A Little Growing

By Runtz4.

Growing up with sisters, you learn to deal with certain things as a boy. As the most shared space and the one where the most private matters occur, the bathroom creates a significant arena of tension among siblings.

You learn to live with hair all over the place, with products crowding the sink. And what seemed like an ever-growing assortment of shampoos, conditioners, and cleansers in the shower. Here’s what I know: girls use many products for their hair, skin, and teeth; for some reason, my sisters had to have their products for everything. Why they couldn’t share shampoo and conditioner is an unknown mystery, with the answer being ‘because our hair is different.’ They’re sisters. How different can their hair be?

It was fine when we were little, but as we got older, the problem worsened, with tampons, pads, bras, and panties all over the bathroom. And what once was considered acceptable became “immodest.” I used to be able to go pee while they were in the shower, but now I had to go downstairs and use the half bath. I know #firstworldproblems, but still, it sucked. I couldn’t just use the bathroom attached to my room.

The situation got better when my oldest sister, Shelby, went off to college. My younger sister, Kat (short for Katie), and I still got into fights, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as before. The real problem started the Christmas after Kat turned 18, and we were all home for winter break.

“Kat!” I banged on the bathroom door. Shelby and Kat shared a room, and we had a Jack and Jill bathroom that separated our rooms. I knew it was Kat in there because I could hear her singing in the shower.

“Can you please just unlock the door so I can pee?”

“Go downstairs!” She called out.

The problem wasn’t just going downstairs. Like most healthy 19-year-old boys in the morning, I had a raging hard-on, and making my way down to the other bathroom with a boner and possibly being seen by my mom wasn’t ideal. Both of our parents work a lot. Mom is the head of nursing at her hospital, so she gets to set the schedules but still works long hours most days.

“I am coming in. I promise I won’t look!”

I knew she’d be pissed off, but I grabbed the little key above the door and went inside. The way our bathroom was set up, there was a double vanity against the outside wall, the shower/tub combo was against my bedroom wall, a door going to the hallway on the inside wall, and then the toilet was against Shelby and Kat’s room. In newer homes, I’ve seen the bathroom is usually enclosed in a water closet, but not in ours, just a half-wall separating the bathroom from the vanity area. Our bedrooms were big, Kat and Shelby both had full-size beds, while I just had a twin, but I also had a computer desk, couch, and TV for my game system.

“What the hell!” She cried out.

“I am sorry I had to pee. Just stay in the shower.” Even though I had to pee badly, it still took a few seconds to wait for my erection to relax enough to go.

“What are you doing!” She pouted. I finally let my stream flow, a chill shot through me, and I shook. Relieved, I flushed the toilet and turned around.

“Jesus!” I snorted. Standing right in front of me was my wet and naked sister. Our mom must’ve changed out the shower curtain to a clear one. “I am so sorry. I didn’t know!”

Dylan!” Kat yelled, snapping me out of my ogling.

I stammered and rushed out of the room. But that one single moment would change everything for us.

Safely, in my room, I couldn’t believe what I had seen. I knew Kat had large breasts. You’d have to have the willpower of a monk to not occasionally glance down at them, especially when she wore one of her tight tops or swimsuit. Kat’s the shorter and thicker of my sisters, maybe 5 feet tall, with naturally wavy dark hair with unnatural blond highlights, and now at 18 years old, she was fucking hot.

Occasionally we would make bets and deals with each other. Kat would always bargain for someone to do her laundry. Over the summer, I lost a bet and was washing her clothes when I took a peek at the size of one of her new bras, 34DD.

On the other hand, Shelby was just a bit shorter than me, probably 5’7”, slim build, and almost pure black hair with the same wave as Kat. She’s a cute girl with a prominent jawline, a long neck, and defined cheekbones. She’s finishing up her Master’s degree but still has strong legs and a tight butt from playing volleyball all through high school, and she still stays physically active. I’ve never been curious about her breasts enough to look at her bra, but I can’t imagine she’s more than a 32B.

But right then, at that moment, all I could do was think about Kat’s large, perfectly shaped breasts, with her wet, dark tits. Her areolas alone had to have been as big around as a baseball.

‘Damn, that curtain was like glass. She had to have seen me staring right at her tits.’ I thought. ‘Shit! my cock ached to be touched.’ I looked down, and my slick basketball shorts were tenting, showing off my modest size. I lay on my bed on top of my covers and covered my face with my pillow. I was embarrassed for Kat but even more embarrassed I was so hard for my sister. My heart was beating fast and flooding my ears with every thump.

“Dylan! What did you do?” The angry voice bellowed over me.

Startled, I threw the pillow at Shelby, who was just a few feet away. She stood powerfully with her hands on her hips and anger on her face.

“SHIT, look!” Kat snapped, pointing at my crotch. “Did I make you hard?”

Kat was just behind Shelby, wearing light blue panties and a pink sports bra that clung tightly to her still tacky skin.

“God, Kat, I am so sorry. I had no idea that mom had changed the shower curtain. I promise I thought it was still that old blue one!” I babbled and tried to cover my erection with the covers on the bed.

“I told you not to come in!”

“Why didn’t you just use the bathroom downstairs?” Shelby fumed.

“I am sorry, I couldn’t?”

“You must not have had to go THAT, bad it took you several seconds to start peeing once you… you… got it out.” Kat accused.

“I… well… I had a problem. I couldn’t go downstairs.” I blushed.

“Oh, God!” Shelby cussed.

“What? I don’t get it?” Kat asked.

“He had morning wood, Kat… an erection,” Shelby stated.

“Then why was it still hard when we came in?” Kat asked, but I was sure she already knew and just wanted to embarrass me.

“I…well… it came back.”

“From something you saw?” Kat smiled.

Now I knew she was playing with me, and she seemed to enjoy it.

“Either way, it was wrong for you to open a locked bathroom door.” Shelby scolded.

“I know. I am sorry.”

“I am not sure that’s good enough,” Kat added. “I mean, it’s not fair. Now anytime you want, you can close your eyes and imagine my big wet titties,” she said, tracing her breasts, in her tight top.

“No, it’s not enough,” Shelby agreed.

“What can I do? I could do your laundry for a week?” That always seemed to work when we were younger; I liked touching her bras and panties.

“Not the same?” Kat pursed her lips, crossed her arms, and tilted her head. “I think you deserve a smack to the balls.”

“No Way!”

“Not like a kick or punch, just a swift slap,” Kat demonstrated, slapping her wrist.

“That sounds fair,” Shelby joined in. “that should take the wind out of your sails.”

“No!” I fought back, but the thought of showing my sisters my cock and balls got me excited.

“Listen, you sexually assaulted Kat. How do you think that makes her feel?” Shelby asked.

“Assaulted?! I saw her tits for like two seconds!”

“Well, we’ll see how mom and dad feel about it when they get home from work.” Shelby jabbed. I knew how that would play out. Shelby was dad’s favorite, and mom always took Kat’s side.

“And you shouldn’t have seen them at all, and you need to learn not to peek in on us,” Kat steamed.

“You’re serious?”

“Come on with it, stand up, pull your shorts down, and let me get a good slap. And you’re still doing my laundry.” She fumed.

“If I do this and your laundry, I want access to the bathroom when I need it. I am serious. When you two are taking so long in the mornings, you need to leave the door unlocked, and you can put a towel over the shower rod so I can’t see you.”

“Well, then the same goes for you,” Shelby stated.



“Fine.” Kat finished the trio of agreements. “But if we catch you perving on us, you get another punishment.” I should’ve objected, I should’ve just agreed to use the bathroom downstairs, but I am 19, bored, and horny with two sexy sisters, so I agreed.

I took a deep breath, moved the covers off my lap, breathed again, stood up, and dropped my shorts. My mind was a wreck. Was I embarrassed or turned on? Either way, I stood there naked in front of my sisters.

They stood silently, looking down at my dick, then looked at each other in shock.

“Oh my God,” Kat muttered with a smile and then paused for a moment looking at my dick with confusion. “why is it so…small?”

“It’s not small,” I challenged.

“It’s pretty small,” Shelby said.

“It’s not small,” I growled.

“Bro! It’s like a thumb sticking out.” Shelby snorted.

My dick was hard, sticking out and slightly up about 45 degrees. The more turned on I get, the more north it goes, sometimes pointing straight up.

“It’s not small,” I said more forcefully.

“It sure seems small,” Kat said, looking at Shelby. “How many have you seen?”

“Gosh, I don’t know… um, seven,” Shelby answered. “What about you?”

“Like, twelve,” she noted, afraid it made her seem like a slut. “It’s the smallest I’ve seen,” she continued.

My dick bounced, rising a few more degrees.


“It’s not that small, is it?” I sheepishly asked.

“I don’t know what medically average is or anything. I know from my experience it seems small,” Shelby scoffed.

“Yeah, like if I was making out with a guy and he pulled that out, I’d be disappointed,” my big-tittied sister shared.

“Can we please get this over with!”

I’d never been in a hurry to get smacked in the balls.

“I think you like it,” Shelby smiled and pointed at my bouncing erection.

“Fine,” Katie knelt before me and looked up with her deep brown eyes, wicked smile, and big tits.

“Ready?” she smiled and bit her tongue. “Three, two, SLAP!”

She backhanded my nuts, tagging both with her knuckles.

“OH, GOD!” I screamed.

The pain flooded my gut like I was going to throw up. It wasn’t a gentle, playful tap like I was expecting. I fell back and sat on the edge of the bed, catching my breath. A tear formed in my right eye and trickled down my cheek.

“Was that too hard?” Kat asked, making an oops face. “Sorry.”

I rolled over and covered up with the bedding. Kat and Shelby returned to their room, laughing and leaving the doors open. A few seconds later, Kat returned with her laundry bag and plopped it on the floor.

After several moments the pain went away, but I still couldn’t get up – my balls were still achy, but it wasn’t all from the slap. I stayed on my side rubbing and tugging at my balls and dick, not jerking off, just toying with it and taking in what my sisters had said about it being small and knowing they were right.

I knew I didn’t have a big dick and was probably on the smaller side of normal based on seeing guys in the locker room filling out their underwear much more than I do. What messed me up, though, was my first semester in college.

My dorm was different from the ones used in the promotional material. It was old, made of beige cinderblocks, and cramped with four guys sharing a small space with a shared bathroom on each floor, but what made it worse was the open shower, like you might see in prison movies.

Every morning was a nonstop dick flash. Some were big, some were smaller, but few seemed as small as mine. I just figured it could be the perspective of looking down at your dick and looking over at others, plus the whole growers and showers thing.

A few weeks into the semester, I walked in on Tray and Dave jerking off while watching porn together. Neither seemed phased by it and just kept stroking. Tray’s about my height, and I’d seen his flaccid dick before, and he didn’t seem much bigger than me, but he was erect. It was six to seven inches long and a bit thicker than mine. Dave, on the other hand, had a sizeable flaccid cock, probably five inches soft. Erect, it was nine inches long and noticeably thicker than Tray’s dick.

Was Katie right? Will girls be disappointed when they see my penis? It had been my fear, but now hearing her say it, I was sure she was right. My toying turned into stroking and stroking into jerking. I was getting close to cumming. I reached over and grabbed some tissues off my nightstand. Rolling over my back, I pulled the covers down, closed my eyes, and imagined Kat’s large breasts brushing against my dick.

My stiff nub pulsed as I tugged it with my thumb and two fingers.

“Umm, Dylan,” Kat breathed.

I looked up in shock, seeing my busty sister standing no more than a couple of feet away. And Shelby was right behind her in the doorway.

“Keep going,” Kat encouraged.

A few more tugs and my balls tightened, releasing pressure from my toes to the top of my head as my hot spunk erupted from my little dick.

“Feeling better?” Shelby laughed. “We were coming to check on you. I guess it still works.”

“Shit!” I huffed.

They both left my room laughing while still leaving the doors open. I cleaned up, grabbed my shorts off the floor, and got dressed, not bothering to put any underwear on.

“Don’t forget the laundry!” Kat called from their room.

I grabbed her bag, which seemed to have most of her clothes, and started washing. Both our parents work a lot and work late most days. I knew they wouldn’t be home for hours, so I tried to settle things by doing Kat’s laundry and not making a fuss about it.

While washing a load of her delicates, I noticed she had a new Victoria’s Secret bra. I held it feeling the material, and thought about how nice my sister’s breasts would look. It hadn’t been washed, so I held it to my face. It smelled like her coconut body wash.

“Almost done?” Kat startled me.

“Jesus!” I quickly pulled her bra away from my face.

“What were you doing?” she barked.

I folded and dropped the bra in the washer. “Sorry, I just…it’s pretty.”

“Thanks, it is pretty, isn’t it.” She smiled and looked down at the distinct outline of my swollen penis through my shorts. “But you can’t be fondling my bras like a little dicked pervert, so you better do what I say, or I swear I’m telling mom.”

What I didn’t know then was how much Katie loved this too. She had always felt like the awkward kid sister to Shelby, and now she was being seen for who she was. She might not make the grades Shelby does. She’s not athletic like Shelby, and she’s not tall and thin like our sister, but she’s gorgeous and worth noticing. She didn’t just like being seen. She needed it, craved it, and thrived off of it, even if it was focused on her pornstar body and coming from her brother.

“Kat…” I sighed. “Honestly, is it that small?” I asked.

“What?” Kat smiled

“You know, my penis. Is it small?” Kat looked me in the face and down to my stiff dick pressing against my thin shorts.

“Do you want to show it to me again?” Afterward, I realized what she had asked. She didn’t ask to see it. She was making a statement – she knew I wanted to show it to her. I quickly slipped my shorts, exposing my hard dick and contracted balls. Katie looked at my penis for several seconds.

“Have you ever measured it?”


“Well, how big was it?”

“Like four and a half, almost five inches,” I lied while keeping my small dick exposed.

“Hmm, I’ve never measured any of the guys I’ve been with, but you’re a lot smaller than a few of them and a little smaller than others, and still the smallest I’ve seen other than when babysitting,” she said, looking down at my penis and pulling my shorts up, then turned around and left.

After all her clothes were washed, dried, and folded, I took them to Kat and Shelby’s room in a basket. They were both sitting on their beds on their laptops and phones. I put the basket on Kat’s bed and turned to leave.

“So I’ve been thinking,” Kat paused, taking her new bra off the folded laundry and holding it to her breasts. “I think you should do Shelby’s laundry too.”

“Ooo, yes, please!” Shelby cheered and quickly emptied the bag she had brought from school on the floor. “I didn’t have time before leaving to wash anything,” she smirked. “It’s all yours. Just don’t get mine mixed up with Kat’s. I hate it when I pull out a bra only to find it’s made for a porn star.”

I had already done three loads of Kat’s laundry. Now I’d be doing at least that much for Shelby. But I grabbed our sister’s clothes and headed to the laundry room. I washed, dried, and folded Shelby’s clothes for the next few hours. I was folding Shelby’s much smaller bras and decided to look at the size 32B, just as I thought. I returned her laundry to their room and put the basket next to Shelby’s bed. Kat’s clothes were still sitting on the end of her bed, and she asked me to put them away for her.

“Where do these go?” I held up a stack of shorts, and she directed me where to put them.

“What’s going on?” Shelby looked up from her computer, pulled her glasses down, and looked at us.

“Noth—” I began

“I caught him sniffing my bra and touching himself,” Kat interrupted me.

“Eww!” Shelby snorted,

“I was not…I wasn’t touching myself.”

“But you were sniffing,” Kat snapped back.

“You horny boy!” Shelby scolded.

“He has to do what I say, or I’m going to tell mom,” she smiled.

“What else?” I sighed.

“You could finish putting our clothes away and then go get dinner. Mom texted a bit ago and said we shouldn’t wait for them and they’d reimburse us for dinner. I don’t feel like going and picking anything up,” Shelby stated, taking advantage of the situation.

“That’s a good start. Get to it.” Kat waved her hand at me like I was her servant being dismissed. I put the rest of their clothes away and had a pile of Kat’s bras and panties left.

“Where do these go?”

“Umm, put them in my nightstand, bottom drawer,” she bit her bottom lip as if anticipating something. I opened the drawer to find a pair of handcuffs.

“Kat?!” I was surprised.

“Oh, shoot, I forgot those were in there,” she teased, pulling them out.

“Kat!” Shelby coughed and laughed,

“What? I like to play a little rough sometimes,” she shared. “Just put those in there, and I am thinking Chipotle, we’ll text you our orders.”

I turned to go back to my room to put on some real clothes.

“Oh, and um, no underwear for you.”

In the thin basketball shorts and no underwear, you could easily see the outline of my head and pronounced ridge.

They texted me their orders, and off I went. I got to Chipotle and went through the line without anyone noticing my outline. But, as I was leaving, I ran into a girl from high school whom I had dated for a while. Sarah was my last girlfriend, but we broke it off after graduation. Part of the problem was that I knew she wanted to get more physical, and I was afraid of precisely what Kat had said earlier. I was concerned she’d be disappointed with my size, so I broke it off with her.

“Dylan!” She smiled and gave me an awkward side hug since I had my hands full with a large bag.

She looked great, always did – not the prettiest girl in school, not way out of my league, but pretty, a little taller and slimmer than Kat, but not as much as Shelby. She had shoulder-length blond hair. I am guessing 32C, with a nice heart-shaped butt.

“Hey,” I smiled back.

“Are you here all break?”

“Uh, yeah, sure am.”

“Well, maybe we can get together?” she said with a little smile.

“Oh, um, sure, that’d be nice. I’ll text you.”

“Okay, uh, great.”

“Great. You look great.” Why did I say that? I could have just left it alone.

“Oh well, thanks, you look,” she looked me up and down, and I saw her notice my dick outline. “Comfortable,” she finished.

I left and got the food home; our parents were still out. The rest of the night was uneventful. We ate in our rooms, I played some video games, and our parents both came home around 9:00 pm. The girls stayed in their room, and I stayed in mine, watching videos and playing Xbox. But for the first time, since we were little, we slept with the bathroom doors open.

The sound of the shower woke me up. One of my sisters was in the bathroom, and with the shower against my bedroom wall, the water always echoed through my room, adding to my need to pee. Today the water seemed extra loud. I stayed in my bed for a while before remembering we had agreed to keep the door unlocked. I looked over and saw it wasn’t just unlocked. It was still open a couple of inches. Whoever was there thought enough to close the door slightly but chose not to close it all the way.

With the pressing need, I used my new freedom and went to the bathroom. I walked in slowly and peeked around the wall. Two towels were hanging from the curtain rod obstructing the view.

“Don’t be scared. I am coming in,” I warned my showering sibling.

I quickly made it to the toilet and waited a few moments for my erection to subside enough and finally did what I had to do. I turned and saw a set of long, athletic legs, and I knew it was Shelby.

I wish I could say I didn’t look, but there was a bit of a gap between the wall and the towels, and as I passed by, I saw Shelby with her back to the curtain, her shapely legs trailed up to a firm ass, thin waist, and strong back. It took me a minute to figure out that she was shaving her pussy, looking down, and using both hands.

“Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with me? These are my sisters!” I cursed myself.

“Pervert,” I spun around to find Kat with a disapproving look on her face but also a playful tone to her voice. She wore a pair of cotton shorts and the same pink top as yesterday, accentuating her large breasts.

“What’s that?” Shelby asked.

“The pervert was watching you shower.”

“What the actual hell?” she stepped out, wrapping a towel around herself, but I briefly saw her perky tits and shaved cunt. “Did you get a good look? Hope it was worth it.”

“I barely saw anything. I just saw your back!”

“But it wasn’t from lack of trying,” Shelby snapped. “wait did you see me shaving?” I decided not to answer that.

“You did, didn’t you!” she fumed, I knew I was in trouble and ran back to my room, but before I knew it, I was on the ground. Shelby tackled me and wrestled me to the ground, pinning me with my chest and arms behind my back. “Get the handcuffs!” she called out to Kat, who quickly got to her room and back, handcuffed my arms behind my back.

“Shelby, I am so sorry. I’ll never do it again, I swear.”

“That’s what you said yesterday,” she stood me up and yanked my shorts down.

“What are you going to do?” I asked. She grabbed my balls and started squeezing.

“I am going to pop one of these little grapes. And then maybe you won’t be so pervy.”

“Please, no, Shelby, there’s got to be something else you can do to punish me.” I pleaded.

“You like shaved girls? Guess what? I like shaved guys. Kat, can you grab the clippers from under the sink?” she motioned. “I am going to shave your tiny dick bald,” she grabbed me by the balls and led me to the bathroom. “Get him ready while I put some clothes on,” Shelby ordered.

I immediately went from fear to arousal. Shelby quickly returned wearing thin running shorts and a heather gray sports bra.

Kat handed Shelby the clippers, and they both knelt in front of me, so I was just inches away from my sisters, totally naked with a bouncing erection.

“Oh, it’s trembling in fear,” Kat smiled up at me, knowing the truth.

“You better be. Still, you can’t afford to lose anything,” Shelby smirked and clicked the clippers on. She held my dick down with her hand, and I let out a small whimper of pleasure as a jolt shot through me, causing me to shake.

“You like that?” Kat snickered. “How long has it been since a pretty girl touched it?”

“Um, I’ve never. This is the first time.” I shamefully muttered.

“Seriously, I am the first girl to touch this little thing?” Shelby asked.


“Oh, my God! I can’t believe I am your first. This is so funny. You’ll remember this for the rest of your life, the first girl to touch your tiny pecker. I am almost honored.”

She smiled and started shearing my thick pubic hair from my belly to my dick root. Her soft, warm hand on my dick and the vibrating clippers made my little guy happy and hard.

“Not even with Sarah? You two were together for a long time?” Kat asked, seeming jealous of Shelby’s exploration of my uncharted territory.

“No. I saw her yesterday. She wants to get together while we’re on break,” I shared.

“Now, the hard part,” Shelby huffed. “Kat, can you hold him out of the way?”

Shelby let go, but my dick was so hard it stayed at an 80-degree angle. Kat wrapped her hand around my dick and gave it a couple of tugs.

“It feels so thin,” Kat laughed.

“Careful, I bet it doesn’t take much to set his tiny thing off.” Her hair was dripping, with a few locks hanging in front of her face.

“Oh, your poor little virgin peepee. No wonder you’re so horny for us,” Kat giggled and gently jerked her hand.

Shelby grabbed my nuts and stretched my sack, trimming all the hair. Kat was still toying with my dick while Shelby held my balls, tickling them with the clippers. Finally, I looked down to see my tiny, rigid, and shorn manhood and Kat’s hand wrapped around my dick with just a bit of the tip sticking past her fist.

“Now I get to shave it,” Shelby grabbed her razor and shaving cream from the shower.

“No, uh-uh, that’s not happening,” I protested.

“Do you want busted nuts or shaved nuts?”

Shelby took a washcloth, ran it under the sink faucet, and then rubbed my balls and groin. The cold water made my sack retract a bit. She handed the shaving gel to Kat, who lathered me up, sending several chills down my spine.

“You’re close to cumming aren’t you?” Kat snickered.

“You know that story about the dad that catches his son smoking, so he makes him smoke the whole pack until he’s sick?” Shelby asked as she knelt down and slowly ran the razor across my sensitive flesh.

“Yeah,” I answered.

“Maybe that’s what you need. Maybe you need to get it out of your system,” Shelby plotted.

“The next several days, we’re going to tease that little nub of yours until your begging for it to stop. You’ll spend every day naked and become our little jerky boy. Every time we ask, you’ll jerk off in front of us. You’ll beat that little thing till it’s limp. You’ll cum so much it won’t matter if we’re naked in front of you because you’ll have nothing left. And, to make sure you comply with everything, I think we’ll get some blackmail.”

Shelby finished shaving me and wiped the shaving cream off, leaving what appeared to be an 8-year-old dick and balls. She returned to the other room with her phone and a ruler.

“Smile. I am recording you. Oh, look at that tiny penis,” she mocked. “Kat, can you measure this hamster dick for me, please?” Kat took the ruler in hand and placed it against my hard dick, sticking almost straight up at a 90-degree angle.

“Oh, my God,” she laughed. “How is this possible? It’s only three and a half inches.”

“Well, there you have it, three and a half inches. So, pathetic,” Shelby lowered the phone. “Now, if you don’t do what we say, not only will I crush your testicles, but this is going to Sarah and all of our mutual friends,” she flicked my little dick. “do you understand?”

“Yeah, yes.”

“Yes, ma’am,” she directed.

“Yes, ma’am,” I hung my head in defeat and shame.

“Good, now it’s time to jerk off for us,” Shelby smiled as Kat unlocked the cuffs. My little dick was hard, but I was reluctant to masturbate in front of them. It’s just humiliating.

“Do it, jerky boy!” Katie jeered

“Here? Just right here standing in front of you guys?” I squeaked.

“Yes, right here, right now,” Shelby teased, jerking her hand in front of her crotch like jerking an invisible dick.

“Fine,” I reached down and slowly worked my pecker, closing my eyes.

“What’s the biggest you’ve seen, Kat?” Shelby asked.

“I don’t know,” she looked at the ruler and measured hand over hand. “I guess about nine inches or so. Justin was the biggest.”

“Wow!” Shelby snickered and took the ruler. “I think maybe Chase was like seven to eight inches. But, really thick, I loved the way he filled me.”

“Hey!” Kat called. “Eyes open and on us.”

I opened my eyes and looked up at my sexy sisters watching me as I jerked my dick. My eyes oscillated between Kat’s boobs and Shelby’s tight stomach and angry face.

“Fuck! It’s just so small,” Shelby laughed as her face changed from anger to disbelief.

“So, pitifully tiny,” Kat chimed in and knelt before me. “Go on, sweetie. Make that little dickie spurt for us.”

I looked down at her shirt to her massive cleavage spilling out.

“Don’t you wish you could slide that little guy between my big soft boobies?” she teased as she traced her soft flesh and slipped her finger between her tits.

“It would just get lost in there,” Shelby joked. “Maybe you’d like Kat to suck that little thing, to feel her soft lips wrap around your little peepee and suck it as you hump her mouth,” Shelby grabbed the back of Kat’s, head-turning it toward her. “Suck my dick,” Shelby teased, placing her hand down her crotch and sticking a finger out. Kat leaned in and sucked it like a dick.

“Oh, God!” My balls tightened, and my cum erupted, spilling all over the floor. I kept pumping my dick, staring directly into Kat’s eyes until I was spent.

“Clean it up!” Shelby scoffed as they left the room.

Several minutes later, Shelby came back to my room. “Come on,” she directed me back to the bathroom and instructed me to blow dry her hair while she brushed it.

They have a bar-height stool at the counter for doing their hair and makeup. Shelby sat on the chair and told me what to do. Between the droning sound of the dryer, the heat, and the fact I had just jerked off, I was feeling relaxed and calmed for the first time since yesterday. As she fixed her hair, she swiveled in the chair until her leg bumped into mine. She told me to straddle her leg, my flaccid dick and balls resting on her knee.

Shelby looked down at my crotch and up to my face. With pouting lips and sorrowful eyes, she measured my little penis with her fingers. This was the first time she had seen it in its pitifully small state. I looked down at her to see it for myself. It was barely more than just the limp white head and maybe an inch of shaft.

Shelby grabbed some lotion off the counter and poured it on my dick and all around her leg. Then placed her hand on top of my penis she told me to hump her leg. “If you’re going to act like a dog, then hump like a dog.”

I rubbed my little guy on her leg, and I quickly grew to my full 3.5 inches. Even though I came less than 45 minutes earlier, it wasn’t going to take long for me to climax again.

“Come on, do it, hump my leg, cum for me!” I kept humping her smooth slick leg with my little dick. I guess Kat heard Shelby and came in to see what was happening.

“Are you guys playing without me?” she pouted. “I am always being left out,” she played and rubbed her hand over my butt and smacked it.

“Ugh!” I moaned. “So close,” Shelby moved her hand and grabbed my dick, jerking it on her leg.

“FUCK!” I snorted and came again, still producing a good amount of cum. I continued to stroke as it spilled out on my sister’s tan leg.

“Okay, that’s good,” Shelby said, grabbing my wrist.

“Mom left a list of things she wants us to do,” Kat smiled, holding up a piece of paper in her hand. “Have fun,” she giggled, handing me this list and looking down at my little dick.

For the next several hours, I cleaned, did the dishes, finally did my laundry, and made them lunch. The entire time I was naked, it didn’t feel weird, and I barely thought about sex.

After that, I scrubbed the toilets, and then they told me to clean the ceiling fans. They moved the furniture to the sides in the family room and started doing yoga while only wearing shorts and sports bras.

I had to get the ladder from the garage to clean the fan in the family room. I climbed up and used a pillowcase to clean the blades. But my attention kept shifting to my sisters, and my dick got hard again.

“Once you finish vacuuming, you can watch,” Shelby offered. “But you have to cum.”

I finished vacuuming and made it back to the family room. My dick was already hard and bouncing, watching my sexy siblings. I toyed with my dick, keeping it hard. I wanted to take it slow.

“Tease that little pinky,” Kat laughed. But just then, the door leading to the garage opened.

“Kids, I am home!” My mom called out.

She was home early for the first time in years. I froze, not knowing what to do. She was on the other side of the wall, and I was naked, shaved, and jerking off to my sisters. Kat quickly slipped her shorts off and tossed them at me, and I slipped them on just as mom turned the corner.

“Well, look at that,” she looked around. “You’ve been doing what I asked,” she smiled. “I’ve had a thought. Since we have you here, I will have you guys paint the kitchen, hallway, and bathroom.”

“Great idea,” Shelby said, winking at me. “We can do that.”

“Dad and I have already picked out the color, so I’ll order the paint online, and you kids can go pick it up tomorrow. I want to paint it all the same color so it flows together more.”

“Sure thing,” I said.

“Oh, I almost forgot. Dad and I have his annual Christmas party this weekend, so we’ll head out Friday morning and won’t be back till Sunday evening.”

Dad worked at a big architecture firm, and they rented out a mountainside villa for the employees yearly.

“Hey, we finally got the hot tub fixed, too, so you can take advantage of it. We trust you guys.”

“Oh, thanks, mom, and we trust you,” Kat laughed.

“Katie,” Mom looked at her noticing she was only wearing her thong and sports bra. “you’re not a little girl anymore. Wear a little more when you’re downstairs, please. You’re probably making your brother uncomfortable.” We straitened up the family room and headed upstairs, where we all put on some more clothes.

Dad came home about an hour later, bringing dinner. We ate together like an average family for the first time in months. Shelby sat across from me, and Kat beside me as we ate.

Suddenly I felt Shelby’s foot against my crotch. I looked up at her, and she flashed that wicked grin. She toyed with my groin as we sat there with our parents. Within seconds I was hard again and straining against my silky shorts. Her toe dexterity was freakishly capable of stroking me through my shorts and finding the underside of my dick. She tickled the sensitive flesh with her big toe.

Kat noticed my heavy breathing and looked down to find our sister playing with my little penis. A jolt of jealousy compelled her to reach down and grab my stiff member pulling it away from Shelby’s touch. Kat slowly worked her thumb around my head while Shelby swirled her foot around my balls.

“Mmm,” I sighed as my dick pulsated.

“Are you okay, honey? You look flushed?” Mom asked,

“No, I…hmm, I am fine,” I shivered.

“Are you sure? You’ve barely touched your food. It would be best if you went lie down for a bit.

“He’s been a little weird all day,” Shelby said, and both sisters held still.

“Go on,” Kat added. “We’ll clean up.”

“Thanks, girls. It’s so good to have you all home and see you getting along so well.” Mom smiled. But I couldn’t get up without mom seeing my hard dick,

“Go on now,” Mom insisted. I took a breath and quickly stood, and started walking. “I did it,” I thought to myself. “she didn’t see me.”

“Dylan, can you get me some more tea while you’re up?” Shelby called out. I side-stepped over to the fridge, grabbed the tea pitcher, and then held it in front of me as I made my way over to her. I angled myself to use Shelby to block mom’s view. Dad had barely looked up from his phone the whole time, and my back was to him. I sat the pitcher down and made my way back out again.

“Dylan, turn around,” Mom called out. I looked down, and my erection was still noticeable, but I quickly tucked it into the waistband of my shorts and turned around.

“I think you spilled something on your shorts,” she pointed. We all looked down to see a wet spot in the crotch of my shorts. My sisters and I knew it was pre-cum. “Go slip those off and throw them in the wash. You don’t want that staining.”

My sisters were ready to burst with laughter, and I was ready to faint from embarrassment. I made it up to my room, tossed my sticky shorts on the bed, and played video games while watching YouTube videos. About an hour later, Kat and Shelby came prancing in.

“Oh, my God!” Kat chuckled. “Are you Porky-Pigging it?” she asked, seeing I was wearing a shirt but nothing else.

“I think he was waiting for us to come in and see his little pigtail,” Shelby added. She wasn’t wrong. I was hoping maybe one of them would come in and finish what they had started.

“No,” I tried to convince them. “I was just hot.”

“Hot from being horny,” Shelby shot back. “I think you better jerk off for us one more time before you go to bed. I don’t want you perving on us in our sleep,” she smiled. “Go lay on your bed and jerk it,” she ordered.

I didn’t even pretend to protest. I just sat on my bed and started twiddling my pecker.

My mom’s voice announced her presence just as her hand twisted the doorknob. “Dylan! Are you feeling okay?”

She looked like she had just gotten out of the shower. Her hair was still a bit damp, and she wore her robe. Mom’s a pretty woman for a mom. I imagine Kat will look just like her in about 25 years.

“Don’t stop,” Shelby whispered, pulling the covers over my lower half.

“I thought I’d check on you, but it looks like you’re already in good hands.”

“I don’t know, mom. Maybe you should take a closer look. He seems a bit flushed to me.” Kat said.

Mom came over and sat beside me on the edge of the bed. Shelby made an angry face and pumped her fist in a jerking motion telling me to keep stroking.

“Hmm,” Mom said and placed her hand on my cheek and forehead. “You do see ma little warm.”

“I’ll get the thermometer,” Kat offered and disappeared into the hall. I kept slowly toying with my dick while mom sat beside me while Shelby stood behind her, egging me on.

“Mom, I need to tell you something about Dylan,” she started, letting me know she would tell mom about me perving on them.

So, I started jerking my dick more so she could see it but still trying not to shake the bed too much.

“He worked hard today. Maybe he just overdid it,” she smiled.

“You know, Dylan? You did look a little sweaty when I got home. You could be dehydrated.”

Just then, Kat returned with the thermometer. Mom leaned over and ran it over my forehead, her robe gaping open a bit, showing off her cleavage. Shelby grabbed my hand over the covers and made me jerk faster. I looked down at my mom’s robe as my sister forced me to cum.

“Honey! Are you okay?” Mom asked as I shivered through my orgasm.

“Stomach pain,” I huffed.

“You’re not feverish, but you should grab a Powerade out of the fridge and sip it over the next thirty minutes,” she grabbed the edge of the covers like she was about to throw them off. I grabbed hold to keep myself covered.


“I don’t have any shorts on,” I said.

Mom looked over and saw my soiled shorts on the floor.

“I told you to throw these in the wash. I’ll take care of it,” she said, picking them up and inspecting the wet spot. “I don’t know what this is, but it’s already starting to dry,” she licked her thumb, rubbed the crotch, and sniffed them.

“Give him some privacy, girls,” she shooed them to their room and closed the bathroom door.

“Dylan,” she said softly. “I know your body is going through changes. You and I both know what this is on your shorts.” My face burned. “Honey, until your hormones settle down, you may need to masturbate to relieve the pressure and keep this from happening again. I just assumed you were already doing it. You know how to, right?”

“Yes, I am sorry. I’ll take care of it.”

I was so embarrassed. She looked down and noticed her robe was slightly open.

“Son,” she asked motherly. “Is this what got you worked up a moment ago?”

“Please just go,” I begged.

“It’s okay. Do you know how many young men stare at my chest at the hospital? Kat and I have large boobs. It’s just part of the deal. Trust me, I am used to it,” she shrugged and left my room.

The next day mom woke us up before leaving for work and reminded us to get the paint and supplies from the home improvement store. I decided to jump in the shower before the girls had a chance.

“Hurry up, pee-wee, we’ve got to get moving,” Shelby called out.

I got out of the shower, and they were both in the bathroom at the sink. I wrapped the towel around me and headed to my room to get dressed. Kat snagged it off of me as I passed by.

We dressed, picked up the paint and supplies, and headed home. To my surprise, the girls helped. We started with the kitchen, moving everything out, covering up the countertops, wiping down the walls, and taping off the cabinets and trim. I was standing on the ladder when my shorts suddenly flew down.

“We almost forgot,” Shelby laughed. “Step out,” she pulled my shorts and underwear off, tossing them down the hall, leaving me with my shirt and tennis shoes on. “My God, it’s just so small!” She snorted.

With all three of us working, we got the first coat on most of the kitchen when Kat accidentally dripped on Shelby’s shoulder, which started a small paint fight between them.

“Hey! That paint’s going to soak threw to my bra!” Kat pouted. “I have an idea,” she looked over at me with a smile. She turned around, pulled off her shirt and bra, and took the paintbrush to her chest. She finally turned around to reveal her paint-covered tits. “Now I can go shirtless too,” she winked at me as my penis inflated, looking at her mostly bare tits with just a swath of light blue paint covering her nipples and dripping down her large breasts.

“Looks like someone still hasn’t had enough,” Shelby said, grabbed a new paintbrush, and rubbed it over my penis and balls, turning my semi-erection to a full-blown 80-degree throbber. I moaned and shivered with pleasure, and she pulled the brush away.

“Shelby, please,” I panted, and she tickled my balls with the bristles again.

“I’ll keep going, but if you touch yourself, I am smacking your balls.”

“Okay,” I groaned. Shelby kept brushing my little dick and balls. It felt amazing and like it wasn’t enough at the same time.

“It’s just so hard,” she smiled.

“Keep going.”

My knees buckled, and she immediately stopped as a small stream of pre-cum dripped from my dick.

“Please, just a little more,” I whined.

She dipped her brush in my paint cup, painted my balls, and swiped my dick.

“Now you have blue balls,” she laughed and returned to the wall she had been painting.

One more brushstroke would have sent me over the edge, and my mind was dizzy lust drunk. The girls moved on to the hallway while I finished the kitchen. By the time I was ready to move on, I had looked down the hall to find both sisters with their tops off and light blue tits. Shelby’s small perky breasts looked different from Kat’s large boobs. They were still sexy, just in a different way.

We painted the hall, and they kept adding more layers to the paint already on my dick. I am pretty sure I stayed hard for almost 2 hours straight. By the time we finished the hall, the kitchen was dry, so the girls returned to do a second coat while I worked on the half bath. There wasn’t room for more than one person in there anyway.

By the time I started on the second coat in the half bath, Shelby had gone to shower. A few minutes later, I header her coming down the stairs.

“Guys!” Her voice cracked with fear. “I think the paint stained my skin.” I stepped out to see her standing in the hall with a pair of loose-fitting shorts and no top, her modest boobs on full display, but there was an apparent blue hue to her skin where she had pained her nipples.

“Shit!” Kat laughed. We looked at each other and ran upstairs. Kat peeled off her shorts, exposing her short-trimmed snatch, and we both got in the shower together.

We lathered up and rinsed off as quickly as possible, knowing we had been wearing the paint longer than Shelby. I was so focussed on washing that it almost escaped me that we were showering together. Almost, but not entirely. My eyes fixated on Kat’s tits and watched her voluptuous body as she washed. But as the soap disappeared, the blue stain was even more prominent on her boobs. I looked down as I washed the soap off my junk. My dick was almost as blue as the walls.

I softly caressed Kat’s breast rubbing her tit with my thumb, my heart was racing, and while I knew it was wrong, I couldn’t stop myself from touching her soft flesh. Her nipples were erect and almost felt rubbery. I ran my hands down under her boobs, lifting them and feeling their weight. Curiously she didn’t stop me. She arched her back, sticking her chest out, letting me feel her. I took her large breasts in my wet slippery hands, circling her hardening tits.

“These are the first tits you’ve touched, right?” she smiled. “You’ll always remember your first,” she said, quoting Shelby from the day before, and then turned around, taking my hands and placing them on her soapy breasts, wiggling her butt against my dick.

“You can Jerk-off on my ass,” she sighed, letting go of my right hand, and I furiously yanked my short dick.

“Well?” Shelby asked, walking as she came through the bathroom door. “Oh my!” She gasped, taken off guard by seeing her brother and sister naked and grinding in the shower together. She pulled back the shower curtain, pointed at my hard blue dick, and laughed. “Keep going, horny Smurf.”

Shelby crossed her arms under her small boobs and shifted her weight to her left leg, watching me jerk my Smurf on Kat’s thick butt.

“Oh shit!” I slid my arm between her breasts, pulling her to me as my orgasm released all over her ass. I leaned over her grinding on my sister as I continued to erupt. My legs felt useless. I nuzzled her neck and kissed her, thanking her repeatedly. Finally spent, Shelby helped me step out of the shower as I grabbed a towel and went to my room to dry off and wound up falling asleep.

I felt the bed shake and opened my eyes to find my mom sitting beside me, wearing her scrubs. She rarely wore them anymore, so they drew my attention, but it was the fact she wasn’t wearing a bra that stood out. Her large milf tits pressing against the thin material were prominent.

“The girls were downstairs cleaning up when I got home,” she spoke softly and placed her hand on my forehead,” they said you still weren’t feeling well but that you did a lot of work today.”

“I… I’m fine, just tired,” I assured her.

“Son,” she paused. “Shelby said I should probably check on you. She told me she came in a while back, and you were so worn out she couldn’t wake you up. And..,” she paused again. “Well, she said you were on top of your covers naked. And she was concerned about something she saw.”

My heart started racing, and I looked at her with wide eyes and fear.

“Can I take a look?” she asked, peeling back the covers, not letting me answer.

“Mom!” I pulled the covers back up.

“Dylan, I’ve been a nurse for a long time. I promise you don’t have anything I haven’t seen,” she said sternly and yanked the covers down, filing them to my feet. Her eyes widened as she looked at my small, shaved, blue dick. “Well,” she smiled unprofessionally. “I haven’t seen that before,” she laughed, and then I heard Kat and Shelby laughing as they stood inside my room.

“See, mom,” Shelby said as she composed herself. “That’s not normal, is it?”

Mom didn’t seem upset about my sister’s being in my room while she inspected my penis.

“Why is it blue?” Mom asked, taking my penis between her fingers, inspecting it, and getting a better look at my blue balls.

“It was the paint, I… I must’ve spilled some paint.”

“But, why is it so small?” Kat leaned over mom’s shoulder, pointing at my little dick.

“Please tell them to leave,” I asked mom.

“Well, too late now they’ve already seen it. Besides, we’re all family.” Mom brushed it off. “Come on, let’s see if we can wash this off any better. She took me by the hand and led me to the bathroom sink. Shelby and Katie followed right behind.

Mom turned the water on, grabbed a washcloth, and rummaged around the sink, finding a bottle of exfoliating soap. I was naked in front of my mom and both sisters when mom soaked the washcloth and wiped it over my penis and testicles. She then ran her hand under the water and lathered up the soap. I realized she would wash my penis with her bare hands. She knelt before me, slathered my groin with the soap, pumped out a little more down the length of my short shaft, and started rubbing.

My little penis sprang to life, getting as hard as I’ve ever been. My sister’s and mom watched with great joy as my penis stiffened in my mother’s hands. She worked the soap on my dick with her hand, careful not to masturbate me. My little guy stood straight up, pinned against my tors. Mom moved to my scrotum as she rubbed her hand around my balls,

“Mom,” I whimpered as my breathing became more strained.

“See, mom, it’s not normal,” Shelby said again.

“Well, it’s just a smaller one. You should know that by now, some boys have small penises, and some men have large cocks,” she stated.

I didn’t miss her saying I was a boy with a small penis while indicating men have large cocks.

“Mom,” Kat said lowly. “I think I got some paint on my boobs. Do you think that will get it off?” she asked, motioning to the soap.

“I am not sure,” Mom said while scrubbing my balls with the grainy soap. “It looks like all this is doing is excited, Dylan, but you can certainly try.” With that, Kat looked me in the eye as she pulled her top off, exposing her sensually large chest.

“Kat! I didn’t mean right now in front of your brother. You’re not a little girl anymore.”

“But what about Dylan? You’re washing his dick in front of us?” she pouted.

“He’s just a boy. Boys and girls are different. I don’t know. It’s just how I was raised, I guess. Girls were to stay clothed and modest, while all the little boys would run around naked with their little willies flopping all over the place.”

“So, should I put my top back on?”

“No, it’s fine. He’s seen them now. But, it’s odd how you got paint right over each nipple.” Mom teased. “It’s a miracle any paint made it on the walls with all the spilling going on.” Mom grabbed the washcloth and wiped the soap off. I looked down and saw that the blue was paler than before.

“Mom?” Shelby asked while watching me watch Kat scrubbing her tits in the adjoining sink. “You and Kat look alike, and you’ve always said I look just like dad’s sisters. Is dad like Dylan?”

“Oh no,” Mom disabused. “Your father is a much longer, much thicker. No, I am afraid Dylan takes after my brother.”

“Uncle Greg has a small penis?” Kat asked, shocked.

“He’s a good-looking man and loves aunt Julie, but unfortunately, he never developed much where a woman needs him to. But they’ve learned how to make things work.”

My face was on fire, and my thoughts were all over the place. I was embarrassed. No, humiliated, it felt like a kick in the stomach to hear my mom talk about having a small penis, and I wanted her to keep touching me. I wanted her to rub my little penis and make me cum before my sisters.

“Greg was so small we all called him Greg the Head because that’s all you could see when we’d go swimming, just his little dick head sticking out from his body, no shaft at all, poor boy,” she laughed. “Dylan, you might even be a tad bigger than Greg. Last time we measured, he was just over three inches fully hard.”

“I guess none of you are kids anymore. I’ll tell you the truth. Your cousins, Madison and Madaline, aren’t Greg’s biologically. They’re your half-sisters. Your father is their father,” she shared, having stopped washing my balls moments ago.

“Mother?” Shelby accused. “Dad cheated on you?”

“No, no, no! He didn’t cheat. We all know that your father visits aunt Julie to help keep her sexually satisfied. It’s not cheating. It’s called cuckolding. Your uncle Greg is a cuckold. Greg and Julie are still intimate with each other, but every so often, she needs more than he can give her, so your father goes over and gives her what she needs.”

“Oh, my God! Isn’t that embarrassing for uncle Greg?” Kat asked.

“At first, it was. I was there the first few times. But he learned it’s not his fault he has a small penis. It’s like when dad calls an electrician to fix something. It’s not embarrassing that your father can’t do it. He knows his limits. Same with Greg. And Dylan, it’s something you’ll need to learn too,” she said, taking my little dick in her hand again. “It’s not your fault, don’t be embarrassed. Just learn your limits.”

“But mom,” I nearly cried. “How am I ever supposed to get a girl when I am too self-conscious even to try to have sex?”

“Well, look for a girl with no experience and get good at licking pussy,” she said with a little smile.

“Ooh, yes!” Kat snapped. “I know a good licker is a keeper. Right, Shel?”

“I have never had a guy do it before,” Shelby shared.

“Well, how am I supposed to get good at that?”

“We can teach you,” Kat smiled. “By the time we’re done, you’ll have all the confidence and skill you need.”

“Katherine Lilly!” Mom snorted. It had been years since I had heard mom use Kat’s real name.

“What!? You’re the one saying all this about uncle Greg. I’ll never be able to look at him the same.”

“It’ll be fine. I think he’ll enjoy hearing that you girls know. It’s all part of his small penis humiliation fetish. He loves to be teased. Not all small men do, so be considerate when you meet a small dick man.” Mom shared that it is like leading a master class on sexual deviancy.

“How about you, Dylan? Do you like being teased?” Shelby asked, already knowing the answer. Mom and Kat looked over at me, still waiting on me to answer.

“Yeah, yes.” I breathed.

“Good, that does make things a little easier. But, Kat, maybe you’re right,” Mom said as she wiped all the remaining soap off my junk. “Come,” she took me by the hand and grabbed and led me to Shelby’s bed, calling her to join us. Shelby and Kat came to the bedroom, and mom told Shelby to take her shorts off.

“You need training,” Mom said to me. “And you deserve to know what it feels like,” she pushed my sister to the full-size bed and had me sit on my knees.

She told us not to think about each other as siblings, just as people, and to enjoy the feelings. Shelby spread her legs open and moved her rear to the edge of the bed. My face was just inches from her shaved sex. I had seen pron, but this was the first cunt I’d seen in the flesh, and it was beautiful. Mom instructed me to use my fingers to open her lips, imagine the little nub is like ice cream, and lick it. Shelby covered her face with her hands as I moved in. Her scent was powerful but not unpleasant. I moistened and flattened my tongue, then slowly swiped her clit with an upward lick.

“Oh shit!” Shelby quivered, sitting up and looking down at me.

“That’s a great start,” Mom beamed with pride. “You’re a natural. Now kiss her clit, use your lips and suckle her bud like a tit.”

“He’s never sucked a tit, mom.” Kat shared and sat on the bed beside our sister.

“Well, I am certain you can help with that. Girls like us have more than enough to go around.”

“Oh, God!” Shelby smiled and pulled me deeper inside her.

I stuck my tongue as far into her wet twat as I could and slid my right thumb inside her while I slipped and moved my mouth to her labia, toying with her feminine folds while finger fucking her.

“That’s very good, baby,” Mom encouraged. “But slow down a bit,” she was right; I was rushing, wanting to make Shelby cum as quickly as possible. “Now, this may seem weird at first..,” she said as if anything we had been doing was normal. “Get your pinky nice and slick, and slide in her butthole. And listen to Shelby. Let her tell you what she needs.”

Shelby started directing me more, telling me where to lick, how fast to work her cunt with my hands, and when to suck her hard. Over the next several minutes, I worked hard to please her and do exactly what she asked.

“Oh, my God!” She started chanting and wrapped her legs around me. She grabbed my hair and held me to her sweet opening. “I am going to. I am going. Oh, FFFFFFuck!” Shelby convulsed, clamping me to her cunt, riding my face and hand. I felt her clamp and release my fingers over and over as a flood of juice flowed over my face.

“Oh my God,” she laughed, letting go of me. “I may need to look for a small dicked man when I get serious about marriage.”

“As long as he knows how to share,” Kat added. “A tongue is nice, but it’s no replacement for a big thick cock,” she pulled me up on the bed between them as they cuddled against me. “Play with it,” Kat encouraged and moved her body, so my face was buried in her breasts. I reached down and jerked my little dick, my face covered in Shelby’s cum, my mouth on Kat’s tits, and my mom sitting over on Kat’s bed.

IT didn’t take long. I was so on edge. I jerked my small penis for a few strokes, and I could feel it cumming. I tensed up, grabbed Kat’s large breast, and shuttered with a loud moan as my little willy shot its load.

“Now, girls,” Mom said, breaking the silence. “You always want to take care of the little guy. It’s not fair to leave him deprived for too long. But, a little teasing can be fun,” she got up and pulled some tissues off the nightstand, then sent a shock through me as she grabbed my dick and worked the remaining cum out, wiping it up and cleaning me off.

“Maybe you girls could invite a few friends over this weekend. Dylan could use a variety of practice partners,” she turned off the lights. “And let’s not tell your father about all this quite yet. Remember, we leave early in the morning, so I’ll see you when we get back,” she whispered and closed the door.


To Be Coninued…?


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