Little Me (Gay SPH)

By Spanglemaker.

During a week-long trip to a mind-numbingly dull conference just outside Swindon in the UK, Jeff, a work colleague of mine, suggested we make use of the hotel pool on one of our free afternoons. The alternative was doom-scrolling in my miserable single room with an exquisite view of the hotel rubbish bins and probably having a lonely wank in the shower before joining the others for yet another stodgy buffet meal in the evening.

I hadn’t even packed any swimming shorts for the trip, so I had to buy something from the spa’s reception area first – the only thing they had that weren’t XXXL trunks was a tiny pair of white Speedos, more like a G-string or a posing pouch than functioning sportswear. Jeff was smiling at the receptionist, and she managed to control her amusement with consummate professionalism as I hurriedly tapped my phone to pay.

We turned a corner into the men’s changing area, where I felt my next body blow with embarrassment when I realized it was just one single room – no separate cubicles for the shy guys here. Oh, Christ, why did I agree to this? Was Jeff doing this on purpose? He knows I’m completely self-conscious and has probably already guessed that although I’m almost 32, I am still a virgin. Fucking hell, Jeff, I’ve never even been naked in front of another human being before! I am way below average in the endowment stakes, and the thought of being ‘revealed’ like this just fills me with nausea.

My stomach dropped at the realization I was going to have to undress in a shared space. Jeff, however, swaggered to the bench and flung his backpack down without a concern in the world. With an alarming screech, a cloakroom attendant pushed his great bucket into the room from the shower area – mop in hand like a mighty staff, glaring at me as if I were an intruder in enemy territory. This wasn’t very good. You’re going to pay for this, Jeff, I swore to myself. He was talking about the last presentation we had attended at the conference, and I couldn’t even absorb what he was saying because I was busy having a panic attack.

Jeff’s shirt was already off by the time I’d got my head around the “data-driven request automation in pharmaceutical applications,” and of course, yes, Jeff had a perfectly shaped torso. He was completely hairless, tanned, toned, and, oh, what a surprise! – Jeff had a sharply defined six-pack too. I hate you Jeff, I honestly do. Jeff noticed my look of abject misery and seemed suddenly aware of my discomfort. I felt my face flushing in embarrassment and hastily turned away. Shakily I deposited my phone and my glasses in my bag and attempted to get my trousers off like it was no big deal. Yeah, I drop my trousers in front of buff dudes all the time, sure, no problem. I was hopping on the wet floor now, half-falling over on the gleaming tiles, wishing they would just give way and I could tumble into eternal nothingness.

“I’ll see you in there,” Jeff called out, closing his locker and making his way to the shower.

“Okay,” I reply at a pitch that is unaccountably higher than usual.

The cloakroom guy is shaking his head as he works his filthy mop under the bench opposite. Can this get any worse? I try to breathe steadily, and I slip my briefs off, feeling an immediate chill and a shiver of excitement at this unfamiliar sensation of vulnerability. Oh shit, now I’m getting turned on. Fuck, fuckitty-fuck. I feel my pecker tingling, and I hurriedly pull up the Speedos. My towel covers my fast-developing erection. I glance to the side, but Cloakroom Dude doesn’t seem to have noticed anything, so I make my way through to the showers.

The hallway was arranged so that you couldn’t get to the pool without going through the showers first. There are pegs on one wall and showers on the other. A couple of older guys are in there, and, oh God, Jeff is still showering. They’re all going to see my stiffened dick in this tiny thong if I hang up my towel. The old guys are staring at me, daring me to bypass the showers so they can grumble and complain.

Oh shit, I need to act now. At this point, I’ve more-or-less accepted my fate, that these men will see my dick sticking up in my Speedos, and I will be laughed out of the hotel. At the breakfast buffet, everybody from the conference will be laughing at me and waving forkfuls of half-eaten sausages at me. My mind is reeling, and for some sense of protection, I head towards Jeff. My heart is racing as I take place next to him, tacitly enjoying the sight of his ripped body adrip from the gushing stream of water. I have to snap out of it.

This is just going to make my little dick stiffer. I attempt to assess the situation and glimpse down as I duck my head under the warm flow. The tightness of the thong has held my little erection tight to my groin, and it looks, to all intents and purposes, as if there is just an average-sized dick in there. I appear to have got away with it!

Jeff looks like a Greek god, and standing next to him, I feel my hopelessly inadequate dick shrivel once again to its regular thumbnail dimensions. He smiles tenderly somehow, almost to reassure me – and I feel a tremble inside me, a sudden fondness for him. It dawns on me that I really like this sporty dude like, REALLY like. Was Jeff gay? Was I gay? I always thought I was straight, but over the years, I’d watched so much porn that cumming into images of attractive men had kind of become normal, but in the real world, having feelings for an actual man?

I’d never considered that as a potential outcome! He’d always seemed like a kind of jock character to me, but as my thoughts scrambled for clarity, I had to admit that he was no self-centered narcissist but instead a thoughtful, kind man who seemed actually to care about MY feelings. I awkwardly smile back, and I instantly kick myself. I must look like such a dork to him. Standing there, pale and pasty, my arms skinny and my belly slightly overweight from lack of exercise.

“Shall we?” Jeff motions to the pool, and we make a move.

The water is cold, and my breath comes in short gasps. I’m not a strong swimmer, and Jeff has already done two lengths before I’ve made it halfway up the pool. We pause at the side, he brushes his dark brown hair up out of his eyes, and once again, I find myself just admiring his beautiful body.

“Bit chilly, eh? We could always warm up in there.”

He gestured towards the steam room off to one side. I sense that he’s sparing my embarrassment about my weak swimming and is offering me an ‘out.’ I take it.

“Good idea!” I respond idiotically.

Jeff ducks his head into the steam room, and once again, it’s full of cantankerous old guys. More conference types, I’m guessing, grumbling at the heat escaping through the open door.

“No room at the inn.” He grins at me and makes his way toward a small sauna door a few meters away.

“Perfect!” he exclaims, peeking through a tiny window to the snug, wooden interior.

He holds the door open for me, and I take a seat on the searing hot bench. The heat is soon deep into our bodies, the chill from the pool gone.

“Oh wow, it’s Barbara!” Jeff exclaims, glancing through the window and spotting our senior colleague stepping into the pool.

Barbara was in her early fifties. If the office chatter was to be believed, she had been married, had kids, and had a mortgage, but had been deserted by her husband after some undisclosed drama and was now an empty nester. She had a good sense of humor, and I’ll admit I had a secret crush on her.

“She’s looking a bit good in that swimsuit, eh?” asked Jeff.

Oh, so maybe he’s not gay. My heart sank slightly. What was I thinking? That Jeff and I might ever get it on together? God, I’m so deluded as if he’d be interested in me.

Little me.

“Yeah!” I replied, “She’s actually pretty hot!” I admitted.

“I knew you fancied her! It’s obvious when she’s talking to you you’re like a little puppy!” Jeff responded.

I felt a bit slighted somehow that I was just a hopeless little geek lusting after a woman twenty years his senior. I felt hurt that Jeff’s view of me might be that limited.

“And you’d have better luck?” I countered, a little spitefully, realizing as soon as I had said it that, yes, he would definitely have better luck than me and that pretty much most straight women would find him sexually appealing.

“I’ve learned a few tricks in my time. I reckon I could bring a smile to her lips,” he went on.

“I reckon you’d be bringing more than just a smile to her lips, Jeff!” I joked, surprising myself with my audacity.

With a shrug, he replied, “Yeah? Well, I imagine every guy in the department has beaten themselves off imagining seeing their cocks in Barbara’s mouth or up her tight little minge.”

My fevered mind treated me to an elaborate and deranged vision of our open-plan office. Barbara spread naked and open across a messy workstation caressing her plentiful tits, her head pushing up against a computer monitor, a keyboard digging into her generous backside, a mouse mat stuck to her elbow, one stiletto heel knocking over a half-empty coffee mug and the entire Information Technology team surging around her, desperate to stick their ugly great cocks in her eager mouth or into her gaping cunt, which was already awash with the semen of at least a dozen men. Hmmm, thanks for that, brain.

“And the women too, probably,” I suggested. “There must be plenty of wet knickers in the house when Barbara’s around.”

Jeff squeezed himself through his towel, obviously getting excited with all our talk. Where was this going? My head began to spin. My colleague is openly rubbing himself, talking about sex with another female colleague, a senior colleague. This could lead to disciplinary action, complaints, and who knows? If anyone found out.

“And you haven’t had a sly wank over Barbara before? You haven’t fantasized about slipping her a length of that hot young cock? Come on, dude, look at her!”

Shit, there’s no going back now. He’s opened the floodgates here. The way he referred to my “hot young cock” sent a delicious tremor through me. Maybe Jeff wasn’t out of my reach?

“Well, I…” I couldn’t quite get the words out, but Jeff laughed anyhow, assured that, yes, I did indeed enjoy masturbating to our boss.

In silence, we both watched Barbara powering through the water, admiring her stamina. The two of us crowd the little window for a better view. My prick was standing straight up at this point, and Jeff’s hand moved rhythmically under his towel. I wished he would just drop the fucking towel so I could get a look at his dick. The exquisite thrill of being so close to a beautiful man in a state of arousal suddenly derailed when I considered the next steps we might be taking. If something happens here, he’s going to see MY dick. He’s going to see how woefully small it is. He’ll probably laugh at me. He might tell someone. Barbara might find out! Fuck, this is all happening too fast, and now Barbara is climbing out of the pool and walking serenely, majestically, toward the sauna.

“She’s coming, Jeff!” I yelped.

“It’s fine, don’t worry.” Jeff countered as I leaped back onto my seat and attempted to compose myself.

Jeff, in contrast, sat with his legs wide, his impressive erection proudly evident beneath his towel. He clearly had no intention of trying to hide it. He wanted her to see.

“You’re mad!” I muttered under my breath, fully snapped out of this risky delirium by the prospect of being caught behaving inappropriately with colleagues on a work trip. This was the sort of thing that ended people’s careers.

“Oh, hello! Is this a private party, or can anyone join in?” Barbara chuckled as she slipped into the sauna, giving her blonde pixie cut a quick dry with her towel while she closed the heavy door behind her.

“Have a seat, Barbara, don’t mind us,” Jeff motioned for her to sit.

By the glow of the hot stones, I could make out the moisture pearling on her thighs as she squeezed between the two of us. My pulse raced, and I smiled meekly at her.

“This is cozy, innit? Nice to have the place to ourselves and not having to share with those miserable bleedin’ gits.”

She tilted her head to the steam room and its aged occupants. I loved her unpolished East London accent. To a puny, middle-class nerd like me, she was like a warrior queen. Suddenly, she sat up straight, then stood as if to exit.

“Oh my God, I’m so daft. I’m intruding, aren’t I? I’m sorry if you guys were…you know?”

“We weren’t doing anything!” I exclaimed.

“Really? Oh, okay. It’s just thought I detected a bit of tension when I came in… I see the way Jeff checks you out, I’m not blind you know!”

What? This is getting out of hand now. Jeff checks ME out?

“I can just leave you guys to it…if you’d like,” she offered.

Okay, it was time to reappraise the entire situation. Barbara was now clearly signaling her willingness to stay and be complicit in whatever she thought we might be doing. This was escalating way too fast.

“Actually, we were just discussing how hot you are, Barbara.” Jeff ventured nonchalantly.

At that moment, a great hiss erupted as Barbara scooped a big spoonful of water from the wooden bucket onto the fiercely hot stones as if to illustrate Jeff’s confession.

“Jeff!” I protested.

“You cheeky bleeders! You could get in a lot of trouble for saying that sort of thing, boys,” she responded lasciviously, raising both hands to her face in a display of mock outrage, clearly eager to inflame the situation.

“We might have made ourselves a bit over-excited thinking about getting our cocks in your mouth.” Jeff drawled, his hand slipping back under his towel.

I just stared at him, open-mouthed, yet something in his confident, assured tone suggested Barbara and Jeff were already intimately acquainted.

“You did, did you? And how excited did YOU get, young feller?” Barbara purred to me, beginning to lift my towel.

I cringed, my whole body tensing as her hand hovered so close to my hard little dick.

“Come on, don’t be a tease. You can’t get a lady all worked up and then leave her disappointed,” she pouted, looking coquettishly into my eyes, biting her bottom lip in an exaggeratedly suggestive fashion. “I do hope I’m not going to be disappointed,” she continued.

I just stared blankly, amazed that this attractive woman was focussing her sexual attention on me. She had beautiful features, a strong jawline, shapely cheekbones, and a gorgeous aquiline nose. Almost automatically, I moved my towel aside. The fabric of the white Speedos stretched against my knob.

“Well, get it out then,” Barbara directed, thrilling me beyond words with her dominant tone.

“Let’s see what you’ve got. What have you got for Aunty Barbara?”

Reluctantly, I popped my Speedos aside and let my diminutive manhood stand free. This was the point of no return. I was resigned now to having my hidden shame made public and losing what little self-respect I still had. Jeff was peering over her shoulder, his eyes boggling as he hurriedly tugged his wet briefs down his muscular thighs. Barbara seemed shocked by what she saw.

“Ooh,” she reacted, her voice instantly devoid of excitement, replaced instead by frustration and dismay.

“How very…small!” Barbara giggled after a grueling silence, measuring my penis against her little finger. I felt physically sick. “Is that really as big as it gets?” she questioned.

If my face wasn’t already red from the sauna’s heat, it just turned a deep shade of crimson. I nodded wordlessly.

“Have you ever actually had sex before with that little dicklette?” she demanded.

“No,” I admitted, feeling my eyes sting as tears welled in them. I prayed that the dim light inside the sauna would hide them.

I felt so ashamed confessing my virginity to this experienced, worldly woman, but at the same time, more excited than I’d ever been in my life. A large bead of clear precum appeared on the tip of my dick, then lazily rolled the short trip down my shaft.

“Here, have a look at this, Jeff. He’s in a right old state. His poor little dicklette is bursting!”

The more she ridiculed my penis, the harder it got. I felt as if I could ejaculate without even being touched.

“I can see…” Jeff panted, masturbating firmly as Barbara waggled my dick between her fingers like an inconsequential toy.

“I don’t want to be rude, love, but I’m not sure what I can do with this ridiculous little man clit. Jeff here fills my holes right up with his enormous cock, don’t you, my darlin’? This sorry excuse for a penis wouldn’t even touch the fucking sides, mate.”

Jeff could only watch, speechless in his excitement, beating himself off harder and harder as the action progressed.

“Well, we might as well make the most of it…what little there actually is of it anyway,” she sighed dejectedly, and after lowering its straps, shrugged her large tits free of her wet swimming costume and took me in her mouth.

A dazzle of sensations rippled through me, and I gingerly caressed Barbara’s pendulous right breast. And I felt her nipple sticking out large and hard under my thumb. Her tongue rolled around my bell-end once or twice, and without warning, an enormous jet of salty cum shot across her lips. Fuck! Three or four more great helpings of spunk leaped across her chest and into her surprised face. She positively swooned at the amount I’d produced.

“Jesus! For such a laughable, shrimp-sized little dick, you cum like a fucking bull, you filthy cunt! Look at this fucking mess. It’s all over my tits, Jeff! I ought to make him lick it all up!”

“You should do,” Jeff commented.

“Sure.” I offered, and she sent Jeff an approving glance, clearly pleased with my willing subservience.

“Oh, Jeff, that was really fucking tasty. You should have a try…because it’s so tiny, you can easily get the whole fucking thing in your mouth,” she continued.

“Oi! Don’t miss any, you grubby sod. You’ve been a dirty little shit, and now you have to clean up Aunty Barbara, or else she’ll squeeze your bollocks so fucking hard you’ll never cum again. Which would be a shame.”

My mind was racing as I worked my tongue across her spunk-sodden belly, then her boobs, swallowing my still-warm semen. So, I can reasonably assume that Jeff is bisexual, and they’ve at least discussed sucking cocks together before? Have they staged this whole thing for their gratification? What are they playing at? And Barbara is some sort of Domme? I suddenly felt used, but what an incredible orgasm. My sperm was still seeping from my shrunken pecker. I’ve finally had my first sexual experience, and it’s been unbelievable.

I found another splodge of cum on her neck and then checked her face for more of my wandering ejaculation. The last of it had landed on her chin. My lips moved over the stickiness and met hers. She kissed me hungrily, her pupils dilating in pleasure as she sucked my tongue into her mouth with a breathy moan and then broke off.

“Did you enjoy that little display, Jeff?” she asked.

“Uh-huh,” he managed to respond.

“Little being the operative word in his case,” she joked, motioning toward me.

Barbara wiggled aside slightly, and for the first time, I could see Jeff in all his naked glory. Oh fuck, his body was the most perfect thing I’d ever seen. And his cock stood out long and thick, just like a porn star. He was wanking it slower now, and the whole length was glistening with precum. I just wanted to taste him. I didn’t feel shame anymore. I didn’t even care about the size of my penis anymore. I just wanted his cock. I shuffled forward and took part of the tip between my lips. There was no way I could take much of this in my mouth, and I stroked him hard and steady, working my mouth as best as I could, recalling how they do it in porn videos, taking care not to let my teeth graze against his pulsing, urgent dick.

Barbara was tugging and pinching at her swollen nipples while she worked her fingers busily in her bushy cunt, then spread her wetness over her prominent clit. Jeff grasped me by the hair, and I followed his rhythm as he gently guided my head back and forth on his fat, straining cock.

“That’s it, babydick. Make that big cock cum. Suck him good, you little clit fucker, you little slapper. Swallow a real man’s cum, you sad little muppet. Wank him off right into your mouth, you ugly little tart.”

The demeaning language she was using set off a trigger in me, and I felt as if a hidden aspect of myself was finally stepping into the spotlight. This feels good. I like feeling like a whore; I like serving superior, well-endowed men, and I like being submissive. I like being humiliated. I’d discovered a new side to myself, and it was fantastic!

Barbara was wanking energetically as Jeff visibly trembled and buckled forward. He let out a long, loud grunt as his heavy gobs of spunk squirted into my open mouth. His body tensed and flexed as he drove the last of his load out of his twitching shaft. Barbara’s gasps had turned almost to a tremulous wail, rising alarmingly in pitch and volume – the kind of sound people make only when they are lost in pain or pleasure – and oblivious to what anyone else thinks.

It was quite a shock to have this attractive pair allow me to witness this intimate moment, and then I realized I was an integral part of the moment. I wasn’t watching it alone on a porn site, but experiencing it for real with all the smells, sounds and awkwardness of real people.


After we had returned to the office and resumed our regular routines, things hadn’t been the same of course. Not unsurprisingly, Barbara behaved as if nothing had ever happened. In fact, she became increasingly distant and cold toward me.

It saddened me to have tasted intimacy with her and then seen it vanish, but the memory of splashing my cum on her pretty face and all over her gorgeous tits was going to stay with me forever. In departmental briefings, I would be struggling to pay attention, unable to think of anything other than our well-regarded Senior Analyst masturbating herself to a wild orgasm. At the same time, she watched me suck off our Research Coordinator’s enormous cock.

Things with Jeff, however, had moved up a couple of notches. Now that we’d revealed our desires for each other, it wasn’t easy to ignore them. We would typically spend Friday evenings at Jeff’s place for a movie and a few glasses of wine before the talk inevitably turned to sex. We would be kissing and undressing each other before the credits rolled.

One factor I definitely didn’t anticipate was taking the top position in sex. Jeff’s knob was deliciously big, a visual delight, a work of art. But in practical terms, somewhat difficult for me to accommodate my inexperienced little asshole. I would have to practice with a variety of dildos, eventually working my way up in scale before I could comfortably admit his full nine inches and enjoy being thoroughly fucked by a real cock. In contrast, Jeff loved having my diminished little member shoved up his delicious pert bum and seemed to relish me depositing my copious dollops of jism in there.

Life had become a whole lot more fulfilling since our conference trip, but we hadn’t once spoken about Barbara, which made everything seem unreal and somehow undermined my happiness. I wondered whether Barbara had hurt him somehow or if she was jealous. I didn’t want to start a conversation that might upset him, so I let it slide.

Then, late one Friday night, his phone buzzed while he was in the kitchen, and leaning over, I saw the incoming message: ‘I hope you boys have been behaving. How about a catch-up? Love, Aunty Barbara. Xxx.

And my heart somersaulted in my chest.


The End.


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