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Soft Dicks Gallery 92


  • bluesteel

    Anybody looking for a fuck buddy? If so you can find my dating post under “Man Looking for Small Dick Man” under “Love Chubbies With Small Dicks and Tits” or “Small Dick Man Looking for Woman” under “Looking for Woman with Small Dick”. I swing both ways. I’m bisexual. So, if you are looking for a good time and want to play, I’m ready. Those pics make me soooo horny and give me a fully erect dick. To the one with the little dick in the bathroom fully naked with the red toenail polish, I’d lay your brains out. You look damn good.

    • Cs59

      I’m interested, bi too. I really want to suck a hard little cock and lick some balls

    • John

      hi, love it. See my pic in the gallery, small cock. Love red toe nails…

  • stubtail

    omg I just love the stubby uncircumcised ones, with the tip of the head sticking out with a drop of precum dripping out of the pee slit. I am very good at sucking dick. Licking it up and down the skinny shaft while I roll the foreskin back and expose the knob. I noticed the uncut ones have a very different scent to them, it is very musky and the heady smell and phermones drive me crazy and make me wana give dozens of wet blow jobs to every cute guy I meet. After sucking off a bunch of you studs, I would go back to my room and jerk off rubbing my belly full of all your sperm.

  • Pete

    Love 78/32. What a great body and ****

  • Dave

    Sexy little dick pics – love them all.


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