The Coffee House Quintet

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By Dictionary Rainbow

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5


Day 1

Ben set his cup down on the last empty table at the crowded coffee house. He plopped himself down in the cushy seat and scanned the room. He probably stared a second or two longer than was polite at the cute college girl sitting at the table next to him before moving on. As much as he tired to not let his gaze wander to other women sometimes he just couldn’t help it.

The coed had her text books out and was looking at one notebook while she jotted more notes in another. Her sandy blond hair was pulled up in a pony tail and held there with a frilly white scrunchy. Despite the warm spring day, she wore a pullover with the local university’s logo on it and capri pants. Her soft features weren’t covered in makeup. In fact, the little makeup she had on was poorly applied, as if she’d just started wearing it recently. She reminded Ben a lot of his wife of 15 years, Ellen, which is why he forgave himself of the slight transgression.

Putting the girl out of mind, he unfolded his newspaper and started to read. The coffee house’s muzak and ambient noise faded into a calming murmur. Ben came to the coffee house just for that; he found total silence off-putting and anything more than background noise would steal his attention. Taking a sip of his coffee, he searched through the section for the continuation of his article.

A woman sitting at one of the window seats yelled something at her boyfriend. Her high pitched squeal pierced Ben’s ears. He folded his newspaper down and shot her a disapproving glare. Couldn’t people have the decency to break-up in private? What was with the fad of dumping people or firing them in a crowded place? Yes! It makes a scene, no matter what they thought.

Turning back to his paper, Ben started reading again. The soothing chatter of the coffee house helped him regain his focus but it was lost when the woman cried out again. He glowered at her. The serenity of the place was gone, his attention was shot. Ben tried to get back into his paper, but they’d ruined it for him.

Now just pretending to read, Ben glanced back up at the arguing couple. The woman was pointing out the window at a whorish looking girl who was adjusting her rather large, fake breasts in the store window. She was probably pissed that her boyfriend was staring at the slut. The way the guy was grinning, Ben figured they had that argument a lot.

It was hard for Ben to find fault with either of them. He couldn’t blame the guy for looking, the way the girl had displayed herself and had been hefting her tits around right in front of him, it was inevitable. Ben wasn’t really into that type of girl, but had he been in the other guy’s place, there’s no way he could have looked away. It would have been like watching a traffic accident unfold in front of him. But the angry woman was well with in her rights. They were in a relationship. Relationships were sacred. Relationships were monogamous and should be, as The Flamingos sang, “I only have eyes for you.”

He stole a second glance at the studious coed at the table next to him. Not that Ben knew her, but he could tell she’d be the faithful type when she at last found the right man. She looked so much like his love, Ellen, so angelic and innocent. Ben was the first person Ellen had even kissed. Most of his friends had thought her overly gullible, Ben felt it was just her purity and the faith she had in her fellow man. He idly wondered if the coed would blush at profanity in the cute way Ellen did.

“Fine!” The woman by the window yelled. This time, the college girl joined Ben in his glare. The couple’s argument seemed to becoming to a climax. Ben hoped that one or both of them would leave and he could concentrate again. He took a glance at the coed and their eyes met. Hurriedly, he ducked behind his newspaper and hid.

Pretending to read his paper, Ben shielded himself from his embarrassment until a nondescript voice spoke to him. “Ben, mind if I sit with you?”

Ben looked over the top of his paper. The man from the arguing couple was peering over it at him. Ben raised an eyebrow. “I’m sorry. Do I know you?”

Without waiting for Ben’s approval, the average looking man plopped down into the empty seat across from him. “You do now, Ben.”

“I’m sorry. I come here to read. Would you mind…”

“Don’t lie, Ben. We both know you come here just to check out the girls.”

“I most certainly do not!”

The man grinned. “There’s no use denying it, Ben. You’ve been drooling over that coed ever since you sat down.”

Slamming his paper down on the table, he glowered at the man. “’Ben. Ben. Ben.’ Look, if you’re going to constantly name me while you insult me, you could at least have the decency to give me yours.”

The mysterious man waved his hand. “You don’t want to know my name.”

“No? What do I want then?”

“That.” He pointed at the college girl.

True, she was the type of girl he liked, he could admit that much. but he didn’t want her. He already had Ellen. But there was something about the girl; her unevenly applied makeup seemed more professional and thicker, a lot thicker. Foundation was liberally applied to hide every blemish, and greyish-blue eye shadow accentuated the bright blue coloured contacts she wore.

She lifted her pencil to her mouth and it transformed into a stick of dark red lipstick, which she applied to her collagen enhanced lips. Slowly, her pullover started to lift up as implants grew into her tits. It wasn’t long before the pullover itself started to change. The neck line fell lower and lower, exposing more and more of her plastic chest. The sleeves fell away, exposing several tattoos fading in on her arms. The pullover was now a tank top so tight, it could have been painted on and done more to conceal her flesh.

Not to be out done, her jeans retreated up her well toned legs. They finally stopped at the point where the term “short Daisy Dukes” would have been too modest to describe how little material was left. Her now overly exposed legs darkened until they were a deep tan of a girl who spent more hours sunning than anything else. Her socks started to climb up the curve of her leg thinning themselves out into a pair of cross-patterned stockings that stopped just above her knees, leaving her smooth thighs completely exposed. Her red sneakers fell apart as the heel grew into large spikes. The college slut’s new red heels were bright enough that they’d call attention to them, making sure anyone looking would drink in her legs down to her toes.

The text books and notebooks she had been using were gone. In their place was some nail polish and makeup. Her attitude and aurora radiated, “I’ve got more important things to do than school.” Ben didn’t know what was happening to the former coed, but he instinctively knew that that girl hadn’t even graduated high school let alone made it into the prestigious local university. She was geared to making a living off her body, not her brain. The coed ceased to exist, even in Ben’s mind.

Ben looked away from the slut. “You must be crazy. I’ve never been interested in girls like that.”

“Don’t be shy, Ben. It’s only natural. She presents herself for the taking. I bet if you asked, she’d do you on the table, you and your massive cock.”

“I’m a married man, how dare you suggest I would even consider doing such a thing.”

“Lots of men have extramarital affairs.”

“I believe in the sanctity of monogamy.”

The girl had pulled a dildo out of her purse and was fucking her exposed cunt. Ben looked around, but no one but him and the barista had seemed to notice. The other woman was glowering at the tramp.

“I bet you wish that was your dick she was fucking,” the mystery man said.

“No, I was thinking whether I should call the cops or not.”

“I don’t know why you deny your manhood. You should just fuck her. Take her to the bathroom and do her up the ass if you’re to shy about taking her right here and now.”

Ben couldn’t understand why he didn’t just get up and leave the vulgar man. Every impulse he had screamed for him to do just that, but he sat there and engaged him in conversation.

“I don’t because I have a wife.”

“I know, it’s the classic ‘married my high school sweetheart.’ Look, after you fuck that girl, fuck your wife when you get home. She’ll never know.”

“I’m not going to fuck…screw her.”

“I was trying to be nice. I was trying to lighten your life up, but I see you just want to be a prick. Alright, I’ll make you a bet. I bet you that you can’t resist fucking that girl four times in the next four days.”

Ben grinned. “That’ll be the easiest bet I’ve ever won.”

The nondescript man leaned forward and stared Ben in the eyes. “Alright then, here are the terms. If you win, you and your monster meat will be forever successful. If you play the lotto, you’ll win. If you start a new business, it’ll go national with in the first month.”

Doubt was creeping into Ben’s mind. There was no way that man could make that promise come true. No one had that power.

“However, every time you fuck that nasty slut you’re drooling over, you’ll lose an inch off your cock, and you’ll go home and fuck your wife. Your wife will pick up a trait of the slut until she could be a mirror image.”

Ben looked at the skank dildoing herself in public, only this time, he saw the cute coed with a bright future. His eyes told him she was a whore that would fuck anyone for anything, but his mind told him she used to be sweet and innocent, like Ellen. That was impossible.

He turned his attention back to the man. Ben knew in his soul that his table companion was responsible for the changes. Getting in a bet with someone who could do that… “No bet,” Ben said.

The man put his hand to his cheek and in mock sympathy said, “Aww, Ben, you’ve already accepted. ‘That’ll be the easiest bet I’ve ever won.’ It’s really simple. Just don’t fuck that girl four times in four days.”

It’ll be easy. Ben looked at the girl. Her bulbous tits shook with her furious thrusting. Her free hand massaged her pierced clit and she squirmed in her seat. Ben felt no attraction for women like that, but his cock said otherwise. He could feel himself hardening, his nine inch monster snaked its way down his thigh.

A glance around the room told him no one was paying attention to the girl except for him and the barista. She was still frowning at the display. Someone’s gotta say something and put a stop to this.

Lurching up out of his seat because of his raging hard-on, Ben walked over to the slut. “Excuse me.”

She looked up at him. “Bout fucking time! I was wondering how long you’d just stare. Let’s get your little guy out to play.”

Before he could say anything or do anything, the slut had his fly open and fished out his giant penis. Not prepared for its size, it flicked out and hit her cheek. She cooed “Wow. I should have said big guy! You’re huge!” Then, she plunged every inch of him into her mouth.

Ben shuddered with the sensation. He’d never been deep throated before. Warmth and pleasure spread from his groin up. He didn’t want the sensation to stop. He wanted this skank to slurp him forever, but then again, if her mouth was this good, what would it be like to fuck her fake tits or loose cunt?

He pulled the straps of her tank top down and freed her melons. They had no sag as they proudly stuck off her chest. Pulling his member out of her mouth, the girl put it in her cleavage and started to rub. Ben was again blown away by the experience. He felt like he’d been cheating himself his entire life.

Not caring if anyone was watching their pornographic performance, Ben picked the slut up and threw her on the table. Coffee went spilling everywhere. He moved the thin material covering her crotch and shoved his shaft in her.

“Oh, God! You’re so fucking big. I’d fuck you any time,” she said. The girls screams and moans filled the coffee house, yet still no one seemed to notice. As Ben pounded into her, her moans turned into a stream of “Fuck me!“s.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the barista finally make her way over with a stern look, but some man Ben felt he’d seen somewhere before led her away by her arm. He focused on the whore’s massive rack wobbling back and forth with his thrusts. He could feel his orgasm building up, so could the girl, who rolled off the table and put him back in her mouth. Just like a porn star, she jacked him and sucked him until he exploded in her mouth.

“You were fantastic,” she told him.

“Thanks. How much do I owe you?” What?

“For a fuck like that, I should be paying you. No charge, honey.”

What was he thinking about paying her for? He’d betrayed his vows to Ellen! Ben zipped his fly up and ran out of the coffee house, leaving his paper behind.

By the time Ben got home that night, he convinced himself he’d fallen asleep at the coffee house and dreamed the whole ordeal. How could he fuck someone in public without anyone noticing? How could a coed morph into a whore? The thing he found most incredulous was how could he have been unfaithful? There was no doubt in his mind that it was all a dream.

Ellen was in the kitchen, putting the finishing touches on dinner when Ben walked up behind her and hugged her. Her shoulder length brown hair was tied up in a ponytail and it tickled Ben’s nose. She wore a loose fitting orange shirt with the logo of their alma mater on it and a pair of black jeans over her slim athletic figure.

He pressed his hard dick into her skinny ass and wiggled his hips back and forth while moving hers in the opposite direction. “Honey, I’m home,” he said.

“Someone sure is.” She slapped his hands away. “But after dinner. It’ll get cold.”

Disappointed, Ben turned away and headed into the dining room. Thanks to Ben being rather successful, they were financially stable enough that Ellen didn’t need to work. That was the way Ben preferred it, having his wife at home to cook and clean for him. It gave him a sense of satisfaction knowing he’d always come home to an immaculately clean house, and delicious homemade meals perfectly on time. Ben was without want whenever he was home.

Ben sat down at the already set table and drank from the glass of wine Ellen had left out for him. It was a Malbec, which meant Ellen was preparing her lamb dish. Ben wondered if she had time to go to the gym today like she normally did.

She made idle chitchat as she put a salad down in front of Ben. He grunted his responses and dug in. Ellen sat across from him and started to eat in a more graceful manner. He wasn’t in the mood for talking. He wasn’t in the mood for eating either. There was only one thing on his mind and his erection agreed with him. He’d been hard the second he walked in the door, but if Ellen wanted to eat before they fu…made love, Ben was willing to agree. It didn’t mean he wouldn’t scarf his food down to hurry the process up, however.

Something beeped in the kitchen and Ellen got up to go check on whatever it was. As soon as she left, Ben took the opportunity to eat half her salad, hoping to speed her up as well. He was able to get back in his seat just as Ellen came back with a rack of lamb with rosemary. As she served some to Ben, he looked at her non-existent chest and wondered what she’d look like with implants. An extra surge of blood rushed to his penis. Where the hell did that thought come from?

Unhappy with how he was acting, Ben determined to deny himself. He would eat slower than normal, wait until Ellen had finished the dishes, then they would watch TV together and right before they went to sleep, he’d fuck Ellen’s brains out. No! They would make tender love.

Ellen glanced at her salad. “Wow, did I really eat that much already?”

Through a mouthful of lamb, Ben said, “Uhh, yeah. You seemed pretty hungry.”

“That’s weird.” Ellen sat back down and continued talking about various things. Ben usually enjoyed talking with her, but tonight he just kept staring, waiting for her to finish. When she got to the point where Ben considered her done, he stood up and walked over to her. He felt obsessed, compelled to take his wife. There was no denying his lust.

He took her hand and pulled her away from the table.

“What are you doing, Ben? What’s gotten into you?”

Ben didn’t answer, he just led her into the bedroom and pushed her down on the bed.

“Get the light,” Ellen said.

Ben turned the light off and threw his clothes off. In the faint glow coming in from outside, he could see that Ellen was doing the same. Her formless body shifted in the shadows and Ben had a flash back to his daydream from lunch, giant tits with pierced nipples, vulgar sex, and cum drinking. His cock throbbed and pre-cum appeared on the tip.

None of that would happen with his wife. She considered oral sex dirty, didn’t like her breasts to be fondled, and never made a peep. When Ben heard women complaining about the lack of foreplay, he often joined in.

“Are you wet?” he asked.

Ellen touched herself. “Yes.” She grabbed his penis and aimed it at her vagina. “Wow, you’re really hard tonight.”

Ben grunted and thrust into her. She was wet. She was more than wet; Ellen was practically overflowing. For the first time ever, Ellen moaned as he entered her. Her cries of passion didn’t stop there, rather, they escalated as he pumped into her. Her moans soon turned into “Harder!” and “Yes!” and got progressively lewder until she was crying out “Fuck my cunt!”

Whether it was how wet his wife was or how vulgar she was, Ben couldn’t tell, but he could no longer hold back and shot his load deep into her pussy. She let out a long “fuuuuck” and came with him. Then, what surprised him even more than her profanity, she got up and started cleaning his cock off. The sight of his wife’s lips wrapped around his dick made Ben get hard again.

Several hours later, the couple laid side by side. Ben was groping the small 175cc implants Ellen had gotten some time a go to give her boyish form nice B cup breasts. Sperm was leaking out of her well used pussy.

“That was fucking incredible. In-fucking-credible. Why haven’t you ever fucked me like that before?”

Ben didn’t respond. He was deep in thought. After his last orgasm, his penis had seemed smaller. It had looked a good inch shorter than normal. Maybe it was because he was tired after cumming so many times. Even if it was lost, that would have put him at eight inches, which was still quite large.

“Shit. We can never ‘make love’ again. You’ve gotta fuck me from now on.” Ellen got out of bed and walked naked out of the room. Somewhere in the back of Ben’s mind it struck him as odd that she hadn’t gotten dressed.

He followed her out into the kitchen, also nude. Ellen was standing in front of the sink, looking at the dishes. “I don’t feel like doing this shit now. I’ll do it tomorrow.”

“You’ve, uuh got something there.” Ben pointed at some cum dribbling down her thigh.

“Oh wow, I do.” Ellen ran her finger up her thigh, scooping it up and then licked her hand clean. Despite their numerous couplings in the bedroom, Ben started to get hard. Ellen noticed it. “You better put that cock away, or I’ll find a place to fucking stick it.”

Unable to contain himself, Ben pushed her against the counter and entered her from behind. It didn’t occur to Ben that not only was it the first time for him to have sex with the lights on, it was also their first time outside of the bedroom. The dishes didn’t get done that night.


Day 2

The next morning, Ben woke up and ate some cereal. Ellen was still passed out from their activities the night before and he didn’t want to wake her just so she could make him breakfast. He was reading the paper and on his second bowl when she came in the kitchen.

Ellen was still naked and her hair was knotted up behind her head.

“Morning, sleepyhead.”

She mumbled in response. Even though she was five years younger, Ben had always been the better morning person.

“Have some coffee.” Ben poured her a glass and she leaned against the counter and slowly sipped on it.

He went back to his paper and the two stayed in silence for several minutes. Ellen finally broke it. “I’ve been thinking of getting a job.”

Ben looked up. “Oh?”

“Yeah, I know we don’t need the money, but it’s just fucking boring during the day here.”

“What type would you been looking for?”

“I dunno. Something easy, like a secretary or receptionist. I don’t have the degree for anything else.” Ellen had never finished college. She dropped out after the two got married.

Nodding, Ben smiled at his wife. “I’ll ask around, see if anyone has an opening.”

“Thanks, my love. My fucking machine.”

Ben got up and put his dishes in the cluttered sink. He turned and looked at Ellen. He reached out and tweaked one of her nipples. “Don’t forget, I’ve got Carl’s bachelor party on Friday.”

“Oh, it’s this Friday? Oh…”

He could hear the unasked question. “Don’t worry, Saturday night will be our greatest anniversary. It’s our tenth after all.”

Ellen beamed. “You remembered! I was so worried you’d forget. 10 wonderful years since we met and married in college.”

Still rubbing her nipple, Ben said, “I’ve got quite a day in store for us.”

“Mmm… I can’t wait. You better stop that unless you want to take it somewhere.” She said, referring to his manipulations.

“I wish I could, but I’ve got to run to work.” Reluctantly letting go of her breast, Ben headed out the door.


It was an uneventful day for Ben at work. Normally, he enjoyed his work, but all he could think about was the various positions he would enjoy Ellen in when he got home. Despite their ten year marriage, they still enjoyed sex multiple times a day. Not only had they vowed to never stray from one another, they vowed to keep that part of their life together active.

His day at the office wasn’t the only boring thing, even his trip to the coffee house was rather bland. He had been hoping to see another slutty looking girl, like the one he had a faint recollection of from the day before. He loved going to that coffee shop and checking out the local coeds while he pretended to read his paper. Usually there were quite a few lookers, but he couldn’t tell if it was his desire to see the whore again, but he was disappointed in the offerings.

Ellen knew of his daily “sightseeing” trips as they called them. Some days she would even join him there and do a little looking of her own. They had taken vows saying their genitals wouldn’t stray, not their eyes. They even found it helpful; they gleaned fashion tips and ideas to keep each of them attractive to one another. Ben wholeheartedly believed it was the secret to their passionate sex and loving marriage.

At 4:30, Ben decided to cut out of work a little early and go home to surprise Ellen. He was pulling his car out of the company lot, when he saw a coed wondering the street. She looked rather lost and Ben felt he should be the good Samaritan and offer to give her directions. Plus, he figured, she might be cute.

He pulled his car up to the curb next to her and rolled the passenger window down. “You lost?” he asked.

The coed leaned forward and her appearance changed; it was the slut from the day before. Ben’s dick got hard as he stared at her exposed cleavage in her low cut top.

“Yeah, I’m fucking lost. Are you man enough to show me my way?”

Even Ben knew how cheesy he was being when he responded, “I can show you the way to heaven, doll. Hop on in.”

The girl opened the door and slid in next to him. He looked at her massive chest contained in a shirt that was more of a bra with sleeves. It covered her breasts from the nipples down to just under their curve, leaving all of her tanned tone stomach exposed. Around her waist, she wore a black belt with a large silver hoop buckle. Her torn low rise jeans were cut so low, that when she sat down and leaned over to close the door, he could see almost a quarter of her ass.

She leaned back and looked at Ben. “So, it’s $25 for a BJ, $50 for a fuck, and $75 to do me in the ass.”

Ben pulled out his wallet and tossed her a $100. “We’ll start with the blow job while I take us some where a little more private.”

Pulling his dick out of his pants, the whore leaned over and started sucking. Ben put his right hand on her head and drove them down several back alleys until he pulled up behind a closed grocery store. He pulled her off his crotch and slid his seat back.

“Mount me,” he told her.

Angling herself so she could fit all of his large dick in her pussy, she slid down on him. He pulled her top down and fondled her tits, perfect in their roundness. She bounced up and down on him and he timed his thrusts to meet her on the up and down.

She was wild and passionate, Ben could tell she was enjoying herself, but not to the lengths he’d pleasured her in his dream yesterday. Through her moans, she said, “It’s an extra $100 to cum in me.”

Not wanting to fork over the extra cash, he threw her into the passenger seat and did his best to shoot his load on her chest. “Fucker! You got my shirt dirty. I’m not giving you your change from that $100.”

“Eh, it was worth it,” Ben said. “Thanks for joining me in my ride.”

Pulling her top back up, the girl opened the door and got out. She leaned back into the window. “Except for the cum on my shirt, I’d ride with you anytime.” She stood up and wandered off.

The sexual glow Ben was feeling soon faded out. What had he done? How could he have cheated on his wife with a hooker? He had no reason to. He knew Ellen would be ready to jump him when he got home, that was one thing he loved about their relationship. She was ready to fuck above all else.

And the girl he was chosen. Sure, Ellen had small implants, but they still looked real. That girl’s balloons would never be confused with anything natural. The sex had been fantastic, but now the come down was tearing him apart. He’d never be able to face his love.

Hanging his head in shame, Ben started his car and headed home. He rode in silence reflecting on his mistake and wondering if he would be able to hide his infidelity from Ellen. They had taken a vow and he had betrayed it.

Opening the door to his place, Ben sighed. “I’m home.”

Ellen came running to the door naked and jumped on him. She wrapped her legs around his waist and deeply kissed him. “Welcome back. Now fucking take me!”

Ben didn’t think it was possible, but his member got stiff again and he dropped Ellen on the kitchen table. He pulled her close to the edge so that her cunt was almost hanging over. He squatted down and dove into her with his mouth.

Almost immediately, Ellen started moaning. “Oh, god! You’re tongue is so good. Yes! Lick me there.” It didn’t occur to either of them that this was Ben’s first time with oral sex.

He stood up and let his pants fall to the floor. Ben rubbed his stiff eight inch erection against her moist lips.

“Come on! Stick the cock in me and fuck me hard!”

The table violently shook as Ben gave all his worth. Already he was justifying his betrayal of Ellen earlier in the day. Her tits: they were too small. He wanted her to get at least 700cc implants, but she’d refused and only gotten 400cc. They were the size of baseballs, but they still looked too real. He wanted her to have those tits that screamed “I’m fake!” Her clit: it still wasn’t pierced. Sure, she had agreed and gotten her tongue done (which felt great when she gave him one of her legendary blow jobs), but he wanted something down south. And her tramp stamp: he’d begged for her to get “slut” done down there, but she’d gone with some swoopy pattern.

Ellen reached a taloned hand down and started rubbing her clit. “Fuck your dick fills me up! Pound me! Fuck me! Make me your bitch!” She was always vocal during sex. “I’m cumming!” A little bit of ejaculation squeezed out around Ben’s dick. He couldn’t take it any more.

“I’m coming, too!”

“Cum on my tits! Cream me!”

Obeying her commands, Ben pulled out and shot rope after rope up jizz on her chest. She rubbed it in to her knockers and then licked her fingers clean. Rolling over, she picked up the pack of cigarettes on the table, took one out and lit it. “You’re fucking brilliant. A sex god,” she told Ben.

He smiled at her. “I wanna watch your video.”

“Oh, your pervert! Okay. You go set it up and I’ll order us a pizza for dinner.”

Ben walked into the living room and Ellen headed the other way to the kitchen. Sitting down at the entertainment system, he opened the cabinet and pulled out a “Girls Gone Wild” tape. Shortly after Ellen had her tits done, they had taken a trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and she’d flashed anyone and everyone with a camera. They’d fucked like bunnies for hours in their hotel afterwards.

Then, one eventful late sex-filled night, they’d turned the TV on and low and behold, she was one of the main girls displayed in the commercial. They’d ordered several copies and had worn threw a couple already. Those tapes were the only reason they still had a VCR.

Ellen came bounding into the room in a T-shirt that cut off at her mid riff and a pair of short shorts. “It’ll be here in 30,” she said.

Sitting down next to him, she started stroking his deflated cock. He pushed play on the remote and they watched all the rowdy party girls flashing the cameras. Ben soon got hard again and Ellen continued to stroke him. Something was off about his cock. It didn’t look big enough in her hands.

Pulling the coffee table drawer open, where they kept their stationary supplies, Ben grabbed the ruler. He put it to the base of his cock and measured. Seven inches.

“What’s the mater, babe?” Ellen asked.

“I don’t know, I have this feeling that up to two days ago I had a nine inch dick.”

“Nine fucking inches?! No, if you had one that massive, I’d never take it out of my cunt.” Seeing Ben’s disappointed look, she quickly added, “Seven inches is still quite a lot for me. Bigger than average and it feels so good in my tight pussy.” As if to change the conversation, Ellen took Ben in her mouth and started blowing him.

She expertly used her tongue and piercing, stroking the stud up the sensitive side of his shaft. She was still giving him head when the doorbell rang. Lifting her head up with a pop, she whipped her lips. “That’s the pizza. I’ll go get it.”

When she came back, the bottom of her shirt was resting on the top of her exposed tits. A pang of jealousy shot through him. It was one thing to flash strangers in a town far away, it was another to flash delivery guys on your doorstep for a discount. They had taken vows, vows that he had broken earlier. He stuffed his jealousy down.

“How much did you get off?”

“Just half. He said it’d be free if I blew him, but I just paid and sent him on his way.” She brought the pizza over and sat on the couch. Ben pulled her shirt off and stripped her of her shorts. The pizza was cold by the time they got to it.


Day 3

Thursday morning, Ben quickly silenced his alarm and got up before he disturbed his sleeping wife. Her bleached cum crusted hair framed her overly made up face. With all the fucking they’d done last night, neither of them had had time to take a shower.

Ben was still amazed that after five years of marriage that the two of them were still so passionate about each other. His buddies said marrying the bar tender at their favourite hole was a mistake and they’d be divorced within the year. Sure, she was a bit of a gold digger, but they loved each other and the sex was phenomenal; it helped that she was ten years his junior and had an overly active libido.

When he went back into the bedroom after his shower, Ellen was sitting up in bed smoking. Her knees were pulled up into her chest with the sheets draped over them. She butted her cigarette and waved at Ben.

“Morning, sexy.”

“Morning, stud.”

Opening a dresser drawer, Ben pulled out some underwear and socks. “How’d your job search go yesterday?”

“So, so. No one’s really looking for an ex bar-tending high school grad.”

“Sorry to hear that. I asked around but none of my firm’s clients are looking either.”

Ellen stubbed her cigarette out and climbed out of bed. “It figures. I’ll find something.”

Fully dressed, Ben headed out to the kitchen and Ellen, still covered in sex, followed him. After grabbing a bagel and pouring a glass of orange juice, Ben handed his wife the bottle of juice and she filled a glass half full. Then, she topped it off with vodka.

While Ben munched on his breakfast, Ellen slowly drank hers. “You know,” she said, “I was wanting some new shoes today. Would you mind if I went down to the mall and did some shopping?”

Ben brushed his hands off in the sink, then pulled out his wallet. He only had a couple hundred in cash, so he pulled out his platinum American Express card and handed it to her. “Try to keep it under a thousand.”

“A thousand? I can’t get anything for that.” Ellen pouted and rubbed her breast against his arm.

“Okay, fine. But no more than two.”

She gave him her best puppy dog eyes.

“OK! Five. No more than $5,000.”

Ellen beamed. “Thanks sweetie.” She kissed his cheek and adjusted his tie. “Go get ‘em, tiger!”

“Thanks. Oh, and if you have time, would you mind cleaning up around the house a bit?” he asked, then gave her a peck on her cheek and headed out to work. With his back turned, he missed the glare she gave him in response.

After his dismal performance at work the day before, Ben was determined to put in good billing hours, especially since he knew Ellen was probably going to blow seven grand shopping today. Since marrying Ellen, he hadn’t put as much effort into his work and the backlog was getting to him. By the time lunch rolled around, his hands and eyes were almost useless from exhaustion.

As he drove off in his luxury car, he headed in the opposite direction of his normal haunt. He needed more stimuli than the coffeehouse would provide. Ten minutes later, Ben pulled into the closest strip joint to his office and parked his car in back, out of sight.

The place had just opened and aside from Ben, only a few alcoholics littered the place. They all hung out in the shadows, avoiding eye contact. Ben ordered a sandwich from the bar girl and sat back in his dark booth. The girl who was on was just finishing her routine and it was obvious why she had been given the day shift.

No one had thrown any money on the stage for her so she the only thing she had to gather up was her clothes. The DJ asked everyone to give it up for Taylor, but no one clapped. The next girl who came out looked like she would be just as miserable. She was wearing a pullover for the local university and had a deer in headlight look about her. There was no hint of sexuality about her: her body had no shape, no form, and she bumbled about the stage. She did have an innocent feel, something that seemed familiar to Ben. Despite the lack luster performance he knew he was about to witness, he was interested.

When the girl ripped her pullover off to reveal a giant pair of implants in a shelf bra, Ben’s dick sprang to life. Her whole performance changed. She oozed sexuality. Every step she took looked like she was slowly stalking her lover. She swung and dry humped the pole like she was actually having sex with it.

Leaving his sandwich, Ben went down to the stage and started tossing bills at her. The only things the stripper had left on were her g-string panties and her platform heels. She gracefully strutted over to dance in front of him and he tossed some more ones on the stage for her. The girl scissored her legs opened and close in front of him and he could see her moist lips poking out around the thin string of her underwear. She was getting sexual excitement out of dancing.

Ben pulled a $100 out of his wallet and she went spread eagle in front of him. He slid the bill into her panties on top of her cunt and as he did so, stuck a couple of fingers into her slit. He pulled them out and the stripper leaned forward and wrapped her collagen enhanced lips around his fingers and licked her juices off of them.

Her song ended and Ben went back to his sandwich. He’d never consider cheating on Ellen, but if there were any girl that he would, that stripper would be her. Ben checked his watch to see if he could figure out if he’d have time to catch another one of her shows. It didn’t look good.

Just then, someone sat down next to him.

“Hey, stranger,” she said.

Little Ben rose to attention. “Hi,” he stumbled.

“Thanks for the great tip.”

“My pleasure. A show that hot deserves its rewards.”

The stripper reached over and massaged his erection through his pants. “If you think that’s hot, how about a private show?”

Ben gulped. “A private show?”

“Yeah, we’ve got some rooms in the back. How’s $300 sound?”

Did Ben really want to do that? Could he cheat on his love and actually pay for it? He looked at the stripper in her scant clothing. She was still rubbing his leg. He had to have her. “Let’s go.”

Smiling, the girl got up and Ben followed her through the club, past a big bouncer, and down a dark hallway. She sat him in a chair placed in the middle of an otherwise empty room.

“Got the cash?”

Ben pulled out three bills and gave them to the girl.

She looked up at the video camera in the corner and walked around so that she was standing under it. “For an extra $100, you can do anything to me.”

There was no hesitation as Ben pulled his last hundred out of his wallet and gave it to her. The red light on the camera went off, and so did Ben. There was no strip show. There was no lap dance or foreplay. There was just Ben’s seven inches buried into her.

He was mesmerised by the dirtiness of it, cheating on his wife with a strange girl, fucking her on the floor of a strip club for $400, the way her artificial body and piercing’s shook with his thrusts. Men who believed in monogamy were fools. Fucking around was heaven.

As the girl cleaned his shaft off from his cum and her juices, Ben looked at his watch. It was already 1:30. He needed to get back to the office and put in some more hours. He got dressed and thanked the cum covered stripper for the good time.

Unlike that morning, Ben didn’t have the motivation to do any real work all afternoon. He had a desire, a hunger, to fuck his wife with his dirty philandering cock. He checked the clock every five minutes, hoping that it would tell him it was five o’clock. Like the day before, by the time it was 4:30, Ben was already heading out the door.

He pulled into his driveway then entered his messy house. Dishes were piled high in the sink and the laundry overflowed from the bathroom. As Ben made his way through the various items scattered on the floor to the living room, he could hear the sound of fucking. His heart dropped. Was Ellen having an affair?

Ben was both relieved and excited by what greeted him. Ellen was spread out nude on the couch, working a large dildo in and out of her pussy. A home video they had made together was playing on the TV. Ben’s cock was working in and out of his young wife’s snatch while one of her expensively manicured nails worked her clit, much like she was doing now with the dildo.

She hadn’t noticed him come in, so he dropped his pants, threw off his shirt, and walked over with his stiff member leading the way. When she finally caught sight of him, she jumped then cooed. She let the dildo fall out of her slit and took her man in her mouth. Ben wondered if she could taste his betrayal. He hoped she could.

“Get on the couch,” he told her.

She laid back and played with herself while he positioned himself over her. Ben pressed the head of his dick against her lower lips and slid himself up and forward, so that his head rubbed up the length of her, over her enlarged clit and onto her stomach. With his balls pressed against her pussy, his dick extended well past her belly button.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

“I’ve been ready since I woke.”

Ben put himself inside of her and started pumping. He wasn’t thinking of his wife, he was thinking of his afternoon tryst. He imagined Ellen with that girl’s giant tits. As if his imagination was effecting reality, Ellen’s breasts started inflating. They looked like someone had roughly stuffed softballs under her flesh. The sight made Ben lose control and he pulled out and came on her new tits.

Ellen opened her eyes and squirmed under him. “You can’t be fucking serious. I need more than that.”

“Your tits, they just grew!”

Reaching up and massaging one of her jugs, Ellen said. “I’ve had these things since right after I dropped out of high school. I had them when we met at the strip club four years ago and they’re the same ones from when we got married three years ago.”

The memories of meeting Ellen while she waited tables at the strip joint he regularly visited came floating up to him. He’d fallen in love with her fake D cup tits, sex with her, and then her personality in that order. She’d fallen in love with his steady stream of cash. His friends said he shouldn’t marry a gold digger twelve years his younger, but he was happy he ignored them.

The Ellen on the TV moaned as one of her exes pounded into her with his massive cock. Ben started getting hard again. He grew out to just below her belly button. “Do you ever miss fucking dicks that big?”

Grabbing her husband back and aiming his shaft at her still hungry hole, Ellen shook her head. “No, you’re enough. I just need you to fucking last longer.”

She was referring to Ben’s recent lack of stamina. As if to put an exclamation point on it, she rocked back and forth a couple of times and he exploded into her. Ellen sighed and dismounted him. Cum was drooling down her leg.

“I’m sorry, sweetie.”

She picked up her smokes and lit one up. She exhaled and said, “Fucking whatever. Wanna see some of the new outfits I got?”

“Sure.” He watched her ass waggle out of the room. Just above it in the tramp stamp spot was her calligraphic tattoo that read “Sex!”

While he waited for her, he watched the amateur porn that she’d made with all of her boyfriends until Ben and she had met. The Ellen on the screen was raving about which ever boyfriend it was filling her with his giant cock.

Several minutes later, Ellen came back in a leopard print dress. The top tied behind her neck, leaving her arms and most of her torso bear. Two thin straps of cloth hung loosely down the middle of her tits, leaving plenty of flesh available for ogling. The fabric covered about an inch on each side of her nipples, and too much movement (like dancing) would cause the fabric to shift and expose them. The artificial curve of her cleavage was plainly visible, even the round curve of the outside of her tits was left available for viewing.

The bottom half of the dress stopped just below the curve of her ass. She spun around to show Ben the back, or rather the lack there of. In the back, the bottom part of the dress didn’t start until just below her tattoo. In all, the dress hid enough to be tantalising, but exposed way to much to be close to decent wear.

She accessorised with a diamond necklace that sparkled in the light, making sure attention was properly focused on her chest. Her feet were encased in ankle high cream boots. They had to have been at least one inch platforms with six inch spikes. The lift accentuated the muscle definition in her thin, bare legs.

“Damn! You look hot.”

Some how, she managed to do a twirl on those heels. “Don’t I, though? Go get dressed. I wanna go clubbing!”

Ben walked past his young wife and squeezed her ass. He ran to the bed room and squeezed into a designer shirt and slacks, his expanding gut rested on top of his belt. He styled his thinning hair then went and joined Ellen. “Let’s go,” he said and leaned in to kiss her.

Ellen ducked him. “Don’t you’ll smear my makeup.”

Even though it was a Thursday night, there was a line outside the door of the club they went to. Ellen confidently strutted up to the bouncer. He opened the rope for her and put up his hand to stop Ben. Ben put a folded up $100 in the man’s breast pocket and patted it. “I’m with her.” The bouncer waved him through.

The couple walked over to the bar and the bar tender came running over when he saw Ellen. Ben held up two fingers and said, “Two Martinis and a beer.” He soon came back with them. Ellen drank the Martinis like she was doing shots, and Ben ordered her a third before the keep could wander away.

“After I finish my next drink,” Ellen yelled over the pounding music, “let’s go dance!”

Ellen finished her third drink and Ben downed the remainder of his beer. He let his wife lead him out to the dance floor and they started to move. Half way through their second song, a large muscular black man shoved Ben out of the way. “I’m cutting in,” he told Ben.

What Ellen and her new dance partner started doing couldn’t be called dancing. The strange man’s hands roved her body groping her everywhere, while she melted in his touch and dry humped him. Ben just stood and watched.

After the song ended, the black man took Ellen’s hand and lead her off to the stairs leading up to the VIP room. Ben followed behind them. Once they got to the stairwell, the stranger put his hand on Ellen’s ass and pushed her up.

They walked past the bouncer at the door and let it shut past them. The bouncer stepped in front of Ben and put his hand up. Ben pulled a folded $100 out of his pocket and said, “I’m with them.”

The bouncer didn’t move. “No, you’re not.”

Ben added another $100. “Yes, I am.”

The large man gave the money in Ben’s hand a disdainful look. “You can keep adding all night, but you’re not going to get in there.”

Two well built white guys came up the stairs behind Ben and the bouncer shoved him to the side to make way for them. He opened the door and let them pass through. While it was open, Ben could see into the luxurious VIP room. It was mostly empty except for a couple of men and his wife.

Her top had been undone and she was deep in a passionate kiss with the man she’d been dancing with. He was roughly fondling one of her tits while she stroked the outline of his large cock. Then, the door closed shut.

“That’s my wife!” Ben cried.

“I don’t fucking care if it’s your mom, sister, and Jesus. Get the fuck out of here.” The bouncer spun Ben around and pushed him towards the stairs.

Defeated, Ben slowly lumbered down them. His wife was cheating on him. She was going to fuck that black guy and possibly several others. The image of them filling her with their cocks projected across his mind. A mix of emotions ran though him. What hurt most was Ben was helpless to stop it. When he reached the bottom of the stairs, he went and did the only thing he could do. He went to the men’s room and masturbated.

For several hours, Ben sat at the bar alone, drinking beer. He could see the stairs to the VIP room from where he sat. All night various men went up and down the stairs, some times alone, other times leading scantily clad women up. He hadn’t seen Ellen come down once. The bar tender came over to tell Ben it was last call when she finally did reappear.

Ellen came down the stairs on wobbly legs. She had a drug and alcohol induced glazed look on her face. Her bleached hair was tangled and matted together. Her makeup was smeared across her face. When Ben got to her, he could smell the sex and dried cum on her through the smoke. He put her arm on his shoulder and helped her down.

“My fucking pussy is so sore! But damn was that fun.”

Ben didn’t respond, he just took her to the exit. Before they reached the door, the black man that had taken her to the VIP room caught up with them and grabbed Ellen.

“El-sluto! Here’s that shit for the road.”

He handed her a bag of white powder, then grinned at Ben and mauled one of her tits before going in for a kiss.

Ellen giggled when the man returned her to Ben. “Get it?” she asked in her stupor. “My name’s Ellen and I’m a slut, so they all like called me El-sluto like I’m a Mexican.”

Again, Ben said nothing. He didn’t correct the bad Spanish, he didn’t comment on her being called a slut, he just got them to their car and plopped Ellen in the passenger seat. He got in the driver side and started the car.

“Thanks for being so fucking cool,” she slurred.

She leaned over and fumbled with his zipper and pulled out his stiff dick. As inebriated as she was, her blow job was sloppy and uncoordinated. It still didn’t take long before Ben shot his load into her mouth. Ellen passed out with her head in his lap, drooling his semen back out on to his cock and into his pants.


Day 4

Ellen was sprawled out on the bed when Ben woke up. Her fake breasts were twin mountains and a valley under the sheets. He thought about last night. The shame of knowing that his wife had pleasured numerous men in the VIP room strangely excited him. He wanted to be angry, but what right did he have? First, he’d cheated on Ellen earlier in the day, then he’d failed to sexually satisfy her. Plus, hadn’t he married her for her looks and wild spirit?

Instead of getting angry, he threw the covers off her and buried himself in her. Even asleep she was moist and wet. He rutted in and out of her a few times and the pulled out and came on her chest. Ellen didn’t wake up once.

Ben got dressed and headed into the kitchen. He sighed at the dirty mess and fished out a bowl. He washed it and dried it then poured himself some cereal. After finishing, he put the dish back in the sink and got a pad of paper. He wrote Ellen a note:

Ellen, won’t be home till late to night, I have that bachelor’s party tonight. Feel free to go out shopping with some friends or something. Just use the Visa, the Amex is maxed out. We’re still on for out big 3rd anniversary tomorrow night. I’ve got something really special planned. Can’t wait to see you when I get home.

PS. If you don’t mind, would you clean up around the house some?

He left it under her cigarettes, the one place he knew for sure she would see it and headed out the door.

Work that morning sped through. Maybe it was sexually sating himself that morning, or the ever amounting debt Ellen piled on him, but he worked with a determination he hadn’t felt in awhile.

At noon, he went to his usual lunch spot. He pulled his car into the front lot and strolled into the strip joint. Michelle was on the pole and Steph and Heather were working the floor. They were some of his favourite girls, but not the ones he was looking for. Ben headed over to the bar.

“Hey, Ben,” Doug said. “What can I get you?”

“I’ll go with a beer.”

Doug pulled a bottle out and pulled the top off. “I’ll add it to your tab.”

“Thanks. Hey, Doug. Is that new girl from yesterday in today?”

“Nah, she’s got the day off.”

“That’s a shame, she’s a hot one.”

“I’ll say.”

Ben ordered a sandwich and watched the girls perform. He didn’t approach the stage or pay any of the girls for a lap dance. He knew Ellen wasn’t going to cut back on expenses, so he figured he would have to start.

After finishing eating, Ben headed back to the office and started working. Unlike the last couple of days, he was focused in the afternoon. He worked through five o’clock and up till seven. His friend Jeremy calling finally broke him out of his trance.

“Hey, Ben! Where the hell are you?”

“Jer. Sorry, man. Just in the zone at work and completely lost track of time.”

“Work? Lame-o!”

“Ha, some of us have bills to pay.”

“Yeah, and some of us don’t have gold digging harpies for wives. Quit that boring shit and get your ass down to CW Hotel.”

“Aight, man. On my way.” Ben hung up his phone, turned off the lights and headed to his car. Alex’s bachelor party was being held in the penthouse of CW Hotel, the nicest hotel in town. Having it there would allow them to be wilder without disturbing anyone, and they could all stay there and wouldn’t have to worry about drunk driving.

Jeremy greeted Ben at the door when he finally arrived. His girthy framed slightly swayed back and forth. “Bout Goddamn time!” Ben’s balding friend slurred.

“Yeah? If you’re so happy to see me, where’s my beer?”

“Aw, fuck, thought you was the strippers.”

“Thanks for the loving welcome,” Ben said as he pushed past his doughy friend.

Most of the guys there were pretty drunk. It looked like a scene from their college days. Various groups were playing all sorts of drinking games, and whether he wanted to be or not, the man of honour, Alex, was the central figure in all of them. Those that noticed Ben’s arrival ragged on him for being late and forced him to down a beer before he could even give Alex a hug and congratulate him on his marriage.

Alex had glazed look in his eyes and couldn’t even keep them open for more than a couple of seconds. In the best of times he was a light weight, and tonight, before he could even finish one drink, it was replaced by four others. Ben was on his third beer when Alex disappeared into the bedroom and passed out.

Even though the main man was long passed out when the stripper showed up, those still standing quit their games and gathered in the main room for the show. She came dressed as a college student in a pullover. There were a few tsks of disappointment that she was too innocent, to kind looking to really put on a good show. Ben’s eyes were glued to her.

“So, who’s the lucky man?” she mumbled.

Jeremy immediately responded. “Him! This guy here!” he said, pointing at Ben.

The girl looked at him like she was Bambi and he was a semi hurling towards her. “Well, get ready to graduate!” the girl gripped the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head, exposing her gargantuan rack that should have been impossible to hide under her pullover. The only thing natural about them was the tight skin pulled over the saline implants. Little Ben sprang to attention as the stripper gave him hers.

She was giving Ben a lap dance when a second stripper appeared in a dainty vinyl police uniform. The large pilot sunglasses hid her face, but the outfit hugged her curves and accented them. She ripped her sunglasses off; it was Ellen. “What the hell is going on here?”

Ben’s stomach did flips; he was getting busted for getting a lap dance. How pissed would Ellen be? But could she really be pissed if she was here to strip? She stamped over to Ben and the stripper. She grabbed the stripper’s arm and pulled her off her husband. Ellen unzipped Ben’s pants and fished his six inches out. She then removed the other girl’s panties and said, “You were in violation of code!” Ellen pushed the girl’s wet pussy down onto her husband’s cock. “Proceed!”

Now that the dance had turned into full on sex, the girl started bouncing and moaning in earnest. It didn’t take long for Ellen to remove her plastic uniform to reveal her plastic figure underneath. “What’s a girl gotta do to get fucked around here?”

As Ben cheated on his wife, he watched as his friends took turns with her. Where the first stripper was only attending to Ben, Ellen was taking multiple men at once. Jeremy, Ben’s best friend, fucked his wife from behind while she blew someone else and jacked off a third guy. It was too much for Ben to take and he pushed the girl riding him off and came in her face. Rodger, one of Ben’s stronger and more athletic friends, picked her up and threw her on the sofa. He started having his way with her and a couple more guys waiting around went and joined him.

Despite having just blown his load, Ben was still erect and felt like he was possessed. He needed to stick his wet cock in he wife’s cunt. Jeremy unloaded inside of her and Ben shoved the waiting people away and pulled Ellen into the bedroom.

He threw her down next to the unconscious body of Alex and proceeded to enter her. He could feel Jeremy’s sperm gushing out around his dick. Maybe it was the sloppy seconds or the fact he knew after he was done with her, she’d go back to fucking his friends, but Ben soon shot his load into her. He pulled out and a large piercing appeared going through her clit. It matched the new nipple rings she had. Above her shaven pussy a tattoo that read, “Also available in brown eye” appeared.

“God dammit, Ben. And you wonder why I cheat. I bet this passed out dude could outlast you.” As if to prove her point, she undid his pants and sucked him hard. She mounted him and started counting. “One, two, three, you just came, four, five, six, seven, eiiight! I just came! Nine…”

“You should probably leave Alex out of this. He’s getting married and you know Saori is the jealous type.”

“The fuck do I care about that uptight cunt? I’m probably giving Alex the ride of his life. Too bad he’s not awake to enjoy it. Look little dick, why don’t you run off and tell some other guys to come in here. This guy’s finished.” Ellen stood up and a lot of the accumulated cum from her pussy drooled out onto Alex’s soft furry stomach. “Now!” she barked.

Ben headed out into the other room, “That one’s open!” He yelled and pointed to the bed room. Several guys who had finished or hadn’t had a turn yet went in to make use of Ben’s wife. Jeremy came over to Ben and handed him a fresh drink.

Putting his are around Ben, Jeremy said, “This is going to be one fucking great night.”


Day 5

The next morning, Ben woke up alone in his bed. His head was pounding and he tried to recall some of the previous night’s events but came up blank. He rolled out of bed and got up. He waded through impractically tall high heels, overly revealing dresses, and bras that could have doubled as parachutes had they been less frilly.

He rubbed his bleary eyes and walked through the living room. It was as much of a disaster area as the bedroom. Porn DVDs and drug paraphernalia littered the room. Ben had a vague memory of coming home alone and smoking some pot while watching one of his wife’s pornos.

Today was their one year anniversary. Ben loved his wife even though she openly hated him and readily let it be known that she was only with him for the money. He felt that through perseverance she would finally come around to loving him as much as he loved her. He was hoping that today would help his cause.

The first surprise that he had planned for her was a spotless house. He hoped that he could get the place clean before she showed back up from whatever, or whoever, it was she was doing. As efficient in cleaning as he was at his job that afforded him the luxury of getting Ellen in the first place, within two hours, Ben had the entire house cleaned.

He laid out the jewellery case that contained the second part of his anniversary surprise. It was a diamond studded necklace with a bunny charm. The ears twisted off the head and had a small spoon attached to them. The head itself was hallow so Ellen could keep her coke supply around her neck and be able to take a hit whenever she wanted.

Ben showered and shaved and sat in the kitchen waiting. It was close to noon. Would she even be awake yet? He gave her cell phone a ring, but it went to her voice mail. There was something wrong with her message though. Her normal message, “Leave your number and I’ll fuck you later,” had been replaced by a sweet sounding girl who said, “Hi there. This is Ellen. I can’t come to the phone right now, so please leave your name and number and I’ll get back to you.”

The last five days off Ben’s life came crashing down on him. He remembered his demure wife of 20 years as she was, not as the now 20 year old whore that treated him like shit. He remembered his affairs and the changes it brought about her, making her younger and smuttier until she was nothing but a living fuck doll. He had to find her. He had to do something to save her.

Bolting from the kitchen, Ben ran out the door and flew over to his friend Jeremy’s place. Hoping that Jeremy would have some idea where Ellen had gone to after the party, he banged on the door. There was no answer. Ben banged again. He could hear the sounds of high heels on tile, then the door opened revealing a woman as fake and trashy looking as Ellen now was. Her prosthetic tits and smooth skin where hidden by a see-through teddy that went down to her pierced belly button. She wasn’t wearing any panties.

Ben somehow recognised her cosmetically enhanced face. “Amber?” he asked Jeremy’s wife.

“Bennie? Oh my god! Jeremy’s like going to be so glad you’re here. He was saying we needed another dick to shut my fucking mouth. Jeremy! Bennie’s here!”

Ben was too shocked to say anything. The Amber he remembered was a journalism professor at the university. Now she looked like she couldn’t read a newspaper even if it was a book on tape. He didn’t think he cold be anymore shocked, then the male Adonis that was Jeremy stepped into the doorway.

He was completely naked and his sweaty muscles shimmered in the light. Below his rippling six pack, his mammoth cock hung like an elephant’s trunk between his legs. “Hey! LD! What’re you doin’ here?”


Jeremy turned to his tart wife. “You don’t want this guy, you bimbo. I don’t know if you’d be able to find his little dick. That’s why we call him ‘LD’.”

“But it must be so cute! I love little things. It’d be like a mini cock.”

Ben ignored the insults. “Did you see where Ellen went after the party?”

Jeremy snapped his fingers and Amber obediently knelt down and started pleasuring Jeremy’s manhood. “Nah, the fine slut of yours was still there when I left. Ask that other geek, you know that loser you can never go with out, what’s his face…starts with an R…Ropert?”

“You mean Rodger?”

“Yeah, that queer fuck. He was still there filming shit when I left. He really seemed to have the hots for that fine piece of ass that’s wasting herself on you.”

Not bothering to close the do or to wonder what had happened to his former best friend, Ben headed over to Rodger’s place. He rang the door bell and an old lady came to the door.

“What do you want? We ain’t buying.”

“Umm, is Rodger here?”

The old woman glared at Ben. “Rodger! One of your nerdy fat friends is here.”

A couple of seconds later, a much shorter and 100 pounds heavier than Ben remembered Rodger came to the door. He was wearing a Star Wars T-shirt that stretched over his man boobs and belly. “Hey, Ben! Man, that was some party last night! I got it all on tape if you wanna come in and watch. I’m uploading it to the net now.”

The old woman who’d answered the door screamed, “Close the god damn door, Rodger! I’m not paying to cool the fucking outside.”

“Shut up, Ma!” Rodger yelled, but stepped outside and closed the door anyway.

“Rodger, did you see my wife leave the party?”

“Aw man, you’re wife is so fucking hot! I’ve downloaded all of her movies. I can’t believed you’re married to that! Think you could arrange for me to have her again? After I did that one girl then your wife, I was so busy filming that I totally missed out on the chance of doing either of them again.”

Ben hoped Rodger wouldn’t have the chance. He wanted to get his old wife back, which would make Rodger’s request impossible. “I don’t know,” he lied,“but it’s really important that I find her. Did you see her leave?”

“Oh, yeah, she took Alex home. She was pretty pissed at you and was going on about showing that cunt of a fiancée that he has what a real woman was good for.”

“Thanks,” Ben said and turned and ran off.

Alex’s place wasn’t too far from Rodger’s. He didn’t hope to find Ellen at Alex’s but he hoped he’d be able to find a clue. He knocked on the door and Soari answered it. The petite Japanese girl was wearing some loose jeans and a yellow camisole. When she saw Ben, she immediately smacked his face.

“Keep that fucking slut wife of yours away from my man.”

Ben’s eyes brightened. “She was here?”

“Yes, she brought Alex home and said she’d show me how to fuck him proper. I kicked her ass out of here and I’m going to do the same to you.”

“Did she say where she’s going? Does Alex know?”

“Alex is still passed out from whatever you asshole gave him at the party last night. Now fuck off.”

Not wanting to upset Saori any more, Ben turned and walked away. That was his last lead and he had no idea where to go. Wracking his brain for anything, he kept going back to the day in the coffee shop with the arguing couple. There was something about it that seemed important. It came to him in a flash; that man had made a bet with him.

As fast as he could, Ben drove down town to the coffee house. It was pretty crowded and he had to fight his way to the counter. When he got there, he could see why. The large busted barista had her shirt open and was adding cream to coffee by milking her right tit.

“Excuse me, I’m looking for a guy that was in here a few days ago.”

“What’s he look like?” the coffee girl asked without looking up.

Ben paused. He had no idea. All he could think of was it was a man. “I don’t know.”

“Well, if you don’t know, then it’s gonna be hard for me to know who you’re talking about. What color hair did he have?”

“I don’t know.”

“What colour was he?”

“I don’t know.”

“Look buddy, 99% of people in line for my home-made coffee and milk are male. If you can’t remember anything, order some coffee and tit milk or wait for me to go on break in 5 and fuck me in the ass to help get whatever stick was shoved up it out. Until then sod off and let me work.”

Ben backed away from the counter and his phone rang. His heart raced. Was it Ellen calling him back? No, it was Alex.

“Hey, Alex. What’s up?”

“Hey, Ben. Mind coming over for a bit? Saori has something she wants to tell you.”

“Does she know where Ellen is?”

“No, but come on over. It’s important.”

Ben hung up his phone and headed back to Alex’s. He rang the doorbell and the engaged couple came to the door. Gone were Saori’s shirt and jeans. She now wore a child’s size kimono. The front couldn’t properly close over the implants she didn’t have just 30 minutes ago. The kimono exposed more of her tit flesh than it hid. The bottom of it stopped just below her crotch line.

Alex was no longer the hairy, pudgy man Ben remembered. He was shirtless and his well toned body could have rivalled that of Jeremy’s. The only thing he wore was a pair of boxer-briefs that left the impression he was packing some serious meat. His bulging arms were crossed over his chest.

When she saw Ben, Saori sank to her knees and prostrated herself in front of him. The hem of the kimono rode up, exposing her pantie-less ass. “I’m so terribly sorry for how poor I treated you after how much honour you blessed on my master at your party.”

“Hey, Ben. I’m sorry, too, about how my bimbo treated you. That was a fucking awesome party. I told her no matter how geeky my friends are she’s to treat them with respect.”

“Alex? What happened?”

“Dude? You mean you don’t remember the party either? All I remember was a great time and occasionally waking up with that killer wife of yours riding my johnson every now and then. I was so hot from it that when I woke up, I took my little bimbo here and fucked her right good. Then she told me what she did to you and I just had to have her apologise.”

“Do you know where Ellen went?”

“Nah, sorry, LD. I don’t. You better keep that cash flowing though or she’s gonna dump you for a better cock or someone with the green. You’ll never be able to replace a hot piece of ass like that, especially with your little dick and balding head.”

Still in her crouched position, Saori said, “Master, do I blow him now?”

“Nah, you’re talents would be wasted on him.”

Saori stood up. The act of bowing to Ben had caused the arms of the kimono to slip down and her chest was now exposed. Alex licked his lips and started fondling his fiancée. Without so much as a goodbye, he closed the door in Ben’s face.

Without any other leads or ideas, Ben headed home. He had been so cocksure that he could keep his dick out of that coed turned slut, but not only had he failed to not fuck her four times in four days, he’d fucked her six. Through the fog of alcohol from the previous night, he could remember taking her and his wife alternatively three times each.

He didn’t know what good it would do to find his wife, who he really should have been looking for was that man, but when the only thing Ben could remember about him was that he was male, it became an impossible task.

Ben wasn’t entirely surprised to come home to the sound of sex. Ellen’s skirt, if it was long enough to be called that, laid on top of a pair of sneakers. Soon after that was a light tan cardigan and the matching tan bra-shirt that Ellen would have worn underneath it. A little ways after that was a pair of large baggy jeans, an equally large T-shirt, and a pair of boxers.

Stepping into the living room, Ben found Ellen being fucked in the ass by the guy from the club. She was completely unrecognisable as the introverted shy girl he’d met and married in college twenty years ago.

First was the fact that she couldn’t have been more than twenty. The vibrancy of youth radiated under her heavily made up face. Her soft, kind eyes now had a hard predator’s look in them, as if ever man she saw was prey for her sexual appetite. Her hair, which she’d never done more than get cut, was bleached a bright blond and her roots were coming in.

The only time she’d ever worn more than sneakers was at their wedding, and even then she’d only warn one inch heels. Now her feet were encased in clear soled platform shoes with at least a seven inch heel. Her once formless legs were still in knee high stockings with a criss-crossing diamond pattern. They were toned and shaped as if she’d spent hours at the gym or dancing in clubs.

Her once blemish-free creamy white skin was now a deep tan and covered in provocative tattoos and piercing’s. Her natural beauty had been replaced by a surgeon’s touch. Her lips, nose, and chin weren’t the original one’s he’d fallen in love with. And her breasts. The monstrous things that shook on her chest as the black man’s rod smoothly plunged in and out of her ass left no doubt in their artificiality.

As Ben watched the scene in horror, someone clasped him on the back. “Damn, you did one fucking bang up job on that slut wife of yours.”

Looking next to him, Ben saw a man he didn’t recognise at first. Then, that fate-less day in the coffee house came back to him. “Please! You’ve proven your point! Change us back.”

“Ben. It was a bet, there’s no going back. I’m just impressed you lost so miserably. I haven’t seen someone do so poorly in ages.”

“I beg you!”

The man ignored Ben. “You even got your friends caught in it. Did you notice that the guys who fucked the coed first wound up like you, small dicked nerds? You friends who fucked your wife fist came out like you used to be, well with the loose moral exception and the fact I wouldn’t really call them your friends anymore, more like jocks that use you to fuck your wife.”

“It’s not too late.”

“But it is, Ben. The four days are officially up…” The guy looked at his watch. “Now!”

“I can’t live like this.”

“But you can and you will, Ben. In fact, as a consolation prize on failing so miserably, I’ll let you be successful enough that you’ll keep just ahead of your debt that Ellen there will pile up in surgery and shopping. Until you die of old age, or she dies of an OD. Enjoy.”

The man walked away, but he might as well have disappeared, taking away Ben’s memories of the bet and his old life. All Ben remembered was this reality. This was all he knew.

Picking up the video camera off the counter, he started recording and walked around the fucking couple.

“Fuck, little dick, at least knock before you come in. Ah shit. Put that fucking camera away.”

Ben ignored her and zoomed in on the large dick stretching her back door.

“Sorry about this, the fucking perv loves to film.”

“Not a problem,” her partner said, then filled her with his load. He pulled out of her and she licked him clean.

Smacking his ass, Ellen said, “Thanks for the fuck. Tell your friends.”

“Anytime, bitch.” The black man left the married couple alone.

Ben set the video camera down but didn’t stop recording. He got up and handed Ellen the box containing her anniversary present.

“The fuck’s this?”

“Happy one year wedding anniversary!”

“You’re such a girl.”

“I was hoping that maybe we could spend a romantic night together or something.”

Ellen opened the box and looked at the necklace. She tossed it aside without comment. “I’ll tell you what. For our anniversary, you can clear the fuck out tonight. I want to have an orgy here. Oh and for your present, you can clean my ass out.”

Elated that she was allowing him to touch her for free, Ben dove in. He glanced at the camera and smiled. Rodger would definitely trade him some good stuff for this video. Life was good.

The End.


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