Our Readers SPH Experiences 271

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader has an unfortunate shower boner…

I love going to my local gym. I’m 27, and usually there are people around my age there, and it’s never too crowded, which is nice.

One day, though, I went to the locker room like normal, and usually, I try to do the little dance of changing under my towel. I also usually try to shower when no one else is around. I do a few looks, go to the shower, and take my towel off. For some reason, though, the shower was ice cold that day. I try my hardest to brave it and hurry. As I’m all soaped up, though, I hear three guys walk in. They all sounded like they were in their early 20s. I immediately tried to hurry faster so I could get my towel back on, but I was too late.

The three guys walked into the showers and immediately stopped when they saw me. One of them snorted but tried to stifle it. They moved into the shower and took their towels off, and every single one of them was bigger than me. Normally, I’m about one inch soft, but I know the cold of the shower made me smaller.

Meanwhile, the smallest of these guys was at least 3.5 inches soft—bigger than me, hard. I tried not to look and just focus on rinsing off when I felt myself start to get hard. I quickly grew to my full Silver Member size. One of them noticed and pointed at their friend to look at me. I quickly finished rinsing off and wrapped my towel to walk off.

Before I had even rounded the corner, I heard all three of them start laughing. That was the last time I changed at the gym. I still see them there, and they always smirk at me when I see them. I get so red in the face, but I get hard immediately when I get home thinking about it.


Another reader drops the towel…

I lived in a single dorm for a couple of years in college, and the shared bathrooms were pretty far down the hall from me. I wouldn’t say I liked taking too much with me to shower, so I’d strip naked and wrap my towel around me, bring my toiletries, and walk down the hall like that, which most people did. My floor was coed, and this set up many sexy opportunities, like girls going down the hall and their towels dropping, revealing that they were butt naked.

So one morning, I was running late for class so I quickly grabbed my towel and ran to shower. The showers took a while to heat up, so I ended up taking a pretty cold shower which didn’t help my penis size. I wrapped my towel around me and started going back to my dorm when all of a sudden, two girls turned the corner and bumped right into me, causing my towel to drop, revealing my shriveled-up acorn of a penis to be on full display.

They both looked down and immediately started laughing as I grabbed my towel and covered as much as I could and got back to my dorm with them commenting, “Damn, I hope it was just a cold shower,” as they made the small dick finger gesture toward me.


Meanwhile, this reader joined a new D&D campaign…

I recently joined a new D&D campaign with my best from high school. This is a new session with all new people than our current homebrew game. All of the other players and the GM are all his girlfriend’s work friends. They needed to fill out the group, so they invited him, and he invited me. I know no one at the table besides my best friend. The party was GM’ed by a girl named Lisa, who was running a premade game. There was also my friend, me, and two other guys, plus one guy’s girlfriend, who I think was named Mara.

I am playing Bard, and of course, I am making him a horny Bard. Still, unbeknownst to the others, I purposefully am making him more awkward than the usual cool and charismatic bard. I wanted him to come off as creepy and not sexy at all. He is even described as looking as the ‘revenge of the geek’ nerdy as possible.

We found ourselves in a predicament: a group of bandits was totally going to wipe us out if we didn’t do something drastic. So I shouted, “Guys! This is going to be stupid, but cover me. You all sneak out the back, and I will pull them to the front!”

Our Druid (Mara) said, “Wait, what are you going to do? You are going to get yourself killed.”

“No!” I shouted. And confidently, I say, “Trust me, they are going to be so overwhelmed with my greatness. They will be too busy picking up their jaw off the floor to notice!”

I then declared that I was going to strip down and streak in front of them as a distraction. They all laughed, and the GM told me to roll a performance check.

Before my dice could even leave my hand, my friend cut in and said, “DUDE, you so would! I doubt it’s going to work. If it does, it’s because of how SMALL it is!” This got everyone laughing, including the GM. Then, out of nowhere, he adds, “I know this, unfortunately, because at Ren Fest last year, he ‘Basic Instinct’ed’ me with his kilt at the campfire!” He then made the small dick sign to everyone.

This made everyone burst out laughing, and the GM even said, “Oh my God! Stop! You did not just say that!”

One other guy laughed and said, “Broh, Noooo.”

Mara just covered her mouth, laughing. I shrugged my shoulders and rolled a nat 20! Which made everyone laugh more.

I then said, “I strip down naked,” and I ran yelling and jumping, causing a scene in the opposite direction of the party.

The GM said, “Well, the entire bandit camp turns to look at you, and you hear one guy say, ‘What the fuck? Is that girl running around naked?’ You hear another say, ‘That’s a dude!’ Then the bandit female captain says, ‘Get him! I need to see how any penis can be that small!’”

The whole group laughed more, and my friend followed with, “Wait, so his small dick did it?”

GM replied, “Yup, his small dick did it, and all of the bandits started to chase him down the other hallway.”


While this reader found the perfect woman to marry…

My wife and I were getting ready for bed, and I, of course, mentioned us having sex, to which she told me that I better be naked and not fuck around so we could go to sleep. So I took my shorts and underwear off and climbed up on the bed while she started using the bathroom. I was quickly hard and faced her until she looked at me and started to ‘helicopter’ my penis, or try to at least. My wife laughed and asked what I was doing.

“I’m a helicopter!” I told her.

She laughed louder and said, “Little dicks can’t helicopter, babe. It looks like you’re a sprinkler or something.”

I laughed and then turned sideways so she could see me from the side, hoping that would be better. She looked away and looked back once I got situated and said, “Wow. Your dick literally looks like a pencil sticking out of your body.”

“That’s because you’re like 15 feet away, hun,” I told her.

“Nope,” she responded. “It just looks like a little pencil pointing straight out with two little blueberries underneath,” as she walked closer to me.

“Come climb on top to ride this dick, baby,” I said as she climbed up onto the bed.

She laughed loud and said, “Nope. You want sex. You work for it. Women don’t want to ‘ride’ little dicks anyway,” air quoting the ride.

I climbed on top, and she spread her pussy a little, and I entered straight in with no resistance. “Sorry if that hurt, babe,” I said because I legit thought I might have pushed in too fast.

She responded fake, wincing in pain, oohing and saying ouch and gritting her teeth together. I laughed, and she responded, “Your little pencil dick never hurts, babe. I can sometimes barely feel it.”

I start thrusting harder and say, “At least I’m the biggest little dick you’ve ever had.”

“Yup. Definitely, the littlest dick I ever had. Oops, I mean big little pencil dick,” she laughed.

“No, you said I was not the smallest.” I corrected her.

“Baby, baby, baby. I don’t remember (ex bf name) specifically, but I know you all were close, but I know you’re the thinnest,” she said as she tried to reach around and squeeze my balls.

“Oh, so it’s like a pencil in a coffee can, then?” I laughed.

“Ya, it is, but it’s because you have a pencil dick, not because I’m loose. So hurry up, and let’s see if you can make me feel something.”

I started thrusting harder and harder and was getting close and said, “Do you feel my big dick, baby?”

“No, honey, I barely feel your little tiny pencil shrimpy inside me,” she said, staring into my eyes.

I came. Hard. When we started to get cleaned up, I was still naked, and she slapped my ass hard and grabbed my flaccid dick, and pulled me so I couldn’t get away. I wiggled to get free, and she grabbed my dick again at about 2 inches now and laughed.

“It feels like I’m holding onto a little pinky,” my wife said as she slapped my ass again.

We kissed and laughed and got ready for bed. Don’t know how I’m getting this lucky.

This reader’s friends had their expectations crushed…

My two bestfriends for years have two girls. They’re wonderful. They’re both bi and have been dating for forever. Nothing has ever happened between any of us, but we are generally very open with each other. Over the years, they’ve both mentioned my dick size. They’ve both said because of how I carry myself, they can just tell I have a big cock. It’s been mentioned a few times, even in front of other mutual friends.

Well, at their annual Christmas party, we all started drinking, and my dick size got mentioned quite a few times. There was a girl who went to college with the couple I was friends with. I’d always had a crush on her. The girls made sure to mention my ‘big cock’ in front of her. By the end of the night, it was just the four of us. We were all sleeping at the girl’s house that night, and we were just sitting in the living room. I was pretty drunk, and the girl I liked, Dani, mentioned one of the other guys.

“All he did was make dick jokes all night,” she said, starting to complain.

The girls gossiped and stuff about him and the other guys, and that’s when my friend said what she always said, “That’s how you know he has a big cock. He never makes those jokes. He just confidently goes about his business”.

I kind of brushed it off, but three drunk girls are pretty persistent when they get on a topic. Finally, one of them just came out and said it. “Are you gonna let us see it or not?”

They all started laughing. I just sat there on the couch, not sure what to say.

“Eh, nah, let’s not do that tonight,” I chuckled, trying to brush it off.

But then Dani leaned over. She whispered in my ear, “Ooh, c’mon. Live a little,” and she kissed my neck.

Now, I knew the girls didn’t want to see for any reason other than to see, but Dani and I could potentially hook up. And I’ll be honest, just her whisper made me hard. She started to nibble on my ear a little, and I quickly crossed my legs. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. At that moment, I didn’t care what happened. I felt her push my legs apart, and I just went with it. I was throbbing hard. Dani reached down, and I felt her fingers go into my waistband on either side and slowly pull down. She was still kissing my neck, and I was loving every second. Then I felt my cock fling free of my shorts and stood straight up in front of all 3 of the girls.

There was an audible silence. The kissing stopped, and I had a moment of clarity. I finally opened my eyes and lifted my head. I looked at all of them and then down at my cock. One of them had her hand over her mouth, and one’s jaw was even open.

Finally, one of them broke the silence. “Well, that’s not what I was expecting,” she said as all 3 of them laughed.

They spent the next few minutes looking and even touching it. And also explaining the laughter was for a joke and not my small dick. Totally believable, right?

Dani and I shared the bed that night, but when I made a move, she rolled over and pushed my hand away. I’m a bronze member of the small dick club.


Another reader mistakes frotting for sex…

Back when my ex-wife and I were dating, we’d taken a break. She and I were starting to go back out, but we hadn’t started having sex again. One morning, we met for breakfast, and when I kissed her bye, she told me to get in the car. As it turned out, she was insanely horny. We made it to her house and went straight to the bed. She made it clear we weren’t going to have sex, but she wanted me to get her off. Which I gladly did. She played with her vibrator while I sucked her tits, and she had a crazy powerful orgasm. She screamed louder than I’d probably ever heard up to that point.

After she stopped shaking, she made it clear she wanted more. She rolled onto her stomach and stuck her round ass up in the air. We’d tried doggy before, but I’m not very well-endowed, and it always slipped out. Regardless, I eagerly got up and got behind her. She was still using her vibrator on her clit as she was face down, ass up.

“What are you doing?” she asked as I grabbed her hips. I looked down, confused. “We still aren’t fucking. Just play with my ass,” she demanded.

I grabbed some lube and lubed up my fingers, and began to finger her ass. After a few minutes, she reached back and grabbed my dick. She rubbed it against her hole. Teasing the head of my dick. She moaned over and over as she did, “Just keep doing that.”

I did as I was told. I rubbed the head of my dick against her tight ass. I was barely holding on to her teasing. I couldn’t fuck her ass deep even if I wanted, but being just outside of her was driving me crazy. Around that time, she started backing her ass up against me. The head of my dick would start to part her ass, and then she’d pull away. I could feel myself start even to get the chance to do anal finally, and she’d stop. But even as she pulled away, my dick stayed buried between her ass.

She kept doing this for about 60-90 seconds. Over and over. Just rubbing my dick with her asshole. Finally, I lost it. She backed up on my dick for the last time, and I could feel her lubed asshole against the head of my dick, and I exploded.

I basically screamed as I moaned so loud while I busted all over her ass. I made a huge mess, and it was one of my most powerful orgasms to date. She stayed bent over, playing with herself until she came. Then we took a nap after we cleaned up. And that’s the only time she ever let me try anal and the only time we ever had sex (even though I never really got inside her) without a condom.


Meanwhile, this reader gets some beta coffee…

For those who don’t know iPhones have a thing called focus modes where you can focus on work or gaming or something else. It essentially turns your app organization, so it doesn’t show you apps you don’t need and only allows notifications you need through and so on. I created one specifically for play sessions. Part of the focus mode is wallpapers, which can change, and I have a bunch of rotating wallpapers of censored women and captions like ‘a beta owns this phone,’ or ‘censored,’ and so on. This adds to my humiliation when I’m playing, reminding myself of what I am.

Well, as you might have guessed, I forgot to turn off this focus mode. I went into this coffee shop at night trying to get a cup of coffee as I needed to work late. The place was empty except for the people working there. I intended to order some coffee and work there for a bit. Behind the counter at the register was this hot brunette who had maybe C-cup boobs and a very clearly athletic figure. She had on a crop top and shorts, which happened to be a huge weakness of mine. Her top hugged her boobs tightly, with a small hole slowing her cleavage.

Behind the counter was a blonde with a skinny body and a cute smile. She had on a black top and pants with an apron. When I went to pay for the coffee, I double-tapped my lock screen button to pull up Apple Pay. For a brief second, my lock screen showed up with the caption: ‘A SMALL DICK BETA OWNS THIS PHONE,’ with a censored clothed picture of Brooke Monk. I didn’t realize it at first, but when I did, my face went completely red. I hoped she didn’t see it since the caption was rather small, and it just flashed on the screen.

Then, something filled my head with dread. My card was denied. I had to try again, and this time, the wallpaper that came up had huge words in the background, ‘DICK TOO SMALL FOR SEX!’ repeated over and over with another censor and the word ‘BETA’ over the top. This time, it was clear she saw it, and I could barely look her in the face. She was holding back a laugh as best she could. The other girl then came over and took a look and said they don’t take Amex.

Fuck, so for the third time, I used Apple Pay, and this time with another card and another wallpaper. Then, the last one was another censored picture of Brooke Monk clothed with the words: ‘BABYDICK BETA LOSER’ on repeat across the background and ‘SIMP’ across her eyes. This time, they both burst out laughing. The girl at the register couldn’t keep it in, and the blonde didn’t bother trying. The blonde went back to start on the order as the brunette began to apologize profusely.

I regained my composure enough to apologize back, explaining that I felt bad unintentionally exposing my kinks to her and that it was an accident. I offered to buy something else to tip them for exposing that to them as I didn’t have cash or a card on me at the time, but to change the focus mode first. She said I didn’t need to change it and that it was a nice break from the boredom. She was curious about the next pic. I bought a croissant and tipped them both twenty dollars.

The last picture was another clothed censor with: ‘BELLY BUTTONS ARE SEXY’ and ‘BETA ZONE’ on it, where the ‘O’ circled an uncensored belly button. She looked down at her exposed midriff and smirked. I asked to change my order ‘to go’ and waited for what felt like forever until the blonde handed me the coffee, and I just left as fast as I could. It wasn’t until later that I saw ‘BABYDICK BETA’ written on my cup of coffee. I still have that cup to this day.


*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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