Abseiling Exposure

By Exhibition1st.

It was only a week to go until the big day, and the boys were excited. They had been planning this for weeks and months, actually, and posters were up all over the university.

The main student building was 20 stories high in the center of the city & they had organized a sponsored abseiling event. Max and his best mate Cam were both planning on descending to raise money for charity. They were both straight but had timed it to coincide with the city’s pride event to make the most of the sponsorship opportunity.

“You guys should dress in rainbow colors yourselves; that would look amazing!” Lewis, their mate and the main organizer, said.

Lewis was organizing the event but not actually taking part himself. Max was scared of heights, hence the challenge for him; Lewis, on the other hand, was fine with heights but didn’t like the idea of all the attention that the event would bring. Cam was simply up for anything that his best mate Max was doing.

“Yeah, that sounds like a great idea,” Max agreed; he could see Cam nodding as well. “I don’t really have lots of colorful clothes though, “Would you be able to sort me some out?”

“Me too, please!” Cam chipped in & tugged at his white t-shirt to prove the point to Lewis.

“Haha, you guys are hopeless; yeah, I’ll sort some clothes out for you. I think I can work out your sizes,” Lewis replied.

Max, living up to his name, was tall and muscular. He worked out religiously & had a great body to show for it. Striking blue eyes, pale blond hair & a movie star smile made him probably one of the most attractive guys on campus. He was a lovely guy, too – smart, funny, and engaging; everyone loved Max.

Cam was physically quite different, much slimmer, on the short side, and with dark chestnut hair. He was handsome, though, with tanned olive skin, a contrast to Max, who was much paler and never really sunbathed. Given the difference in stature, their mates jokingly referred to them as ‘little and large.’

“Ah, thanks, Lewis, you’re the best!” Max flashed his smile.

“I’ll look this evening; if I order today, they should be here in time. I might have some of my stuff you can borrow too, just in case; my wardrobe is a bit more colorful than yours.”

They had raised over £2,000 so far and had timed their abseiling to coincide with the end of the pride procession and the start of the after-party, so they were hoping for lots more sponsorship on the day. They knew they were good-looking guys and that this would have a certain appeal for the pride-goers.

Lewis got busy online that night, he thought a rainbow outfit was a great idea and decided to go big with this. After a few Google searches, he’d found some bright sequined hot pants; he bought a blue pair in a small size for Cam and a red pair in the medium for Max. He found similarly bright t-shirts and accessorized them with wristbands and neon socks.

“You guys are gonna look a-may-zing!!” he typed on their WhatsApp chat.

“Mate, what have you bought us…?” replied Max.

“You are gonna shine like a rainbow, Max! Seriously, don’t worry, the crowd will love it,” Lewis replied

“Oh god…” typed Max, less convinced.

As it happened, Max was too nervous about the abseil itself to worry about his clothes. Every day that week, as they walked past or went into the gym or to the bar, they commented on how high it was. By Friday, Max was a bundle of nerves.

“I don’t think I can do this…” he confided to Cam on Friday evening.

“You’ll be fine, mate, we’ll be fine,” Cam reassured him, putting a strong arm around his shoulder and pulling him in for a half hug, “I’ll be right with you the whole way down.”

“There’s no way he can back out,” Cam thought; literally, the whole university would be watching them either from inside or outside the building. He gave Max another reassuring hug and a pat on the back.

Lewis, meanwhile, was nervous that his shopping still hadn’t arrived. He was getting a bit worried that he’d left it too late to order… it wasn’t a big deal, though, he thought; I’m sure I can work something out if it doesn’t arrive in time…

He WhatsApp the boys with the final details- they were hopeless at being organized, so he always took charge.

Lewis: “Right, chaps, you need to be on the roof at 4 pm, ready to start your abseil at 4:15. I’ll have your change of clothes ready, so all you need to do is be there!”

Cam: “Thanks, Lewis, you’re the best.”

Cam: “Max is a bit nervous, so we’re going to hit the gym beforehand to work out some of the nerves.”

Cam: “It’s on the top floor of the building anyway, so we can just run up to the roof terrace from there to meet you.”

Lewis: Thumbs up emoji

Cam: “Do we need to try on our outfits beforehand?”

Lewis: “They haven’t arrived yet; I got an email to say they ‘ll be here tomorrow morning.”

Lewis: “It’ll be fine; they’re stretchy fabric, so sure will fit you both.”

Lewis: “I’ll be there earlier with the abseiling guys to set up, so I can meet you anytime from 3.”

Cam: “Cheers, mate. I will prob see you at 4; I think it’s best not to hang around up there too long beforehand. It may stress Max out more.” Thumbs up emoji.

Max: “Bloody hell, why did I agree to this!”

Lewis: Winking face emoji

The morning came…

Max was too nervous to enjoy any of the parade or partying during the day, so he just tried to kill time by watching movies or listening to music. Cam had come to hang out with him partly to keep him company and partly to make sure he showed up.

“Max, it’s 2 o’clock now. Shall we head over to the gym for a workout?” Cam asked.

“Yeah, go on. I need to get out of this room now; I’m going crazy.” Max replied, “Do I need to pack any clothes for this bloody abseil?”

“Lewis has it sorted,” Cam reassured him, “I’ve packed my joggers and a fresh T-shirt. We can shower after our workout and head straight up to the terrace to change into the clothes Lewis has for us. Why don’t you do the same?”

“Good shout,” Max said as he stuffed his Nike joggers and a clean t-shirt into his rucksack.

The boys headed out the few streets across the city, weaving their way through brightly dressed people drinking, eating, and partying. They could hear music pumping out from various bars in the distance, different songs competing for volume.

Lewis meanwhile breathed a sigh of relief as his doorbell went, and the delivery driver gave him a package of new clothes. “Thank god they’ve arrived,” he thought.

He quickly set the clothes on his bed, each item still in cellophane packaging… “Max’s top, shorts, socks… Cam’s shorts, socks, top… ah – here are the wristbands. Amazing!” he said to himself. He didn’t have time to take them out and check sizes, and in his rush, he left his backup bag of clothes on the side.

Thirty minutes later, he was on the ground floor of the university building, looking up. He had the big rainbow banner and the change of clothes for Max and Cam all packed in his bag. “That is pretty high,” he thought, looking up at the blue sky above.

His eyes traced down the tall, glass building. The top two floors were the gym, and the floor below was the nightclub, followed by the student union bar and a big canteen on the floor below. There were a couple of floors of lecture halls and administrative offices before the big ground-floor reception.

The whole building was packed. He’d never seen it so busy. As he walked in, he smiled at the posters of Max and Cam up in the lobby with a link to their JustGiving page. He checked his phone and whistled to himself when he saw the figure on his just giving app – over £2,300 now in sponsorship; amazing, and he was sure they’d get a lot more later.

He got the elevator to the 8th floor and decided to walk the last two floors so he could look out for his mates. He peered through the gym door and spotted Max on the treadmill; he was going for it, focused on his workout and running fast; he had his air pods in, sweat glistened on his shoulders, and his vest top was dark with sweat.

Across the room was Cam, resting in between sets on a bench press and much less enthusiastic about his exercise; he quickly spotted Lewis and gave him a smile and a thumbs-up. Lewis returned the signal and made his way up to the roof terrace.

He saw a couple of bags on the ground, so he knew the abseiling guy was there already, so he shouted out for them, “Hey, Paul? You here?”

“Hi, Lewis!” Paul shouted in reply and came round from the side of the building to greet him. “I think we’re good to go, buddy – it’s a beautiful day for it, and I’m all set up. Just waiting for Max and Cam.”

“That’s great, mate; they’ll probably be 10 minutes or so. I just saw them finishing up in the gym…”

Cam had given Max a sign that they needed to make a move after he’d seen Lewis and the two lads finish their workouts and head to the showers. “How are you feeling, Max?” Cam shouted over the cubicles, steam rising around him.

“Not gonna lie, I’m pretty nervous,” Max replied, turning off the water, “I’ll be bloody glad when it’s over, and I can have a beer with both feet firmly on the ground.” he continued as he toweled himself down.

“Are you just wearing your joggers and t-shirt now?” Max asked, “Lewis has outfits for us, right, or should I put some underwear on?”

“He said he has everything sorted, so I’m just gonna go commando in my jogger’s yeah and change upstairs. He said there’s a small room up there we can use.” Cam stepped out of the shower and walked across to the bench to where his clothes were hanging, his towel around his waist.

He looked back and saw that Max had hung his joggers on the shower door; as he watched, he saw the door open a crack, and Max’s hand slipped out, grabbed the joggers, and retreated in. A few seconds later, Max came out, topless but with his joggers on. He flexed in the mirror as he walked past and sat down on the bench next to him.

Cam was far less inhibited and finished toweling himself off as he stood a meter or so away from Max; he undid the towel from around his waist and dried off his armpits, his chest, and his groin with the towel basically hanging in front of him giving him a token of privacy. When he moved on to toweling his back, his cock was flopping about right in front of his mate’s face as he dried himself across his shoulder blades.

Max couldn’t help but glance across; Cam was hung; his cock was thick and manly, hanging down like a weighty chunk of meat, a vein running to one side the full length of his shaft. He had a long foreskin overhanging the end, which made his cock look even bigger; it swung around impressively as he dried himself, balancing on each foot alternately to dry the soles of his feet and between his toes before finishing off with his ass and cock and balls.

Cam put the towel on the floor and stood naked on it as he rooted around in his bag for his joggers. He knew that Max was checking him out and sort of liked the attention. He wasn’t the most muscular guy, nor the tallest, but he knew he had a big dick and liked to show it off; it made him feel good about himself. He knew people gossiped about his dick size and also that it helped his reputation with the girls.

He looked down and pulled a bit of fluff off the end of his cock, stretching his foreskin as he did so and flicking the fluff off onto the floor. Finally, Cam pulled his joggers on, and Max, who had been watching him furtively, looked away quickly, hoping his mate hadn’t noticed him. Both boys said nothing of it but slipped on their t-shirts, socks, and trainers and headed up to the roof.

Lewis and Paul were waiting for them as they came out onto the roof terrace, “Here we go,” beamed Lewis, “the men of the moment! how are you feeling, boys?” He clapped them both on the shoulders and then introduced them to Paul.

“Max, Cam, really good to meet you,” said Paul, shaking them both by the hand, “I think Lewis has some outfits for you to change into. We’re a bit tight for time now so if you’re ok to get ready, we’ll run through the safety briefing and then get you boys going on your descent!”

“Fucking hell,” Max muttered nervously to himself, “cool, yep, let’s get this over with,” he said a bit more loudly, trying to project a confidence he didn’t feel.

“Uh, the clothes are here,” Lewis said, handing them each a bag, “they are a bit sparkly, I admit, but hey, it is for charity, it is pride weekend, and well, if you boys can’t carry off some sequins I don’t know who can!”

“Bloody hell, Lewis,” Max replied, uncharacteristically tetchy, “I hope you haven’t gone too far with this.”

“Come on mate, it’ll be fine,” Cam reassured him, putting his arm around Max’s shoulder and taking the two bags proffered by Lewis in his free hand. “Let’s go,” he said as he steered Max towards the small changing cabin.

Inside what was probably designed to be a storage room, the boys laid the clothes out on the bench. “Blimey,” said Cam, “These look like they’ll be a bit tight.” He held up his pair of electric blue shorts against his waist and stretched the fabric to see how elastic they were.

“Crickey, are you going to fit in them?” Max asked, breaking the silence.

“I’m not sure, to be fair,” his friend replied, “let’s give it a go!”

Cam went first; he slipped his trainers and socks off, followed by his joggers again; for the second time that afternoon, Max found himself staring at his best mate’s big floppy cock as Cam wriggled his way into the Lycra shorts. “Fucking hell, this is tricky,” he said as the shorts got stuck just below his swinging balls.

He inched the shorts up bit by bit, pulling the bottom of the leg and then the waistband alternately. He found it worked best to inch up his ass and then his front. He had to put his balls in first, which made his dick stick up like he had an erection, “Haha, this is definitely a tight squeeze! Finally!” he said as he stuffed the last of his cock down into the shorts and wriggled them up to sit on his waist.

Both boys looked down at Cam’s shorts and his big bulge. He adjusted his cock to one side, “they are a little bit revealing,” Cam said.

“You can say that again!” Said Max, “If you get a hard-on, those shorts will burst!”

Cam laughed, blushing at hearing Max’s acknowledgment of his penis size for the first time.

Max, seeing this, blushed and laughed nervously. “Why don’t you go ahead, and I’ll catch you up?” Max asked, realizing it was his turn to get changed, and he had no towel or option for privacy in the small room. “I won’t be a minute.”

“No way, mate,” Cam replied, “I want to see you get in yours – You’ve just laughed at my expense!”

“Haha, no, honestly, I’ll follow…” Max began, but Cam paid no attention and sat down on the bench, taking out the second pair of shorts from the bag, bright ruby red this time. He held them up to look at their size against Max’s frame.

“Here you go, big guy,” Cam said and handed them across to Max, “Yours are a size ‘M,’ so hopefully you’ll get those chunky thighs in, ha-ha.”

Cam had never actually seen his mate naked but assumed with all his big muscles that Max must have a pretty hefty package himself and was curious in a sporty, competitive sort of way to see.

Max looked again at his mate, and realizing that he had no option, he started to get ready; he slipped his socks off and placed them on the bench next to him, then he had a quick fluff of his cock as he pulled his joggers down. His t-shirt was baggy, and he left it on, hoping that by leaning forwards, it would cover his much smaller cock and his balls while he got the shorts on.

He quickly realized this wasn’t going to happen so easily; the shorts were really tight… they were cheap Lycra with bright red sequins on, and the bottom of the shorts was too narrow to allow him to pull the waist up, similar to the problem Cam had. He couldn’t pull them too hard, though, or he was worried they’d fall apart. “Bloody hell!” he cursed.

Cam started laughing, “Mate, that will teach you to work out so much, ha-ha!” He was enjoying seeing his best mate struggle.

“Cam, I don’t think it’s going to work!” Max said, starting to look worried and still being careful to lean forward and keep his t-shirt hanging over his privates.

“I can help,” Cam volunteered and moved closer to sit directly in front of his mate, who was wriggling his muscled butt from side to side, trying to inch the shorts up. “Here, let me?” he asked, reaching out to help him.

Cam took one leg in turn and managed to slide the shorts a little higher up, but it soon became clear that they needed a different solution. “I’ll have just to make a little tear here,” he said, indicating the seam on the leg, “and then I think they’ll stretch up ok.”

He carefully tore a bit of the left leg, then the right, and helped Max ease them up. “Max, you’ll need to stand up,” Cam said, “why are you leaning forward? It’s making it harder to get them on?”

Max straightened a little.

“Not like that, properly upright,” Cam said, gently reaching up to position his friend how he wanted him. Max reluctantly straightened up to let Cam pull the shorts the last few inches up. As he stood straight, his t-shirt rose, fully revealing his cock and balls, which were wobbling around at eye level and about 20cm away from Cam’s face.

Max had big balls. They hung low and heavy. He’d shaved them smooth as he hated the hair brushing against his legs, but in contrast to his massive balls, he had a really small cock. It looked out of place as it bobbed up and down while they both tried to get the shorts on.

Max reddened as he realized his mate had his face literally in his groin. He reached down to pull the shorts in frustration, but as soon as he did so, he felt the cheap fabric tearing. “Fuck!”

“Calm down,” Cam soothed him, “here, I’ll pull the shorts slowly, you tuck your balls in.” he grinned.

“Bloody Lewis,” Max complained, “these shorts were his fucking idea!” He had never been so embarrassed, and his already small cock seemed to shrink further under the close gaze of his best mate. After Max had squeezed his balls in, his little shaved dick stood sticking out of his waistband, wobbling around for a few seconds as Cam gingerly eased the shorts up over Max’s butt.

“There you go, mate,” said Cam, “I think you can pop him in now.”

Max blushed massively and pushed his dick under the waistband to privacy and safety. “Thanks,” he mumbled, “cold in here.”

Eventually, both boys had their outfits on; they were literally straining at the seams, though. Max’s huge thighs and massive balls were putting some serious pressure on the Lycra fabric. Fortunately, the tops fitted much better; they were still tight but not as bad as the shorts.

The door opened, and Paul and Lewis stepped in, “Looking good, lads!” said Lewis, “that’s a relief; I was worried they wouldn’t fit!”

The usually calm Max opened his mouth to speak but was a little lost for words, and Cam, sensing conflict, beat him to it, “Bit snug mate, but all in and under control!”

“Right, we do need to get a move on, actually,” said Paul, “you have a reasonably tight, err… pardon the pun, schedule.” He steered the group over to the edge of the roof and talked them through the procedure. “It’s all very safe. You just need to hold onto this line and slowly release yourself down. We’ll hitch these rainbow flags behind each of you.” He indicated two big banners that were rolled up and set to follow them down.

Max and Cam had a few questions. Max looked uncomfortable; the shorts were quite restrictive as he moved around, and he felt self-conscious that his mates could all see his sequin-covered bulge. He just wanted this over and done with now and to have a beer in the bar. He found himself distractedly zoning out as Paul went through the instructions.

“Ok, does that make sense, guys… uh, Max?” Paul asked.

“Oh, uh, yep… yep, sure,” Max replied quickly.

They stood in turn as Paul fitted the harnesses on them. It was like a sort of jock strap, one part around the waist and then two straps under each leg and then more straps across their chest and shoulders, buckled in front. Max & Lewis looked down, their sequin-covered bulges protruding out of their harnesses. Lewis had arranged for the harness straps to match the colors of their outfits, Max in red and Cam in blue.

“Right then!” Lewis said he looked at his watch, 4:14. “This is it!” He pushed a couple of buttons on his phone, and music started pounding around them and down the street. They heard the DJ announcing their abseil & they just gave a link. A crowd had already gathered in anticipation.

“Nice and steady lads!” Paul cautioned as they stood at the top. Max and Cam exchanged glances and nodded at each other, neither one wanting to look down. “3… 2… 1… jump!” Paul counted out loudly.

Both the lads leaned back, bent their legs in close to the building, and pushed out into a big jump as Max bent his legs to push off though he felt a ripping sensation. The cold fresh air rushed against his asshole as he started to descend.

It went wrong quickly.

“Fuck!!!” Max cried, the back of his shorts flapping around, exposing his bare ass and the crowd below cheering.

Instinctively he reached with his right hand to try and quickly cover himself. I’m so high up; maybe they haven’t seen yet, he thought, pulling frantically at the loose red material, trying to yank enough of it out to somehow tuck it in against the harness or between his butt cheeks.

He was too quick, though, and too strong; in his panic, he ripped the whole side of the shorts off, cold air now greeting his cock too…

He fumbled the material and watched as it fell ten stories to the ground, the sequins glinting in the sun.

“Oh shit! Cam, my shorts are gone!” Max cried. But Cam didn’t hear him over the music and did his next jump down. He was now looking in through the big glass window at their mates in the gym.

Max jumped down again to follow him. What choice did he have? He looked in horror at the facial expression as a yoga class watched them descend. They went from smiling and cheering to amazement and laughter. Max’s giant balls swung like two pool balls in a sock as he jumped down, and his little cock bobbed around on top. His foreskin snout wrinkled against the cold.

Three girls at the front raced to the window and grabbed their phones to take photos, giggling like crazy. Max hung there momentarily, stunned, completely exposed to the class but with nothing he could do about it.

Cam, confused by the reaction of the gym crowd, looked across at his friend and then looked down at where the yoga girls were pointing, “Oh my god! Max, what have you done!”

“Cam, let’s just fucking go!” Max shouted back, on the verge of tears. He was blushing like mad now. His cheeks flushed at the yoga crew all checking out his little dick.

The boys jumped down and then down once again; 2 bounds basically took them to the next level of the gym. They ended up just in front of the free weights section. Max froze in horror as several of his muscled training buddies looked up from their weights to see his little pecker pointing at them through the glass. Instantly their faces were pressed against the glass, looking for a closer view, Max’s cock and balls winking at them at eye level.

“Shiiiit,” Max groaned as he saw one of them whip his phone out and snap a couple of shots. He pushed off quickly again and looked after Cam to see if he was following; with his second jump, he reached the student nightclub, ordinarily closed at this time of day; today, it was packed full of the Pride crowd.

Max was stupidly looking up at Cam and didn’t pay attention; instead of landing squarely with his feet against the window, he slipped and ended up crashing into the glass, his big balls smacking into the window to announce his arrival to the party-goers inside. The pain winded him, and he couldn’t move for a few moments; he hung there helpless, cock and balls pressed against the window like a squashed frog.

Cam hurried to catch him up, feeling like he could at least give him moral support. He stopped as close to Max as he could and shouted across to him, “Are you ok, Max?” He hadn’t noticed that he’d stopped just where one of the few opening windows was ajar.

Before he knew it, a drunk hand reached out and grabbed the front of his sequined shorts. Riiiiiiip, Cam felt the flimsy material get torn away from him and looked in horror to see his shorts being waved at him through the glass inside as the window slammed shut.

The crowd looked from left to right as if at a tennis match, not knowing where to look. Cam’s massive soft cock, seemingly impervious to the cold, now dangling in the air and acting as a very obvious and unflattering comparison to Max’s little nub.

The gay guys inside were going crazy. Whoops of delight erupted when Cam’s cock popped out…

“Shit, you bastard!” Cam shouted at the guy who was still waving his blue sequined shorts around inside. “Let’s go, Max!”

By this point, Max had got his breath back; they nodded at each other again and jumped down further. The next level was the student union bar. This was worse, much worse… there was a sort of open balcony space secured by bars so drunk students couldn’t fall out. It was nonetheless ‘open air,’ shall we say.

By this stage, news had traveled ahead of them, and there was a massive crowd assembled. Cheers erupted again as they went past. The boys stopped for a split second and went to continue quickly past when Max didn’t move and shouted in a panic to Cam, “My line is jammed!”

“Nah, it’s mine too!” Cam replied, “Remember, we are supposed to stop here for a photo opportunity!”

“Oh, you are shitting me!” Max replied.

Both lads hung there hopelessly, trying to shut out the fact that they were fully exposed without even a window to protect themselves in front of about 200 people, primarily gay guys… As he frantically tried to release the rope, Max felt the first hands reach out for him, “oh shit,” he said to himself, “Hey guys, h-h-hands off, ha-ha.”

To no avail, some of them thought it was like an organized strip event, “This is wild!” He heard someone shout, “I’m having this one as a starter and him as the main course!” Max realized they were comparing his cock to Cam’s and blushed even harder. “Guys, guys! Please! I mean it… Ha-ha-hands off!”

He was worried; even though he was straight, he also knew his cock was incredibly sensitive…. He tugged again at the rope and looked up at the sky to see if Paul or Lewis were looking.

Max looked across at Cam, a few meters away… he was attracting the same attention. Hands reached out through the bars to grab his big cock. Max saw Cam smiling though at his audience and realized he looked like he was actually enjoying himself! Oh no, he thought, it’s easy for him when he has a nine-inch cock…

Max looked down at his dick; he felt hands all over him, “blimey, those balls are massive!” one guy said, “I know, but where’s his cock!” another retorted. Max reddened further… they must let me go soon, he thought, trying to block out the sensation of all the touching…

“Oh god no…” Max felt his cock hardening. He’d made the mistake of catching the eye of the cute barmaid in the background… He tried to pull away, but by now, they were cupping his balls and wanking his cock, now fully hard at 4 inches.

Meanwhile on the roof, Lewis and Paul were oblivious to all the drama unfolding below then. “Right, that’s 2 minutes up; it should be enough for some photos at the bar; let’s let them carry on now,” Lewis said.

Finally, Max felt the rope give as he tried to move. The groping hands held on to him until the last second as he jumped down, his 4-inch erection lolling around like a toy dildo as he pushed away.

Seeing that Max was now lower, Cam also jumped away from the crowd, “see you later, guys!” he winked at them as he jumped down to Max. His cock, now fully engorged, was 9 inches and thick. It wagged like a truncheon, swinging from side to side and slapping against his belly as Cam landed on the window.

“I can’t believe you’re enjoying this!” Max shouted to him…

“What’s that? Cam shouted back, “I can’t hear you!”

“Here, let me come closer for a moment” Cam jumped to be side-by-side with his mate while they were in between floors.

“What are you doing?” Max shouted back, frustrated.

“I thought you were trying to say something to me,” Max replied…

“Let’s just go,” Max shouted back over the music.

Max’s erection had subsided now, and with the cold air, his cock had shriveled down to a flaccid state of about 2 inches. Cam’s was still rock hard, though. In frustration at his embarrassment, Max tried to push off quickly but slipped with his left leg and ended up pushing himself into his best friend; their harnesses touched, and as the boys scrabbled about, they got tangled up.

Cam had tried to jump at the same time as Max. They now found themselves face to face, the harnesses tangled as they hung in front of the big glass window of the canteen.

Max’s 2-inch soft cock was resting helplessly against the side of Cam’s huge throbbing monster. The size difference was vast and made worse by the fact that Cam was physically smaller than Max.

“Shit, what can we do?” Max asked Cam. “Why is your cock hard for fucks sake?”

“S-s-sorry mate, I can’t help it; it just won’t go down; it’s got a mind of its own. Let me see if I can untangle us.”

He tried reaching up to where the cords were entwined; the crowd at the window loved the show; Max looked in to see about ten phones, all videoing his little cock pressed against Cam’s giant horse cock as he hung there helplessly. In contrast, his mate tried to separate them.

“It’s no good,” Cam said, “perhaps if you turn around, I can try from the other side.”

Max wriggled against the glass to pull himself around so that he was facing the opposite direction to Cam. He could feel Cam reaching up to try and unhook the bits of rope that had tangled. To do so, he had to press his body in close against him. Max could feel his 9″ cock, still hard, pressing in between his butt cheeks. He felt it thick in between his ass and Cam’s breath in his ear as he reached up to try and untangle them.

He was mortified and hung there limply, too defeated to even try and cover up his cock. As Cam wriggled around, though, Max felt his cock start to swell up. “Oh god, no,” he thought, “not again, not with the whole fucking canteen watching me.”

But swell up it did. There was no stopping it. The hoots of laughter and banging on the window compounded his misery as his 4-inch hard-on pulsed on top of his huge balls.

“Max, I think I’ve loosened it a bit,” Cam said, ” the problem now is on my harness, over my head. Do you think if I turn around, you can try to unhook us?”

Max nodded, determined. The boys tried awkwardly to switch positions; Cam twisted away from Max, removing his hard cock from where it had rested in between his friend’s cheeks, and ended up pressing it against the canteen window. There was an audible intake of breath as the audience took in its length and girth, pressed fully hard against the window, making it look even thicker. Even Cam was blushing now.

Max twisted round to position himself behind Cam, realizing he’d have to press himself against his friend to reach the tangled harness. He gingerly pressed forward, his cock still hard, pressing in between Cam’s cheeks this time. “Uh, sorry about this,” he said, reaching up to try and resolve their problem.

At this instant, though, Cam slipped a bit, and his feet lost their grip on the glass. Max’s cock was slim, rock hard, and had been pointing skywards just below Cam’s asshole. The tip of Max’s cock, which had been leaking precum, suddenly found itself 4 inches deep inside his best friend.

Cam’s eyes widened, and a mix of surprise and pain wrote across his face, “Holy fuck, Max, are you inside me?!” Cam’s ass involuntarily spasmed in shock. The muscles contracted, and in equal surprise, Max’s feet also slipped, and the weight of his muscular frame caused him to push further into Cam, his big balls banging against Cam’s own.

The sensation, the sudden warmth, and the tight muscular grip from Cam’s ass on Max’s virgin cock caused him to ejaculate instantly. “Oooooh shit,” he moaned, “Ohh fuck, oh no, Cam, I’m so sorry.”

He pulled his cock out, only to spray a second jet of hot spunk all in between Cam’s cheeks, filling his crack and dribbling hot sticky cum down his leg. He turned again, the boys writhing now to try and separate themselves, and his third jet of spunk went all over the window to an eruption of cheers from within.

“Bloody hell, Max, what the fuck!” yelled Cam

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry it just happened!” Max shouted back, almost crying now with embarrassment. His dick quickly shrank back to its 2-inch flaccid state as the reality of what just happened sunk in.

Cam’s erection had also subsided, but his cock was still swollen – a thick, floppy 7-inch semi-dwarfing Max’s. Their cocks were literally touching as the boys argued. Cam, not even noticing the final dribbles of cum oozing from Max’s cock onto his, the boys, momentarily unaware of the attention from behind the window, lost in their awkward moment.

The wriggling had worked, though, and both boys suddenly realized this – their harnesses were now free of each other!

“Mate, we’re free. Let’s talk about this later – come on!”

They descended quickly now…. the next few floors, mercifully, were offices and lecture halls and had no one in as they got lower, though the noise of the crowd at street level rose to greet them. They paused and looked down.

“Fuck, there’s hundreds of people!” Max cried, “What do we do when we get to the bottom?”

The plan had been to take a few photos and go for a beer, but the plan hadn’t been to be practically naked!

“Shit, I don’t know,” Cam replied. “Let’s just get down first; we’ll work it out when we get there.”

The boys lingered on the third floor, not sure whether it was worse to stay there or go down to the waiting crowd… inevitably, though, they continued down.

There was a sea of camera phones trained on them. As the boys got lower, their balls and assholes were in clear view as they bounced off the windows. They had to go slow at the bottom. Hands reached up to greet them. As soon as they were within a couple of meters of the ground, a cheer erupted; both boys felt hands over their legs to catch them.

Cam found himself quickly unhooked from his abseiling gear; his feet never even touched the ground, though; he was hoisted onto the shoulders of two guys, one naked buttock on each shoulder; they turned him to face the crowd & the official photographer who had been arranged.

He couldn’t help it; his cock swelled back to its fully hard 9 inches, the hands on his body, grabbing and pawing at him, and all the photos being taken were too much. He wasn’t gay, but he was still a highly sexed young guy, and the attention was too much for him.

He tried to reach down to cover himself, but when he did that, he almost unbalanced and fell, so his hands went back to hold onto the heads of the guys holding him, and his fully hard cock lolled from side to side.

Having spent the last 15 minutes naked, he realized he’d had sort of gotten used to it; he was obviously confident with his huge cock and liked showing this off anyway, albeit usually a bit more discreetly than this… he decided he should just embrace the moment. Everyone had seen him anyway, so he really had nothing left to hide.

He looked down to see several pairs of hands reaching up to his cock; some girls had joined, and obviously some guys. They’d had a few drinks, so they were very uninhibited. People posed for photos with him, their faces at eye level with his huge throbbing dick. One girl reached up and held his cock, turning it towards her face and pretending to kiss the end of it as she looked at the camera, laughing.

He saw Max, who had suffered a similar fate. He was sat atop two muscular gay guys, his legs spread open and his tiny cock bobbing up and down as they danced. A girl was trying to write her number on his bare ass, obviously impressed with his chiseled physique and seemingly unconcerned about his little baby dick. Max looked zoned out, though, not really aware of what was happening to him.

Cam managed to wriggle free of his supporters and ran across to Max, “Max, come on, let’s go!” he yelled. Reaching for his hand, he signaled to the guys carrying him that their fun was over. Reluctantly, they set him down, and Max, who was clearly in a state of shock of some sort, allowed himself to be led through the crowd by his mate. Cam had to put one arm around his back and under his shoulder to support him and steer him through the crowd, his huge, thick boner rubbing and lolling against Max’s hip and a massive contrast to his little bouncing nub.

They half walked, half ran back into the university building, stabbed frantically at the elevator buttons, and stood there awkwardly. At the same time, the crowd took yet more photos, finally breathing a collective sigh of relief in unison as the lift doors slid shut and it started its ascent to the roof and back to their clothes.

Max, overwhelmed and almost in tears, reached round and held his best mate in for a hug, oblivious to the fact that their cocks pressed against each other, Cam’s reaching up to Max’s belly button despite his smaller height.

Their closeness brought on a different response and release of emotion in Cam, one he hadn’t expected at all.

He couldn’t help himself; the sensation of his friend’s warm body against his own caused his cock to swell. He thought he could control it; he tried with all his might to think about something else, anything else at all, but it was no good. A pulse of hot spunk quietly erupted over Max like a silent fountain. Thick, strong jets shot up into the small gap between their two bodies.

“Nnmghuhhh,” the sound came low and quiet as he finally gave in to the ecstasy. “Oh shit, oh god…. fuuuuck, sorry mate…”

After a moment, he eased them apart, and the boys both looked down together just as the lift doors slid open. In silent horror, they looked back up from their spunk-covered bodies to see Lewis and Paul waiting for them, eyes wide as they took in Cam’s massive, gradually subsiding erection and Max’s small nub, a big drop of Cam’s cum trailing its way down Max’s cock and his hanging balls before dripping on to the floor.

“Ah, ha-ha, umm – well…” Lewis stuttered… I did wonder why the sponsorship donations went quite so crazy!


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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