One Tiny Problem 1

By ChrisEva.


The slender young blonde’s name was Julie. Dr. Julie M. Netten, to be precise, holder of a newly minted degree in medicine from the University of Washington. Early yesterday morning, a placard framed in black plastic and hastily tacked to the wall behind her desk confirmed this in the bold italic script to all comers, her signature flowing freely in blue pen beyond the designated line. But it hadn’t sunk in yet. At this point, she had been a doctor all of four days since passing her boards and had worked diligently at her first post for only a day and a half.

You are looking at the head doctor for the Bergen Harris High School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, she thought to herself, still dazed from the past week of her life’s transition. The office was lightly furnished and plain, with a door behind her leading to the small examination room, and she sat at her desk, surveying it with chin cradled in hands. How did she get here, she wondered? What happened to the fast track?

She was exceptionally young for a licensed doctor at twenty-four. It came from being the youngest in her class as far back as kindergarten, graduating from her own high school in Seattle at age seventeen, then enrolling in the combined seven-year undergraduate-MD program she powered through nonstop. The past years, aside from one internship in New York and another in Tempe, Arizona, had been a heads-down grind up there in Washington to prove something to herself. Or maybe it was to prove something to her parents, both of whom were successful professionals. When the choice came for her first post after school, she surprised herself and her peers by responding to the pleas of a motivational guest speaker: yes, she picked the cause of rural America. Help close the gap for access to medicine in all parts of the country. Plus, the desire to have an adventure beyond the confines of the Pacific Northwest beckoned after so many years in one place.

Now she wasn’t so sure. All day yesterday and today, she had run physicals for the girl’s field hockey team. They were nice kids, if ordinary, and it could be argued she was doing some good for the world—she had talked to most of the girls about birth control and written a few prescriptions—but the novelty had worn off, and doubts about the lack of intellectual challenge in this role were more than just creeping in. They were pounding at the door.

Well, she sighed and ran a familiar soothing refrain through her mind: doctors are mobile professionals. Her father often said it. All I have to do is work here for a while, maybe a year or even a few months, and then take up a more interesting post that catches my eye. Possibly something even more middle America than Baton Rouge to pursue the rural savior dream, head to a larger city, or even go international. But that’s for another time to decide, she thought; for today I am done taking medical histories, temperatures, and physical exams, and ready for some of that famous southern cooking I heard so much about.

A gentle knock at the door surprised her, and a young man’s head poked incautiously.

“Hello, ma’am. I’m Jake Purcell. Is this the doctor’s office?” Then, when Julie didn’t answer immediately, he added, “The lady at the front desk said to come down here.”

She greeted him at the door, glancing at the clock. “Yes, yes. Come in, please. Sorry, I was distracted and forgot about five o’clock.” He was an attractive young man, her next and almost forgotten the last patient. “It’s been a steady stream of field hockey players all day.”

He smiled nervously and entered the room, not looking at her but instead down at the floor between them. Julie eyed him curiously. Fit, athletic, and wearing jeans and a high school letter jacket with a large embroidered B-H over a white t-shirt. Quite a handsome boy, like out of a Hollywood movie. And shy, it seemed. A senior, she now remembered from the school secretary’s earlier notes.

“Can’t say I play field hockey, ma’am. I need the physical for football. I missed it last week with Dr. Adams.” He still hadn’t looked up at her. Instead, his body rocked gently back and forth as he stood in front of her. “I was traveling for the debate team.”

“Debate team?” said Julie, surprised. “Not what I expected.” She said it with a smile but at once realized what she had implied and flushed with embarrassment. “I’m sorry, that’s my error. I shouldn’t have assumed a football player wouldn’t also be an academic.”

“It’s okay, it’s true. I am kind of a nerd.” He looked up at her then and flashed a crooked smile. “The guys on the team give me shit about it, but I don’t mind. I’m the backup quarterback, and that kinda kicks some ass.”

Her stomach flipped when his eyes met hers; it was a struggle to keep her face from betraying a reaction. This was her job now. She was a working woman and must act like a professional. But where was this guy when she was in high school just a few years ago? Attractive, friendly, smart, confident. And those blue eyes set below lush, dark eyebrows. She was only six years older than he but told herself that she must remain the doctor and he the patient. She cleared her throat and shook her head to stay even-keeled, but he didn’t notice.

“Besides, Bo is my bud. He and I look out for each other. So if anybody talks trash about the debate team or the other thing, he’s in their face.”


“Yeah, the other Jake. Jake Beauchamp’s. The most popular guy in the school. Funny that we’re both named Jake, the two quarterbacks, right? And best friends since we were babies. Our moms are like this.” He held the fingers of one hand together tightly. “He’s the starter, gonna play for LSU next year, lucky guy—college scouts are already out at practice. Maybe they’ll give me a look too, you never know?”

When Julie heard him pronounce Jake’s last name as Bo-Champs, she imagined one of the original French Territory settlers rolling over in his grave. “And what’s the other thing you mentioned? That people talk about?”

“Oh nothing, I meant . . . just any other thing.” Jake paused and looked uncomfortable. “Bo’s always right there for me. You know, Mary Sue used to date him back in 9th grade. That was the only time we ever fought. But now she’s my girl, and we’re good again.”

Julie nodded. He seemed nervous to be here in the doctor’s office; she judged that he normally was the strong silent type and wouldn’t be such a gabber. Was she doing anything, in particular, to set him off? Anything other than being an attractive twenty-four-year-old female doctor about to give him a physical exam, that is? She laughed silently to herself when she thought of it that way. Maybe that’s all it was.

“Did you see Mary Sue today?” he continued. Julie’s expression remained blank. “You said you saw all the field hockey girls.”

“Oh, I see. Let me think, was it Mary Sue Stratford?”

“Close. Bradford. I should have been a healthy girl. Did she pass the exam?”

“Well, you know that I can’t speak to you about other students. Privacy. But to be honest, I don’t recall her specifically. They all were fine. There should be nothing to worry about.”

Jake nodded and finally seemed to run out of ideas for small talk.

“Jake, I want to ask you a question about the football team and the training for a quarterback. But first, I should introduce myself properly. I am Dr. Netten.”

“You’re the new full-time school doc?”

Julie smiled. “Yes, I am. And ‘new’ is right. I’m about as new as it gets, in fact. Thirty-six hours into it, straight from Washington state to Bergen Harris High.”

“Nice. Welcome to Bergen Harris. And thanks for working me in, then. The coach said I got to get this done to play Friday night. So not that I expect to be on the field much. I’ll just be riding the bench. But that’s okay. I have to be on call in case Bo gets hurt or something.”

“We should be able to get you all set, no problem. Take a seat here, and we’ll start with your medical history.” As Julie returned to her former seated position, she watched him out of the corner of her eye; it was remarkable how smoothly Jake slid into the chair opposite her. Athletes reminded her of cats, their power, and their balance. The image of his bent thighs in those thin jeans joining with his buttocks hung in her vision. She tried to clear her mind. Why was she so horny all of a sudden for this guy? She’d done fine with no sex for months and thought she had mastered those base human desires.

The paperwork went without incident, Jake politely and efficiently answering all of her questions. That moved her closer to the moment that caused the knot in her stomach to tighten; for a while, her hospital training included giving physical examinations and working with naked people, both women and men, sticking a few catheters into 60-year-old hairy dicks in a city hospital didn’t come close to preparing her to order a gorgeous eighteen-year-old football hunk to strip down. Especially not in a quiet high school office at five o’clock in the afternoon with nobody else around.

“Are you sexually active?” It was one of the standard questions. Jake squinted his eyes and looked down at the floor again.

“Uh . . . do I have to answer that? I mean, would it change what you do in the exam?”

Julie was surprised. Either he was having sex and shy about it, or he wasn’t getting any. If this hunk wasn’t getting laid regularly at eighteen years of age, then there was something seriously wrong with the girls at this school. “You can skip it, but it’s like I’m asking if you want to talk about sex education topics, like birth control or STDs. Would you like that?”

“No, I should be cool. We can just move on.” He seemed uncomfortable but then brightened as he remembered. “You said you wanted to ask me something about training? For football.”

“Yes, that’s right. I forgot. I wanted to ask you about steroid use. I know there is a lot of pressure for football players to perform, especially here in the south, home of the LSU Tigers! Parents, coaches, everybody really, they all want you boys to win every week, so badly. I imagine it could lead to some unhealthy pressures on young men. Do you use steroids, or do you know boys on the team that do?”

Jake smiled and leaned back in his chair. This was back on comfortable turf for him.

“Me? No, ma’am, never. I wouldn’t mess with my body. I play quarterback, though, see? Skilled position. It’s about reading the field, knowing the plays, getting off a quick pass to the open receiver. ‘Roids wouldn’t help me much.” He mimed the football throwing motion and flexed his biceps. “Besides, I’ve got good natural muscles, always have. I’ve been lifting every day since freshman.”

She couldn’t disagree with that, from what she could see. “Do you think it’s a common practice on the team?”

“I wouldn’t want to get anyone in trouble, ma’am,” he offered. Then, as she stared at him, waiting for an answer, he squirmed and leaned forward. “Here’s what I can say, and I’ll not say any more. Look to the big guys on the line. The offensive line, their job is easier when they buff up.”

“Thank you, Jake. I appreciate your honesty, and I will keep your comments in confidence.” He nodded and waited for what was next. Julie took a deep breath. In her experience in med school, when she faced a difficult task, she had learned the useful lesson of “fake it until you make it” or, in other words, when you are nervous about a new challenge, it’s best to jump in confidently. She took the jump.

“Jake, I’ll take a look at you now in the exam room.” She said it simply and directly without hesitation, pointing to the door behind her, and added, “Strip down to your t-shirt and boxers, please. I’ll join you in a moment.” Then she directed her gaze to the papers on her desk.

He raised his eyebrows, but when it was clear that she had no more to say, he stood up, muttered a quiet “Yes, ma’am,” and pushed his chair under the lip of the desk and slipped past her. As soon as the door clicked shut, Julie slumped in her chair and let out a big breath of air. She didn’t realize she had been holding. Am I really doing this? Well, why not, she thought. I came all the way down to ‘Louisi-fucking-ana’ to save the world, and it turns out they have four million people and modern cities and hospitals and, of course, football, and they don’t need me to do anything but routine work all day. If the fates throw me a beautiful, shy eighteen-year-old built like Adonis, then why the hell not enjoy it? Think of it as a small perk to the job.

She grabbed a clipboard and her stethoscope, shuffled a few papers on her desk absentmindedly to kill another minute, then walked in to see the boy. He was waiting politely, perched on the edge of the exam table, stripped as instructed. The white t-shirt looked fabulous on him, showing tanned biceps and forearms. He flexed his hands together, nervously in his lap, which bulged his upper arms. We’ll start there, she thought and brought over the blood pressure cuff.

The normal parts of the exam went along fine until they got to more delicate aspects. Again she found herself nervous but ready to take the plunge.

“Do you know what a hernia is?” Jake nodded. “Even well-trained athletes like yourself can get them. They can ruin a whole season. I’ll check now; pull down your boxers for me, please.”

He stalled and looked at the floor. “Doc? Ma’am? I’m sorry, but I’m rather shy about pulling down my shorts in front of you. Is there a way you can check me, and I leave them on?”

This wasn’t what Julie expected, and she thought for a moment. “I think we could do that. Stand here. Yes, like that.”

Jake watched with interest as the young doctor crouched in front of him, her face passing only inches from his groin, hands resting on the front of his legs. Such a light touch, just below the hem of his boxer shorts, and she was so beautiful, like none of the ordinary girls in high school. Not even Mary Sue, who was good-looking and had a nice smile and big tits, even if she was a little chunky. The doc had something else to her. It was a style and maturity that he wasn’t used to.

Then as the doc leaned towards his waist, the front of her scrubs fell open, and Jake found himself staring right down her chest. She wore a white lace bra, and with his eyes, he traced the smooth curves of both breasts up to its neatly hemmed rim. Again, he felt that familiar surge of blood goes straight to his dick. Oh fuck, he thought, I can’t get a boner now in the doctor’s office. But he couldn’t tear himself away from the peek either. She had such pretty tits.

“Let’s see, for a hernia. We are looking for any bulging out along the wall of the abdomen at the groin. So we’re going to check here.” And at that, she slid her hands smoothly under his shorts and up along his inner thighs, her fingers running against the sides of his balls until her thumbs pressed in and comfortably held their weight. “Now, cough to create pressure, please.”

He coughed and felt her hands tighten around his scrotum. Her fingers dug into the sensitive skin on the very inner part of his thighs. It was sexy as hell, and he knew there was no way to avoid getting a hard-on after this. “Again,” she said, which he did.

Then she stood up to try a different position. Things got worse for Jake’s torment because as she leaned over to attend to his balls—still under cover of his boxers—not only did her scrubs hang open as before, but her bra gapped too so that he was looking right down at the triangles of her beautiful pink nipples. If I could ever have a sexy woman like that, he dreamed and stared like a puppy. Finally, after a few more coughs, she was done, and the nipples were gone. He shook his head in an attempt to stand down his dick.

“Jake,” she said matter of fact, rising to face him. “I need to do a testicle check for the physical. It’s required; I don’t know any way around it. You’ll have to pull your boxers down for me now.”

He thought he had avoided getting naked for her, but her attitude was all business; there didn’t seem to be a way out of this one. He began to come to terms with the idea of it. But at least he could give her a warning. “Doc,” he stammered, “There’s something I’m embarrassed about.”

“Tell me. I’m sure it’s not bad. I know I seem young, but I’ve seen a lot in my hospital rounds. I doubt you’ll shock me.”

“We need to have a talk about a sexual topic.” Jake looked surprised and taken to task as a small boy. “Masturbation,” she added. His eyes went wide.

“Jake, you have unusual physiology. Even though you have a small penis, you have large testicles that appear to be functioning well. This means you have a high production of testosterone and semen. The testosterone would be what helps you achieve your remarkable musculature, and it might also have other effects, such as give you early hair loss in the future. The effect of the semen is more subtle. Have you noticed when you ejaculate that you produce a lot of fluid?”

Jake looked stunned. He was still getting over that this pretty young doctor had brought up the topic of masturbation with him. Had she seen him earlier? Was he in trouble? He nodded absentmindedly to her question about the fluid.

“Are you able to masturbate? I mean, with such a small penis, different techniques might be more successful than for normal . . . well, the methods used by other men. Some in your situation have success using a vibrator. Any model that women use will be sufficient. The vibration causes the same sensation on the glans of the penis as a woman gets on her clitoris.”

Jake turned bright red. Mary Sue had once made him hold still to try her vibrator on him, but there was no way he would tell this doctor about it. It was embarrassing to think of needing to use a girl’s toy to get off instead of jerking his dick like a regular guy.

“The other part of the ejaculate is called seminal fluid, and the prostate makes itSo that’s what we’re going to examine next.”

“But doc . . . I thought you said we were done?”

“Done with the testicle exam, yes. But turn over now and face the table. Bend over for me. That’s good. I’m going to check your spine while you are like this.” She ran her fingers carefully down each joint in his back. This took some time, and he had a chance to try to forget everything that had happened up to that point.

“Jake, I’m curious. Can I ask you a question? About your debate team.”

He was silent a moment; then, he cleared his throat. Her fingers were slowly working their way down his back, one at a time, and it felt gentle. Sexy, even. She probed into his flesh from the middle of his back out to the edge at each bump. “Uh, okay,” he tried.

“What was your favorite debate prompt?”

It was difficult for him to switch from having his dick and balls felt up to talking about the debate team. But he felt compelled to go along with what seemed like friendliness on her part. Maybe she was just trying to make the best of an awkward situation, to help distract him. He decided to play along while she went down his back.

“I guess, the judiciary and the constitution. The prompt was, ‘The scope of the federal judiciary should include constitutional as well as prudential considerations.’.” He was proud to remember that and started getting some confidence back.

“Wow. You had me convinced at ‘judiciary,’” she said, obviously, impressed; however, his pleasure at her response was cut short when she leaned into him and pulled at his boxer waistband. “We’re just going to take these down again,” she said, lowering his shorts to his ankles and pushing his torso down to the exam table.

“That’s good, just spread your legs for me now; a little more down with your head.” She reached over for the KY jelly on the counter and ran a glob onto her index finger. He saw this out of the corner of his eye and panicked a little. “You can help me if you reach back with your hands and grab. Yes, just pull there for me.”

Julie guided his strong forearms back to his ass cheeks and encouraged him to pull his crack open for her. His asshole opened up, and she put her finger down next to it, taking a good look at him. This is for jerking off in my exam room, she thought. Payback is a bitch. She continued her questioning.

“So, does that mean you are talking about whether federal judges should be allowed to determine constitutionality?” Her finger touched his skin, and he flinched. She slowly pushed in. His asshole was tight, but her finger was slender, and she could go deep in to feel for the prostate.

“Yes,” he squeaked out. “That’s right.”

“So, which position did you argue on this? Hold on, I’m sorry, I know this can be uncomfortable. I need to feel for your prostate.”

He grunted as she wormed her finger around his anus. He was about to try to answer the somewhat ridiculous question to ask a guy when your finger was in his ass when his phone rang.

“I Want It That Way” from the Backstreet Boys blasted at full volume from the phone in his pants next to him on the chair where he had thrown them when this ordeal began. Julie was annoyed. People answering phones in the hospital was one of her hot buttons, so she responded by telling him to answer it for Jake's case. And leaving her finger deep in his ass.

“Answer it?” he repeated incredulously. “But, it’s my girlfriend.” The music gave it away to Julie.

“Yes. Do it.” It was a command, not a request. So he let go of an ass cheek and reached down to fumble the phone out of his pants pocket.

“Hey babe,” he squeaked out. There was a pause. Then, “Can I phone you back? I’m . . . I’m waiting for the doctor. Test results.” Another pause. Julie wormed her finger around in his ass, partly feeling the shape of his prostate and partly just fucking with him. If he was going to get a hard-on with his tiny dick in my exam room and maybe even try to jack off, then I can return a favor, she thought. His voice cracked in his next response as he tried to cover up the sensations in his ass.

“No, I don’t want to play the game right now,” he said. Julie perked up. This was an interesting development.

“Well, I care if other people hear about it. But, Babe, let’s do this later, okay?”

There was another pause, then Julie heard him utter a “fuck” under his breath.

“Yes, mistress,” he said quietly into the phone. That must not have been enough for her because, after a moment, he repeated it louder. Another awkward pause, and he sighed. “Babe . . .” he pleaded.

Then, “Yes. You do. You own my bitch clit.”

Julie hadn’t moved her finger out of his ass, and her eyes popped wide open. This guy was full of surprises. Jake said a few more normal boyfriend-to-girlfriend goodbyes, and then he hung up.

There was palpable silence in the exam room.

“Jake,” she said finally and pushed her finger deeper into his ass when he didn’t reply. He groaned.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“I can offer you sexual counseling. You are eighteen, you can give me permission.” He didn’t respond, so she wiggled her finger hard in his ass.

“Yes, yes, I give permission.”

“Good,” Julie said. “Well, first, let me say that you have a large prostate as well as large testesTherefore, you need to empty them regularly fully. I can help. Let’s start with a fantasy. Tell me what you think about when you masturbate.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said reluctantly. “It would probably be the one about Mary Sue and Bo. They are fucking. In my bedroom.”

“And you are watching?”


“Mary Sue, won’t fuck you because your dick is too small?”


Julie kicked Jake’s feet further apart and ran her other hand under his crotch to cradle his balls. Tiny dick, but this guy does have some juicy balls, she thought. As she started to squeeze them Then, shehe thought about a good way to continue the fantasy.

“So, Mary Sue says, ‘Jake, your dick is so small it looks like the little bump on a pacifier. A baby pacifier.’”

“Hmm,” Jake said and groaned loudly as Julie massaged his balls harder.

“And Bo turns to you while he’s fucking Mary Sue deep in her pussy, and says, ‘Jake, you’re not a real man. This girl needs a real man. Do you hear her noises? That’s the noise of a girl getting a good fuck, Jake. That’s the noise you’re never going to hear because your dick can’t even reach her pussy.’”

“Oh God,” Jake moaned. “Doc, I think I’m going to come.”

“And Bo says, ‘Jake, you ain’t ever going to get pussy. The closest you’re going to get to Mary Sue’s pussy is to smell my dick after I pull out. If you’re a good boy, I’ll let you smell it, like a bitch.’”

“Oh fuck,” Jake moaned.

Julie couldn’t think of anything else for the Mary Sue fantasy, but she decided to take it more personally, up a notch.

“Jake, I’ll tell you something. When you first came into my office, I was excited. I’m a doctor, which doesn’t happen often, but you were so hot. Then I saw that tiny dick, and I couldn’t stop giggling. Fuck, what a waste of a man! A little boy’s dick.”

Julie was learning herself to understand this kink. He was writhing in ecstasy, and it was a novel turn-on for her as well. But it was time to finish this.

“I would help you masturbate, Jake, but I can’t even find your dick. It’s a micropenis. So you’re going to have to come now for me with just ass and balls.” Julie jammed her finger as deep as she could in his asshole and twisted it around, squeezing his balls. He rocked back and forth with her a few times, then his pelvis tightened, all those muscles trained in the weight room every day pushed to the limit, and he exploded in front of her.

She couldn’t see his dick, but his white cum shot out all over the exam table and floor. Tons of it, thick and gooey. He slumped down against the table, and she finally slid her finger out of his asshole. She wiped it back and forth on his butt cheeks.

“There, that’s a good therapy session. You can get dressed now, and I will see you in the office outside.”

Julie picked her way carefully out of the exam room and closed the door behind her, suddenly slumping against it from the outside. What the fuck was she doing, she wondered. Was she helping this guy deal with his issues, or was she just fucking with him for her own pleasure?

Then she smiled. Maybe it didn’t matter. This was hot as fuck, tiny dick or not, and controlling him in this way was the next level. She had never experienced such a rush before in any sex she’d had. Maybe this football player had helped her find her own ultimate kink.

At the noises of his approach, she took a quick look in the mirror to make sure she looked professional again. When he slunk out of the exam room, she met his eyes. They were moist and filled with a mixture of emotions that she couldn’t read. She smiled at him gently. “You and Mary Sue will do fine,” she reassured him. “What happens in a doctor’s office stays private. And good luck in Friday’s game!” He looked back blankly, then allowed just a very slight grin. She rested for a moment against the closed door.

After every patient, her pattern was to clean up the exam room—but this case would require quite a bit more work than just replacing the table paper and straightening up the equipment when she bent to the floor to wipe up his mess, the rich and earthy aroma of his cum wafted up to her nose and into her brain, triggering primal feelings. Her thighs snapped together and started grinding against her pussy while she drew the disposable wipes in wide arcs around the floor and table.

What am I, the naughty maid? Oh, for fuck’s sake, she thought as she gave in to her urges, there’s only one way to finish this day. She hurried to finish cleaning then strode out to lock the main office door. I’ve expanded my sexual horizons enough already today, she thought to herself dryly; I don’t need the janitor to walk in on the new doctor having a moment to herself.

At her desk, she leaned back in her chair and stretched her legs out, closing her eyes. Fuck, she thought. Jake. Jake. What did you do to me today? You sweet, gorgeous, but tiny-dicked man. A smile spread over her face, and a hand went under her bra, feeling the familiar curves of her breasts and hard bumps of her nipples. She remembered him standing in her exam room, cheeks blushing bright red, looking down at the floor in embarrassment, dick, and balls out. What more can I do with you in the luxury of my imagination, she wondered, as she squeezed her tits?

Maybe I’ll invite you over to my place Friday night, after the football game. You’ll drive over, bursting to fuck the young, pretty doctor—all you can imagine is my sweet little pussy with its soft pink lips and tiny slit and cherry on top—and you know my girlfriends are there too, and we’re all horny. We’ve stripped down to our panties, giggling and comparing pussies, and dreaming about hot guys who can fuck us hard and deep. You show up at the door, still sweaty from the game in your football uniform, but what a surprise when my boyfriend opens the door! Julie, he shouts, the entertainment is here, and I lead you, dazed, to a raised platform in the middle of the crowded room.

Stand up here. I say so that everybody can see your dick. You won’t believe it. I tell them all, gather around. This guy has the smallest dick you’ll ever see. You look at me, pleading with your blue eyes. Then I pull your hands out of the way and yank your pants down in front of them, and you die of embarrassment. Then two hot girls in nothing but their thin pink panties—they’ve covered their tits with their hands to keep you from seeing them naked—look at each other and burst into laughter. Fuck, one of them says, Julie, you were right. There’s no way I’d let that thing near my pussy. I only let real men down there.

By this point, Julie’s other hand had wandered under the waistband of her panties with a finger gliding up and down her labia. She had been damp for the past hour, but now she was gushing wet with this fantasy again. Again, I was the feeling of control over this poor helpless, dickless guy that sent her to the edge. Her fingers went up to her clit, and she circled, again and again, harder.

When the orgasm hit, the pleasure shook her and ran its course for fifteen seconds. A warmth started at her groin and ran all the way down her trembling legs to her toes. Near the end of the release, her eyes caught the opened day planner on her desk, and there was a note from the school secretary: “Thursday and Friday: boy’s wrestling team physicals.”

As the last throes of her orgasm faded, she smiled at the note’s promise, then started giggling. Six o’clock, it said on the wall; the day’s work is done. And what a day. She ran her fingers up and down her soaked pussy and said aloud to herself, “Oh yes, 'Louisi-fucking-ana.' Okay, Dr. Julie, I think we can give this a try for a year.”

The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn't mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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