The Dance

By Wedge

The lights flashed and the music was loud, she danced with gentle grace, moving her hips from side to side. Her short skirt clinging to her legs as she danced. Something brushed past her ass, she glanced around briefly. Although several guys were nearby, she did not think any had tried to cop a feel. Apart from one who seemed to lurk in the shadows, he was closer than she would have liked even on a packed dance floor. So she moved away from him a little closer to her friends.

Their favorite track came on, and the girls started to dance their routine, showing the boys on the dancefloor their moves and enough leg and breast to tease them unmercifully. The swell of the crowd and movement of her friends forced her into several people, most of whom were gracious enough not to maltreat her or take advantage. One hand, however, did manage to slip up her skirt and fondle her butt for a second or so, she glanced around, trying to see who the hand belonged to, but it was quickly removed as she did.

Annoyed with this pervert, Mindy moved closer to her friends again and noticed from the corner of her eye as a shadow followed her. She continued to dance, trying to get back into the flow of the music again. She felt the briefest contact of something pushing into her skirt, but she pretended to ignore it and did not whirl around. Instead, she baited the trap further by rotating her hips whilst her legs were slightly parted, and her skirt rode up a little to expose her thong.

There it was again. Something brushed against her ass cheeks. Mentally calculating where it concerned her dance, she took a quick step back; bumping into a man, she reached down and gripped his scrotum as hard as she could.

Her hand clamped over his balls and cock as it protruded from his jeans, her nails securely locking into place over the entire genital area of this poorly endowed male. He breathed in sharply, probably the first time a girl’s hand had touched it, she thought. She did not relax her grip but twisted her head to one side to whisper into his ear.

“You fucking pervert, do you like rubbing your little cock over girls dancing? Do we turn you on that much you can’t come and talk to us? You have to get it out on the dancefloor and push it into my ass? Do you think that turns girls on? To have your little hard stump pushed into them…really?” She asked with a twist of her hand.

He stood perfectly still and whimpered slightly in this predicament, although partially delighted a girl had finally touched his cock but also terrified what she may do with it. Her hand clamped over his cock, and her nails dug into his flesh. Attempting to move would be painful if not fatal.

“You’re not going anywhere, pervert! So you think you can act like this, get caught, and then run away to wank and play?” she states, quickly looping her handbag strap around his cock and balls to tether him in place and prevent escape. “You’re coming with me.”

“Hey Amy, Sonia, Sarah, come to the ladies’ toilets with this pervert and me. We’re going to teach him a lesson.” She whispers to her friends as she drags him by his balls to the ladies’ toilets. He whimpers but tries to keep up, if only to conceal his plight to those around him, but also because it meant he brushed against her skirt again as they made their way through the crowd.

She turned her head to him as his cock pushed into her ass again. “Don’t get too excited little guy,” she giggled and pushed open the toilet door and dragged him through it, her friends following close behind, making sure none of the Bouncers caught on to what they were doing.

The Ladies’ toilet smelled of perfume and hair spray, and a selection of pretty girls was using the mirrors to make themselves look hot.

“What the fuck?” Asked one of them, gesturing to the man being dragged in by the girls.

“He wishes,” Says Mindy, “I bet this little pervert has never been inside pussy. That’s why he sneaks around clubs pushing his cock into girls as they dance!”

“Are you serious?” Asked Amy

“I wondered what that was!” Exclaimed Sarah

“Did he do that to you?” Asked Sonia

“Yes, several times tonight, I felt something brush past me, so I lassoed his penis and dragged the filthy pervert in here. Let’s teach him that girls don’t like being perved on by guys with little dicks.”

Sonia was often equipped for something kinky to occur on their nights out and produced a set of handcuffs, which she quickly used on him. Linking his arms around some of the pipework to the sinks and forcing him to the floor. The girls stood over him, some disgusted, some laughing, others smirking and getting out smartphones to take pics with.

He struggled to get free and cover his exposed manhood, but the girls were ready. Laughing, they quickly stripped him of his clothing, ripping most of it away, so it was unusable and then using the rest to tie his legs spread and open to the base of the toilet cubicles. He was totally exposed for all to see, his little willy pointing towards the ceiling all red and hard. The circumcised head throbbing with all the excitement and bare legs around him.

“He seems to like this treatment,” says Amy giggling.

“Does it turn you on to know girls can see you naked?” asks Sonia in a mocking tone. “It’s a tiny penis. Has it ever been inside a pussy?”

He mumbles something that sounds a lot like “No.”

“Oh, you poor thing, such a little cock, you must be so upset with it. I bet you beat it hard, don’t you? Do you think about pretty girls like us, As you fuck your fist?” Asks Mindy.

“Yeah, you like to play with your little willy, don’t you? It feels good to have your hand around it, look at sexy women, and stroke it up and down. You fucking pervert!”

“I bet he does it several times a day, don’t you wanker, look at that thing; it’s been wanked hard. I bet he has a huge collection of Porno mags and movies.” Laughs Sarah.

“How do you fuck with that? It’s the size of my lipstick.” Asks a girl whilst holding one up for size comparison.

“No girl would ever be able to fuck that. It’s physically impossible. You are going to be a Jack-off specialist for life. You should accept it and wank off, like a filthy little Pervert!” Says Sarah.

“How does he even wank with that? It only needs a few fingers, I bet.” He also asks Amy before she reaches out and playfully gives him a few strokes. “Oh, I made it leak,” she giggles as a bit of pre-cum seeps out of the swollen redhead.

Sonia steps between his legs and lifts one booted foot, so it gently rests on his protruding stump and balls. She looks at his face as she slowly applies pressure to her toes, his balls splay to the sides, and his cock pushes into his podgy stomach as her toes descend. He looks like he is about to cry and call out in pain when one of the girls quickly stuffs her panties into his mouth.

“See how wet I was for that guy on stage. I had to take these off. Now you get to taste what you cannot have, pervert.” She says, standing up and giggling at him; he took every opportunity to look up her skirt, and had it been better lit, he would have seen bare pussy to add to his wank bank.

“Let’s give this pervert blue balls,” Says Sonia, quickly stepping up and letting her full weight crush his testicles and penis, he groans in pain, and she steps off again, laughing, “Oh, that was fun, here have a go, Girls.”

The girls took turns to walk over his body, allowing him tantalizing glimpses up their skirts of panty-clad pussy he would never get to fuck or touch, but his eyes bored holes in their panties. Each girl made sure they trod on his cock, balls, or both at least once as they walked over him. Some even paused, smirking, and lingered as they did, utterly crushing his little penis and his heavy balls into his body. Fortunate for him, his fat belly allowed some room for them to escape permanent damage.

Several phones flashed as his humiliation was captured for the internet and Facebook. Some full-body shots showing his red face, spread legs, and tiny cock. Others got closer to take pictures of his penis and swat it from side to side. It bounced like a spring and seemed to enjoy the punishment, getting redder and purpler. Pre-cum started to dribble down the short shaft and collect on his swollen balls too.

“My friends love this!” said one girl.

“His cock is so small, I need to zoom!” said another.

The girl’s eyes flicked from his face to his tiny cock and back again, taking in all of his humiliation and mocking him with comments about his penis and his actions in the club.

“I bet he’s a Virgin!”

“Never had a pussy, never will!”

“He loves to pump it like a jackrabbit!”

“Slap it again. I want to watch it bounce!”

“Go tell Jen and Brandi. They have GOT to see this little guy.”

The room erupts into laughter while more girls come to do makeup or visit the toilet. All laugh, giggle and take pics.

“Pervert!” is the preferred insult, although a few use “Little Bitch!” too
The girls go through his wallet, take all his cash, and find his phone and pictures. He has hundreds of sneaky upskirts from dozens of nightclubs in the area. Some are even bookmarked as favorites and part of a slideshow that he opens regularly.

“What a sick freak, he wanks to this? You sick fucking peeping tom! Do you like looking up a girl’s skirt whilst you pull your little sausage?” Mindy asks, crouching down next to his head.

“Well, guess what? “ She says, tilting the phone towards his face. “I just deleted all of them and reported you to your ISP for being a pervert!” She laughs and smashes his phone on the floor before throwing it into a toilet bowl. He groans at the loss of his favorite upskirt pics and the years they had taken to accumulate.

Somebody passes her a permanent marker pen, and she starts to write on his body. She reads them out to him as she does and asks for suggestions from the other girls.

“Little Dick,” she says as she writes on his chest and draws an arrow down to it.

“We don’t want no short dick, man!” Suggests another as a small group
start to sing along.

“Mushroom cock!”


“Baby dick wanker!”

“Dirty little sissy bitch!”

“Do an ‘Insert here’ and an arrow to his asshole, so the boys know what to fuck!”

Eventually, he is daubed in permanent condemnation of his crimes and his small penis. It is months before it comes off. He goes to work or the shops with “I have a tiny penis” written on his forehead, and every time he takes a shower, he is reminded of this night with the girls.

One girl opens her purse and takes out a lipstick gloss. She unscrews it and pours its shiny red contents over his erect little penis. It dribbles over the head, filling his hole and cascading down his short shaft, encasing it in shiny red gloss. Which is also “quick-drying and waterproof,” states the giggling girl.

It seals his pre-cum inside his short shaft, and his balls begin to swell as they make cum that can never escape. His discomfort grows as time passes, and the girls get rowdier and drunker. Some pour drinks into his mouth and force him to drink whatever was in it. One girl uses him as an ashtray and flicks her ash on his cock and in his mouth, eventually stubbing it out on his pubes, singeing the hair, and leaving it there to smolder until it goes out.

The girls leave him like this for several hours, as the night progresses and the girls get more and drunker. Finally, his balls get more and more punished, he tries to struggle free, and he accidentally breaks a nearby pipe, so he gets doused by cold water. His penis reacts to the cold, getting even smaller until only a small stub remains, carefully balanced over two ripe and swollen balls that he desperately wants to rub.

Eventually, the club empties; the bouncers find him and throw him out into the street, naked and handcuffed with no money. Every car beeps its horn at him, lots of drunken people shout at him, and lots of drunken girls want to play find Willie, often departing with laughing males who get to fuck the hot girls instead of look at them from the shadows.

The End.


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