The Impotence Files: Cindy and Her Useless Impotent Husband

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By Stephanie Keating (no address provided)


I just can’t get it up for my 24-year-old wife. She’s so horny all the time. Surprising relief and excitement when she tells me about her fantasies one day and then her fantasy lover walks in on the scene. OMG! I was shocked and so aroused. There’s no long preamble to this story. I’ve fucked up three marriages and I’m older than I’d like to think, although most of my friends are much younger. I guess it’s been a way for me to cheat the feeling of aging.

Cindy too was a way to cheat the feelings at first. She’s 24 years old and a girly girl, full of fun and frivolity. As a friend first she was an innocent playmate—but oh! so sexual in a kittenish way. She would kiss and tell in a moment. I don’t think it was with many people, but my age offered her security to tell all.

One night over dinner she simply said that she didn’t want to wait long before marrying and that she didn’t believe in the myth of finding her soul mate. For her, someone she could learn to love and feel secure would be enough. Within half an hour I’d proposed and she said yes.

It wasn’t until we were saying goodnight that I told her my ability to be aroused was a 10, but my ability to perform was pretty close to zero.

“That’s okay,” she said, “We can figure out the fun together, besides your tiny limp dick is funny.”

She had in mind curing me of my dysfunction and we made it work with lots of oral sex that we were both always hot for.

What was unexpected was how horny Cindy was every day—without exception. It was only a matter of degree. She works part time mornings and I work full time in marketing. I earn enough money, so Cindy’s part-time contribution is for her job satisfaction as a graphic designer. It wasn’t and still isn’t unusual for her to amorously meet me at the door and draw me into sexual play. On occasions she is glassy-eyed and face-flushed with sexual passion. And so it was one day about six months into our marriage. We are just coming up to our first anniversary.

That day, five months ago was unforgettable. Ray, her 18 year old nephew was staying with us for a couple of weeks. He’d arrived a few days earlier. He’s a lithe young man; academically brilliant and searching out the possibilities of a couple of local universities.

I arrived home my usual time to find Cindy as horny as I’d ever seen her. She was coming from our bedroom as we met. Glassy-eyed and almost in a sexual swoon, I could smell her hot, musky-sweet sex as she rocked her pelvis into mine and met me with her moist, hot lips. Whimpers and hot breath were her begging invitation to be brought to orgasm.

I responded and slipped my hand up her skirt. Sweet fucking Jesus! She was sopping wet through her panties. Her slick juices smeared the soft skin between her thighs.

“Christ! You’re so fucking horny today!” I declared.

“Mmmmmm-Mmmm,” Cindy murmured, her lips locked on mine.

“What’s going on?”

She detached from my mouth with a coy giggle long enough to say, “I’ve been playing with myself all day; I couldn’t keep my hand away from down there. Shame that useless thing between your legs can’t help me.”

Still, I couldn’t even get hard at the thought of my sex starved Cindy with her hand and fingers insatiably working at her sweet, sweet pussy. I worked teasingly with my own fingers now, giving a little but not too much. If she got too eager with her rocking pelvis, I withdrew my touch enough to notch up her passion another level. I was receiving too: Cindy’s fingers that were smeared with her juices were in my mouth and over my face making me smell and taste like her cunt.

By now we were on our bed and I was coaxing her fantasies out of her; but it was anything but fantasy that got her started. She told me she hadn’t gone to work that morning, but that Ray had got up thinking himself alone in the house. From our darkened bedroom, the dresser mirror was so positioned that she could see across the hall through our door ajar into Ray’s illuminated room. Cindy said that she’d watched him return naked from the shower and lie on his bed masturbating slowly. She shyly admitted to masturbating herself as she watched and matched the frenzied rise to her own orgasm as Ray spilled his load in a groaning climax of his own.

“His cock is so big and hard, not like your pathetic clit. But he made a bit of a mess on the sheets,” she said.

“How do you know?”

“I went in there to see after he left the house.”

I was still mercilessly teasing her pussy.

“Did you touch it?” I asked her. She moaned and turned her head to one side, gasping and biting her lip in an attempt to hold back: “I knew it! Did you touch his sperm?” I demanded gently. Cindy nodded, still biting her lip, her eyes tightly shut—still withholding. “I know what you did!” I leered. “You tasted his cum, didn’t you! Tell me!”

My fingers teased the nodded affirmation from her. She could tell from the loving and erotic rhythm of my fingers that the information was good.

“You don’t mind?” Cindy purred and rocked her hips to my touch.

I was so fucking hot and trembling, I could barely gasp my answer through dry lips. I bent to kiss the lips and tongue that had tasted her nephew, an answer she could not mistake as anything but passionate approval.

“You’ve been thinking about him all day?” I queried– “Fucking fantasies?”

“Hmm, a real man fucking me with a big hard cock, as opposed to limp dick faggot wearing a strap on cos his clit is dead? Fuck yeah,” she answered, her body undulating in a sinuous rhythm.

She attempted to impale herself in my fingers, but I withdrew the immediate gratification she sought. I was turned on like never before and the eroticism of her 18 year old nephew fucking her attached itself to the most intense desire I could ever have imagined.

“It’s got to be real, Cindy–you and Ray.”

“What?” She asked, startled into a place close to rationality.

“Shush, girl. Close your eyes and imagine all those nasty things you’ve been thinking about all day.” I worked my fingers like a poem. Her body responded to her own dirty thoughts and my skilled touch. And then again, like someone trying to awake from a dreamy pleasure.

“But my sister; my mother? God, what would they say?”

“Don’t worry about them, honey, I’ll take care of everything. Don’t worry.”

Just then, we heard the front door open and Ray ask, “Anybody home?”

I’d kept Cindy on the edge of orgasm for so long, she desperately wanted me to finish her. I knew with certainty what needed to happen. And as I pulled myself loose to Cindy’s whispered protestations. I insisted, “Don’t move. Just stay there. Okay?”

“Okay,” Cindy replied, trembling with excitement and uncertainty.

Ray was flopped in the living room: “I’ve got a little problem you can help me with, Ray.”

“Sure. What is it?”

“You’re aunt’s in the bedroom not feeling so well. She didn’t go to work today and accidentally saw you masturbating in your room.” Ray blushed scarlet. “Don’t worry. Neither of us minds. It’s just that watching you made her real horny for you…” I waited a while: “She needs you to fuck her with your hard cock. I want you to bareback my wife and spill your sperm inside her. Do you think you could do that?”

Ray asks, “Why can’t you do it?”

“I can’t get it up, and even if I could, my dick is like tiny. She’d never want to fuck me anyway.” He laughs at me. I was looking at his pants and saw an erection stirring. I laid it on: “Your aunt has a beautiful body. She’s lying on our bed waiting for you to undress her and slide that beautiful cock deep inside her.”

I reached forward and wrapped my hand around the hardness of his cock under the thin material of his pants. I teased him with a few slow masturbating strokes.

I asked “Have you fucked a girl before?”

“Of course.”

“You think you can fuck your aunt, my beautiful wife?”

“Oh! Yeah,” Ray said breathlessly. “I was thinking about her this morning in my room. I think about her every day.”

I walked Ray to our bedroom and pushed the door slowly open. Cindy lay on her back where I had left her, her right hand over her womb, her fingers just above a slightly bunched up skirt at her crotch. She’d definitely been playing with herself while I had been with Ray. There was an awkwardness that filled the room, but undeniable sexual tension too.

“Cindy, honey, I need to tell you that Ray was thinking about you this morning in his room, at the same time as you were thinking about him. He’s been wanting to make love to you for a long time.”

A moment passed before Cindy smiled an uncertain smile and lifted her hand in invitation. Ray didn’t hesitate, but gently slipped onto the bed beside her. Then they were in each other’s arms, the driving, pulsing passion of my 24 year old wife and her 18 year old nephew making oblivious any other considerations—family, my presence, morality. I quietly cruised the circumference of the bed watching this hot action, yet my tiny pathetic dicklette still wouldn’t get hard.

I watched Ray slowly undress my bride and she him. I watched Ray’s formidable erection play at the lips of my wife’s glistening pussy—her pelvis tilting to receive him; the head and then the shaft of his cock make a deep entry into my beautiful wife’s receptive body; the sounds of intense pleasure that they sang to each other in the primal tongue of lust; the ragged spasms of orgasms that sent waves through Cindy’s womb.

Not a word uttered about protection—this was a given of sex unconditional; Cindy needed, wanted Ray’s sperm inside her. I knew through it all that everything both of them desired of each other, I desired too—equally as much as them.

They never changed from the missionary position at all; but it was incredibly beautiful. Ray came like an animal and my incredible wife met him in whatever timeless place it is that two lovers meet in orgasm. I was in a position to watch Ray’s beautiful big cock spasmodically spilling his sperm into my wife’s body and even the subtle spasms of her orgasm deep inside as it milked the juices from his cock.

I tell you now, I never thought it could have happened. I’d never desired it; but no sooner had Ray withdrawn his cock from my wife than I was between her legs licking and swallowing the mess of their sex together. Cindy laughed at me, and so did Ray.

“I don’t know why you married such a useless man,” Ray said to her.

“He looks after me,” Cindy said. “And I find his pathetic limp dickie so amusing.”

The End.




  • Paul

    Thank you so much little dick I really appreciate you sourcing an impotence story hopefully there will be more to come
    This is actually how it is for impotent mem like me the desire is their in the mind but no matter how much mental and physical stimulation nothing happens to my pathetic cock
    I have a female friend who works with me we are quite close more than we should be she is very aware of my erectile dysfunction and in quiet times will rub my legs and bottom playing around my groin area not quite touching my dick she has taken quite recently to rubbing her finger hard against my asshole through my trousers and it’s wonderful she knows the sensations she creates even though I am never erect I leak lots of pre cum she says she enjoys it and I deserve some pleasure even if I can’t get it up like a real man (her words….like a real man) and then she always laughs and says I expect you’re all wet in your pants again aren’t you just like a little boy but she always kisses me on the cheek after
    We are both married and I know it’s wrong but I can’t stop it’s inevitable with all this stimulation I will one day cum in my pants which will be totally humiliating and she will laugh
    Thanks again for the story

    • Paul

      The thing about impotence for me is the knowledge that I can’t function as a man someone can stroke, kiss and stimulate me but I cannot get an erection I can be leaking precum everywhere but I am still soft
      A recent story I read on the site which I quite enjoyed centres around drug induced impotence due to a operation which really isn’t the same because the guy knows if it wasn’t for the drugs he would be fully potent and able to get an erection
      Even when I take viagra it’s a very rare occurrence for my penis to function as a real mans should only then for me to cum in less than a minute
      Imagine lying naked with your partner being mentally and physically stimulated to an extreme all your fantasies whispered in your ear as they stroke you but you just lie there limp then that’s my life

  • vici

    OMG thank you so so very much for sharing your story, as a small (3 incher) impotent guy this really hits home for me . As much as i love to watch my wife fuck real men i still am unable to achieve an erection. i have at times enjoyed watching her being satisfied by hard dics i have actually dribbled to an orgasm.

    I’m always in wait for my wife and her lovers to finish up so that i clean them up, guys cum from her pussy is some of the pleasure i get, she always laughs at me calls me her her limp dic faggot cleaning her pussy 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your story and def look forward to more in the near future

    • Paul

      I think he has surpassed himself by producing such a wonderful story Vici
      As an impotent small dicked man I feel even more welcome now
      Hopefully there will be more stories to follow

  • pantywaist-ken

    Each person got exactly what he and she deserved in this story.

  • stubtail

    Well you have to respect boys with really big dicks, I had this chick pants me and everybody laughed at my tiny weewee,I lost my temper and pantsed another male 3 years my junior and was “shocked” his cock was Huge…….

    • bambiegirl

      having a little two inch hardon myself, being exposed unexpectedly is so humiliating especially in front of my sister and her boyfriend. After she made me suck his big cock, word spread so fast that i am a sissy faggot. I love huge cocks.


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