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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader had a urinal adventure…

Last night, I went to the movie theater. At one point, I got up to use the restroom, and I went to the urinal. As I was standing there, two younger guys came in and stood on either side of me at the other urinals. The two guys were clearly good friends, and one of them looked over at me, and I heard him snickering at me and my inch-long soft dick. I got shy and blushed. The other one looked, too, after he heard his friend giggle but didn’t say anything.

After I left for the lobby, they walked out, and I heard the one that didn’t laugh say, “Oh my god, he was so fucking tiny!”

They both looked up and saw me standing there, and they just kind of smirked and walked off, laughing at me and my tiny dick.


Another reader gets some benefits he didn’t expect…

A few months ago, I bought a chastity cage. Then, one night recently, I was drinking a few beers with a friend (a petite brunette with A cups and a slim waist) at my house, and we were talking random stuff like friends do. When I asked her why she had broken up with her long-time boyfriend (my friend, too), she told me they were starting to become less and less compatible, especially in the bedroom. She wanted to try new things, and he just wanted to stay vanilla. We both laughed, and I asked, “What did you want to try?”

She looked at me with a smirk and said, “I wanted to fuck him in the ass.”

I laughed. She says, “Why can’t I fuck a guy in the ass? You guys are all pushy when it comes to trying to fucking our assholes. But when we want to do the reverse, it’s so taboo.

Then I ask while laughing, “Is that your only kink?”

She told me, “Look, I want to dominate a guy and try a few things, but I don’t want to do with some random dude.” Then she asked me, “What are your kinks, my friend? I’m sure I’m not the only one with weird fantasies.”

I told her, “No, I’m vanilla.”

“Boring,” she said, rolling her eyes.

I took a big sip of my beer and said, “Do you promise to keep this between us?”


“I bought a chastity cage a few months ago.”

She looked at me confused and asked, “What’s that?”

I explained, and she just started laughing. She then says, “So you have a small dick?”

I said, embarrassed, “No.”

She immediately started begging me while laughing, “Please, show it to me.”

I got up and pulled my shorts down. She laughed even harder and said, “Not your dick, you idiot—the chastity cage.”

I got red, and my penis got hard from her laughing. I pulled my shorts back up and said, “Oh, sorry.”

After I got the cage, she started begging again to put the cage on so she could see.

I asked her, “Do I get something in return.”

She looked at me and said, “I can give you a blowjob,” in a teasing manner.

I nod. She starts pulling my shorts down and says, “Hello again, little guy,” and starts giving the meanest sloppy blowjob I have got in my life.

During the blowjob, she would make remarks joking about how hard it was to suck my dick and fake chokes. Then she’d start laughing, immediately asking, “Do you like that? Does it make your little babydick hard while looking into my eyes?”

A few minutes in said, “I’m gonna cum.”

She just started jerking very fast and saying, “Cum, little babydick.”

I bust all over her hand. She immediately got up and said, “Now, it’s your turn,” and handed me the cage.

I got up, washed all the cum off my junk, and put on the cage. She started laughing and touching the cage. We drink a few more beers and call the night. Two days later, I got a text from her asking if I wanted to meet up. We went to a cafe, and she told me that she loved the other night and would like to repeat and maybe explore a little more, so we decided to become ‘friends with benefits.’ Maybe we will eventually become a couple.


Meanwhile, this reader nudges his girl into giving him SPH…

During our entire relationship, my girl Kelly had said I was ‘the most average dick’ she had seen. Kelly never said it was small or big. However, recently (within the last year or so), we got drunk, and I told her I wanted her to talk shit about my dick size. She was a little hesitant but ended up calling my dick small and talked about how she wanted a bigger cock to stretch her pussy and reach the places my little dick couldn’t.

Since then, she calls my dick small or makes fun of it outside of sex, but never when we are having sex. A few days ago, we were fucking, and I told her to talk dirty to me. Because she is a little nervous about humiliating me when having sex, she started to very sarcastically/ironically call my dick ‘big.’ I don’t know why, but the idea of her obviously lying about my dick size was so hot, almost like a loophole for SPH. Hard, I’m a bronze member of the small dick club, and she’s admitted I’m the smallest she’s ever had.


While this reader causes quite a stir while on holiday…

One time, my wife and a group of friends went on a trip to the Dominican Republic. I got stupidly drunk because the bartender dared my friend, his wife, and me to take shots of Mama Juana (local rum). After like five of the ‘baby maker’ shots, I was absolutely plastered. I mean ten sheets to the wind drunk.

We were on the beach bar and I turned to look at the pristine ocean and thought I would go for a swim. I then proclaimed that I was going to go skinny dipping because I wanted to feel the water on my skin. My wife and her close friends were at the spa. So it was just us three and the hip bartender at the bar. There were people all over the beach in chairs. He, of course, dared me. Without a word, I got up, pulled my shorts down, and walked slowly into the waters!

The whole time, I could hear people yelling at me. Again, I was so drunk. It turns out the staff were yelling at me to get dressed. According to my friend’s wife, they were super sweet about it and said, “Please, sir! Please get dressed!”

I just went underwater and then walked back to the beach bar fully naked. I couldn’t tell or care at the time, but later, my friend and his wife said that the people on the beach were cheering and laughing at me, and several people had their phones out recording. Back at the bar, in front of my friend’s wife and another couple who came up while I was good, I put on my shorts. Both my friend and his wife were crying and laughing at me.

The staff said, “Sir. Please stay clothed. This is no nude hotel.”

I said thank you and kept drinking.

For the rest of the time at the resort, I was greeted by staff as the ‘naked man.’ The beach bartender would just throw me the small dick sign every time I walked up. He then said, “No more Mama Juanna for you! Don’t want the fish to get more of the little worm!”

Another guest would stop me and yell that at me, too. One morning, after all of that, I was in line at the breakfast buffet and I could hear talking behind me. It was two women giggling. One told the other, “Oh my God, that’s him. I need to show you later! It’s too funny! He wasn’t even embarrassed at all! Oh my God, I would never show off if that was me.”

Then I heard the other girl say, “Is that the guy you said… OH MY GOD! Show me! Is that his wife? He must be rich then.”

The first girl then said, “He has to be! Why would a woman marry a guy with a dick that small if it wasn’t for his money.”


This reader also has some SPH fun on holiday…

My girlfriend and I went on a cruise as a fun vacation. We booked a nice room with a balcony and enjoyed it a lot. The balcony made for a lot of romantic and sexual encounters as we’d hang out naked on there (when not in port) and even have sex out there. One morning, she and I were out there naked, just relaxing, and since we were out at sea and the wind was going, it was pretty cold, so naturally, my wiener was getting small, which my girlfriend is into SPH and teasing me, so she loved that.

Eventually we went back inside, and as we opened the door to our cabin, there was a lady from housekeeping right in there. We had a curtain closed when we were outside, so we didn’t see her come in, and she didn’t see us out there. So my girlfriend and I stood there both butt naked, and the lady kept apologizing. But she had the door wide open too, and this group of three women passed by and looked in and looked right at us and started laughing as they saw my little soft dick. Then the housekeeping lady started laughing, too, as I covered up.

She eventually left, and my girlfriend and I looked at each other and smiled because of how it all went down as she grabbed my little penis and pulled me into bed.


Another reader gets his nuts in a twist over a hot ultrasound technician…

Hello, at the time I was about 22 years old (male). Very fit and not known to be ‘small,’ but definitely a grower. So, one day, I started feeling pain in my testicles. I let it go, and over the day, my balls became swollen, tender, and painful. I then go to the ER as I am concerned. I get into a room, and they start running tests. Couldn’t find anything. Clean and clear. Then, the doctor suggests an ultrasound. They bring me a gown to wear. So I get undressed, get into the gown, and wait.

About fifteen minutes later, a hot female ultrasound technician picks me up. At this time, I’ve gotten pretty cold waiting. The hospital was not very warm, so naturally, my dick started to shrink. While the technician is taking me to the room, we make small talk. At this time, I knew my dick had shrunk. I start thinking about her nice tits trying to get bigger with no luck. We got to the cold room, and my anxiety made the situation worse! That, combined with my oversized testicles, I was soon to be embarrassed.

So, I got on the bed. The hot technician asked me to pull up my gown. I do so, and all you can see are my enormous swollen testicles and my tiny soft dick. She turned around to start the ultrasound and noticed my babydick. She couldn’t hold it in. A cute smirk and a giggle came out. She apologized shortly after.

I said, “What did you expect? It’s cold in here.”

Then she really laughed.

Then I said, “I guess this means no date?”

She replied with a huge smirk, “Sorry, I have a boyfriend.”

She was very nice about the situation. My testicles ended up being twisted. I’m a very active person. Not sure how that happened.


Meanwhile, this reader gets a vasectomy…

So, a few years ago, after my last child, my wife and I decided that I was getting a vasectomy. I’ve known all my life that I have a small penis. I’m definitely a grower, not at all a shower. My ex used to love to tease me about how small I am and I loved it! She said it was small and pretty and meant for panties 😊 So, when I had my vasectomy, I was a bit nervous about the procedure but excited to get it done.

As hospitals go, it was cold and even colder in the operating room. The doctor (a male doctor) pulled my gown back and said, “Ooh.”

In my masculine prime, I was two to three inches when soft, but I have been on testosterone blockers for a few years and estrogen as well, so there has definitely been shrinkage. 😁 My itty bitty little dickie was so small the doctor couldn’t work on it as it had inverted into my pelvis. He had to bring in a heater (LMAO) while doing the procedure. He brought in a few other nurses, and one of them came in close to observe the work.

After the procedure, he mentioned a few times how penises came in all shapes and sizes. He looked at me with compassion.

I told him, “It’s OK. I know it’s small, but it still somehow works.”


While this reader got into a sticky situation…

So yeah, basically, I was talking to this online mistress. I was only joking around roleplaying about getting exposed (she already had me on Facebook, the real one), so I showed her pictures of me locked up in a chastity cage. The pictures were of me with my face in a one-inch chastity cage and some close-ups.

Then she laughed a bit then her mood changed. She said, “Pay me £2000, or I’ll expose your little dick.”

I thought it was a role-play. It turned out it was for real. She sent me screenshots of my friends I knew from work of her sending my chastity cage pictures! I begged her to stop. “It’s role-play. What are you doing?”

So I blocked her, thinking it was all over. A week later, I unblocked her and said, “I hope you were just joking.”

She said, “Nope. Look, I got screenshots of all your friends, your work friends, their daughters. If you try to block me again, I’ll expose you even more!”

She sent my pictures to tons of my friends. My one-inch soft dick in chastity. I was feeling so embarrassed. 😳 She even sent pics to my supervisor at work and her daughter! Like, what the fuck? I don’t have £2000 to pay her. That being said, she took it too far, so I blocked her again.

The next day, I thought maybe all those people she sent it to would go to spam. So I wasn’t too worried about it. Until I felt a bit paranoid at work, thinking people were talking about it behind my back. I was thinking, shit! Are they talking about me?

So I was working away when my boss and that supervisor called me aside and said we needed a word. They are both quite hot women, too. They were like, “Have you been sending weird pictures to the women at work?”

I explained I was blackmailed by a woman on the internet, which I was. They understood.

My heart was racing. She said, “Don’t worry, I didn’t look at the pictures.”

Now was she joking around saying that, or do you think she saw little dick in a chastity cage? Do you think it’s been shared around people talking about how tiny my dick is?


This reader always suspected he was intersex…

I’m a 25, 6’4”, 230lb black man with a really small dick. I have plenty of true stories, but the first experience that made me aware of my rare shortcomings was when I started middle school. I went to a private 6th-12th middle/high school. Our uniforms required us to wear sweatpants when we had gym class on our schedule. I was very tiny (one inch or less soft), and my dick would stick straight out of my balls instead of hanging like a normal boy. This made a very obvious tiny tent in all my uniforms that I could not hide (or knew how to at the time) unless I physically put my hands over it so people wouldn’t stare and make comments.

But this just made them laugh harder at me because they knew why I was trying to hide it. I had boys and girls pointing it out to my face, and it also spread around to the point where even the high school kids who I never met knew about it. I eventually transferred after 8th grade, but I was constantly reminded of my tiny dick in those few years. Also, around this time, at my physical, my mom insisted on staying and talking to the doctor but wouldn’t tell me why.

Come to find out, she tells my pediatrician, who has known me since I was a baby, that my penis is extremely small and not growing, and she’s worried that I won’t be able to give her a grandbaby. My doctor said there was nothing really wrong and nothing he could do but agreed I was very below average and blamed my weight and said I would grow if I lost some pounds (come to find out later in life, I did get tested and do have XXY syndrome).

These two experiences in my preteen years made me aware for the first time that I was abnormally tiny. It made me insecure for a long time, but I grew to like being teased and called out for being tiny. My dick did grow a little in college. Now, when hard, I’m a silver member of the small dick club, which is just barely outside of the gold member range and still a one-inch soft dick.


Another reader doesn’t compare well to a man on the TV…

My ex, her friend, and I were all very close. We smoked pot and drank a lot together and were very open with each other. One night, we were sitting watching a show, and there was a sex scene with some guy, and he was very big. Our friend said, “Wow, that’s what we like.”

My ex agreed, saying, “It looks nice and thick.”

They both then looked at each other and looked at me and laughed a little.

“I’m not too small,” I said.

My ex looked at me and jokingly said, “Oh babe, it’s a good thing I love you,” and she placed her hand on my thigh, and through the humiliation and the touch, I poked straight up. My ex giggled again.

Our friend looked over and said, “Someone’s a little excited.”

I shifted myself to try and hide my erection, and my ex said, “Don’t worry, it doesn’t stick out much. You can barely notice it.”


Meanwhile, this reader underwent a humiliating examination…

It was a school day somewhere in mid-September (2022) on a Wednesday. It was only half a day of school, so they utilized it for medical exams. I was very nervous because four years prior, I had a similar exam. It included eyesight and hearing tests, weight, diet, measuring, and monitoring puberty. The last one is what I was afraid of, mostly because of an experience at a Boy Scout camp that year and the last time it happened.

At the Boy Scout camp, I was basically changing into swimming trunks, and I was wearing a jacket that should have covered me up to under my ass. However, I forgot it was zipped open. So a full tent of twelve guys, some older than me, saw my cold soft dick (one inch) and basically just laughed it off. Then, the exam prior, I got a little erection, and the male doctor made some disparaging comments about its size.

So, to cut things short, this time, I got an erection again, and the doctor said something like, “You can take away your hands. You don’t have much to cover up anyway.”

The doctor also said my balls were under average size, and my genitals were probably not going to grow much anymore. Later, the doctor made some jokes like, “I bet ur personality is great, right,” and, “There are some women who are into freaky things, so don’t worry.”

Despite what the doctor said, I did grow some, and today, I’m a bronze member of the small dick club. I still have small balls, and my dick is very thin.


While this reader has a communal shower experience…

Recently, I tried out boxing for the first time. After one hour of training, I was basically passing out and had a hard time lifting my arms over my head. Boxing is super exhausting if you’re not that fit. I got into the showers with some other dudes. I don’t know if it was the cold or the tiredness, but I was softer than ever and measured like two inches. The other guys obviously saw my soft dick, and I saw theirs. The smallest one was maybe two times the size of mine.

Two days later, I came back, and two girls who trained with us spent the whole time looking at me and exchanging weird looks with the other guys. I felt so embarrassed and anxious, but as soon as I got home, I couldn’t even hold myself and immediately jerked off thinking about it.


This reader got his girlfriend into trouble at work…

My first girlfriend was a nurse, so whenever I went for a checkup, she’d give me the whole nurse SPH experience. One time, she had me strip then left the room I was in with the door wide open. What I didn’t know was that she had friends in the waiting area, so she came back with who I thought were random patients, and they stood there and started laughing and saying how tiny my penis was.

Her boss (a super attractive woman in her mid-40s) saw the tail end of this, so she confronted my girlfriend. After she shut the door, a MILF walked in on my butt naked, saw my tiny soft dick, and asked, “Do you enjoy having girls laugh at how small your dick is?”

Apparently, my girlfriend got chewed out for doing this. Occasionally, they would have work parties where people could bring their partners with them, and I could never look my girlfriend’s boss in the eyes after that day.


Another reader suffers an embarrassing pantsing incident…

Once, I went to a small party at a friend’s house. We all knew we were getting very drunk, and there were six of us, so we all made plans to stay over for the night. When I got there, I changed into my comfier shorts, which admittedly had a looser waistband, but I didn’t think much of it. Then we got to drinking.

The next morning, I wake up not remembering very much, and head into the kitchen. The first thing I heard was my friend John say, “Hey, little guy.”

That caught me off guard as I’m 6’4, but I just said ‘hey’ back. Then I asked what happened during the party.

And everyone burst out laughing. They showed me a photo of me doing drunken karaoke with my shorts at my ankles. I blushed really big and apologized, and they said my shorts repeatedly fell the drunker I got until I just ended up walking around in my Spider-Man briefs for the rest of the night.

I said, “Well, it can’t get much worse than that,” and then they laughed again.

This is when my friend John said, “Well, not exactly,” and he raised his pinky up, making everyone laugh. John went on to say, “I couldn’t help but notice you had a pretty tiny bulge in those underoos, so I tested a theory.”

With a devilish smile. My heart dropped. They then showed me a video of John coming up behind me during another karaoke song and yanking my briefs down. Because I was basically blackout drunk, it took a long time for me to pull my briefs up, so all five of my friends got a long look at my one-inch soft penis. The video ended before I could see myself pulling my briefs up. Everyone laughed again at me.

I said, “Hey, I’m a grower!”

John then said, “According to what we saw, not very much, little guy. We all saw you are a gold member of the small dick club,” and everyone laughed.

Apparently, I had gotten hard after he pantsed me. They saw everything. They never told me how long I was basically naked in front of them, but my name in our group chat has now been changed to Tiny. It’s going to be a while before I can live that down.


*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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