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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader thought he was the man…

So as a guy with a pencil dick (bronze member), for some reason, my go-to is: ‘I bet/guess he had a small dick’ when women talk about bad sexual experiences. Well, it’s never truly backfired till my second wife. She had already mentioned how her ex always complained about her pussy being dry and refused to buy lube…she was going through a tough time. I just figured she wasn’t turned on…fast forward to later in our relationship, she was giving me road head, and after, we started talking about her orgasm. She said she never came with her ex.

So cocky, I throw out the old, “He must’ve had a little dick!”

The way she said, “Oh, no,” shocked me to the bone.

She said it was extremely girthy! After I shriveled up to micro size, I asked her, “Really? How big was it.”

We had had a couple of drinks, so I don’t think she would’ve described it as she did. She spread her hands about 8″ inches and then put her fingers in a circle ⭕️ with fingers not even close to touching! I thought, ‘Wow,’ and that would be the end of it.

Fast forward a few months, and we end up at a toy store. My wife picked out a magic wand and quietly got the biggest penis sleeve they had. We got home and were eager to try the new buys out. I put the sleeve on and said, “I bet you never had one this big.”

The look she gave me was, ‘Oh, I’ve had bigger.’ It was the biggest SPH I’ve ever been a part of!


Another reader gets some post-holiday SPH…

My wife and I crawled into bed last night after a weekend away, during which we stayed in a king-size bed. She commented on how we were so close and how our bed seemed so small (after the king-sized bed), to which I responded, “It’s OK. I know you like it small.”

“But do I?” she responded. “I mean, this bed is small, and it’s OK. Some people might even say it’s micro!”

I laughed and said, “I am definitely not micro, dear.”

“OK, big man. You’re right. You’re half an inch bigger than a micro penis.”

“No, I’m at least an inch, if not an inch and a half, bigger than a microdick,” I said, picking up my phone and googling micropenis.

She laughed and said, “How about it, shrimpy?”

As I put the phone down. “Going by this, I’m bigger by 0.75 inches,” I said, getting hard.

“So really, only half an inch bigger since you exaggerate your size,” she giggled.

“No, seriously. I’m not adding anything!”

She grabbed my penis, getting hard (I had my legs up and tucked on my side so my penis was smaller, and she grabbed me and said, “Love. You’re definitely micro right now! I can barely get two fingers on him!”

“You better stop, babe. I might start begging for a handjob,” I told her.

“Nope, we’re going to bed. That extra 30 seconds of sleep is more important than you cumming.”

And with that, we went to bed.


Meanwhile, this reader shares his experiences…

When I was about thirteen, my mum and I were on a long road trip coming back from the airport when I needed the toilet desperately. Huge mistake. I told my mum I was so close to wetting myself (to which she giggled a little). So she pulled over on the hard shoulder where she instructed me to go behind a tree, sort of over a fence. I was so desperate that the moment I reached the tree, I just started peeing, not realizing that I was standing in plain sight of my mother. She could see me from the side profile completely exposed. When I saw her, she had her hands on her hips and the biggest smile on her face, slowly shaking her head from side to side.

Once we returned to the car, she was laughing the whole journey, saying things like, “Aww, don’t worry, it’s not that bad,” and “I’m your mother. Of course I’ve seen it before,” and “I’m sure you little pee-pee will get bigger one day.” We never spoke of it again.

Then, in a high school science class, we had tables of two and the standard boy-girl setup. Beside me was this noticeably quiet, albeit unbelievably cute, hijab girl. Despite being sat next to her for over a year, we barely ever spoke. We had the dreaded sex-ed class together, and whenever a picture or video of the male anatomy came up, she would laugh, glance over at me, and put her head down.

I still wonder what that meant. But during one lesson, the teacher brought in physical models—they were massive. The teacher had condoms for us to practice and learn the correct technique of putting one on. That girl’s eyes LIT UP, and she went straight to work, slipping the condom on effortlessly onto the large piece. I swear she was handling it so seductively, too.

She took it off and said: “Well, it’s your turn!”

I was completely flustered and said, “Nah, I think I’ll pass.”

She replied, “Huh? You’re going to need this skill more than me. It’s not embarrassing; it’s natural,” to which I hung my head in shame.

Staring at me for what felt like forever, she smiled faintly and said, ” I’m guessing yours is really small, right?” (HOW WOULD SHE KNOW?!)

I couldn’t reply and nodded (I oddly felt safe doing so just because her overall personality and tone always felt comforting). Then she said: “Ahh, don’t worry about it. You’ll be fine. It’s just these models that are too big.”

Ever since, it has been awkward for me, but I feel like she has moved on.


While this reader is conducting scientific research…

So I’ve been posting on KIK for about a month, trying to show off my penis to as many women (or people pretending to be women) as possible. The nerd in me compiled the numbers on reactions I got. I even made a graph, but I’ll just post the raw numbers.

Total Participants: 82

Stopped replying once they saw it: 47.

Asked if I was serious/if it was really mine: 12

Accused me of being younger/a teen: 3.

Laughed/said something mean(🥵): 14.

OK with it: 4.

Loved it: 2.

I will continue my study for science and keep you all posted if you’d like 😅


This reader leaves his phone in class…

Left my philosophy class one time, and about 10 minutes down the road, I realized I had left my phone laying in the chair next to me, and knowing I didn’t have a screen lock and a ton of pictures of my little dick on there. I panicked and rushed back, trying to make it before the next class started. Busted through the door, and ugh, I failed. The room was full, and they were just about to start.

I know my face turned beet red when I headed toward my seat and noticed these two super cute girls sitting there with the biggest smirks on their faces, pointing to the teacher because they gave it to him. They apparently knew it was my phone from the pictures, but if they saw my face pics, they had to have seen my other pics🤦🏼‍♂️. The teacher had kind of an embarrassing look on her face, too, so I wouldn’t doubt she opened it.


Another reader is shocked by his small dick friend…

This happened a few years ago. I was studying in the library with my buddy. I was still a virgin but had gotten head before and was really sexually inexperienced at the time. My friend was very boisterous and braggy ab his sex life with his pretty hot girlfriend. He would also self-deprecatingly joke that he was average despite his conquests. He was taller and more athletic, and I was scrawny and couldn’t throw a ball. So he was just the cooler dude. We were studying for an exam and he was showing me pictures of calculations he had on his phone. So he handed me his phone, and as I was swiping through, I swiped too far and saw a picture of his girlfriend giving him a BJ, but her lips made it right to his base. I panicked and quickly swiped again, but there was another pic of her just holding it with two fingers at the base and looking at it.

I was shocked, and I had never seen one that small before. So I handed my buddy the phone back and said, “I’m so sorry I swiped too far. You shouldn’t just have that stuff in your photos, dude.”

He shrugged it off and said, “It was her idea to take the photos.”

I think I was visibly shocked cause I had never seen someone’s personal porn before, and it seemed like his experience with oral was so much different from mine. His girlfriend seemed hot and into it. When I got fellatio, my partner was constantly gagging and stroking it with both hands like it was some kind of chore. She definitely did not want me to take any pics of it. Her makeup was all ruined from her eyes watering, and when I asked her how she was doing she said it was too big and she couldn’t even fit half of it in her mouth.

Anyway, he must have noticed I was uncomfortable and said, “What’s wrong, dude? You’ve gotten head before, right? It’s just pics.”

I just said, “Oh, nothing. It was just a shock. It doesn’t go as well for me. You’re lucky your girl can deep-throat you. Mine can’t.”

He said, “I don’t think it’s deep-throating. That’s only something that happens in porn. My girl can fit it in her mouth that’s what happens for most people.”

I think I must have looked even more shocked.

He said, “What, dude? Yeah, I’m average.”

I yelled, “You’re not average, you’re small.”

I understand it was rude, but this whole experience was wacky and unexpected. My buddy then asked about what my experience was like, and I could tell he was the one who was shocked and crestfallen. So I said, “Let’s drop it,” and we eventually left and never spoke about it again.

Later in the year, when we were drinking once, we both went to piss in the bushes. My buddy turned to look at my dick and said something like, “OK, fine, yours is a lot bigger, but just remember, I have more sex.”

I was just like, “OK, OK, if you say so. I just need to pee, dude. I don’t give a fuck about your sex life. So, keep it to yourself.”


Meanwhile, this reader gets caught showing off his shrinkage…

Years ago, I went for a run to my girlfriend’s apartment. When I got there, I was sweaty and out of breath. I asked her if she wanted to laugh. She said yes.

I pulled down my athletic shorts and showed her how much working out shrinks my genitals. She let out a loud laugh. I’m a bit above average when hard, but I am a grower. After the run, my normal 3-inch soft dick was about 1.5 inches, and my balls, which are actually well below average, were tight in my scrotum, both combined about the size of a ping pong ball.

The story doesn’t end here, though. My girlfriend has a loud, high-pitched voice, and her prudish roommate came running out and got an unobstructed view of my tiny, shriveled cock. She laughed and blushed and gasped. Then just turned around and walked away. From that point forward, she greeted me with a grin and a chuckle.

I’m young at this point in my life and need to prove myself, so on future visits, I try to tell her how big I am and even ask my girlfriend for backup. All she would say is your size isn’t important to me and they both laughed.


While this reader’s wife is a keeper…

My wife’s work friend John (32) had been staying with us for just over a week while he was reeling from a break-up. The couch seemed to welcome his continued presence. It was Wednesday morning, exceedingly early as I had a restless night and got up to make a cup of coffee and do some light reading to welcome in the new day. The weather had worsened overnight, and we were snowed in, so we were not going to work today. My 53-year-old body welcomed the break.

While I waited for the coffee to brew, I rekindled the fire, and it quickly caught. The soft orange flicker lit the room well as the smell of coffee and toasted oak wood from the fire filled air. I took a long stretch and turned to check on the coffee and noticed John’s glowing eyes staring at my ass. As I finished turning, his eyes locked on my dick. It twitched as if to say yes. He quickly locked eyes with me and bit his lips, and looked back down at my now-growing dick.

Embarrassed, I hurried to the kitchen to make my coffee and calm down, where I was met by my wife, Nancy. It took Nancy all of three seconds to notice my now fully erect dick. She laughed and said, “Well, I guess we aren’t the ONLY ones awake right now.”

John came around the corner, his massive cock was very visible through his boxer shorts, and Nancy noticed him look down at my fully erect small dick and laughed again. Then my wife said to John, “Oh, don’t worry, he is no threat. His little dick isn’t enough to bother you.”

I turned back toward the cabinet to hide my stiff dick, visibly embarrassed and turning red. I adjusted my loose shorts and lifted the coffee to my lips in an attempt to distract my brain.

“Turn around, David.” (I’m David)

I reluctantly complied as I looked over at John, looking kind of surprised. Nancy pulled my shorts down and exposed my aching silver member dick. Still holding my hot coffee, I couldn’t even hide my little erect dick with my hands.

John fixed his gaze on my dick. Nancy instructed him to come over to us so he could see what a pathetic little dick really looks like. John complied, completely in shock. All he could do was gawk at my tiny erect dick that Nancy was showing to him.

“I can’t even be jealous since no one in their right mind would truly desire such a small dick. Grab it, hold it in your hand. It doesn’t even fill your hand now, does it? At least he has learned how to use his mouth properly. Would you like to try his mouth?” my wife said.

John blurted out an eager yes before he could even think about it. He giggled and tried to back away from his immediate eagerness. Nancy reassured him that it was OK. In fact, she insists. Nancy sat me on the floor in front of the couch, and I laid my head back. Nancy undressed John slowly while I watched. His massive cock was protruding beneath his boxer shorts. When she pulled his shorts down, the sight of his incredible cock made me gasp. I couldn’t help myself seeing such a beautiful cock in person.

She slid the head of his cock into her mouth and began to caress his balls. He got so hard. She directed me to come over there and finish what she started. As I nervously complied and approached his massive cock, I felt her hand slide up the back of my neck so she could guide my mouth onto his now fully erect cock.

“Is this what you wanted, John?” she asked him.

Nancy would tease and torture my super hard dick while she continually humiliated me to John. Nancy spent a good bit of time caressing his swollen balls that eagerly welcomed her touch.

Nancy began to masturbate, watching me suck John’s cock, and came several times and then asked for his thick cock. You 69d me while I licked you and while that thick cock fucked you into a glorious frenzy. You came a couple more times and asked if I was ready to have John fuck me.

I did not want to be fucked, even though Nancy had pegged me often. Taking such a massive cock for real was on another level. Nancy pushed me over to the doggy style and told John to fuck me hard. Just as I was in position, I could feel my ass quiver in eager anticipation. Nancy pulled him away and said, “Never mind, I want that big cock again. Pathetic little dick sissies need to wait some more!”


This reader gets naked when he gets high…

My girlfriend had her best friend over, and we all decided to get high. I usually have a really enjoyable time when I’m high. But sometimes I get way too comfortable and decide to take off all my clothes. This was one of those times. I was in another room and had taken everything but my boxers off at this point. I then walked into the room where the two of them were, and they looked at me and smiled and laughed as they were high too. They said, “What’re you doing?”

I said, “I’m just sick of wearing clothes. Why aren’t you?”

They looked at each other and got up and stripped to their underwear, too. And then I said, “No, I’m sick of all clothes!”

I ripped off my underwear and had my hands on my hips. They both looked down, and my penis is usually bigger, but it was cold in our home, so I was about 1.5 inches soft as I stood there all proud.

Her best friend started cracking up as my girlfriend also giggled and said to her, “Yeah, it’s a bit of a little guy, but he is a grower.”

I walked over to them, her best friend laughing even more, and she put her pinky out to measure how small it was. I was too high to care and said for them to join me and get naked, too. It was a fun night, but her best friend still jokes about it to this day.


Another reader gets some small-sized condoms…

So, I started dating a new woman a year ago. We started with condoms, and I discovered just before that I needed small-sized condoms, so I ordered a Smaller Sampler Pack and measured and got MySize 47s. We abruptly stop using condoms. I put them in a deep drawer and honestly forget about them.

Flash forward almost a year, and I’m looking for somewhere to hide Christmas presents so she won’t find them. Oh my god, there are the condoms. It’s so funny I have to share it with her. I tell her something embarrassing happened with me finding them and show her the boxes.

She laughs and immediately blurts out, “It’s OK, I don’t care.” Then she sucks my dick for a bit before turning her attention back to them. She looks at the sampler pack and says, “I can’t believe they put ‘smaller’ on the bag.”

Then she looks at the MySize 47s, which show where they are on the size spectrum (second to smallest), and she examines that for a long time.

Then she’s like, “Well, these will be great to have in case we ever need to use them again.”


Meanwhile, this reader is mistaken for a girl…

One time, I was in a gym shower and hadn’t shaved my pubes yet. My genitals shrunk from the chilly water, and my dick retracted to an inny. All you could see was a patch of hair down there that looked like I had a clit. I was told that I was in the wrong bathroom because the men there thought I was a woman. Later, after shaving my pubes at home, my dick still was as small as a paper clip, and my little balls didn’t even hang. So embarrassing.


While this reader climbs to embarrassment…

From childhood, I have always had an interest in climbing but never had recreational access to it. We would scale trees, hills, fences, walls, anything in a park—you name it—we climbed it.

So, last year, I had the opportunity to join a rock-climbing club. We had to fasten the hoist and harness, but I was struggling as it was my first time. For anyone unaware, the straps go deep into your thigh and snuggly fit around your groin and waist. I was wearing loose joggers.

The (female) instructor saw me fumbling, came over, crouched down where her face was in front of my crotch, and began working the straps, causing me to get hard right in her face. She gasped and said, “HA!” Lowering her head and putting her hand over her mouth. She said, “Don’t worry about it. All boys have one,” with this cheeky grin on her face. I was embarrassed and couldn’t focus the entire day.

I never went back.


This reader gets a present from his ex…

My ex decided that my little dick was worthless, so she stopped acknowledging it, and she moved on to cocks that she deserved. One evening she told me that she would bring home her lover’s full condom for me to put my little dick in and masturbate. I was so excited when she walked in the door and was holding a full condom in her hand. I went right to the bedroom and slid my pathetic small hard silver member dick out of my shorts, and attempted to slide it into the condom. The condom was way too big for me. It may as well have been a grocery bag. I sat there on my knees, on the floor, as she walked by laughing and gave my pathetic dick a little kick and told me to get a towel and clean up her lover’s wasted cum.


Our last reader needs a new mistress…

It was a while ago I hit up a random woman on KIK as a horny teenager. We exchanged pics, and after a while, she asked for a full nude photo. I sent it to her, and she started sending me laughing emojis. After that, she even confessed that my penis was ridiculously small. She would send laughing videos and big dudes fucking her, but after a while, we fell out of touch. I miss having a mistress I can entertain by how much of a laughingstock I am.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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