Like Her Mother

By TooSmallDave.

She was walking home from the shops with her daughter, and I was going the same way, so we got talking. When we got to her house, she asked me if I would like to have a beer or something while we finished our conversation.

She was very attractive, beautiful, bored, wealthy, frustrated, and white. Married, horny redheaded. Tall and well-built with broad shoulders, big pale tits, long legs, wide thighs, and a big bottom. Her thick red hair fell across her piercing eyes, full lips, and a naughty, flirtatious smile.

Her daughter was cute, too: she had her mum’s big brown eyes, cute little nose, and freckles. Her pleated skirt was so short I already knew she was wearing pink cotton knickers. It showed off her pert little bottom. I guessed she was 18, 19, or 20, but she acted childlike around her mum: petulant, sulky, and silly. She had nice round perky tits, which she showed off with a wonder bra and her blouse unbuttoned.

She took my hand and smiled up at me.

“Please, Mister. My mother and I would love you to come. In our house.”

I laughed at what I assumed was an innocent accidental double-entendre and looked at her mother.

She rolled her eyes:

“Please forgive my daughter. Emily, stop being such a little tease.”

Emily pouted sulkily. “I’m just being polite mummy. I was trying to help you make friends with the nice man. I know you want him to be a friend.”

She looked up at me and lowered her voice.

“We should go inside to discuss it before the neighbors see us and wonder what we’re up to. They’re all such gossips in our road. And we don’t get many black men here.”

I looked around at the large detached houses, well-manicured lawns and hedges, gravel drives, and double garages and thought I saw a curtain twitch.

The mother glared at her daughter, cheeks flushed red with embarrassment, and stepped towards me:

“Please forgive her. She means no offense.”

The two women looked nervously up at my face, waiting to see how I would respond.

I paused and frowned, letting them worry and enjoying the looks of anxiety and desire in their eyes.

Then I laughed:

“No offense taken. She’s just telling me how it is. Now, why don’t you let me come inside before someone sees you two beautiful ladies hanging around the street with a black man!”

They thanked me, took my hands, and led me up the gravel drive to their front porch.

While her mother got drinks from the kitchen, Emily sat me on the sofa and fussed over me. She kept giving me glimpses of her firm white boobs and parting her legs so I could see her pink panties and the mound of her smooth pudenda. I found myself getting aroused.

The young girl noticed the bulge in my pants grow as my thick shaft swelled and pressed against the material. She stared at my crotch shamelessly, then looked up and gave me a naughty smile.

“I’m sorry, but we haven’t even introduced ourselves. How rude of us. I am Emily Jane Charlotte Small. You can call me Emily or Em.”

She held out her hand.

“I apologize if I appear a little awkward in the company of a gentleman. This is all so new to me. You see, I left my family when I was 16 to become a nun. I was never interested in men. Until recently. Now I’m very interested.”

I bowed my head formally:

“Pleased to meet you, Emily. My name is Samuel Olutunde Foluronsu. But you can call me Sam. I am very pleased to meet you and your mother.”

Emily smiled and shook my hand. “My mum is called Sophie Elizabeth Small. Small is her married name. Before she married my dad, she was Sophie Elizabeth Tempest, which I think suits her much better. You can call her Sophie because she really likes you.”

Emily put an arm around my neck, pressed her small firm tits against me, and put her mouth close to my ear so she could whisper:

“I can always tell when mummy really likes someone, and she totally likes you. Don’t tell her I told you, though.”

Just then, Sophie came in with a glass of wine, a beer, and a lemonade.

She frowned when she saw her daughter with her arm around me, her leg across my lap, and her blouse open.

“Emily. Please stop it. Give our guests some space and do up those buttons. I’m sure our gentleman caller doesn’t want to have to look at your underwear.”

Emily stuck her tongue out at her mother.

“He’s called Sam, and I’m sure he doesn’t mind.” She turned to me, leaning forward so that her pert tits and crisp white bra were even more on display.

“Do you mind, Sam?”

I tried to look away but it took some time before I managed to will my eyes from feasting on the sight of Emily’s soft white flesh. My cock was rock hard now. I hoped it wasn’t obvious.

Sophie leaned forward and touched my knee before I could speak.

“Don’t answer that, Sam. Emily’s teasing you,” she said to her daughter. Now, take your lemonade up to your bedroom. You have plenty of work to get on with.”

Emily stood up. “Yes, mother. You can have Sam all to yourself. And don’t worry, Sam. Dad doesn’t get home until after 9 p.m., so you’ve got ages to do whatever you want with Mum. Byee.”

And she flounced upstairs.

When Emily had gone, Sophie sat next to me, brushed her hand over the bulge in my pants, and smiled.

“I’m sorry about my naughty daughter. The truth is, she isn’t very experienced with men. When she turned 16, she left our family home to become a nun. I thought I’d lost her, but a couple of weeks ago, she gave it up. It was the celibacy she couldn’t cope with. Turns out she’s sex mad. I don’t know where she gets it from.”

She leaned forward and pressed her bosom against me. She had undone the buttons on her blouse, revealing her big soft white tits and plunging cleavage. We both laughed.

“Yeah, I wonder!” I chuckled.

Sophie put her hand on my crotch.

“Now that it’s just you and me I think we need to do something with this. It looks like it’s about to burst out of your trousers.”

I nodded.

We kissed as she unzipped my flies. My cock sprang out in her hands. She gasped and pulled away to look at it.

“Oh my God, Sam. That’s huge. Very thick. I can’t even get my fingers around it.” She moved her hand up and down my throbbing, veiny shaft.

She knelt on the floor between my knees and looked up at my cock and my face. “Sam, please, can I try and swallow your big cock?”

I nodded.

She opened her dainty red lipsticked lips wide and took the bulbous head of my penis in her mouth. I heard her gag. She came up for breath, gasping and choking.

“Sorry. Let me try again.”

She opened her lips again and lowered her mouth onto my cock. This time, she took more in and moved her head up and down.

Before I could cum she stopped.

“I want you in my pussy. Please. Will you fuck me? I need you in me. I want your cum in my married cunt. Upstairs in my marital bed.”

She led me upstairs. Emily’s bedroom door was open, and she looked up from her book to see her mother pull me by the hand and rush to the main bedroom.

Sophie quickly lay on the double bed, her skirt up around her waist, her broad, powerful thighs open.

She didn’t stop to close the bedroom door.

“Fuck me now, Sam. Please.”

I knelt between her legs, tore her panties off, and guided my rock-hard cock between her thick hairy pussy lips until I was fully inside her.

Sophie moaned loudly. “Oh my God, my cunt is so full of your cock, so deep. Oh, Sam….”

I drove in and out of her. She was very tight. She moaned and whimpered loudly, like an animal, and her body shook as she had a wave of orgasms. I was close to cumming. She could feel it.

“Oh, Sam cum inside my married cunt. Please fill me with your seed. Yes.”

I came with a loud gasp.

We lay in bed for a while afterward.

“Do you not mind that your daughter could hear us?”

She giggled. “Why? She already knows her mum’s a naughty married slut. It was why she came back to stay here.”

I was confused:

“What if she tells her dad?”

Sophie laughed.

“She won’t tell him anything. Emily has no respect for her father. Since she left the nunnery, she has treated her father with contempt. She blames him for leading her to waste four years of puberty as a celibate. It was the sight of her dad’s little stiff dick perving at her tits and up her skirt that put her off men. When she walked in on him jerking his little dick over pictures of her in a bikini, that was the last straw.”

Sophie put her thumb against my half-erect shaft to show the difference in size between my cock and that of her husband.

“When it’s fully erect, it is literally the size of my thumb. I told him it was too small to be called a cock. I call it his babydick or his peepee. I can hardly even tell if it’s inside me,” She looked up at me and giggled: “Gosh, now I won’t be able to feel it at all after your big cock has stretched me.”

She stroked my cock and sighed.

“Anyway, I don’t care if he knows. He’s caught me with other men before. It doesn’t stop me. He’s too pathetic to do anything. He gets turned on by it. I’ve caught him watching me fucking other guys before. Once, I was on my back, legs open on this bed, and I looked up, and he was standing in the hall watching. I think he thought we couldn’t see him. He was standing there with his trousers around his ankles, jerking his little dick while we did it. He finished while I was still being fucked – he never lasts long – dribbled a bit of goo over his hand, then he ran away. Pervert.”

We fucked again. We lay kissing until Emily poked her head round the door and told her mum it was 8 pm and they hadn’t had any dinner.

I chatted with Emily while Sophie cooked. She wore a lacy flowery vest that stopped above her navel and tight leggings that showed off her cute little round bottom. She wore no bra and leaned forward, giving me a view of her firm titties and puffy nipples. My dick became hard. She put her dainty feet on my crotch to show me her painted toenails and pressed them on my dick, feeling it grow big and hard.

“I’m so glad you came today, Sam. Mum really likes you, and so do I. Do you like me, as well as Mum?”

I nodded.

“Yes, Emily. I like you both.”

She smiled and put her arms around me.

“Good. Can I tell you something?”

I nodded.

She put her lips close to my ear and whispered.

“I really liked hearing you fucking mummy in the bedroom. You made her make a very loud noise. She’s usually quiet when she has sex. It made me go all hot and tingly and wet. Here.” She looked down at her little smooth pussy, parted her thighs a little, and touched her pussy. I could see a damp patch on her tight leggings. “I’m getting wet just thinking about it.”

Sophie came into the room and gave Emily a look.

“Dinner’s ready. Your dad will be home soon.”

I stood up.

Sophie gave me a hug and a long, deep kiss. “Mmmm, that was so good. Will you visit us again tomorrow? Will you meet us at the same time?”

I nodded and left.

We met the next day. Emily held my hand as we walked. She told her mum to hold my other hand so we were three abreast as we went down their street. We passed some neighbors who stared at us. Emily kept hold of my hand and waved: “Good afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Roberts.” She linked her arm around mine, looked up at me, and announced: “I don’t care what the neighbors think, and neither does Mum.”

Sophie shook her head. “They’re all such gossip here.”

Indoors, Emily flirted and flaunted her young body and saw the effect she had on me. Sophie caught her daughter staring at the bulge in the front of my pants and told her off.

“Emily, please try not to stare at Dan’s…trousers. I’m sorry, Dan. I don’t know what you must think of us.”

“Sorry, mum.” Emily giggled. “I was thinking of when I saw Dad’s little one.”

She looked at me; “I caught Daddy rubbing his peepee. It was disgusting and tiny, like a worm. It put me right off boys and sex. A young girl looks to her father as an example of the masculine ideal. Having seen my father always fiddling with his weenie and feeling it poke my bum when he made me sit on his lap made me decide to do without men and sex and penis, so I went to join a convent in France.

“It was wonderful. I traveled all over the world, ministering to the poor. That’s when I discovered that not all men are like my father. Once I’d seen a real man with a long thick penis, I couldn’t stop thinking about men, sex, cocks. I became obsessed. I had to leave the order and come home. Unfortunately, home is this awful middle-class suburb where all the boys are just awful younger versions of my dad, smug, spoiled, boring, little white wieners.”

Sophie told her off and sent her upstairs.

I fucked Sophie over the dining table, and she came, moaning louder than before. The table shook, and plates crashed onto the floor as she thrashed, shook, and buckled on my cock. I smacked her arse as I filled her pussy with spunk.

As I was cumming I looked up to see Emily standing at the doorway, watching us.

It was too late to stop. I looked back at the young girl, and our eyes locked as I fucked her mother from behind, filling her cunt with spunk.

“I heard a crash. I didn’t know what it was,” she explained, but she stayed there, eyes wide, taking in the scene before her; her mother spreadeagled on the family dining table, panting, hair tangled, makeup smeared, her skirt over her back, bottom exposed, legs open, impaled on my cock.

I pulled out of her pussy. My cock slid out with a plop, and a thick string of cum and sticky bounced between my thighs, still a little hard. Emily stared at it open-mouthed. I put it inside my pants and pulled Sophie’s skirt over her bum in a belated attempt at modesty.

“We’re fine, Emily. Sorry, we disturbed you.”

She smiled and went upstairs.

Sophie swept up the broken crockery and put it in the bin. Then we fucked in Sophie’s bed. When we’d finished, we heard a sound at the door and feet scurrying across the landing.

“Emily? Was that you?”

“No, Mum, I’m in my bedroom. Honest.”

Sophie whispered to me.

“She was watching us. The little slut.”

I nodded. “Yeah. Do you mind?”

Sophie giggled. “Not if you don’t.”

“Why would I mind? She’s not my sweet little daughter.”

Sophie laughed. Then she looked at me.

“Admit it. You actually like her watching. It turns you on fucking me in front of my 18-year-old daughter.”

“Maybe. Yes.”

Sophie felt my cock grow hard.

“You want her, don’t you? You want to fuck her tight little cunt.”

I gulped and shook my head, but my cock gave me away.

Sophie giggled. “You should fuck her. It’s what she deserves. Dirty little slut, teasing you, flashing her little titties, opening her sweet little thighs in front of your eyes. My little slutty daughter is asking for it.”

I could see it was turning Sophie on, too.

“You want me to fuck your sweet little 18-year-old daughter with my big cock?”

She nodded.

“Is she ready? Has she at least let a little white boy break her in?”

Sophie blushed and shook her head.

“So she’s actually a virgin. Wow.”

Sophie felt my cock swell and stiffen:

“Oh yeah. She’s never opened her legs. She’s scared. Why do you think she’s such a little slut? She’s not even on the pill. If you fuck her, she’d totally get knocked up. Just think. You’d be breeding her. Wow. You’d like that, wouldn’t you.”

“Yeah. Do you want your daughter to get pregnant with my child, to get knocked up and have a black baby?”

“I would. But I’d be jealous. Why does my sweet little brat get to be fucked bareback and bred by your big cock and not me? I want a black baby as well. I want you to breed me.”

I smiled at Sophie.

“That’s easy. Where do you keep your contraceptive pills?”

Sophie took the packets from her bedside cabinet.

“Go and flush them down the toilet now,” I ordered. You’re getting bred, too—my two mares, mother and daughter.”

Sophie nodded obediently and went to the bathroom. I watched as she popped her pills into the loo and flushed them away.

The thought of fucking without contraception, my cock filling her fertile womb, making her belly swell with my black child, turned Sophie on so much that she wrapped her legs around me there in the bathroom and fuck her against the cistern.

Sophie wanted me more than ever after that.

She began to encourage Emily’s teasing, flirting, and exposing herself to me.

I no longer attempted to hide the effect the daughter had on me; I let her touch my hard cock through my pants. The girl grew bolder as she saw her mother smile approvingly.

In front of Sophie, I asked Emily if she still felt hot, tingling wetness between her legs when she heard me fucking her mother. She nodded, looking cautiously at her mum. “It feels so strong I have to touch myself, rub it with my fingers. Inside me, I make noises a bit like mum does.”

Sophie kissed her daughter. “You don’t have to hide in your bedroom, listening and touching yourself all alone anymore, darling. You can come in and watch. Would you like that?”

Emily nodded.

That night Emily came into bed with us and watched me fuck her mother. She rubbed her smooth fanny and stuck her fingers inside her pussy. Sophie lay on her back with her legs over my shoulders as I knelt and fucked her slowly and deeply. I pulled Emily toward me and kissed her hot little lips.

I put my hand between her legs, parting them, and slowly stuck one, then two of my long thick fingers inside her cunt. She groaned. I fingered her deeper and harder. She buckled and held on to my chest. I fucked her young virgin pussy with my big fingers as I fucked her mother’s cunt with my cock. They both moaned as I came inside Sophie’s fertile cunt.

Afterward, I let Emily stroke my thick bouncy sticky cock with her small white delicate fingers. She held it in her little hands, her eyes wide with awe and lust.

“It’s so big, mum. How does it fit inside you? It must go right up to your tummy button. Does it hurt?”

Sophie stroked her daughter’s hair lovingly. “It will at first, but in a nice way. You get used to it. Then you need it all the time.”

Emily knelt at my feet and used her dainty little tongue to lick my cock clean of her mother’s cunt juice and my cum.

Then Sophie held her daughter’s hair back and told her to open her mouth as wide as she could. Emily wrapped her young juicy lips around the head of my cock and looked up at me in fear and obedience. I pushed it in her mouth as her mother held her head firmly.

Tears came to the young girl’s eyes. She struggled a bit, and she made a squeaking noise as I filled her mouth. My cock grew hard and swelled inside her face. I held her head in my hands and pushed my thick hard cock deeper down her throat. Her face went red, and snot bubbled out of her nose. She waved her arms and buckled to be free, but her mother smacked her bottom hard, held her daughter’s arms forcibly, and shouted at her.

“Don’t be a little prick tease. You’ve been acting like such a dirty tart all over Sam’s cock so be a good little whore and let him fuck your pretty young face.”

Sophie looked up at me, cruel and excited, as she held her daughter’s head for my cock.

“Fill my little girl’s face with your cock Sam. Let her be your cum dump.”

I thrust my cock hard and deep, gripping her hair roughly, pulling it. Emily’s eyes rolled around as if she was losing consciousness. She went limp.

Sophie held her daughter up while I rammed my cock down the girl’s throat. I finally erupted, filling her throat, mouth, and cheeks with great wads of hot sticky cum. When my balls had emptied their load inside her face, I held my spent cock in her mouth. Cum bubbled out of her nostrils and oozed from between her lips.

I pulled out and pushed her head away. She fell back against her mother, coughed, and gasped, cum on her teeth.

She looked up at her mother, panting and trembling. Sophie smiled at her daughter and put her mouth to hers, kissing and sucking my cum into her mouth. Strands of glutinous semen stretched between their lips. Mother and daughter exchanged a long, deep, sensual kiss.

“Good girl. Mummy’s dirty little cum slut.” Sophie pushed Emily to face me. “Say thank you to Dan for fucking your pretty white slut mouth with his beautiful black cock.”

Emily gazed up at me, hair matted and pulled, eyes red and wet, snot and cum running from her nose and mouth, face and neck marked and bruised, and whispered, her voice hoarse, “Thank you for fucking my mouth Dan. Can I touch your cock again, please?”

I nodded, and she reached forward to where it hung down between my legs. She stroked it, then pressed her cheek against it. “I wish I could feel it inside me all the time, everywhere.”

Sophie stood up. “Come on. It’s late. Your dad’ll be home soon. We should both tidy ourselves up, we both look a total mess.”

Emily laughed. “I don’t care. I want Dad to see me like this. I want to kiss him with Dan’s cum on my breath, on my lips. Make him taste it.”

Sophie nodded. “Okay, but comb your hair and get dressed. We won’t clean our teeth. He can get a cummy kiss from his slut wife and his slut daughter.”

I dressed and left them to it, looking forward to the next day.

We met as always, walking home from school. Emily held my hand but was less playful and flirty than usual. She was still hoarse and told me her throat was sore.

Sophie was very ardent. When we got to her street, she stopped me and gave me a long, deep kiss.

Emily frowned and walked on ahead.

Their neighbors were out in their gardens or walking along nearby, and they all looked at us. Sophie pressed her body against mine and placed my hand on her bottom. After several minutes, she pulled away and led me quickly to her house. “Come indoors and fuck me now, Dan. I’m so horny,” she shouted so everyone could hear.

She took me to the conservatory. I’d never been to that room as neighboring houses and open overlook it. Sophie opened the French windows to the patio. She turned me and told me to fuck her here and now. Her knickers were already off. She undid my pants, pulled my cock out, wrapped her legs around my waist, and lowered her cunt onto my erection. The room was all windows, so I fucked her against a glass panel, her naked arse impaled on my cock, visible to neighboring houses and gardens. She was louder than ever, telling me to fuck her married white pussy, shouting that my cock was so much bigger than her husband’s. She came noisily and violently, knocking vases, glasses, and ornaments crashing to the floor as I filled her with cum.

Afterward, Sophie led me onto the patio and looked around at the houses around us.

“Lots of curtains twitching out there. I hope they enjoyed the show!”

When we were indoors, Sophie explained, “I’m probably already pregnant; all that baby batter you’ve been filling my cunt with. And my little cock obsessed slut daughter won’t be far behind. You could easily knock her up tonight.”

I nodded: “Yes. I’m going to fuck that tight little pussy today whether she likes it or not.”

Sophie smiled at me. “Her mother will be there to hold her down and open those dainty legs for you, Dan. I can’t wait. But anyway, what I realized is that my pathetic husband is going to find out that you’ve been fucking his wife and his daughter, and we’re your owned sluts, your breeding cows carrying your big black babies. I thought of just waiting till it’s obvious we’re pregnant and he says something. But that doesn’t seem right. Like we’ve got something to hide. I’m proud that we’re your breeding sluts.

“I want everyone to know. We could just sit him down and tell him. But that’s going to be a lot of hard work. He’ll want to talk about it, and I really can’t be bothered. We could let him catch us at it, but that’s going to be a big drama. So I thought we’d just let the neighbors tell him. That’s funny because then he’s the last to know, which is humiliating. And we get to fuck in public. Which really turns me on. All those sad white little dick husbands will be jerking their babydicks raw, and their stuck-up snooty wives will wish it was their married unsatisfied cunts getting filled!”

That all suited me. I liked the idea of everyone knowing I owned this married white slut and her little daughter. It occurred to me that I could always use more married, unsatisfied white women.

But right now, I was thinking of one cunt. The one between Emily’s legs. I was determined to break her in that day.

“Where is Emily? She’s usually all over me.”

Sophie called upstairs. Ten minutes later, Emily emerged. She looked nervous and timid. She had done her hair and put lots of makeup on. She wore a push-up bra that made her young puffy tits wobble and poke forward. Her midriff was bare. She wore a tiny white mini skirt and very high strappy shoes. She walked unsteadily and faced me, blushing.

I eyed her up and down. She had made an effort. She looked like a 20-year-old tart. I liked it. I could ruin that hairdo. I could make her mascara run, smear the bright red lipstick, tear that camisole top, make her topple forward in the high heels, part her legs, and take her from behind over the table.

“Very nice, Emily,” is all I said.

Sophie laughed. “Oh Emily, just because I said you’re mummy’s little slut doesn’t mean you had to go out and buy a slut outfit.”

Emily went red. “Shut up, mum. It’s not for you. It’s for Dan. And he likes it. Don’t you?”

I made her twirl and turn around for my appraisal. She performed a catwalk turn, tossing her head and laughing. She stumbled on her high heels and happened to fall on my lap.

Her little fingers pressed against the bulge of my erect cock. She looked up at me.

“So you do like how I dressed for you. I’ve made your cock go big and hard.”

I frowned at her presumption.

“Don’t look so full of yourself, little tease. It’s hard because I’m thinking about what I’m going to do to you. You won’t look so fresh when I’ve finished with that pretty white body. Now get my hard cock out of my pants.”

She unbuckled and unzipped my pants and gasped as my hard erection sprang out and hit her face. She tried to wrap her little hands around it but couldn’t get a grip.

Sophie held Emily’s head like before and told her to open her mouth. Emily wrapped her red-lipsticked lips around my head and took me into her mouth. She had learned from yesterday, but still, her eyes watered. Mascara ran down her face, and snot bubbled from her nose over her makeup. I grabbed her carefully arranged auburn locks and pulled her pretty, tear-stained makeup smeared face onto my thick stiff black cock. Emily looked up at me with a look of fear, lust, and obedience in her wet, red-rimmed brown eyes. One of her false eyelashes had come loose and hung over her eyelid. She fought the gag reflex as my cock deepthroated her. She didn’t struggle or fight as I thrust my cock fucking her face violently.

Sophie kissed her daughter’s filthy face and told her she was proud of her little cum slut.

Emily began to enjoy swallowing my cock. I felt her tongue roll around on my swollen head; she wrapped her little hands around the base of my shaft for better purchase and moved her head up and down, taking my cock in her mouth.

Sophie looked at me: “Are you pleased with my little slutty daughter? She’s become a good cock sucker already.”

I nodded.

Sophie put her hand between Emily’s legs and felt her pussy.

“Ooh, she’s very wet down there. She likes being a cumslut. Em, let mummy use her fingers to make you cum. There.”

Emily gasped and murmured with pleasure as her mother fingered her wet pussy. I pulled my cock out of the girl’s mouth.

She looked up at me, trembling at Sophie’s expert touch, with a look of confusion.

I smiled and told her to stand up. She had to hold on to her mother to stand; her legs were weak, her pussy tingling, she was panting and wobbling on her 4-inch heels.

I put a hand between her legs, lifted the bottom of mini skirt, and felt the warm wetness on her panties. She shivered, and I felt her cunt become warm, wet, and widen at my touch, wanting to be filled.

I nodded to Sophia. “Get your daughter ready for me. Undress her.”

I watched as she took Emily’s knickers off, undid the skirt, pulled the camisole top over her head, and unclipped the bra. Emily stood before me, vulnerable and naked. All of her earlier coquettish, cheeky, flirtatious confidence had gone. Despite her pert bottom and round firm tits with their puffy nipples, she looked like a little girl.

I stuck a finger between her smooth hairless pussy lips.

I pushed her legs apart.

I looked down at my 10-inch long thick hard black cock, the head the size of an apple, then back at the girl’s young chubby thighs, pink narrow slit.

The thought of forcing such a huge tool into that tender young virgin cunt, forcing the slender legs open, ripping through the hymen, stretching the tight, delicate cunt filling the fertile pubescent womb with my thick, potent seed, breeding her, watching her white undeveloped body swell and become heavy with my black baby, to the shame and humiliation of her father, family and society made my cock flex and swell.

As Emily followed my eyes from her cunt to my cock she had the same thoughts, and she looked at me and her mother with a look of panic.

“Hold your daughter, lay her down on the floor,” I ordered Sophie. She held Emily firmly and pulled her down. She held her arms across her daughter’s shoulders. Emily rested her head and upper body against her mother’s bosom as Sophia soothed her by kissing her face.

Emily stopped struggling and looked up at me.

I told her to open her legs. Kneeling between her legs with my cock in my hand, I stroked her pussy, rubbed her clitoris, and inserted my finger inside her moist cunt.

Emily moaned with pleasure. She was silent as I lay between her thighs, my body heavy on hers, and pushed the head of my cock against her slit.

It took me considerable force to push myself into her tight, tender cunt. Emily screamed out loud and thrashed about. Her mother held her firmly. I pushed her legs wide apart and forced my cock further inside her. She looked at me with the eyes of a frightened animal but was silent. With only half my shaft inside her, I began to fuck her with regular rhythms. She moved her hips and bottom to accommodate my thrusts and began to moan with pleasure. With one strong thrust, I entered her completely. Her eyes went wide, and she cried out. “Oh my God, it’s too big. I’m going to burst. Please don’t break me.”

I pulled out and held the tip of my cock against her slit. She gasped and whined.

“No, don’t stop, put it back in. Fill me. Fuck me. I need your cock inside me.”

I fucked her tight virgin cunt while her mother kissed her and stroked her puffy nipples. She came, panicking at first at the unfamiliar sensation breaking across her body, the loss of control before whimpering as she let waves of pleasure ripple across her. As I felt myself about to cum I lifted her legs and pushed deeper inside.

“Hold her still, Sophie. I’m cumming. I’m filling the little bitch with my seed.”

Sophie smiled and told me to knock her little girl up with a big black baby.

Emily panicked and looked at her mother.

“No, Mum, I’m not on the pill. I’ll get pregnant if he cums inside me.”

Sophie held her daughter. “That’s right. You’ll be his to breed and carry his babies, sweet little white princess. Aren’t you lucky! He’s breeding me as well. We’ll both be pregnant with his big black babies. What do you think your dad will say to that, eh!”

Emily didn’t have time to reply. She looked up at me as I filled her with my hot sticky fertile cum.

When I had finished cumming I lay over her and looked down at her face as my spent cock softened inside her.

Her eyes were glazed as if in a trance. Her young, pretty, freckled face was caked with snot, mascara, lipstick, foundation and sweat. Her pretty locks were matted and tangled, clumps of hair loose and bloody where I had gripped her hair roughly in my hands as I had fucked her face. Her lips were bruised and sore from being stretched and pounded by my hard cock.

Sophia kissed me with excited, hungry lips.

“Look what you’ve done to my pretty little cum slut. You’ve broken her. Look at the state of her. What a dirty mess. She’s just a worthless little white cumdump now.”

Emily came round at the sound of her mother’s voice.

“Mummy, did I make you proud? Am I going to be okay? I’m so sore, but I don’t mind.”

Sophia laughed. “Oh, my little white slut. I’m so proud of you. You’re full of Dan’s cum. Your pretty little mouth is just a hole for his cock to fuck. Your tight virgin pussy is only good for his big dick. You won’t ever be able to feel a little white dick. You’re totally ruined. And you’ve got a black baby in your tummy, so everyone will know you’re a black man’s breeding mare.”

Emily giggled. “Thanks, mummy.”

I pulled my thick rubbery soft shaft out of her tight, sore cunt. Emily let out a loud gasp as her little snatch snapped shut. Cum oozed from her pussy.

I looked at mother and daughter lying there, bruised, sticky with my cum, already impregnated and carrying my babies.

“I better go. Your husband is due home any time.” Sophie got up, found my shoes, and fussed over me as I dressed. She put her dressing gown on and came downstairs to see me out. We kissed at the front door, and she became horny again, clawed at my cock, and made me fuck her hard and fast against the side of the porch.

As I left, I saw her husband’s Audi turn onto the drive.

When I arrived at the top of their street the next afternoon, Emily was alone. She was dressed in a crop top, Wonderbra, mini skirt, and 4-inch heels.

“Dad’s at home. He knows about you and mum. They had a row, and she’s gone to stay with Auntie Flo. All our neighbors know as well. Dad keeps asking me to tell him every single detail about you having sex with Mum. It’s so funny. I really loved seeing his sad face when I told him how you fucked her on his bed and how loud mum was when she came, how you did it in the garden so the neighbors heard, how big your cock is, how you filled her with cum and how you flushed her contraceptive pills down the toilet so you can breed her.

“He was so humiliated and horny. His little dick poked in his pants. So I just undid his trousers and pulled his pants down while I was talking, and I tugged it. He almost came. So I stopped. I said: ‘Daddy, do you remember when I caught you looking at me in my knickers and jerking your tiny peepee?’ and he nodded. ‘And you know how your little dick gets all stiff when I tell you about Dan fucking mum with his huge cock?’ He nodded again. So I told him, ‘Stay there, keep your hands off your tiny dick. I’ve got a special treat for you.’ And I came and met you. I want you to fuck me in front of my dad. Please…”

He went red and squeaked when Emily led me into the room. He tried to cover his tiny hard-on, but Emily moved his hand away.

“Daddy, please say hello to Dan. This is the man who has been fucking your wife.”

The man stared at me.

“Daddy, don’t be so rude. Say hello to Dan,” Emily shouted.

“Hello, Dan,” he bleated.

“Dan, this is my father, with the very little dick. You see?”

I nodded and chuckled with derision.

“His peepee goes stiff when he pervs at his daughter getting undressed. I caught him jerking it, spying on me. And it goes very hard when he imagines proper big cocks fucking his wife.”

She put her arm around me and reached up to give me a deep kiss on the lips.

“Dan hasn’t just made your wife his bitch but your daughter too. He owns us both. Just think, your lovely white wife and your sweet little daughter are going to come home with his beautiful black babies.”

The poor man shook his head. “No, what will people say?”

Emily laughed. “I know, isn’t it exciting? All that shame and humiliation, such a turn-on. Anyway, you’re special treat is to watch Dan use your daughter, fuck me with his big black cock. I might even let you lick his cum from my pussy afterward and jerk your babydick.”

Her dad gripped his pink little stiffy in his fingers.

Emily got some chords, and I manhandled him onto a chair while she tied his wrists to the armrests.

Her father watched in awe and envy as his daughter knelt before me and took my cock in her hands. She smiled at him as she kissed my shaft and held it in her small pink hands.

She opened her mouth, and I held her hair roughly as I fucked her face. Her father stared as she gagged and choked, mascara smearing her face, snot bubbling from her nose. I pinched her nose as I filled her mouth and throat with cum. She fell to the floor gasping, spunk oozing between her lips and nostrils. Emily crawled to her father and put her lips to his, passing my cum into his trembling mouth.

She wiped her face on his shirt and returned to my cock. I slapped her while she stroked and licked my cock. I made her beg to be fucked. Before her cuckold dad, she swore to be my white whore, my cumdump, my breeding cow.

I made her face him on all fours, legs apart, while I pulled her hair and entered her tight little cunt in one hard thrust. She screamed in pain. I slapped her arse hard and fucked her. She kept her eyes on her poor dad as her cries of pain turned to moans of orgasm.

As she came, she spurted, sprayed the carpet, and yelled, “Fill my fertile womb with your seed, please master, fill my body with your black babies. Own me, own my mother, own my little white dick father, own the family, cum in me.”

And I did. I pumped her full of hot, thick spunk.

I pulled out of her sore cunt, and she fell to the floor, oozing cum.

Emily undid her father’s ropes and told him to lick the cum from her pussy. She put her knees on either side of his upturned face and let the cum pour from her. Then she sat on his face and made him lick.

The poor man started to jerk his dick, but Emily stopped him.

“Not yet, dad. Don’t you think you should phone Mum first, say sorry, tell her that Dan is here, and ask her to come home?”

Emma rushed home, eager for me to fuck her while her husband watched.

Both mother and daughter were keen to make the poor man’s humiliation as public as possible.

I was regarded with envy by the small white-dick husbands and with lustful interest by their wives and daughters.

By the time Sophie and Emily were big and heavy with my babies, I had women opening the legs for me.

Nine months later, they brought two healthy back baby boys home for the poor white cuckold babydick dad to look after, changing nappies, cleaning, feeding, and pushing them in the double pram around the town while his wife and daughter were in my arms or opening their legs for my black cock.

Sophie and Emily were eager to be bred again, conscious that other white households in their neighborhood were becoming homes to my offspring.


The End.


*This story has been edited by AI to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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