The Little Discovery: Part 1

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by carlyle2


Mike had it easy. What can you say besides he was born at the right place and the right time?

After a massive research project came out in 2023 life in the US got a lot easier for people like him. The researchers discovered that men with small and tiny penises had been suffering all kinds of discrimination in silence. Without any way of knowing what their penis size was, it was found that men with petite dicks suffered all across the board – from college admissions to job placement, everything. The researchers never could figure out how it was happening, but something about small dick men would cause them to suffer in all ways throughout their lives, not just in the bedroom.

So a number of laws were passed to help them out.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your point of view) in order to get any benefits the men in question would have to undergo a thorough exam.

For Mike the exam process was almost as good as how the laws improved his life. He’d suspected for a while that his dick was tiny. Changing in gym class, he’d observed other guys growing, changing, their balls getting bigger while their penises got longer and longer. Mike’s just didn’t. If he’d really thought about it his penis had probably stopped growing around age 10. He’d only once been rudely forced to recognize his smallness in public when his big friend John had pulled down his swim trunks at a pool party. At the time it had been the most embarrassing moment in his life, but contemplating it later he’d found himself getting aroused by the memory, getting hard remembering the smirks and giggles of girls when they saw his teeny penis.

But when the laws went through to give men like him a little extra in life, it was an awakening. A teeny package of laws would lead to an endless number of SPH situations for Mike.

They became official just as Mike was preparing for his college interviews. That itself was a boon, because the tiny dick laws (as they came to be known) gave men like him reduced tuition payments, easier admissions and even preferential treatment for dorm selection.

The day of the exam was nerve-wracking. You see Mike was a virgin. No one had ever seen his penis up close, especially not hard, and he was nervous about what he would have to do, or have done to him. He got to the exam site early, hoping he could get in and out without anyone noticing. As he walked into the building he found the sign that read “Penis Exam Site” as he and everyone had heard endlessly on the news and blogs about the sites. It was worldwide news actually, and everyone knew what those words meant: any man entering there had a small penis.

“Mike?” he heard coming from the parking lot. He glanced over to see Karen, a red-head he’d met at a college open campus day. She was cute, incredibly thin and almost his height at 5’8″ and he really liked her a lot. And now she saw him. Here. And she was coming over.

“What are you doing up this early?”

“Um…” he hesitated. Then he noticed her eyes glance to the sign and the realization come across her face. He could see her unconsciously glance down at his body, obviously sizing him up in her mind.

“I’m sorry. Er, I mean… I’m sorry for your condition. Has it been… hard? Being, you know, small?”

“Not really I guess. I don’t know, I wasn’t going to even come here, but my mom and sister insisted. My sis says I should get a ton of money for college, maybe even a full scholarship…” he trailed off, just realizing that she probably had heard on the news that if measured and found to be extraordinarily small the college stipends would increase greatly.

“Oh. That much?” Karen said, giggling a bit. “Good luck.”

She gave him a smile, and then before leaving she suddenly came close and gave him a big hug. Then she smiled again to him, turned and walked away. Mike went inside. God, that was embarrassing, he thought. But at the same time it was kind of hot, the thought of her now knowing that he must have a small penis.

The line of blushing men waited for what felt like an eternity to be measured. At first, the conversation with Karen lingered in his mind. He wondered whether she now felt he was less of a man, or maybe she was a Supporter – women who openly expressed their concern for men in his situation and vowed to only date tiny dick men.

But after a while his thoughts turned to the upcoming exam. What would they have to do? Surely it would be done with some kind of privacy. Would the examiners be male or female, and for that matter, which would be worse? These thoughts at turns made him ultra embarrassed. Like the men around him he could feel a big blush on his face. But at other times he could feel a twinge from his cock. Whatever it was, this was all making him horny.

When it came to Mike’s turn, he had a moment to check the names on the door right before going in. Doctor Maddin Lane and an assistant Candice Trem. He couldn’t tell whether the Doctor would be male or female with that name but the assistant was obviously a woman. Well, he thought, time to get it over with. So he stepped into the room.

It turned out they were both women: Dr Lane was a rather attractive woman in her early 40s, with short black hair, dark chocolate skin, smooth muscles, long fingers, square glasses and sparkling brown eyes that lit up when she smiled. And assisting her was her young assistant, barely 20 with brown hair, pale skin, big round glasses and sparkling blue eyes. Both were quite fit. Doctor Lane was quite tall with smallish breasts, and Candice was a bit shorter but with large, firm breasts.

“Okay,” the doctor started off, “You’re here to get your penis verified. It may seem like a bit of an ordeal… If you’d prefer a man to examine…”

“No, that’s all right,” Mike blurted in, cutting her off. She smiled, and glanced down at her clipboard. He was surprised himself at his fast reaction but something told him he was lucky to have to get naked for two women.

“In that case, let’s begin.”

“All right hon, it isn’t too hard. We just need to take some measurements.” Candice said that with a bit of a playful smile. “Now take off your pants and get comfortable.” She then led him behind a partition. To give Mike a bit of privacy he supposed, though soon enough they’d see all he had to offer.

He slowly took off his shirt, and then socks and jeans. It took a while but then off came his underwear as well. Before in line he’d gotten a bit excited at the prospect of being examined, but now, when it was really about to happen he felt nervous and almost a bit nauseous. For a second the urge to run home was almost overpowering, but he remembered his sister’s insistence, how with the money he could get he just might be able to afford college.

“OK, I’m ready,” he said. Out of some kind of self-protection reflex he stood sheepishly with his hands covering his tiny flaccid penis and his smaller than average testicles.

The two ladies entered.

“Oh, um… Mike?” Dr Lane said, glancing away, “You didn’t need to get naked. Just the pants off is enough.”

“Should I get my clothes back on?” he asked.

“No, it’s fine,” she said, looking towards her assistant. Candice was smiling, too.

“Can I say, you have a really nice body,” Candice intoned. She couldn’t help but notice – Mike was a bit of a hunk. Not too muscular, but he had thick strong legs and a broad chest. Mike was a runner through school, and liked to work out. The common wisdom of the small penis study said it was a way men like him compensated, but in his experience most of the other men in the gym had all had long, thick cocks. “Are you’re sure you need to be here?” she added, glancing towards where his hands were. “Who knows, maybe you’re bigger than you imagine.” It was obvious she was having a good time. Mike squirmed a bit. For a split second he so much wanted to believe her, but then he got a sensation from his penis. He could feel how much it had shriveled down. Probably because of his nervousness, the feeling that his insecurities were about to be revealed.

“All right now, Mike? We need to see it.” Saying that, the doctor approached, and sat in the chair next to him. Candice sat to her left, so that they framed him. “Whenever you’re ready.” Just as he was about to move Mile glanced at the doctor. She had a warm motherly smile on her face. Candice was smiling, too, and she nodded to him.

Slowly, gingerly he lifted his hands away. Both women gazed downward, and Mike followed their look to see just how small his dick was

Normally he felt very tiny, but today must be a new record for him. His cock was thin, for sure. There was no way of denying that. But the shortness, especially now in the chill of the examining room and under their gazes was unbelievable. You see, when Mike was like this, at his shortest, his shaft shrunk down so short that it looked like his penis was only a head, sitting atop a mound of hair. His balls, though rather small also, were quite hairy and that gave the impression that they were much bigger. So to the watchful eyes of his examiners it appeared that all he had is an acorn of a penis, barely poking out of the bush.

There was silence for a second. Then finally the doctor cleared her breath. “Well, we may just have an exceptional.” Candice wasn’t able to hide her surprise like Dr Lane and was just staring at Mike’s teeny cock. “Don’t you think so?” the doctor asked, rousing Candice from her trance.

“Um, yeah. An exceptional. Yes, you’re right.”

Mike paused for a bit. Candice fumbled with her tray of equipment and pulled out a transparent plastic box, making sure to wipe the rubber hole at the front with a sterile wipe.

“An exceptional?” he asked finally, just as Candice was reaching for him, the box in her left hand.

“Oh, that. It’s just a designation. For your size.”

Doctor Lane added, “You see, anything within normal range is not commented on in your official data. Whether that be length or width or testicle size. But anything below average for any category is recorded as a name. It’s kind of like a code. And that’s what will go on your Underside Penis ID Card.”

Candice went on before he could ask, “It’s so we don’t have to record actual numbers. The people in charge did that I guess so it wouldn’t be quite so embarrassing to have to show your card.”

“So what is an exceptional?”

“It’s a designation of length. We measure in metric, with this little guy,” she said pointing to the box in her hands.

And saying that, she grabbed his soft penis with her thumb and pointer finger. He was startled at first, but she was gentle, almost caressing his teeny shaft. It felt, in a word, fantastic. But he wasn’t getting hard. This was the best his tiny cock had ever felt, but there wasn’t a movement. Not a twitch.

As if to answer the question on his face, the doctor said, “Don’t worry, you’re fine. Candice just put a mild local relaxer on you. It was on her fingers. It’s designed to keep your little guy… little. But the effects wear off so you better get going…”

“Oh, right,” she said. She couldn’t help it, she was enjoying her work. Now visibly stroking the tiny part of his shaft that was exposed she directed Mike to the box. And he followed like a dog on a rather short leash.

The plastic box had room inside to accept larger members but for Mike that wasn’t really necessary. She pushed his cocklet against the rubbery hole and it parted. A ring of small cameras around the whole adjusted it to fit him perfectly and his penis slid inside. It was smooth and a bit warm. He imagined it must be like this to slip his cock into a woman, when he closed his eyes for a second he imagine Candice there, parting her legs for him…

Normally, the assistant would’ve let go now, and she did let go of his shaft so the whole thing could go in, but rather than just hold the box on him Candice lingered. She couldn’t help but lick Mike’s ear as she stood there. “Let’s see how tiny it is, hon,” she whispered into his ear. “I think it’s about an inch or so. You have such a tiny penis, Mike. So small.” She gave him a little kiss on the lips.

Dr Lane was well aware of her assistant’s preferences, but she would never tell the other staff because she felt, honestly, that having someone to work with who had a thing for tiny men was a good thing. Tho she herself would prefer at least average.

After about a minute of ecstasy that felt like a lifetime the machine beeped. “All done, cutie,” she said, pulling off the box and handing it to the doc. His dick, now exposed to the air, seemed to shrink a little. Candice sat down again, and put her hand on it. She was very casually stroking his teeny member as they continued.

“Well, well, well,” the doctor said, running the numbers into her tablet. “It appears… we have a winner! Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to be too casual. It’s just, well, we haven’t had one your size since,” and she glanced at her assistant, “since ever I think. Not in this facility.”

“Is he an exceptional?”

“Yes, indeed he is. According to the box, your penis is… exactly 2.83cm in length. That’s about 1 and 1/8th of an inch for us Americans. So you are indeed an exceptional. Congrats!”

“Can I ask,” Mike said, not really following it exactly because the haze of pleasure that was continuing as Candice stroked his flaccid member, “What all does that mean?”

“Candice?” the doctor offered.

“All right, let me see.” Candice picked up the tablet and went on. “Anyone whose non-erect penis measures under 3cm is considered to be ‘exceptionally short in penis size.’ And we abbreviate that to just be ‘exceptional.’ According to the literature a man like you,” she said, giving him a stroke to emphasize each word, “has experienced undo trauma, etc etc… often turned down… overcompensation… increased risk of this…” she trailed off.

As she was saying this she saw Mike’s expression. He was in heaven, and because the relaxing medicine was wearing off, his cock was slowly starting to rise. Still stroking she stood, and the doctor leaned in to take the tablet. Now standing eye to eye Candice was stroking his cock full on. Her hand moved faster and faster, gripping his thin shaft as he got more and more erect. With her left hand she reached into her pants. He looked down and saw her fingers moving up and down over her own body. “Oh yes,” she said, “You’re so small, so exceptional. So tiny. My tiny little man and his teeny baby cock.”

“Okay, that’s just… perfect,” Dr Lane said, and with that Candice reluctantly stopped jerking. The green light on the box indicated it could tell Mike was now at full mast, and the doctor handed the box back to her assistant. Candice now pushed it onto his cock, almost too fast so it felt almost too tight as the cameras rushed to make an adjustment. Her left hand was furiously stroking her clit now, and you could see a wetness forming in her pants, coming through the white fabric.

Dr Lane was watching all this. She wasn’t into small cocks per say, but she was feeling a bit turned on herself. She had been unbuttoning her shirt for a minute or so, and now pulled open her shirt. She put in her right hand, and uncovered her left breast. Her black skin and perky nipple looked incredible. She pinched her nipple hard and whimpered.

The machine was trying to read his cock, but it was having a hard time because Candice was on the machine, pulling it out and pushing it back at him. It felt for all the world like he was fucking a woman; he thrust his hips out now to match with each time she pushed it. Candice continued to finger her clit. And Dr Lane crouched down on her knees. She gazed through the transparency of the side of the box to see the tip of his hard cock poke in and out of the rubber entryway. She continued to twist her nipples hard, and placing the tablet down now, she started massaging her pussy through her pants as well.

“Ma’am, this is so good, this feels so good,” Mike said.

“I know honey, your little pee-pee feels good doesn’t it? It does. Yes it does,” Candice almost cooed at him, fingering herself and thrusting the box onto him. “More. More little baby, cum for me. You want to cum for me?” she asked, nodding her head, and Mike nodded back.

“Yes, yes I do. Yes…” he trailed off.

Candice’s thrusts got faster and faster now. The feel on his cock of the rubber gripping it, while some kind of machine was gently touching it inside the box was too much to bear. In a split second, a protective covering grew up around his cock inside the box and he exploded into it, cumming harder than he’d ever cum before. As he groaned and panted, Candice groaned more, fingering herself faster and faster. Dr Lane was now tingling too, and when his cock suddenly shot cum out, she came too, wetting her pants in an instant.

After a minute or more, Candice pulled the box off. She and the doctor corrected their disheveled clothes and glasses, and they both sat down, still panting.

Another minute passed. Mike gladly took a long drink from the water bottle Candice handed him, as did the doctor. Candice was still casually sliding her fingers over her pussy through the material of her clothes.

“Okay, are we all done? Yes?” Dr Lane asked. She pulled up her tablet and began to explain to Mike what it all meant.

He was officially an exceptional tiny according to the classification – the tiny was for his short erect length of 8cm (3 and a quarter inches). He got a card with his name, picture and penis classification on it, and he would be able to claim all kinds of benefits for the rest of his life.

But in order to get any benefits, he would have to display the card. In some cases that meant wearing the card like a name badge on his shirt. In other cases that would mean spot examinations…

But that story is for another day.


To be continued…




  • bambiegirl

    I would have received a full ride to college sine my full erection is 2.75 inches which is just 5 cm.
    I wish this really happened. Love to hear more.

  • glen(da) Walker, Birmingham, AL.

    LOVED the story…i like to think it’s based on fact. i too would be an even smaller exceptional…lol!! Full erection was 2 1/4″ back when it still got hard!! Now it’s normally inside out or just a head at most!! my Ex-Wife said i would NEVER be able to satisfy a Woman with it…so She helped me train with my tongue until i was an A+ with oral…on a Woman, or a Man!!
    Love to read more of this…Thanks

  • Paul

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be examined in this way for them to tell you just how small you are
    In my experience it’s all so much more humiliating when someone sees my penis for the first time probably one of the reasons I struggle so much with ED probably why I haven’t managed penetrative for 5 years
    But to have someone comment on it and love it for being so small would be a dream


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