Our Readers SPH Experiences 173

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader is trying to set his wife up to cuckold him…

My wife and my friend constantly flirted with each other. It was all part of our SPH games. He was well known for having a huge cock. He bragged about his ‘big hands’ all the time. My wife said, “You know what they say, big hands, big cock, and I think it’s true because my husband has very small hands!”

We all went to the football together, and at halftime, I went to the urinal. He came and stood next to me and flopped out his huge cock. He said, “Tell your wife confirmed, well and truly confirmed.”

Well, I told my wife, word for word. It fed my cuckold fantasy as well as the SPH material. It was awesome. As far as a change between them, well, it was hotter than ever. We were both married, and it was fun flirting, often after a few drinks. But before the football event, there was a more subtle but more significant thing that happened. We went bowling, and my wife K was wearing tight jeans and a t-shirt that was thin, low cut, and hot as fuck.

I noticed Mr. Huge Dick (HD) checking her out, and K was bending over, getting a ball, leaning over, and doing the scores. As K was sitting and talking to his wife, Mr. HD had his eyes locked down on my wife’s top. We then locked eyes, and what did I do? I smiled and nodded.

Soon after the football event, we had a party at Mr. HD’s house, and K was dressed to impress. She openly flirted with him in front of me. On the way home, K was horny. I asked what was said, and she said, “He asked if I was your one and only.” He knew we went out as teenagers. She said, “I wasn’t going to answer that and talk about my sex life at his party.”

I asked, “What else?”

“He wants to meet me for coffee, just the two of us.”

“You know that’s basically saying, let’s meet up and fuck?”

She didn’t concede that but said, “OK, yes. I know he wants to fuck me, but you have a little bit of small dick paranoia happening!”

The SPH session that night was incredible. And she told me what she wanted in a real dominant way.


Another reader feels like the small man on campus…

My female best friend is a size queen. She tells me about the big guys she fucks around with. All the while, she knows I’ve got a tiny one (Silver Member). The worst part is, I know half the guys she sleeps with, so now I hang my head in shame when I pass them on campus, knowing they’re packing so much more than me.


Meanwhile, this reader likes to show it off…

My wife shaves me bare for ‘her friends’ visit. I had to shower in just cold water until my balls had retracted inside my body and I was the size of a peanut. I was shivering cold but loved it. They called me out, and both laughed and teased. It was fun.

That gave us the idea to do this for our visit to the nude beach. We do it all the time now. My wife would get me in the shower, and I’d wear an ice pack to the beach. My usually two-inch soft dick was now the size of a peanut. She takes me by the hand, and we walk the length of the beach.

The looks and smiles we get are priceless. It’s fun and brings happiness.


While this reader is outed as the smallest in the family…

This happened a couple of years ago on a family vacation to California with me, my dad, my stepmom, and my step-brother, Jared. We got into our hotel late one night with two rooms booked. One for Jared and me and one for my dad and my stepmom. The following day, we convened for breakfast in the lobby and discussed our plans for the day. We had initially planned to go to a hot spring together, but my stepmom decided to head into a nearby town to do some shopping instead, leaving us boys to go alone.

We went back upstairs and threw on our swimsuits. At this point in my life, I was less comfortable being naked in front of people (not that I’m incredibly proud of my soft two incher either), so I went into the bathroom to change while Jared changed in the bedroom.

After getting to the hot springs, my dad, Jared, and I were informed that the three of us would need to leave our clothes in the locker room and shower to decontaminate before redressing to swim in the hot spring. We headed to the locker room and began to undress as my worries about them seeing my penis grew. It wasn’t particularly warm out, either, so I wasn’t even batting a hundred if you know what I mean.

This was the first time Jared would see me naked and certainly the first time my dad had since I had hit puberty. Luckily, there weren’t many other men present in the locker room area. As we stripped, I saw that my dad’s penis was bigger than I am hard (He was probably five or so inches), but that Jared was huge. At least seven inches soft. This is incredibly embarrassing given that I have about half a foot on him in height and am older. I avoided turning towards them in full view, hoping not to draw attention to the apparent differences between my and Jared’s penises.

We headed into the shower area without much discussion, leading me to think that maybe they wouldn’t notice or at least wouldn’t say anything. However, as we started to wash off, my dad commented on how large Jared’s penis was, producing a shared chuckle. He turned to me and said, “I guess you didn’t get the genes,” before gesturing towards his crotch and laughing.

I turned beet red as Jared laughed harder than he needed to. Before long, we were able to redress before going to the hot springs together, where, at one point, Jared made a joke about me not needing to worry about shrinkage, bringing out more laughs from him and my dad. It drove me crazy how they both had this over me now.


This reader dares to bare…

A couple of weeks ago, I was in a locker room I had just showered, and the changing room was empty when I came back after showering. I enjoy flashing my half-inch soft penis, so I decided to sit in a prime position so whoever walked in next would get a good look at my micropenis. I love the reactions I get from others when they see it. I sat with my legs open, pretending to look at something on my phone, waiting for someone to come in. I was looking at my phone, and I thought I saw something towards the entrance. I looked up, but there was nothing. I must have just imagined it.

A few seconds later, I heard some whispering, and the next thing I knew, four black girls walked in. The oldest looked about seventeen. Two of them looked about fourteen, and the youngest one could have been young as ten. I instantly covered up, but the older three had already seen it before I could cover-up. I started shouting, and they ran out of the room. I got changed and left to go home. I got outside, and the girls were hanging around. I tried to go the opposite. But they ran over to me, and the oldest one started asking me questions.

She asked if I was a virgin? If I have a girlfriend? Do I realize I have a tiny cock? The other girls were laughing at her joke questions. I ignored them and walked fast, hoping they would leave me alone. She wouldn’t shut up. Have you ever seen a black dick? How do you have sex? Can I see it again? My cousin didn’t see it. Can you show her? Did you know black boys have bigger cocks than white men? My brother is six, and he’s already ten inches. Did you even have a dick at six? OK, he’s not 10 inches, but he’s huge compared to you. Do you get laughed at a lot? I promise I won’t laugh if you show us again, but they might?

I reached my bus stop, and a few people were shouting, “THIS MAN HAS A TINY COCK. IT’S THIS SMALL.” (Showing the small penis sign with her hand). The people at the stop were laughing and staring at me, so I walked on to the next bus stop, and the girls were still following me, telling every person we passed that I had a small cock. As I reached the next stop, I could see the bus approaching. I got on the bus as quickly as possible, but they were still shouting stuff.

The older girl stepped onto the bus, shouted, “HE’S GOT A TINY DICK,” and stepped off the bus.

I sat next to an old woman, and I told her what happened how they walked into the men’s changing room and saw me naked. The woman just giggled and sarcastically said, “It’s OK, son. Locker rooms can be very cold, don’t worry about it.”

It took me a few seconds to realize the old woman had just roasted me (cold room=penis shrinkage), and the guy’s sitting behind us were laughing at her response. I looked around, and a few other passengers were sniggering away. What a day I got humiliated by the young and older generation.


Another reader has an understanding girlfriend…

So I’m a gold member of the small dick club hard. I have a micropenis. My girlfriend and I have been together for six years. She’s known about my SPH fetish for about a year. She’s always been afraid she’ll hurt my feelings, though. We used a toy for the first time (a seven by five-inch realistic-looking dildo), and I asked her to compare it to my tiny dick. I pinky promised her it wouldn’t hurt my feelings and that I’d enjoy it.

Some of the things she said:

“Your dick is less than half the size of the toy.”

She initially said my girth was similar but then grabbed my dick and said, “Nevermind.”

“The toy is way closer to what I’ve seen from other guys. Your dick is the smallest I’ve seen other than one dude.”

“I think my hands get tired when giving me a handjob because it’s so small.”

“I don’t suck your dick because I don’t have enough to work with, and it’s not fun. Bigger dicks are better to suck.”

She told me straight up she prefers bigger dicks than mine (of course). I took a long time to cum, and she said, “It’s probably defective from being such a little wiener.”

I told her I loved it when she called it that or a dicklette. It was deadset the hottest sexual encounter I’ve had. I love that she finally indulged me, and she was so wet after I went down on her. I hope this is the beginning of something extraordinary in our relationship. Eventually, I’d like to ask her to put me in a chastity cage for a weekend for being too small and some other fun stuff. Would also love her to make me wear panties. If you have a willing partner and haven’t told them of your fetish, do it now and see if you can start getting your tiny dick humiliated.


Meanwhile, a female reader shares an experience she can’t forget…

I was at a swim party, and a friend of mine pulled me aside and told me to come with her and took me to a bedroom at the house we were at for the party. She showed me there was a problem with the doorknob, that if you turned it the wrong way, the entire fitting of the knob and the metal around it separated from the wood of the door, and you could see into the room where everyone was using to change.

I freaked out because I had been in that room half an hour before to change into my swimsuit, but I figured, right or wrong, that if any guy knew about this doorknob, he would stay in this other room all day and watch through into the other room. Because no one was there, it made sense that my friend and I were the only ones who knew about this. I had no idea whether our hosts knew about this problem with the doorknob. They, like everyone else, were outside in the backyard.

My friend said she badly wanted to see one particular guy in the nude. This was a guy she turned down to go on a date with, and another girl going with him had recently bragged about how well he was hung. And the two of them were going to change soon, and would I camp out here for about twenty minutes or so? I said I would, and we locked the door and waited. And yes, the guy showed up with his girlfriend, and we watched them change, and yes, he had a beautiful and medium-large penis, and any girl would want him as a boyfriend, at least when it came to getting to see him naked and getting to enjoy him in the bedroom.

But that wasn’t enough for us. We stayed and checked out another guy, and he looked great, and his muscles were a dream. We also got to watch as he used a hand to loosen up his junk so that it hung better, and it did afterward, and I nearly wanted to burst out laughing at what I was getting to watch: Two guys I knew getting naked, right in front of me.

Then, as we were about to leave, into the room came Mark. And after three minutes, we learned that Mark had a baby penis, and we wanted to die on the spot. ‘Fuck yes, fuck yes,’ was all that was going through my mind. He took it all off and was nude and small hung. His penis was a nub that barely left his body, just above his medium-small balls. The little head of his penis didn’t even move or hang but just stuck out an inch, and I was screaming inside of my thoughts. Same with my friend. After Mark put on his trunks, we left two minutes afterward.

Two days later, I was with three of my friends, and one of them brought up Mark. One of the girls said she had heard he had a small penis, and I blurted out something that confirmed this, and the others looked at me. There was silence. I said, “I know it’s true. Trust me.”

A week later, this had got around, and someone said Mark learned he was being made fun of for his lack of man-size and he had felt humiliated, and all I could do was laugh.


While this reader loses a bet rather badly…

During college, my fiance and I spent much time fooling around in small college dorm beds. This meant we were almost always spooning to be on the bed simultaneously. One day between classes, I tried a bit more than spooning. I started grinding into her from behind. She, in turn, started grinding her ass into me. I was immediately hard, so I rubbed her pushy over her panties. She giggled when she felt me harden but seemed into everything still.

I started whispering in her ear, wanting to talk dirty about how hot she was in her panties and t-shirt. She responded by saying, “I bet you would look sexy in these too.”

I thought she meant briefs since she wore some of those mock y-front panties girls wore then, so I said, “I can buy some briefs.”

She laughed. “No, silly. These panties,” she said as I ground my hand hard into her pussy.

Still enjoying the kinky fun, I said, “Yeah, right. I wouldn’t fit in those.”

Guiding her hand to my dick. She squeezed it, saying, “Wanna bet?”

Now you can guess that my ego took over at this point. I said, “Of course, but I get a blow job when I win.”

I know, dumb college kid. We’re about to have sex, yet my bet is for a blow job. So she responds, “Well, if I’m right, you have to wear them the rest of the day and go down on me.”

I think I have this already won, considering she’s smaller than me, to begin with. Hell, I probably won’t be able to get them up my legs, let alone have to worry if I fit.

She giggles as we both drop our undies. She hands me her panties when things begin to fall apart. I realize panties aren’t made the same as boxers. These have quite a bit of give. I start to slip them up my legs and know they will pull up. I also realize I’ve completely lost my erection between the cold dorm room, my nerves, and her continual giggles. I had counted on that as my backup, but now my little guy barely poked out of my pubes. My last resort quickly became my balls, at least being too big. But as I pulled them in place, I realized the mock y-front had a nice wide strip that seemed to contain and quickly push my balls back into my body.

As soon as they were in place, my fiance died laughing almost to choking. Trying to regain the original direction of this bet, I went to go down on her only for her to push me away, saying there was plenty of time for that in a minute. She said, “Holy shit, babe. “Are your panties squishing everything, or did it all pull back inside you out of embarrassment. I knew you were small, but you practically look like a girl in those.”

Trying to laugh her off, I said, “Ha-ha, you win, babe.”

A wicked look crossed her face, and she said, “I have to get a comparison picture.”

“What! No way, babe,” I pleaded.

She quickly grabbed another mock y-front pair of panties, slipped them on, and dragged us to a mirror. She snickered while taking a picture, saying, “Look, you couldn’t tell which one is the boy if it wasn’t for your hairy legs. Maybe stick to boxers, or we could shave your legs if you’d rather be a girl.”

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