The Smallest Dick in the World Today

Who has the smallest dick in the world today on an adult human male? We know many men like to think they are this lucky or unlucky (depending on your POV) individual. We see a lot of dicks on this site. We have tens of thousands of images of small dicks here. If you want to see one of the largest collections of small dick pics, buy a member pass – CLICK HERE. See the tiniest dicks you’ll ever see on grown (over 18) males.

So, who has the smallest dick in the world?

Let me clarify, this is not an official Guiness record or anyhting like that. However, there is one individual we see time and again who we think is most likely the man with the smallest dick in the world today. He comes from France and has one of the smallest micropenises you’ll ever see. We don’t know his real name, nor do we want to. That’s his business. But we know he loves to post pictures of himself naked all over social media and on the various websites dedicated to small penises.

So Here he is. The man with the smallest dick in the world today (in our opinion):

This is him hard. Yes hard. It’s not even an inch.


This is a close-up of our guy hard. Yes, this is hard!


This is our guys hard dick against a ruler! There is no one smaller than this.


This is him soft. He has a flaccid Inny.


Agree or disagree with us? Then please tell us what you think in the comments section.

Viva La France, for they have the smallest dick man in the world today!


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