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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader went to a massage parlor…

So, I went to a massage parlor the other day, and I had my first happy-ending massage. It was great. I went into the massage parlor and was greeted by a couple of Chinese women in their 30s and 40s. They were pretty cute, to be honest. One of them led me into the room and told me to strip down. I did. She then proceeded to take off my underwear. Lo and behold out popped my one-inch soft dick that just loves to point up. She had this shocked look on her face and then started giggling, which made me embarrassed and hard.

She composed herself and grabbed it (my dick barely poked out of her hand) and told me, “It’s so CUTE!”

At this point, she started stroking my dick with two fingers as she had lathered me up with oil. I can see that she has a smug smirk on her face. She then proceeded to say, “You are such a BIG American man,” as she was stroking me with two fingers.

I don’t last very long, maybe 15 or 20 seconds before I cum. I moaned super loudly, but she proceeded to silence me. She again called my dick cute as she was wiping my dick with a napkin. She walks out. I get dressed, and she walks me out. I was in there for maybe 3-5 minutes.

As I am walking out, I hear the other Chinese ladies talking and laughing. I hear one of them say Xiao something, but I don’t know. It definitely felt like they were talking about me, though. She led me to the door, and before I left, she grabbed me and said, “Please come back soon, ‘BIG’ man.”

I said I would. Gave her an extra hundred as a tip and went home completely embarrassed and humiliated by a five-foot Chinese woman whose hand was bigger than my hard dick.


Another reader wonders if she liked his morning wood…

In my senior year of College, I was put into a group project with an attractive plump Indian woman. I went over to her dorm to work on it and was charming enough that she started messaging me. She was dating a guy through all of College and was clearly using me to flirt with the idea of cheating. She became very quickly emotionally attached, and I did my best to distance myself, but at one point, in a moment of weakness, I played along with sharing nudes. She told me she wanted to see her ‘Big dicked Cherub.’

Yeah, I had a baby face, but I also had a small dick too. It’s under two inches soft and hard—I’m a Bronze Member of the small dick club. She sent me a great shot of her thick brown ass, so I saw my opportunity to hide that I was way less endowed than she was fantasizing about and set her a shot of my ass as well.

We stopped talking, but eventually, she broke up with the guy and reached out about a year after we graduated to hook up. We had a nice night. I was happy to get to eat her ass, and we had fairly mild sex after a movie. She spent the night and hopped on my dick the second she saw my morning wood. I came in under a minute from the surprise bouncing, and she told me, “Sorry, it’s just you don’t know someone until you feel their morning wood.”

We made plans to meet up again, but it never materialized. She was jilted by this and reached out, furious that I didn’t understand intimacy and that she had been and had been in love with me since we met. It got really intense, really fast. She told me that I better block her number, or she would weaponize some stuff she knew I was insecure about. I did just that and blocked her.

Another year passed, and she reached out to apologize. It was an awful apology, but the thing that stuck out was her saying, “I’m sorry. I was gonna bring your little dick into it. That wasn’t fair of me.”

What I didn’t realize was that it was just being added to the growing list of experiences that were making me start to enjoy SPH. Now, I wish I could go back and tell myself not to block her and see just what she really thought of my morning wood.


Meanwhile, this reader gets off showing it off…

I’m not sure if I am yet into SPH, but I guess I am getting there. For the past few years, I have really enjoyed being naked at the beach and resorts when I am smaller than most of the other guys. My wife always compares my dick to other men, and I love it. When I’m at a pool or beach where a suit is necessary, I like to wear running shorts or a Speedo that clearly show the outline of my dick when I get out of the water. I love knowing that others can see my tiny junk.


While this reader’s girl needed something more…

My girlfriend has already drunkenly admitted that she realized my dick was small when we tried to fuck while spooning, and I couldn’t reach her pussy. I’m into this kink, so I even let her measure my dick at its hardest to see for herself. I’m only packing a silver member boner.

One night after this event, we were talking, and she claimed that she wanted to buy a dildo because we couldn’t see each other that often due to distance. I asked if she would like one my size, and she said that since she already had me, she could get a bigger one to try something new. I pursued the topic, asking what size she would like and she said 16 cm (slightly above 6 inches). I added that it’s reasonable because you can control how deep you can take a longer one, but you can’t slip a shorter one deeper, and she said that she had thought of that but didn’t want to say it.

I’d love to stick that dildo inside her and make her cum and then slip my little weiner in, making barely any movement to make her feel the difference. She also admitted that she would like to try sticking it in my butt (it was only a finger occasionally).


This reader gets some poolside SPH…

I was once staying at a resort in Mexico, wearing a pretty tight vintage-style swim brief set that only leaves a little bit to the imagination. Totally appropriate, but it didn’t hide what I was packing (or not packing). I was stepping from one part of the pool to another. I had some fabric cling going on for sure, and there was a group of three Mexican teen guys in front of me. I looked at them, and they all caught my eye as I entered their section of the pool. They were kind of smiling and laughing as I got in. One asked me if I spoke Spanish. I did a little, but I said No.

As I was walking by them, one of them said something, including the word “pequeño.” They all laughed.

I’m usually pretty secure and into showing my size in public, but that one was pretty intense! I couldn’t decide if it turned me on or made me feel ashamed. It was quite the trip. We had just got there, so I expected I would cross paths again with those guys. I considered a word of acknowledgment or something but failed to come up with anything right for the situation. But I had a few more moments of embarrassment that week, for sure.


Another reader bones-up the public showers to the amusement of other men…

After a gym session, I normally head to the changing room, have ten minutes or so in the sauna, and get showered and changed, ready to go about the rest of my day. This particular day scuppered my typical routine. After I came out of the sauna, I would usually go into one of the shower cubicles, but they were out of order for the day, which turned out to be for the rest of the week.

“Damn,” I said.

I had to shower in the open showers, so I had to bravely go into the main public showers where most of the guys showered. I walked into the shower area with my towel wrapped around my waist and my shorts still on. As I got in there, two guys were already showering but facing away from me. I hung my towel up swiftly, pulled my shorts down, and placed them next to my towel. I covered my dick as soon as I possibly could, hoping nobody would be able to see me. I stood underneath a shower head and pressed the button to let the water cascade down my body.

I lathered myself up with the body wash provided as I faced away from the two guys. I got myself all good and soapy and almost forgot where I was for a second as I turned back around. The two guys were now facing me with their soft cocks hanging low, big, huge, thick, girthy. Their balls were massive and hairy. Fuck.

I must have left my eyes lingering a little long as one of the guys caught me. He also took a peak at my incredibly small dick and must have giggled internally at it. I had to get out of there as soon as possible. I got some shampoo in my hands and washed my hair. I closed my eyes, rubbed the soap into my hair, and let the water wash it away.

I enjoyed the warmth flowing down my body as I felt that familiar feeling. ‘Surely not, not here, not now?’ I wondered. It was true. I was hard, in front of these two guys in the shower in my gym. I opened my eyes, and one of them was smiling as I caught him looking; I wanted the ground to swallow me up. What made it worse was the fact their soft cocks were much bigger than my hard-on. I’m a silver member of the small dick club.

So humiliating.


Meanwhile, this reader loses a three-way chance…

Long story short, I had a potential three-way lined up with a buddy and his girl. We live in different locations but met up in Barcelona last summer.

We had some drinks and things warmed up, got very flirty on the beach, and discussed how we could do it, likes and dislikes, boundaries, etc. We decided to see more of the beach and did some walking and came upon the nude area. The girl was naked before my drunk brain could even register what was happening. My buddy looked at me, shrugged, and got naked as well. He was packing an average cock, maybe four inches soft and cut. Respectable.

I took a second and figured, ‘Fuck it.’ Now, keep in mind that quite a bit of booze and swimming makes no man at their biggest. I pulled off the shorts while the girl stared eagerly in anticipation. By the time they hit my ankles, she had turned away to muffle a laugh. I was practically just foreskin at this point.

My buddy slapped my shoulder and said, “Sucks for you, bro!”

We hung out on the nude beach for a while, and I caught her looking a few times. By the end she didn’t even try to hide her gaze. That night, I had to jerk off alone while they fucked in the next room.


While this reader thought he was the man…

This is a story about my first serious girlfriend, Emma. She was a petite Irish girl. Everyone knew her for her glasses and her pair of big breasts. She was also an incredibly smart girl and the head of her school’s robotics club.

We had orbited each other for years in our church group and DnD sessions. After she broke up with a girlfriend she had in secret, she quickly latched onto me. In hindsight, I was a laughably obvious safety rebound at the time, though. I had just got my first car and job and was brimming with a newfound confidence. We eventually lost our virginity to each other, and again, I felt like a conquering hero. For Emma, my silver member boner felt great when she had nothing to compare it to.

Come Summer, some cracks started to show in her sexual interest. She grew tired of the same couple of positions I could muster up. I would struggle to get into her with doggy. If I wasn’t at complete 100 percent hardness, forget it. Cowgirl, well, I would slip out often…

Our relationship was still good, nerdy fun, though, bonding over Comics, Buffy, and DnD. One night, I picked her up, and as we were driving, she told me about this guy who was hitting on her. I read the messages with him asking her to hook up. Stupidly I take out my nub and send him a picture of it. ‘She’s busy with me!’ I actually messaged. I was so young, dumb, and full of cum that I actually thought sending him a picture of my small soft dick was owning him.

He texted back, ‘Aww, that’s cute.’ I didn’t think much of it because I was getting laid that night.

Two weeks later, we drove to a park, and Emma told me that she couldn’t keep up a lie anymore. She had been cheating on me. Not with just one guy but multiple. Of course, worst of all. She was fucking the guy who I sent my tiny dick to. So yeah, I’m a cuck.

I then have the indignity of driving her home with the image of him fucking her. I’ll never know, but I’m sure that he brought up the picture. How could he not? At the time, I was devastated. It shattered me. Now, I understand that she was looking to fill a void that a heterosexual relationship wouldn’t fill. Now I also get rock-hard just thinking about my cucking.


This reader’s wife is spilling the beans in public…

One night on our spring break cruise a few weeks ago, we were hanging out and one of the cocktail bars that had a live band playing. At a certain point, I popped over to the casino for 30 minutes while she stayed and hung out at the bar. When I got back, she was having a very lively conversation with a tall, decent-looking guy.

I deeply fantasize about her cuckolding me someday. Even though she says that’ll never happen, the dream’s still there. Either way, whenever I come across her talking with a guy, I always give her some space to not cock block her just in case something might actually happen.

I just hung out nearby at the bar and ordered another drink while they chatted away. I was pretty sure the guy was gay, so I figured nothing would happen, but I let her have her conversation. At a certain point, they both laughed, and she finally acknowledged me by turning to me and saying, “Hey, Babe.” Then, they both laughed loudly.

Eventually, they ended the conversation, hugged goodbye, and he went back to his friends. I didn’t really ask about anything until the next day, and here’s what the conversation consisted of. He was a gay performer who was hanging out and having drinks with other performers who were also off at that time. Their conversation started with my wife complimenting his hair and asking about it.

Eventually, he, out of nowhere, turned the conversation to dick sizes and how he knows the size of every gay guy on the ship. That the lead singer of the band playing was pretty big. The black entertainment director had by far the biggest. Then he started talking about the hot Latino bartender in front of them.

The gay guy said, “Damn, he is soooo hot, but he has a teeny-weeny dicklette. Who am I kidding? Even still, I’d bend over for him.”

That’s when my wife chimed in and said, “Oh, I’m also, unfortunately, very familiar with teeny-weeny dicklettes.” Then she glanced in my direction and said, “Hey, Babe.”

That’s when they both laughed pretty loudly. It was pretty hot to hear her talk about me that way. I kind of wish she would have humiliated my size a little more, but either way, I was very happy to hear about what took place.


Another reader missed an opportunity of a lifetime…

A while ago, I was dating a very kinky woman, although I didn’t know it at the time. She was in a similar social circle to one of my other exes. I was a little surprised because she seemed to do most of the pursuing in the relationship. When we got to the fun stuff, I could tell she was disappointed by my size (I’m a silver member of the small dick club), but she would still give me handjobs and blowjobs.

After a little while of that, she started to allude toward an open relationship, which I kind of deflected. Eventually, in the middle of a handjob, which is where I am weakest, she asked how I felt about being cucked. I said no, and she broke up with me soon after. I found out from my ex a long time later that she knew I was small and only dated me because she wanted to try cucking someone. Looking back, I regret that I said no. I feel like being a cuck because of my size would be fun. Hopefully, I find someone else like that.


Meanwhile, this female reader pays out on a small dick hookup…

A few years ago, I went on a summer vacation trip with my best friend. I was 19, and she was 21 at the time. We rented an apartment just a few minutes from the beach, and we started going out to a bar every night, getting drunk and flirting with guys. On the third day, I met a cute guy with his friend group. We started talking and dancing, and I gave him my phone number.

The next day, he called me and invited me for a coffee alone, and I thought, why not? We went out and had a good time, and honestly, I was ready to take him to my apartment. I was really horny, and I needed to get fucked good. I knew my friend was already out and the apartment was empty, so we went there, got naked, and what I saw made me laugh so hard that the poor guy’s face instantly went red.

He was a gold member of the small dick club, and it seemed like it couldn’t get any bigger. It was like a clit. I couldn’t stop laughing. I took his clothes and threw them off the balcony onto the streets. The poor guy had to go out on the street completely naked just to dress. After that, he ran away whenever I saw him again. God, it was funny.


While this reader didn’t compare well to his friend…

I was in College at the public pool, after swimming I was in the changing room and a friend of mine happened to be there. He was a year younger than me and also quite a bit shorter than me. We were talking and drying off when he pulled down his shorts, and he had a massive soft dick just hanging low. At the time, I thought big cocks were only for porn and that mine was a normal size. But I instantly felt so small as I looked at my friend’s huge soft cock.

He definitely noticed me take a good look and saw that I was a little flustered. I was so humiliated I went to the stall to change so he wouldn’t see my little soft dick. His soft cock was way bigger than my hard dick, and I still think about how big he was to this day. For reference, I am about two inches soft and hard—I’m a silver member of the small dick club.


This last reader had a harrowing visit to the doctor…

I went in for my physical, and this really cute nurse was doing the beginning part of it. She was really pretty and had a nice ass and tits. She took me to the room and told me to strip down and put the gown on. She turned away as I did, and I dropped all my clothes and put the gown on. Obviously, she could still see my butt, but I wasn’t that concerned. She told me to go to the scale to do my weight. As I walked to the scales, she hurried over on her seat, and she accidentally went over the gown, and it got caught in the wheels.

So as I moved forward, the gown ripped backward and stripped me butt naked. So there I was, standing completely confused about what happened, and I turned around without realizing, and the nurse was at eye level with my little dick. The room was quite cold, and I got nervous at the doctors, so it didn’t help the situation. She hurried back and I could see her holding back a smile as she tried grabbing my gown from the seat as I stood there covering my little guy with my hands.

She ripped the gown as she got it out and it was too torn up to cover much of anything anymore. She didn’t have any more gowns, so she said, “Well, guess we’ll continue. It’s no big deal.” I clearly looked embarrassed, so she said, “Well, not in that sense. I’d say it’s average and it’s also cold, so no concerns there.”

As I got even more embarrassed. I dropped my hands as she looked at it again and held her smile more, and we continued with the exam.

Then she let the doctor in, who wasn’t my normal doctor. This was a woman, too. She was also quite beautiful, which made this even worse. My doctor was apparently out today, so now there I am with two women looking at me with my little cashew just out for all to see. She explained to the doctor what happened, and the doctor laughed and said, “Well, that’s a ‘little’ unfortunate, isn’t it?”

As they both laughed, so did I. The nurse left, leaving me with the doctor, who finished the exam and then said, “Well, feel free to get dressed again,” as she hid her laughter, too.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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