Lady of the House

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by MsMorrigan


The loud voice on the other side of the door seemed to drown out the three knocks that the delivery guy had just put upon the thick wooden door before him only a few seconds before. The loud voice grew stronger as it seemed to get closer to the door. The poor delivery man grew nervous as the door was flung open quickly before him. Miss Eleanore Ruine stood there with her hand out waiting for the delivery man to place the package in her hand. She grew impatient and started to tap her foot on the concrete floor as the delivery man struggled to produce his signature module from his hip pocket. The look on her face made the delivery man even more nervous. Sweat started coming down his face and into his eyes. His voice stammered as he attempted to get Miss Eleanore to sign for her tiny package. Not to mention the fact that his tiny package was trying to present itself it seemed. The delivery man’s face grew three shades of crimson as he tried to ignore his predicament while Ms Eleanore signed for her item.

Upon finishing her signature she handed the stylus pen back to the man who slid it back into place. She then took it upon herself to chastise the man about his apparent erection that she found so horrid and disrespectful. She went on for a good full minute berating him about his pathetic attempt at an erection. People were coming outside of their doors peeking over at Miss Eleanore and laughing. Miss Eleanore was quite famous for putting men in their proper place. It was a wonder sometimes that they didn’t crawl on the floor at her feet. But there is always a first time for everything. The poor delivery man couldn’t get away from her fast enough as he made his way down the hall like a bat out of hell almost pushing people out of the way as he descended the stairs.

The delivery guy was a few stops past Ms Eleanore when he noticed another package addressed to her. He groaned loudly as his balls seemed to shrink inside his briefs. He knew full well he had to go back, but perhaps he could slip the box just outside her door, knock and run. It seemed like a good idea at the time. He made a few more deliveries before pulling up in front of Ms Eleanore’s apartment building. The poor delivery guy took a hard swallow and crawled into the back of his truck to get her package. he stood there for a full on minute with the package in his arms contemplating a way out of delivering it. With a slightly sad look about his face, the delivery guy got out of his truck and walked up the steps of the building. Just as he was walking through the door, Ms Eleanore caught a glimpse of him and smiled wickedly at him.

That poor delivery guy felt his heart almost leap out of his chest when he caught sight of her. Again his voice stammered as he tried to relay the fact he had another delivery for her. MS Eleanore asked him politely if he would carry it upstairs for her. With a bit of reluctance he agreed and proceeded to follow her into the elevator. Ms Eleanore pushed the number 3 and waited with a devious grin about her face. The poor delivery guy could only surmise he was headed for trouble. The elevator door opened and they got to her apartment. She fumbled a bit with her keys trying to open the door. Once open she pointed to a coffee table inside her apartment. She told the delivery guy to sit it there and have a seat in a nearby brown leather chair. He tried to get out of it but she said “sit” in a stern voice and he felt somehow compelled to comply with her wishes.

Ms Eleanore went and closed the door and slowly walked over to the younger man and stood there looking him over . She proceeded to lecture him about his manners and his apparent problem with his penis. The young man was shocked she was speaking in such a manner to him a near stranger as it were. She went on to explain that his penis no matter how hard it became would be of no use to any woman given its apparent size. She said she could discern this thru the trousers he was wearing, as she could see his hardened little stump as she called it. As she seemingly verbally berated him for his “shortcomings” he could feel his less than adequate appendage growing inside his briefs again. He wasn’t sure why and grew red with flushing as he tried to keep up with her dialogue and not seem distracted.

Ms Eleanore noticed his crimson face and started to laugh. She asked him directly if his little dick was getting hard and he sheepishly said it was indeed. Ms Eleanore walked away for a moment into the next room. She came back with something she held behind her back, the poor delivery guy wanted so bad to run at this point but his feet felt like concrete and he knew somehow he was truly fucked now. With one hand still behind her back she sat down on the couch near the chair. She tucked the item behind her back and boldly told the man to come over and sit beside her. Once again he blindly complied.

Ms Eleanore told him to drop his shorts and lay across her lap. He could only wonder what sick sexual pervert was she. Ms Eleanore told the young man that she could make his job non existent in the blink of an eye unless he complied with her wishes. He felt so small at that moment. Helpless and slightly furious. How could this woman be doing this to him? And yet he stood up and let his shorts fall to his ankles and laid across her lap. Ms Eleanore pulled down his barely white briefs with one hand as she reached behind her back. She pulled a slightly larger than normal hairbrush from behind her back. It was nicely rectangular with a brown wood finish slightly stained.

She instructed the young man to keep count . She would be giving him a much deserved spanking and with each spank he would keep up count or it would stop and start all over again until she was sufficiently pleased that he had endured enough. And if he stopped for longer than 3 seconds, the count would start all over again as well. Confused and aroused at the same time the young man verbally agreed with Ms Eleanore.

With a smug smirk on her face MS Eleanore began spanking the young man. 1, 2, 3 and so on it went until it got to ten. Ms Eleanore took a few seconds to admire the pinkness that was developing on his ass. She swiftly began administering another spank and he stammered the number 11 and she laughed in a condescending tone as if that were possible with laughs. The spanking went on until she reached 25 and the ass cheeks were turning red by that point. Again she stopped but this time she had another idea in mind.

She instructed the young man to stand up before her. Slightly sore in the butt of course and back he stood before her. Humiliated and still hard he stood before her discerning eyes. She laughed as she inspected the young man. Placing her cold long fingers on his appendage and associated balls. Dropping them she smacked them with her hand. She kept smacking them as the poor guy winced each time but dared not move. She went on to tell him once again how he would not be offending women with his deficient appendage any further, as she was ordering a device that would help his situation. She said he would return next week around the same time to receive that gift from her.

The poor guy wondered how a simple day could have ended up this way, and he still had a few packages to deliver before the end of his shift. Ms Eleanore grabbed his tiny cock and balls and squeezed them firmly. Looking directly into his eyes he could see she meant business and to not fool with her. She released the young man and allowed him to pull up his shorts and leave. He scurried out like the swiftest church mouse.

As he delivered the rest of his route packages, he could feel himself growing hard again while remembering Ms Eleanore’s words to him. Why was he so eager to relinquish the control of his cock and balls and subsequent orgasms to someone he had just met this day? It is funny the way life works out sometimes. Sometimes you end up getting exactly what you need instead of what you wanted. The universe sometimes has infinite wisdom that we may not always fully understand. It is only for us to do, to hand ourselves over to a higher authority and fate. His was now Ms Eleanore Ruine. An exquisite captress indeed.


The End.




  • dlnatelli

    Liked your story. I hope you will write what happens next

  • Excellent story! I hope there is more to it and that you will allow us to know about the rest of the story.

  • Paul

    True control and humiliation something that is my deepest desire

  • stubtail

    I was in 7th grade and was drunk for the first time off like three beers, this very mouthy 6th grade girl with big tits she somehow grew over the summer cornered me and told me her older brother told her that he went camping with you and you were constantly looking at the HUGE boner he had saying it was really ‘neat’ looking at his big dick. Don’t worry I told him your not gay, you just have a tiny little peepee lol your just like me you love cute guys with big dicks, its so much fun looking at well hung guys,right stubtail? tee hee

    • robby

      Good story remind me when I was in school my cock is 3 inches and after Gym when we took our shower I would just stare at all the cocks all of them were bigger than mine after that in college I started to suck large ones and today still enjoying them

      • Patrick

        School showers made me dizzy. I got a pretty good idea at an early age.


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