Cuckolded by a Sleepwalker 1

By NauticalTwilight.

Scarlett entered her and Ben’s room, immediately looking in her closet.

Ben lay on the bed, dick in his hands. “Hey!” he said, with nervous energy.

“Oh! Hey,” she said as if she was surprised he was there. “He wants the Tifa outfit again,” she said, pulling down her sweatpants.

Ben felt his dick twitch as her big ass was revealed in lacy panties. “Oh. He really likes that one, huh,” he said, trying to sound casual.

“For sure,” she said with a smile. She pulled up the skirt that didn’t quite cover her ass—you could easily see the bottoms of each cheek below the skirt’s fabric.

“You, uh. You guys sure have been going at it hard today,” said Ben.

She laughed. “Yeah, he’s insatiable. I guess I am a bit too.” She was checking her makeup in the mirror.

“Uh, Scarlett?”


“Do you think you’d want to… spend the night here? In our room? Tonight?”

She looked over, her eyes surprised, then pitiful. “Aw, honey. You know I can’t. Besides, I already promised Ray a few things tonight.”

“A few things?”

“Mmhmm. You know. A few different outfits, a few different positions. And I told him I’d suck his dick while he played League of Legends tonight.”

Ben’s dick twitched several more times in his hands. He couldn’t help it, slowly giving his small shaft a couple of jerks.

Her eyes were still full of pity. She walked over to their bed sitting next to him. “Besides, you don’t really want me to sleep here, do you?” she asked him mischievously, leaning down toward his face, enveloping him in her intoxicating smell. “Do you really want me here next to you? Or would you prefer to… listen?”

Ben undoubtedly felt conflicted, but he could feel his perverse, horny side winning out. He jerked faster.

“Do you want me to get fucked by you, my boyfriend, with your little dick, feeling your little taps against my big ass while you fuck me from behind… Or should I get fucked by your roommate, and you can hear me scream on his big cock? Hmm?” She leaned in, her big lips with perfect red lipstick only inches from his mouth, her big tits pressing against him. “Hmm? What do you really want? You want me all to yourself, seeing my bored face while you fuck me missionary-style, filling me with your little spurts of cum in thirty seconds? Or do you want to press your ear against the wall while you get to hear me scream? Having just to imagine what it looks like, seeing a big man’s cock getting stuffed into my tight little pussy, seeing my big ass bounce on it.”

Ben grunted, cumming, shooting a couple of small shots of cum over his stomach.

She smiled and giggled. “I thought so.” She kissed him—not sexy, just a peck of affection. She didn’t give him sexy kisses anymore. “I’ll see you soon!”

She walked out in her skimpy outfit—the one she wore for Ray.

Ben came down from the high of his orgasm, studying the ceiling of his room. How did this happen? How had he lost control like this? And why did it turn him on so much?

He thought back to the day it all started—back when he and Scarlett were just a normal couple with a dorky, shy roommate named Ray.


How it started…

“I think,” said Scarlett, eyes shining with humor and pride, “I was a warrior queen in a past life or something.”

Ben laughed. They were in the elevator on their way up to their apartment. They had just gotten back from a date night together—this time, they had tried axe throwing. Scarlett had been almost frighteningly good at it, while Ben had been… less so.

“Believe me,” replied Ben with a smirk, “Next time we’re chopping trees down together, I will avoid saying anything to piss you off.”

“Was that sass?”


Scarlett shook her head, a smile still stuck to her face. “Be careful. I may buy an axe just to have around the apartment. Besides, you’re just mad you didn’t get a single bullseye.”

“I think my axes were broken or something. You paid someone at that place to give me trick axes.”

Scarlett blinked, thinking back. “Weren’t we throwing the same axes?”

Ben only pretended to think. “No comment.”

Scarlett hit his arm playfully, snickering. Ben smiled back at her. He took a moment, as he often did, to appreciate his beautiful girlfriend. A brunette with hair just past her shoulders, she was usually almost as tall as he was—though in her heels tonight, she was exactly his height.

Her blue eyes seemed to always shine with playful energy, and her full lips were often twisted in a smile. Her body drew the most attention, with a beautiful figure she kept hidden most of the time—except on date nights. Tonight, she wore a tight dress that easily showed off the shape of her full, heart-shaped ass. And her dress was cut low to show off what most would say were her best assets: those large tits of hers, which the dress pressed together, creating a spectacular line of cleavage.

‘God bless date nights,’ thought Ben as his eyes traced down the V of her dress.

Scarlett caught his eyes and smiled. “Something distracting you?”

“Let’s just say I’m eager to get home and in bed.”

She laughed, but this time, it was more soft and seductive. “What, tired from our big night out?”

“Hmm. If I say yes to that, can we go right to bed?”

The elevator reached the floor and opened for them. She took his hand, leading him down toward their door. “Only if you call me your warrior queen,” she said, looking over her shoulder at him. Her voice was still seductive but had a bit of humor.

Ben took the opportunity to drink in that ass of hers as she led him down the hall. “I will call you whatever you want if you keep the dress on.”

She smiled as she put the key in the door and opened it. “Do you like it that much?”

“You seriously have no idea what you d-—”

They walked in and turned the corner to reveal their common room. Suddenly they found themselves face to face with the last thing they expected. It utterly and completely stopped their conversation in its tracks.

Lying on the couch was their roommate, Ray. The guy they often described to their friends as the gentle giant was a large guy who worked in IT. He was reserved, nerdy, and completely shy around Scarlett, and he often spent most nights alone in his room on his computer.

Here he was, lying on the couch with his sweatpants pulled down to his thighs, jerking his cock at an almost alarming rate. Both Ben and Scarlett froze in their tracks, jaws dropping, completely shocked.

Three things hit them very quickly. First, sweet and shy Ray had a massive cock. Even for his large size and in his large hands, it was ginormous, drawing even more attention to it as it was glistening in pre-cum. Ben only looked for a second before he forced his eyes elsewhere, but Scarlett’s eyes stayed glued to that slab of man meat.

Second, they noticed very quickly that Ray was clearly and obviously dead asleep. He did not react to their entering the room, even though they had done so quite loudly, and his eyes seemed glazed over as he pumped his big cock. Last, they realized Ray was talking in his sleep while doing it and it was the content of his speech that was, somehow, the most shocking of all.

“Take it, Scarlett, you slut, take it. Take my big fucking cock. Take it all the way to the base. I’m going to make you fucking scream. I’m going to bounce your big ass on my cock until you can’t walk. I’m going to fuck those perfect tits until I cover them with cum. I’m going to fucking wreck you in that little dress, you fucking slut. I’m going to fucking wreck you, Scarlett, I’m going to…”

“Oh my God,” said Scarlett quietly, completely red in the face.

“Ray!” said Ben, trying to wake him up. His tone was half shocked, half offended.

“No, oh my God, don’t wake him up!” whispered Scarlett. “He’ll be mortified! I’ll be mortified!”

They studied him once more in shock. Ray continued to mumble his uncharacteristically filthy dirty talk as he touched himself, still completely disconnected from the real world.

“Well, Christ, then,” said Ben, grabbing Scarlett’s hand and pulling her toward their room. “Let’s at least give him some privacy.”

Scarlett’s eyes seemed glued to the scene before her, her lips still open in shock.

“Scarlett!” Ben hissed.

“Right, of course. Let’s go into our…”

Ray’s pumping somehow got faster. You could see his big balls start to jump as he grunted. “Here it comes, you fucking slut. Get ready to taste my fucking cum. I’m going to fucking coat you in—” Ray turned his whole body so his massive cock was sticking out toward the coffee table.

“Oh my God,” said Scarlett breathlessly.

“Babe—” sputtered Ben. “Jesus, we shouldn’t!”

With a last grunt, Ray began his orgasm, shooting rope after rope of cum, landing on the glass coffee table, making an absolute mess. It made a dozen long lines of cum streaking out from the tip of his cock, before his orgasm began to subside, and his cock simply dripped cum onto the floor. Even just the amount at the end, thought Ben, was probably more cum in that one load than he had ever produced in his life.

Ben looked at Scarlett. Her jaw had dropped again, shocked at the display before her. Her face had become even redder somehow.

‘And strangest of all,’ thought Ben, ‘I’m so hard right now.’


Ben and Scarlett escaped into their room. They now lay side by side in bed, over the covers, both looking at the ceiling. Both are too overwhelmed with strange thoughts to talk yet. They still wore their date night clothes.

“Um. So…” said Scarlett finally.

“Yeah,” answered Ben simply.

“Yeah, that was crazy,” she said quietly. Ben noted her face was still pretty flush.

“Crazy is…one word for it.”

They both took a beat to study one another.

Scarlett chewed her lip, looking into Ben’s eyes, wondering how much they should acknowledge the situation. “Um, can you believe how…dirty…Ray is?”

Ben felt a smile creep on his face. “Yeah, who would have thought sweet Ray had such a dominant side.”

She smiled back, and they felt the awkwardness creep away. “I know! You’d think he’d be such a softie in bed.”

“Yeah, this is definitely a case of ‘Dr. Shy Nerd’ and ‘Mr. Fucks your Girl.’”

Scarlett put both her hands on her face before laughing at this. She sighed. “Oh fuck, Ben. How are we going to look at him tomorrow?”

“I have no idea. I’m going to pretend this never happened.”

Scarlett swallowed nervously before taking a chance. “Um. Are you?”

There was a little silence as Ben cocked his head at Scarlett. “Yeah. Uh—why?”

“It’s just… um. I can’t help but notice you’ve been hard since it happened.”

Now, it was Ben’s turn to blush. He looked down—it’s true, he had been hard since the… event. “I’m sure it was more your dress…” he said. Even to him, it didn’t sound right.

“Uh-huh,” said Scarlett, not believing him. She reached down, expertly zipping down his jeans. She reached into his pants, gripping his dick. Her eyes lit up. “Jesus, Ben! You’re, like, twitching!”

Ben’s blush deepened.

“You sure it was my slutty dress?” she asked him, her voice slowly gaining confidence and a seductive tone. Her hand slowly jerked his dick beneath his jeans. “You sure it wasn’t the idea of what…Ray was imagining?”

Ben felt his small dick twitch.

Scarlett bit her lip, taking another chance. “You know…the idea of me getting fucked by his big cock?”

The moan escaped Ben’s lips before he could stop it.

Scarlett’s eyes lit up. “Holy shit, Ben. That is kinky as fuck.”

“No, it’s…” Fuck. Ben couldn’t deny it. It was the idea of her and that cock that was driving him wild. “I mean, maybe it’s…a little bit that.”

“Yeah?” she said, her voice getting more teasing as she turned toward him. “You like the idea of your pretty girlfriend getting destroyed by such a big cock? By your roommate’s big cock? Of big, shy Ray getting your girl? Nervous around me by day and wrecking my pussy at night?”

Ben moaned and shivered, feeling slightly pathetic at how close he felt.

Scarlett took her hand off, revealing how covered in pre-cum it was. She reached under her date night dress, pulling off her panties. “Get on top of me,” she demanded.

Ben looked at her quizzically. “You don’t want any foreplay?”

She shook her head. “I don’t need it,” she admitted with a blush.

Ben’s mouth opened a little bit. Whenever they had sex, he always gave her oral first. She loved it. The fact that she wanted to skip it was wild to him.

He slid off his jeans and underwear, mounting her in a missionary position. He pressed his cock head against her opening.

“You’re…you’re fucking soaked,” said Ben, shocked. More soaked than she had ever been after Ben gave her oral, he thought, slightly ashamed.

“I know,” she said, blushing.

He pressed against her, easily entering her. It even sounded different than usual—more wet. He felt a shiver go down his spine—he was insanely close. He pushed himself all the way inside, stopping to catch his breath.

“Holy shit,” she said, eyes filled with genuine shock. “You can’t even fuck me right now without cumming, can you? That’s how turned on you are!”

Ben opened his mouth, but nothing came out.

“Mm,” she said again, a hand moving down to start playing with her clit. “Just imagine if it was Ray on top of me right now.”

Ben moaned, and his hips began to pump as if they were outside of his control.

“Just imagine it was his big cock inside me,” she continued as her orgasm began to build. “His big cock slamming me, those huge hairy balls against my ass. Imagine that, hmm? And now we know how rough Ray likes it. It wouldn’t be a nice missionary like this, would it? I bet he’d have me bent over the couch or riding him. I bet he’d throw me around and pin me down and treat me like a…what did he keep calling me? Oh yeah, a slut.”

“Oh my fucking God,” said Ben, feeling his orgasm build. Hearing this filthy concept while watching Scarlett’s big tits bounce in this tight dress was too much.

“You do like it, don’t you? Holy shit, you love it—and you know what, I love it too, Ben. Seeing him have that big orgasm for me, seeing him shoot all that cum for me, was so fucking hot. It got my pussy so fucking wet. I thought about it, too. I thought about that big cock inside me too!”

“Oh, fuck!” said Ben, unable to control himself, pathetically cumming before Scarlett was even close.

Still, though, she smiled warmly at him, feeling his cum fill her up.

Once he came down from his orgasm, they both studied one another, Ben’s dick still inside her, still rock hard.

Both of them were suddenly aware that their relationship had—at least sexually—changed.


The next morning, they woke up early together, walking out into the common room. Both were still in their pajamas.

They both instantly realized a problem. “Oh fuck,” said Scarlett. “The cum.”

They studied the coffee table—it was an absolute mess. Ray clearly sleepwalked back to his bed—otherwise, he would have cleaned it up. If Ray got up and saw it, he would realize both that he had probably done it and that they might have seen him.

“Should we…um…Clean it up?” asked Ben, his face flushed.

“I’ll do it,” said Scarlett.

Part of Ben was relieved that he didn’t have to do it himself. Another part of him felt bad that he was forcing his girlfriend to do it. But a final, strange part of himself was excited to see Scarlett clean up the cum.

His heart raced as she collected a bunch of paper towels from the kitchen returning to the common room. She kneeled slowly, beginning to wipe up the massive amount of cum. Ben wondered how many times he’d have to orgasm to get close to this amount—five times, maybe? Six?

Scarlett looked up at Ben, shame on her face for an instant before she read Ben’s expression. Her look immediately changed to one of excitement. “Holy shit,” she said, studying him on her knees next to the coffee table. “Is this turning you on?”

‘Yes,’ thought Ben. ‘Holy fuck, yes, it is.’ “It’s…yes. A bit,” he answered.

She slowed down her movements, slowly moving her hand back and forth on the table. Now, she didn’t break eye contact with Ben as she cleaned. The only sound that filled the apartment was the wet sound of Ray’s cum being cleaned.

Ben was rock solid in his pajamas.

“You like me cleaning up all this cum, hmm?” Scarlett said softly. “All this cum Ray made…for me?”

“Yes,” breathed Ben, dick twitching in his pants.

An idea popped into her head. She pouted mischievously. “Seems like a waste of paper towels, though, doesn’t it?” She leaned her head down, though her eyes never left Ben’s. “I can think of an…easier way to clean this up.” She stuck out her tongue, threatening to make contact with the cum on the table.

“Fuck,” breathed Ben.

“You actually want me to, don’t you?” she asked, her eyes full of genuine curiosity. Her hand returned to cleaning the cum with the paper towels. “You want me to taste another man’s cum? Your roommate’s cum?”

“I…I want…”

Without warning, Ray’s door opened. Scarlett blushed and immediately ran the paper towels over the rest of the table, frantically cleaning it up.

“Hey, Ray,” said Ben, also feeling his blush.

“M-morning,” said Ray quietly, heading toward the kitchen. He stopped, turning toward Scarlett when he saw her on the floor. “Um…” he said, confused.

“Oh, um…” said Scarlett, trying to think quickly. “We got ice cream after our date last night, and I guess we spilled some on the floor.”

“Oh, I see,” said Ray simply. “H-how, um, how was it?”

“It was the Best date night in a while,” said Scarlett, looking at Ben. It could be the best ever.”

Ben felt his throat get tight. She was obviously not talking about the axe throwing.

“Oh, um, that’s cool,” said Ray simply.

“Yeah, you should join us next time,” said Scarlett, still looking at Ben. Her eyes were full of mischief, loving the double meanings meant just for Ben.

“Hah, um, on your date night?”

“Sure, Ray,” said Scarlett with just a hint of seduction to it. Enough for Ben to hear, but probably too little for Ray to read into. “We’d love for you to join us.”

“M—uhh, maybe.”

Scarlett stood up, holding her pointer finger out to Ben.

Holy shit.

Ben’s heart practically stopped as he realized that on her finger was the last bit of cum. It wasn’t in the paper towel like the rest of the cum—this was actually sitting on the skin of the tip of her finger.

“Looks like there’s a bit of ice cream left,” said Scarlett. “What do you think, Ben?” She brought her finger closer to her mouth. “Do you think it’s…still good?” She froze there, opening her mouth wide and sticking her tongue out, waiting.

Ben understood perfectly. She was asking him for permission to eat the cum.

‘Fuck,’ thought Ben. ‘Fuck.’ A part of him was demanding he say no, that he get control back of this insane situation. But the other part of him, led by his rock-solid dick in his pants, was winning out.

“Yes,” he said slowly. “I bet it’s great.”

Scarlett looked shocked. She was certain he would call it off here—that it would be too much for him. But with his blessing, she slowly brought the finger to her mouth and ate it in front of Ben.

Ray shrugged at this, heading toward the kitchen.

As soon as he was out of sight, Ben grabbed Scarlett by the hand, leading her back into their room and shutting the door behind them. He pulled down her PJ pants, revealing her sopping wet pussy, and fucked her bent over the bed for all of twenty seconds before cumming.


A few mornings later, Ben and Ray were eating breakfast together at the breakfast table. After some light conversation, Ben finally began asking Ray the question that had been burning in his mind.

“Hey, Ray—I forgot to ask you something. A while back, when I came home late, you were on the couch and talking but…it seemed like you were asleep. It seemed like you might have been almost sleepwalking or something. You didn’t react to me at all.”

Ray looked mortified. “Oh, jeez, Ben—I’m sorry. I wasn’t doing anything…weird, was I?”

“No,” said Ben with a perfect poker face. “You weren’t doing anything weird.”

Ray looked slightly relieved, breathing out. “Oh, good.”

“I was just wondering—did you know you did that? Do you have a history of sleepwalking or anything?”

Ray avoided Ben’s eyes. “Um, yeah. Well, I used to. Back in college. I didn’t think I did that anymore.”

Ben smiled. “Look, it’s fine, man. I’m just curious, that’s all.”

“Okay, that’s good. I’m glad. It shouldn’t happen too often, really. Do you remember when it was? Was it on one of your date nights?”

“Well, I’ll have to…” Ben blinked, the realization hitting him. “Wait, why do you ask that? What does that have to do with your sleepwalking?”

Ray immediately turned red, looking even more terrified than before. “Oh, jeez…”

“What’s going on, Ray?”

Ray looked around the room, avoiding Ben’s eyes again.

“Come on, man. It’s fine. I’m just curious. Might we do something to set you off on date night?”

Ray sighed. “No, I mean. It’s not your fault or anything, it’s just. Um. Back in college, it would happen when—oh God, I’ve never told anyone this.”

“It’s cool, man,’ smiled Ben. “Don’t worry. No judgments here.”

Ray nodded. “Some of the girls in my hall. When they’d get ready to go out, they’d wear all these really gorgeous outfits, you know, to show off their assets very well. I’d see them and get all, um…bothered, you know. And then those were the nights I’d sleepwalk. People said I was kind of aggressive. I don’t know.”

Ben blinked at him. “So if you get…worked up? You know, too horny…”

Ray nodded again. “Y-yeah, that’s it. It’s just Scarlett—she’s so beautiful all the time, but she really—oh gosh, I hope you don’t mind me saying this.”

“Don’t worry, Ray. We’re friends. I appreciate that you find my girl attractive.”

Ray looked slightly relieved. “It’s just on your date nights, she really puts it into…um…overdrive. I wondered if that set me off.”

Ben shrugged. “I can’t remember what night it was, to be honest,” he said, lying through his teeth. “But that’s good to know.”

Ray sighed. “I used to lock my door—back in college, I mean. To keep myself, um. Contained. I can start…”

“No, Ray. Don’t worry about it, man, seriously.” Ben smiled at him. “As I said. I was just curious.”


After Ben mentioned this conversation to Scarlett, she declared their next date night would be that night.

They were getting ready together in their bedroom. Scarlett had picked out an insanely sexy dress—perhaps the tightest and lowest cut she owned. All black and strapless, it left little to the imagination.

“It feels mean to tease him,” said Ben, buttoning his shirt.

“I bet he doesn’t complain,” said Scarlett mischievously. She had the dress on, but it wasn’t zipped up.

She opened the door to their room, leaving it open. She knocked on Ray’s door—their bedrooms were side by side, so Ben could hear her easily.

“Yeah?” came Ray’s shy voice.

“Ray, honey?” Scarlett replied in a sweet voice. “Can you help me with something?”

“Um, sure, w—” Ben heard the sound of Ray’s door opening. “What’s ahh—”

Ben heard Ray simply stop talking in shock.

“Sorry, Ray, Ben’s a little busy with a project at work, and I’m stuck here. Can you help me? Just zip this up?”

Ben could hear the sound of footsteps as Scarlett turned around.

“Y-you want me to—” came Ray’s shocked voice.

“Just zip this up, please. I know you can see my bra and panties and everything, but we’re friends, so it’s fine!” Ben heard some silence as he could guess Ray was fumbling with the zipper. “See? It’s a little tough. I think you’ve got to grab a little bit of the fabric right below where the zipper starts. Just put your hand there to hold it steady, and it should slide up with no problem.”

“M-my hand…”

“Right…below…where the zipper starts,” she said, really being seductive now. “Please,” she added sweetly.

Ben heard the sound of a zipper slowly being zipped up and knew Ray had a hand right on Scarlett’s ass. It stopped suddenly. “Oops, I think it’s getting caught on the tag to my bra.” She giggled sweetly. “I won’t blame you if you sneak a peek at my cup size. Though maybe you’re one of those guys who like little boobs…”

“No!” said Ray, a bit too eagerly. “No, um, I think you—I mean—I like them bigger, I mean.”

Scarlett giggled. “I’ll keep that in mind,” she said. With a final zip, she was dressed. “Perfect!” she said with sweet innocence. “I owe you one, Ray.”

With that she rounded the corner, appearing in front of Ben again, smiling.

“Jesus,” said Ben quietly.

Her eyes sparkled. “Based on that? My guess is we’ll see the other Ray tonight.”


They had their date night, but both of them could tell the other was obsessively thinking about returning home. They had their dinner and made the usual small talk, but their focus was sapped. Both of them were in a constant state of arousal at the idea of what could happen that night.

Finally, they made it home. They opened the door to their apartment, turned the corner, and…

Nothing. The room was empty.

They looked at each other. “Maybe he’s still awake?” whispered Ben. He checked his watch—it was pretty late, and Ray usually didn’t stay up too long.

Scarlett bit her lip and studied his closed door. She walked over to it, knocking on it gently.

“Ray? Ray, hun, are you awake? It’s this… zipper again. It’s stuck. I need your help to… take it off.”

The sounds of footsteps suddenly filled the apartment. They both realized how odd it sounded. Ray almost never made any sound when he walked—despite his size, he usually walked very gently. Now, however, they could hear the thud of every step.

Slowly, the door opened. In front of Scarlett stood Ray, who loomed even taller than usual as he was finally standing up straight for once. His eyes were somehow simultaneously locked to Scarlett’s yet were very glazed and unfocused. Ray did not seem to notice Ben across the room.

“You want to take it off?” he said. His voice, deeper than it usually was, felt more confident and direct, though his words had a slight slur to them. He was clearly sleep-talking—Ben was surprised he could understand Scarlett.

Scarlett shrunk a little before him—for the first time, really realizing how big he was. “Yeah, it’s stuck again.”

“Turn around,” he ordered.

Scarlett did so. Ray reached both hands out and began to explore her body, gently sliding his massive hands along her curves.

Ben’s dick, already hard, twitched.

“Ray, um, the zipper?” said Scarlett breathlessly.

Ray did not seem to hear or understand this. He was mumbling as his hands explored, poked, and prodded her body. “Fucking body is insane. Insane. Fat ass. Tight little stomach. Wide hips. Long legs. Fuck. Fucking insane.” They reached forward and cupped her tits. “And these fucking tits. Insane. Insane fucking body.”

“Um, Ray, the Z—”

Suddenly, almost angrily, Ray grabbed the back of the dress. With very little effort, he pulled it in either direction—the zipper broke, and the teeth slowly split down until the dress was open. She heard the fabric rip below the zipper, revealing more of her ass.

“Oh shit,” said Scarlett, voice mixed with arousal and surprise. The dress might be ruined, but in that moment she did not care.

Ben’s breathing got heavier.

“I got your dress open,” said Ray, his words still slurring a bit. “Now take it off.”

Scarlett looked over at Ben, checking in with him. Ben, too aroused by this, didn’t react. Scarlett took this as an approval. She let the dress drop to the floor, leaving only her bra and panties. Ray cupped one of her big tits again. “Fuck yes. God, I want to fuck these. I want to fuck you until you scream.”

Scarlett melted a bit at that.

“Fuck, you make me horny.” He reached down and pulled off the sweatpants he slept in. Out sprang his huge cock, pointing directly at her. He reached down and began to jerk it off.

Scarlett swallowed. She felt her legs wobble a bit at the sight.

“Sit over here,” he said. He grabbed her—firmly, but still not roughly, and guided her over to the coffee table, sitting her down on it. He sat on the couch across from her, his massive cock pointing at her. He jerked off in front of her.

Ben sat down in the chair across from them, pulling out his dick and jerking it.

“You are so fucking hot, you know that? And that fat ass of yours and those big tits. They were made for a big cock like mine. They were made to get wrecked by a cock like this. You like my big cock?”

“I do,” she replied to him.

“You ever had a cock this big?” Ray sounded almost drunk as he spoke.


“What about your boyfriend?”

She turned back, looking at Ben’s dick in his fingers. “No, he’s got a very little dick.”

“I’ll fucking treat you right. I’ll fucking have you screaming. I want to wake you every day by stuffing my big cock in your face. I’d be fucking you over every piece of furniture in this room.” Scarlett, unable to control herself, stuffed her hand down her panties and began to pleasure herself. “I’d fill you with so much cum every day you’d feel empty without it. I’d fuck those big tits and cover your face every night. You’d be wearing those slutty dresses for me every night, and I’d rip them off every day. I want to fuck you like the slut you are, like the slut I know you like to get treated as…”

Ray’s balls were tightening again, and he groaned. “Here it comes, slut.” He scooted forward on the couch. “Here it fucking comes, just for you, just for fucking you, here it is!”

His balls tightened, and this time, Ray had an even bigger orgasm than the one they originally saw. Rope after rope covered Scarlett this time, which became absolutely plastered in cum. Rubbing her clit with newfound fever, she had a quick orgasm herself as she was drenched in cum.

Ben couldn’t believe it. It was like the world’s greatest porn, made just for him.

Finally, the orgasm subsided—Scarlett’s face, tits, bra, thighs, and even some parts of the coffee table were covered in cum.

Ray got up, his cock still hard and pointing at Scarlett. He grunted, turned, and went back into his bedroom. They heard him fall onto his bed.

Slowly, Scarlett turned toward Ben. He was squeezing his dick to keep himself from cumming. Scarlett took a handful of the cum that was trapped between her big tits, holding it out. She looked into Ben’s eyes for confirmation that this was okay.

Ben’s heart practically stopped. Her hand, completely sticky with cum, was inches away from his dick. She stopped just before it, giving Ben one last chance to stop her, but when he did not, she gripped his dick, covering it with Ray’s cum.

“Holy shit, Scarlett—Holy shit, I’m going to fucking—”

She jerked fast, Ray’s cum acting as far more lube than Ben could ever need. He came immediately, filling her hand with even more cum—though, comparatively, it didn’t add much, they both noted.

They breathed heavily, studying each other.


Both of them were in the common room when Ray appeared the next morning.

This time, all three of them felt awkward.

“M-morning,” said Ray, shuffling toward the kitchen, steps quiet again.

“Good morning,” said Scarlett. “Hey, um—Ray?”

He stopped, turned, and looked at her. “Yeah?”

“Do you, um. Do you have a girlfriend?”

Ray blinked at her before grinning sheepishly as if the idea was absurd. “Um, haha. No.”

“Not even someone long distance? Nobody, you know…you play games online with or anything?”

He blushed. “No, er…nobody. Why?”

“I was just curious.”

Ray’s eyes darted between Ben and Scarlett before he continued onto the kitchen.

Ben raised an eyebrow at her. “You were wondering if Ray had anyone?” Some part of him was a little jealous at the implication of her asking if Ray was single.

“I mean, we’re already in…murky territory ethically here. I just wanted to make sure he wasn’t unknowingly cheating on someone.”

“Murky territory?”

“I mean, is he really giving consent?”

Ben looked at her as if she was crazy. “Consent?” he whispered loudly. “He was practically in charge last night. Besides, you didn’t even touch him. What would he need to consent to? Jerking off all over you?”

Scarlett looked at Ben. “You’re saying that’s as far as we’re going to take it?”

They studied each other. Ben didn’t have an answer.

Ray shuffled back into the room, and the three of them studied each other for a minute before Ray awkwardly made his way back into his room.

Ben glanced at Scarlett—she was biting her lip, studying Ray’s closed door.


One evening, a few nights later, Ray was playing video games in the common room. Playing games on the console, they shared was one of the few reasons he was ever outside his room.

Scarlett and Ben had been in their room together in their PJs—Ben in just his PJ pants and Scarlett in PJ pants and an old t-shirt. Once Scarlett had heard Ray move into the common room, she told Ben to stay in their room and listen.

Ben felt his heart race as Scarlett gave him a quick kiss and squeezed his dick through the PJ pants. She walked over to the door, turning off the lights and leaving for the common room. She left the door just barely cracked.

“Hey!” Ben heard Scarlett say to Ray.

“Oh—Hey, Scarlett, um—sorry, did you want to watch something?”

“No, Ben just fell asleep, and I wasn’t tired yet.” Ben heard her plop down on the couch next to Ray. “So I thought I’d see what you were playing. Is it okay if I watch?”

“Um, sure, yeah.”

There were a few moments of awkward silence, filled only by the sounds of whatever game Ray played.

“So, what game is this?” Scarlett asked.

“Final, um—Final Fantasy Seven.”

“Oh, I think I’ve heard of that. Who’s that character? She looks…familiar.”

“Err, yeah. That’s Tifa, Tifa Lockhart.”

“Where have I seen her before…?”

“I have an, um…poster. On my wall.”

Scarlett giggled. “Oh, that’s what it is! Well, I see why. She’s cute.”

Ray nervously laughed, clearly loving the fact that Scarlett found the character cute.

“Love the outfit. Especially that skirt. I think I have a skirt like that I used to wear.” Scarlett sighed dramatically. “Though I doubt it fits me well anymore, given how big my ass has gotten.”

A moan escaped Ray’s lips before he caught it.

“Something wrong?” asked Scarlett.

She was playing up the innocent routine, but Ben knew she was doing her best to torture Ray. From that moan, it was working.

“N-nothing,” said Ray, though his voice was strained.

“Speaking of outfits,” said Scarlett, her voice soft and seductive yet totally innocent. “I was wondering, Ray—do you care if I wear bras around the apartment?”


At this point, Ben had moved all the way to the door of their room. Through the tiny crack, Scarlett left him, he could see the back of their heads, both looking at the TV as Ray played. Ben’s dick was at full mast, practically drooling with cum as Scarlett teased Ray. He reached into his PJ pants and squeezed his dick as he listened to them both talk.

“W-w-what?” asked Ray, face flush, totally caught off guard by the question.

“Well, it’s just… I think everybody deserves to be comfortable in their own home, you know? And after a day of wearing one of my bras, believe me—the first thing I want to do when I get home is get out of them. But I know how some guys are. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.” She spoke slowly, her voice as sweet as honey. “What do you think, Ray? Do you…mind…if I stopped wearing bras around the apartment?”

Ben could see the gameplay on the TV had completely stopped as Ray was unable to focus on it.

“Y-you want to?”

“Ray, I want you to tell me if you want me to stop wearing bras around the apartment.”

Ben could hear Ray swallow hard. Ben’s dick was drooling into his PJ pants.

“Um, you can do whatever you want, Scarlett.”

“I just want to make sure you’re comfortable, so. I want you to tell me to.” There was another pause. “I want you to tell me what you want. Do you want me to stop wearing bras?”

There was another pause. “Yes,” said Ray finally, “I want you to.” From Ray’s tone, it sounded like he couldn’t believe his luck.

“Thank you, Ray. You’re such a sweetheart.”

There was a sound. Ray gasped. “You mean…now?” he said, his voice high-pitched.

Scarlett laughed sweetly. “Of course!” Ben could see he reach under her shirt, behind her back, undoing the clasp. “Why would I wait?”

Ben watched as she pulled off the Bra under her t-shirt. Ray did not take his eyes off of her. Finally, she threw the bra—a blue one—and placed it on the coffee table in front of them. “Ahh,” she said, “much better.”

There was silence as Ben was confident Ray didn’t know what to do in this situation.

“Oh, jeez, Ray,” said Scarlett in mock surprise. “You spilled something on your sweatpants!” There was a smacking sound as Scarlett licked a finger. “Here, let me get it.”

Holy shit. Ben’s dick twitched. She wouldn’t. She wasn’t really about to? He reached down and jerked Ray’s cock, still in the sweatpants.

“N-n-n, Scarlett, it’s um—” started Ray.

“It’s no problem, Ray! We all make little mistakes sometimes. Let me take care of it so you can focus on your game.”

Ben heard the sound of a hand rubbing against the fabric and the sound of Ray gasping. Ben had to squeeze his cock to keep from cumming. Scarlett was obviously cleaning a pre-cum stain off Ray’s pants—and, therefore, probably massaging the tip of his cock.

“Boy, this is a stubborn stain,” she said innocently. Ben heard another smacking sound as she wet her finger again. “Mm,” she moaned on her finger softly. “Oh wow, Ray, it’s somehow gotten even worse. Hold on.”

“Scarlett—It’s…that’s—” Ray sounded fairly conflicted by this. He seemed to finally make up his mind: “It’s okay; I’ll get it!”

“You sure?” said Scarlett, her voice still seductive. “You want me to stop?”

Ray opened his mouth, but no words came out.

“Well, okay, Ray. But if you ever make a mess again, let me know. I’m happy to clean up.”

She stood up, turning back toward their room. Her eyes, mischievous, caught Ben’s in the door crack. “Well, I better get back to bed. But—oh, Ray? Can you do me a favor?”

“Uhuh?” said Ray weakly. Ben saw Ray was hardly able to keep his eyes off her chest, where her nipples were now visible in the t-shirt.

“That’s actually an old bra. Can you toss it for me?”

Ray studied the bra and its huge cups on the table in front of him. “Um.”

“Thanks, Ray.”

Ben moved away from the door as Scarlett moved toward it. She quietly opened it and stepped on him, careful not to reveal Ben to Ray.

Ben immediately wanted to jump on her, but Scarlett just put a finger to her lips, quieting Ben. They both turned back toward the crack, studying Ray.

Ray took a few seconds of studying the bra before he made up his mind, grabbing it and…bringing it back to his room. The sound of uncontrolled grunting and moaning came through the wall.

“Holy fucking shit,” whispered Ben.

Scarlett pushed Ben onto their bed before quietly pulling off her PJ pants and mounting his face. She was soaked, and Ben eagerly began to eat her out. Ben also jerked his cock, still in his PJ pants.

“Listen to him,” whispered Scarlett. “I drive him crazy, I drive him and that big cock fucking crazy. He’s in there creating a tribute to me, he’s in there, and he’s going to cover that bra with his cum—that bra you bought me just last month because you thought it looked so sexy. I pretended it was old just so your roommate Ray could cover it in his fucking cum. Can you believe that? Can you fucking believe that?”

Her hips grounded into his face—it was hard to breathe, but Ben did not care at all.

“Oh God, just imagine that big cock pumping in me, Ben. Fucking me from behind. I wonder how different it would feel? How different would it feel from your little dicklette?”

Ben moaned into her pussy.

“Oh God, you love this shit, don’t you? You really want me to get fucked by him, don’t you?” Through the wall, they could hear Ray’s grunts getting louder. “Fuck, he’s going to cum for me. He’s going to cum on my big bra, and it’s going to fucking make me cum, too, it’s going to fucking make me… Oh my God, it’s going to fucking… Yes… Yes… YES!”

Scarlett could no longer keep quiet, screaming out. Ray could no doubt hear her—and all three of them came at the same time. Ben shot pathetically. Ray covered the bra, completely soaking the big cups in his cum. And Scarlett came all over Ben’s face, almost drowning him in her slimy juices.


Later that evening, Scarlett went to Ray’s door. Ben was again in their room, just out of sight. “Ray?” she whispered. Are you awake?”

The door creaked open slowly. Ray revealed himself to her—eyes glazed over. Asleep again.

He reached a hand out, cupping one of her tits. “Mm, no bra. Just like you said. So slutty.” He squeezed.

Scarlett squirmed with pleasure. “Um, Ray?”


“I was wondering if I could have my bra back.”


“Yeah. I realized it’s not so old.”

There was a beat as sleepwalking Ray thought about this. “Oh, you can have it back,” said Ray, almost wickedly. He went over to the bed and picked it up. You can have it back and then some.” He showed her the bra.

Her breath got shallow as she studied the bra, completely covered in his sticky cum. There’s no doubt Ray had gone many rounds with this thing.

“Just one condition,” said Ray, his voice still drunk sounding.

“What’s that?” asked Scarlett.

“I want to see you put it on.”

There was a beat. “Um…”

“Otherwise, I get to keep it.”

Scarlett swallowed. “Okay, I’ll—”

“No,” said Ray firmly. “Not under the shirt. I want to see you put it on.”

Scarlett turned toward Ben. Ray did not seem to notice or care that Ben was there. Ben had one hand down his PJ pants again, loving this fucked up situation. He nodded to her. She bit her lip, grabbed her t-shirt at the bottom, and slowly brought it up over her head. She tossed it to the side, revealing her perfect and huge tits for Ray.

Ben swallowed.

Ray smiled. “Fucking nice.” He gently lifted one, then the other, tit. “How the fuck do they stay so perky, huh? Insane.”

“Ray?” asked Scarlett shyly. “The…bra?”

“One second, slut.” He kept playing with her tits, which she was loving.

Finally, he grabbed the bra, holding it out to her. “Okay. Put it on.”

She slowly slipped the bra over each arm, putting the clasp back together. There was a wet, slick sound of Ray’s cum being pressed between her massive tits and each of the bra’s cups. Some of it even spilled out the side of her tits.

This was too much for Ben, who came in his PJ pants, eyes rolling back like a premie beta.

Ray, as always, didn’t seem to notice him. “Hmm, they look a little dry, don’t they? Looks like I missed a spot.” He pulled down his sweatpants again, revealing his massive cock. It looked rocked hard as it pointed at Scarlett. He began to jerk it, slick sounds filling the apartment. “Why don’t you get on your knees so I can fix that?”

Scarlett did just that, kneeling so her tits were just in front of his cock.

He jerked fast as he spoke dirty to her. “You ready? Are you ready, you fucking slut? Teasing me around the apartment, practically begging me for my big cock? You ready to get even more cum?”

Scarlett didn’t answer directly but stuck out her tongue, begging for it.

“Here it comes!”

Ben’s small dick hadn’t even gotten soft. He watched in awe as Ray shot rope after rope over Scarlett’s tits, face and neck. His big balls produced more cum than Ben would ever be able to produce. The final few ropes dribbled down into her cleavage.

“There you go, slut. There’s your bra back.”

With that, Ray shut the door.

Scarlett and Ben took a moment before they scrambled into their room.

“Fuck me, Ben. Holy shit, fuck me right now.”

She lay back on the bed, and he jumped on top of her. Neither of them reached for the clasp of the bra. They both knew better—it would stay on. He stuck it in her missionary style, but it didn’t last more than a dozen strokes as he watched her big tits bounce up and down, barely contained by the bra covered in Ray’s cum.


“Has he left his room today?” asked Scarlett to Ben in a whisper. Ray had avoided them completely for a few days.

Ben shook his head.

“What’s with him? Do you think he…remembers?”

“No, I think he doesn’t. That’s what’s getting to him.”

Scarlett cocked her head at Ben.

“Think about it like this,” said Ben. “He gets your bra in his room, where he jerks off on it like ten times. Then he falls asleep, and the next morning, he wakes up, and it’s gone.”

Scarlett’s face lit up with realization. “You think he’s worried…”

“Yeah. He can only guess what happened to it. He’s probably praying that he threw it out in his sleep, but he’s probably worried you saw it somehow.”

Scarlett’s face was mischievous. “Which I did.”

Ben blushed with a smile. “Yes. Yes, you did.”

“So what should we do? I’m worried he’s, like…skipping meals in there!”

“Well,” said Ben with a smile. “Why don’t you let him know you have it?”

Scarlett smiled as an idea hit her. She gently shoved at Ben, shooing him away to hide. She got up, and walked over to Ray’s door as Ben slipped around the corner to their room.

She knocked gently. “Ray? Ray, hun? Are you okay in there?”


“I just want to make sure everything’s okay,” she continued. “We haven’t seen you in a few days!”

Still nothing.

She chewed her lip thoughtfully. “Um, Ray. I also wanted to thank you for giving me my bra back.”

Ben could hear footsteps suddenly and then the sound of Ray’s door slowly creaking open.

“Hi,” she said with a smile.

Ben could hear him gulp. “Hey…” Ray said, finally. “You—the bra, you—um, got it back?” Ray sounded absolutely scared of the answer.

“Yeah, a few nights ago. Remember? You seemed out of it but gave it back.”

“And…you’re, um…everything is okay?”

“Sure!” she said cheerily.

“You threw it out?” he asked hopefully.

“You know…” said Scarlett, her voice overly sweet again. “I realized I liked it so much. So I kept it.”

There was a pause. “Y-you kept?”

“Yeah, I did.” She studied him. “It seemed like some food got all over the coffee table, so I had to wash it.”


“Oh, yeah. Bras. It was such a hassle to wash. I had to do it by hand.” Her voice was slow and breathy, Torturing Ray.

Ben was hard as a rock. Could Ray really not know she knew? Maybe he suspected, but Ray was probably too unsure to act, at least during the day.

“What got all over it, anyway?”


“It seemed…salty.”

Dead silence as they all took in the implication there. Ben could feel the pre-cum soak his boxer briefs.

This was too much for poor, sweet Ray. “I’m not sure. Thanks for checking in on me. Bye!” He rambled quickly, shutting Scarlett’s door.

She stepped over to Ben in their room, kneeling and pulling down his pants. She took his dick in his mouth as they both overheard Ray moaning in his room again. This was too much for Ben—having an earth-shattering orgasm, he filled her mouth with his small spurts of cum.


In the middle of the night, Scarlett and Ben’s door creaked open. They held each other close in their queen-sized bed as they always did—with Ben spooning Scarlett.

“Ben!” whispered Scarlett intensely.

“Mm?” replied Ben sleepily.

“Ben, he’s…here.”

They both looked to see the large, looming shadow of Ray in their doorway. All was still. Slowly, Ray began to make his way over to their bed in the dark room. He moved around Scarlett’s side of the bed until he was standing next to her—his crotch just inches from her face. Even in the dark, they both could see his sweatpants barely contain a massive erection, pressing hard against the fabric.

“Ray?” whispered Scarlett to him. “Are you…are you there?” Her voice sounded nervous and excited.

“You ate my cum,” said Ray, his deeper voice slurred. “You cleaned my pre-cum off my pants and licked your finger. Then again, off your bra.”

He pulled down his sweatpants, his huge erection springing free. She gasped. He stepped even closer to Scarlett. He began to rub his big cock against her cheek—the weight of it squishing her face as he pumped his cock slowly back and forth, sliding across her cheek. The tip pointed toward Ben, though Ray again did not seem to notice Ben was there. It was the first time Scarlett and Ray had actually made contact. Ben had a little tent in his PJ pants.

“You keep eating my cum like a slut,” he continued. “So I thought maybe you’d prefer to get it right from the source.”

“Ben,” whispered Scarlett. “Ben, what should we do?” She turned her head toward Ben, her face toward the ceiling now. “What should we… Mmmm…”

Ray redirected his cock, so it was now sliding across her full lips. It was still pumping toward Ben, but now he could hear the wet sound of her saliva coating the underside of his shaft. Her eyes rolled back a bit, loving it. Getting lost in the smell of it as it slid across her lips and nose. Ben just reached out for Scarlett’s hand, squeezing it, giving her the OK. Letting her know he was okay with her getting lost.

Scarlett reached out, grabbing his big shaft with one of her hands. She noted her fingers couldn’t reach all the way around its girth. She guided the tip toward her mouth. This time, as she pressed forward to slide his big cock across her lips, it entered her mouth instead.

Ray grunted. “Oh, you do love my cum, don’t you? You want it that bad?”

Ray began to pump in earnest. This wasn’t a blowjob—Ray was fucking Scarlett’s face like she had claimed never to like with Ben. His big cock was dominating her mouth, and she loved it. She reached back behind herself as this happened, grabbing Ben’s little dick through his PJs. She slid his pants down, arching her back, presenting her ass toward him. Ben didn’t need to be told twice. He pulled down her pants and began to fuck her in that spooning position from behind. He was bouncing against her big ass as he watched and heard her choke on Ray’s big cock. He had to pinch his thigh to keep from cumming.

“Look at those big lips around my big cock,” grunted Ray. “And you’re taking it so well, aren’t you? You love my big cock, don’t you? You want to worship it every day, don’t you?”

Scarlett could only moan in agreement. Ben felt himself twitch inside her.

“You’re going to become my little slut. I’m going to fuck this face every day.” He reached out, grabbing a tit through her t-shirt. “I’m going to hold these big fucking tits every day. You’re going to fucking beg me every day to cum for you, to fill you up. I can’t wait to fuck you, to make you scream, you fucking slut, you fucking…fucking…here it comes, you little slut, you little fucking…”

Ray grunted and groaned, and finally, his big balls jumping began to fill her mouth and throat with cum. Scarlett could not possibly handle it all and found cum spilling out the sides of her mouth. Ben, overwhelmed by the erotic sight, filled Scarlett with his cum.

After his orgasm finally subsided, he pulled his cock out and wiped the excess cum on her face. Scarlett’s eyes were half closed, drunk with lust.

He stumbled out of the room.


The next night, Ray came out into the common room again. When Scarlett heard him, she slipped out of her and Ben’s room to find him. Ben listened eagerly in their dark bedroom.

“Hey!” said Scarlett cheerily.

“Hey,” replied Ray more quietly.

“Playing that game again? Final Fantasy?”

“Uh, yep.”

“Here, I’ll turn it on for you.”

“Um. No need, you can actually do it from the…um.”

From the crack in the door, Ben could see Scarlett bent over on all fours to push the console’s power button. She was arching her back a bit, too, to really show off that big ass of hers.

“Do it from what?” she asked.

“Nothing,” said Ray, taking a moment to drink in the view.

If it weren’t so erotic, Ben would have rolled his eyes. Scarlett definitely knew you didn’t have to turn it on from the console.

“Here it is!” The console turned on with a beep. She smiled at Ray, then came crashing down on the couch next to him.

“Ben?” asked Ray.

“Asleep again. Tired guy. But I want to see more of this game!” She grabbed a blanket from the basket beside the couch. “Who’s that character again? The cute girl?”


She bundled up in the blanket and actually snuggled up against Ray. Ben felt his cock twitch.

“And who’s that guy? The one with the spikey hair?”

Ray took a breath, clearly enjoying the sensation of her pressed against his arm. She wasn’t wearing a bra, as he requested, after all. “That’s… Cloud.”

“Now that is a big sword,” she said, chuckling. She gasped and then tsk’d. “Ray! Ray, you got something on your pants again.”

“Ah, no! It’s, um—it’s nothing, Scarlett.”

“Now, now, you stay focused on your game. I’ll get it.” Ben could hear the fabric rubbing again. “Hmm, it looks like the same food that was on my bra.” She continued to Rub. Ray’s breathing got heavier.

“Tifa’s pretty cute, huh?” She whispered in his ear.

“Scarlett,” Ray said, almost sounding in pain. “You’re… you’re rubbing… that’s my…”

“You know,” she said, ignoring him, “I found that old skirt. The one that looks like Tifa’s.” She sighed. “Just as I suspected, though. It hardly covers my big ass anymore.”

Ben knew she was jerking his shaft above his sweatpants at this point. Ben was jerking himself off as he listened, pre-cum pouring all over his hands. He had to slow himself to keep from cumming.

“The rest of the outfit wouldn’t really be too hard to put together, I think. The white top I could get no problem. Would you like that? Would you like me to dress up like her?”

There was silence as they studied each other. The only sound that filled the room was the sound of her hand rubbing fabric.

“I think it might be kind of a slutty outfit in real life. Don’t you? But that’s okay. I want to dress up for you.” Scarlett cocked her head at him. “Do you want me to?”

There was more silence. Finally, Ray answered, “Yes.” It was a simple response, but it had a lot more of the confidence and deep tones that Ray had when he was sleeping.

“Okay. I will.” She shook her head. “I don’t know, Ray. Your pants keep getting worse. Seems like they need to be washed. Why don’t you take them off?”

“Take them…”

“Yeah, go ahead and take them off, and I’ll wash them for you.”

Ben listened carefully—the sound of her hand rubbing his shaft through the fabric hadn’t stopped. Scarlett tugged at the waistline of his pants, and Ray, lacking the ability to say no to this, let her slide them off.

His massive cock made a clear tent in his boxers.

“Scarlett, you—”

“Ray, my goodness. It’s even a bigger mess in here. It’s…soaked. Let me try to clean this up.” Scarlett wrapped her hand around the shaft, still covered by his boxer briefs. She slowly moved her hand up and down. Ben could hear the sound of sticky pre-cum in her hand.

Ray simply studied Scarlett in shock. It was obvious to him now: Scarlett was trying to seduce him.

“What about—” Ray swallowed. “What about Ben?”

“What about Ben?” said Scarlett sweetly. “What would he care? I’m just…helping a roommate clean.” Silence as she continued to jerk—Ben could hear the sound of cum and fabric under her hands. “Unless…” She feigned shock. “Why, Ray. Are you having…dirty thoughts right now?”

She jerked a little faster now, her big tits shaking under her shirt without the bra. Ray moaned.

“Well,” she continued, mischief on her face, “if you think this is wrong, Ray, just ask me to stop.”

Ray looked conflicted, breathing heavily.

“If you want me to stop. Go ahead. Tell me.” Ray didn’t say anything. “Or, how about this? If you don’t tell me to keep going, I’ll stop in five seconds. I’ll count down for you. If you tell me to keep going, I’ll keep rubbing. But if you don’t, I’ll take my hand off and head back into my room. Ready? Five. Four.” She turned even more toward him, giving him a good look at her big tits shake. “Three. Two. O—”

“Don’t stop,” begged Ray. Ben felt his little dick twitch at Ray’s betrayal.

Scarlett smiled, never doubting for a second Ray would stop the countdown. “Don’t stop? Don’t stop what?”

“Don’t stop… um…”

“Say it, Ray.”

“Don’t stop… um, cleaning…”

“No, Ray. No more pretend. Tell me.”

Ray was in agony as he studied her. Ben began to jerk off, unable to control himself at the loud sounds of her hand around that monster dick. “Don’t stop…um…don’t stop jerking my cock.”

Scarlett beamed. “Yes, Ray,” she practically hissed. She reached out, wrapping her other hand around his big shaft, now using both to please him. Two hands would be unnecessary for Ben, he thought. But on Ray, it seemed like there was room for two more hands. “I think we should get rid of these boxers. Don’t you?”

Ray looked conflicted but nodded.

“Tell me, Ray. Make me.”

Ray studied her eyes. “Um, please. Take off my boxers.”

“Not like that. No, Ray. I know what you really like.” She bit her bottom lip, looking into his eyes, the speed of her jerking increasing, her tits shaking with more force. “I see the hunger in your eyes. Come on, Ray.”

‘Holy shit,’ thought Ben, dick dripping in his PJs. She was trying to bring out the other Ray. So the question was: was the sleepwalking version of him some bizarre, aggressive personality, totally separate from Ray? Or was it the way Ray wanted to treat Scarlett deep down?

“Come on, Ray.”

“You want me…”

“Treat me like you want to treat me, Ray. I promise. I’ll like it. I really like it. Come on. What do you want to tell me right now? Say it.”

Another pause as Ray studied her. Then, finally, he found his voice—deeper, like the night. “Take off my boxers.”

She bit her lip again, excited. “And?”

“And suck my cock.” Ray swallowed, still not quite his nighttime confidence self. He took a chance. “Slut.”

Scarlett rewarded this with a smile. She pulled off his boxers and kneeled between his legs, taking his cockhead into his mouth and drooling on it messily. Ben gave himself a few jerks and came immediately into his pants, eyes rolling back into his head as he did so.

“Keep talking dirty,” said Scarlett, taking her lips off him for a moment.

“You…like that, slut? You like my big cock?”

“You know I do, Ray. My boyfriend is asleep in the room next door, and here I am, worshiping you.”

“You are such a slut,” said Ray.

Slowly but surely, his voice was gaining confidence. Losing some of the stutters, Ben was used to. Ben guessed seeing a girl as hot as Scarlett slobber on his dick was a confidence booster.

“I’m your slut, Ray.”

Then she really stuffed his cock into her mouth. Ben was amazed and how much she could get down.

“Oh, shit,” Ray said, head rolling back. “You love big cock, don’t you?”

“Oh yes.”

“Ben doesn’t have what you need?” Ray asked.

“No, Ray. Ben has a tiny dick I can barely feel. That’s why I’m out here with you. That’s why I can’t keep my hands off you. Whenever I see the pre-cum stain your pants when I tease you…I need to touch it. I need to taste it.”

Ray, slowly, took a hand a put it on the back of her head. He was clearly looking for permission to do this, but her eyes lit up when he did. “Yes, Ray. Fuck my fucking head with your big cock, fuck my fucking mouth, and mmmph!”

He did so, stuffing his cock in her mouth, shoving her head onto his cock as his hips bucked. “Holy shit, Scarlett, you are such a fucking hot slut. Your body is so insane, and I’m going to fucking cover it in my cum.”

Scarlett moaned blissfully. The apartment was filled with the filthy sounds of a massive cock ramming in and out of a wet, eager mouth. Ben was hard again.

“I am going to cover your face in my fucking cum. I am going to fucking…fucking…fuck!”

Ray shot a couple of ropes into Scarlett’s mouth before she had to take her mouth off, cum pouring out of her mouth. She kept jerking with her hands, pointing the big cock at her face. Ray plastered her with his cum, shooting rope after rope all over her eyes, nose, lips and cheeks.

Slowly, they both came down from the high. Ray seemed ashamed as if he was unsure of what came over him.

“Scarlett, I’m… Jeez, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over me there.”

“Well, I know what came all over me,” she said with a smile. She grabbed a nearby tissue, cleaning off her face. “That was fun,” she said, standing up. She turned around and bent over at the waist, her big ass in his face, as she cleaned some of the cum that got on the coffee table behind them. She stood up, looked back, and smiled at him. “Let’s do it again sometime…soon.”

She walked over, back to her and Ben’s room, and entered, closing the door behind her. She pulled Ben in for a passionate kiss on the other side of the closed door—Ben could smell the intense smell of Ray’s cum on her face and taste it on her tongue. She broke off the kiss and took Ben’s hand and led him over to the bed. There, she bent over the mattress, pulling down her pants and presenting her big ass to him.

Ben, horny as he had ever been in his life, lined up behind her, pressing his little dick inside her sopping wet pussy. He had never noticed until this moment how little of his dick could actually get inside her like this with her fat ass in the way. He bounced on her ass with a few dozen little taps before he came again.

Scarlett smiled at him.


Ray was out playing on his console the next night.

Ben couldn’t help but laugh. It was obvious he was going to do anything to recreate last night’s events.

“He’s out there?” whispered Scarlett.

“Are you kidding? He’s going to live on that couch on the off chance you decide to go out there again.”

“Well, I don’t want to be predictable,” said Scarlett with a smile. “Maybe I should bring him in here?”

Ben felt his throat get dry. “You mean…”

“I can show him the outfit. I have all the stuff. You can hide somewhere here. You’d be able to see…more.”

They studied each other.

“Are we really going to do this?” asked Ben, almost in disbelief.

“You tell me. You can call it off right now, and we’ll put it behind us. We both had our fun.” She took a step closer to Ben. “Or…” she said, her voice more seductive, “I can show him the outfit I’ve been working on. And we’ll see where he wants to stick that big cock of his.”

Scarlett kissed Ben, reaching down to grab the little tent in his pants. Ben moaned. “Okay. Jesus, this turns me on. Let’s do it.”

Scarlett beamed, excited. She gently pushed him toward the closet, covering him in random clothes to hide him better. She looked thoughtful for a second before carefully adding a pair of her panties to his head. She giggled at him. The rush of humiliation made his little dick throb.

“There you go,” she said. “You can be stuck in the closet with a pair of my panties on your head while you watch your girlfriend suck your roommate’s cock.” She slowly closed the closet door until it was just a crack, though thankfully, he still had a good view of the bed. “Perfect.”

Ben heard her walk over to their room’s door. “Ray?”

“Ah yeah?” Ben could hear the excitement in his voice.

“Um, can you come into my room? There’s… something I want to show you.”

“S-sure!” he could hear Ray’s footsteps until both he and Scarlett were revealed to him through the closet door. “Um, where’s Ben?”

“Stuck at work,” she said.

“Ah! Okay,” said Ray, though his voice was obviously excited.

“Why don’t you sit on the bed?” said Scarlett, her voice casual.

Ray did so. The bed creaked under his weight. Ben could feel his nervous excitement.

“So, I told you how I had that skirt,” said Scarlett, searching through her drawers. “You know… the one that the character you like has. Tina.”


Scarlett pulled some items out. “Right. So I got a few things off the internet, and I think I managed to…” She was pulling at the waist of her pants. “Hey, don’t look!”

Ray looked away.

“Close your eyes,” she said, her voice seductive. He did so—she pulled down her pants, facing away from him. It revealed that big ass of hers and a new pair of pink panties. From Ray’s breathing, Ben knew he was absolutely not closing his eyes.

She slid on the skirt—way too small now. You could still see the panties as she bent over the dresser. Though maybe that was the point. Ben could see Ray’s erection grow in his pants.

“The shirt was easy enough. Suspenders, too.” She pulled off her shirt. She was facing away from both Ray and Ben—though you could see the round curve of her big tits from behind. She put on the white and black shirt, which left her tight tummy revealed. “And thigh highs! No problem.” She sat on the bed next to him, their thighs touching. “No peeking,” she reminded him as she slipped on the long socks and arm pieces.

“But the gloves—and that thing on her arm! That was tough. The gloves… I think I got close, but I had to skip the arm… thing.” She jumped up, standing in front of Ray. “Okay… you can look now.”

Ray opened his eyes—or at least pretended to.

“Well?” she asked, posing for him. “What do you think?”

Ben had to admit she looked stunning and, frankly, pretty slutty. She would never leave the apartment in such an outfit—the tight top left nothing to the imagination, showing every curve of her tits, and as she still left the bra off, exactly where her nipples were. The skirt was short enough that one quick turn would reveal every detail of her panties. And the thigh-high socks around her thick yet toned thighs—for whatever reason, they made her even sexier.

“Wow,” was all Ray could say, genuinely.

“How do I look?” she asked. She gave a slight twirl, her skirt lifting dangerously as she did so.

“You look beautiful,” said Ray.

“Oh?” she said. She pouted. “You think I look beautiful?”


“Hmm,” she said, continuing to pout. “Is that what you really thought when you first opened your eyes? When did you see my big tits stuffed into this shirt? When you saw my hips or the curve of my ass in this skirt? Doesn’t really leave much to the imagination, does it?” She glanced at the mirror. “You can see my nipples pretty clearly, too, can’t you? Did you see all this and think ‘Beautiful’?”

Ray breathed more heavily. “No,” he replied, his voice deeper.

Ben’s dick was hard but desperate to stay hidden. He couldn’t reach down to jerk off.

“When you saw me dressed this way—for you—what did you think? What did you think I looked like?”

“I thought you looked…slutty,” admitted Ray. “You looked like a slut.”

She took a step closer to him, biting her lip. “Whose slut?”

He reached out, grabbed her ass, and pulled her close. Ben was surprised at the confident move. At Ray’s height, even though he was sitting and she was standing between his legs, he barely had to lift his head to bring their lips close.

“My slut,” he said before shoving his tongue into her mouth.

Ben felt his little dick throb as he listened to the sloppy kisses—not loving at all, but purely animalistic and passionate. It was the first time they kissed, and it sounded like they couldn’t get enough of each other. Ben watched as Ray’s hands explored his girlfriend—grabbing her ass, squeezing her tits. All the while, she moaned into his mouth, loving it.

After a few minutes of kissing this way, Scarlett broke it off. “Come on, Ray. Please. I dressed up for you. Don’t you think I deserve a reward?”

“Oh yeah? What would that be?”

“Let me suck your cock. Please, Ray.” She got down on her knees in front of him. “Please, Ray, please. I’ve been thinking about it all day. I want you to fuck my face again. I want you to fuck my face in this slutty outfit I wore for you.”

Ray smiled—this time, smugly. Ben couldn’t believe it—fucking your roommate’s girlfriend sure could give a guy confidence.

“Get on it, slut.”

She tugged at his sweatpants and underwear, pulling them both down around his ankles. Neither of them bothered removing it any further—instead, she immediately got to sucking his massive cock.

“That’s it. That’s it. You are so good at sucking my big cock,” said Ray, moaning.

Scarlett moaned on his cock.

“You ever dress up like a slut for Ben?” asked Ray.

“Never,” she said, taking her mouth off his cock, but continuing to jerk him with both hands. “I’m a good girl for Ben.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah. When we go out, I wear cute little dresses. When we go to bed, I wear boring PJs.”

“And what if you were in my bed?”

“I’d be wearing whatever you wanted, Ray. Mostly nothing at all.”

“And why’s that?”

“So you’d fuck me with your big cock every night.”

Ben felt his PJs get soaked with pre-cum. If he just touched himself gently, he would blow, but he didn’t dare move.

“Fuck yes,” said Ray, loving this answer. He grabbed the back of her head with both hands and began to fuck her face. The sounds were absolutely filthy. “You need a real fucking man to fuck you, don’t you?”

Her eyes were rolling back, drunk with pleasure, unable to respond.

He fucked her face for a few more minutes before he pulled his cock out of her mouth with a popping sound.

“Pull your panties down,” he ordered, stroking his big cock.

Scarlett looked surprised. “N-now? Already?” She looked conflicted, glancing at the closet.

Ben was painfully erect. He worried he might actually cum without touching himself.

Ray confidently rubbed his shaft against her face, squishing a soft cheek with his rock-solid cock. “What, you want to wait? You don’t want to feel…this…inside you?”

“No, I…I do, it’s just…”

“Surely you didn’t dress up like this just to suck my cock? No. You want to get fucked, don’t you? You want me to pull down those panties and bend you over the bed and fuck you in that skirt, don’t you?”


His cock twitched against her face. “Let me eat your pussy, and you can think about it.”

She bit her lip, glancing at the hard shaft against her cheek and the big balls just inches from her lips. She made a decision. “Umm…okay.”

Ray smiled somewhat cockily, standing up and bending her over the bed. He kicked away his pants, then slid down her panties, leaving on the skirt. He shoved his face roughly into her ass, eating her out from behind. The noises were sloppy—his tongue was really digging into her clit.

“Ohhh, shit,” she said. “Oh, fuck. What the fuck, Ray. You are so good at that.” She shuddered. “Ohh my God, what the fuck. That is so good. Oh my God, I love getting eaten from behind.”

Ray pulled away. “Ben never does this?”

“No. He always eats me out while I’m on my back. Unless I sit on his face.”

Ray shook his head. “What a fucking idiot. Look at this ass.” He took his big hand and spanked her hard. Scarlett bit her lip again, moaning in pain and pleasure. Ray pushed his face back in, and the filthy, sloppy noises continued.

“Oh God, Ray. Don’t stop. Don’t fucking stop. That’s crazy, you’re fucking so good at this. Oh my God, Ray. Ray. I’m going to… I’m going to fucking—nooooo, Rayyy, fuck…noo!” Ray stopped, standing up behind her. His big cock pointed at her big ass—they seemed to be made for each other.

“Okay, slut. Tell me. You want to fuck me or not?”

Scarlett looked thoughtful, again glancing at the closet. “Mmm… Fuck. Okay. Jesus. Fuck me, Ray.”

“Beg me for it.”

She moaned but gave in. “Please, please, Ray, I’m so fucking horny for your big cock. I’m so fucking horny for your big fucking cock inside me, and I’m going to go fucking crazy if you don’t push it inside me now. Please, Ray. Please!”

Ray pressed his hard cock against her entrance.

“Shit! Oh my God, Ray. Go slow.”

Ray kept pressing. “Fuck, you are so wet.”

“Ray! Oh my God. Hold on, this is crazy, you are so… fucking… oh my God. What the fuck, you are filling me up so much. Ray, Jesus. Wait. I’m going to… what the fuck, I’m going to fucking cum…!? I’m so full, Ray, I’m going to fuck… fucking holy shit, here it comes, oh my God-!”

Ben had never been able to get her to cum through fucking her. And here was Ray, able to get her to cum just by pushing a few inches inside her. She squirmed on his big cock for a few moments before calming down. Ray had confidence before, but now his smile was outright a smirk.

After she came down from her high, he began to keep pushing inside her, well beyond what Ben could ever hope to reach. “Ohh, God, Ray, this is so good.”

“You like my big cock?”


“You like how it feels inside you?”

“Oh my God, yes.”

“Well, how does this feel, hmm?”

Now he slowly began to thrust in and out of her, pumping his big cock into her tight pussy. He wasn’t all the way in yet, and still, Scarlett was getting the fucking of a lifetime.

“Holy shit Ray, holy shit. Keep going, don’t stop. You are fucking me so good.”

“I’m not all the way in yet, slut. Here we go…” He slid all the way inside her. Finally, his gut hit her big ass with a smack. It jiggled erotically.

Scarlett opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came out. Her legs shook again, and Ben could see her wetness drip down Ray’s balls.

“Fucking shit, Ray, my God, you are fucking huge.”

“Yeah? Your boyfriend doesn’t get this deep?”

“Mm, no,” she said. “Not even halfway.”

“Well, get ready because I’ve been dreaming of fucking you from behind for years.”

One hand grabbed her waist while the other rested on her big ass. Slowly but surely, he pulled all the way out of her, then slowly slid all the way back until their bodies came together in a slap. He kept repeating this process, fucking her with long, slow strokes.

Scarlett was loving it. “Oh my God! Ray, fucking shit that is amazing!”

Ray began to pick up steam. “Oh fuck, you are so tight. You’re so fucking tight.”

“All for you, Ray.”

“Yeah? This tight pussy is all mine?”

“All fucking yours. You’re a fucking sex, God, Ray. Holy shit.”

Ben couldn’t help but compare his doggy style to this one—Ben had to do short little pumps so he wouldn’t slip out. Ray seemed to be able to pull out as far as he wanted and still have cock to spare. Ray picked up steam, now fucking her in earnest.

“Oh, God, Ray. Oh God, holy shit, I am so full. I am so fucking full. I am so fucking full of cock, of your cock, of your big cock. I feel so good.”

“You look so good with my cock. You look like a fucking pornstar.”

“I’m your pornstar. I’ll do whatever you want.”


“Just keep fucking me with that cock.”

He reached around, playing with her clit as he fucked her with long strokes, fucking her harder now. “That’s the right answer, slut.”

“Oh God! Oh my God, Ray. Don’t stop. Don’t stop that. Keep fucking me hard like that. So good, oh my God, don’t fucking stop, I’m going to…going to fucking…cum…on your big…cock… I’m going to fucking…cum!”

She shivered again and then screamed in what was easily the largest orgasm that Ben had ever seen her have. Ray kept fucking her throughout it, and with each thrust, he seemed to push her to new heights.

Finally, as she came down from the high, he pushed into her and held it there. She moaned, breathing deeply and shivering.

“Fuck, you do like it rough,” said Ray.

Scarlett just groaned in response, her eyes glazed over, seeming almost like she was sleepwalking herself. She was still riding out the aftershocks of her epic orgasm. He took the hand on her waist and reached forward, grabbing the side of her face. His middle finger pushed its way into her mouth and hooked into her cheek. His other hand, still on her ass, squeezed it, feeling the flesh between his fingers.

She groaned again, tongue desperately lapping at his finger in her mouth. He began to pump again. Scarlett’s epic orgasm made the thrusting sound even wetter than before—Ben could see Ray’s cock glisten with her juices. It seemed to drip down his big ball sack. Scarlett moaned again, hardly down from her high, still seeming out of it, already feeling intense pleasure again. She clearly loved the rough sex, the sort of sex Ben couldn’t give her.

The sight was intensely erotic. Ben felt his little dick throb. He wished desperately he could reach down and jerk off but could only watch, frozen in the closet.

“These fucking paper-thin walls,” said Ray, increasing his pace again, his eyes burning with uncharacteristic passion. “I had to listen after every date night you had with your boyfriend…your bed springs squeaking for a minute while he fucked you. Your polite moaning during it. All the while, I was on the other side of this wall, thinking of how much I wanted to destroy your cunt with my fat cock.”

Scarlett moaned at the implication of his obsession.

“It made me feel ashamed to look at you, talk to you. All these dark thoughts I had of fucking you, stuffing you under my desk, choking you with my cock, fucking those fat tits. Every time we were in the same room, it was all I could think about. Every time you wear those tight yoga pants or a shirt without a bra. Those thoughts would flood my mind.”

Ray pulled out of her suddenly, and she whimpered at the pleasure lost. He flipped her over and pushed her onto the bed. She quickly spread her legs, begging for his return. He landed on top of her, inserting his massive cock, still wet with her juices, back into her. She moaned, squirmed, and bit her lip, loving every second.

“But now I know the truth. Now I know you want it too. I thought you really were a good girl, but you’re just a slut, aren’t you?”

“I am!” she said.

“Whose slut?”

Her hands explored his big body, finding his ass and pulling him in even tighter as he fucked her. “Yours, Ray. Fucking yours.”

“Fuck yes, you are. You want me to fuck you every day?”

“Yess, Ray, please, fuck me!”

Ray leaned in to kiss her—a wet, sloppy kiss. Their lips hardly touched—their tongues were dancing outside of their mouths in the most perverse kind of kiss.

Ray only broke the kiss once to rip off her top, revealing her massive tits. As he drove his cock inside her, they shook up and down in a wonderfully erotic sight. Her skirt was now up around her waist, covering nothing.

It was too perverse, too beautiful—the sight of his girlfriend kissing his roommate in such a dirty way, moaning into his mouth as his massive cock pumped in and out of her. Ben, unable to control himself, came in his pants. He bit his tongue to keep from calling out.

Raty fucked her like this for a while—Ben could hear Scarlett’s next orgasm building in her voice.

“You going to cum again?” asked Ray.

“I… I’m getting there, Ray, I’m getting close to cumming…again…”

“Well, we don’t want you to cum in missionary, do we? That’s how good girls cum, isn’t it?”

Scarlett swallowed. “Um…”

“And you’re a slut, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Ray…”

“Well, then, we better fucking fix that.” He slowly pushed her off the bed, though he wrapped his big hands around her hips. He pushed her until her upper body slid onto the floor. He stood next to the bed, still holding onto her hips, still fucking her—her hips were still at his waist level. But her head was on the ground, and gravity pulled her big tits, so they were pressed into her face, smothering herself.

In this potion, he began to fuck her like a pile driver, driving his big cock down.

Her tits bounced up and down, shaking down into her face. She moaned, loving this position, loving feeling dominated.

“That’s better, isn’t it, slut?”


“You like the feeling of your big tits pressed against your chin?”

“I do, Ray. Does it make me look good?”

“You look so fucking good. Suck on your tits for me.”

Scarlett reached up and grabbed a tit, moving her nipple into her mouth. She was surprised and how much she liked this act.

“Fuck yes,” said Ray, groaning.

Ben watched as Ray fucked his girlfriend in a position he would never have even thought to ask Scarlett to try. His little dick stayed hard at the sight.

Ray brought one hand around, a thumb playing with her clit. Scarlett could only moan with her nipple in her mouth. He increased his pace even more, driving the massive shaft up and down.

Ben watched as Scarlett’s eyes began to roll back, and she sucked on one tit and squeezed the other into her face. He could tell another orgasm was on the way.

“Keep sucking those big tits for me,” said Ray through gritted teeth. “Oh fuck, you look like such a fucking slut. You look so good to me. You look so good with those big tits in your mouth. With your head on the fucking floor.”

“Mmm… Mmmmmm! MMM!” she moaned.

Finally, the sensations were too much for her. She moaned and moaned into her tits until, finally, the next orgasm erupted. Ben watched as her hips shook intensely. If Ray had an average dick, Ben was sure he would have popped out of her. But that wasn’t a problem for Ray.

Ray was not the type to let her recover. “What other positions should sluts try?”

Scarlett looked half out of it. “Fuck me against the wall,” she begged, almost slurring her words. Then, in a sudden moment of clarity, she corrected herself. “No—fuck me against the closet door.”

‘Oh fuck,’ thought Ben, his dicklette twitching.

Ray pulled out of Scarlett, picked her up, and then pushed her against the closet door. He lifted Scarlett without too much effort and positioned her on his cock. Ben was surprised at how strong Ray was, but he was much bigger than Scarlett.

As Ray pressed her body against the closet, the small crack that Ben had to see the action was suddenly filled. Scarlett’s ass pressed against it, the flesh of one of her big ass cheeks squeezing through the crack.

Ray began to pump in and out of her as he held her against the closet door. The sliding door made a loud slamming noise as Ray fucked Scarlett’s weight against it.

Ben couldn’t help it. With Scarlett’s body blocking him from view, he finally felt safe to reach down and stuff a hand down his pants. He was soaked from his previous orgasm. He didn’t dare jerk off at full speed, but he gently caressed himself, intoxicated at the sights and the sounds that surrounded him. He even allowed himself to moan quietly, the sound totally covered by Scarlett’s screams and the sound of the closet door.

Some intrusive thought entered Ben’s head, and he simply could not resist. He leaned in silently, pressing his nose against the flesh of Scarlett’s ass, smelling the wet sex in the air.

Scarlett moaned with even more joy, knowing that her boyfriend must love this as much as she did—well, almost as much.

Ray was beginning to grunt even more. Ben could tell Ray was finally approaching his orgasm. It was amazing to Ben the nerdy Ray could even last this wrong with his beautiful girlfriend, when even after years of dating her, Ben couldn’t last more than a few minutes.

“Here it comes,” Ray said, driving into her with new vigor. “I’m going to fucking cum. Here it comes. Where do you want it?”

Ben kept jerking, fearing and excited for the answer.

“Cum on… come on… come on my…” Ben could hear the hesitation in Scarlett’s voice. She seemed to make a decision. “Oh, fuck it, Ray, cum in me! Fucking fill me up!”

Ray grunted even louder, loving this answer. He slammed his big cock into her.

“Get ready to get bred, slut. Get ready for my fucking seed. I’m going to fill you with more cum than you’ve ever had in your life. Fucking… fucking… fuck!”

With a last deep drive, Ray’s balls began to bounce, filling Scarlett with his cum. At that moment, Ben, too, lost control, cumming again silently in his pants.

Ray and Scarlett breathed deeply for a few seconds. Ray still held her against the closet wall. Finally, he stepped back, still holding her around his waist. They were kissing deeply, sloppily, again.

Ben watched as the massive cock, gleaming with both their juices, slipped out of her. With it, a stream of cum dropped out of her, hitting the floor with a loud splat.

Finally, they broke their kiss.

“You’re insane,” Scarlett said to Ray, breathlessly. “I didn’t know sex could be like that.”

Ray smirked. “It’s only going to get better from here.”

“You better go back to your room. Ben will be back any minute.”

“So?” asked Ray, palming one of her big asses in his hand. “Fuck Ben. Let’s go another round.”

Ben felt his dick twitch at the betrayal, somehow still hard even after his orgasms.


Ray groaned. “Fine. I’ll play nice. But… you owe me one.” He put her down. They shared one last kiss before Ray left the room. Ben heard his footsteps leading to his room and shutting the door.

Finally, he came out of the closet. When he did, Scarlett was already lying back on the bed, exhausted and happy.

Ben jumped on her immediately and kissed her deeply. She kissed back, but with less enthusiasm than she showed Ray, Ben noted.

“That was so fucking hot,” whispered Ben.

“Mm, I know,” said Scarlett, almost sleepily.

Ben stuck his little dick inside her. She felt soaked, filled with her juices and, of course, Ray’s cum. The sensation made Ben groan with pleasure.

Scarlett, on the other hand, just gave Ben a polite smile as he began to fuck her with his little dick.

“Oh shit, Scarlett. Oh fuck. I’m going to fucking cum…”

She rubbed his back, looking at him with just a little pity, as Ben came inside her so quickly, adding just a dash of cum to Ray’s massive load.

He rolled off her, and they both breathed heavily, staring at the ceiling.

Scarlett turned to Ben, a strange glint in her eye. “I think…I think he should join us.”

“Join us?”

She smiled at him. “For a date night.”

Ben swallowed.


To Be Continued…?


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