Becoming My Brother’s Slave (Gay SPH)

By Sirius123.

It was May 2023, and with exam season rapidly approaching, I was struggling to get through my junior year. I felt overwhelmed keeping up a job at the university bar, trying to pass my exams, and carrying out all of the cleaning and cooking at Tommy and my apartment.

The same could not be said for Tommy. In his freshman year, he was on top of the world. He was visibly going from strength to strength, acing his classes and having success on the football team. He also got handed a job at the uni bar by my boss. He immediately negotiated a much higher wage than mine in spite of no previous experience. My boss apparently liked how he showed maturity and capability on the football pitch. He worked less than half my hours but still took home more money. I didn’t mind this too much because I was due to be receiving a big promotion to assistant manager soon.

In the apartment, Tommy continued to behave more and more dominant around me, ordering me about and seldomly being fully dressed, forcing me also to strip down. This behavior did increase my overall stress levels, but worshiping him was now the only time I could ever feel fully relaxed and safe, so I put up with it.

Back in the library, the more I fretted over being able to cram for my next exam, the stronger my cravings for Tommy became. I would sit there itching my aching erection, dreaming of being underneath his strong body, suckling on his bull-sized ballsack. My nose nestled under his wide and manly cock, with his intensely masculine scent filling my head, making me drunk. Dreams like these forced me to regularly run off to the library toilets to masturbate, further hampering my efforts to study and causing me more stress again. It was a vicious cycle of my demise, and I only had myself to blame.

When we worked the same hours at the uni bar, Tommy did not treat me like his colleague but as if I were his underling. He would regularly steal some of my tables if there were hot girls on them, giving me the thumb to clean his empty tables.

“Get back to work, little Micky! These beautiful girls want a real man to service them, not a babydick beta!” he would shout at me as he winked at the girls and swooped in.

The ladies loved it. The arrogant show of dominance seemed to make them super wet, and they would clam over him at every interaction. Even though it was predictable, it still deeply humiliated me, especially in front of the girls. As I’d go back to cleaning, I could hear them laughing behind my back, and my face would go red with embarrassment. Regularly, Tommy would single out the girl who I knew or liked the most and make out with her in front of me.

On one occasion, after he stole my closest romantic interest, Rachel, a stunning and kind junior-year blonde, I decided to bring it up with him afterward in our apartment. On that occasion, Tommy looked at me sympathetically and pulled me into his broad chest for a big, warm hug.

“Oh, little babydick one, I wasn’t going to tell you because I didn’t want to hurt your feelings. Rachel told me she specifically wanted a big, capable man and not a weak and inexperienced beta with a dick the size of a toddler. She was comparing me and you. I’m so sorry. I had actually been trying to set you two up, but that is what she told me.”

As he said those words of condolence, he grabbed my butt cheeks with his hands and pulled me up into his body, spreading me slightly and pressing his bulging cock and balls into me. I could feel his huge size, and my ass tingled with excitement.

I kissed him on the neck, and he held me in that beautiful warmness for a full minute until I thanked him for trying to protect my feelings. It was a rare blissful moment of serenity, which finished with Tommy letting me down and pulling my head into his chest one last time. He gave me a loving kiss on the head.

“You’re such a good boy for me,” he told me and patted my head.

I loved that moment, and hearing his praise for me made my entire heart melt like chocolate. Aside from that occasion, I never fought back; Tommy was now so physically strong that it felt pointless. If I attempted to stop him and inevitably failed, I would only make him look even braver in front of his fans. I simply accepted my fate and carried out my tasks as best I could.

However, the university bar used to be a safe haven for me, which I really enjoyed and flourished in, but now it was another stomping ground for my younger brother. Unfortunately, this change in power dynamic affected my work ethic in the bar. It wasn’t long before my boss pulled me into a one-on-one.

“Little Micky!” he greeted me with a smirk. “I wanted to give you the heads up that I have chosen your brother for the role of assistant manager,” he told me bluntly, lacking any emotion.

It was a total sucker punch. The pit of my stomach dropped. My teeth clenched. I could barely concentrate on any remaining words to leave his mouth.

“I know you have been working here for longer than Tom, but I have observed how you two interact. I can tell that he has a natural flare for delegating work. I have no doubt you will follow his orders well, but let this chat be a reminder that while you may be his older brother at home, in here, he is now your boss. If you have any issues whatsoever, you will report those to Tom, not to me. I don’t want to hear any complaints from you.”

I sat there stunned and nodded meekly as he left the room, giving me a customary slap on the back as a parting gift. Up until this point, I had been preparing to ask him for a pay rise, and now it dawned on me that I would have to ask Tommy. The thought made my throat go dry. While we have had some moments of brotherly love together, he has always had the upper hand, and I knew he wouldn’t take this request easily.


Later that day, I arrived home feeling particularly tired and feeble. Tommy was watching a football game on TV in his boxer shorts, and the apartment stank of his sweat. I noticed his discarded dirty football bag beside the front door, along with many empty beer cans, thrown onto the floor. I spent the next 30 minutes dutifully cleaning the apartment, washing Tommy’s bag, including his sweaty jockstrap and stinking socks, and putting the finished beer cans in the bin.

I then stripped myself down to my underwear to comply with Tommy’s latest ‘Rules of the Apartment.’ He had stopped allowing me to wear men’s boxers a few weeks before and enforced only small blue briefs made for young boys. They were quite tight and revealing, but I was grateful that he didn’t make me wear women’s panties, so I didn’t complain.

All the while, during this physical exhaustion, I attempted to hype myself up mentally for asking Tommy for a pay rise. My palms were sweaty, and my head heavy as I sat down on the sofa next to him to make my big move. His wide, bare chest and dark brown nipples were very intimidating to me, so after one glance at him, I chose to close my eyes as I spoke my words. I trembled as I raised my voice to interrupt his viewing of the football game.

“Tommy, I think I deserve a pay rise at the bar,” I blurted out, red-faced with eyes now clenched shut, wary of any response.

My plea had not come out as I had rehearsed in my mind and sounded much too rude. No response. Tommy muted the TV. Instinctively, I braced my body for impact.

“I do not fucking believe it!” Tommy shouted at me, grabbing my neck with one of his big, vice-like hands.

Choking and in shock, I opened my eyes to see his face seething with anger and his teeth clenched.


He then swung my entire body to the ground by my neck, thumping my back into the carpet and winding me for a moment. His power shocked me. I looked up at his piercing blue eyes as he stood above me. His huge pec muscles and big nipples stared down at me terrifyingly. Now that I was closer to his boxers, I was reminded of the musky, masculine smell coming from underneath. The scent wafted up my nose as Tommy growled down at me.

Suddenly, I felt incredibly vulnerable and small and realized I had made a big mistake. A wave of regret washed over my body. All I now craved was to feel that serenity and brotherly love again, but how?

“It’s my very first day of promotion, and this is what you say to me!” Tommy spat down at me. “No, Congratulations, bro. No, ‘Good job, I’m happy for you.’ Just, ‘I want more money,’ and you couldn’t even look me in the eye as you said it.”

His words cut through me, and I realized he was right. It was selfish of me.

“All the hard work I have done to get to that position. Taking on extra tables, making sure customers are satisfied, not to mention keeping bullies away from your weak ass, and all the while, holding down a position on the football team! And still, you’ve come in here and practically spat in my face!” He shook his head. “Who do you think you are? Who do you think you are talking to? I am your boss.”

He lifted one of his smelly, size 14 feet over me threateningly. The sight of them made my dick twitch. They didn’t look anything like my own feet; they were so long and wide, and I noticed some dirt underneath his toenails. They were very manly. I was quite afraid of them and terrified of the pain he could put me through if he stomped on me.

“I’m sorry, Tommy! I wasn’t thinking straight. You are right!” I pleaded, holding my hands up in front of my face.

“You are not going to be able just to apologize and get away with this, little boy.” His tone turned cold. “You are going to follow my instructions exactly as I tell you. First, you will remove my boxers with your teeth.”

Trembling, I wasted no time following Tommy’s orders. He moved his foot to my side as I sat up to meet his loose, grey underwear and gripped the top with my teeth. As I pulled them down slowly, my nose ruffled through his prickly brown pubic hair. The strong smell of sweat, stale piss, and manliness hit me hard in my face as I reached the top of his wide, soft shaft. Inch after an inch, I pulled down until his dark, bulbous cockhead sprung up and hit me in the nose like a victorious boxer. His cock had never looked so angry, and his big, hairy ballsack hung low behind. I wanted nothing more than to put my mouth around him and beg for forgiveness.

“Remember who the man is here, Little Micky. Remember who the boss is. Don’t you ever try to disrespect me again? Look up at your big brother when I speak to you.”

I looked up, subconsciously licking my lips like a hungry dog told to wait while the dog bowl was full. Once again, Tom’s stern eyes met mine, flanked by his delicious nipples, intimidating me and ordering me to obey.

“I am your superior, and it is thanks to me that you still have a job. You are now going to tell me which of us deserves a pay rise, and if you answer correctly, I will allow you to clean the football sweat from my beautiful cockhead.”

I didn’t even need to think. I was completely enraptured and responded instinctively.

“You deserve a pay rise, Tommy. You deserve a big pay rise and I’ll never ask for one again or ever question your superiority and authority again.”

“Well done!” Tommy beamed. “From tomorrow, I am going to give myself a pay rise and it will be coming directly out of your wages. You may now clean my cockhead like a good little boy.”

I dove in excitedly and got my hungry tongue right under his foreskin, scooping up as much of his delicious sweat as I could find.

Tommy moaned in response and pushed the back of my head into him. I was in heaven once again. Finally, my feelings of regret and guilt vanished, and a warm blanket of safety fell over me. All I cared for was giving my big brother the pleasure he deserved.

“Don’t forget my big ball sack, little one,” Tommy instructed, pushing my head underneath the heavy weight of his glistening cock. I could smell his ass from under here, which caused me to lose any last bit of inhibition.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I now realized Tommy had total control of my life. Still, as I suckled on one of his huge balls and delighted in its salty taste and the warm feeling of his hand pushing down on my head, I did not care in the slightest. In fact, I loved it. I moaned and stroked my rock-hard four-inch erection.

“Who is my good boy, and what do you say to me?” Tommy asked, smiling down at me, pleasure now overcoming him as his cock hardened.

Nearly at full mast (which is nine inches), he looked obscenely powerful, and I felt so grateful that he was somehow my sibling.

“I am your good boy. Thank you for your forgiveness, big brother. I am so glad you are my boss,” I responded between slurps, genuinely feeling happy for the first time in months.

The thought of how far I had stooped, from being the older and dominant brother to giving total reigns of my life to my younger sibling, made my small four-inch dick explode. The feeling of liberation as I emptied my tight little ball sack was amazing.

“Little one, get your mouth over my fat cockhead now, please. I have a big load of potent manly cum ready for you. Take it all into your little body for me.”

I did as I was told. I massaged both of Tom’s testicles as he pushed my head down over his pulsating cockhead with his giant hands. Once again, he grabbed my hair with total abandon as stream after stream of hot cum filled my mouth. I opened my eyes and caught him smiling gleefully down at me as I coughed and swallowed the last drop of his load.

“You have learned your place, little bro. You make me so happy,” he said to me with a sincerity I’d never seen before.

I was in a daze of ecstasy and just smiled back up at him, hugging myself into his strong thigh muscles. As our eyes stayed connected, he bent down. Before I knew it, his lips met mine, sending electricity through my body. The kiss lasted all of five beautiful seconds, and I closed my eyes and lost myself in the moment. He held me by my chin momentarily before letting go and returning to a standing position.

“Looks like you’ve missed a bit,” he said, still smirking and nodding to his limpening cock covered in cum. “Time for you to clean me up,” he instructed, waving his cock from side to side in front of me.

“My pleasure, sir,” I responded, unable to remove the smile on my face as I took his warm shaft into my mouth once again.

I was now truly a slave to my younger brother, I realized. I absolutely loved it.


The End.


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