Our Readers SPH Experiences 58

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This Reader likes it when his GF shares…

My girlfriend likes having power over guys. She whispers in my ear about how pathetic my clitty is and makes me listen to how quick and easy she cums on her big toys or during sexting with other guys who have dicks twice the size of mine. I’ve been trying to convince her to do more to humiliate me and involve other people. The feeling of being exposed as a little dick cuckold to so many people makes my little dick cum so fast and so hard.

Recently she was showing her girlfriends some silly pictures she’d made involving my face photoshopped onto a dick. A pretty BIG dick. They were laughing about it, and her friend asked, “lol, is that your boyfriend’s dick?”

Gf said no. But then her other friend started laughing harder and said, “oh no, DEFINITELY not his.”

It turns out my girlfriend told her that I get off to being cuckolded and let her play with whoever she wants.

Her friend’s first response was, “Oh, so he has a small penis?”

The girlfriend said yes, it’s really, really tiny and the smallest she’s ever seen by a large margin. Her friend thought that was really funny. Her friend has now seen my little 4-inch sissy clit. They laugh at pictures and videos of it together. And now her other friend basically knows I have a tiny little dick too.


Another reader is embarrassed by his wife’s comment…

My wife told me about her day at work and said she was disgusted over how some of the women were talking in the office. Apparently, one of them had bedded a new guy and was telling everyone he was 8 inches long and very fat. They were all giggling and going on about other dicks they had seen – all 7 inches and upwards, but they were all hoping to see a 10 inch one day! Then my wife says, “So I told them they should keep these things private, and they were stupid as 4 inches is plenty for any woman, and yours was perfect!”

My stomach churned as she said this, and I asked what the reaction was. It turns out they all laughed hysterically. So now I’m dreading any future office parties or social nights out as they will all know my dick size.


This reader dated a very mean girl…

True Story: when I was very young in high school, I was aware my penis was very small. In gym class, when I took my first shower with other guys, it was embarrassing. I developed a fear of exposing myself to a girl, so I didn’t have my first sexual experience until I was 18. Then, I met a girl and became comfortable undressing with her. She often told me my penis was small, but I got used to it. After about four months of dating, I was over at her house, and she wanted to have sex. She told me to strip in front of her to turn her on, so I did. I didn’t know she had a hidden cam filming me. About a week later, she had a party and all my friends, both male and female, were there. She asked if we wanted to watch porn and everyone agreed. When she started the video, it was of me stripping. I was so humiliated but was told that the video would be circulated around town if I ever said anything. That was the beginning of my fascination with SPH.


Another reader gets off on the sordid details of an ex…

I’m a good-looking Asian guy with a below-average and skinny cock (Bronze Member). However, I’m 6’2 tall with a thick muscular body. The contrast is quite striking. A few years back, I was dating a skinny Korean American girl named Rose, and we accidentally stumbled onto SPH. I didn’t even know it was a thing. One night after a night out of partying while fooling around in bed, Rose was telling me how much she liked having sex with me. Wow, what a flattering comment, right? I asked her why do you like sex with me so much? She said, “Well, your penis fits me just right.” She says that she’s small and petite, and her pussy is small too. She said that she’s lucky that my penis isn’t big! That might be the worst compliment a studly guy like me has ever heard! But for some reason, my cock grew hard.

I knew her ex-boyfriend. He was a short Asian guy, probably around 5’5 and shorter than Rose. I was like, is that why you liked your ex? Oh no, she said. He had a really big cock. I said no way! That little guy? Okay. That was a gut punch. My ego was destroyed. But for some reason, my cock was rock hard.

How big was he? Was he a lot bigger? She said so much bigger. How big in inches? She said she had no clue. I asked her to show me. As I laid on my back, cock straight up in the air, she grasps my cock at the base. And then, she showed me how much longer he was. It looked to be around 4 inches above mine. She told she could stroke his cock with two hands. She continues to tell me that the length was not the worst part. She said he was too thick. And shows me that she wouldn’t be able to grasp his shaft completely, unlike mine. She’s like I have a very tight pussy. We had to use so much lube just to get us going. With you, I don’t even need lube!

Such a lucky guy, right? Then she says for the first time – come here and fuck me with your small cock. And I did. When I was inside her, I asked how much bigger did he feel? So much bigger. He would stretch me so much. But you feel just right and perfect. How much longer was he? He can’t even go all the way in, or he will hurt me. With you, you can pound me nice and hard. Does he make you cum? She’s like, yes, he does. Multiple orgasms? Sometimes. Damn, I know I haven’t given her multiples yet. But my cock was rock hard and on a mission. That night I was introduced to SPH, and I have never been more turned on. I never came harder. My small cock came and shrank in her hands as she squeezed the last drop out. I asked her how big his soft cock was, and she snickered and told me that his soft cock was bigger than mine hard. I got hard again and went for round two.


While this reader enjoys his smallness, now…

I sort of fell into SPH. I had a fuck buddy years back who had been with a lot of guys. Let’s just say she was very “free” with her body. One day we met up, and she tells me, “You might not want to eat me.” When I asked why she told me, she had just had sex with another one of her buddies, and he came inside her. I told her I didn’t care, and I went down on her anyway. As she was nearing orgasm, she says, “I’d never let you fuck me if you didn’t eat pussy so well.” What? After she came, I asked what she meant. And she said, “Aw honey, you know you have a little dick, right?”. I did, but I was sort of in denial and thought I was God’s gift to women when it came to sex. She explained to me that while sex with me felt OK, I didn’t fill her up and give her that “full” feeling she enjoys.

This leads me to ask my wife, seriously, what she thought of my dick. She gave me the old “it’s fine” and “size doesn’t matter” lines. But when I pressed her, she finally admitted that yes, she was disappointed in my size and wished I were bigger.

It took a while to accept, but once I did, I became so proud of my little dick. I love showing it off and talking about my tiny penis.


This reader is outed by a failed date…

I once hooked up with this Dominican girl. We were making out and started undressing each other. I thought for sure I was going to get the chance to fuck her. She got on her knees and ripped off my boxers. She quickly became disinterested when she saw my small dick. I could tell she was really turned off by it, especially that it wasn’t even fully hard yet. Unfortunately, I was only able to get a decent blow job from her. A few weeks later, I ran into her at the mall. However, she wasn’t alone. As I’m walking towards her, she’s whispering and giggling with her friend. As I approach them, I realize her friend is also a frequent customer in the store I work at. Her friend immediately recognizes me and has the biggest smirk on her face. I could tell from the smirk on her face that her friend informed her about my small dick. From that point forward, anytime I see her friend at my job, she would smile at me. The feeling of being outed by her to another girl is kinda embarrassing but also really arousing too.


While this reader has found self-acceptance…

I stopped being embarrassed by my small dick years ago. Now I openly admit it’s small, and my wife often makes fun of it openly. She has told several of her friends and co-workers I am small and even shown them pics of it at my request. She told me a few of them laughed out loud when they saw it. The thing is, it’s no different than a woman having small tits, or someone being short, etc. It’s who I am, and I am not ashamed of it.


Another reader spurned by a woman finds comfort in SPH…

Around 4 years I was in this group of (horny) teens on KIK. Some guy gave me the username of a girl. She was the same age as me (19), cute, with pretty blue eyes and very nice breasts. He told me that she sends nudes easily, and I was somewhat of an athlete at the time, so I had a nice body, so I texted her. The first time we talked was great. We even traded some pics. I jerked off to her pics that night and also the next day.
The second time she started asking for videos of my cock. It was a disaster, I kept losing my erection, so it took me more and more time to respond to her, plus I started feeling that she was losing interest. After a while, she said: “I’m sorry, I like you, but I’m looking for bigger guys.”

I’m around 4 inches and have no confidence when talking to ladies, always getting rejected when trying any kind of online fun and I enjoy being humiliated for all of these things. She made me cum, lose my mind, get addicted to SPH, and just left to find a bigger man.


This reader’s new girl has a bigger dick…

When I was in my late teens, I frequented a bar with lots of cross-dressers and transsexuals. One night, I connected with an Asian transgirl who was also by herself. She was about 5’6″, 110 pounds. It was as simple as making eye contact as she walked through the bar. We struck up a conversation, and I immediately knew we would be hooking up that night.

We had a few drinks, went out to eat, then she drove me back to my apartment. She was visiting for the weekend from another city. I was supremely confident at the time. My first Asian trans girlfriend told me I had a big dick. Of course, it was only the second dick she had ever seen, so she had no comparisons, really, but I believed her. Anyways, on the way to my place, I pulled my pants down and exposed my hard dick. I’ll never forget her words:

“I think mine’s bigger.”

I didn’t believe her whatsoever. I lifted her skirt, pushed her panties to the side, and starting blowing her. She was focused on the road, and her dick wasn’t getting hard. And as I expected, her dick was really tiny. I know it’s a false stereotype, but at the time, all the Asian transwomen I hooked up with had small dicks, so I was not surprised by her lack of size. I was confused as to why she thought she was bigger than me, though.

When we got to my place, I showed her to my room and used the restroom. When I got back, she was only wearing her bra and panties. She looked irresistible. I got on the bed with her and went right back for her cock. I started blowing her, but this time, she did get hard.

She was fucking huge. I’ve never seen such a transformation. She was a grower, and her cock was close to eight inches, but the look of it was what turned me on the most. I have a small cock with a small tip, but the head of her cock was so wide and thick, even bigger than the shaft. It was perfect for kissing and sucking on, completely filling my mouth, causing me to open it all the way.

Once she got excited, she became a different person. She took complete control and forced all eight of her inches down my throat. I took the whole thing, all the way down to her pubes.

Right then and there, I realized she wasn’t lying. Not only was her cock bigger, but it was also a lot bigger. We ignored my cock the rest of the night as she deepthroated the hell out of me for what felt like hours, moaning so loudly the whole time. I remember my older roommates giving me awkward smiles the following morning.

Eventually, I begged her to fuck me. I’m not into getting fucked on random hook-ups, but I had to experience it. Unfortunately, my condoms were too small on her, and we couldn’t quite make it work, so she went back to fucking my face and eventually cumming on it.

I fell asleep, cradled by her with her cock pressed against my ass.


This reader just wants to be a cuckold…

I actually used to think my little shriveled clitty was a normal-sized penis, all the way into my early 20’s. I had sex with several girls, and none of them told me the truth about my tiny penis. They’d just break up with me soon after we’d first had sex or fooled around.

But then I dated a girl who wasn’t shy at all about telling me that my penis was so tiny, it had no chance of ever giving her an orgasm. I remember that I had just stripped off all my clothes, but she told me she still wouldn’t have sex with me because it would be a “waste of time.” At that point, we’d been dating for about a month, and we actually kept dating for six or seven more months, but she made it clear that she was having sex with other men with much bigger dicks. Eventually, she left me for one of the men she was having sex with, but I wasn’t upset with her at all.

So now it’s been almost 10 years since I dated her, and over 6 years since I’ve had sex with a woman at all! I don’t have any interest in women anymore, not unless it’s watching men with big dicks fuck them. I’d rather just sit at home and play with my clitty, or even use toys to make my clitty cum without having to touch it at all!


Another reader is outed by his purchases…

I just had to buy some condoms recently. Ever since I realized I needed small ones, I just get them online, but recently was in kind of a rush because I was going on a date with this girl and had to go to the store to get them on time. The condoms were actually locked up, and the manager who had the key was this straight-laced pretty buff guy in his early thirties, maybe, wedding ring. Anyway, it was super embarrassing to have to ask him for the snug-fit ones. He kind of chuckled and said, “Ah, sorry, man,” as he handed them to me. I realized it’s a great SPH situation.


While this reader almost hears the truth from his long-suffering wife…

One afternoon my wife “accidentally” SPH’d me after our lovemaking, though I loved it, and she didn’t realize it because she doesn’t know I’m into my being humiliated over my lack of size. I made a joke about my wanting to have her girlfriend X with us for an MFF threesome, and her reaction was, “Fuck! I’d be totally humiliated if she were ever to see just how . . .” and she sort of left the sentence unfinished and sort of made me understand where she was going with it.

So I waited a couple of hours, always spying on her when she left the living room where we were binge-watching Game of Thrones, and FINALLY, I spied on her at the moment when she had called X and told her what happened and admitted to her that I wasn’t hung.

I nearly got hard hearing the phrase she used to tell X the naked truth about my penis size.


This reader snooped on his GF and discovered the truth…

My GF (now ex) left her emails open once, and I was reading them one day. Not sure if it was a good idea. She used to date a friend of mine who was a known player, and they were sending each other sexy emails. She told him she missed his big cock and she wanted to have it again soon. In return, he sent her a dick pic. It was big veiny, and made me feel so small. I asked her if she ever hooked up with my friend. She said, “Eww, gross.” But admitted, it was nothing. Of course, I had to ask, was he good in bed, how big was he? She nonchalantly said I don’t remember.


Another reader is shown up short in a couples’ night…

I’ll tell you what happened to me a few years back that still totally turns me on to this day. I was dating a girl named Christina for about a year, and we decided to take a friend’s getaway where we rented a beach home with a swimming pool, hot tub, grill, and the whole 9 yards.

One night after dinner, after a lot of alcohol has been consumed, two couples proceeded to the hot tub. Things got heated, and we all started kissing and touching our significant other. The next thing I know, my best friend Roy decides to undo his girl’s bikini top, and she took off his swim trunks. His cock was HUGE, curved up like a banana, reaching his belly button. I think my girl and I both gasp, and she said, “Holy Fuck, I had no idea, Roy! No wonder why you are so happy, Trisha!”

Trisha grins and starts going down on the large banana-like cock. Christina was stating hard, mouth wide opened. I playfully tried to blindfold her with my hands, and she pushed away. She said it’s like watching a porno in real life! We followed suit. We took off our swim gear as I laid on the ledge about 2 feet from Roy. My much smaller and thinner cock (Bronze Member) was pointed up straight in the air. Mine looked like half the size and much, much skinnier. Christina goes down on me with a lot of enthusiasm, but I would catch her looking over the action that’s a couple of feet away. Trisha licking the monster slowly and only sucking the large mushroom head. While Christina was practically swallowing my whole cock.

Roy said, “Dude, you’re so lucky. She can go down all the way!”

My girl said, “I think Trisha is the lucky one!”

Roy’s cock looked huge out of the water while Trisha was stroking it up and down before she sat on it. Trisha let out so many sounds of pleasure and was riding it like a champ. My girl hopped on me with way more enthusiasm than I could remember. We both got rode hard, and when it was time for Roy to come. Trisha hopped off, and he came so hard like a geyser, Peter North style. We had to literally dodge it. I came a few moments later.

We hung out a few moments more. And then my girl just had to blurt out. “Roy, I have to say, you have a HUGE cock. It’s like a kielbasa. I literally had no idea.”

She asked me did I know? I was like, kinda, I guess, but I’ve never seen it like that! I’m shocked too. Roy’s literally still at least 7 inches flaccid. It still looked thick and heavy, while mine was shrinking to its usual two inches flaccid.

As we’re leaving, she was still on topic. “Hey, Trisha, you lucky bitch, I wouldn’t let go of Mr. Kielbasa if I was you.”

Afterward, in our room, Christina didn’t stop talking about it. It was a good opportunity to talk about the size since we never got into SPH before. She always said how much she liked having sex with me, but she never said I was big, nor did she say I was small.

I asked her, have you ever been with a guy that big before? She’s like hell no, not even close. I was like, who was your biggest? It was a quick fling, and it was like an inch or so bigger than me but a lot thicker. She said it hurt, but she liked it. I asked her how many times she hooked up? She said a few times, but he was dumb as rocks, and she said it wasn’t worth it despite the good sex. I asked her, does size matter? She’s like, yes honey, it matters, but it’s not the only thing. I was like, do you like my size? She’s like it’s OK. Just OK, I felt burned.


While this reader discovers the truth hurts…

My girlfriend at the time (now my ex-wife) was drinking a bottle of wine, and the subject of past lovers came up somehow. Basically, she casually mentioned to me that her last boyfriend was so much bigger than me. I don’t think it ever registered with her what she said or did to me. Yeah, I never felt so ashamed in my life. We never talked about it again after that night, but it always stuck with me years later.

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