Caught by the Cleaners

By Outsider1505.

“Oh. My. God!”

The taller of the three ladies held a yellow rubber dishwashing gloved hand to her mouth in shock as the full realization of what I’d been doing dawned on her. And as it did, I grew red as could be, wishing I could be anywhere else at that moment.

Earlier in the month, my landlord decided to have all the units in the building professionally cleaned. While this seemed like a clever idea at the onset, it quickly dawned on me what such a thing would entail. I work from home, which meant that, like it or not, I was going to have to deal with people mulling around my place throughout the day.

I briefly considered taking my work somewhere else for the day but decided that I’d just have to grin and bear it. My apartment would likely be the first, given its location in the building, so with any luck they’d be able to get it over and done with rather quickly. At least, I hoped so. I had a lot of work to do, and I doubted I’d be able to get much done with cleaners bothering me.

If only that had been my biggest problem.

When they arrived at the building that morning, I nearly spat out my coffee. I could see them through my window and watched my landlord speak with them for a few moments. There were three of them- students from the looks of them, likely from the local College, and they were stunning.

Now, I’d always found Asian women to be extremely attractive, and the very thought of having the three of them in and around my place for a substantial amount of time… Well, suffice it to say, my mind went to some rather dirty places, let me tell you.

So much so that I quickly abandoned my laptop and headed toward the bathroom to take care of some other business. I figured I’d have a few minutes to do what I had to do before they arrived at my apartment, so I dropped my pants and got right to it.

I was wrong.

Barely two minutes into things, I heard a knock at the bathroom door.

“Hello?” A sweet voice called out. “Your landlord let us in.”

For a moment or two, I debated what to do. In my current state, I couldn’t exactly open the door and greet them. Still, I also knew if I let them keep knocking sooner or later they were liable to open the door, which would be even worse simply. “Just a moment,” I managed to mutter, although I don’t know if they heard me.

Given the door opened a moment later, it seemed they hadn’t.

“Sorry, sir, but—”

She stopped in her tracks.

I stood there in shock, my pants around my ankles and my cock in my hand. The young woman- tall, dark-haired, and wearing a set of blue cleaning scrubs as well as a pair of yellow rubber dishwashing gloves, simply stared at me for a moment before bringing a gloved hand to her mouth in surprise.

“Oh. My. God!”

The other two ladies appeared behind her, likely thinking something was wrong based on her sudden exclamation. Which it was, but not in any way they could have assumed. I highly doubt any of them expected to stumble upon a man in his bathroom in the midst of masturbating.

What’s worse is it wasn’t as if I could play it off as if I’d simply been peeing. My hand was clearly wrapped around my cock, and the smallest trace of precum had already made itself known at the tip from the… handiwork I’d been in the middle of. It was plain as day what I’d been doing, and they knew it.

“Is he?”

“I think so…”

“Oh. My. God.”

My face grew red with embarrassment, and I honestly debated what to do. It seemed the best course of action was to let go of my erection, put my pants back on, and hopefully walk away with whatever dignity I had left. At the same time, they did whatever it was they intended to do prior to stumbling upon me. So I did.

That proved to be a mistake.

The second my hand let go, my cock plopped down for all of them to see, and in an instant, all three ladies began to giggle.

“Is that his cock?”

“I’m not sure… It’s so small I can’t really tell.”

“It’s a micropenis!”

All three began to laugh in earnest, pointing their rubber-clad fingers at me and, by extension, my cock. I’d always been aware that it was a little smaller than average, but somehow, hearing all three of these young women call my size out so brutally… Well, it should have made me feel even worse than I already did.

But it didn’t.

In fact, my cock began to get hard from the sound of their laughter. I hoped they wouldn’t notice, but the taller of the trio clearly did, seeing as her laughter immediately stopped and her expression grew rather serious.

“Did that thing just get hard?”

“I think it did!”

“Aww, does the little pecker enjoy being laughed at?”

The girls began to laugh again, louder now, and I felt about two feet tall even as my cock continued to get harder. Never before had I experienced anything like this, and I was at a loss as to how to react. Even the thought of pulling my pants up and telling them off barely registered, so taken aback was I by all of this.

As well as extremely turned on.

“It sure looks like it… His teeny tiny dicklette seems to LOVE being mocked.”

“That’s SO sad… But then, so is jerking off in the bathroom…”

“I’ll bet he was jerking it for us… You were, weren’t you, you dirty little pervert?”

I gulped, but seeing as they were blocking the door, it wasn’t as if I had any means of escape. That and a part of me was really beginning to enjoy this situation, humiliating as it was… Besides, it seemed rather pointless to deny the obvious truth of things. “Yes…”

This brought out a fresh round of laughter from the ladies, and I groaned in abject embarrassment as well as growing pleasure as my traitorous cock began to spurt out more precum.

“Aww, so you saw three pretty girls and thought, ‘I’m gonna go and play with my puny pecker?'”

“Sure looks like it…”

“Well, you may as well finish what you started.”

My eyes went wide at that comment, and I stared at the taller of them there.

The ladies are in shock. “What?”

She glared at me. “You heard me. We have a lot of work to do, and we’re not going to get any of it done if you’re in here toying with your teeny weenie. So finish what you were doing. Now.”

With a sigh of resignation, I took my now much-harder cock back in hand and began to stroke. I’d never done such a thing in front of anyone before, let alone three beautiful young women, but I had no choice. They were in control of the situation. All I could do was see it through.

And as I stroked, their verbal abuse continued.

“Wow, I can barely see it.”

“I bet he doesn’t even need to use his whole hand..”

“You’re right. Two fingers would probably do the trick…”

I groaned, and though they hadn’t expressly told me to do so, my brain instinctively did what it had just heard. I let go for a moment before taking my cock in between my finger and thumb and continued to stroke, much to their enjoyment.

“See? He probably just uses his whole hand to feel better.”

“I would do. Hell, if I were this guy, I wouldn’t even want to look at that pathetic little babydick.”

“Such a filthy pervert… Hopefully, no one else in the building is this nasty.”

The more they mocked me, the harder I got, much to my dismay. I could scarcely wrap my head around any of this, knowing that if I thought about it too much, I wouldn’t like what it meant. So instead, I simply continued to stroke my cock for all it was worth.

“That’s right, play with your pee-pee.”

“Stroke that itty bitty boy clitty for us.”

“Fuck, it’s so small. This is honestly sad…”

After a few more moments of mockery, the taller of the ladies stepped towards me. “We don’t have time for this.”

Without another word, she pulled my fingers from my cock. She wrapped her rubber-clad hand around it, completely covering it, and began to stroke.

“A man with such a tiny useless little cock can’t be depended upon for anything. Not even jerking off…”

I groaned as she ran the smooth, yellow rubber up and down my shaft in a blur, her other hand taking hold of my balls and squeezing them.

“Do it, Miki.”

“Yea, drain this pervert dry.”

The taller of the girls- Miki apparently, kept on stroking, and my groans grew louder as the familiar pleasure started to make itself known. I knew I was getting close, but there wasn’t much I could do about it. My orgasm wasn’t in my hands. It was in hers.

“Come on, you little worm,” she said, stroking even faster and squeezing my balls tightly. “Spit out your nasty load so we can get to work.”

With one last stroke from base to tip, my cock seized up, but as I let out a moan, Miki let go, causing my cock to flail as cum pathetically dribbled out of the tip and into the toilet bowl in front of us.

The other two girls laughed even harder, the sight of my ruination seemingly too much for them. But Miki quickly grabbed my cock and started to stroke it once more, and the pleasure I’d hoped for was replaced by pain as she milked my cum out.

Miki’s gloved hand expertly controlled my cock, making sure she got every last drop out without allowing me the slightest bit of enjoyment. And even as she did so, the degradation continued unabated.

“Such a sad little load…”

“What do you expect? A tiny cock will only give a tiny bit of cum..”

My groans subsided as Miki finished up, and all I could do was gaze down into the toilet, where my ruined orgasm sat for all to see.

Before I could say or do anything, she let go of my cock, reached towards the toilet, and flushed.

I watched my cum go down the drain, then looked up at Miki with sad eyes.

“That’s where pathetic loser cum like yours belongs,” she said sternly, slapping my cock with her gloved hand before walking back toward her friends.

My now-drained cock hung pathetically between my legs, soft and small as was its natural state. All three ladies eyed it and me with disdain, their gloved hands on their hips.

“Now, you stay out of our way.”

“We have a lot of work to do today and can’t be distracted by little-pricked losers like you.”

I nodded and went to pull up my pants, but Miki stopped me with the snap of her gloved cuff.

Looking towards her, I noticed a wicked smirk on her face.

“Keep those off. We could use a little laughter while we work…”

With a sigh, I stepped out of my pants and pushed them aside.

“Good boy… And if you decide to toddle off to play with your puny prick again, let us know. Maybe we can take a break to watch.”

All three of them giggled, then walked out of the bathroom, leaving me red-faced and humiliated as could be.

Yet also so very horny.

I hoped they were being serious. Because I’d never felt like this before…

And much as I hated to admit it, I wanted to again.


The End.


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