Big Jock and the Little Nerd

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by aznsub

This story is a slow boil…but I hope you enjoy it. This may contain story lines of race that may be offensive to some of you. Please stop reading if it does and find another story more suitable for you.

Part 1

My name is Nick, and at 6″2″ I’m fairly tall for an Asian guy. It’s probably why people sometimes think I’m Samoan or something like that, especially with my brown skin. I don’t have much hair. I’m very smooth — even my pits have very little hair.

I played football with my buddies in high school, and girls flirted with me. I even went out with this one girl, but that didn’t get too far…or I should say I didn’t let it get too far. I spent more time with my buddies partying and getting stoned or drinking when we had beer — and when girls made advances, I’d be too high or too drunk to do anything. Most girls were into the white jocks anyway. Out in public I was very outgoing, but when it came to sex and being naked with another person, I was very shy. I even rarely showered in the locker room after games and practice, knowing how I measured up to other guys. Since the first time I realized my shortcomings, I never wanted anyone else to know.

When graduation came along, most everyone went away to college or moved out to the city. I decided to stay, take some time off and work to save money. My adoptive parents didn’t like my decision, but I wanted to do something on my own. I fell out of touch with people from high school, and it wasn’t until recently that something happened in my life that got me reconnected, in a way.

It was hard to find a job in my little town, but with my build, I got into construction. After a several years of working, I finally decided to enroll into a city college. After finishing with an AA degree, I got accepted into a local university as a junior. I still work construction, but I have enough money that I don’t have to work full time.

At 30, I am much older than the average college student, as many of my classmates are at least a decade younger. With work and school I barely have time to do anything. I’ve kept in pretty decent shape over the years and thought of signing up for football again, but I decided to focus on my studies to get good grades and finally get a degree. It was in one of my classes last spring that I first got a glimpse of Matt.

Matt was the TA in my biology class. I normally kept to myself, quieter in my classes than I used to be in high school. I hated drawing attention to myself, but I’m not hard to miss. I’m tall, big and muscular. I kept having this feeling like I was being stared at, and finally, one day I caught Matt staring at me. Matt had these deep penetrating green eyes that gave you a feeling of being a deer caught in headlights.

Matt himself is not that imposing – about 5’8, maybe 160 lbs., dark hair with thick eyebrows and a scruffy face. He was slight and average looking white dude, but there was something about him that I could not shake off. I caught him staring several times more throughout the semester. I guess I could have said something, made an appointment and pretended I had some question about the class readings, just to size him out and see what’s up, but I thought maybe some things are better left alone. It wasn’t until the next fall when I was looking for another roommate that I got the chance to find out what Matt was staring at me for.

That day, opening the door to find Matt standing there was a big surprise. It took me a while to say anything. I kept looking into his eyes. His eyes, meanwhile, went from my eyes to my chest. I was just wearing a tank top and a pair of basketball shorts. How was this little guy making me feel all dumb?

Finally he broke the ice. “Hey…you’re Nick from Bio class last semester.” For a little guy, he sure had a deep voice.

“That would be me. You’re Matt, right – the TA? Here for the apartment?” I asked, although I knew it was a stupid thing to say. After all, he was the only TA and our class was pretty small. I asked him in, holding the door open for him.

“Yea, good to see you. Wow, I didn’t expect this at all,” he said as he walked past me. It was a hot day, and I could smell his musky scent. It was mixed in with some kind of deodorant.

“Yea good to see you too. Welcome.” I gave him a tour of the apartment. It’s a two-bedroom, one bath apartment with a good size kitchen. The living room is a little too crowded with big furniture, but what can I say? I’m a big guy and I like a big couch!

After the tour, I asked him to sit down. It was hard to ignore his scent, but I did my best. He explained that he was looking for a quiet apartment off-campus as the dorm next to him had become filled with loud undergrads.

“Undergrads are being moved there because the building they were on is under construction.”

“Oh, Conway Hall? Yea I work there.”

“I think I see you there sometimes. I can see the site from my window.” I guess if I was a girl, this dude might have crept me out, but I didn’t really think that. I just felt a strange feeling deep within me, like I was excited that he would pay attention to me.

He stared at my chest again, and I felt compelled to show off. I flexed my pecs a little bit, making them stick out. He kept sneaking looks. I looked across to him and noticed the thick chest hairs coming out from the top of his white undershirt.

“I gotta tell you something,” he started. It seemed like he was gonna say he wasn’t interested in the apartment at all, and my heart missed a beat. “You remember a guy named Jason Simmons?

“Yea, he was a good friend in high school. How do you know him?”

“I’m his little brother. Do you remember me?”

“What? For real?” I was puzzled for a moment and then started to remember. Jason was the guy who could somehow find pot and alcohol for us. He had a little brother that was a few years younger. He was such a little guy, especially compared to Jason, that we called him Lil Matt. Not the most insulting thing a teenage boy could call his little brother, but somehow it made Matt always pissed off.

“Yea. You guys used to tease me a lot so I just stayed out of your way for the most part.”

“I can’t believe you never said anything. You knew me all along! I smiled. So that’s why he stared at me so much. And now here he is in my couch, bathing my nose with his scent.

“Lil Matt, hehe. I didn’t recognize you. You have all that hair on your face.” He blushed a little, brushing his beard with the palm of his hand.

“Whatever happened to Jason? We lost touch after high school.”

“He joined the army. And after his tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, he became a tech salesman. He travels around Europe and the Middle East these days.”

“I see. Yea those days were fun. Sorry we tortured you so much.”

He cracked a smile. “No it’s cool. That was a long time ago I guess. But, yea my friends and I were so scared of you. The Big Samoan guy.”

“Haha. Lil dork. I’m Filipino…Well, Chinese and Filipino.” I joked, but then felt awkward for having said it. “You’re not as little as you used to be,” I told him. “You’ve grown a bit.”

“Yea? Well, you’re still pretty big, maybe even bigger. You’ve filled out even more.” If I wasn’t so dark brown, he might have seen me blush. “I gotta say though, you seem more mature, quieter that I remember you to be.”

I felt proud when he complimented me on my size. “You too man, you filled out a little bit, a little taller. You look a little bit like Jason, but just a different build.”

“Nah. We look nothing alike. Jason is more like my mom. I’m more like my dad.”

He was interested in the apartment and I decided it would be cool to live with Matt. A few weeks later, he moved in. Other than a bunch of books, a desk, clothes and a bed, he didn’t have much else. The move was quick. What I thought was Matt’s scent from sweating that day he came to see the apartment I quickly realized was a scent he always has. Musky, mixed with deodorant. I barely have any scent, and so the apartment began to smell like him.

For the first couple of months we lived together, Matt brought home his girlfriend, Brianna, most weekends. She was some nice girl with long blonde hair, big tits, and she was a little thick; not fat, but just thick. I couldn’t figure out what they had in common. She seemed as dumb as me, while he was someone on his way to a medical degree. She probably had a clue though. I remember one night, we were all sitting around drinking beer and Brianna was a bit tipsy. She asked me if I was dating.

I said, “No, not right now. I get so busy with work and school, hardly any time for any extra curricular stuff you know.”

“Matt finds the time,” she giggled. “I know,” I thought to myself. I hear her screaming every time they fucked.

“How did you guys meet anyway? ”

“Oh we met online,” Matt interjected.

“Yea…”she giggled and said, “He likes big boobs!” She then scooped up her boobs from under and shook them. I looked over at Matt to see his reaction, but he was looking straight at my chest, instead. Once again, I was wearing a tank top and basketball shorts, which is what I normally wear at home. I felt weird.

“I don’t know. I think he’s a player. He makes time for boobs but not much else,” she teases.

“No, no. I swear I’m not a player. I’m too busy for that,” he nervously chuckled, looking up, meeting my gaze.

When they broke up not too long after that night, I saw more and more of Matt. Sometimes he’d have some of his nerdy friends over, or my coworkers from the construction site, and we’d all just sit around eat and drink some beer. Or sometimes we play some video games. Matt wasn’t exactly the sporty type but we did play some basketball on weeknights after school or work. I might be big but I’m still pretty fast. I beat his ass all the time. He moved a little awkward on the courts, like he doesn’t feel the rhythm of the ball. He was never a sore loser though, like his big brother Jason.

One Friday night after dinner, we were relaxing in front of the TV drinking some beer. I had a big wound in my rib from a fall at work, but I played ball with Matt anyway, just before we came home.

I was on the couch as usual, and he was sitting in an armchair. Playing ball with Matt means a lot of body contact and his scent was still all over me. We both didn’t shower; it seemed neither one of us minded, although I guess I should have showered, and cleaned my wound.

“Well…you beat me again. One of these days I’m taking you down.”

“It’s cool man. You have some good moves. Someday you’ll win. At least you don’t whine like Jason when you lose.”

He looked over to me, at my chest again. This time, it wasnÕt the ogling I usually get from him. He had a bit of a concerned look on his face.

“Hey, champ, your bleeding.”

I looked down and sure enough blood had seeped through my wife beater.

“What happened? Let me see,” he said, getting up and walking over to me.

He hiked up my shirt and peeled off the bloody bandage I had on it.

“I fell on a rebar that was sticking out the side of a wall.”

“Doesn’t look too bad,” he said. He got up, got a medical kit from the bathroom, then came back and sat next to me.

“I was hoping I had to perform surgery,” he joked, and made me smile. “I wanted to really get in there.”

The wound was close to my chest, and I had to raise my arm so he could get to it. I noticed him give my pits a quick glance. I hoped I didn’t stink.

As he tended to my wound, I couldn’t help notice how warm his hands here. I tried to keep still, but with him so close to me like that I couldn’t help but be a little uncomfortable. I wished he’d hurry, but the more he touched me, the more I wanted him to continue. His touch felt so nice, so delicate that it gave me goose bumps, and sure enough, my nipples got hard.

As he tended to my wound, I couldn’t help notice how warm his hands here. I tried to keep still, but with him so close to me like that I couldn’t help but be a little uncomfortable. I wished he’d hurry, but the more he touched me, the more I wanted him to continue. His touch felt so nice, so delicate that it gave me goose bumps, and sure enough, my nipples got hard…

“Why don’t you have a girlfriend? You always had girlfriends in high school. Don’t girls like big dudes like you?” he asked, re-wrapping the wound and finally taping it up.

“Nah man, not that again. Like I said, I just have too much work and school. I just wanna focus on that right now.”

“Dude, its Friday night, every undergrad in the world is out drinking and trying to score. You should go out there man. If I didn’t have to work tomorrow I’d go with you.”

“I have to work tomorrow too.”

As he pulled his hands away from chest, he accidentally brushed up against my nipple. It made me jump a little, and I hoped he didn’t notice.

But he moved back closer to me and knelt down. This was a little too close. I could smell his scent even stronger now. He raised his arms and placed his hands on each muscle and squeezed. The sudden whiff of his pungent armpits and the feeling of his hands on my chest gave me a jolt that I could only jump up in a knee-jerk reaction. I gasped. I was pretty sure my cock jumped a little bit too. I was just glad I wore tight bikini briefs as usual.

“What the hell!”

Matt laughed. “Sorry, sorry. Sit back down!”

“What are you doing!”

“I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, and I know this sounds weird, but your chest is awesome. I wanna feel ’em while you flex.”

I was growing more and more uncomfortable. “Little twerp, you could’ve asked first. You’re just screwing with me. You held my pecs like you were cupping tits!”

He laughed even more. “Sorry. Just relax, I’m not screwing with you I promise. Now I need you to flex. I’m curious that’s all. All I ever get to observe are cadavers in school — no live muscles there.”

Reluctantly, I sat back down. “Fine, make it quick, homo.” I wasn’t sure if he was making all this up or if he’s up to something else, but I did it anyway. I flexed my chest.

Matt stopped laughing. I took a deep breath to calm myself down. He placed his hands on my chest again and squeezed.

“Wow,” he murmured to himself.

“Wow what?”

“Nothing. They’re just so hard, so big!” He kept his hands on my chest. “Now, release the muscles. No more flexing.” I did as he said. This time he didn’t squeeze, just a light cupping.

“Don’t cup ’em! I’m not one of your hos!”

“Hey now…Brianna liked me doin’ that. Take your shirt off completely”

“What? No! Take off yours” I protested.

He stood up and took off his shirt. “There! Happy?” I looked up. I don’t think I ever seen anyone with a hairier chest – thick and dark curls swirled against his pale skin. He smelled very musky and sweaty…just a hint of his deodorant left. He smelled like a man. How did he go from a little geeky teen to this? Even his body was bigger than I thought it would be. I guess he wears shirts that are too big. I hadn’t really noticed.

At eye level, the band of his underwear rode up above his shorts; his hair disappeared inside. I couldn’t help but look at his bulge.

“Come on! Just take ’em off,” he insisted, bent down and grabbed my shirt from the sides and pulled it off. Damn his scent was really getting to me.

“Dude I haven’t showered,” I said.

“So? You think I have? Besides, you never smell…not like me anyway. Even when you’re just getting home from work, I never notice. You might be a little sweaty, but I don’t smell anything.”

“I don’t stink?” I took my tank top off. As I raised my arms, he saw my pits.

“Wow…were like total opposites. You don’t even have hair there. All smooth.” He licked his lips for a brief moment.

I wanted to say something to defend myself, but couldn’t think of anything. This was all a little too much. He threw my shirt across the room. “You’re chest is all smooth. You’re smooth everywhere.” He ran his hands all over. In a way, they felt nice — I liked all the attention he was giving me, but deep inside I felt this was wrong, like I was being molested.

Although he avoided touching them, my nipples were very hard. What’s more was that my dick got hard too. I was so horny, and wished I could just walk away; this was embarrassing. But if I did walk away he would see that I had gotten a boner. I arched my back and hunched over to hide my crotch a little more. I felt weak, like I had a fever. Fuck I was so horny.

“Alright man…can you hand me my shirt?” I asked, signaling for all this to stop, but Matt didn’t appear to be listening. He continued feeling up my chest. It felt so good I was torn between telling him to stop and letting him continue. In any case, I was in a tough place. I had to let him continue until he left me alone to get my shirt.

“You’re skin is so soft,” he said in a whisper.

“Dude, hand me my shirt now,” I said, but I was out of breath, gasping for air. Damn, what is this little guy doing to me? I’ve been real horny before but never to the point that I can barely talk. His hands, at first quickly squeezing and feeling the contours of my chest like a doctor would, had slowed down, taking their sweet time in each area.

Finally, his palms withdrew and I could only feel his fingers. I thought he was about to stop when suddenly I felt his fingers clamp down at the base of my nipples and caressed each nub with a pointer finger. I gasped, and my whole body shook, every muscle flexed and tightened. That made me almost cum.

I couldn’t stay in that position anymore and found no other choice but to jump out of the couch real fast so Matt wouldn’t see my boner tenting up my shorts. But when I got up, I accidentally knocked him over, and tripped on his legs. I fell flat on my back. Too late. Not only was I tenting, there was a wet spot right on it, and when I looked over to Matt, he was staring right at it.

“Whoa,” he muttered. If my skin weren’t so brown, he would have seen my cheeks go red. I tried to get up even though my back was in some pain, but he put a hand on my chest to keep me down. “No, no, no.” he whispered. “Stay.”

His other hand wandered down from my chest, to my stomach, then below the waistband of my shorts, and finally put a finger to the little tent. I was alarmed and grabbed his wrist. “What are you doing?”

“Shh. just calm down.” He rubbed one of my nipples softly while holding me down with his other hand. I gasped. I could have just pushed him off, but somehow I didn’t.

“Stop, Matt,” I pled, but somehow whatever I said or did I did weakly. Did I want Matt to continue doing whatever he was doing? What’s gonna happen if I let him? Is he going to screw with me? I thought maybe he wanted to humiliate me, get back at me for how his brother and I treated him when we were young, but this seemed unlikely. A lot of time had passed since then, and he seemed like a pretty well put together kind of guy. Whatever the situation, I didn’t really want this to be happening!

“Just lay still,” he said. “Trust me.” I didn’t know if I could. He pulled down the waistband of my shorts while I tried desperately to hang on to them. “Wow, you wear this kind?” he asked, referring to my bikini briefs. “I wouldn’t be able to wear these. But these are perfect for you.” I didn’t say anything. Bikini briefs make me feel comfortable; I’ve always worn them since I was a kid. But why are we even talking about this?

He fondled my dickhead, again with just a finger. “You’re so hard. You like me feeling you, huh?” I continued to not say anything. Slowly, he grabbed my brief’s elastic band and pulled down.

“No, no, no!” I whispered; I was desperate but he kept going, pulling the band up over my hard dick.

“It’s…small,” I said, as if to warn him, to spare myself the added humiliation of him discovering my secret, but I don’t think it even mattered. “Damn!” he exclaimed under his breath.


“Nothing…I mean, wow. I never thought that it would be this small. Even your balls are small…and you’re such a big guy!” With him saying that, there was nothing more for me to try and resist. What I feared the most had come and I was fucking humiliated. He pulled my briefs and my shorts all the way down. I don’t remember feeling as naked as I did, I could feel the air caress my whole body. I felt my balls tighten up even more.

“Don’t tell anyone.”

“What about Jason?” He smirked.

“No, please don’t. He doesn’t know about me. Why would he?”

“Come on, I’m sure he does…haven’t you guys ever showered and changed in the locker room together?” I turned my head away and didn’t say anymore. I never showered in the locker room; and if I changed, I only changed my shirt and pants.

“Hey Nick…look at me?” he uttered, shaking me, pinching my nipple and making me gasp again. I didn’t answer him, but I started to get up. He pushed me down again and said, “I won’t tell.

“Thanks,” I said.

“Just don’t get up yet. I like you like this.” With that, he ran his hands all over my body, softly, almost like a caress.

“You’re so smooth, the only hair you have is your pubes…but even that isn’t much.” He moved down my crotch and cupped my dick and my balls in one hand, hiding them from view. “Damn, you’re still so hard.” He looked at me in the eyes and came even closer, positioning his body between my legs, making them spread wider. My hole felt a little exposed, feeling a breeze as he moved up to my chest; his mouth clamped down on a nipple, and teased the other with his fingers. I moaned. I play with my nipples sometimes when I jack off but I never imagined someone else’s touch could make me feel like this. I was spread out and pinned on my own living room floor. I breathed in, inflating my chest more, and my moans turned into short gasps. He kept going, but his touch slowed down; his tongue moved slowly over my nipple, like licking them like you would a wound. This must be how Brianna felt each time Matt played with her big tits. Damn, I don’t wanna be the woman in this equation.

“I…can’t do this,” I said, and tried to get up again.

“Yes, you can.” Matt placed a hand on my side, and brushed the skin lightly, almost as if he was trying to soothe me. “Just relax.” He grabbed my hands and placed them on his shoulders. Despite his hairy front, his shoulders were relatively smooth and soft to the touch. I caressed him; his skin was so warm. I continued feeling him past the shoulders, slowly down his back. I wanted to reach down further when I started to feel the hairs on his lower back but he started to get up. He grabbed my hands again and gently put me in a sitting position while he continued to stand up.

His crotch was now just below eye level. “Come closer,” he said, holding the back of my head, and pressing me forward. What the hell is this kid trying to do? But I couldn’t help but comply. He pressed until my nose was against his hairy belly and held me there, stroking my head. I could smell his sweat there, my chin brushing up against the band of his briefs. Then he guided my hands to go around him, around his ass, and embracing him. I moaned again. I couldn’t help myself.

Softly he pushed my head to go lower, until I was sniffing his shorts. I could smell him so strongly I don’t think he had washed them in a while — he always wear them when we go shoot some hoops. I felt his bulge in my face. It was then that I realized I had been so hard, my balls were feeling so tight it almost hurt. I tried to feel for his dick head, but I just couldn’t tell where it was.

“Take ’em off.”


“Take my shorts off.” I thought for a little bit; I wasn’t sure if I should. If there was any moment that I could have really turned away, got up and went to my room, this was it. But I thought, “What the hell?” I can’t hide forever. I reached for his shorts and underwear, feeling the thin waistband. I was about to pull ’em down when he stopped me.

He smiled. “Just the shorts for now…not my briefs.” He held my wrists and pushed them down to his thighs. Then he touched my lips and looked into my eyes without saying anything. He just kept looking and rubbing a finger on my lips.

I finally understood. “You promise you won’t tell nobody?”

“I promise, I promise,” he replied. For a moment, it brought me back to when he was just a little junior high nerd, his voice just starting to crack, transforming. I never had that big change.

I slowly opened my mouth. “Yeah, that’s it” he nodded, encouraging me to do it. Shit. I didn’t know why I was doing this, especially with Jason’s little brother, but there I was, biting down on that waistband and pulling it down. This was so humiliating, but I couldn’t even think of what would happen next. My mind was only on what was happening right then. And right then I was staring at the biggest bulge I had ever seen and it was getting bigger each second. And no wonder I couldn’t feel his dickhead…it was all the way past his hip!

I couldn’t resist anymore. He wore white boxer-briefs, grayed from wear, and yellowed with stains. He grabbed my head and pulled me to his crotch. Fuck…I could feel the warmth of his dick; his scent was making my head spin. I should be fuckin’ disgusted but the smell of his ball sweat, dry piss and ripe dick was making me quiver from inside. I couldn’t get enough of him. His dick was getting swollen, getting hard. I felt it expanding against my cheeks, getting longer and extending away from his body. It extended so much that it pushed out his underwear too, the thick band pulling away until I could see inside and a warm ripe odor wafted out. He held my head by my ears and rubbed his crotch all over my face.

Fuck! How could I let this kid do this to me!

“Ok…you can take ’em off now,” he said, gently combing his fingers through my hair. “You can use your hands this time.” Slowly I pulled his briefs down, and it took some time until his dick fully came into view. When it did, it snapped and hit me on the face, leaving a trail of dick slime across my jaw. It surprised me a little bit. It was so freaking big! Long and thick with throbbing veins leading up a curve to the uncut dick head; the slit was peaking out. The bigger the head got, the more the foreskin unfolded. It was slimy and reeked of ripe dick. The heat coming from it made me hot all over, if I wasn’t hot enough already. I held it in my hands — I had to touch it. It was heavy, and the skin was soft; I pulled it down so the head would be completely free. As the skin peeled back, the more I got of that dick scent.

He pulled my hands back around his ass. “Just use your nose and lips, nothing else.”

I thought he meant I could use my mouth, and so when I opened up to take the head in, he corrected me. “Uh-uh,” he said, and forced me to close up. “I said, ‘just your nose and your lips’.” He paused. He must have sensed the great discomfort I felt, the awkwardness of the situation. “Don’t worry, you’re doing real good, man.”

I pressed my nose on the head, smelling the ripe slime that gave it sheen. I followed the length down its major curve to the base of his dick until my face was covered in his pubes and breathed in the concentration of musk. Fuck I couldn’t believe this.

I moved down to his balls. They too were very large, and very ripe from sweating at the courts earlier. He pulled me away and held my face in one hand, grabbed his dick with the other, and wiped my face with it. His dick warmed my cheeks. I had been squatting down and didn’t realize that I had moved so close to him that my hole was just above his left foot until I felt his big toe rubbing my asslips. I was shocked — I never felt anything like that before; but then he reached down and played with my nipples again, slowly raked the nubs and made me quiver.

“Ok…you can use your mouth now, but just on the head,” he said, raising my chin, looking into my eyes. I opened my mouth without gazing away from his face. He smiled, and his dick head slipped in. It was tangy and a little salty. I sucked on it and heard him groan.

“Oh, yea. That’s how you do it, man. I didn’t think you would actually do it. Keep going.”

His toe on my hole was opening a part of me that I didn’t know I had — I wanted it to keep going, deep into me. As he kept rubbing, I rubbed back. With his toes on my hole, his hands on my nips, and his dick in my mouth, an orgasm was building up inside me. I started to moan, sucked his dick a little faster, and slurped on that fat head with drool dripping down my chin. I was beyond embarrassed and humiliated by that point. I wanted it and I needed to cum so bad.

“Whoa there, Champ. Slow down.” But it was too late. A final stab to my hole with his toe did me in; cum erupted from dick hitting my chest and dripped down. I moaned — in a way that was louder than I ever thought I could get from cumming. Even more came out that drenched my own dick and balls, trickled down to my hole where his toe was spreading it around the lips.

“Damn, dude. I said slow down. Look what happened. Shit…I think you came from sitting on my toe,” he chuckled. “You didn’t even touch your dick.”

I motioned to get up and leave, but once again he stopped me. The feeling of being humiliated was back. “No, we’re not done yet, bro.” That was true, I wanted more. My dick was still hard. It didn’t go down at all. But I felt that leaving right then would spare me from more embarrassing shit.

He sat back on the armchair while pulling me up. He tapped on his thighs, telling me exactly what he wanted. “I’m too heavy,” I said. He didn’t pay me any mind, and said, “Just come on up man.” Fuck. What the hell? After doing everything that I had already done, what was one more thing?

Awkwardly, I got up on the chair. He wanted me to face him. I must have looked like an idiot trying to balance myself as I got up to sit on his lap. But the only way to do that was to let my legs dangle over the arms or squat over him, leaving my smooth thighs wide open, letting him a close up view of my dick and balls. I decided to squat. His dick was right beside mine, thrusting into the air with that curve. I felt its size next to mine; his dick was so warm. With a thumb and a finger, he lightly and softly stroked my dick from the head down to the base. He looked into my eyes, then down to our cocks

“How small is your dick?” he asked.

“Dude, don’t start.”

“Have you ever measured it?”

“Stop it. Stop talking about it.” I tried wiggling out.

“Fine, but don’t move, Champ.” He continued stroking. “Wanna see how I jack off?”

I nodded. He grabbed his dick with both hands. “That’s how. Wanna try it?” I grabbed his cock with both hands. Damn, it just felt unreal. “Up and down.”

I stroked it. I couldn’t get over the hefty size, thick veins pumped up with blood. I squeezed.

“It’s big, huh, champ?” he said with a smirk. I didn’t reply.

Then he asked, “Why don’t you grab your dick too and jack us off together?” I hesitated; it was more of a command than a request, but I wanted to do it, to feel his dick against mine. When I held my dick against his, the heat surprised me a little bit; it made my hole so hot, it made me jump a little bit. I could feel just how small my dick was.

“We are complete opposites,” he said, slowly sliding his dick up and down against mine. “How does it feel champ?” Except for my moans, I kept quiet. There wasn’t anything I could say.

“Come on, talk to me”

“Your dick is so big, Matt,” I said finally. He smiled, a very confident smile.

“Yea it is. You like it?”


“It’s been this big probably since I was 16 or 17. But I didn’t think too much about it until girls started telling me how big it was. The whole time I thought I was small.” He paused. “Do girls ever…say anything…about yours…?”

I looked away. I didn’t want to answer. I lost my hard on a little bit. The thought of girls seeing my dick was not something I ever wanted to happen. “Come on you can tell me. No reason for you to be shy anymore.”

“No…girls have never said anything”

“They just take it and that’s it?”



“It’s not like that.”

“Then what is it?” he asked, stroking my lower back. “You can tell me…please?” He slipped his dick below me, lining it up along my crack. It was gliding along the lips of my ass, hitting my hole. It made me quiver.

I never thought I would tell anyone, but somehow I wanted to tell him. “I’ve never had sex with girls before.”

“Oh. Just with guys?”

I shook my head. His eyes lit up a little bit. ” Whoa. You mean…you never had sex with anyone before?” He paused. I felt his dick pumping. “You’re a virgin?”

“Dude, don’t say it like that.” Somehow, it made me sound like a teenage girl.

“Like what?”

“Never mind.”

He leaned close to me, holding on to my ass. He told me to arch my back more, making my hole spread out even more. He kept rubbing it with his dick as he took my nipples into his mouth and fingers. I returned the favor and rubbed my hole back against his cock, flexing my chest and wrapping my arms around him. Damn, it felt so good. I reached for my dick to stroke it but he flicked my hand away.

“Don’t touch.”

But I was going crazy. I wanted him more and more. I rubbed my hole on his dick more, going the full length, from the head to the pubes, over and over again. With his hairs tickling my balls, I was close to cumming again. But having cummed already, it was gonna take me a while. But he suddenly stopped, jabbed his dick right on my hole. With him still playing with my nipples, he grabbed my ankles and pulled them close to his body in a swift move. I got off-balanced and literally fell on his dick. That big white cock ripped right into my hole as if it had been inside so many times before. I screamed so loud I almost didn’t realize that I came again. “Fuck!”

“Man, you came again.”

A few seconds later, I started to feel the pain. It was something I never experienced before, like my lower back and my hips were getting poked, and all I wanted was to get his cock out. I started to push myself off of him, but he would not let me go.

“No, don’t move. It’s just gonna hurt even more. Besides, we’re not done yet.” He held me tight. I can’t believe this guy had been able to withstand my weight the whole time. But there he was, holding me up as if I weighed nothing. “Just relax. Breathe. The pain will go away soon,” he said softly, caressing my body, giving me small kisses all over my chest…kisses that soon found their way back to my nipples, while his hands travelled back down to my ass cheeks, rubbing them softly, squeezing them, and spreading them even wider.

I was impaled on his cock, but it started to feel good. Slowly, his cock moved inside me. Short, slow strokes. It felt like my entire hole was being pulled out and back in. But then, soon enough, his cock started moving more with ease, with my ass feeling slick from his precum. He continued to hold me, jabbing his cock inside with my hole suspended above his lap.

He moaned. “You feel so good, champ.” I couldn’t move. I didn’t know what to do, so I just kept still, holding on to the back of the chair while I was getting fucked big time. His strokes quickened as he held me tighter and tighter. His groans got a little bit louder, he almost sounded like an animal. Is this what Brianna felt like and all those girls Matt fucked? The thought of that got me all hard again while he continued fucking. It felt like forever.

Breathless, with deep guttural moans, he held me tighter and tighter, fucking me faster and faster. Through all that, he told me, “Thanks champ…thanks for giving me your cherry. I can’t believe you took my dick. Your virgin ass is the tightest pussy I ever had.” With that, he pumped his load into me. And once again I came.

We held each other still for a while until I finally got up. I felt his load seeping out of me. My hole was sore and I felt like I needed to take a big crap. I walked all funny to the bathroom and spent some time in there. When I got out, Matt was asleep, naked on the chair. I took another look at his dick. Fuck. Of all people, I gave myself to Matt, my old best buddy’s nerdy little brother.

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  • Amazing hot story a lot of my turn one Asian guys sph hot masculine man smells described so well…really great story


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