Gynecomastia Part 1

By Jake.

At the age of 25, I had a rather embarrassing development. Boobs.

Being insecure, I mean the manly man I am, I wrote them off to everything. It must be my shirt irritating them. I’m gaining weight, so I worked out more. It’s too hot. It is too cold. It’s the laundry Detergent. You get it.

It wasn’t until sexy time one night that it came to a head. I’d been dodging sex, considering I didn’t want my wife to see me like this. So my wife did what any smoke show wife who deserves a better husband than me would do. She put on her sexiest panties (black lace g-string) and waited on my bed when I got home. I was stuck. How could I dodge this? I jumped on her but quickly went down to her pussy so she couldn’t take my shirt off. After getting her to orgasm, I came up to fuck her but left my shirt on. That would be odd, especially given how much my wife likes to see my toned body when we fuck.

She said on my way up, “That was incredible, honey.”

I barely got going before she tried to pull my shirt off. When I stopped her, she thought I was being a tease and just tried harder.

“Someone’s being a tease in more ways than one.”

Oh yeah, guess I haven’t mentioned my other shortfall. While I’m in excellent shape, that doesn’t make my dick any bigger. I’m about an inch soft, maybe three inches hard. She never complains, but sometimes when I’m ‘in,’ she thinks I’m still teasing her. I usually push in harder and act like it is true to protect my ego. I did the same here.

“How’s that?” I asked, pushing harder.

“Mmm. Now let me access that body,” my wife replied, moving her hand up my shirt.

Before I could process and stop her, she had her hands up my shirt. Being the Saint, she said nothing when we felt my softer and puffer than the normal chest. But when she brushed across my nipples, they were so sensitive that I yelped.

“OH, did that hurt?” She seemed confused since she barely touched them.

“I, uh, yeah, uh, must be scratched or something.”

“Oh no, let me check.”

I was so close (after a whopping two minutes) I didn’t even hear her, so my shirt was up before I could think.

“Um, honey, don’t panic, but I think it’s more than a scratch,” she said.

Some part of me was relieved. I was unsure if it was because I had nothing to hide now or her seeming to know what was happening. She’s a nurse (I know why didn’t I tell her immediately then), so I assumed she knew what was up. The relief seemed to be what I needed to finish as I came as she was leaning close to inspect.

“Oh, did you just cum? I thought you had pulled out when I touched your nipples.”

To my horror, I realized she wasn’t completely wrong. I thought I was still inside her, but I had just rubbed my dick on her labia and clit.

“Oh well, easy clean up,” as she wiped my cum off her pussy lips and onto my leg. “Take your shirt off. I need a better look.”

“So, what’s wrong with me?” I asked.

“Well, it looks like you’ve grown little boobies.”

“That’s not possible. I’m a man.”

“It’s a normal condition called gynecomastia. Just a hormone imbalance is all. Just need to get into the doctor to address the cause.”

“Then these will go away?” I asked.

My wife said, “It depends. Some are small enough to resolve once the cause is addressed, but based on how you’ve avoided sex, I guess this has been developing for a few months. Yours aren’t the largest I’ve seen, but they’re bigger than a pubescent girl’s for sure. You should have said something sooner.”

“I know I was embarrassed. I’ll make an appointment with, oh God, who? I guess my primary care physician.”

My wife said, “He’s good for diagnosing a cold. Not sure he’s the expert on this. I’d recommend my boss, Dr. Sil.”

“She’s an OBGY. I got boobs, not a vagina.”

“Coulda fooled me right now. Your entire package has disappeared in your pubes. Must have been a great orgasm,” she said while cupping my entire package.

I was visibly upset by that comment but couldn’t form the words.

So my wife said, “I’m just kidding, babe. Very rugged and manly, I meant. Yes, she’s an OBGY, but she knows all female anatomy. I mean, normally female. She knows boobs, vaginas, ovaries, and the works, okay. Not saying she will have the answer, but she can direct you where to go if not. I’ll set an appointment when I’m in tomorrow.”

There will be more parts if you want to wait to post together. This one’s short but seemed weird together.


To Be Continued…


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