The Wrestler

By Sam.

Ever since I was a kid, all I ever wanted was to be a wrestler. I grew up watching WWE, and I loved it. My brothers and I used to play wrestling all the time. In school, I took up wrestling, and even in my teens, all my brothers had moved on, but I was still obsessed with it, I was going to all the local shows, and I learned wrestling. I used to practice all the moves with my friend, and we were both quite good at it.

When I was 20, I managed to become a wrestler for a small touring wrestling company. It was an eye-opening experience. It was not like the big promotions. It was very unglamorous and had lots of work and barely any pay, but we all did it for its love, hoping we all picked up enough skills to get into the bigger promotions.

We spent a lot of time on the road. We slept in the vans or on the floor of cheap hotels. Even at the shows, we had to set up everything from the ring to entrance curtains to lighting and seating, and there were no separate changing rooms most of the time as we used to tour small centers and sports halls with a capacity of about 400 people. I always assumed I was one of the few unlucky people to have a small penis, but I was watching and getting coached when I first arrived at my first show. I went into the changing room, and I found it weird. Men and women were getting changed.

No one was bothered about being naked, and I felt relieved as many guys had small cocks, especially the fatter guys. Some you couldn’t even see their cocks. They were inverted. Everyone was comfortable with each other there was plenty of banter going on, making fun of each other. Women were standing naked, just chatting. The women used to make the guys stand in order of cock sizes and give ratings, and guys used to do the same for women standing in order of boob sizes or guess who had the smallest pussy to the biggest.

It was nonstop banter amongst everyone all the time. So when my time came to wrestle after a few weeks, I was OK with getting naked in a mixed room. Soon as I got naked, everyone looked at me, and one of the women said, “Here’s another small one,” and they laughed.

I quickly brushed up my skills and became decent at my job. The shows were not great. Cheap and smutty is the best way I can describe it. The girls were just used as props and would tease the audience by acting slutty and would even go topless to attract more people to come and watch. So if we were doing two shows a day. A few boob flashes in the earlier show would get people talking and hopefully get more people in for the last show. One of the classic matches that were very popular was men vs. women matches. They always got the crowds worked up.

It was about three months into my journey as a wrestler that I got booked against a woman, and I knew what would happen. Men vs. women. I can only describe it as a live ballbusting show with some wrestling thrown in. The girl I had to perform with was called ‘Ballbusting Beth’ (not her real name but close enough), and she used to kick guys in the balls and get the crowd worked up, and they would chant for more.

She really was good at working with the crowd. Her last partner ruptured his testicle, so he was out of the show. I got asked if I would step in, and I said yes. Beth was gorgeous and had a fantastic body. I used to stare at her whenever I saw her naked. We practiced moves the day before, and she was kicking my balls hard. It was painful, but I wanted the opportunity as the pay was slightly more, and it was guaranteed to be in the last three matches of the show (prime spot).

The next night, we sat chatting in the back, waiting for our turn, and she said, “I’m looking forward to kicking your balls as they look big and juicy, and there’s no cock to get in the way.” Beth was looking forward to inflicting a lot of pain. “If you need a breather, use the safe word, and I will do something else till you recover,” she said.

We went out, and it was terrific. She was the star and choreographed the whole match with minor inputs from the ref. Beth was kicking my balls all around the ring, and the crowd loved it. She would tell me, “Now get into ‘X’ position when I make this move and take the kick,” I would do it until she was ready to finish the match.

Then it was time for her finisher, which got me in the corner and put a leg on each side onto the middle ropes, so I was sitting legs wide open on the middle rope turnbuckle, and she ran from the opposite corner and kicked me hard in the balls, and I have to fall over and let her pin me.

We got in the back. The crowd was still chanting her name, and she said, “That was amazing. You sold the match. We should team up and work together.”

The boss agreed. He told us, “You both did a good job,” After that, we were matched against each other in every show.

On the days there were no shows, we practiced moves and tried new things, and on the show days, I was wrestling her sometimes six times over the weekend, so my balls were always sore from daily practicing and then matches.

In one show, I was slightly injured. The boss said, “How about we switch it up tonight? This crowd is worked up so let’s give them a little teaser. How about you two do a strip match?”

The idea was we just got to undress each other while wrestling and let the audience think Beth would be getting naked at the later show, so they all come back for the second show. But the twist was I was going to be the one getting naked.

Beth said. “Please, do it.”

I said, “OK.”

I couldn’t say no to that cute face, and she knew it. So later that night, we went out and put on a show, and I took off her top and shorts, so she was in her bra and panties, and all I had on was my shorts. I was ‘winning’ when she kneed my balls and said, “A few punches and a kick combo.”

So to the crowd, I sold the shots, and she followed it with a stomp to my groin and said, “ I’m going to fly (top rope ) just lie with legs wide open.”

I pretended I was out cold, and she climbed the top rope and did a flying stomp from the top rope and got my balls hard. she then pulled off my shorts, leaving me totally naked in front of three hundred people.

Some of the crowd were booing because they wanted me to win so they could see her naked others were laughing and cheering, and I got up with my hands over my privates and ran into the back while Beth celebrated in the ring for the fans. I went through the curtains, and the boss was standing with the other wrestlers. He looked at my balls and said to a trainer, “Get him some ice.”

There was staff from the hall we had hired, and I heard one woman say to the other, “Look how tiny he is.”

A few minutes later, Beth returned and handed me my shorts and said she was laughing at the way I sprinted out of the ring naked, and the crowd found it funny. She saw the damage she did to my balls from her top rope move and said, “I won’t do it again. It’s too dangerous.”

We went to the locker room, and she held the ice pack on my balls while we discussed the match as usual, what went well and what didn’t, etc. She said, “I hope I haven’t injured your balls too,” as she’s injured four guys who have retired or don’t do the ballbusting anymore.

I decided to take a month off to let my balls heal and went home. I didn’t mention any of this to my family. I didn’t think they’d understand that I was getting beaten up by a girl on every show. Instead, I said things like the fans love me, and when I go back, I’m getting a big push, and I’m going to be the next champion. I was missing my wrestling life. I phoned Beth every day, and she kept saying, “Come back. It’s not the same. The other guys can’t take the ballbusting or sell it as you do.”

That made me feel special as the prettiest, and the top female wrestler said I was good with her.

A month later, I traveled back to the ring. I got the biggest hug from Beth, and we were back in business. While I was away, Beth and the boss discussed ideas about our matches, and she asked, “How would you feel about getting naked in the ring?”

I said, “I do that anyway sometimes.”

“No, not running away covering up after I strip you. I mean, actually wrestle naked.”

“No, I can’t do that.”

But then she starts giving me a sad look and says, “The crowd will go wild when I get you naked and punish your tiny cock and swollen balls. We could be the main event.”

She knows I can’t say no to her, so I agreed. I spent a week just getting my routine back with her. a month away, and I was like a newbie again. I had to refresh all our routines and let her hit my balls, so they get used to being hit again.

The following week we landed in the next city. We were billed as the main event, and we started as usual. I try to pull her hair and slap her, so the crowd gets worked up for hitting a girl, then she turns the tables and starts beating my balls, and the crowd goes nuts for her. After five minutes of getting my balls assaulted with various moves and positions, it came to the part I had to get stripped.

The sequence we rehearsed was we go out of the ring, and I pick up a chair to hit her, and she manages to wrestle it off me and start chasing me, and as I run around the outside of the ring, I try to crawl back into the ring, and she grabs my shorts, and she pulls them off as I slide into the ring. The crowd went crazy when I got naked. I stood in the ring, hands over my privates, and she came and hit me with the chair, and I acted like I was passed out. Then she signals for help, and two other female wrestlers come running out and get me up, and then three of them hold me in various positions showing off my tiny cock to the crowd and making fun of it.

They held my hair and walked me around the ringside, so the audience in front got to see me very close. I had my eyes shut, pretending I was still out, and I could hear the comments from the men and women. I got taken back into the ring, and Beth set me up for her finisher. She whispers. “Three finishers,” and I sat on the middle rope with legs apart, and she ran across the ring and booted by balls and went back and did it two more times.

The crowd was going wild seeing my balls being hit as hard as possible. I fell off on the third kick, and she pinned me.

After we were back in the changing area, she asked, “How was it?”

I said, “It was amazing. It felt so good to be naked and be laughed at and listen to them cheer you on too.”

It was a special match. After that, we would implement me being naked regularly, and it was always the most vocal match of the night. Other girls were trying their ballbusting matches, but Beth and I had the chemistry to get reactions from the crowds.

We were still doing the routine a few months later, and I was getting naked every show. We were about twenty miles from my hometown, and I was helping set up the ring when one of the guys called me and said someone here to see you. I went over and walked outside, and there stood my brother. I was surprised to see him.

I asked, “What are you doing here?”

He said, “I came to surprise you, and look who else is here.”

I looked over his shoulder and saw my mum and her sister, my dad and my other brothers, my sister, and two of my female cousins. They were all walking toward me. I was gobsmacked to see them all here.

I asked, “What’s going on? How come you’re all here?”

My mum said, “We’re here to see your show. Are you the champion now?”

I didn’t know what to say. “You should’ve called me. All the tickets are sold out.”

Mum said, “No, we bought the tickets. We were going to surprise you, but our seats are at the back. So we came to surprise you now instead.”

After a quick chat, I said, “I need to go. I got loads to do. Enjoy the show.”

I ran to find the boss, and I told him we needed to change the match for tonight because my family was here. He laughed, saying, “No way. You and Beth are the main event. People are here to see something special.”

He called Beth over, and she did her sad eyes, and I agreed to continue the show as planned.

Beth and I talked about how we were going to do the match. I said, “Just look out for the group of people cheering for me and make sure I don’t face that way so they don’t see my dick.”

It was a flimsy idea, but I didn’t have many options. I had worked hard for months and taken thousands of hits to my balls to get to the show’s main event, and if I didn’t do it, I would be sidelined, and someone else would be in my place permanently with Beth. This happened a few times. The boss sacked or sidelined wrestlers if they didn’t do as they were told.

Beth and I got ready for our match. She kept telling me it would be fine, and they would be proud of me for being brave and getting naked in front of hundreds of people. I made my way out to the ring. There were so many people booing I could hear or see my family. I decided to block all that out and focus on my match and forget that my family was here. Beth came out looking sexy as ever, and the crowds cheered for her. She had a huge smile on her face. She knew it was going to be awkward for me.

I was looking around, but I couldn’t see my family. The match started, and as usual, I hit her a few times to get the crowd worked up, and then she fought back, and they went crazy for her. She’s hitting my balls as hard as she could, and all I could think was, what are my family going to be thinking. Then we got to the part where I have to be stripped, and the sequence was her friend comes to her rescue, and she distracts me from ringside, and Beth pulls down my shorts from behind, exposing me in the center of the ring.

The crowd reacted as I stood in the ring with my one incher on full display. I got beaten around the ring and then taken outside, and I’m getting kicked in the balls and resting against the apron, legs apart. As Beth stepped up and kicked me hard, I looked up, and I saw my brother standing in the front row right in front of me.

When I got back up and got into position for the next kick, I saw the rest of the family at ringside. My mum was the only one sitting with her hands over her eyes. The rest were laughing. My cousins laughed so much that they had tears rolling down their cheeks. The damage was done. They had seen me naked. The only thing left was to finish the show, so I whispered to Beth, “That’s my family. Take me to the other side.”

So she moved me away, saying, “Sorry, I didn’t know.”

I didn’t want to get back in the ring, but I had to. Once back in the ring, I make a comeback after Beth accidentally bumps the ref and knocks him out, and her friend comes in the ring to hit me. I slap her, which sets up the scene for her boyfriend to run out in her defense and attack me and lock me in his finisher, the sharpshooter (a popular submission move. Look it up if you don’t know it).

He had me positioned with my balls fully exposed towards my family, and Beth got on her knees and repeatedly punched my balls till the referee started waking up. She must have punched me 40-50 times really fast and hard, and then he releases me from the hold and walks away with his girlfriend, and Beth sets up her finisher and covers me for the pin.

After I got in the back, the guys were laughing at me. The boss said, “After I found out your family was here, I had them moved to ringside so they could see things better.”

I was angry, but then I saw the funny side: doing pranks on each other is our best pastime. Beth came back and said she spoke to my family at ringside, and she said sorry to them if they weren’t expecting it. My brother said, “We loved the show and want to see him outside.”

So I put on my shorts and a robe and went to find my family. It was just my brothers and cousins. They said they knew about the wrestling I was doing, but mum didn’t know, and they had so much fun seeing me naked, getting kicked in the nuts, and mum was in shock. She sat with her eyes closed, saying, “Get me out of here.”

“She was upset, but she will be fine,” my brother said.

My cousins were impressed with my ability to absorb so much trauma to my balls, but they weren’t as impressed with my small cock. My sister suggested we take some photos with me, and I asked Beth to take a few photos as she came over to say hi and reassure them I was in safe hands with her. She took a few pictures and said the robe didn’t look nice, so I took it off and posed with just my shorts on.

She smiled at me and said, “How about a few with nothing on?”

I said no, but my sister said, “That’s a great idea.”

So I got talked into getting naked by Beth and my sister, and she took quite a few photos with my cousins and siblings. Then I took some of them with Beth and a few with all of us in them. My sister was sharing the photos on the way home, which annoyed my mum even more.

It took a while for mum to forgive me. She didn’t talk to me for six months. She told me to give it up, and I discussed it with Beth, and she was sad but understood. I gave it up to be home, but I wasn’t making any serious money anyway, and there was no chance of me reaching the bigger organizations. I retired with a record of two wins and probably 300 losses (most to Beth).

Beth retired two years later. She was probably the longest undefeated women’s wrestler ever. She never lost, and over her career, she destroyed nine sets of testicles. She calls me the special one, the one that got away. She would have had the perfect ten if she had destroyed my balls.

But I helped Beth make a lot of money, so she forgives me. She had made a lot of money from wrestling. She was the highest-paid wrestler in the company, and I was the one taking all the humiliation and damage, and I was getting paid about an eighth of what she was getting. But it was a fantastic experience, and I made so many lifelong friends and beautiful memories to go with them.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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