The Swim Team (Gay SPH)

By temptationsandleftovers.

It’s never easy growing up as a closeted gay guy in a small town where everyone believes in “traditional” values like men and women only marrying each other and beating up homosexuals. In 1961, just after turning 18, my life changed during my senior year at my small midwestern high school.

I hated using the bathroom at school because there always seemed to be a jock in there who wanted to give me a tough time. I wasn’t out, but it was clear that I was different from other guys. My best friend was Betty, and she seemed to understand that I was different, but she didn’t care. Whenever I had to use the bathroom, I would go to one that was back by the performing arts rooms; jocks hated the performing arts.

On that fateful Monday morning, I entered my secret bathroom and was startled to see Doug Groberkerl at the sink. Doug wasn’t washing his hands but had his enormous, circumcised cock out and was pissing in the sink. I froze, my eyes locked on the massive schlong he had in his hand. Doug was captain of the varsity swim team, which consisted of all seniors this year, and all ten of them happened to be 18 already.

Doug’s cock size was accentuated by the fact that he was a tall slim guy. He was at least 6’, which seemed huge compared to my 5’8”. He was extremely handsome, like Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire, with a short, elegantly styled head of dark hair. He had that cocky kind of smile where you knew he was an asshole, but damn, did it make you melt. Doug had absolutely no pubes. I was shocked. I didn’t risk looking at guys in the locker room, so I had only ever known about myself, and I had a bush.

“Can I help you, faggot?”

My heart dropped; I hadn’t realized I had been ogling, and he was watching me gawk the whole time. “Uh… I…”

“You want a drink?” Doug flicked his penis in my direction, I jumped out of the way, but some of his piss landed on my shoe. He laughed and returned to pissing in the sink. I froze there, trying to look at anything but him. “Did you come in here to shit or something? Or are you just trying to look at my dick like a faggot?”

He looked annoyed, but then that smile swept across his face. “I just need to pee,” I whispered.

“Well, by all means,” he shook the last couple drops of piss from his dick, then stood aside and gestured to the sink, not putting his cock away.

“I’ll just go in here,” I said as I made my way to the stall. Doug was quick, though, and blocked me from going in.

“I don’t think so, faggot. It’s only fair that I get to see your dick after you practically sucked mine.”

The heat in my face burned more intensely as I imagined what it would be like to have a cock like his in my mouth. “Please…” I mumbled.

“Please, what? Do you need help? Of course, I’ll help you, little guy.”

Doug knocked the books out of my hand, and they landed in the puddle of his piss on the floor. He grabbed my arms and pinned them behind my back as he forced me over to the sink. My heart was racing faster than it ever had, and my head was spinning so much I couldn’t get myself to fight him or scream or say anything. At the sink, he wrapped one arm around me, pinning my arms between my back and his torso. I could feel his cock pressing against my lower back. With his other hand, he grabbed the button of my pants and ripped it off. He yanked the zipper down, and I suddenly snapped out of my trance: he was going to see my cock, my small cock.

“No!” I tried to yell it, but it came out much softer. I pushed back against Doug, but he was much stronger than I was.

Doug laughed. “I wondered if you had any fight in you, little guy. I’m just trying to help you take a piss. You asked me to.”

“No, don’t, please,” I begged, still trying to break free of his grasp.

“Look, faggot, you’re gonna do exactly what I say.” His mouth was against my ear. His voice was low and sent a chill down my spine. I stopped moving. “Good boy. If you try to run or scream or tell anyone about this, I’m going to tell them your faggot ass tried to grab my dick while I was taking a piss. Do you know what they’ll do to you in this town? They’ll beat the shit out of you if they don’t kill you. They’re certainly going to believe the star jock over some little nobody bitch like you.”

My heart sank. It was true. “Now, you’re gonna let me take your dick out, and you’re gonna piss in this sink, got it?” I nodded. “What the fuck is this?” Doug snapped as he resumed undressing me.

Even though I was mortified, having Doug pressed against me like this did something for my sex drive. I had never been this close to a guy before, and he was someone I’d had a crush on since I was little. Everything about him, from his looks to his smell, was intoxicating. I hadn’t realized it, but my penis was hard.

Doug grabbed the waistband of my tighty whities and yanked them and my pants down to my ankles. My penis sprang out, and Doug was unable to suppress his laugh when he saw it. “Wait, is that it? That’s your entire dick when it’s hard?” Even though it was small, it was noticeably clear that my dick was hard as it stuck straight out. Doug held his middle finger next to my dick and laughed. “My finger is 5 inches, so your dick has gotta be two at the most.”

The whole time he was laughing, his cock flopped around outside his pants, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it, it was hypnotizing me.

“It’s like it’s trying to hide in that massive fucking bush you’ve got. Alright, piss,” he said, settling.

I stood at the sink, took a deep breath, then started to piss in the sink. I didn’t have to touch my cock to aim it away from anything as it only hit the back of the sink. Doug watched me with a smirk on his face the entire time. When I finished, he grabbed my little cock and shook the final drops out.

“Alright, put that thing away, little guy. I’m going to tell Coach we found our new towel, boy.”

I froze with my pants halfway up my legs. “What?”

“The swim team needs a new towel boy, and that seems like a perfect job for you.”

“What? No. I don’t want to do that!”

Doug came over and forced my head into the sink that now reeked of piss. I felt a sharp sting on my ass from Doug hitting it. “What did I tell you, faggot? You’re going to do whatever I tell you to, or else. I’ll see you at practice tomorrow.”

Doug tucked himself into his pants and then left the bathroom. I stood there, bent over the sink, too frozen in fear to move and surprisingly very horny. I was terrified of what humiliation was waiting for me tomorrow.


The varsity swim team had practice right after school at 2:30. The swimming pool was put in a couple of years ago. Still, they only started requiring the freshman to do a swimming unit in gym class. I lucked out since students were required to swim naked. Classes were gendered, of course, but the incident with Doug was further validation that I had dodged a bullet by not being forced to show my small cock to a class of guys.

I was nervous about seeing the swim team naked. They were all athletes, most of them playing multiple sports. They were all in shape and extremely cute. As the towel boy, I wouldn’t have to be naked, and if I accidentally popped a boner, I could keep it concealed.

I made my way into the locker room and refused to look at the guys as they were undressing as I walked to the coach’s office. “Why is that nerd here?” One of the guys, James, scoffed. James had beautiful blonde hair that was perfectly combed over. He had that boy next door look like he wouldn’t hurt anyone, and he was everyone’s best friend, but James was an asshole. “He doesn’t honestly think he can be on the swim team, right?”

“Calm down, James. He’s the new towel boy.” Doug said.

I risked a glance at him and he was looking at me with that devilish smirk. He winked as he started pulling down his pants to reveal his cock. I quickly continued on my way.

“Hello, coach,” I said as I got to his office. The coach was a burly man. He was tall with broad shoulders. He had a thick dark beard and wore a tight white t-shirt that showed off his muscles, and couldn’t hide that he also had a hairy chest. He wore shorts that were small and tight, and everyone could see that he was carrying a serious piece of meat that always threatened to poke out of his shorts. He coached most of the guy’s sports throughout the year, as well as teaching gym class during the day.

“Why the fuck are you here?” He asked.

I felt embarrassed. I thought Doug would have talked to him. My face got redder as I continued, “I’m here to be the new towel boy.”

“Really? I wouldn’t take you for a towel boy kind of guy.” Coach gave me a once over. “You’re certainly no athlete, so I suppose towel boy is more appropriate. Alright, strip down and meet us out there.”

The coach pulled his shirt off and tossed it behind him without looking. He headed out of the office, but I stopped him before he could leave the locker room. “What do you mean strip down? I’m the towel boy. I’m not going to be in the pool.”

“If something happens and I need you in the pool, you can’t be wearing anything and fuck up the system. Besides, it’s very unsanitary for you to be in there with a dirty suit while the other guys have taken care of their bodies. Now, take you’re fucking clothes off or get lost.”

Coach left the locker room, and I stood there for a moment, petrified. I couldn’t possibly go out there naked and show my tiny cock to all those guys. I was also exceptionally soft right now, and with all my pubes, my cock looked even smaller. I contemplated running, but then I heard the door and assumed the coach was going to scold me, but it was Doug, with his massive cock swaying between his legs.

“What are you waiting for, faggot?” He had that smirk on his face. I hated that it scared me and intrigued me at the same time. I knew it meant he was going to torture me, but I was very aware of how I liked being tortured by him. When I went home yesterday, I masturbated three times, each time thinking about Doug pressed against me, forcing me naked, and watching me piss.

“I can’t go out there, Doug. Please don’t make me do this.” I begged.

“I’ll give you three options; the first option is you take your clothes off and walk out there naked to show the entire swim team your cock today and every day for the rest of the swim season. Option two is I rip your clothes off your body and drag you out there, and you’ll be forced to walk home naked, or option three, you leave here, and I tell everyone you’re a faggot.”

“Doug, please.”

“Option two it is.”


Doug grabbed my shirt and ripped it open. Each button popped off. I tried to grab his arms to stop him, but there was no use. I was no match for his strength. He ripped the shirt to shreds. I tried to grab my pants, but he pulled my hands away and ripped them open, and the second pair of pants he ripped. He didn’t stop at the button, though. Like the shirt, he shredded them. There was no way I could wear them home. Lastly, he grabbed my underwear and ripped it, too. I was petrified. I was standing there in only my shoes, my small cock on display for everyone.

“The guys are gonna get a kick out of that cock nest you have,” he said as he gave my cock a flick. “Hurry up and get your shoes off.”

I quickly removed my shoes and socks. Doug then pushed me to the door, where I had my hands covering myself. He opened the door to the pool and shoved me out.

“Where the fuck have you been, Groberkerl? Practice has started!”

“I’m sorry, coach, I was just helping little guy here.” At that, Doug gave my ass a hard smack. The guys who weren’t in the pool and the coach laughed at that.

That’s when I noticed the four guys who weren’t in the pool were naked. There were five more naked guys in the pool swimming laps. I could see the curve of their ass cheeks as they glided through the water. As Doug forced me closer to the coach and the guys who were all gathered at one end of the pool, I could see that these guys were all well-endowed. None of them were as big as Doug (except coach), but they were all significantly bigger than me.

I recognized Robert, John, Billy, and Dave:

Robert’s family owned a farm, so he spent a lot of time out in the sun. What struck me as odd as the only tan lines he had were where his tighty whities and boots were. Did he do farm work in his underwear? He was clean-shaven, as were all the guys, which I later learned was to help them go faster in the water. Robert’s hair was golden, and his 5-inch soft cock was circumcised.

John, like the other guys, was roughly 6’ or just under. John had messy jet-black hair. His body was beefier than the other guys. He had larger pecs and a larger butt. His cock was circumcised and measured 5 inches soft.

Billy had very tan skin. His mom was Puerto Rican, so he was the most diverse guy at our school at the time. He had dark black hair and a statuesque jawline. He had stubble from his trimmed beard, which he refused to completely shave since he was the only guy in school who could grow a real beard (the other guys on the team who had facial hair shaved it because it wasn’t growing even yet). Billy was thicker in his butt, and his cock was 6 inches soft, also circumcised. His balls hung a couple of inches lower than that.

The last guy standing there, Dave, was the skinniest. He had pale white skin and red hair. The head of his 5 inches softy was bright pink.

“Alright, little guy,” Coach said, adopting the nickname Doug had given me. “Go grab some towels for the guys. They’ll need them for their faces when they get out of the water.

I walked over to the towel bin a couple of feet away. I tried to grab the towels with one hand, keeping the other over my junk, but I couldn’t manage.

“What the fuck? Use both hands. Are you stupid?” Coach chided.

I took a couple of deep breaths to try and calm my heart rate. Away from them, I grabbed enough towels for all the guys, then, holding them in front of my crotch, I carried them over. The other guys were getting out of the pool now as the five on deck got ready for their beginning laps.

My mouth suddenly felt dry as I saw the slender guys pull themselves out of the water. One by one, their handsome faces, smooth muscles, and perfect cocks came out of the water. Their cocks flopped around as they pulled themselves out.

James was one of them, with his icy blond hair that didn’t seem to lose its shape even when wet. He was like a Greek statue. His skin was pale and chiseled, the most definition I’d ever seen a guy have. His clean cock and pulls were plump, and his cock was the smallest soft, 4 inches roughly, but I’d heard stories about James. He was a grower. I’d heard he liked it when people doubted his size, but he’d prove them wrong and wasn’t shy about it. He was cocky, with emphasis on the cock.

Charlie, Kenny, Donnie, and Larry were the other guys.

Charlie was Coach’s son and was like a shrunken copy. He had muscles but was completely smooth and not even close to being beefy.

Kenny had chocolate brown hair that was buzzed short. His goal was to join the military, so being in swimming was like pre-training for him. He was muscular and had a 6-inch softie.

Donnie and Larry were identical twins. They had the same mop of sandy blonde hair. The same slender figure, the same perky butt, and the same 6-inch uncut cocks. I was curious about their cocks, wondering what it would feel like to put a finger, or my tongue, in their foreskin.

As the guys came over and started grabbing towels, I panicked, realizing my cock had gotten hard. I could see Doug looking at me and smirking, knowing what was about to happen. As the last guy took his towel, I used one hand to cover myself as he took it.

“What are you hiding?” James joked as he wiped his face with the towel.

“Nothing.” I panicked. He could see it on my face.

If these guys all saw me with a hard dick, they’d punch me for sure. I was doomed.

“This isn’t the ladies room, we’ve all got dicks around here.” Doug laughed.

“Show us,” James said. He wasn’t asking. He dropped the towel in front of me. “Pick it up, towel boy, with both hands.”

I shot another look at Doug, who nodded. That meant I had to listen. I didn’t know how I was going to get out of this. I bent over, picked up the towel with both hands, then stood again, both arms outstretched to him.

The pool room echoed with the sound of ten guys laughing at me. “Shut the fuck up.” Coach boomed. “Are you guys here to stare at his little dick like a bunch of faggots, or are you going to practice… wait, are you hard?” Coach asked.

The guys were stifling their laughter.

“Get in the pool,” he shouted to the guys on deck. They didn’t hesitate and dove in. “Hold my whistle.” The coach said and hung the whistle on my cock. I went to grab it, but Coach stopped me. “If you’re going to do that here, at least make it useful. When we start real laps, you’re going to write down times on this clipboard next to each guy’s name when I tell you, got it?”

“Yes, Coach,” I said, his whistle swinging around on my cock. I was hoping I’d get soft and be able to take the whistle off my cock, but my body wasn’t reacting that way. My cock had never felt harder. It was like it had a mind of its own and enjoyed the humiliation.

The coach started timing the guys in the pool. As each one finished, he quickly read off their times as I jotted them down on the clipboard. Coach bent down, grabbed the whistle, blew it down by my cock, and told the guys to switch.

Doug came over and stood behind me. I jumped when I felt his cold, wet body press against me.

“Relax, little guy, I just want to see my time,” he pressed up against me again, his wet cock slipping between my cheeks. I thought I saw Coach smirk out of the corner of my eye, but it was a quick moment and I was distracted by Doug. “Hmmm..,” he was taking his time even though there was hardly anything to read. “I did better last practice. I’ll just have to do better next lap,” he stepped away from me and slapped me on the ass.

My little cock was throbbing. I looked down and saw pre-cum oozing out of it. A LOT of pre-cum.

John came over and repeated what Doug did. What the fuck? He pressed up against me, his cock slipping into my ass. “Wow, not bad,” he, too, slapped my ass as he walked away.

Then Robert repeated the gesture, then Billy, then Dave, and John. Each of them pressed their wet bodies against me, each of their cocks slipping between my ass cheeks. I may have been much stronger than them, but my ass was quite plump. Each of them also smacked it as they walked away. My left cheek was feeling the burn. I couldn’t help but notice that each of their cocks seemed to stiffen a bit when they pressed themselves inside me. I couldn’t help but think that a wet cock between two cheeks would cause it to awaken.

I looked down and realized that as I was being prodded, the whistle swayed, and my precum dripped on it. There was a clear string of it from the tip of my cock to the whistle. I was about to try and clean it when Coach started reading off times. I quickly jotted them down, fearing what would happen if I messed up. “Got all of them?” Coach asked.

“Yes, Coach.”

“Good.” Coach bent down to grab the whistle.

My eyes widened in fear. He clearly saw the string, so he grabbed the whistle and lifted it so that the precum collected on it. He grazed the mouthpiece over the tip of my cock, sending intense pleasure through my body. He was about to blow into the whistle, then shook his head at me and put the whistle to my lips. I wrapped my mouth around it and blew. “Let’s gather boys,” he shouted.

He pulled the whistle out of my mouth, making sure the precum all caught on my lip, then dropped it, letting it give a slight tug on my penis. “Good boy,” he whispered in my ear with a low growl. He gave my right cheek a hard smack, then walked over to the guys at the end of the pool.

I took a deep breath. My head was reeling from the weird things that were happening. Doug had threatened to tell everyone I was a faggot, but I had this weird feeling that he told the team, and they were all going to make me their plaything, or they all assumed and were teasing me. I didn’t know what their goal was, but the fact that this was only the first practice made me nervous. How far would they take this?

I walked over to Coach and the guys, the whistle swaying around on my hard two inches.

“You guys don’t seem to have the same energy you had yesterday. What’s the deal?”

I was standing next to James, who spoke up, “I’m sorry, Coach, I don’t know. I thought we were doing pretty well today.” James flicked his hand, hitting me with water. “Oh shit, sorry little guy. Let me get that water.”

James grabbed my cock and stroked it a couple of times. “Mmmmmuhhhhhhh.” I moaned.

The guys laughed as James released my cock. “Whoops, I must’ve made it worse.”

“What the fuck, James?”

The guys all stopped. Everyone looked at James, who looked at Coach, slightly nervous. I had never seen James look nervous before. “Sorry, Coach,” he mumbled.

“Sorry? You’re full of shit. The little guy here isn’t your plaything. He’s now a member of the team. You wanna apologize to him?”

James swallowed and turned to me, “Sorry, man.”

“Why don’t you suck his dick as an apology?”

James’ eyes go wide. “I’m not a fucking faggot, Coach!”

“Then why were you stroking his cock?”

James was at a loss for words. He almost looked on the verge of tears.

“Here’s your punishment, and this goes for all of you. You can either suck off our towel boy here.” Coach grabbed my dick and squeezed it. I clenched my cheeks as hard as I could, trying to fight the most intense pleasurable pain I’d ever felt. “Or you can all get your penises hard and finish practice with a hard penis and see how fun it is.”

“Are you serious, Coach?” Kenny asked.

“You’re damn right. It’s your last year to make something of yourself on this team. Let today be a lesson going forward.”

The guys looked around at each other. “I’m not going anywhere,” Doug said and started stroking himself. Because the guys were still wet, it made a nice slicking sound.

Hesitantly, the other guys joined in. Coach finally loosened his grip on my cock and let his fingers graze the tip, taking precum with them as he walked away. I saw Doug give me a smirk as his massive softie grew into a massive hard cock. Doug was 10 inches hard.

The smallest guy, other than me, was 7 inches, and Doug was the biggest with his impressive 9 inches. James proved the rumors true. His cock grew to an impressive 8.5 inches.

Once everyone was hard, Coach continued practice. No one gave me a tough time the rest of the day. Coach dismissed us to the locker room, and Doug put an arm around me and whispered, “Too bad you have to walk home naked,” he twisted his hips away from me, then quickly snapped them in my direction, smacking me hard with his massive cock. He laughed as he walked ahead of me and joined the others in the locker room.

I waited for them to clear out while Coach cleaned up the pool. “What are you waiting for?” he asked.

“I’d rather they leave before I go in there.”

The coach went into the locker room and then came back out. “You’re good,” he said.

I went into the locker room and noticed my shredded clothes and my shoes were missing. I looked around and found them in the urinal, pissed on.

“Fuck.” I muttered.

I stood in the locker room, completely naked and still hard, wondering how I’d be able to walk home like this. “What the fuck are you doing? Get dressed and go home.”

“Coach, if I tell you something, will you promise not to tell the other guys?”

He sighed. “Sure, son.”

Why did he call me son? I know some guys do that, but it felt weird coming from my teacher and now coach. “The guys ripped up my clothes and pissed on them.”

“For fucks sake.”

“Please don’t say anything to them!” I begged. “I think it’ll only make it worse for me if you scold them.”

Coach contemplated, “Alright, I won’t say anything. What are you going to do about this?” He said as he brought his hand up and slowly caressed the underside of my cock once.

My body shuddered. With a little more touching, I would shoot my cum like a firehose. “I don’t know, I don’t have any other clothes. My gym uniform is at home being washed for tomorrow. Do you have any extras?”

“I don’t. I only order enough for each student to have one,” he looked me over. Come with me,” he said as he brought me to his office. He let me in ahead of him and then shut the door. I have a change of clothes in my bag, so I can give you shorts and a shirt to wear home tonight. I’ll even give you a ride,” Coach said.

I grinned so big it took up half my face. I was so relieved. “Really, Coach? That would mean so much!”

“Of course. You’re one of my boys now. I take care of my boys.” Coach walked over to the corner of his office where there was a corner shower. He turned it on to warm up the water. “I need your help with something first if you don’t mind.”

“Of course, Coach, anything,” I said, naive to what was happening.

He smiled. It was a soft smile. “Perfect, son. I need your help soaping up my back. It’s hard for me to reach, and I hate feeling like I didn’t get clean back there.”

“Yeah, I can do that.”

His smile got bigger, and then I finally noticed that his shorts were no longer able to contain his monster, which also seemed to be grinning at me.


To Be Continued…?


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