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Silver Members of The Small Dick Club 3.01 inches (7.65 cm) to 4.0 inches (10.2 cm) erect length.
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  • bluesteel

    You look damn good Silver-Member-yzn395-28. Your skin is so creamy white and smooth. Love your erect dick. Same length as my erect dick. Would love to hump your brains out and butt fuck you. Would enjoy caressing your creamy white body while fucking.

    • hectorz

      I feel better seeing other small dicks. I feel manly with my very thick 3 fully hard cut cock

  • bluesteel

    Well hello there Silver-Member-yzn395-28. You look so feminine. Love your body. I have a fully erect dick right now and would love to mount you or you mount me. Either way, we would hump each others brains out and I would caress your creamy white body. If inerested you can find my dating post under “Man Looking for Small Dick Man (Gay)” under bluesteel. I hope you respond because I am soooo horny and want you sooooo bad. Lover.

  • Leonard

    I like silver member 93.28 I would enjoy him shoving that small cock across my tight lips and down my throat. With his stiff cock and head pressed hard against the back of my throat and balls resting hard on my lips, I start licking those big beautiful balls to the bottom, making them sloppy wet all over. Then he withdraws his tiny cock and shoves it again and again down my throat looking at me with enjoyment as he fucks my face, this is making me so horny, I start stroking my tiny three inch rock hard black cock, until cum runs out the dick slit and down the little two inch long dick shaft onto balls.


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