True Story: The Testicle Biopsy

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by anon

A few years back I noticed a small growth on the bottom of my testicular sac, kind of a small mole. It concerned me so I made an appointment with a Dermatologist who turned out to be a VERY attractive female Doctor. When she came into the exam room she had me drop my drawers and examined the underneath side of my sac. She explained that she was sure it was nothing serious, likely just a harmless wart-like growth. Nevertheless, she explained further, because my briefs were abrading the growth, she thought it best to remove it and have it analysed just to be sure.

So a return appointment for a weeks time was made for the procedure to be done.

A week later I was back and feeling very nervous. OK I was shitting myself this Doctor was going to cut my balls after all! She had a young female intern shadowing her that day and asked her to call in their surgical nurse to assist them. She had me remove my trousers and underwear and lie down on the procedure table. As the Doctor sat between my groin she suddenly said, “Just a little prick!”

I lifted my head up and said “What?”

The Doctor held up a syringe and needle and said, “It’s just a little prick!”


I laid back down and looked away because I hated needles and I spotted the Nurse and Intern both looking at each other as though they were sharing a joke. Then I felt the sting and burn as the Doctor injected local anaesthetic into my nut suck. I closed my eyes because it wasn’t the most pleasurable experience.

After what seemed like ages the Doctor stood and told me she would be back in a few minutes when the local anaesthetic fully took effect. In the meantime the nurse had prepared a surgical tray, shaved the hair from the bottom of my sac, and wiped down my groin with an antibacterial solution. The Nurse was an older woman in her forties at least and she seemed efficient but as she looked at my soft cock which was only about two inches she had this most wicked look in her eyes. It made me feel uncomfortable even though she made polite conversation with me I knew in her head she was mocking me.

When the doctor returned she slid between my feet on her stool and positioned herself in my groin so she could do the job. She was now wearing sterile gloves and gown as was the intern. They had put all these sterile green towels around my genitals so it made it really stand out now. She asked the young intern to lift and hold my balls up so she could access the growth.

While the thought went through my mind that this could be a potentially embarrassing situation I was more concerned that the procedure was going to hurt. Then I was even more concerned that it might be more serious than the doctor suspected. I mean what if I had testicular cancer that would suck and all these thoughts ran through my mind.

The last thing I was thinking about was anything sexy which might cause me to get hard as how embarrassing would that be. These women had already made some indirect fun of my cock I don’t want to stoke that fire.

I should mention that I am not a hung guy when it comes to penis size. I am according to the penis size charts below average in length. On this great site you’d call me a Bronze Member. Not the smallest of the small but smaller than average. As a consequence when erect I am about 5 inches (on a good day) BUT in the 98th percentile for girth. In a manner of speaking, when erect, my penis is short but definitely on the fat side.

That was my saving grace I thought. I had a small cock yeah but I had a real fat cock. I was not a pin dick at least.

One of my wife’s sisters has walked in on me when I have been naked a few times to include when I was erect. She’s a bit of a tease (I always knew she walked in on me on purpose) and nick-named me ‘TP-roll’ as she thought my erect dick resembled one of those cardboard inserts in toilet paper rolls. Now she has all the females in the family referring to my penis as TP-Roll. Unfortunately for my ego she has explained “everything” to them so I feel embarrassed by them often.

So, as the doctor was slicing away at the growth she commented that she was all the more convinced that it was absolutely nothing to worry about. That assurance did relax me significantly and I suddenly began thinking more about the intern holding my balls rather than that I had cancer or something dreadful.

I quickly realized that I could feel my penis beginning to fill with blood and despite trying to think of 100 different things that turned me off, I could not keep from developing a full erection! Although she was concentrating on her excision the doctor did notice what had transpired and commented to the intern, “Looks like there’s another small growth going on here!” The intern giggled and I was mortified!!

Now I hadn’t been erect that long nor had there been any stimulation to my engorged member so I was in no danger of ejaculating. Nevertheless my penis started to twitch and with each heart beat, it jerked in response to additional blood trying to force it’s way in despite it being maxed out in size. In short order the doc had finished her cutting and had placed the removal in a specimen vial to send to the lab. She then bandaged me up and finished off the job all the time ignoring my raging small boner.

She suggested that I only wear boxers until the site has healed. She told me that I would hear about the lab results in about a week. During all of this latter activity I was as red as a beet and obviously from her next comment the doc had noticed my embarrassment. She gave me one of those patronizing statements: “Don’t be embarrassed. These things happen. Besides it’s not like you were going to poke someone’s eye out with that thing now is it?” The intern and the Nurse both laughed and I realised they were all making fun of my short dick again.

What is it with women and short dick men? They love to put us down for some reason.

The Doctor advised me to make another appointment for a weeks time at the reception and if I had any problems with the biopsy site to call the office during regular hours or go see my GP. I should keep the area dry and clean and to avoid sex for a week. She bid me farewell and she left followed by her intern leaving me with the Nurse.

The Nurse placed a small green surgical towel over my groin area which did nothing to hide the “tenting” that my upright penis created. The Nurse said that I could relax for a while and then get dressed when I was ready and stop by reception for my appointment. As I lay there staring at the ceiling my cock as hard as a rock I could hear the nurse clearing up after the procedure, putting things away, and wiping stuff down with a spray that had an alcohol smell to it. Then she left carrying the tray with the dirty surgical instruments out of the room.

I lifted my head and looked at my still raging boner. Frustration gripped me as the fucking thing was acting in complete contrast to how I was feeling. I felt embarrassed and humiliated by three women and here my cock was the hardest I have ever seen it in my life.

Ten minutes later the Nurse stuck her head in the door and saw that I was still fully erect. She rolled her eyes in obvious distaste. She entered the room and said, “Hasn’t your little dick gone down yet?”

My cock twitched harder, “Err sorry no, it’s like it has a mind of its own at the moment. I am so sorry I am not trying to be a pervert or anything!”

“I could try the cold spoon trick if you want? It might get it to go down!” she offered.

“At this point I will try anything!” I was blushing.

The Nurse left the exam room and returned a few minutes later with a teaspoon in a cup of ice. She removed my towel exposing my small red boner to the air again which made it twitch in excitement. Then she pulled out the spoon and hit it on the shaft of penis. It didn’t hurt and it didn’t feel that cold. She did it a couple of times and nothing happened.

“Hmmmmm does it feel cold?” she asked

“Ummm not really,” I said.

“Must be the local, as this works most of the time,” she said looking down at my boner.

“Have you seen this happen before?” I asked.

She looked at me and smiled, “Yeah, especially with you small dick men. You get boners much more easily than large guys. It’s not a good idea for you to masturbate to get it to go down since you shouldn’t be bouncing your testicles around. I suppose once the local anaesthetic wears off your boner will shrivel back down again.”

“So what am I supposed to do now?” I bemoaned.

“If it doesn’t soon go down on it’s own I’m afraid you’ll just have to stuff it in your trousers as best you can,” She covered my cock again and then turned ands walked out of the room

I waited a while, but to no avail, so I got into my trousers and positioned myself inside. The front of my pants stuck out a bit too much, enough for people to know I was erect and had a small cock at least. I checked out in the hallway to see if the coast was clear and no one was there. I made it to the reception window and fortunately it was high enough that the woman manning it couldn’t see my protrusion. She gave me some written instructions and said to call if I had any problems.

I turned and walked out the front of the clinic pretending that nothing was ‘going on’ down there. Luckily for me there was nobody about or nobody too close to notice my boner. So I made it to my car and got in feeling relieved. What a fucking humiliating day I had today and worse was yet to come as I knew my wife would want all the gory details. I knew she would piss herself laughing as I told her about my predicament during and after the procedure.

I knew she would call her sisters and tell them all about it to and they would all piss themselves laughing about it.

Life can be so cruel.

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