Time Stop Adventure

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by eekk

Brandi’s new job was to field test new technology for the CIA. She was a middle-aged redhead who had never been married and had an average build, she lived by herself and was genuinely happy to do work that got her out of the house. She was wearing a pair of high heels, hoes, a knee-length black skirt and a nice kind-of-loose white blouse. Today she was driving down an old road to meet an old friend for lunch and to test a new invention; a time stop watch. If this thing worked correctly, it would freeze all time with the exception of whoever is wearing it; in this case, Brandi. This is where she first noticed the red and blue lights in her review mirror.

“License and registration, Ma’am,” said the officer now standing at her window.

“One moment,” she replied.

‘I guess now is as good a time as any’ she thought. She pressed the first of two buttons on the sleek-looking watch perched on her left wrist.


Everything around Brandi seemed to be amazingly still. She reached out her window and poked the cop but he didn’t seem to move at all. ‘Holy shit, it works’ she thought to herself. A wicked thought came across her mind and she decided to get some preemptive revenge on the police officer who already had his ticket pad out.

She took the pad and pen from the officer and tucked them under the driver’s side seat, then got out of her car. First she removed the handcuffs from his belt and worked his hands behind his back, cuffing them in place. She read the name “S. Johnson” on his metal name plate and a second wicked thought came across her mind. She poked him once more to make sure he wouldn’t move.

Upon seeing him still frozen and now handcuffed, she hastily unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. She gripped the sides of his pants and dropped to a squatting position in front of him bringing the pants to a heap around his ankles. She looked straight ahead at his tighty wightys and took a deep breath. In one fluid motion she gripped the sides of his briefs and pulled them down to meet his pants at his ankles. She giggled upon seeing the officer’s undersized cock.

Brandi quickly stood, got back in her car and pressed the second button on her watch.


Shock and awe hit the officer as he felt cold air on his dick and looked down in horror at his exposed cock. He fell over as he struggled to pick his lower clothes back up not realising his hands were cuffed. Brandi sped off laughing in almost disbelief that the watch had actually worked.


Back at work her section supervisor Todd was riding her again about finishing a report he needed on her initial observations of the ‘Time Stop’ device. He was such an arrogant prick often referring to her as a ‘dimwit’ or ‘the office ginger’. She hated him and the truth was her report was finished she just held it back to make him sweat it out. But as usual he came up to her with his pouty flushed face and looking down on her like she was a moron, “So Brandi you have had that watch for a week now. Where’s my fucking report!”

“You’ll get it, keep your pants on!” she said an idea coming to mind.

“Look I was against you getting this assignment as I think you are irresponsible and mean-spirited to be honest. But unless you want to keep working on this project you’re going to have to pull your finger out!” Todd said firmly.


Brandi didn’t even feel herself hit the buttons on her watch and strangely felt surprised when everything around her froze. Todd standing there looking down at her in contempt with even some of his spit floating in the air. She knew of course if she did what she had done to the cop to her boss she would be fired immediately as they would know only she could have done that.

So she thought for a moment.

An idea came.

Brandi reached out and undid Todd’s pants and slid them down to the floor. Then she grabbed his boxers and pulled those down and sat there looking at her supervisors manhood. She always suspected he was a pindick, that was like a super power she had she always sensed when men were hung like boys. She was right about Todd too. His flaccid cock didn’t hang, it pointed and while his nutbag seemed quite big his cock was fucking tiny.

She laughed.

“Just like I thought Toddy boy! You’re all balls, no cock!” she said to him.

She laughed again, harder!

Brandi pulled out her camera and took some snaps. She ten jerked him off so he got hard, held a ruler to the side and took photos of it. “Hmmmmmmm! Three and a half inches hard! You’re a sissy boy with a dicklett!” she spoke in his ear.

She then pulled up his boxers and his pants, fixed up his clothes and put the camera away. She sat at her desk and resumed the position she was prior to stopping time.


“So is that all you have to say, Todd. I mean you come here busting my chops when I have the report right here!” she said picking up a CD and handing it to him.

Todd realised he had a boner for some reason and clenched his ass and bent a little to try to hide it. Not that you could see it much anyway but he felt uncomfortable being like this at the office. He snatched it out of her hand and turned and walked off in a huff.

She smiled.


Later she was sitting in a mom and pop diner waiting for a cup of decaf coffee when her friend Chris walked in. Chris was about six-foot two, slightly chunky and was wearing his usual button up, collared shirt, jeans and sandals.

“Hey, I got your message. What’s up?” he said, taking a seat across the booth from her.

“I have to show you this watch I got!” she exclaimed, pointing to her watch.

“Really? If you wanted to hang out you could just ask, you know that.”

“No, no, no. It’s got power.”

“Like it lights up?”

Brandi realised she wasn’t getting anywhere and decided it was better to just show him. She pushed the first of two buttons.


Chris, along with the rest of the diner was suddenly frozen. Brandi reached across the table and moved the napkin dispenser to the opposite end of the table; next she pressed the second button on her watch.


“See?” she exclaimed.

“See, what?”

“The napkins moved!”

They did?

Feeling annoyed once again, Brandi pressed the first button again.


This time she picked up the dispenser, leaned over the table and dropped it in his lap, then pressed the second button.


“Oh shit!” Chris said a little too loudly. He realised some people around them had noticed and said much quieter while placing the napkins back on the table, “How did you do that?”

“I told you, it’s the watch. It can stop time.”

The waiter appeared as if out of nowhere and delivered Brandi’s coffee. “…And for you sir?”

“I’ll have what she’s having, thanks.” Chris replied. The waiter gave them a smug look then walked to the kitchen door and something inaudible to the kitchen staff. Brandi was somewhat bothered by this and another wicked thought crept across her mind. “Watch the waiter,” she said to Chris. They both turned their attention to the waiter as Brandi pushed the first button.


The waiter’s pants were now open and falling to his knees. He gasped and grabbed them then quickly darted into the kitchen to fix himself. “Did you do that,” asked Chris. Brandi simply smiled at the question. “So this means that while you’re wearing that watch you could do whatever you want to whoever you want!” he exclaimed. This statement brought a realisation to Brandi and a host of new ideas came across her mind.

She had always had a crush on Chris, they had known each other for years but had never been more than friends. Today she decided to change that. She pressed the first button on her watch.


Chris suddenly realised that his shirt was unbuttoned exposing his hairy chest. “Stop that,” he proclaimed while starting to button shirt.


Chris Instantly realised that something was wrong but couldn’t put his finger on what. Brandi was smiling wildly at him as he finished buttoning his shirt, then he felt what was wrong. He looked across the table to see her holding his boxers in her hand. “Missing something?” she asked still smiling.

“That’s not cool!” He said being as calm as possible. She dropped the underwear under the table to the open spot in the booth between her and the wall. Just then a scary thought came to mind. “Does this mean you saw my…” he started to ask. “Mm hm,” she replied. He sat there stunned for a few seconds contemplating this new situation. She started to speak, “I thought it would be… bigger.”

Chris’s heart sank. Brandi popped her foot out of her heel and pressed it to the crotch of his pants and began rubbing it up and down. They locked eyes as Chris’s jaw dropped and his cock grew and tented his pants. His now erect cock now fit perfectly under her foot.

“I think you should take it out,” said Brandi.

“Someone will see.”

“We both know it will come out, one way or another,” she said. “Or do you want me to make you mess your pants?” Brandi’s foot picked up speed and Chris started to breath heavy as his small cock was pulsing under her foot. She reached for her watch.


Brandi was now sitting to his right so he was between her and the wall, his jeans were around his ankles and her left hand was stroking his dick. This was all too much for him as he started to cum in her hand.


Brandi was gone, his pants were back in their proper place (boxers still missing) and his phone started to buzz with a picture mail in his pocket. He pulled out his phone and opened it to see a picture of his four-inch cock covered in cum, the accompanying message said “Tell anyone about this and every girl you ever meet will see this picture.”


Todd was presenting his report to the Department Heads about this new device that could stop time. They had about six testers and his report was mostly a summary of all six testers experiences.


Brandi walked in and took the disk out of the laptop Todd was using for the Powerpoint presentation. She slipped her own disk in and brought up her modified presentation and got it to the slide Todd was currently on. Then she walked out.


“So you’ll see in this next slide that side effects to the test subjects at this early stage is negligible but….”

There was snickering from the Dept. Heads.

He decided to carry on, “….we think that longer use of the device may cause premature aging of the individual. The next slide shows results from….”

Snickering turned into laughter so Todd turned to look at the screen

There was a picture of what was obviously his erect penis with a yellow ruler beside it. His proud little man standing defiantly at 3.5 inches. The Department Head’s were pissing themselves laughing. Todd hit the computer and the image was gone but it was too late. He blushed every shade of red and pink you can imagine.

One word popped into his head: Brandi!


True, Brandi was of average build, but every other morning for the last year or so she got up early in the morning (around six or so) and went to the gym before work. Her job at the C.I.A. Had required to field test new equipment and despite the fact that she had to be out and about to do her job, she was still required to show up at the office at least five hours a day for five days a week. Recently the C.I.A. Had developed a watch that could freeze time (and everything and everyone else for that matter) while leaving the wearer unfrozen. This was officially day two of testing and Brandi was just arriving at the gym for her morning routine while still wearing her watch.

Brandi made her way to the not so packed gym to the back where the locker rooms were located. There was the regular crowd that morning. Two rather large body-builders who always seemed to be there, a thin but athletic young man who seemed to be in his early twenties working the front desk, a man who is about six feet tall and of average build who showed up most mornings and a small, flirtatious redhead who seemed to be in her late twenties. Brandi entered the locker room already in her t-shirt, sweat pants and running sneakers and filled a locker (her cell phone and a change of clothes) then proceeded to do some lower body stretches. Upon finishing her stretches she exited the locker room and headed for the treadmills.

It wasn’t unusual for Brandi to sneak peeks at the other people working out. After twenty minutes of jogging, her blood was pumping and her heart was beating pretty quickly and she had always thought it odd how some of the exercises had seemed somewhat perverted in nature. Her mind began to wonder and she couldn’t help but replay the events of yesterdays lunch with Chris. Her hand rubbed her C.I.A. Issued watch and she started to wonder about the young man working the format desk. She had always found him cute, and with the watch she would be able to sneak a feel without him ever knowing. When the timer on the treadmill reached thirty minutes she slowed it to a stop and pressed the first button on the left side of her watch.


The entire gym had just stopped. People in mid lift or stride just seemed to turn into a living photograph. Brandi made her way to the front desk. It was tall enough that the man was standing behind it next to what seemed like an old bar stool. The man was perfectly still standing in front of an older model computer staring at a spreadsheet. Her hand caressed his lower back and slowly travelled down ward to his butt. She cupped one butt cheek and was impressed with how firm it was. Standing at the man’s side, her left hand started at his firm chest. It travelled south to his abs and Brandi started to get excited.

Without further hesitation she lifted his t-shirt a bit with one hand and pulled his track pants and briefs away from his waist with the other. She peered down his pants and saw an average sized cock and balls that were completely shaved. Brandi took a deep breath and reached her hand into his briefs and began to caress his dick. To her amazement, it started to grow!

Brandi could not ignore this. She gripped his cock firmly and started to stroke it. After what seemed like just a few seconds it became fully erect. Another few minutes went by and she was amazed to see the man actually cum in her hand. She immediately went and grabbed some paper towels out of the locker room and cleaned her hand and the man’s pubic area and fixed his briefs and track pants. She made her way back to her tread mill and pushed the second button on her watch.


Brandi was wiping down her treadmill and couldn’t help but take notice of the man at the front desk. He seemed week kneed all of a sudden and was using the desk to hold himself up. She smiled and started to look around the gym. She couldn’t help but take notice of the small redhead flirting with the man with the average build. Once again she reached for her watch.


Brandi was now circling around the couple. The redhead was about five feet tall, she was wearing what seemed like a sports bra and boy shorts. She had small breasts (maybe an A cup) and a pretty athletic body. Brandi’s curiosity got the better of her. She pulled the sports bra like top away from her small body to see a rather large nipple resting on top of a puffy areola, both were pink and almost matched her pale skin tone. She pulled her shorts and panties away from her waist and spied a neatly trimmed red bush. She turned her attention to the average build man. We was wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

She gripped the waist band of his shorts and boxers and peaked inside. She laughed upon seeing his small dick. She though it look like an elevator button in a fur coat. She noticed the redheads gaze seemed to be on the man’s abdominal area and a wicked smile crept across her face. She lowered both his shorts and boxers to his ankles and walked away to check out the body builders.

They were facing each other. One obviously talking with his hands while the other stood with his hands on his hips and just seemed to be taking it all in. Both wore shorts and sleeveless T’s. She wasted no time lowering the shorts and under wear of the man the tall blonde man with his hands on his hips. She saw a nice average sized dick with rather large testicles. Next she lowered the shorts of the slightly shorter man with dark hair talking with his hands. She made notice of the fact that he was not wearing under wear and was surprised to see a huge dick!

She guessed that it was about ten inches and somewhat thick as well. She stood between both men and began stroking there cocks. When they were both hard she turned the blond man away from the other. She removed her sweat pants and began to grind her vagina against his stiff prick. When she felt sufficiently moist she turned her back to him and bent over. She carefully guided his cock into her pussy and slowly began to work it. Her fingers found their way to her shaved snatch and began to work her clitoris. Her other hand went to her knee for stability.

After about five minutes she began to stare at the bigger prick and decided it was time for a change. She dismounted the blonde man and went back over to the dark-haired man. She painstakingly lowered his stiff body to the floor. She spit in her and stroked the man’s large cock. When it felt sufficiently moist she lowered her waiting pussy on to his cock head and eased it in little by little. It stretched her vagina and caused some pain but she very much enjoyed it. She could only fit about six inches of it in. She had both hands on his well-developed chest and worked him slow at first but then began to gradually pick up speed.

Ten minutes in, she moved one hand to the centre and brought the other back to her crotch and resumed rubbing her clit. Within minutes she was shaking and moaning loudly with orgasm. She picked herself up and went back to the locker room to clean herself up. She put her sweat pants back on and promptly left the gym.


Both body builders were shocked beyond belief and there dicks ached from the lack of orgasm they quickly covered themselves and demanded of each other to know what happened. On the other side of the gym, a small redhead was laughing uncontrollably at a man with an average build who’s shorts were around his ankles and was desperately trying to cover his tiny nub of a dick.

The End.

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