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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader was behind curtain number one…

My girlfriend and I went to the mall to get some new clothes. I found a couple I liked at this one store and went to the fitting room to try them on. The employee was a very hot woman with a nice big ass and great tits. She led me to the room, and this place didn’t have doors for their changing rooms. They have curtains. So I got into the room and closed the curtain as much as I could. Then I got a text from my girlfriend saying, ‘While you’re in there, show me that 🤏🏼🍆,’ so I got completely naked and posed in the mirror and snapped a pic to her.

As I was standing there naked, the curtain got pulled back, and there was the employee with another woman she was leading to a room. She got the rooms mixed up and thought mine was empty. They both stood there and stared down at my shaved little penis as I stood there in disbelief, and then they giggled as the employee apologized and closed the curtain. I could still hear them laughing about it. I put my clothes on and left and saw the employee telling her coworker something as they both giggled and looked at me.


Another reader finds the cuckold life not so great after all…

So, I was with my wife for over ten years, and I have a fetish that I tried to keep secret. She caught me watching cuckold porn about 100 times over the years, and I always said I would quit and never did. After a while, we weren’t having sex, which made her angry. So finally, after catching me so many times, she kind of just gave in and agreed to try it, and we started with online role-playing, and we did that for a little while and then we met Andre.

He’s 23, still in college, very big and muscular, and he and my wife hit it off right away. He lives in Chicago, while we live in Florida. We role-played with him for a while, and then I started to notice him and my wife texting each other. After a little while, we thought it would be fun if he flew down to visit us, so I booked him a flight and a hotel, and he came down to see us. We met him at the hotel restaurant, and that first night, they were all over each other. He took her back up to his room, and I came back to pick her up a few hours later. She met up with him the next night and spent a couple of hours with him.

Then, a couple of months later, he came to visit again, and this time, she stayed in the hotel room with him for the entire three days. He was here and it was a few weeks after that that we found out she was pregnant. I was really surprised because he agreed to use a condom, and I started freaking out when I found out because, within our friends and family, there had already been rumors going around that we had brought a black guy home to fuck her. We denied all those rumors, and then a couple of days later found out she was pregnant. I cried. He came to visit us a few times while she was pregnant, and those times he stayed at our apartment.

The birth was almost a year ago. My wife was about two weeks past her due date. She was huge. Big tits were leaking, yellow stains on every shirt. Her feet were swollen, and she was having a really hard time sleeping. She had a lot of gas, bad acne, and got really swollen around her face. It was also August in the south, so she was very uncomfortable. Andre came to visit when the baby was supposed to arrive two weeks before. He stayed for a few days. They only got to have sex a few times because she was so uncomfortable and thought she looked fat. She seemed a little sad when he left. I wanted to fuck her while she was pregnant at least once, but she didn’t want me to. I only got to eat her pussy a few times. We went to the doctor after the due date, and he said if the baby didn’t come out by this date, come to the hospital, and he would induce her.

So the day came, and we packed her bag and went to the hospital in my brand-new Pacifica. I wheeled her in the wheelchair. We checked in and were given our room. It was already late at night when they gave her the drug to help her induce labor. There was a little chair in the room for me to sleep on. Before I went to sleep, I saw her texting Andre and smiling. She was taking pics and sending them to him. We went to sleep. Around 5 am, the nurse broke her water.

Soon after, it was time to start pushing. I was holding her leg up and feeding her ice cubes while staring at her very hairy pink swollen pussy. It was the closest I had been to it in a long time. She had been pushing for a while, and her face was red. Soon after, I started to see our baby’s hair. The hair was a dead giveaway she was going to look exactly like Andre. Before that, I had been holding out hope that maybe she would be lighter-skinned and could pass as my child. Now I knew I was fucked, and everyone would know my wife had been black-bred. After another hour or so, she pushed her head and shoulders out, and the doctor pulled the rest of the baby out of her womb.

There were three nurses and a female doctor in the room, and they were all stunned. I remember one nurse with tattoos was giggling. The others didn’t know what to say or if I was expecting this. It was very awkward. Finally, the doctor asked if I wanted to cut the cord, and I did. Then, one of the nurses awkwardly took my picture holding my daughter. She was almost 11 lbs, and I could see Andre’s face in hers. The name was something that I and my wife argued about a lot. She really wanted the name Malika, and I didn’t, but she had been through an ordeal and I decided to let her have this one. She never told me that Malika was Andre’s mother’s name.

When it was time to sign the birth certificate, the doctor even gave me a look like are you sure you want to do this, but I signed. We spent the night at the hospital, and the next morning, they inspected the car seat in my new Pacifica and put our new baby in. From the back seat, I saw my wife texted a picture of the baby to Andre, and it said, ‘Our Daughter.’ That stung a little. Especially because the next few months were kind of a nightmare. Our baby would only sleep for about an hour at a time and had very bad colic. She would cry for hours sometimes. The next time Andre came to visit, he had to stay in a hotel so he and my wife could sleep.

I can’t stop thinking about when our BBC bull told me he got my wife pregnant on purpose.

A few months later, I was talking to Andre and he admitted to me that he did it on purpose. I really should have seen that coming because I knew from role-playing with him that he had a really big breeding fetish. Even though he promised he would always wear a condom. He told me it had always been one of his deepest fantasies to breed a white couple and ‘fuck a white marriage.’ He said it with a huge smile on his face. He told me he had picked out condoms that were way too small and poked holes in them with a needle so they would break after just a few good thrusts.

Him being 21 at the time, I don’t think he realized the seriousness of what he did. He told me he jerked off to the thought of saddling me with his black baby. Hearing him say all this with a smile on his face made me a little angry but really turned on, too. He really had fucked my white marriage as hard as he could and blew a fat load inside of it. My wife and I got ‘blacked’ by him, for sure.


Meanwhile, this reader has a raunchy conversation with some female friends…

I was hanging with these two girls. One of the girls has a somewhat new boyfriend and one is single. I definitely find them both very attractive and would get with them if I had the chance. We were just eating at a restaurant. We were discussing our friend’s new boyfriend, and she was talking about things she liked about him, his personality. He’s handsome, funny, but she ended it off by saying, “And he’s got a big ass dick.”

The other 2 of us laughed it off, but then she added, “I was so tired of dating these guys with tiny dicks that cum in a minute. I’m so happy I found myself a good man with a big cock that can last all night long.”

Definitely felt a little bad as I’m a silver member of the small dick club, so she essentially called me out.

At this point, the other girl added on and basically went, “Girl, yesss, small dicks are such a mood killer. I was vibing with this guy a few weeks ago, and he pulled out a 4-inch pin dick. Immediately ruined the mood. Finding a dude with a big cock is like hitting the jackpot.”

The two girls started laughing, and the second girl added, “Like, at least be average.” More laughing, and then she says, “The audacity of him thinking he could handle all this with his pencil-thin little four-incher was crazy.” She has a pretty big butt and titties, so that’s what she meant.

At this point, I was so embarrassed that my head was spinning. The girl who I was holding out a sliver of hope that maybe I’d someday get a chance with her just crushed any hope I had. Even If I had a chance with her, I knew I couldn’t because the size of my dick would embarrass me, and she would definitely make fun of me behind my back for it.

The first girl then added, “I don’t think I could be in a long-term relationship with a guy with a tiny dick. Especially marrying one. Imagine coming home every day to that,” she said while making the small penis finger gesture to show how small of a dick she was talking about.

I was pretty silent and really embarrassed because they basically called my size out, and I was forcing myself to laugh along with them so I didn’t fall under suspicion of having a small dick. I said some shit like, “Nah, y’all wild. Y’all doing dudes with small dicks dirty. No, that’s fucked up.”

I was laughing, so I looked like I was laughing about it, and I wasn’t bitter. I said something like, “Nah, it’s gotta be embarrassing to pull out a 4-inch in front of a girl. I can’t imagine that embarrassment.”

The single girl said, laughing, “They should be embarrassed. Like, grow a bigger dick or something.”

Then we all laughed, and that was basically the end of the topic. I walked away super embarrassed but also found it turned me on a little. I’ve been thinking about the interaction, knowing the girl I wanted would be disappointed with my dick size.


While this reader is put in his place by a MILF…

When I was 18 and dating my first girlfriend, her mother was very friendly and flirted a lot. I thought it was fun, but nothing ever came of it. About a month after we broke up, my ex-girlfriend’s Mom called saying that she found several items and asked if I could come over and pick them up. I set a time and went over to her house. When I got there, she invited me in and started to talk and flirt. She asked if I had had any sex since I broke up, and I said no.

She suggested that she could fix that and came over and pulled my pants down, and started to play with my dick. When I got hard, she jumped up and said, “Oh my God, no wonder my daughter dumped your ass. Your dick is the size of my lipstick. ”

She laughed like crazy. When she got done laughing, she suggested I jerk it for her and shoot off on the coffee table. She said, “That’s a good little boy,” and gave me a paper towel to clean up. That’s when I knew for sure that I had a tiny dick.


This reader had a bad time with some foreign sex workers…

My four friends and I decided to travel. The hotel we booked provided girls from different countries (sex workers). If you call Russian or Ukraine or any room, all the girls from the country you choose will come to your room so you can pick what you want). I saw a Turkish girl; she was so pretty, and I picked her. She told me to come to her room. She lived with 5 Turkish girls. We sat on the couch and talked about the price and service she could do. She started to kiss me and put my hands on her tits, and she touched my dick (Bronze Member when hard).

She laughed, and she spoke her language, and I guessed she told her friends about my small dick size. (I knew it when I saw her laughing in my face). She put her ass on me, and they took my pants off, and they played with my dick and took pictures of it. After a few minutes, she told me that she didn’t care if I couldn’t fuck her, no money back. I was already hard after what they did, and her friend was recording. The moment I put my dick in her pussy, I came instantly. I couldn’t control it.

She laughed and let me clean up. After we finished, she told me to come back tomorrow for a second attempt and prove to them that I was a man. “If you can do it, it will be for free,” she said. “But if you fail like you just did, you will pay again, and I will expose you for the pathetic babydick loser you are.”

The day after, I came back for revenge, but the bitch took positions it hard for me to put in, and my dick always slipped out (she played it well). After 5 minutes of futile fucking, she told me it was over, and she took the money and let me wear only her underwear, and she walked me to my room where my four friends were and told them I was a small dick loser.


Another reader got a handjob…

I didn’t really know I was small until I got my first handjob. I was at a party as a freshman in college, and I was flirting with a very attractive girl. After a little while, she led me to a room and started to take down my pants. My dick was already rock hard, and it popped out of my pants and stood there erect. Hard, I’m a silver member of the small dick club. She immediately started giggling and asked if that was as big as it got.

That’s when it hit me that I was small. She still jerked me off. I came in less than a minute, and then she got up and left. I could see her talking to her friends. They were asking why it was so quick. I could see her do 🤏🏻, and then they all started laughing. I left the party right away but I had never been more turned on. I still saw her and her friends around randomly, and they would giggle and point. I would get so hard in my pants, but my bulge probably wasn’t visible.


Meanwhile, this reader gets a kick out of exposing himself on nude beaches…

Last year, I was in San Sebastian in Barcelona. This is a clothing-optional beach, but 95% of people wear bathing suits, though some women also go topless, and nearly all women wear thongs. It is very central, with a public promenade running along the beach and a large hotel close by. It attracts lots of young tourist groups as well as locals, and there is a lot of spectator traffic.

I usually arrive early, set up, and let people settle around me. Surprisingly, a lot more women tend to surround a naked guy than guys do, although maybe that’s not that surprising. It is not that common, however, to catch girls staring at your junk. The protocol of a nude beach seems to be to pretend nudity is in no way sexual, and everybody is very chilled out. Solo women don’t want to draw unwanted attention by staring, and groups are often preoccupied with conversation.

So, while the joy of a nude beach is being on display for dozens of hot girls, it is usually mitigated by the fact they don’t want to be seen to be staring, and it is all very coy. You sometimes just have to be content to know that they had a look when you weren’t looking, even though you don’t have evidence for it. Emerging from the sea naked and shriveled while girls are facing out to sea on the shoreline is a great feeling and a surefire way to know they have seen you out of the corner of their eye at least, and many will catch a brief look directly while you are walking past.

I have caught a few girls being a bit more brazen, sneaking peeks, however. I was sitting reading a book with my legs spread and my wraparound shades on when I heard two Spanish girls – late 20s/early 30s, good looking, big tits, one topless – who’d positioned themselves in front of me, a little down a gentle slope close to the shoreline, laughing.

I used the cover of my shades to look up without moving my head and saw they were on their stomachs facing me with a camera out pointed directly between my legs where my shriveled 1-inch nub sat on my tight balls. A surge of electricity ran through me as I got this clear sensation they were recording or photographing my package. Now, of course, they may have been just looking at something on their phone, but it seemed they were definitely enjoying what was directly in front of them.

A little later, I was sitting back, legs spread, scanning the scene. While my head was faced to the right (toward the W Hotel) I shifted my eyes left to view the girls. The topless one was on her stomach and staring directly at my tiny penis with a smile on her face. This felt exhilarating. I gave her a few more moments to stare, then slowly scanned my head back around. She ducked her head down immediately when she saw me moving.

I stared left for a while then and used the cover of the shades to look at her again. She was back, staring directly between my legs with a smile on her face. When I moved my head back around again, she ducked her face down again. Clearly, she hadn’t expected to see such a small dick on the beach today, or ever maybe, and wanted to burn the image into her brain for a giggle later on.

Shortly after, they packed up and left. I hoped they would take another good look as they passed right beside me, but they decided not to.

The next day, I arrived at the beach late. Most places were taken, but conveniently, I found an empty patch in the last row beside two topless, thonged girls who were lying asleep on their stomachs. I got naked beside them, facing up. They turned over shortly afterward – 2 Americans in their early 20s, one blonde, one brunette, very petite and cute, with lovely tits and flat stomachs.

They spoke to each other with husky voices – they must have been partying hard in Barcelona that week. For about an hour, I lay beside them, maybe just a meter between me and the closest one, the blonde. The blonde spent a lot of time listening to music on her phone and was turned towards me at times as well. She wore shades, so it was very easy for her to look without looking like she was looking. I lay on my side, facing her, reading a book to make sure she could get as much of an eyeful of my tiny member as she wanted.

At one point, she and the brunette were both looking at the phone, and it seemed like they were holding it up as if to snap me in the background, but I couldn’t be 100% sure.

A little later, I noticed the brunette was sitting up, facing back towards the promenade. There was a shower behind us, so I took the opportunity to get up and walk to it in her eyeline. The showers didn’t actually work that day, so after trying them, I walked back. Instead of lying down again, I stood there, rooted in my bag for a bottle of water, and took a few drinks. My dick was at her eye level, maybe 2.5-3 meters away, and she was looking right at it. She had quite a deadpan expression on her face. By now, I’m sure she’d twigged that I wanted them to see me.

Shortly after, I started getting ready to leave. Luckily, the girls were packing up around this time too. I packed up as slowly as possible in order to maximize standing naked close to them. The blonde was hunkered down, gathering her things into her bag just a little to the side and in front of me. She rose, facing directly at my exposed penis as I was starting to pull my trousers up. She and her then went on their way.

I would have loved to have heard what they said to each other as they walked away. Thanks to these two accidental voyeurs, I felt light-headed for a few hours afterward.

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