Extended Stay (Sissy/forced Bi Sex)

By charmer949. I’m still pissed off because we must stay here for a month. It’s day thirteen, and I’m stuck–well, we’re stuck–at the Common Inn, a less-than-ideal extended-stay motel on the edge of Smallville. If my blowhard husband knew how to properly do his job, we’d have been home last week. He needs someone to come along in his life who will put him in his place. Mr. All High and Mighty. Ham–I call him behind his back. He’s gone

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A Wimp in her Closet

By flickofthedick. After a year abroad, Amy returned to a mix-up with the apartments. She found a vacant room in a dorm for a few weeks through sheer luck until the situation could be resolved. Still, life as a dormitory resident was quite a transition after the freedom and independence of exchange studies. Still, the dorm was a blessing in disguise because that’s where she met Andy. It didn’t take long to notice something about him worthy of deeper investigation.

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