The Involuntary Ejaculator

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by Stubby1 (edited)

At my most recent doctor’s visit our neighbour’s daughter Ashley who is in an internship for nursing, was training with my doctor at her office. Ashley is extremely attractive and only about twenty-three or twenty-four years old and still lives at home two doors down from us. My doctor is a woman and has seen me naked before, so I wasn’t really thinking too much about it. My doctor asked me if it would be alright for Ashley to sit in for observation and assist her with my physical exam so that Ashley could get her credit time hours needed to meet her internship credit hour requirements.

Without thinking about it, I just said, sure that’s fine. After a few minutes and thinking about what I had just said yes to, I now realised that our neighbour Ashley would see me naked and soon know what I was packing, or should I say not packing. When it came time for the testicle exam, I became so nervous that my penis had shrunk to about an inch or maybe two. I dropped my shorts, and when Ashley saw my little penis, she got this smirk to look on her face like she was trying not to laugh. As my doctor started to check my testicles, almost immediately, my penis became completely erect.

My doctor made it very clear to us all that my erection was only about the length of her index finger as she conducted the exam in a way that you could really easily see the ratio of my erect penis to the length of her fingers. At this point, Ashley kind of adjusted her lab coat open in a way that I could really see her amazing body. As she watched me, she had one hand on her hip in a way that pulled her lab coat behind her so that I could easily see all of her amazing curves. Ashley’s body type is a cross between Kim and Khloe Kardashian’s, but so much hotter.

She was wearing her workout clothes underneath her lab coat. It was just like a second layer of skin. In her skin-tight spandex bottoms, her tiny waist with her voluptuous curvy hips and her beautiful luscious camel toe that even looked to be a bit moist, and her perfect sized firm pointy breast with her perky hard nipples looked absolutely amazing through her shear under arm sports bra looking top. Wow! talk about eye candy. Ashley is one sexy, smoking hot woman! She knows it!, and I’m quite sure that she could very easily tell that she was driving me fucking crazy by the way that I was so fixated on her as I stood there naked with my rock-hard cock just looking at her like she was a piece of candy.

It really felt as if Ashley was trying to tease me by the way that she was smiling at me with this cute smirk look on her face and modelling her body to me in a way that seemed to be very sexy and seductive. By now, my heart was pounding so hard, and I could feel my pre-cum starting to flow. As I looked down, I could now see the veins in my rock-hard cock throbbing, and my pre-cum was already starting to drip. About that time, my doctor noticed a dark coloured spot on the shaft of my penis and wanted to get the size and colour of the spot documented for further observation. She went to the door and asked for a nurse to bring in the camera.

Quickly, another nurse entered the room to document the dark spot on the shaft of my penis. At this point, I was so embarrassed yet so intensely aroused that I was kind of trembling and shaking a bit. The nurse said something like, “Wow!, looks like you are really excited for your photoshoot today.”

They all kind of giggled as I just stood there saying nothing. The doctor held up the little measuring tool up to the dark spot as the nurse took pictures. Keep in mind that I am completely aroused and just seconds away from having an orgasm as this is all happening. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that the door was still more than half opened, and several other really cute young interns were watching all of this from out in the hallway, one of which looked to have her phone facing into the exam room.

My doctor said, “Oh my, are you ok? You look to be really aroused. Are you about to….”

The nurse then said, “Um, don’t think so. I’m thinking he’s going to climax any second now.”

I first heard laughter from out in the hallway. I looked over again, and now there were two more office girls standing there watching me also. I then realised that all of the women in the hallway, my doctor, the nurse, and Ashley, all had this look of shock and amusement on their faces. I could tell that Ashley was trying so hard to hold it in, but when the ladies out in the hallway started to giggle, Ashley just busted up laughing. Ashley then said, “Oops!, so sorry! I don’t mean to laugh. But really! look at you.” as she could not control herself to stop laughing at me.

Just seconds later, after Ashley started busting up laughing again, I lost all control and quickly reached the point of ejaculation. I could hear them all say something like, “OMG!, Seriously!, Who does that!” while they all tried not to laugh and giggle.

Under her breath, I could hear Ashley say to my doctor, “Wow!, that sure redefines premature ejaculation, doesn’t it. OMG, his little hard-on only looks to be about three and a half inches long. Huh! So Short!”

Also, very quietly, the nurse said, “Yes, it’s a shorty alright. This looks to be ‘pre’- premature ejaculation.”

They all giggled and laughed even more. My doctor then said, “Looks more like involuntary ejaculation. Seen quite a few that small, but never had that happen before.”

I could now even hear way louder laughter and remarks from out in the hallway. As this was all happening, I remember noticing that the nurse kept the camera on me the whole time until well after I climaxed. I thought that I heard my doctor ask the nurse very quietly if she had got all of that, and the nurse very quietly saying, yep, sure did. I think that I remember her switching the camera to video mode because a constant green light came on next to the lens about the time that I started to get really aroused. She also backed away, kind of looking from me to the back of the camera a few times until she stopped.

I’m guessing she was getting all of me into the frame for the recording. I also noticed the green light turning off well after I finished ejaculating and all of the ladies laughing and making their comments. I was so embarrassed and too afraid to ask if she had filmed it, but I’m quite sure that she did. I guess that it doesn’t really matter too much anyway, because one of the interns was recording everything on her phone as well. To be honest, at the time that this was all happening, the thought of being watched and laughed at and just knowing that they might be recording me got me so much more aroused that my orgasm was just mind-blowing.

Ashley’s looks and the sound of her laughter just put me over the top. At that point, even though I didn’t really want to, I just couldn’t stop it anymore. By that time, I now wanted them all to watch me cum for Ashley, then I just erupted.” After I had my little accident, I just said, “I’m so sorry, I don’t know how that could of happen.”

I made up some stupid ass story that it had been a really long time because my wife had been out of town for several weeks. Ashley, still trying not to laugh, said, “Oh, I thought that I saw your wife walking your dog in the neighbourhood yesterday, I even waved to her, and she waved back to me. I must have waved to the wrong person, who was walking your guy’s dog around the neighbourhood.” as she continued to look at me with this look of laughter on her face.

I didn’t know what else to say. Ashley then said to me, “Don’t worry about it, this will be our ‘small, tiny, little’ secret.” as she smiled at me and giggled even more.

They all continued to laugh. My doctor then tried to reassure me that these types of accidents could happen to anyone and that I should try not to be embarrassed about it. She also said, “There are a lot of men out there also not so well endowed, that struggle with premature ejaculation issues. Really, it’s a quite common problem with a lot of men worried about their small size or performance issues. Would you like me to give you some names of some specialists that work with these types of sexual health issues?”

I said, “Um, can I get back to you on that. Our sex life is absolutely fine. Really!, this never happens to me at home.”

My doctor then said, “Ok, but I want you to think about your wife. I would bet that if this happens with her, eventually it will become a big problem for her too. From what we all saw today, you clearly have a major problem controlling when you ejaculate. Getting some better control over your timing would be of great benefit for your wife, so just think about it and let me know. Really, I’m only trying to help you two out the best way that I know how to. You know, premature ejaculation with some physical stimulation is one thing and is quite common. However, what you did here in my office today, would be more defined as what I would call an involuntary ejaculation. Ejaculation with no external stimulation is very rare and almost unheard of for a man of your age. We usually only see this with a virgin’s first, or first few sexual experiences. Sometimes this will happen around the time of puberty or young adulthood when a boy or young man is worried about his small size or his performance. It also sometimes happens during an erotic dream at night, you know, having nocturnal emissions while sleeping. I really think that you do need some help in this area.”

I replied, “Sounds like your saying that you think that I’m worried about my size, and that’s why this happened.”

My doctor then said, “Well, are you?”

I then said, “I know that I’m not real big, but maybe on the smaller side of average.” My doctor then said, “Well, from what we all saw today, I would estimate that your erect penis length is anywhere from about three and a half to maybe four inches long. So that would be about a half of an inch to an inch longer than what is considered to be a micropenis and about an inch and a half or two inches shorter than what would be considered to be of average length. So yes, as far as your length, you are well below what would be considered average. However, your girth looks to be about five and a half inches around or better, which is well above average. Now with that being said, I would consider you to be less endowed than the majority of men. Most definitely on the smaller side, but far from a true micropenis.

But I’m really more concerned about your involuntary ejaculation problem, as you should be as well. For you to get so aroused and reach the point of orgasm and ejaculate so easily is just not what I would call normal. Out of a hundred men, how many of those men do you think would let that happen? It’s probably only about one out of every one hundred thousand men if even that. Yes, I’m quite sure that many more than that would also get an erection, but to actually reach the point of climax and ejaculate like that so quickly and easily. Not many at all. Sorry, that just shouldn’t happen. Although, you sure did put on quite the show. Your little performance was most definitely one for the record books. Also, would you mind wiping up your fluids, please. FYI, your ejaculate is all over the back of my chair and all over the floor as well. We shouldn’t have to clean up after your little accident, now should we.”

I was so embarrassed and did not even know what to say. I was thinking to myself, “OMG!, what just happened. I just got completely aroused to the point of climax in front of my neighbour’s daughter, my doctor, a nurse, three interns, and two office ladies. And this all happened with no touching or anything in just a few minute’s time. Not only do they all now know that I am only about four inches long, totally erect, but I have no control either. I left and went to my car.

As my car was warming up, I rolled down the window and heard Ashley’s voice in the distance. I looked in my side mirror and saw that Ashley and the other interns were standing at the side entrance of the building, probably now on break. Anyway, I could hear them all talking about how small they think my penis is and how that I had gotten so turned on and ejaculated in front of them in a routine physical exam. And yes, one of the interns did, in fact record the whole incident. I could see them all watching it and hear Ashley and the others ask her to forward it to them.

I heard one of the interns say that she had walked in on her little brother masturbating one time, and he was only about eight years old at the time. She said that his penis was already about the size of mine or probably even bigger than I am. Suppose that was not bad enough. Ashley got a phone call, and I could hear that it was her mother, Pam. Ashley’s mother Pam, is extremely hot also and is pretty close friends with my wife. I could not believe it. I could hear Ashley telling her mother every last detail of what I had just done during my doctor’s visit and how she could not believe how small and short my erect penis was.

She told her mother, “Seriously, he’s not even four inches long erect, and he had an orgasm in like a minute or two just standing there during his exam, as he was looking at me up and down like a perv. Yes, mom, nothing was even touching his little penis, and he got so aroused just standing there naked in front of us that he reached the point of climax and ejaculated right there in front of me, the doctor, the nurse, three other interns, and two of the office helpers.” as she was laughing hysterically telling this all to her mother.

She even told her mother that she would show her the video when she got home from work. I am so embarrassed. What should I do? How should I handle this incident with my neighbours? Every time I see Ashley or her mother Pam, they have this look of laughter on their face. As a matter of fact, Ashley’s mother Pam, was in the booth behind me at our local Applebee’s Restaurant, and I overheard her telling her friend Lisa who is also friends with my wife, what I had did in front of her daughter Ashley at my last doctors visit.

They had several glasses of wine and were quite loud with their conversation. They were laughing and talking about me for almost their whole lunch hour. Pam even played the video of the incident on her phone for her friend Lisa. About that time, the waitress came back to check up on them. Pam knew the waitress as she was friends with her other daughter Bella. She asked what was so funny. Pam then replayed the video again so that the waitress could see it. The waitress said, ” He’s so tiny! OMG! who does that? This has to be fake.”

Pam said, “No, really, this did happen. Look, that’s Ashley right there. And to make it even funnier, she was sitting in for her internship credits and happen to be at the same office as our neighbours doctor. He’s my neighbour that lives two doors down from us, and I am good friends with his wife. Poor girl, he’s short and quick!”

The waitress said, “No kidding! that’s just pathetic!”

Then Lisa said, “Before this, I always thought that he was hot. He’s such a nice looking man, but sure has one small package. He looks only three maybe four inches long at best, and goes off like a firework in seconds. And look, nothing is even touching his privates when he gets off. Seriously!, no control whatsoever. So Sad!”

As Ashley’s mother Pam and her friend Lisa walked to their car they walked past the window and we caught eyes, Pam first turned white as a ghost then became completely blushed red in the face, probably now realising where I was sitting. After passing by the window, I could hear Pam say OMG!, he was sitting right behind us as they were busting up laughing hysterically.”

The waitress later came back to check up on me. She first asked how everything was and if I needed anything. I looked up at her. She got a big grin on her face and kind of started to giggle. She then said, “I think that I have seen you before. Don’t you live right next to Bella, Ashley, Tommy, and their mom and dad, Pam and Dave. I think that I have seen you out working in your yard. Don’t you just live a couple doors down”

I had my head down hoping that she wouldn’t recognise me, so I just kind of looked up. She then said, “I guess you got here a ‘little’ to late, you just missed Pam. As a matter of fact Pam and Lisa were just sitting right behind you on the other row of booths just over the partition wall. Pam was telling me that Ashley has been having some ‘really interesting experiences’ with her nursing career.”

“It sounds like she’s having a ‘hell of a good time’ with her internship” I said, “Oh really, well it’s too bad that I missed her”

The waitress then said, “Would you like a ‘little’ more coffee or do you need to ‘burst’ out of here”

The way that she said “really interesting experiences, hell of a good time, little, and burst” seem to be to let me know that she knew of the incident and who I was. She then said, “I hope that the service was good for you, it has been a ‘real pleasure’ for me. It’s been slow lately, hope that you do not ‘short’ change me with a ‘small’ tip.”

My goodness, at this rate of gossip, and with the video floating around, everyone will soon know if they don’t already. I’m screwed! To add insult to injury, my wife came to me about three weeks later and asked me what had happen at my doctors visit a few weeks ago. I said, “What do mean, why?”

She said that she had been hearing rumours about the incident from some other girlfriends of hers. I asked her, “What do mean, who told you what”. She said, “Well, I heard that our neighbours daughter Ashley, you know the really pretty girl that lives two doors down. The girl that you have mentioned on more than a few occasions that you think is really attractive. You know Dave and Pam’s twenty four year old daughter, the one that you always look at. So apparently she was interning at our doctors office and sat in on your physical exam a few weeks ago. I hear that during the exam you had a little accident. A really embarrassing little accident.”

She just looked at me and said, “Well”.

I said, “Well, the doctor found a dark spot on the shaft of my penis and needed to take pictures to document the size and colour so that they could monitor it.”

She said, “Oh! is that the only thing that happened?”

I said, “I may have got a little bit aroused and Ashley saw my erect penis.”

She said, “That’s it?”

I said, “Yes.”

My wife then said, “Oh Really! I hear that there is a video that one of the interns took of the whole incident, just floating around out there. And after hearing about all of the rumours, I went over and confronted Ashley and Pam. They both deny knowing anything about any video, but Ashley told me everything that happened at your appointment. According to Ashley, from the time that she saw you at the appointment, you were looking at her up and down in a kind of creepy way. She said that it made her feel like you were looking at her like a piece of meat.”

Ashley also told my wife, “Your husband is really handsome and does have a great body for a man of his age. Not to be mean or anything, but when your husband dropped his shorts I was so shocked at what a small package he has. He started looking at me up and down like a creeper. After seeing his little one or two inch penis I felt so much less intimidated. I have to admit that I thought that it was kind of funny. I always pictured that he would be at least of average size. The doctor started your husbands testicle exam and he was all the way hard in no time. I was so surprised that even hard, your husband was still quite short in length. He has some good girth alright, nice and thick. But my goodness, it doesn’t even look to be four inches long. I’d say about a three and a half incher!

Well anyway, by that time the doctor found a small dark spot on the shaft of his penis and wanted to photograph it for size and colour, so that she could monitor any changes that takes place over time. By the time that nurse Tina returned to the exam room with the camera to document the dark spot, your husband was now breathing heavy and kind of trembling and shaking. He was looking us all up and down with a very glazed over look on his face. By this time, I think that we all knew that your husband had lost control over is state of arousal and most likely would climax any second. He then kind of gasped and moaned a bit as he started thrusting his groin area, and within seconds he reached the point of orgasm and started ejaculating. We all just watched in shock and awe, trying to process what your husband had just done. I never ever really thought that any man in his late thirties could not control himself better. Seriously!, climaxing without any touching or anything even touching his privates. OMG! it was just like American Pie, but for real.”

Ashley then told my wife, “Not to offend you or anything, but how do you even put up with your husband in the bedroom department?”

Ashley’s mother Pam also chimed in while laughing, “No really, does he always finish so quickly? and isn’t really hard to work with something so short? I have never ever been with a man that tiny. I’ve been married to Dave for twenty six years and he was my first and only. After three children he still fills me all the way up and needs to get me really warmed up before he can even penetrate me. Dave is so well endowed. Seriously, I have measured him before and he is just over eight and a half inches long and almost seven inches around and he can last forever. Dave is such a good lover”

Ashley then told my wife, “I have only had one experience with a guy so tiny and short in length. He was still probably about an inch and a half or two longer than your husband, and was still able to last for a few minutes or so after he got it in. It all happened really fast and I couldn’t even feel him very much. He wanted me on top, and it was so awkward. I was barely moving up and down on him and his short little dick kept falling out. I felt like my vagina was The Grand Canyon. Ewe, how do you even put up with that?”

My wife then told me that she just said to Pam and Ashley that she had to go and didn’t bother to answer any of the questions. She then told me that latter that afternoon she ran into Ashley’s younger sister Bella at the corner park while walking our dog. Bella just turned twenty one and is maybe even hotter than her sister Ashley. She played volleyball and ran track and has the most fit amazing body with the tightest firm big ass and beautiful long legs. I would say a cross between Kim Kardashian’s and J Lo’s ass but so much younger and fitter. Bella told my wife that she overheard the conversation that my wife had with her older sister Ashley and her mother Pam.

She also told my wife that the video did exist and that she even had a copy of it on her phone. My wife asked Bella if she could see it, and Bella played it for her. My wife then said to me, “Seriously!, who does that? You look like a sex starved little boy that can not even control himself. So embarrassing! I just want to move away where nobody knows me.”

My wife then said that Bella had told her that the video has gone viral on the web and has also been spreading like wild-fire within our community. She also told my wife that she didn’t even get the video from her sister Ashley, but got it from our other neighbours daughter Julie, who lives right across the street from us. Julie is also quite hot and is still going to high school. My wife again said that she is so embarrassed, “My goodness, I use to babysit Ashley, Bella, and Julie. I can only imagine what they all must be thinking now.”

Bella also said to my wife, “I’m so sorry for what you are going through. Your husband is really nice looking, but my goodness he only looks to be about three to maybe four inches long when hard. His cock is so short and stubby and he has no control whatsoever. Although, it does look quite big around. At least he’s got some good girth for such a shorty, if he could only learn how to work it. How do you even deal with that though? I feel so bad for you two. It must totally suck for the both of you trying to work with something so short. I haven’t been with a lot of guys, but the smallest guy I’ve been with was still probably about two or so inches longer than your husbands little stub. Even that wasn’t really long enough to work with very well. With my big butt, he had such a hard time even reaching me from behind.”

My wife did tell me though, that she then did tell Bella, “I know that he has a really short one, but his thickness has always filled me up just fine. Believe it or not, but his short length works perfect for me. Every time that he thrusts into me, the tip of his penis pokes my G spot just right, kind of a tickling sensation. I get off every time just like clock work. I actually really love his short stubby fat little cock.”

Bella just said, “Um, very interesting. Wow, maybe I’m missing out on a little something.” as she just kind of laughed.

My wife then said, “I just don’t understand how this incident could have happened because he can last forever when we make love. I just can’t handle all of this stress from this. Maybe he is just not as turned on by me anymore and lusts for your sister Ashley. Sorry!, I have to go figure this all out.”

After that, my wife then said that she had called our doctor to ask how that could have happened in her office and that she could sue the practice for libel. My wife said that our doctor got really defensive and told her to not be mad and blame her because her tiny dick husband couldn’t control himself. She then told my wife that she did not know of any video that any of the interns took, but did tell my wife that her nurse did record the whole incident and that video has gone nowhere.

She also told my wife that if she tried to sue for libel, that the video that her nurse took would now have to become public evidence for the court so that it could prove that the practice was trying to monitor the situation the best way that they knew how to, in order to make sure that there would be no sexual harassment case against the practice. She also told my wife that because of my odd sexual behaviour in a routine physical exam, it made them all fell uncomfortable and she felt compelled to document the incident so that the practice could cover their basis from a legal standpoint.

That way the practice could prove that no inappropriate touching took place between me and the doctor’s office staff. My wife now tells me that she is not sure if our marriage can survive this humiliating incident. She says that she is done!, and is really tired of putting up with everyone thinking that I have a small useless excuse of a penis, and that she puts up with that.”

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  • Littly Jimmy

    Of course this is fiction because of so many impossibilities, but it was really enjoyable reading for anyone into SPH. I love the idea of being forced to show myself in a situation that calls for disrobing, such as in a doctor’s office. Soft, I am maybe an inch and grow to 3.75 hard! I am always looking to show I love the feeling of being noticed. Thanks for writing!


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