The Wrestling Mishap

By Babydicklover.

An impressive, tall, intelligent, and handsome Indian student, Raj Patel, was envied by almost every male student.

Known for his mischievous nature and his knack for picking on others, he became a bully to the first-year students — even the teachers; he made a mockery of them. He would often tease his classmates, making everyone’s lives miserable. However, little did he know that his actions would bring him a valuable lesson.

He needed to compete in a sport if he wanted to graduate. The volleyball and soccer teams were at capacity, so Coach Bard recommended he join the wrestling team. While the couch was a fairly nice man, Raj often humiliated him by asking him challenging questions he knew he couldn’t answer. He was just an arrogant, insensitive bully.

Raj often avoided physical activity — despite his athletic build, he dreaded the locker rooms. He couldn’t handle being around other men, knowing he would never stack up where it mattered. Locker rooms were the enemy of poorly endowed men, and Raj knew this too well.

Indians are stereotyped as having little, tiny willies bouncing and jiggling between their legs. From the side, it barely extended past their bodies; only the little head was present primarily. Not every stereotype holds credibility, but unfortunately, for this tiny, shaftless family, it did. He and his entire family are lifetime members of the small pee-pee gang and are ashamed of it.

Raj can recall many memories of his brother, Ravi, and his father, Patel, strutting utterly naked in the locker rooms, sporting incredibly small penises. They received either looks of pity or smirks with laughter and giggles.

One time, Ravi was acting incredibly disrespectful by arguing with his parents. Later, he was showering, and his mother walked in on him naked, flourishing a one-inch little teeny weenie. She naturally laughed at her poor son’s unfortunate predicament.

He slammed the door and cried in his room. The thought of his mother laughing at her son’s extremely tiny cock was the most embarrassing moment of his life. She already knew her entire family was full of men with baby peens because they still wore tight shorts and speedos, revealing their bite-sized weenies. She accepted her father’s little boy dick but occasionally couldn’t help but bask in the amusement those wiggling little things brought her.

What happened to Ravi pales compared to what Raj was about to experience. Raj upheld the alpha male image, which changed during his first wrestling practice. He ordered a small, tight singlet. Raj looked in the mirror with horror as his little pinky package stroked through the revealing Lycra. Everyone would be able to see his little penis, and it would spread across the campus. And he couldn’t wear a cup because it was too painful for his baby balls.

He needed to move forward without signaling how he felt. He held his head confidently as he walked into the gym; all eyes directly approached Raj’s center. The other men began lightly laughing and pointing at his genitals. This course was full of first-year students, and he was the only senior, which capitalized even further on how emasculating this felt.

The entire class was full of white men, and there were few Indians. Even the coach couldn’t help himself release a slight snicker as the big man on campus had a very tiny penis poking through the uniform. After weeks of practicing and enduring small penis jokes, the first competition was among them.

The scene opens with the entire student body gathered in the gym to watch the highly anticipated wrestling match between the two rival schools. The excitement was electrifying, and there was an atmosphere of excitement and tension. Even Raj’s father and brother attended to show their support.

It was his turn, and he was up against Emily, a female wrestler. His victory should be automatically handed to him. He wasn’t going to lose to some weak white girl. The match began, and she immediately tackled him. He got himself back up, but with each passing minute, it became clear that Emily had a chance at winning. He pinned her down and touched her breasts to ensure his dominance over her as a woman. She exploited Rajesh’s weaknesses, using her agility and cunning to outmaneuver him.

The audience erupted into cheers and gasps as she neared her victory.

She held him down, grabbed his tiny balls with a revolting laugh, and whispered, “It feels even smaller than it looks.”

This assault on his tiny marbles stung his ego because it already looked pathetically tiny in his singlet, but she claimed it felt even smaller. He picked himself up. Emma skillfully dodged his attacks with her quick reflexes and agility. She effortlessly countered his moves, leaving Raj in awe.

She finally pinned him down and stretched his legs apart. Raj winced in pain as she held him over her, opening his legs for the entire student body. Between his legs, everyone got a clear image of the small bulge his little package created — just a tiny tent quite clearly and peacefully nestled.

The cheerleaders began laughing and pointing at his unfairly small dicklette. Everyone joined in on the sheer amusement, taking advantage of Raj’s position as his alpha status was stripped, losing to a girl, admitting his penis is child-sized, and that he wasn’t athletic. She spun him slowly in a circle, and when she came to his brother and father, she knowingly winked at them.

Ravi crossed his legs, and his father covered his face in defeat. His son disgraced their family image with a poor display of his masculinity. Everyone in the entire school knew of his little penis. His humiliation took a new turn from the stark terror of everyone seeing the imprint of his little stubby.

Raj couldn’t control his emotions and just started bawling his eyes out. It just made matters way worse for him. Raj begged Emily to stop, and she merely laughed at him. In a dramatic turn of events, Raj developed a very minuscule, toddler-sized boner. No one could tell because it was so small, but Emily could see it clear as day.

His humiliation was complete when his little erection poked through his singlet, causing the crowd to humiliate the poor man further. His failure was splattered all over the floor, further shaming him. She threw him down, declaring her the winner. Raj was motionless and couldn’t move from the pain. He was traumatized by the fact his tiny ding-a-ling was forever etched in the minds of all his classmates. How could he ever live this down and live a normal life again?

Ravi and his father helped Raj up, and he felt the entire weight of the world as everyone’s eyes fell upon him being dragged to the car. Everyone shouted horrible things like how Emily stole his baby balls, his dick was like a salty peanut, and he had nothing going on in his pants.

The car ride home was undeniably the most awkward moment of Raj’s life. Nobody said anything until Ravi claimed they needed to get baggier clothes. His father told Raj there was nothing wrong with being small downstairs. His father thought he was helping him, but it just made him feel worse because he basically confirmed he had a very tiny pee-pee that he couldn’t ever change or control. His father’s words caused him to feel more insecure and insignificant. He remained silent the entire car ride home, reflecting on what happened.

Nobody mentioned it to his mother because Raj needed to stay strong. He needed to preserve an ounce of his masculine image while he still could. He knew now always to appreciate someone’s capabilities, even if they look weak or unimposing.

After showering, he crawled into bed completely naked, looking at his little penis. It was utterly rock hard at three wee bit inches. He barely touched it — in a matter of seconds, his little, tiny member spurted clumps of cum over his stomach.

Afterward, everyone relentlessly teased him in school, and nobody ever gave him a break for being born with such a tiny willy. All the girls who flirted with him no longer showed any interest after learning about his hilariously little wonder. It was quite a microscopic spectacle.

Even years later, his brother still mentions the wrestling mishap, and Raj finds a desire to be humiliated by women, especially white women. He knows his place as a man with a ridiculously tiny and laughable penis, and he’ll never forget what transpired during his first and last wrestling match.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story was submitted directly to this website. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. You rock!


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