gratitude for his aunt, Anna, Ben, Felicia, MJ, Betty, and his fellow heroes for slowly working him to a point of desperation while subtly pushing him to accept himself. Peter’s attention was drawn to the buzz of his phone. Reaching into his pocket and reading the text, he let out a bark of laughter.

For all his loved ones’ careful coaching, Jessica Jones possesses the subtly of a raging bull. “Hey, little dick, you still pulling your dickie to your aunt’s fat tits, or did you drop off my photos.”

Peter could only laugh quietly at the bold attitude of his old school friend turned hero, who was very well aware of what her teasing did to him. The photos in question were of Spider-Man, Jess, and her fiance Luke Cage taking on Hammerhead in the middle of a construction site, the private investigator sharing some of the photos she didn’t deem important to her case with Peter adding to his coverage of the fight.

“I’ll have you know I had time to do both this morning as I am amazing, and it’s OUR photos.”

“Ohh, needle dick admits it finally, can’t say I blame you, that MILFs streams are hot as fuck.”

“It was actually in person this time, and it was more me squirting into the panties she bought me.”


“I almost dropped my phone laughing. Where did this come from?”

“I’m trying out being honest with myself, and I’m really liking the new me.”

“Aww, I’m proud of ya, teeny Petey.”


“You wearing them right now?”

“I am.”

“I wanna see.”

“Okay, just let me get into a stall in the bathroom.”


Now determined to surprise his confrontational friend and fully committed to his new outlook, he quickly pulled his clothes off in the middle of the men’s room, leaving only his panties. He picked up his phone to see Jess had messaged him while he was busy.

“Here’s a little motivation, bitch boy.”

Followed by an image of Jess, topless, with firm average-sized tits on full display, abs, and muscular arms taught as she had half of a massive black cock belonging to none other than Luke Cage down her throat.

“Hey man, Luke here. Jess wanted me to send you a few shots as soon as she gets her photo from you.”

Peter, now very stiff in his panties, quickly holds his phone high over his head and angled down at him. He sticks his tongue out at the camera as it captures his soft, lean, muscled body, his white panties well framed with his tiny nub tenting them slightly.

“Sweet Christmas!”

“Damn, man, good for you. Jess wants her phone now, so ttyl, I guess.”

“Jesus, okay, me again, holy fuck, you look hot, like a little sissy. I bet you’d look great on the end of this fat cock, kind of like this.”

Peter is then treated to a collage of Jess riding her standing lover, legs wrapped around his waist as he bounces her onto his girthy fuck meat. Jess is clearly flush, trying to maintain her mean look as she holds her phone up to the mirror in their bedroom to capture the whole scene. Her smaller form is dwarfed by Harlem’s hero as he drops her onto his cock.

“Oh god, my clitty is about to burst. I’m rubbing it over my panties.”

“Gonna cum, sissy boy, let’s do it together.”

With an embarrassingly feminine cry, Peter cums from rubbing his penis through his panties as if it were a real clit in the middle of the men’s bathroom. Rather than hunching over in his usual shameful routine, he instead rears back, stretching out, head tilted back, basking in the rush of his cum squirting out, luxuriating in the lace pushing against his oversensitive penis.

Looking down, Peter sees a new photo in his chat. Jess is now lying on her bed, the camera pointing straight down at her from Luke’s high vantage point. Jess looks completely content, lying there, her knees pulled inwards as Peter imagines her rubbing them together in post-orgasmic bliss. Jess, with a satisfied grin, has a finger scooping up the cum pooling in her washboard abs. Raised to her mouth, she sends another message.

“You first.”

Peter, swept up at the moment, takes another photo, first of his panties waistband pulled out slightly, revealing his sticky little clitty, a sheen of cum coating his stiffy as stringy ropes of jizz connect from his clitty to the side of his panties. Then he sends another. This time he has scooped his cum into his hand, fingers splayed in front of his face. He licks them passionately, moaning for only himself to hear.

As he slurped up the last of his seed, the door opened to a well-built man walking in, middle-aged and wearing a janitor’s uniform. He and Peter stare at one another for a moment until Peter finishes his treat and awkwardly waves to the janitor. The man simply nods and enters the closest stall, not caring in the slightest. Peter, now a little more self-conscious in his surroundings, redresses quickly before walking out into the hall to find one last message from Jess.

“Proud of you, shrimp dick.”

Smiling at the rare display of the most affectionate Jess gets with anyone besides Luke, he finally puts his phone away, heading towards the end of the hall to the secluded office of Nick Katzenberg.


Katzenberg had picked out this space years ago, from a dark corner on a random floor to a surprisingly large office. Peter reached for the door handle when the sound of muffled thumping and moaning came through the thick wooden door. Sighing in resignation at what he was walking into, Peter opened the door to the sight of a dark room, dimly lit by the light of computer screens, flashing sporadically over the piles of empty boxes, random junk, and all the crap several decades of hoarding accumulates creating a narrow path to the computer bank and couch behind it.

Towards the back of the room, facing his computer monitors, giving Peter a side profile of the scene before him is the man himself, Nick Katzenberg, completely naked, his hairy obese body pressed on top of a woman Peter doesn’t recognize. She is also nude aside from the leather hood obscuring her entire head except for her mouth, which is locked tightly in a massive red ball gag, arms bound behind her back, and ankles locked together with leather straps.

This woman can only lay bent over the desk as the large man pushes her into the cheap surface, tits mashed into an unplugged keyboard. The gimp simply writhes and drools on the spot, and she is pounded into from behind, with no thought for her comfort, as she is reduced to nothing but a human fleshlight.

“Close the door, Parker. It’s freezing out there!” Katzenberg yells to the younger man, barely looking his way before turning back to his screens.

Paying no mind to the female gimp, he simply used her as a cock sleeve while he focused on the videos he has playing. Obeying the fat man, Peter moves over to him, hoping to get his attention before he is stopped in his tracks, stunned by the pure depravity that is Nick’s pleasure dungeon. No less than six screens playing different hardcore porn illuminate the posters haphazardly pasted to the wall in front of Nick, covering the entire surface. But these aren’t just things Nick bought himself.

It’s the reason Jameson considers Nick his favorite employee. With a small budget from his boss Katzenberg had created his porn channel owned by the Bugle. It’s the subject matter, hardcore public fucking, and humiliation. POV-style videos of Nick himself seducing women only to use them to dump his ball sludge and torment them sexually, turning them into amateur porn sluts, or Bugle Babes as the official title on TV.

All of the screens are playing different videos of the same girl, her body very similar to the one pinned under the slob. Of course, almost every slut he made always came back to film even more with him for one reason, his gigantic slab of cock meat. A pillar of pure testosterone-powered fuck machine these girls now happily degrade themselves for, his cock is as massively long as it is thick, putting most superheroes to shame, only outclassed by the literal gods. Standing a few feet away, Peter can smell the musk of his giant cock. Katzenberg is known for living in filth; the musky scent from when he first entered intensifies as he draws closer to Katzenberg. Finally acknowledging him, the older man starts.

“Caught the tail end of your little show earlier while I was taking a break. Geez, the last time I fucked Brant, she hadn’t pierced her fun bags. Bet you were excited to plaster them, hey kid.”

Peter wasn’t quite sure how to talk to Nick. He could go from being domineering and seedy to weirdly friendly, looking to bro out with people he would otherwise antagonize.

“You gonna start jerking it again or what? Having you sit all quiet is creeping me out.”

Peter was startled by the question, genuinely surprised at Nick’s desire for an audience, now realizing that he had been so captivated that he didn’t even feel his stiffy come back to life in his panties. Peter was actually eager to do just that.

“Are you sure?” Peter asked.

“Yes, dammit, it’d be weirder if you didn’t jerk off at this point.”

Needing no more urging, Peter lowered his pants and panties once again, taking a seat in the spare chair next to Nick. He begins a slow, steady rhythm as he observes Katzenberg, now ignoring him again. Peter takes this time to really look at Nick. Remembering all the times his aunt had fucked this man or when Peter had stroked his penis to Bugle Babes, he finds himself able to get the appeal of the virile shameless dominance.

The heavily obese man is sweating a lot, matting the layer of hair spread all over his vast body, sweat dripping onto the fleshlight beneath him as she is pushed deeply into his large belly, his fucking rough and merciless as he fucks at a ruthless speed while ignoring her desperation for a break, the woman beneath cumming constantly, moaning through her gag at the overstimulation while he ignored her. Peter looks at his face. Maybe two decades ago, he would have seen a fairly good-looking man who probably didn’t need to behave like a creep to get laid.

Of course Peter isn’t oblivious as to why Nick probably let his body and appearance go without much fight. The fat cock ruining that girl for all other cocks is truly so magnificent that Peter can’t help but wonder why Katzenberg feels the need to behave in such a way gifted with his mighty schlong. It is at this point Peter comes to the realization, as Katzenberg is sitting in this dingy office, fucking like a degenerate, degrading this woman, that he simply gets off on this the same way Peter does being humiliated, the bound woman beneath him writhing desperately to stop cumming her brains out.

Peter can’t help but stroke a little faster as he watches this woman on the monitors being broken in around Katzenberg’s monster cock in public bathrooms, alleys, and even a train car late at night. Returning again and again to more brutal and humiliating sex every time. It is when Peter sees the raw filth on the central screen that he begins to lose control of his dicklet. The same woman is lying in a bed while Katzenberg pounds into her roughly, and his aunt rides this woman’s face madly in what Peter now recognizes to be his bedroom that he loses control.

Peter sprays a small but powerful load, spraying the underside of his lips. Peter can’t help but smack them together, at this point addicted to the feeling of eating his cum. Meaning while Katzenberg hunches over fully onto his human fleshlight, eyes now locked onto the same image as Peter grunting and growling as he drives several big long thrusts into the battered cunt squirting around his shaft onto the floor, using the full length of his cock until he finally hilts in his current meat hole pumping her full of one of his world-famous loads, thanks to Bugle Babes of course.

Panting heavily, Katzenberg stands up, grabbing the woman. He shoves her in the direction of his stained couch just behind them, and she collapses on it, her body spasming still from cumming too much, her legs desperately moving about in an attempt to quell her raw pleasure as drool pours out around the red ball gag and thick cum is bubbling out of her used up cunt. The older man drops into his chair, now facing Peter, still catching his breath, giant belly heaving while his half-hard dick still manages to be seen from under his gut.

“Oh, uh, here’s your tie. You left it at my house last time you were over.”

“Huh, thanks, kid.”

Taking the tie, he wipes his forehead with it and then throws it over his shoulder.

Feeling slightly odd in this situation, Peter pulls up his panties, going to do the same with his pants. He looks up at Katzenberg, who is now focused on him again, pulling up his panties while the older man watches him.

“I bet those feel pretty great.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“I’m happy for you, kid. All the times I saw you pulling your dick while I fucked your aunt, I knew you’d wind up in something like this. I’m glad you seem to be enjoying it. That’s important to figure out about yourself, what you enjoy.”

“Uh, Thanks.”

Turning back to the screen to look at the sight of the woman now being drenched in cum on Peter’s bed by the older man and his aunt, Katzenberg adds causally, “Well, I’d better get back to work. Those sick fucks want a video of this one getting fucked while we go up and down the elevator.”

Peter nods, relieved to be out of his sight for the moment, but as the fat man rises from his chair, Peter’s blood runs cold at his next words.

“Anyone ever tells you that your little clitty looks the same as Spidey’s.”

“I don’t know what…” Peter is cut off by Katzenberg’s cock flicking cum and cunt juices onto his lips, bouncing from the fat man’s movements.

“I’ll see you around, kid.”

Shooting him a victorious smug look as he walks down the hall completely naked on the empty floor with his gimp slut on one shoulder. Peter is left sitting in shock, the thick and delicious cum dripping down onto his already hardening stiffy and filling his mouth. Peter just sits there, only able to think one thing: ‘Well…shit.’


To Be Continued…


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